Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1908
Page 3
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m The Devotional Gait of Smart New York Girls. irS.THE STAND UP SKIRT NOW • I ' If Napoleon Bonaparte Came Back He Would Find That Fashions Had Not ' Changed From Those of His Own Day, High Waists. Button: and All. Mj- Dfar xr in luy iif.- hare I bcm liiore lu mnil of AIKU KIlQor'.<> a^vUe .•lU-nt seif nr.nn-} tUr.u dvrlng the i >.Tst weoU. Y-.ii rciii <Mii !p<>r. dear, dou"l y«U. Ibc "liltli- «!• used to Ioat{ie tb:il she :;;ivt.- us .s..- clal amenities: I can lifar h.r ibi- mlDQte sflvfusr: 'T>" try lo exi-yci-r stii Control. pirl>-. Ii is a lim-r :'.>-|fi than rho"!:-, Krfii'li fn-. i;s ; motor car of your onii." W<;!. :!!• other day I was i.l >li ;.'iil i.. .!:MV- HI this "sof-i.-il as?<»t" to kf-i' from Ins aloud i" <hur.h. No. IIUT ." \va.-;ii' a service goins on. I ii^^l ni>'n.iy piui down to old St. I'Miils, III,, i iiuiili Washington iiti.-nili-U wlirii h.- WJ-* \ CAVVi Ili.V JlirUl>. first tirosiU^iit ••( til'' rnii.ii Sutc- witli n fri^-ncj of uiiu.-, u ii.. t-v/.i: .'[. toiuljstoiie lor-. Will:- • - r ' • : lug data I sii-i.i).-tl l;;io tli.> -; r. ' •'.i flee lo pt^r. ."^iuiiiir Jii oiif • :' '\r- . fortabl-j old ]>ew.<. invitiii:; n;y v .'i!really falclni.' forty v. i amuMed tty u masi-uiim- \o;,i- >:i\;:;-. In a bnsiuesyllkp ii'in-. •.•>• •;. a i:!;:more bri.-'Iily. plt-nsc." H(\;ni.: oughly couviu.eU uivrJclf IIM ' I ":i not Jn an clovatiH] trriiii "i- car. I lo-Jkwl :il)out a::'! i :i I In- iK r.- lI?ions liprlii saw four stiitiiiiii-- •waltin? Sl"Wiy down t!:-- ulih :, man in fr<.iit dirfiiii:; il, ir \ow, what on orarii iI.. y.:: i was? A wpddiii/-j.:ir;y !• ir. -ii paces? Nothin:.' of il,.- kii.a. I'li was a i'liysi.-:(I .uin::.- teaching his > hiss ;., -x.^w i: chnrch. I learned from the j. the beadle—tlint :1'-.- cirls 1; '. taught to \v:ilk ••.,r!i-.::y i:: I h,- -• In the drawini: n-i;::.. iu t!.- i! . : and this day tiiey Iirni ln-ei; il'. :'•_'!.r ' rhuroh for a ilre<s ••<;i' i; f. thers:- I ;:;:-;..•<;. -WIMI ;,.vi-- s you see I aui in a iM.^jir":: '•• T.', •.• that tlie devi'tion'al "f iIi.- -iu.i: Why, eren tbe tailor made altlrta arc liigb wai8t <Kl. and the bfltn Or gMlea meet the directolre bloiue Jnst under the bust. Absurd cortainly, but It's back to the woods for yoa If you pnt your belt In the place where tlie good Lord Intendmi it to go. You suroly do Uave iiiir-er turns these days. Yesterday nioniiuK 1 was visually sure that Napoleon Bonaparte wa.« Bitting at the g]o>e counter of a large depart menf ^r^.-re trying on a ]>air of tJK- nnn t-iiifontM] tanpe j:!i«vp< that are 8o stti::T)ii.^ I Ills winter, but on closer lnspe<rlon '•ilie flesh" proved to be a prenv trirl ^ot up in a feminine form of tlje lirile forji-jral !•• the life. She Won- tlje s;iii;<' Jon;; irray doth array ro :r « iili wtij.-h we are all so fatniiiar. the sic.-ves trimmed with deep fur (lifts. iiiil;l.:ry revers :ii,d hN .<;iiicy loo!;'!!'-' 's hat with a gold CO. !.-.n!e. Tlje . .,.Tt fjisteneil with large N:!!"'!'-)!;!' i'titions. wi'li the .-roWl! ••.\" In L 'vM "Q a jade backirroniid. Till- .osni!: .• WiK a i 'lt startling, but niiw''i!iy fet.-hini.'. Wii.i; li.. yn tljink of the i-apiiihiu ev,.iiiii;.- l:o. il <.r white xitln. .blfTon frP .Is aiul -i spray of marguerites': Tiiese li '.s ;:ri! ilie sniLiriest things out f -r ever.hii: wear aiiil are as easy to .-JS a work bai.-, f'>r they're noihi:.-.- UK'rc ilian big round hoods as p!e;un-;.|ne as possible ami trimmed Willi tlt .w.-rs. i-hiffon. hoes and ribbon, pon'i fon ;et Tile wide ribbon strings, t!ioi!i .'h. ?>>r tli.-y are too (•••'•oiniug ti be l!;i -Ntii. a eonfe. lioii will tit pi-if.-. ily ov .-r your Psyi-lit- kni ;t and Dot rniiiple it a particle. Yo>. 1 think new .stationery Is loii -ly. but the )i...\-t time yon order p;:p- r !..!vi' yt.i'r thimili print in gold ni •! e p. IP of ;Le niid note cards of thi' in"in.>!.'tai]i done in blue. "Yi.iir ni;irk" on .vour stationery is the Inst w.ird III ilidivldtiaHsuj. Kver most slmer.'.y yupj. MAHET*' THE K. U. BANQUET NEWS OF LA HARPE Final Preparation* for Allen County Alumni Feast Dec 30. , N.. 1: 1- Guest and Hostess. hosi, s< sli ,.u :il f.iil <•> be fil '.ty ..••I :r ,nl -e^nlv for ili.- lirsi iriiesi. iiiip ^inloii:ilib. I .I |..; III.' Ilrsf loin-. '• ih .i; II.- ..r sh.. N lo .i e:irly. If 11'- .--.i;-.* lu-M-'t oiher lliiii :.'s .\eVor •hf.-r >.'ir "Uii l"il«'t lUiMi th>- !:iM fil: i;M 1'-. 11 i- !!..; i ..-.'i -.~;i:'y to Inri -.Hlil. e e-i'-h r .-A\. . -oi -r t.. t|..- ;;ii.-«|s iilf..:oly h'-ic'-i. <l. Il ••:i:l .:irr .t--.-< <•!-i-." »".<I.c. Aij i'li'iPivMl r,..-,! of !..-r:i' iiiir >i !;i'•• perb-'l- L''---- P.'U'e. ii:''M' til' . Ih.'t is -rriin ;»'-llt rM. I.r".-r -ec f.' !r !!i;i: Mo' -_-'i.-.fs IM'-I | In '";!.••'••• 'i'li'- \"n!:-_'-;" :tl\^.i\* ' r'r.-**-nl'-»i to" :• -•'.li- iu :i,i ;.. tli,- w..iii;iii. S:; , i.. :ii:u- ;.. j r.--.-nt Mr •pri-".-:;; M.-s. .^ailtli That the annual hanqnef of the Al umni of the Kansas university to be given in the Masonic hall on Thiirs day evening. December SO. will surpass In all poinLs any previous effort on tlie part of the alnmni seems clearly apparent from the elaborate prei>- arations and arrangements now beins maile by the club. So that the voices of tlie .layhawkers may he in trim to put the proper empha.sls on the col '^ge yells with which the hall will resound at the psypoioslcal moment, 'her- will be a social hour beginning at From that ho'ir until 9. the college men will devote the time to making merry an.I g.^'tting acrpiaint ed aniJ iiia;.:;,A ".••.v fri-^r.-ls. An invi falion to attend the banquet, is ex temleil^ to all intereste.l in the Kan sas I'niver.sity and an.- college men who may chance to iie in loia on the evening of the banquet. Secretary r.tty E. Pees sai.l this afternoon that the aluiniii would extend to these hearty welcome. The s-pea'cers for rlie evening have not all been selected but a partial list is as follows: Profes.i^or .T. E. Boodin. who will represent The T'niversit.v of Kansas, wil resiwnd to the toast. The University of Kansas." Other toasts s>dected are "Whaf-s the" Guy'K. Pees. "Here and There." Fred O. .\i.f. "The Evoliirinn of the Mega theriiini." Arthur AV. Ciinnin'.ham. The program committee will complete the list at once. The banquet is to be served at 0 o'clock an.! the nii-nii will be as follows: frea-Vi of c.'l.-ry. saliy s.piar.-s. Qu<'en oliv.'s. s(iii- pickles. ltai:eil lake front, tartar saiic. Saraioga chips, cold roa=t pork, ph-'ch-d ox tongn.-, cream •law. shrimp salal, ice cream, assort •il rilk.s and roffe.>. .\fier ill"- procrnni tlierc will li" a i.-iort si-ason nf social m(-et|nr. TEAR OUT THE 0AM fo .1 V. ... 1 .- ir- New York girl Is snijiUii'<i fied. fehe is not MIIOW.^I t-. f.vr, skill or luii;..- ij. r s:.-; roing up fh.- elitir. b :ii>l-- s! do OU the •av.'liui-." "r-.v ;-;r roe. It's net so mu«ii tl;'- -.n;.the ov-casi'.n ili;ir v!:- WM'I ;- i pdFe<i f'-r ;is if is :h- i!;;;.-!;! that Jf sh.- g ...-s lo.- 11-u;:: p'- new .tight skirl will jiiinol. I. physi'-'ally ••v .-n iiu:.- ih.iN t;.- j; puzzle d.«-s 111.-lit. I'm .nii^'hiy L'.K! I I ', • . .1 Tom at th.' >h..u. f..r i;i'. i;. \.a akirt s.. li -i.: tl.r.i I i....: .. toiltlolis <tr :.s!,.h- • r next StiJiUiiy 1 > Ms>;vi in,, i., If-^he skirt, I ui.-.iii- J- . -.. •ynrO.* and a hiT wlib- :.and as tlvtu K :I ;;.' i! - M ' way np, anil as for i «|tii -i-_trying It on I have ...i,. :'..i.-1 i. • tip. Yon kn.i'.v it'- lir-..i':<l l .'i' object of eV '-:y wom;.:. •. I:'- i ;i .w:i I" • t.--\- .• I V.. "II"!. II Ih' Are They In Your Guest Room? A < ;•- k. S-.Ui..|!'Tl . (•...•It l;:.-;I .-r-. A I •!•!; r...! e :.'.i>:i;u-; I' ••.••0. ;•. .1 11.':..! ir .ir .-.-r !";l..'~:.rusli. A r :!.:•• :ii the ^t-i" ..! s :' : •-!:t St!!';!. s r V ;t l".-:;. on tf,!>- r.-ibK- id ::s.- of ble(p!(-ssi;e-s "i: y- ;ir giifsi'-i :u:d a Ix'd t -i us,- That is What Necsho Drainage District Number One Proposes To Do. LET CASTRO STAY AWAY. t .ted States Not Anxious for Extra- '^ition of Ex-President. V . • i:.-;-:; ]>:,-. — X.-v-s : . ;i -.• r:, : i.- -c-h r-;::: f 'Mrse .i- ti.--:ay to ih- • ::• !::a: •.r:!_- !'.•••-;<;• ;;t .luar. V. r .on;.--/. of .•- ••• / e : i i;.;iy .I.-main! 'ii-- '-N 'raili- :::i '•; Castvi is <-i;:si .;-'re:: ;. pr. :-.> iTnporUii!: from n. tl;;!ii o-;.' of vi.-w. i>. s; L-:j.-v :un-'- of ti;- I'nit- • j ST .-it. -o'. 'M-!;:-:"!!! iiuaitist I'r.-bi- r.i.-M.). t;>,- >-:ii.- i! paiMnen!, ir • ftii.i.'.:: ].:'-c>-ii.-ir,. wi! . ' :'o !.:.;iy op. .1.^, M;.- . <-!:i.i;r :.r-: of \-.-r: I- .V. 1 rr s;,l..i,;. k i.-^ s.iid li'-:.- loil.iv ii.'i' .-'.-ir.. i!>'pariiii '-i<' i -;iii r'-.-sd- • {• •• to :i;;!n\ similar ,-i't.-:;i;it? at .-.; I :iil J'io'i whii-h luu.- i'..-.'ir *!y '-e :,io;l. .1 l!:.- Cnl'-'l .<t:it.-. v .:i,- v It-i foreU'll pi >',VeTK, .\. i.. r<)Wi .s-!i(l aii'.l .1. U. Ciir.'' who ..r- circulating the petition to create .1 'iraiiiav -'e district under the Hutchinson net. covering territory alon.g the river from the bridg- tn the .Ander -o!! county Tne. say I 'lat beio">- a ••:nod '!rain.-ue sy.stem is secured tin" I 'arn ai- the river must lie done away ••viri:. In tin- petition t 'ley are circti-" ;-at:i;s among the h::,il owners in the ;iro ;ics ...I di-stricf. the pin-io .so of tin organization is set forth. If proposes •o el, an out tlie rn-es and brusii in the liv 'T. widin tin- str.-am at the narrow iHiiiiis and do a-.vay with the dam. If tlK'-i-lifths of tl'.. land own-rs in the proiio.'.l .listrict siu-n tlie petition, it \vi:l l,e pr-'seiifed lo tl;..' commission ITS •.v!io grant the signers the right to organize tlie drainage association and jiroceed with their plans. ; .Mr. riin.' and .Mr. Townsend say 111:'' ir will lieiiefit Tola to tear our the rtani. Tliey claim that dead ani mals tloating down the stream. lodge at til.' dim. making t!i.' wat'-r used ;.v I';.- f-iiv iiiipiir-'. REPORTED <JOLD FIJfD INTER. ESTS L.l HARPE PEOPLE. ('omjinuy l" he formed RKI'dlSTED .«I\E WILL BE PLO/TEIJ BV .'<V\Dn ATE. V.X. V. 1), .Wnllia S'len! ( hristinas Witii Faniilj—Hill .Move to La Hariw — Per-iOiiiiN, Christmas With Family. C. D. .Mullen, formerly agent tor th.» Missouri Pacific in this city, spent the Christmas holiiiay witii iiis family in fjiHarpe. They will n:ov.- soon to Eureka. Dig for Gold. Throe men well known in I.aHarpe and vicinity are interested in a golil mine which. rep"ots say. has re.-ently been discovered in Stone county. .-Xrk. The meh are C. Seeberger. .M. (3. Wharton and .1. H. \'ibh-r. .-\ news paper printed in Ne -A -port. Aik.. pufi- lished this storv of the lenorted -.;(>!d And: "ft is well known that gold, silver lead and zinc exist in the oV .ark mountains. This range runs through .Ma:'ion and Stone counties where ti '.e f.-icc? Of the countr.v is wild, in the extrenie. H. rieriis lived in Stone counrv h-fore the war. He had a lead iieiio:-i; where the conf<'d'rate .soUIieis ^ot h-a /l ro make bullets. .\fti'v the war Iw drift- il we :-.t and a short time a;:o he thought to LO back ar .il nick, up the mine. In doing this h'- di.;cov, red a mountain of gold and st'.vt-r bi arinz rock which assays from $ PHI to $7.."'"0 to the ton. .M:'. <!raham w.-nt up to Stone count.*- and took ihe rock at random. It proved to b" a'l th:>.', Mr. Ileitis liad rialiueij for it. h .'Shb -s being rlcii In oil lie:ii -lnir lock. .Mr. (.'ra- ham got Charl'-s Sf.'ber-.i.r an.l J. II. VIbher. and'these gentl .'inen togciln'r with .M. <i. WHiarton foriii'd a corpora- tlon of |:|, nun, 1111(1. lim'.i.ii.i-iu'ln- p:;!.! In to exploit the s .-ciloii. nuriiig Ihe PHSI six months ,Mr. S'-eher«er had been (piietly biiyi'.^' up tin' land anil 111"' company now owns a lar .e are;i and will b<'aln operations at one- i.iit- H machinery co.-'tim.' aho!;: oon. The postofflce of tl|,. company Is at .Marcelle. .Mr. .1. II. Vioher :^tates that indications point to better r.-silts than the famous field •= of California Stuckey & Stuckey drew ui> th.' ar- ic 'es nf 'icpr'iorafion for the new company Tuesday. It is^a great ihi!".: for Stone couiitv and will throw ni 'll- ions into that s.ctioii. ' OSTEOPATHT- nR. W .H. tl.KitetnlT Reelsferei n<:?en;i?.thir Phvci,-i^.-i State nan'f- nidg Phor>« t4r. Only Osteopath <n fji Hupe FOR ONE WEEK ONLY Prices will bs smashed to smithereens all week up to New Year's Day. Christmas is gone—it has left, its'trail here. Now we are golnsj to clean iip the trail. Ail holiday goods will be si'old at any price to get them out of our sigiit. The prices on all merchandise will be cut deep. What you have wanted for a long time is waiting here for you now, at the littlest ptice you ever saw for like merchandise. IOC pretty fancy Turnovers, sHghtIv .soiled So 35c pretty fancy Turnovers, slightly soiled tSo 10c embroiMercd Handkerchiefs So 35c faccy Collars, iresh and clean 25o 65c fancy Collars, fresh and clean 30o 2.S per cent discount on ail expensive collars. 25 per cent dLscount on all Hand Ba.ijs, Chatelane Bags, etc. All our pretty Hats at 50c on the Dellar An elegant line of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats going regardless of cost. We will turn over the profits to yon on evtrythiug in' this Final Clean-up Sale—one week only. CASE FOR FOUST! TO PrBLI .SH XOTICE. Litigation Involvina $20,000 in Which Judge Finley Was Disqualified. :rollins wilt Thi- Sun says: When .ludge Foust When .ludge Foust mounts l^'^^'[^-lu a^ny u> Governor Ho bench nf Xeosho county Monday;j,„,.^,^„ This action is tat ; an extension of his franchise ordl- • nance, because he had not yet secured !r »llin.'« Will .Make Sure Hin Panlon the money with yhich to build the I It Leeul. , line. I He stated, however, that he had the Topeka. Ka.-;.. Dec. -S.—.7ohn Henry, -nure promise" from English capltal- pul>'i:-h a n(f-;<e in the j..,ts that the money woii'd be forth:Topeka papers. beKii'-.ii".^ today fo the ^ comine in the next year. The explaji- ;effect that on .Monday. .January U. he atlon for not ! WANTS HIS INSURANCE. TO i;n Ntllhl. \HKi{ men. STiilJKS, |{«fk\ <\n\ Maki- llori.l IJm-ki lor HiHiit- SHIer><. 'I- ; • )v.i. Iiec, js.— |,ii |iM .r M '!!er.- h;.;; ;i- '.v. I i ,.;ik<- IIP th'-ir minds -:;;!:' :yv rl,-it he r'.;id in Kjii.-'as is to !.<- ju -i 10. ky for thr-ni for ili'- "io-\l -v.!) .•. I:M->* ::S il ii .-i-^ l.<»-n in the l);.--i -V. o .Vt:orr :.-y ' ;--,-i.-r.. ! .lack.-on 1 I:..!-- f-(-i ind i;..v, -d .awv !i:bi 'i,: ^ .Much ; :t.r.V< vilih liru:: <!';re runnins -'e.ii.-. A hi/.'dini; <ir ;;).'L 'i.-:s to -trlii 'T ;:.-i-M:nr for 'iiptfir sal's and •IK,I.- di:i--r;'- puiii-hnien: to chronic »iir.:i!ors v.ii; i:econinie::ii. d. iil'ii'^ liavf. reacii , ...... ' T :,, ...-ii: : ;.ddiiio:::i; :..—di'' to make i;!,. ^ still iirdeii Id \io ;a;,,is of ihe (iro- 'av.-. it '.n'ion is to \>f p:iiil to the a. E. Elliott Says $1,000 is Due Him on Fire Loss. K F.. 'rriilott broiiuht suit In district e 111'! today to recover $I.i "iO Insur !i;<-" 'ililcli h.- says Is due hlin frotifj ••ie N 'alioiKil I-'lre Insurance company. On .iiil'- i::ih last. Mr. Klliotfs and household property burned. Tlii 'riys he carried insurance In the .il'ove named company to cover the •|)=-^. but that he has not yet been p:il'!. He therefore asks for Judgment for $;"'0 on the house and on the hoiiseholil goods. T;IE HAK<;IS JIKY IHNO. Wvrt for Acouittil «n;l Three Held lor toDilcllon. •V; \ < Irvlr.e. Kv.. I>ec. 1"; \ i hi: 0 rf Heach H THE 5EW PSXCIIE KNOT. Is to Iw uo fatter than dr.'.i>e<! Vertebrae. Now, Klsa. dear, if yi-u i|.> decide to have your winter .>'Uit made Wltta a wider stlrt than tutne IK .- sure and ba%-e a haUt Lack. Ko self re- spertius ^ti-t would bo seen irtth nu torertvd plait adoniiit; tbe pbcket opetUiis: And.fbo would-be Aoitsldcried I>er. I'S.—The jury in ach Hareis. ch;;r .2ed vjih the n'lfrder of his father. JiidRe Innit-s H.-.r -4 ;s. reported its inability •hi? ;if;erni'<in to agree and was dis- 'hr.r'.;ed. The jurv stood nine for ac- T. HalPE is a Star Witnecs. FliishiT'.r.:. Oec. 2:^.—The biHhlinc; up of the of Thornton .7. Halns TO disprove the charpe that he was the principal with hi.s brother, Capt Pet.-r C. nains. .Ir.. In the killing of V.':lliam.E. .\nnls. t.iken up in earnest Todav. Thornton Hains will be the star witness in his own defense. At torney Mclntyre of the defease, said today that the mental condition of Capt. Hains was very alarming "I fear a fatal termlnatioa of hLs trou ble." he said. A Sunday School Meeting. .\ meetinsr in the interest of tii-- P-eKhyterian ciuiich Sunday school .vil! be held in the church V^'edn>••;^a.^ evening. The reciilar pray.'r meet- in;: S '-rvice '.vill h.- alian'ioned for the ever.iii.ij and the iioiir spent in ins Sunday school work. Live Near LaHarpe. .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hardin ar.- . x ;iec:ed to arrive i.'i I.aHarpi- today from McCiine. Kas.. where they have been living since their marriage on Tltanks-.-ivin:; day. They wi!! -mov.- to a farm miles soiithea.-it nf 'r;- cit.v whi-re thry wi;! reside in the fu tiire. Ballast for Switch Track. Tonstruction work on i!ie sra.'!'- fo:- the fnioii Portland ci):iipa:iy^witc'- ;r:icK i.-; pi oi;res.--i:iH; raiiidlv an! 'itiirs will .^rion in- at \vn:-k Iriiilii.;: •!;ide:s for ballast. wir.i. I'AY 01 T Tin: MONKV. I.. . \firllirup Appiilnti'd l»Uliiir>iii-.' AL'CIII for the <ioii-n;nient. .Mr I.. I.. .\ori!ini|i li:i.-- ri'ei-.-i-l '.vord llial !:i- Is to l.e appciiil.-d din- •'irsiir.; :i "4 '-nt fe-- ili.- L -i,vei-n;iieiii on he new p',.-I(iff|, • b'iiIdlli -4, S.:liii-- hlnc: like J.',.'..o.(0 i-.jil he nlaecd j.-i jii Ul'.ido, Th" a|i;.oi!;; iiif :it rari'ie. uith it a V 'i> lari:e Pond and a Vi-i'. -mall i-iry. ation for not having: yet secured the och for a full ^ money for construction work was on ¥^r^ in ' ... ...ken to enab.e . apeount of the financial stringency. moni.ns to act as ofncer p.o t^^^ in;.;.^. .,^,.,,„,,, ,„ ,^.^5,,. 3,,,^ there ia„d sjg„s ^nd clouds that h.ive three cases in «hich Jud?e F in.e> is,.;., defect in the cf-icial papers", . . . ..^ ili.nnalified. he wi'I hand down d ,H:is-. (;,.l :ins fion. the pen- i ^,^T"^ <:»'«>t»e%,n the io"s involvin-' approximately Si 'i .e 'ii'. . .pn'i--.- least, but now as these had cleared Th.'S" ,'-a .-=es have been threshed out.' ;,-:,ev llenei-al .lac :«on in -.m ^ f'^'^^l promised the cash ar previous terms of conn, and a!! ^;,v.; ,i,:,r there is no;. ^. ... " that now remains for the AiK -n cnumy' ,.„,.^i.^:. i,,.. •,h:,t'ihe ci.:nni:nation is-I ^"^^^'f'^i' ^'^ «»mmimic2 .ion • court to do is to hand down decisions: Oi.ver.-ior lic-h the other dav i '^^^ 'extended all of His fran- which he reserve.! at the time of their Yet to di.-ie! ai: doubi. the', o---^"'ances in other towns and cities hearin.^'. .koverno - , io ,K .ses to i .-^t .e a straight-'f^'^'^ "fed Pittsburg to extend Court will convene Monady morn-, our pur..w :n. which wiil not o.^lv irnint 1 ''^^^r^''^- Tlie commnnira- in? and final a -ljournm-ni taken a". r, .i::,^ hi.< abscli;;.. irsedom. (;ut": will "'^f received and ordered plac- noon. .Judge Finley will accompany, ;-^sti i - iiini :o lii.s full rights of citizen .lu.Ice Foust to Kri- in or.Ie:- to makej..(,;|, | tinal .adjo:irnnlent for 'he Ocro'iert I nder the h ,w two wfek.s" notice' Wedded'Three Generations. rourt as soon a>.:ie ...,e, .,ven ma new.papor of ^-ei.-: p. .^y. Fenn drove out to the home h :.s an.u.unvd his . . c,>,or.> '^ circn a.u .n be,»,-.. ,::„-don can-,,, R,, .MaxweU. four and a half miles prot _-ci..! ca-j-s. .Tudae F.n - .ijoes; phi.. is f.>r the M cf of Humboldt,Christmas eve. and to Fre.Tonia .lanuap ...<- . con- .Lnvin- r. <..;;I" an o;>porti:nity to pro- ^a^ried-Miss G.-ace .Ma -vwellaDd Carl veins the V nter term o the ^\ll .son;,esi. In the ( ms esse, however, g. Ru.ssell. This makes the third cer- county court. The .locket ,s • i>h«f.> WHI .iKf-.y be no protect. If any ; ^n.ony he has performed for members he.-ivy this .vear and cou.-f will prob- ,,,! P :,[,;,t.,-,:- 10 profe.«t. the .^wernor the Mazweli fanilv co-erinc-three aily contlniu. until time for the Feb -Uil! simply tell them to reduce their 'fJeration?FdMiiweli^^^a^^ rua*y term in N-osho county. ; .n.iest, 10 writing- and file it. a*lwiii- Mi^Grace a^d Mi" B^lle Hotten- The most important case fn wh;cti ,,.,ds to ;:iat:t the pa.don anyhow. ^I;^ w "e ma ^i ^ed bv K arH^ Crouch at Pittsburg. . boldt December 16. 1897. The Pittsburs Hcadlish: of Satur- VisitinB Griswold.: day says: F. V. Crouch, promoter of Mrs. J. !.. Stewart and I^ewis. and the Southern Intertirban rail- Mr. and .Mrs../. L. Thomburg and th-j way which-has been surveyed and has babv went to Ida vesterflay to visit been on paper for the |iast three .vears Mr. and -Mrs. Roy Griswold.—Chanute . niniiin-.- from lola to PIttsburK. was Tribune. before the city council once more last) , iiiL 'ht. by communication, asking for. ReRlsfer Want Ad.s Bring Results. Home From Yl.sil. / Mr. and Mrs. Fied Rf-IniS" h ami •Iilldren retuined todav from a w .-ek'.-^ l-it with reia(ive> at Topeka ..^i'! .-awi eiice .Sinp. Look, Read. .\:i n-inber.s of the V,'. O. \V.. W. C rnd fr .ends. Start the new year by .•oniin -4 u> the ovsier supper uivt-n by 'ola ('aiiiii mi .laniiary 1st. i;"i!t, a; he K. P. hail. l-^verybody cordiall.v nvii.d. A. H. LIAVis. Clerk. Broke His Leg. Berion Adams, the five year old son of B. V. Adams, fell from a wagon this afternoon and broke his legr. XIu Taracr. Miss Louelia Varaer la ipendlnr tha XAHetaias ludtdajra with her «btar. In Special Sessian.. The county commission^' net today to consider some special Easiness. There is ta'k of putting amoae more wrift dirt in the low plaeca in the court bouse yard and t^ eonnnlss ioners met to consider iLi Tlilp'Bfter^ noon they went out to Be «,-:9i ||||;^rog' ress was being made to| the pest house onto thej I7 boo^t by the connt7 .j TWR WKA1 -"•-^^^-'ar JtufM 't' Frunii Anit in Town. Fraiik .\ult came in '.»day and i.'i •pending the day visitini; his iiaren:> '.nd cusloraers. Frank says that he •an notice that the town is picking up apidiy which is very pleading to him THE PACE TOO HOT -Death Valley" .Srolty Long<i for the -Qnlet" Life of a Bine Jacket .(iidge Foust will hand down a d« (i.-ion .Monday is that of the \at-! ioiial Hank ai:a'ns* tiie West Plan Oj! coninany. This is a .-iuit. iiivolv ir ?!:'."<'•) in wl;ic:i lii-- bank is en :ivori..,-r to cdlect unpaid suhicrip 'i-T.; 'o th" original ca'dtal stock ot t;-.- oil ciiiici-rM. .Ion "S A- Fteid rep n M i-t th" bai'k. and Farrelly Ai Kv :i!is. tin- def.-iidant oil '-oiniianv. .\iiotli-r case, involving tt.')'<(^ I thui of K. S. \ryi'rs. again.t C. B .>ri:t\. ef .-il This Is a tangled bit of liil'-'atlon. growing out of an oil leas*' Furellv X- F.vrins i-.-pres.-nt tiie plain tiff, and I.apliain & Brewsti-r. .Jon< Ke|.|. an I I.i'nili-rt * Miiiigate ihi .'ef'-iidant. Both of iln-se cases have b.-en tried before Judge Foust. I;i the case of Susan F. Wickanl agiilnst P. K. Wickard c-t nl, .Iiidae Foii-i! will rti'e on a demurrer. Thl.^ i-. an action over the division of an estate. One ca.-e in which .ludge Fo-ist was expi'cte.i to hand down a decision i.'\: week has alreadv be-n decided. This is the action brought bv the Chaiifaufpia bureau a-:;ainst .Mayor Gray and a number of other ctti-'.en:) v.ho guaranteed the expenses of a Chautaiirpia for Chanule two years I 'go. This suit involved about $7oO and was before the Allen county court cii a demurrer of the defendants to the plaintifrs petition. Judge Foust overruled the demurrer and gai-e tbe defendants ten days in which to an- The case now s'.and.s ready for trial and will probably be heard dur lag the February term by some ju Ige pro teni. Finley is disqualified from hearing the suit by reason of liavin? been one of the original mem hers of the association guaranteeing the lyceum bureau the .sale of suRlc- lent tickets to make the assembly \enture a success. Chicago, Dec. 2S.—Walter Scott, known as •"Death Valley Scotty" ihf spendthrift, entered a L'nited States | r^ruiting office today and declared his intention of enlisting in the marine service. "I have- set the pace long enough," said Scotty today, "and the tif9 doea not agree with me. I ain, tired of it and want to lead quieter Came Here^to Visit. W. F. Hemstead. of Kansas City, passed through here yesterday on his I way to Io!a to visit relatives.-—Garnett News. A Science through which di.tease is eliminated from the body without medicine or surgery. Member of the National an.l State .Association of Suggestive Therapeutics. "~ Consultation Free Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore Services In St. Timothy's Church. There will be preaching ser^-ice in St. Timothy's Epbicopal church on next Friday evening. The .sermoit will be d«Mverad by rector of the ihnrch at T «teir Center.- ; INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It is not an expense but an in- vestmenL It is something yon must have but something yon must be careful of, a^ it is very important that the right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would like to SHOW YOU. J. E. rovrzu. V «w Black, Iota, WHY PAY RENT? When you can buy .a home} with the aame moneyr. I have some mighty nice properties 'oqg^ Iiand right now which I will a^^ you for the same money ibat'i( you are paying oat rent fojp^-Tlie?^ „ properties are well located: anJaK^I are' a good inreataeiilL want is a chance'to S^QW TOn^

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