Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1908
Page 3
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KEWS OF lA HA9PE THE FUNERAL OF SRS. REMLEY WAS HELD TODAY. BOARD OF EDUCATION MET WANTED TO SELL LA IIARPE (ITf. ZENS WOOD FOR FFEL. LsdlM* Ancient and Xodprn Embroidr ery Clnb Xet Yestrrdiy With Mrs. McGill—News Notes. "Rojnl STnchness" Pleased. "Royal Aluchness," a moslcal coni- cfiy, jileasoU a fair sized audience at reefs Opfira bouse last night. This ccnjpuny hns been playinK to fair sized nudicnues at lola for the past week. Many of the: &ong bits are being whistled on the streets today. BIrtb. X daughter was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stahl. Funeral of Mrs. Rrniley. The funeral of Mrs. Remley who died Sunday morning ai the hnnie of her daughter, Mrs, J. E. AVhite, was held from the residence this morniiig at eleven o'clock. Rev. Ira M. Henham, iwslor of the Methodist Kpis- copal church, olhciated. Internu-ni was made in the Lii Ilarpe ci'mcterj-. Lrr Grimm Broke Window. While playing in front of the street car depot cafe I>ce Grinini broke one of the front windows. He with a mini Iter of other I)o.vs wore pnililiinK as if they were going to go, through thi- v.iii dow for some apples, lie gralilnMl a little too far once and ran his hau'l through the glass, lie cut his hand Lut not seriously. Embroidery Clnb Xvt. The Ladles' Ancient and .Modej-n Embroidery club uiet'thi.s afiiirnooii with MriS. McOill. The artcrnoiin was spent over the fancy wiirk. llerre.-.h- nicnts wcro served. .Will Danre Friday. .\ danca hns lu-on iilaniu-il fur Friday night.; The service.-; of A.SIHM'S orchestra lias ixH-n si'cnrt'il ami ilnw who are givin;.; it assure a nice lime. For I lie Inteninllonal. W. S. (Jrigsliy. president of ilu International Drag company, and llco. E. Smith* traveling salesman fnr this company. left last evening' lor St. Lonis. y\a.. on a business visit, in the ftit^rt-.Tt of the rnfernafloiial Ding compan.v. They will prolmliiy ninrn the latter part of the week. Wanted to .Sell Wood. G. W. Rollins rceeivwl a Ictiir yesterday from a man in soullicrn'-Mis­ souri wanting to ship liim WIUHI for fuel purposes." lie said thr.t he had heard that the giis hiid fiiil'-d ;ii:d there was no fuel of atiy kind here, ilr. Robins wrote him sayiu;,' iliat ihc luel was ilic best as the ;;:is was as good as ever. Board of Eduralion Mel. The board of eduration of the I-a Harpe schools met in regular session. Routine business was transacted ihore being nothing of iniiiortaiice to <-<ime before the nieniliers. The regular bills were allowed, including the teachers' salaries. Mllner LciiTrs for Wiishlnirton. .Ins. Mllner. who some time ago sold his undertaking parlors in this city to Kanlng Xothers and Orer-burdened Women In til •tatlODS of life, whoso vi^qr and vitality may have been tindcrmined and broken-down by over-Work, eiacting Mcial duties, tho too froqnent bearing of children, or otbor causes, will find' in Dr. Flerco's Favorite Prescription tho niost potent, Invlgoratlns restorative strenMb- Ktverererdevtsctf for their cpeclal benA- nv KunlniAothers wlKflnd It cspeclaJ^ ly TaluablalVsustalnlnfSiielr strength wtn and it a VTlotlvStSifve^^ tho system for baby's comInK and rehdKlns tha ordeal comparatively palnleMr*Ji ueiicate. bAfVoul, Weak women, who suffer from frcouont hoadache^ backache, draMlng-oown dlstrcts low down la tho abdomcD, or from painful or irreij- ular monthly periods, gnawing or distressed sensation in ptomocb, dizzy or faint spells, aeo imaginary specks or spots floating before eyes, have disagroeablo, pemc catarrhal drain, prolapsus, ante- verskMi or rctro-vcrsIon or other displacements of womanly organs tram weakness of parta will, whether tiicy crpcrienca many or only a few of tho above symptoms, find relief and a pemanejit curn by nsing faithfully and fairly persistently Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrintion- Thls world-famod specific for woman's weaknesses and peculiar ailments is a pure glyceric extract of the choicest native, medicinal roots without a drop of alcohol In Its make-up. All Its Ini ^redi- ents printed in plain English on its bottle- wrapper and attested under oath. Dr. Pierce thus Invites the fullest luresti^ra- tion of his formula knowing that it will .be found to contain only tho besl agents known to the most advanced medical science of all the different schools of practice for tho cure of woman's peculiar weaknesses and ailments. | If you want to knov^.mors about the composition and prufe:ssional endorsement of the "Favoriic ppescriptlon," wnd postal card request to Dr. B. V, Pierce, Baffalo, H. T.. for bU/ree booklet treat- can't afford to accept as a substitute for this remedy qfknotm componaun a secret noet-um of wtknown aompa^ tton. Don't do It. Prices Chopped! Profits Dropped! During the great upheaval throughout the entire stock of Winter Merchandise Just like finding money--and it makes the finder happy. Flattering crowds apparently appear to give themselves a prosperous year. Gome every day, every hour Be Sure and Come Tomorrow! IF YOU HAVEN'T ANY MONEY, THEN BORROW NEW YORK lOLA STATE BANK VNEWS OF GAS CITY CAPITAL $112,500 lOLA, KMI8A8. OMKOlVMr A. W. Beck, L. E. Horville, J. A^ Robinson, U. L. Henderson, J. "QT Caniplx:!!, Geo. K. Nicholson, Frank Riddle. firing frr.m pnenmonla. !•'. K. .lolinsiin. of Iironson. Kas.. was lure Vi 'stcnliiy tin a liusliies.s visit. •lai'lis .1. IViers of Kansas City was lure y,-sti nlay on a business visii. TIIK « rrVS SIIT WILL UK TKIEl) IN siritE .^iE roruT. SUCCESSOR TO M. M. MURDOCK. TALKED PUPILS SAVINGS BANK! Dead Wichita Postmasters Son Names W. C. Edv»ards for the Place. i.MII.S. F. W. FIIKVKKT ELKf TEII TO! Sleeper & Son of Ida, will leave in a few days for Yakoma Valley. Wash- liiRton, where Xwr will visit relatives whom he has not seen fur aludil i\v«n- ty-onc years, lie will be pone several months. Rirtlu .\ son was Imrn to .Mr. and Mr.-. Waller Itrowii Saturday eveiiiiiir. Prr»nnalii. • Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wjird. «f Kansas Cliy, ;ire here the i ;iiesls <if rehiilves. . .Mrs. J. I), mil returned to Kori Scott yeslerd;iy after a we''k's visit here with her ilauuliter. Mrs. McCill. Miss Lena • Waters went to Fort Seott yesterday where she will re- eliler .\otre Dahle rollerje. Charles, Will and Clara fjury and .Miss Garncit Henham returned to Itald win yesterday morninj? where they are attending IJaker univcr.slty. TO BAR BOOZE FROM ROUTES. Tennessee Sima Would Forbid Mail u Carriers front Hauling ft. Wia.';hin?rton. Jan. 7. —If Representative Sims, of TenneK.see can prevent ii, no rural route mail carrier will be ])ermitied to carry a packa;;? of liquor, to or from anyone on the route, and If he does so his action shall be deemed- unlawful, and the offender .shall be dealt with according to Euelj rules and regulations as the po.stnias-' ter general shall prescribe. The pro^ hibitlon Is contained In two bills in: troduced by Afr. Sims today. For best and qnirkest re««IU ase the Begister Wut Coluns. ^asx^ Y\u. .MISS Doinrs r(»siTn»>. ys. A. IVill Mold In .slalliilloH Ser vices .Ne.\l .llonday Mirlil—ripe<' Cnmplcled Soon. Talkeil Savlntrs Hank. .Miss t'lifrifnl .Mileli.-ll. snpt rinlcii- lieiil 111' llie Cias (,'ily sehniils, a|ipc:in-d before llir; liojird of edii<-atii>a .-il llieir meeting last ni^hl and tiiok up the nuestion of startiiiK a puiiils' savin.:;s bank. No aetioii was taken but .Miss .Mitehell will <-oiUiinio diseussions with tlie lea."hers in the sehools. TlW'liiiard allowed their repular hills at ilieir iiuelin;.;. Will Hold InsiallatiiMi ,l:in. I»th. At tlu' i<'j;iilar nieetiiiK "I the loca! (irder (if llif Miidern Woiidnian of .\nii'rii:i held last eveiiin;; it was decided to hold a supper on the evening' of .laiinary K'.ili after the installation servic-i-:;. The newly e!ecii-f| oflleers will lie iii.-talled on that eveiiin.u'. II is liMpnl iliat every meiiilier will In pn-.sent as a Kood time is assured. yin. Frrrerl EliTtwI. .\l the liieetins of the hoard of edu­ ralion of the lias City sehools, Mrs. W. Kreverf of (his city w;is elfcled lo till ihe var:iney made in the faculty iif ilie eity schools by ihe resi^na- lion <d .Miss Viralnla Dndds. .Miss Dodds will leave Wednesday for Cali- fornla for her health. Will Hear City's Snit Tomorrow. The casf of the l.'herokeo I^anyon /.inc eomiiany vs. the City of Cas will lie !ii-iid In siipienie court tomorrow. The aitoriii\vs in the case went to To- pi'ak tills arieinoon where they will pn-p.-iro to try the cn»c. The ease is Ihe one wherin the Cherokee l.iinyon '/Sine company sued Ihe city of Gas en- jolnin.i; ihem from cullecliiiK the taxes wliich they levied. The city was vic- i(»rious in the district court. Took I 'oNKesslon Yesterday. Mr. and .Mrs. George Tarr who recently purchased the Vauphn h«>tcl in ;lie .south part of the city, took pos- -ession yei"ierday. They are CNper- .e'!cc<I in the business and doubtless «t'' continue to make the hotel one of the best of Us kind in the city. I'I |M> Line .Umo ^if Completed. The pipe line which is l>einK laid from SavonburS: and Klamore pas beds to this city will be completed within the next few days. The flnal connectiims will be made some time tomorrow so the test can be made the following day. remonals. Harry and Clark McCoIloch returned yesterday from Kmporia where hey hive been visiting at the home of relatives. J. H. Heno returned yesterday to his home In Arkansas City after a few days visit with friends. Two sons of Mr. and Sirs. J. v.. Laa 'rence are quite ill. They are suf- Wii-iiil:i. K;is.. .Ian. 7. —Victor Murill ck. coii.rfysiiiaii from tlie GiKlilh district. lo("i ;iy wired President Roose- the iKitrie of W. C. IMwards and r.-.-oiiiUieii(| -iI [hat he IK * (lio.'-"en post- ni.-isfer of Wiehila to succeed the late .M. .U. Miirilock. .\o greater surprise hiis liii-n spnin.!^ in Wichita in years. While .Mr. Kilwards practically r.-pre- si 'nts the n>'\\ ^ichool of Ili-piihliran politics in Wichita, there were other! reasons for paniing him. Mr. Edwards' camo to Wichita about seven years | ago from Uirncd, Kansas. '^Provtous o that time he was s.H -retary of state under Governor .Morrill, At the time of CoiiKiessmnn .Miirdoek 's first iiom iiiatioi\. .Mr. ICdward's friends in thi western half of the oM big Si -veiilh <'on.i:ress:oiiaI district were lined up lor .Mtirdoek. .Vfter his nomination .Mr. Kihvard.^ off.-red a prize of a si'k il;!'.; fo:- the eounly that would giv:> .Atiirdoek the h:?;uist majority. Keceiitly -Mr. Edwards ha.s br-eii connected in a biLsiness way with tho Kansns City. .Mexico & Orient rail- ro ;ii|. As a contrai-tor l:e handled si -v- I 'ral laruc s .'clions of the construction work in Kansas and Oklahoma. GLAD TO SEE EVANS The Visit of the AmerTca! Fleet Hail« ed as a Good Example to its Navy. - TIIK LAHY .MaicMliees wil! hold their i-e-.;iilar review Thursday afternoon at two o'clock at the K. of I', hall. .All members arc requested to IH? present. Rio Dc Janeiro, Jan. 7. —The Rio do Janeiro El I'ai/. makes the fi»Uow- \n~ comini-nt upon the approachilig Msit to lt:o d.' Janeiro by the Ameri[can battlesliip fleet under Rear Admiral Evans: "The" American warships arc corn- ins at an opportune moment for the L 'overnnient- IK just now busy with the reorganization of tho Brazillian fle^jt. The iir^sencc of the American ships will have for BrazIY tne convincing 'orce of ah example, and they will \ sire ns a demonstration of the victory : v.'on by the patriotism of a nation tiiat is young as we are." One of the Important Duties of Physicians and the Well-informed of the World is to learn a-s to the relative standincf and rtliabiiity of the leading manufacturer;; of medicinal asents, as the most eminent physicians arr the most careful as to tlie uniform quality and pvrfi>ct purity of nnuclii-.s pri:.scril»ii by them, .ind it is well known to physicians and the Will-Informed jicnirally that tlie C.iliiornia Fis Syrup I Co., liy reason of ii.s correct methods and i><.rfict cfjiiipment and the eihical character of its produii lias attained to the liiiih standin;.^ in scimtitic and commercial circles which is accorded to successful and rcliaMe houses only, and, therefore, that the name of the Company lias become a jruarantec of the excellence of its remedy. ' TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to tho Well-informed in every walk of life and are t.ssential to permanent success and creditable standinjj, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would enjoy pood health, with its hles^sini^s, to t!ie fart t.'iaf it involves the tpiestion of rifjht living with all tho term implies. With proix^r knowledge of is l)cst each hour of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of iffort may be made to contribute to that end and the use of medicines disin-nsed with jjenerally to threat advantage, but as in many instances a simjile, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the f)ro|)er time, the California Fig Syrui> Co. feels that it is alike impoirtant to present truthfully tho subject and to supi>ly the one |>irfert lax.itive remedy which has won the apjKJval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-informed because of the excellence of tlie combination, known to all. and the original method of manufacture, which is known to the California Fi^; Syrup Co. only. • This valuable remedy has I>een lonij and favorably known under the name of;— Syrup of Figs—and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of family laxa,livcs, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to lie the best of natural lax.ttivcs, we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtlt'ss it will 'always be called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs—.and to pet its lieiieficial effects always note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company — California Fig Syrup Co.— plainlv printed on the front of every packa^te, whether you simply call for — Syrup of FiKS—or by the full name—Syrup of F'igs and lillixir of Senna—as—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. and the same heretofore known by the name — Syrup of Figs — which has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughoat the United States in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which is fifty cents per bottle. Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, at Washinjiton. D. C., that the remedy is not adulterated or misbrandcd within the meaning of the F'ood and Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906. CALIF08NIA FIG SYRUP GO. Louisville, Ky. . SaS Francisco, Cal. U $. A. London, England. New York. N. Y,

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