Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1908
Page 2
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W. C. T. U. Meeting. The regular meeting of ths W. C. T U. Is sch'-duled to occur on Friday at the liomo of Mrs. James Pln'ey. • • • New Card Club. A parly of ladies met at the desi- denct> of .Mis. B. F. Banianl on ICast Madison avenue and organized a car-i club to meet semi montlily on Tl.urs day aftenuHiii. Tlie first party will be given this week by Mi's. .\ee Halli ett. The membership list follows: Mrs. Fr.-(1 Kelni-'seh. Mrs. A. K. Halltel Mrs, J. UaUlott. Mrs. H. F. lljirnanl .Mrs. Jame.s Uart'ett. .Mrs. \V.. S. ll<KKUn, Mi-s. I{. S. Burton. .Mrs. W. K. Carmain. Mrs. Gwrte IXClute, Mrs. t><-d (5erbitx. .Mrs. S. 1.. .lack son. Mrs. U, U Harris. Mrs. Herb erf Martin. .Mi:s. W. K. Re <!feru an^ Mrs. O. T. Kudnick. The t'treat Uemnanl Sale now poins on. IJichardsons, •*> • •^ •:• • • Postpone Reception. The Wdman's Christian Tenipei ance Union d."'sires to announce that because of the li>ctnrc which Mrs. .\n na Hobins will give on Thursday <<v ening. the reception which was to have been given for the Y society wil be iiostponed until Thursday, .Tanu ary 16. • • • Evening Card Party. Mr. and Mrs. Ace Hallielt have is sued invitations for a card party for • tomorrow night. • • Saturday Card Club. Miss Blizabeth Apt will entiMlain the Young Indies' Card club on lb appn)aching Saturday. • • • Millinery HO cents on the dollar. Richi)0son's. • • • Friday 500 Club. Mrs. .Tames H. Campbe'l will en tertain at cards on Fridny afternoon Her guests will b,-" members of the • r .OO club! A previous annoimcenien gave the hostess name as Mrs. Davii \V. Reid but the party is to be given by Mrs. Campbell. • -^ •:• Mull-Let2 Wedding. ; Married on W.^dnesday, .lanuary 2 Jii the lionie of the bride's parent's Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hnl! in Hammond ind.. Mii^s Rita Mull and Mr. Frank C I^tz, of Ilamniond. Mr. and Mrs l^-ti are at home at Cifi Truman av. • Mrs. I.efz !iv«-<J in lola until a slort t5nie ago when she with her i>arents went to Hammond. The many friends of the bride and acqtiainfances of the family will unite in extending sincere good wi.shes for the happy future of the couple. A A ; Toadies'. Misses" and Children's Coats all go in the slaughtering sale. Richardson's. , Reception for Members. •On Thursday! evening at the Chris- Let our OpiloSmh X^st your eyes. If glasses are needed vre will j?ivc you a correct fit' Ho. I'afn Sanla Fc and M. K. & T. Watrh Insprrton. Removal Sale AT iewairs Jewelry Store Is Still Going On. First door North Poslof flee lion, church members of the Christ an t-Jiid'^avor s.iciety will hold an informal n^eepliou for those who have l.'.leU- uniti'd with th.'^ church or have b«y'n nci'ivcd .is members of the hostess socety. It is expi'cted that the number of gue.^ts win be large. + + * Cuoid's New Post Route. Kveryone will acknowledge that the methods emi)Ioyed by Ciip'd and hir. assistants in piercing hearts rearlvs gram "bad been closed by the recital of cnrreat eycats, Mn. Heylmun senr- ed a InncheoiL + • • Unity Club. Hn. John F>Dnst entertained the Unity Clnh yesterday afternoon. There was the nsnal research work coadncted by Mrs. Wv E. Lowder and Hn. A. C. Sosllsh gare a reading. "Proverbial "Wtodom." • • • Slashing into the Silks. Clearance I prices. Richardson's. * * * Art Club Friday. Miss Mary Chamberlain, of Hum boldt. will be In the city on Friday afternoon to attend a meeting of the Art club which will be held In th<: parlors of the Y. M. C. A. rooms. + •> • Club Meeting. Miss Josephine Riddle will enter tain her Sewing club tomorrow. 4> •(• 4> Visit In lola. Mrs. Margaret Harris of Muskogee, and Mrs. Dan Bartholomew, of 'ED'do- rado Springs, Mr., are here for an ex tensive visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Harris. • • 4> For Mandolin Club, Mr. And Mrs. C. J. Doxsee entertained the Mandolin club last ovpnlng at their homo on East Monroe str.'et. There was a varied and delightful pmgrnni of selectlonR by individual.' and the full orchestra. The mi»mlH>rs pn>sent were Mr. and Mrs. Dusstng. .Misses Ixiu, Bdna and Alfa l>ttncan. Norma Uoss'er. Tre,in lA)wdenullk. Mr. Harvey Hel'er and .Mr. Fred Killian. • * • Postpone Party. The iKjys of the Eclipse club havi decided to postpone the skating parts which th.->y had partially arrange<I for Thursday evening until some future date. •!- ^• Furs in every new styles selling regardless of cost. Richardson's. * • • Meet on Sunday. The Y. P. C. U. of the United Brelh- aU points between the sublime "nd j p^n church has announced that after the riiliru'oiis, but the latest method this week thp society will have tho regular devotions oa. Sunday evening. A change was made i n the time of meeting Jnst before Christinas when the society was rehearsing the cantata. + * + Aid Society Meatlngs. The Aid societies of the various churches will meet at the nsual hour on Thursday afternoon. Called Metting. Members of Dorothy Rebekah lodge are requested to meet in the ha'I tomorrow afternoon at half past two o'clock for the consideration of business matters Which concern the lodge. ^ * Choir Practice Friday. The Presbyterian choir will havo only one rehearsal this week, on Friday evening. Miss Kathcrine Jones has returned from Emporia and will be present to direct the practice of music for the following Sunday. * * * Personals. Miss Clara Wiebster, of Fort Scott, was Miss Ruby Holler's guest durin-- the week end. Miss Flora Kapp has rt>tunie<l to Ijiwrenco after an extended visit with her sister, .Mrs. T. S. Stover. BKlWrSK KtMlSEVELrS llONKST. >r. J. Bryan Says This Ix the Itrason lor Ihr PresldentN ro |ialarit}. A SI.YPLE QIESTIOX. exhibited is catrsing one lola girl to si).^nd her Iflsure moments in try ng lo ngiire out whether she is a victim ,,„,,„ 4_j , „ of tlmile love g«rs plot ov of r «»l'>«^ Arc Reqnested (o IIen«<tly some practical jok.-r. The other day Answer This. tb<' chief of p<dice n'ceived a card ;vhicjh he was to deliver to one of not the word of a representative lo'a'k i«)PMlnr school teacher.s. The citizen of lola more convincing than voung la.iv who receiv,->d the missive the doubtful utterances of people liv professe.1 to bo imorant of the idcnt- inK everywhere else in the Cnion ifv of the man who had evidently remembered her so kindy b,it some S. K. Vaughan. retired farmer, living „r her centlem.^n friends who have »t COl South street, lola, Kas.. .sjiys heard of the incident have come to 'I ""^ ••^^'"'"^ °f Uoan's Kidney Pills ,l,e c.nclusi.m that be must have a ^cn years ago when I was living ieep recard for her If he is so anx- ' ^ad been troubled for . . t\! „=.,nv some time with kidney ctmiplalnl and oils that none of his letters go astra\. ' • is exceclingly careful these « «"«'«^ diabetes set condi ..avs. but this incident reveals for "on became serious. The kidney se llr; fi,-st time his prefen-nce for an '^^^ * """'>' »I'I•<>«"•«nee. exclusive post system. • • • T'nder priced values in t'nderwcar. Clcarnce prices. Richardson's. * + * Dinner Party, Mr. anil Mrs. S. M. Sto.ldard enter- deposited a sediment like lime, wcr«> scanty at times while excessive at others. There were severe attacks <>f liain In my back and sharp catche would take me so that 1 could liardly i^ct to the houses, i suffered fron» back -iche so that I could not rest. I was f.-iined a small group of friends ni also so nervous that any unexiicctcd dinner last ev.^ning to celebrate the noise almost distracted me. Dizziness eighty fifth birthday of their father, so troubled me that by wife has had Mr. C. \j. IStoddard. A' beautifully to lead me for fear that I should fall decorated t.-jble was set for fourteen. I tried a number of remedies but only the fid'owing being present: Mr. and obtained slight relief until I learned Mrs. .1. .T. Varner. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. of Doan's Kidney Pills. The benefit Hildebrandt. Mr. and Mrs. Alyn I derived from their use was so great Roughton. Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Beam, that after taking three boxes I was like Mrs .S. E. Slocum of Gamett, Mrs. a different person. They absolutely S. C. Irvine. Mr. C. L. Stoddard. Mr. cured me of diabetes, the nervousness C. Cr. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard, and dizziness left, the pain in my back was relieved and my whole system Violet Club Party. toned up. I have used Doan's Kidney .Mrs. C. A. HutcJilnJ^on. 420 North Pills on a number of occasions since Second stre(>t. is to give an informal then and they never failed to give party on Thursday for the Violet club, most prompt and satisfactory relief. * * • .Mrs. Vaughan has also used them for P. E. O. Meeting. backache and kidney trouble and she Mrs. \V. R. Heylmun was hostess of values them as highly as I do. We he P. E. O. Chapter members yes- procured them at Charles B. Spencer ferday afternoon. The program was £ Co.'s drug store." matured by the ma.gazlne review, the^ por sale by all dealers. Price 50 current number of Colliers and the cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo, American furnishing the material for New York, sole agents for the United interesting discussion. Mrs. J. W. States. Bo'ton contributed a very beautiful Remember the name—Daon's—and vocal selection and after the pro- take no other. BELT TORE EYEBROW. Clark Carriage Heai^rs Laet a Life-time. Handsome, Light, C«>nvenient. I Emanuel Richards Victim of Painful Accident. Emanuel Richards, an employe of the lola Brick company this morning accidentally stepped against a belt which was turning at a blgb. rate of speed and received Injuries about the left eye. The belt struck Mr. Richards just above the left eye, complete- *^ly tearing out the eyebrow. Dr. Gat^ lini^nse, the attending physician, stated this morning that no serioas lolt* were expected to develope. Oniahn, Jan, 7.—Four hundred guests were present at the ann\ial gathering of the Jacksoninn club of Nebraska at its celebration last night of the occasion when "Old Hickory'* and his nipn, secreted behind a bulwark of cotton bales, dcfcateil the British at New Orleans. \V. J. Bryan .s|)oke. The Moral Element In Pending Is- <nes," was the subject of Mr. Bryan's iddress, which was in part as follows: "No question is ever seltieil until the moral clement in the ()Ucstion Is iiscuKsed .and decided, nothing but a moral i.ssue—that is, an issue-invoiv- ing justice, stirs the heart. The president's pojiularity is largely if not entirely djie to the belief among the mas.sc8 that he wants to do what is' right and that he is trying to secure justice to those who have been unjustly dealt with. He has made nuiiiy mistakes, and great ones, but these mistakes have to a large extent been overlooked by those who liellcve that his heart is right and that he menu-t well. This is only an indication of public attitude. Another indication is io be found lin the influence of the voters. "People differ as to the relative imiKirtanco <if the different issues, some placing trusts first, some regard ing the tariff iiuestion as puranionnt !»nd others l>elieving tlie railroad <|ue.s- ' (Ion most im|H)rtant. But the fact is tliat they uU jndnt to the same issue and that those who take the iKuples side on one of these questions is likely to take the i)ei>ple's side o:i either of the other two. The issue pre.senieti in I each and all of these questions is| whether the government shall be ad-1 ministered in the interest of a few THAY ARE FRESH. A choice as.sortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Choco^ lates here, oar perronal pledge of their Ireshness goes !»hh them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STOIffi, Corner Washington and West Sts. lOOee OMEOTORY, KMGHTS OP MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday niglits in each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record Itceper. W. 0. W.c-Camp Na 101 meets U K. of P. Hall every Friday night. « T. Steele. C. a; A.H.D»^ Cleit Visitors cordially invited. CXI9HT8 OF PTTHIA8^> oak- Lodge No. a meeto every M' ndv ntght at K. of P. Hall. VlslU « bro tbers invited. W.aThompaoa. it a: Chris Bitter. K. ot R. and 8. a. W. A<—The H. W. A. Lode* meets every Friday night In U. W. A hall. VlalUng brothers Invited. W. H Anderson. T.C.; W.A.Cowaa. Clen. ROTAL^VElGraO^^louTc^v No. S<S. Royal Neighbors, meets a*iv ond and fourth Tuesdays ot CM: month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, orscle; Mrs. Mary Hotton. 413 W*-* SU'aet, Recorder. FBATBIUrAL BKOTHERBOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thnredny of each month In A.O .n .W. Hall. VlslUni members cordialy invited. W.U.Anr deraon, president; Golda Elam, secre- Ury. Special attention given to the ' treatment ot all Chronic Dlaeas- * es and Diseases of Chlldrwi. * Telephones: Office 31, Res. SSS. " Oflee la Mrs. Taraer's Bide * West MadlBoa. * • Phone <87. Rea. 701. • • .DB.O.L.COX. • • Bye. Bar. Nose and Tkroat * • Ipectaelea Properly Fitted. * OBe* A. a U. W. 314s. * oacs Phone 1083. Night Phone 40«. DK. B. O. CHBISTIAIT. Pkyelclaa sad Swfcaa. Rooms 7 and g. BvaaaRldc. Janlor Order United Anerleaa B» cbantcs^Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hail. All visiting members invited. R. A Wldlck. Conncelor; C. B. Black, Rec. Secretary. Diltillei Water One hundred pounds of Crys- Ul Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water snIUble for family nae. Try It. rilalcd&CfldStorafea FRANK RIDDLE. Hlsr. Rrts. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 113. DB. J. B. PEPPER. Deatbt Is psrmsnently located over E. C McClaln's Clothlns Store, and Is prepared to do all Unda of np-io-date dental work. Elrening work by appolntmsat »TEYER»» dlidCERY ITS toe Good Things to Eat Tele|>hoDe 159 F. II. MARTUr, Surgery and Diseases of Women. Oflire and Residence Phone 676 Office 7 North Jefferson. DB. W. B. HEUMUI. Fkyslelaa A Barreea. Office N. B. Comer of Sgasra, Over K. C. Plomblns Co.'s Stora. Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 603. P. L. liSthrop, Mrs. Bessie O. IdUhrop. OSTEOPATHIC FHTSICUHB. Special attention glrea to Diseases of Women snd Chlldrea. Over Bast Side Ilardwara. Office 'Phone. Mala 463. favorites or in the Interest of the: whole i>eople: whether the people I shall he taxed that a few may I K; cn- \ riched. The trusts tax the entire" population for the benefit of a comparatively small number of stockhold- J ers; the protected manufacturers tax the entire public through import dn- i tics and the railroads levy tribute ui>- ! on the whole country through extor- i tlonate rates. We have had selfish-j ncss In law or selfishness defying the' aw until the average man has become the victim of Injustice practiced on every hand. In a multitude of ways the moral sentiment is manifesting itself and unless the signs of the times are misleading there Is going to be a return to the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian doctrine ot "equal rights to all and special privileges to none. Thc"OapW«yw Restaurant MmrohamtB'iMaoh2So Everything in Season. S HORT O RDHRS OF K INDS FARMS, In Howell Coaaty, Mlsgoori. To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descrltpion and price of what you have. J. T. 6ILM0UB. Pomona, So. W. m. AHBBBSOI, Notary aad Stenographer la Offlea. Phone 46fi. * H.A.ISwlng. aA .Gard. a.R.aard • EWIHCi, GABB A fllBB^ • * Iiawyera. * * PracUce la all Ooota. . ** • tVt W. Madison. Pboao mL • JEWEILBRS. a F. Pancoast. old reliable Jawolor, 110 Bast street LivinqstoD £• €o Ceatraeters aad BalMsni All Usds o( work a apMSaftr t Seatk Syi nasstone aad Caoieat.8|aawalka a^ CnrbtaiK a Spedaltf. Office m Baat JiMtaMAm Big Special Cut on on all kinds ot Merchandise until thin^ change. Office and Sbjf^e Wart: Soom at #5" West Street Phone 3$S-' Notice is hereby given:that the sa- nual meeting o( stockholders of th* lola Ice and Cold Storage Co.. of lola.. Kansas, wilt be held at their office-la lola between the honrs 2 o'cloelc-aail 4 o'clock p. m: IKmday, January 13tk. 1908. ' . FRANK RIDDLE; 8ee>: Io!t. Dec. SO. 1307. BBC||B1B FAXT AB fate B; a:-

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