Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1908
Page 2
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($$T Arta 8eU Party. QMS of the Alta Seta club of I ho Presbyterian church will have an Informal party tomorrow evening at ilip home of Eh", and Mrs. S. S. Hil.'icher toworrow evening. The affair will bo Incomptiment to members of the citili who are here from the school;; for V the vacation. The guests will bo dressed as "little tots." Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fry b.tve asKed guests for a dinner party on Wednesday evening. •> •:• • From Neosho Fails. Miss Cora Klein has returned from a short visit with friend.s in .Voosho Falls. • • • To Bartlesviile. Mr. apd Mrs. Chester 'V\'{!0<I. of BarUesville. have returned home after a visit with Mrs. Woods par*.>nts. .Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Morrison. • • • Basket Bali Game. There will be a basket ball came at the Y. W. C. \. on Friday evening This Is the first" game to which tho membership of the association hn'' been invited • • •> Current Event Club. Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. presHon! of the Current Event club, is entrriain fng the members today for the fortnightly program. • • • The Busiest Week. The societv reporter is at poaco yrlth the world today—the pro.snec; ,for news is better than at anv time this winter and the calendar for th" week is full. The colleee anrt board- Inr school folk are home and every day and night this week there nre ties in honor of visHIng eirls nnd bov and their friends. Several of the most exclusive oiuhs will give hannnc-ts or imrtlcs and then there Is THK fvoTit nif Ibe year—the El!<s' ball. Kv (>ry p\r\ in town who Is troine- i-^ .spendim: . everv spare moment wUli fbo dross\ maker and the ball is to bo more cliili- orate than ever if rumors .are to bf> ( considered. Watch parties for Thnrs- • day evening will be attended largclv and then on the following dav numerous familr dinner partle.s. The last event of the wee); is a partv to b" given at the home of Miss Ethel Horton. • •:• •> For Miss Hilles. " Miss Mary HilU^s who with a friend Miss IvUCile Eaann. is here from Sa- pti^pa,.for the holidays. Is to Ito hono- Riiest at a party viven toworrow afternoon at the home of her sister. Mrs. A. P. Harris. Mrs. Glenn O. !'in ney will entertain with Mrs. ll.irri • • * Linen Shower. Ml^s Maude McKinney has invited a group of friends for a lini-n shower tomorrow night in compliment to Miss Grace Fitzgerald, who is to be married on January 5 to Mr. Franl^ Van Kenren of Dighton. ^ • * + Dinner on Friday. One of the,Christmas parties which was not reported until today occurred at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. W. M. iWqiiams. 1018 North Buckeye street. The table -was beiutlfullv tftmmed with Christmas green. The guests • -were Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Croker and . dau^ters. Hilda and Irene, of Osawa tomie, Kas., Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Funs• ton. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Fimston. Mr. -and Mrs. J. W. Fife. Herbert Fife T^slie Funston and Sir. an.l Mrs. WlUiams. • • • J Miss Joyce Entertains at Dinner. Hiss Madge Joyce entertained at one o'clock dinner yesterday with 1888 Flor&e Dunbald and Miss Merle wtJ! of Wichita as guests of The rooms were beautifully -In red and white. Covers •were iald for the following: Misses ri ^>|ta,e. Dunbald. Merle Schwartz (HaajrsBrambaugh. Francis Munsou. iJiptTE OPTICIAN >iBy*f Tested Free. €Ht»e« Fltt«i ILM Dp SiUteftetiea QmuAtH. ifuih .Mas.soiigiilf. I.ois Tallicrt and Kate Keith of Chanute. •!• • To Entertain For Miss Schwartz. .\Ii.<s Glad.vs HriiiiibailKh will eiiti'r- tain at dinner Wednesiiay evciiins fori .Morlo Schwartz, of Wicliit.i. •> •:• •:• To Des Moines. Mr. C. E. Stebbins loft yostorday fori Des .Moines, la., whore ho lias accept-' ed a position with ono of the rouu 'Ut companios. At the Reformed Church. TlK-ro will bo a congr.'.national moot at tho Roformod church .N 'ow Voiir's day at which all tho socioiio.s will mal;o thoir annual report. After] " Fitzgeraid storage. Transfer and Auto Livory Goods s :<in (! liy life nionlli in lart.'. dry lonni .-i. .\n!<i livory by the itiilo m liiiiir. Local calls I'.'i oor.l.-i. (tfilce -IMiono .'!-•;!;. Residence 'IMiiiiie tt;t. lioni 2:00 to H :tMt o'clock ii' Rcpabilcan Committee Says. Cost of State C'ampalgro Is t \9»'dM~ Some .Moiiey Left. t Kansas City JoumalO Topeka, Dec. 1'8.—The . recent Republican state cami>aign in Kan^s ocst $l9,3.')9..")(;, according to the flnan- <:i;<i statement made public by Chairman Doi:ey tnday. The committee sill has %n'ZA\> in the treasury. The official stctenierit, including some ob- Iservations alioiit the comaiitiee's work during the campaign by Chairman ixjiley. follows: Rnlunre im Hand. ^ii.Vt. Receipts from all sources, uj) to and including December VI, 1908, $19,411.j71: disbiirsonienis, $lii,;!.".9..')t;. leaving ia credit lialauco on hand of $.52.1.".. items of oxpendiuire as follows: .S|)oakliig. $1 I49 .HO; liostage. $.">,ij:i.- j.'jfi; office oxponsos, $;!..S.")!i.l'.'.; express, S.'MT.IS: K''"**I'UI oxpoiise items. Tan. lleveridge and, Hughos irc':isurips. $1.707.7:!: printing. $;!,si r toial, $i:t,- Sn liU'Kor coMi Iihutiou to llie fund iliaii $liMi wail rc .'oived from any oiio person, c.xoepiInK liio candidale.; fur :it :ii( i.rilce. 'i"li.^ iminos of llii' parlies i:uljst;rlblng $100. o .'ccopiliiK tho slalo i rifflcor.-:. fol'ows: (looigo I'lumb, $10il; iStew llralidtiii. $loo; Cliarlos (ibjod. IJIOO. j No CorporiitliMi .Money. ' TliH al)ovi> financial statomont shows ovoiy dollar roi 'olvod and paid out l >y fh<' Ropulilioati Hiiiie oomniltti'o dnr- \<:.\i the caiMii;i!;;M. tind iiioliid.s, all monies u ^'oil in tin- c;!iMp:ii.i;n froiii any w.iirco wliJilovor in liolialf of ilii Uo- pulillcan itariy as fur ;is ilio siati- CO:M mitrco knows. -Vo; a si:iL '!o ilillar v .us iiM-i-lvod frMi'i any corpDiatlun or speoi;il lii- i-.;ri'.-l. Not II si|'i ;!o plod ^e or priim- vw-. inudo lo any man or men i!i till' v.ay of poiiiiv:i'. iirofermo 'ii ortspo- c;al piivilpgos. lOvfiy Kopuiilioaii can jdidaio oli 'fted to office in Kansas. I'lir ;;s the slati- ooniiiiiltoo is ooncorii- oil. is fiiiiitdy free to disihari;!' bis dm its of (;ffifo in a way tfi sorvo llio people of Kaiisiis 1 )0 >I. .\ot a dollar w;is rccoivod oxcoid iron. loisiiiinalo Mnircos, uoiilier wa.^ n.iid out o\ooptii!;; for lo ;;it ;ui:ilo w o M .A N Who Are the Six Greatest Women In America ^—Ask to. Be Made Voters. Women Inventors. Rival of Bureau. One of tho most nov ments of tho holiday season will bo a New Year's picnic Thursday at tho Christian church for tho morabera of the church and their friends. Quests will arrive early with wed fiUod baskets and will spend tho d .T .y there. A i;-!ost onjoyaldo time is oxivct-'d. •'• Dr. Cijrtir-^t Neosho Falls. j Dr. Miidn-d Cnni.; wotit to Noci.;:,')' Fnlls Christi'.iar; to .-Jtond ho.-- sisi-r's wediling. •:• •:• Mrs. E. Pefly. >.!rs. E. Pofly sjiont Christinas w'nU V.i-T lirotlior in Frodoiiia. Mr. and Mrs. McClure. Mr. and .Mrs. .McCl-ire an-! son* sn-i;t Cliristnias in NVosho Falls. •}• •> •> For Mrs. Gates. Th" T.adii s of tlio Working soci<fy of tlio Preshyti-rian oliuicli. i]n'soiu- od .Mrs. H. (•'. Cat'-s. tircsidcni of tin- soficty. with a lirauiifiil sri of silvor tcjispoons as a Christmas ^ift. time. There will be entertainments of various kinds and also :',iiM.i.||i) voters l.y i.f-rsonal letters and Idi.^lriiiiiio;! l.i'iMi .oiiii pieces of national mlrSl.. . .. _ _ . ..iicr.itnro and 'i!li()j..:raph.i and over throughout the evening. '.A pretty lit-|- OO.IIOP jiieco.- vS .-:ai.' litorature and tie souvenir will be eivon to each one: liiii.-jtapiis. in ationdanco. i .. -''hero is no .ocrocy attached to the . hi!ian.-:i:il and business end cf tins cam * i|...i.ii,"' P;:id S;:.!c ClKiiniian Doljpv Willing Woi'kers. At the Trinity. Tli' icMvill !io a nio<-(im: at tli<- Trinity cbnrcli in East i(da. W'l dii-sday afternoon. •;• To Virit Brother. Mrs. D. I*. Ro;-<v of Kansas Ci'y. is hi-r<- for a liollday visit with lior brotlior. Wallaoo Duncan. In Oklahoma.. .Mr. nnd .Mrs. (",. W. Adams Tl;-^ Willing Workors are Ii.n Ito.; .i nifi-tiim this afternoon at llio hoiii ' <.r .Mrs. .J. .M. .Mason. • <• <• To Entertain. ICdnn and Roscoo Woods wil oiitor- •:.iii a numlio;- of tlu^ir friends at tli'dr ho!'!o east of tho city lotiight. •!• To Attend Inaugural Ball. Miss Trossa I.eo will !oave in a few d.'.ys for Jefferson City, to attend tlie liian?iiral Rail. .She will bo tlio gnost nj .Miss Xaunit! .Mitchell. jI 'slt rd.iy, -Tt::: iiMifh credit can:ui \H- j.':vo :i til ilio lovi.l jiiid ptiiiistakiii^' siip |)orl I ri'coivcd as chairnian frcn nr.- vt-ry able asy.i :;liii :is and office 1"; rce. 1 wish to o.-:pooially nionili;; \V. T. Itfok. tlio sor-ri'taiy: .1. C. Caf Tivd, l!io a.-'sisjani se.-rotary. and I'liiirks \V. Ciidis. who cc.r.ductid tin sfonkirs' l,.iro :iii. and each and v\-c\\ I-:.:' if ihp rntiro fi ;rco. Much fiitdl is iliio tlioni if :!iiy crodit is duo tlir 'i.mmittoe." liavo . I y Bow Knot Club i^.Miss Rissio Bock will have a ro- I option in'Xt Tliur.sday afternoon at lior homo. One, East Stroid. Ifi-r Kiiosts will bo tho niouibors of th<» Row Knot club, Jf •> ' Mrs. Herring Exoected. .Mrs. Frank Herring is expoctoii to arrive this afternoon for a fow day:-.' visit with friends hero. 11 will bo ro- •WA.N'TED—Cirl v.-a;:ls to do genera h<:ii:--work. L 'it<t South Third. CONTEST ENDS THIS WEEK. Miss Bowers Still in the Lead— Many Votes Are Out Yet. Til.' OIL'SO .Vuiiitoiiiini rink contest wil this woid< on F'riilay ni'-lit a 111 o'clock. Thoro are a groat numbor of votos' out yot and unless tlioy (OHIO In protty well during tho fli;; of the wi-i-K. It will bo inipos.-iildo to a:ii!onnro tho rosiill that niglil. It is llio dosiro of the niani^aoiiioiit to pre gone to Dowoy. Oklahoma, to vi d! {momhorod that .Mr. Herring was for-I..-,,,„| the ring to the winner that niglil thiir. daughter. Mrs. f. F. ?^igir. j mr-r pastor of the Raptlst oliiiroli. ,,1 ,.voiy effort will b.- niado to do Thoy wore accoiiiiianiod by th^ir .sister. Mrs. .Vora Mi -l7 .or. of Minni'sot ;i. wlio has bo<-n visiting n-laiivis lii-ri' for the jiasi month. Visit In Topekn, Mr. and .Mr:;. I!. F. I'anooa'it and Mips Ix)na Pancoast are li 'Tivinu' on Friday for a visit in Topoka. Thoy will be guests of Miss El'a Cowan who is well known here. Mr. Pancoast will attend tho state nu'eting of tho .Agricultural society. •:• •:• • Aid Society of U. B. Church. The regular mooting of the Aid so- c.'ety of tho rni .od Brethren church will bo hold Thursday afternoon. ^j, From Baker. Mr. Theodore .Martin, of Baker University is s|)ending tho holidays with Harvey Heller, of .'>19 East Broadway. * <. • W. R. C. Meeting. The Woman's Relief Corps wil' have the regular meeting on the afternoon of the approaching Fridav at (J. A. R. hall. <• Home From Winfield. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wolfe and their daughters are expected to return today from Winfleld. where they have been spending the Christmas season. * •:• • Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Here. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kenned.v. of Chanute, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bixler here yesterday. 4- Miss Cain Here. Miss Edith Cain, of Des .Moines. Iowa, Is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Grant Miller. * • * Crabb says: You will please your holiday visitor by ordering brick cream, fruits or nut cream. Ices, sber- berf or punch, for desert. * * • To Have Open House. New Year 's day Is going to be a great festival day when the W.. C. T. tJ. ladles will have open boiue to all their friends, both ladiee and gentlemen. Brenrnna tDVlted. Tbe bours R<>turned Home. do '^.o. Parties who an- holiling out volos lean make this possible by votiii Mr. Waller Konner of I'ldopend-j TIIO c.mlosl now stands as .fo! once has returned homo after '"I""'''' I ),,\vs- inu Cliristmas with lola friends. Tho constat:! dropping w :itor wo;ir« away the h .TrdPFt ritme. The constant riiaw of Towser tnas!! cates tho toughest bone. The constant wooinc lovrr cnrrle* away the blushin;; maid. And the Constant Advertiser Is tbf man who gets the trade. Claudia liowors 77:1 Dni:-io Davis r,77 I.izzio .Statlor r .20 ()i :a Thompson .\<*v.-oll Cox :!0(; .•\liiKi Wolfe ii;n -Mnttie Peters ]2r, Topsy Young n9 GRAND THEATRE Wednesday, December It" SAM.S&LEESHUBERi :(iHs^ Offer EUGENE WALTElCS CraatestPUy THE WOLF Si:: mor.t!is run at the r.,yric (Shuberl'si Theatre. New York City, and foiir months at the Clii- cago opera house and Gnrrick (Shuboit'st Theatre, Chicago. fast Includes - .Vnicastns Phillips, Wil. Ilam Xorton, Jcspjib Oroenp, KKcamillo Fer« nandne, Ilarrv .llalnhnll, Alice Baxter. A Story of the Great. Hudson Bay Conntry COMPLETE PRODUCTION Free Umi PemMvatySuepem/ed Prices 25-50-75-$ r.oo $1.50. Seat Sale at Merchan'ts Members of woihen's clubs throughout the country have been dlscnssing the Question, "Who Are the Six Greatest Women lu America?" The list in- cl'ades "the women whose actusti nehiovemeiifs and widespread influence give tliom precedence over other women." lu the lists Julia Ward Howe figures largely because of ber long life of patriotism and usefulness. Jane Addams Is a close second because of her lioipfulne.os and practical reform among tlie poor. Very prominent in the lists Is Helen Keller for ber wonderful per- gcvenince In overcoming almost lusnr- nioimtnblo ol)stacleM. Mniid Balllnglun Booth i» a favorite for her work In up- lirtiiig the fallen. Mrs. Frances Kolsoni ('lovoltma i .s high In fnvor on account of li^'r uoble expoMlllon of American wifoliood and motherhood. Helen '^oidd Is ttUo popular for her philanthropy. The Woman's Civic league of Atlanta. Cla., has recently asked the city eo'inoi! to permit women to vole oa pripoHoil bond I.ssiie o^ $l ,.''iOO ,(.KX). The pi'iiliuii iiointed out that Atlanta con ta^.is man.v women property holders wlio have become such through their own efforts and argued that If wome k ;M ^w how to make money and how to tr .ke care of it thoy ought fo 1K> accord CM! tlio privilege of saying for wba ptirpose and by whom their lasi-s sliimid be expended. During the past year no less than .'<i':i applications for patents were re- coivod by the British patent otDco from wDuioiK inventors. Until recent years woinen of the lUYentive turn of mlud sccniod to ba content to coiiHne the e.v or,'i-;o of their faculty to the minor !;i;id of mechanisms. More recently, hv>wover, they seem to have entered tlo broader and more general field of iiu'cliaiilcal exploitation, and some of ti:j most effective Improvements lu ciio 'iootion with motor cars, sewing niuoliinos and evea marine engines a till motors have been devised and pat ented by women. it It I'nclo Sam's weather bureau has ri -.-.|l ill tlie small jiersou of Mrs. Eva F. Smith Wilkiiis of Syracuse. X. Y., a lady who has made a profound liu prission as to her ability to foretell tuo weather even when the experts who are paid high salaries guccs v.rong. T.'niike tho weather bureau .Mrs. Wilkins puts no faith In thermometers, barometers, pluviometers, Mind gauges and all such scientific PMraphornalla, but relies entirely on ber ability to read the clouds. She !i.;s discovered twent.v-seven signs wliiili enaldo her to speak with con- litienoo of wliat wind nnd weather an to bo, and her weatlior bulletlu ha: piiivitl fo b<! more reliable this season tlian'tliat sent out from Wasbiugton 'the bond of the Washington weather sorvioo is greatly interested In the matter and has promised to giVe Mrs, Wilkins every opportunity lo pursue her study. When Mrs. Clarence Maokay was oIoL-tod a mombor of the school board uf Rosiyn, her beautiful Long Ir.laiul suiiinior rosldouco, some of her friends w'-ro liiellnod to the iK -lief that oni lorm wiif .lil be sutllclent iKJth for her and for her coiiHtltueiits. Now she has U'on ro-olocted without the slightest :>ppositiuii. She has proveil to lie tlie most onteriiri.sing member of thi' board, having lirought about numer i(i:s inpi'ovonien'.s in tho school building .'ind raised the standard of teaching. K r. The experiment of admitting women to tlie legislative body of Finland has resulted lu a glowing success. The tv .'elve women members elected a couple of years ago have developeil re markabic ability in debate and have liceu able to bold their own on all occasions. Practically every profession hits been open to the women of Finland for many years, the [Practice of law iM 'ing the only notable exception. After n long tight women are now l<» he admitted to the bar on an equal footing with men. This Is the result of tho determined and Intelligent fight of the Finnish Woman's Rights as .10- clation. Not content with the sinjple privilege of practicing in the courts of law, the Finnish women have persimd ed the minister of Justice to appoint revcrul of their number to Important posts in bis department K IE Miss Susan Rlckcr Knox, who Is w ^ell and favorably known In Boston art Circles, has succeeded In bringing tbe silhouette portrait td a high degree of artistic and popular succeas. She be gun making^ these attractive pictures OS a pastime, but they seemed to "take" Immediately In tho most amax- Ing manner, and It was not long until she bad so many orders for tbem that •he found It neccsaary to devote mncb of ber time to the novel pnrsult. Tbuo portraits arc not tbe ordinary protUes cnt from paper or drurn frou.sbad- ows, but firm and accurate ouilbie Btudica, frequently oJT tbe entire flgnre. the features tBd all Oesb. porta in .b^act • 1 UMiTOP* 'MlaaeUameioue WANTED—Good housekeeper; no washing or ironing. Must be good cook. Mrs. J. W. Coffey. WANTED—Experienced male stenographer. Apply by letter only, giving experience. Address "H" care Register. WANTED —Men to learn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying work within the reach of poor man, can have shop with small capital, wages $12 to |20 weekly, wonderful demand for barbers, catalogue mailed free. Moler Barber College, Kansas City, .Mo. WANTED—All kinds of second band hoi^ebold furniture.—The lola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. fOaJtClff' MImemUammoue FOR RENT—Three room house on North Walnut. Inquire 211 North Walnut. FOR SALE'immemHameoue VOK SALE CHEAP—Or will exchange for livestock; nearly new »- roni house, fine location in Gas City. G. T. Rohrback, loill North Cottonwood street. FOR SALE—Two Gush & Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. TO EXCHANGE FOR LIVESTOCK. —Eight room house, good location, lola. Price $1800; mortgage $C00. Equity for live stock, feed or imqle- ments. lOLA LAND COMPANY. Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola. Kas. BE A REPRESENTATIVE of The United Wireless Telegraph Co., in your home town; employees earning from $3 ."i to $:;uO per week; you can do the same; no capital required: apply at once. The United Wireless Telegraph Co., Cooper Building, Denver, Colo. LOST ana DIARIES BLANK BOOKS OFFICE SUPPLIEj? at Evans Bros. Business Difcctory. JOHN G. WOODIN, M. D. rbyslclan and Snrgeoa Over Burrell'g. Phone 14& • DR. McniLLEir, • * Special attention given to the * * treatment of all Chronic Diseas* • * es and Diseases of Children. * * Telephones: Office 32, Bes. '232 • Office over Burrell's Drug Store • * * • • * ««•••••*••• • • • F. H. MABTUr, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 • Office 7 North Jefferson. • • • Phone 687. Res. 701. • • DB. 0. L. COX, • • Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. U, W, Bldg. -• • • • Lodge Ditectoisi KM6HTS OF PTTHlASr-ltebaho Lodge No. 43 meets every liondM night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting !wi« thers Invited. W. S. Thompson, B. C, Chris Bitter. K. of B. and 8.." LOST—At the .Majestic ::;j.i:,.. t urday tiight. a small mink fur. Finder return to Majestic theater. Great* WesterA Lond Co During the holidays the Great Western Land Co. will have special bar Sjains in both farm and city properties, soli or trade. Sec us before you have your insuring done. We have money to loan on farm or city property. Good loans from three to ten years for Six Per Cent. We want a gtjod home, tnodern, close in, aiwrnt G rooms, all on ground floor, for which we will trade an 80 of land in Mis souri, and pay the difference, in cash One of the best homes in lola, close in modern, paved street, sewer connections, for good land. Come to our office and make known wimt you want W« are in the office over the Palace Shoe Store. FEAST Members pf the Congregation of Reformed Church to Hold Annual Meeting. On New Year's day the congrega tlon of the Reformed church will meet at the church at 10:30 a. m. to hold Its annual business meeting, elect officers, hear reports, etc. At 12 o'clock they will adjourn to Mr. H ICaumon's offi^. 206 South Jefferson, where a banquet will be served in the adjoining room. After the fes-j tal hour, toasts will be the order and the following is the program: Hon. J. T. Tredway, of I^aHarpe Toastmaster. The Greater S. S.—E. C. Remsberg, Supt. The Home Department—Mrs. W. H. Shults, Supt. The Young People—Chas. Klaumann. President. The Missionary Society—Miss Mary Bemsberg Pres.. The Social Factor— W. C. Faust The Church Finances-H. Klau mann. Treasurer. The Greater Congregation—Rev. Wm. "Shults. Calls for impromptn remarks. Beport of committee on resolu tlons. There will be singing, closing with "Blessed be the Tie That Binds." and social greetings. All menben and their friends la- Tited.. KNIGHTS OF ]QCCABE£HL~> Knights of Maccabees of the Wopftt: meets In K. P. Hall second- and fdki*- Saturday nights of each montt. '• ' W. Postwait, commander; B. B. >i« ter, record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meet* T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davis, Cie»u Visitors cordially invited. 31. W. A The M. W. A.'TSCT meets every Friday night in M. V. . Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. ' Coffield. V. C, W. A. Cowan. Clur ROYAL NEIGnBOBS ^Iola t^ No. 365, Royal Neighbors,' meets ond and fourth Tuesdays of month, Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oi^. Mrs. .Mary Hutton, 413 West 8**-' Recorder. FBAT£BNAL BROTHEBBOOSu^ FraternP.1 Brotherhood No. 389 m»i»« second and fourth Thursday of e**. month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Visitiai* members cordially Invited. W. H. Aifc dcrson, president; Golda Elam sociv- tary. JEWELERS. . B. P. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, no East Street 00000000000000000 O AUCTIOXEEB. O O .\m now booking sales for Jan- O O uary and February. Claim your O O date early. The lowest terms; O O satisfaction guaranteed. WiT ^te O O or phone at my expense. O O E. E. VICKEBS, O O 1204 N. Jefferson. lola. Has. O' O Phone 835. O 0000000000000 O 0:P;.0 OUR TkLEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. Now Is the time, you know, to taove 'slf the summer dust cleaned oat of ybar carpets. We are busy, but your order, will, receive prompt and,careful attention. Phone us today. iOU RU6 FACTORY Fbone SIO. U, a. THOM Estimates cheerfully given on all Phone 81». Btu 109 &, Biek^^a; 1; 9. €3tiitinmm General Cantnetor. -f-i: Flagstone and Cement Sld«wUln\«ai Curbing a Spedaltjr. p"^' Gfilee lis East Jaekaaa 1T«. '

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