The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 26, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 12
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~* v. , - b **, '• !'-'• *'*". :i rV 12 TUB BAKERSF1ELD CAL1KOKXIAN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, TURNS CTION Special Announcement! TIM, AUK i 'Ml NTVS mmnnlt y \u*'t !--n S;» J-Yiday. AUKIIM I 1 *-, I" .* m . At Stiver viM*r 1 TiHnl I's r:tn^!i ( JUM of Tnlj*rr ' '"iint> HM? p'l;il at 'v HT Jiu; x Mir * ui tin, Imi FOS, hnir.v fch/v p. mm'hif't-j > . 1 »*i •!« :itnl pond- , ("••nu- HIM! l-rlmr H Financial For Rent—Rooms With Btard Fir Salt—Imprtvtd Proptrty i i It< 'MM ruirl fninlly Hil* IIIH-. 1 HOfi ('allfurtila n» *J U 1 < opt rian Tb*>*i> jm> m*' You n xvlth Ou to mnk* rnlinll v to drlnp «'f tir1i'<** ml (•* Mi* in * 'nllf"i nin M-II. plnn \-niir Whv Piiy s Itn-hhli' A 1,1, ' 1ml You Pay Monthly 110,firt fur !'J month* t1fi.S!» Tor Ui month* »1*0 ^] for IS month* if inn! r i MM ^ f<ti nt I <*nMfM/*nl|;il' NM i.Aiiv A,SMIC;NMKNTH or ' T "fi" n\ f. X*»f(rt Kln«r. _ nri<) room ;tt 2023 I'allfornla 25 1 For Rent — Housos fifi«*pf'ttHlnn first nf K 11 ACHICS, T mllnn from tmvn, pavncl lilphwiiy, Minall houcc, Kood woll anl pump, hut. no motor. 12500, half . Hownrd NU'holH, Inr. 8-lf*-tf Fir Salt—AutoiMbiltt Ftr Salt—Automobiles Far Salt—AuttmobiUt 1'HMIMOUTV for nnlo at 2 I> For Salo Business Cards LAUNDRY SERVICE Liu fl dry Strvfw Untxetllftf— Thai U Our 8tB|U Tin Different Stnrleo tnd Zorlo OtforltM Dry Cltunlni OITIZINI LAUNDRY •Ixtetnth and 0 Stretti f*fion» 28f |>*-r MM ui th, S. 10J wood, 1923 Eyn -rnt ton Mir i* ou Hi** Th^rt r \vlmt u ill bo you hftvr in Ht*li plontr of romp'-Mtlf'M ami all of tho !iiiyi*r* n 111 hi*\ <» n rhnnro at thin wilr, S. 1C. NMnnrt. Anrtl<*Mo*r \ G, AUIna. Mpr I 'lmm* lUri. Titlnrr, s Credit avallahlo, extra r<'Hfrf'-tnd lot, Hinall housn . $32f». $10 down, $2 w*»ek. i li'.-Hlty, 2615 K. Thonft • 1424 H'-viTiU-c nth Strcd Phono 484 )-:i T/Oon flnrnirn 20 Mt; KVrn H(r*-ft, j .- KKNT 5^ i v T _ 1 HAVK you any old *-lof|i«-R or hotinn- s- Hi donate that mijthl rlram-'l, flx^d nnd over lo worthy poor at «-«n<t. notify The 'io«..lwill S;ilvjik r 'M>. fitri-et, T* l lfiibojif 7. r tH-M. , KKNT 4-room fnrnlnhed r.ot- r-N'rtn. t\lt*(t <'/ihfriH. OHH, water n ml light* }i;iM. Adult*) only. '. Lf»T on highway, 200x28f>. Kor Biilft or 2-i | !•;«*••, l-'ti, (n A Ha Vtata truct t - _ Klowcr Mrnel. Al Pearoo. Phonn noUHR nml service* f>4iM-,f 22 porHi In Arvln. H. Peay, Arvln, -•'-'FOU SAbK—$750, part canh, buys fine AHa VlBta homo site. Kelly Son, 1712 Chester avenue. 22 HALK nf Oiiplfx, nJrMy furnlwhed, wiitf-r pa hi. Imiulrn at 121G Kiev- Ji rtwt. 23 € V- I Jl NOTirK IH hrn<hy K.VPI. that 1 will, not l*o rf-HjionsIMn for nny bUKi rmi- ( by niiyon/* f*!h**r tlinii my - j or on inv writ ton or- nvi»niiR. 24 Confidential nfirvico tn Halnrlod piviplo and hoiiwpwlvnB NO COKLATKUAh OR . ENDORSERS 31t> IIahorf*!ldo Mldff. Phone 2200 Frank Harnkohl rhi»ml«'al 1704 K STKKKT ASSAYING (>F OHKS Analysis of Oils. Water, Holla Ion i , . «. ii.ii. Piii.MiiM.iii* ---.-- HAU-;— owner. 75x150, real- I . —. _ , _^_ _ .. _ _ f _ __ (If * I)t * O I f 11 ft At 4 V 111 N11* P f * I ...... ,,,,*.,., .... . , Park. Applv 1320 Kerri «tre*>t. ! KOU UKNT- I hr^u-room apartment, iv furiiMifMl. Adult H. No pfltft. 6S-KOOT Jo) In excluMvo restricted rllntrlct; HkU-walkH and treo In, imld foe. Price unly $650, which Is than half of actual valuo. Kor lfif> lot bargain hurry. Prico Stanley, 1700 1C Htredt. Phono 1804. 90 Call 2IWI "}•;>•••" «tri»cl._ _ ___ HKNT 2-rnom apartment with '35 nurcK s. COUPE '34 BUfCK TR. SEDAN '32 BUICK SEDAN '31 BUICK 6W COUPK 1866 ' '3G CHEVROLET SEDAN $665 $745 '04 CHEVROLET SEDAN ?$95 $495 '33 CHEVROLET COACH $395 $305 '31 CHEVROLET COACH * $295 '34 OLDSMOBILE TR. SED. $645 '29 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $195 JOHN W, CULLITOM fUlLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX 8CRVICC. AUDITS. SYSTEM* 209-6 Profuifonif Bultdlni Phoni 4301 '34 CADILLAC SEDAN '30 CADILLAC SEDAN '85 OLDSMOBILE 8 COUPE $765 '35 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $1595 $495 '35 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $985 '31 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $286 '36 PLYMTH DLX CPE., $645 '34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $636 $526, \n Ran and •\vntt-r i AUK you nick of lining Nick? Do you Want miw health, utrt-nicth and vlffor? Thon InvvHtlKiilo thr* hen«- flts of iTitrnml Halhliiff! Sotontlflr. odorlpfls, jmtnlfpN, hosMcH». All wanto matter can bo HCCII. A boim- fld« dfjtNOftlN J« nun Jo of your ln- trnct. Th« rriuno of BO per rent of nil aUm*>ntw Ho In the Inrgo tntCBtln*»8. He clean Insldo, an well an out Bide. Surh conditions AN ron- fttlpatton, homorhroldN, proatato troubleR. high nnd low blood proa- *ure, coldn, rheumat lnm, RHtnma, kidney dt«oa»n nnd other atlmentN respond with nmazlnK roBuUs. 15 to 25 gall on n of puro warm watnr UBod. Inventlgato and learn what It IB to have a colonlr and an internal m&BHago. Klghteen yearn practice. Dr. Coloman. chiropractor, 105 George Hay building. Phono 912. 8-12-tf AIA.-AMKRICAN HUH Unos. Kr*o meals. Dalian $21, Bt. I^oulfi $25, Chicago 129. -For roflorvatloiiH phono Kern Fountnln lamch. 4R43-W. PACKAGE THANSKKR— Planon, fur- Ulturr, boffgRgo, vackageH. Upon all the lime. Phono H228. 820 ICIghth Btreet. A. U Whltr. ____ 30 HITCHCOCK'S OARAQB. rear' of 423 Flower ntr/fll. Phono 2471. Haul "quipped nmall shop in Trustworthy nervicc. cheerfully given, 1S«tlmatnH SO Utt—F»und—Stray«< l/JST—Black bulldog with while ch*«t, hair lip, 1028 L street. Phono U74-)V. :>3 Pirttnals not bo reHponnlblo for any blllw contracted by anyonn othvr than inj*nelf nflrr thin date, AngUHt 2rt, iMtG. (Signed) I^awrencn II. Workman, Uoute 2, Hex M5. Hakornfteld. _______ _ _ __ ____ 2J STOMACH TTlcor. Oan Pnlns. IndigoH- tlon vlrthiiH, why miffer? Kor quick rHU'f got a free vample of ITnuA, a doctor's prescription at Kimbull & Htonc. ___ FUR STOUAGK Sftfo and inexpensive nt Easfern. The integrity of Uie name Eastern gives complete assurance of correct cure, yet the price is low. 1529 Nineteenth street not bo responsible for any bills contracted by other than ourselveH after this date. August 25. 193ft, (Hignml) Mabel .Clark Smith, Frank H. Smith, MarU'opn. 23 rfirwf kMl <JJl£^ HK.VT— Small apnrtmofil, wult- ultli- two l>h<*hi*lorH nr cni]>loyn(l ('(.iipl*-. (JitH, Jl^'htH iiruJ ffnniK" rlndfd. 2Til4 Nineteenth Htr«»t. i 4-U-tf fnrnlNhed apart- nu'ti(. 940. KlghtM jin»J ivaf^r fnr- nthlH-d. Knr Infnrinuttun apply J2 T\V«'ll((ff Ftr Sail—Improved Farms Business Opportunities DININU room and kitchen, with ntx bfdronmB. Ideal for hoarding |IO\IH<». Inqulr* at 1001 Nineteenth Htroi'l. 2 KUU HKNT—2-ronm apartment In nice nclKhlxtrtinod. LlKlitft, Kan and WHfcr ftirrilHhod. No FOU HAI-iI'I— Two-rhulr barter whop. * npartinfiit. and water paid. Lady pro; not petw. 20al Truxtun nve. full IiK|titrn ut 111C. K<»H UKNT—Modern apartment, 010 25 LAUOKHT drive-In drink and \virh ntiind on Highway OH, in heart of Krenno. flood highway and $3000 full in-lee. \r\K Kronno. Pi'l< •0.10 Broadway. Help Wantid—Malt Wantod to ^ Honi--"Housos \VANTJOJ)— KurnlHhecl houno or apartment, $40 nr $45. Two bcdroomn. Kxcluslvo agents for MILLER & LUX Special — 115 acres Rood level farm land. Irrigated by ditch rights iinrl water well. 65 acres in alfalfa, 50 acres in cotton. Price, $157 per acre. Terms. 7 HABERFKLDE BUILDING PHONE 2600 24 r/'Hhli-ntlal district, for reliable part y. Telephone -J770-.1. WANTICD— Two A-l ryanldo mill men tn invent with HervlccH. Hox K-ll, c-nro Tlie_(;alifornian._ _ 22 KXI'KUIKXCKM Hhon Halonmnn for Raturtliiyw. Tho Family Shoo Store. ' 22 VANTKI>— 2 or ^-bodroom furnlshod hnune. Oo<»l loon t ton. Phono Mm. HolanilHWiirth want Nmall houwe. near town; nn children or IH»!H. Phono between and fi p. in. ti7S2-.T 24 m-»i * , EXI'KIUKNCKIi colored pnrtor or two hnurH dally. The Hox 11-2D, i-are WANTKfv To rent, by young oouplo, furnished apartment or Hinall IIOUHO. Xo children or petw, Ueferences, ('all nnirnliiKH, 2010-J. 2 to sell <*allfnrnfaiiM Ivi KaMt HakeritflclO. Sei> "Floyd." corner Halter nnd Stunner Htruet, butWIHMI 4 unil 7 jv. m. 23 HK1.P? i Claws "A" 34 WANTKU— Unfurnished 3 or 4-rooin ut once. Phono 1B22. 22 For Sale—I WANT WORK? Mal«» or f«»ma!i*. Call Help Wanted— F«male WANTKl>~Oirl ov*-r 21 living at homo, for frond permanent position to work In fountain ami raffl. Kx- porlcnoo «nl norcHHary. Apply l>t-- tw*»nn ^ nnd H ThurHday afternoon. In restricted north wt-Kt dlHtrli,'t, hunt \vootl floors reliable woman to rook in Klrhirrovr boanlitiK honHo on Porterville highway. Apply in p«rmm. WANTED—Attractive younic lady, hiffh Hoh(K»l graduate, experienced IT and lyplHl, UK» 20-24. Writo f lent Ions. nddreNM n m i phone, Uox P. O. 20U, attention manaKOf. no Situations Wanted— Malt M1PDLI3 used man would look aftor or ranrh work. Hoard, rnom and rpiiHonable WUR^M. Wank llotmea, 1010 li 1* utrout. Phono PAINTJXO and paper haiiKlnir. Hood work, £ood inuterialH. Ueanonablo. I SHALL not hn for any bills contracted by nthors than my- nelf. (Signed) Wlllinm A. Tanner, 1009H Haker Htreol. 22 Financial 11600 to loan at 1% on property. First trust deed, payahlo J2f» p*»r inonth. ICImer K. ICarpo, 1617 Kiffhteenth Ktrent. S-19-lf J ANY AMOUNT LOANED YOUK HOUSEHOLD fiiralttsre REPAY IN SEMI-MONTHLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS SEE US Valley Hiai 201 HABKRFKLDH HUILDIN'U PHONK 54G 8-7-tt _ . 1'HOXK f.7G8, 7 a. m., 12 p. m. and i p. m. for Htroet. and . U. CJ. Scott, 1&21 *) 23 Situations Wanttd— Fimale YOUNG lady deHlroN part or full time office portion, p. n. X. Assistant Itookkeuper, typlM. runhler, office. Kxperlenred. e3 II !• I - J . Heferetu'en. erlenco lady with position an yearn' ex- iuly or K*'lu*rnl offtr« work. Ref- Phonu 74S-W, ajfetl lady needH work. UHVO two children. Will work on ranch IT day work or Juwt nny kind tit work. Uouto n, llox BOH,' " Ol'T (»f town ulrl wotifd Ilkti pliiro to work for mum an«l board, while at- iiK junior rollt^e. Miss UOHS, Palm Way. Nredlfs. i'allf. H| nlc. break nook, baHement. lot on paved tttrtmt, $»<>0 down, $r«li per month. Now varant. W. K. Uray, Mil Seventeenth wtreet. M in, near car line, nmall 4-room house (tn fine lot. 6(ixl21\ A tfooU Investment for $1200, very 0a«y niH. \V. K. Urwy, I4M Seventeenth one 157. ALTA V1HTA dlHtrtct, ffood fi-room lionit*. 3 hedrnotiiH, dfnlntc room, Mv(UK room, kitchen, tiled sink, bath, nhowvr, donbtt" Kilmer. Dandy Jot. fiOxlfiO, with lots nf fruit and Hhadft treeH. Prlec $41M>. ternm or will t-x- (.•haiiKe for acre with houoe, rloHO in. \V. K. Itray. 1414 Sovuiitcenth 1'hnne U,7. 131 gillNCY—Kor Halo for almowt half orlKlnal coHt. Well built, ^ood condition. InH needs rcderoratlng in\ Kor a real home at a bargain this. Kany termH. Now vat-nnt. s«'H innlde phoni- anytime. l*rU'e Stanley, 1700 K. l»hon« 1S04. 23 modern home with Hinall huune In rear, that will rent for $16. LnrK« corner lot. Near School. Nice dlHtrh-t. few repali-s anil paint. Total J2iiriO. $;i'H) down. Small , nmnlhly |>;iymenlH, I'rlee Stanley, 140-ACnK highly improved Vaughn ranch, located on highway north of Kitmowi. JSxrdlent cotton or vegetable soil, flood water woll« (Completely piped with underground cement Irrigating pipe, (lood dwelling. For priue. and torm» write to H. K. Gilbert. 101 North Arden Houl o anl I ^cm Angelon. '34 HUDSON SEDAN '34 NASH TR. SEDAN '30 NASH SEDAN '33 DE SOTO COUPE '30 PACKARD SEDAN $625 $595 $195 •35 FORD VS COUPE. $565 '33 FORD TUDOH SEDAN $395 '32 FORD TUDOR SEDAN ?295 '30 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $235 '30 FORD COUPE $195 '35 FORD V8 SEDAN $665 '31 lft)RD TUDOR SEDAN $285 '36 CHEVROLET TR. SED. $745 i '29 CHEVROLET COACH $175 ^ '34 STUDEBAKER SED. $685 PAYNE ft SON FUNCKAL DIRCCTOIU Nlnfftetntft in* C Strttte J. C. p«yn» J. BruM Payn* Fred DOUGHTY.CALHOUN-O'MEMU Funeral Direetm ind AmfcvUnet Strvlet 1100 Truxtun Aunui, *t N 8tr«tt PhoriB 5S7 Lidy AtUndint $445 '35 WILLYS 77 COUPK $375 '31 PACKARD COUPE j '31 BUICK SEDAN r '30 CHRYSLER SEDAN $445 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $545 '29*OAKLAND SEDAN $465 $385 r $275 $185 USED fcAR DEPT. 2112 Chester Avenue Phono 423 o-n USED CAR DE ISth and N or 20th and 3 1708 Phone 421 USED CAR DEPT. Twenty-second nnd <( Eyo >? Phone 420 Poul|ry and Hvtstook n FOR SALE— Uod fryora, all sizes and young 1 honfl. Wo dress and draw free. Bradford's, 1108 Kern street. Phone 30-ll-R. _ FOU SALE— Lovely Rhode Island Red fryers, dressed and cut up, ready for the frying pan, free. Call 700 Union avomio. _ ^_____ FOR SAL1>— Largro rabbitry. New Zealand Whites, selected stock. •Bradford's, 1100 Kern street. _ _ FOR SAL* IS — Larpro hens, 16o pound; fryers, 2Bc pound. From Oak street turn west on Brundape, turn left first road south, second house. Ftr Salt—Automobilis BUY o FRUIT RANCH, center of Holltaler orchard area. This will net you 12 per cent or bettor. Kendall Jones, Insurance, 1511 Klghteenth. Phon« 07 ACltKS uf fine land in Wnsco area. All piped, good well, excellent 1m- provt*inentH. Now In alfalfa. Kqulppod for modern dairy. I^and ideal for potatoen. Some terms. KImor F. Karpe. lr,17 Nineteenth street. 8-19-tf For Exchanee—P FOR KXCHANOK— 15-acre ranch. Five-room house, two well» nnd plants. Ten acres in alfalfa. Chicken equipment. Consider East Side residential. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenuo. Phone at the Ftr Silt—Auttmobilt* ntlt Comer WHERE YOU HAVE A WIDE SEECTION OP LATE MODEL For Salf—MltetllanMui o ii Lumber $10.00 per 1000 LAST WEEK! \ ITH A REAL GUARANTEE For Sak-^Automobiles ye; Hotine Trailers for sale or rent. IUJIR iUHHON OARAGE 11*16 Nineteenth Htreet, Hakeryfleld K<»U SALK— 12-httNN accordion. Huy from owner. Cheap for C;IH!I. Phono *j ft -W. huy from owner. 1935 Ply- month sedan, only 14,000 miles. Call lifter C p. m. 1932 Buick 91 sedan 1932 B-4 Ford sedan 1932 Chrysler 0 sedan in:il Dodge 8 sedan 1931 Chevrolet cabriolet 1931 Chevrolet coach 1930 Oldsruobile sedan 1929 Chevrolet sedan 1929 Buick standard 6 sedan ""• ".cr .. q -,1034 FORD DE LUXE TUDOR, l*™\ TRUNK, RADIO $495 *orn 1034 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, $3501 RADIO $495 $475 193-i PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $545 $350| 1934 FORD COUPE -poUU $295 PHONE 6822 t *oor i 1934 TERRAPLANE COUPE $445 |-£! 1933 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $445 »"» 1933 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $295 * 160 11932 CHEVROLET COUPE $365 1932 FORD SED., AIR WHLS. $345 1932 FORD CPE., RENEWED $325 1931 FORD CPE. t RENEWED $285 1931 FORD, TUDOR, R'N'W'D $286 1931 PLYMOUTH COACH $295 -. ,1931 FORD TRUCK ™ 11930 FORD COUPE 1929 DE SOTO SEDAN 1929 FORD TOURING 1929 FORD COUPE 1929 DE SOTO SEDAN 1929 FORD TUDOR MANY OTHERS, $25 AND UP $295 $235 $195 $165 $165 $195 $145 AUCTION Community sale, Thursday, August 27, 10 a. m., 5 miles south of Bak- orsfleld on Union avenuo. Chickens, choice colored heavy hens, 10 . bred ewes, one springer and ono fresh Jersey, coon doe and pups; 15 good feeder pigs; otner'Hvestock; chairs, beds, stoves. Ice boxes. Bring what you have to sell. W, E. Osborn,, auctioneer. Phono 13-F-2. 22* FOH SALE — Fresh Jersey cow, Bakers Lane, second house on right. Turn south off Casa Loma Drive at mall boxes. 23 AT BARGAIN PRICES Dimensioned J v umber STANDARD OIL RESERVOIR TANKS one-half mile north of Olldalo. First FOR SALE — One young Jersey milk cow, 2Mj years old. Giving 3H K al ~ lons milk per day. Inquire first house roar of Fruitvale School. 22 tank past Olldale, r! side of road. NIGHT PHONE 2867 8-2G-tf Wantod—Miscellaneous WANTED—Board and room for girl 12 years old, In Oildale. five days a week. Box 131. The Ctillfornlan. 22 F e5,, B V^r!"?!f. t 'x.- U «sl._ e « e 5irt? For Sale—Unimproved Land Good condition. Phono 1857, Paul'n Sandwich Shop. E. J. JENKINS ACRES. 7 minutes from town, g:as, electricity, separate domestic and irrlRatinff water system, fllOO, 5200 down, |20 a month. Howard Nichols. Inc. 8-17-tf 1929 Dodge DA coupe t» 5-llOOM newly moilernized home, dimhlu Ideal for oil worker with family. JIMf.O full price. Will tntiln for nniiill ranch. ew, Insurance. 1511 Eighteenth. Phono i*!>. ' NMW 3-room, modern hoiiNo, lot, Komi locution. $1050, $200 down, month, IJuke.rHfleld Realty , K. 1'hone 7:H». T1I1U-:K-11K1>U(H)M homo, rcntrlrtoil Ut.strlct ( prli-cil t« noil. Alwo Il-l)oa- rtuun IUHIN*' on arr»«. Nt*\v rt-ronm hdiiu-. All linniraiutn ponric S. l-:i\vi>c>tl. iii^a 1 Hlret'l. 1'lionu ItKAXI i now (itiiilll KX I 'Kill KNi'F.l t woman cock waiitH i'»>oUit)K In lumnitttic IMHIHO or camp. Phone :Ur.M-.l. KXl'KIUKNi'Kl* practica like C(inv«h*sf«>nt lady. Hell able Mrs. ml-He or want.-, half .lay work : r 'i < in All <'0!.u|{Kl> nr will \VdvU f"r omplo.Vfd _J'hum- 177-I-.1. JC STH1JKT )|untp I^auiutry. culh'i! for utul iif»livcr«'il Work In Monthwent illntrU't; i-or- ner lot; hhaiie anil Nhrubtifry. TUe i-oof. Uonble KaraRe. Huth and Thin IH Hie prettiest and i-n homo In rtty. MM- this imiHtrr i»lei'f of 1'rtoe J. r p-lu0. Can ftnanen federal loan and make iMisy terms. Also veteran's loan. Now vacant. Stanley. 17»'0 K Htn«ot. 22 IX SELECT USED CARS 1J>35 Hurl (ton voupn $228 down 19114 Terraplano coupe $1G5 down 1932 Chevrolet coach $115 down 1!»34 Ford coach $155 down 1H2!) Chevrolet coupe $62 down 1932 Ford VS sedan $123 down 1934 Hudson sedan $222 down !>.'I2 Studehnker nedan $132 down $93 down $75 down $75 down 1!*29 DiryBler nedan $75 down HUDSON AND TERRAPLANE to $1S5 1930 Chev. spt. coupe $265 1933 Late Plymouth coacli ?445 1934 Dodge coupe $585 1036 Plymouth trk. aedan $075 SPECIAL! 1930 Ksaex sedan $85 BAKERSFIELD MOTOR CO. 20th and "Eye" Streets Phone 1724 OPKN EVENINGS AND ALL DAY SUNDAY laberfelde's 16th and Chester Opp. Courthouse Phono 701 Open Evenings e 9 20 1931 Oakland sedan Hupmnblle sodan Hudson aodan • FOR REAL VALUES 193G Ply. tour, sedan, low mil. $785 i 2220 Chester Avenue Phono 3955 tr» I2C50.00 (Ht.lalo. li-bedroom ht.UHe. like new, MR lot, fine Hhaile, lawn, plenty room for another house __'IVrmn._ Shaffer, JMione l. r »73-.T. l!2 SKVKN-HUUM houho with one acre on HrumluRe Kane. Kots of fruit, poultry penn. This Is a real home. Sen l.oy.l .Sands. The Uob- n AKOIH-J-, 1U2& Chester uvt-nue, \\. aroiuitl ciivlo on yi». l*hon« I For Vftcatjon Funiln Available MONKY AT ONTE NO HKD TAPK NO KMI1AHHAS81NU INVKSTiOATlONS CourtcouB and i K< n »M In private hoim- t'lt»so in, i ML!suit* rut rant*i\ I tnuhit 1 h*^t, ntailv furntshiMl, m-ar bnih. St«;uly r nrrfi-in-tl. riut; j; f 1U K *M ainl *-rr*MMi por^h for rmt wltli t tn in ln-iLs or lUtul.U* l*tMl>, in |irl- \ at ** lUMiir 11 rut \ rl 1 v rrasolUll>l<', h * ~ ' i I'lu'iu 'Jl..'iit H. 'jj;;ii **iiiifut-nin, avi>- KOU SALK -Oil l>siroot, six blocks from clock tower, noat five-room homo; Hinull, but nice lot; $1!M>0, . part ranli. Kelly & Son. uvenut'. I'hono Mfi3. 116 Ford do luxp tour, sedan $745 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $f!95 5 $595 1935 Plymouth de luxe coupo $64 1935 Ford sedan $585 1930 Chovrolet sport coupe $265 1930 Ford tudnr Dodge 0-whoel coupe Ford do luxw sodan $715 1936 Dodge trunk nodan $895 GO OTHER FINK CARS TO CHOOSE FROM Onnn EvoniiiKs'und Sunday VALLKV MOTOR COMPANY 2120 Cheater Avenue Phone 32 1935 Ford de luxe coupo 192!) IJuick sedan 27 1930 Chevrolet coach • 1927 Chevrolet coach Model T Ford coach 1409 EIGHTEENTH STREET Phone 831 29 IN T THE SHADE- IN OUR COOL BUILDING NOT IN AN OPEN LOT 193-4 Ford deluxe coupe small wheels $485 1030 Ford coupe, extra clean $235 1935 Plymouth deluxe coupe ?635 1935 Plymouth deluxe trunk sedan, radio, air horns $695 1936 Willys deluxe sedan, new $495 1936 MODELS'lN ALL MAKES AT BIG DISCOUNTS BAKER'S MOTOR MARKET Terms and Trades Open Evenings and Sundays 20 SELLKVG FOR LESS THAN $100 All good transportation. If you want u good uaed car for less money, nee -our selection. BAKERSF1ELU USED CAR $ nt\r+ * — w»»**»^»j u 4&V4. ^iuti.\-itij o --* TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER *i55 I Phone 5S28 $Gi> ?17 - 50 " iyie UEO SALES AND SERVICE 1935 Chevrolet trunk aedan $685 1933 Dodge coupe $445 1931 Buick 8-GG coupe $3S5 193G Dodge trunk sedan ?845 Twenty-first and K. Streets Phone 1034 26 KOU b\U.I^HKKF7fr7Uium sedan, prN vately owned, low nilleaee, perfect condition, terms. Also house trailer. •IN KIVERVIEW 2x4s, No. 2, per 1000 $30 2xGs, No. 2, per 1000 $32 Vertical No. 3, per 1000 $45 Rdwd. Siding, B, better, per 1000 $35 W a n t e d to B u y - M 1 s c e I la no o us WANTED — To buy western saddle, hoy's Blze. Must be a bargain. Phono fit 89- W. _ BKST prices paid for bottles, rags, iron and other Junk. Phone 397 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 Kast Nineteenth. 7-9-36-tf bottles and other Junk. Call 2170 for pick-up wagon. 717 Sumner Htreet. 6-15-tf :—ll-r——-—•..— ._ — ._.. • " —-•••••--•• •- Cedar shingles, No. 2, bundle 90c | "\VAXTED~oiu burlap and rags. Buy- Lath, No. 2, bundle • 75c Mill work, finish lumber, 1000, $60 Roofing, Nails, Screen u Specialty Many Other Bargains PHONE 1873 for Free Delivery Anywhere 26 Legal Notices "WILL sacrifice equity in T. & H. electric ranffe and Weslx automatic STATEMENT OF MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD 'OF SUPERVISORS HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1936 Board met at 10:30 A. M. with all water heater. Used 14 months. 5U « i nt : mil.* west of Bakersfield on Rose- SupervlHorH present, dale highway. Call after 6:00 p. m. Mis f ^Umafehoro appointed Sten- J K Beckett 2 9 ographer, Welfare Department (SRA Dlv.). 'Allowances to Indigent*! were made. County makes agreement to collect taxes for Southern San Joaquln Mu- ril^ipiil Utility District, and fixe* charge therefor. ( Minutes of tbo meeting of Augunt 10, IttliG, were approved and statement of said minutes approved and ordered published. license applications werfe VER 1000 FEET Low Grade Mtsmllled IxS and 2x4 SIS^ REDWOOD SIDING AT $20 lx-1 to 1x10, S4S Finish, J42 1x4 VLOOIIINCI, $29 1x4 "E" Kiln Dried T & G ' $19.00 | granted. House Paint, all colors, gul. 1.25 2-0x3-0 Sash, 1 It., glazed Redwood PostH, »x4, « ft., pa. SHINGLES. BUNDLKS. 7iio LESS B% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 103 ei LOS ANGELES Claims against tho County were al- OCc I lowed. 18c 1 Transfer of FranclilHO, General Pipeline Co., to General Petroleum Corporation was approved. AshOHsor authorized to correct assessment rolls. Hales of Cars, Garage, and Road t. confirmed. Kojuls 941. 944, 915: Hearings hod, public highway*. riondH approved, contract signed, ADams 5171 25 1 Court Klevaior Modernization. Resolution adopted In ro request of Santa Fe Transportation Co. for Bu» Line permit. Tract No. 1030 approved. Reports of County Officials, etc., USED FURNITURE SPECIALS I fll ^ ountv consents to „„„„„,„„;„„, 3-pc. mahogany Bedroom Set $29.9o O f portions of old state Highway, jo- 2-pc. tapestry Living Rm. Set $16.75 hannpsburg-Inyokern, by State to Student' H Desk $fi,00 C Si Hll | OI1(l were approvofl . Mahog., walnut Beds, 2,75 to $4.50 $18,000 honds of Semi Tropic School Coll Springs $3.25 I P.fstrlct Issued, to be sold September 2100 K. 8Sth St. For Salt—Furniturt Cigar case, 5 feet $4.50 aboard i ^ —r » FINANCE COMPANY 2SOO CHESTER AVK. J'lIONK 2.'.20 7-lG3G-tf »P. HKNT To ^rntl.-man or lady m i'Io veil. i'Kus.uit v oul ft M mt In -ru hotiir. L'.'ilN W, ONK of th»« most artistic liomt'H in itcliH from tii-w high tn I'rtnmvera I'arlt; sUu-oo, ;' !•• r.»)f, i-iu'loxpil patlit. Th*> , must !'»• sefti tn bo Iiiipr«*»'J- i ati-i!; ii hii> cv^rythinjr. Twn fhtor J li'Vfls, hiinlwiMMl flonrn tJiroughoui, i \'i'itftfati I'Muds, ttht floor In balli ( with flxturt's. unununl «'li»r- trii' fixtures, uuiomatt* 1 IK-HUT. i'um;il»-ti-l> jin.l must hcuuttf ully I.ttu'olti noil., f. w. w.. ex. ol., $175 H'l'7 i'hrywlor Hcdan. r.-al l.'argain $',10 ll'-S Motif I A I-N'ixl K«lstr,, a «u-itj ?!*0 i»ni:csr.Ass i'si-:i> CAHS Twenty-fuiirih and I. 1'hmu- 3377-J "I Hiuulli* My <>wn Paper" liti SAI.K lti"iO Kuril riinpo. Mood m, -tOf* .Sixth avenue. Thorn* < eariig TWENTIETH AND M Phono 263 26 Call Airs. I,ayton. Phone 2694. 24 For Sale—Miscellaneous FOH SALK—Farm Implement, rabbit.s, hutclies, boeH. GUH Gribhle, Fruitvale. West of Fruitvale School on nortli side of highway, Route 4, Box o room ft*r i Fl'KMSHKli It* lu.MS Uoom lit.*! arlisiit-ally tuniiMhi'il. I.a(*K« ! ~ let. Jt'.t'.Mii; j-e;thi'iiattU« ilown pay-' mi-Hi, liulaii'.'r loss than rent. t|o\v- jirti t-ai'H bought. sohl, tradt-d. I flnan<-«* my contrarts. • Lmv harRt-s. rar tinnier 11 year» at wenr v-flrst ami I. . nnnjLAss, ^OTM AND L. *J2 ;i:«- M rr li € w with t K-Ilt K »M IHIUSM on large lot inoll- . in cxi'dlettt rondltl^n: big if niuhtor ^ in iwJVrt mnUliion. A roal HI tho price of $41*5, Terum — i n. to fors for $1075 ru^li. Howard N'l.-h- ols. In--. S-lS-tf u. 1934 Ford <le luxe A-door sedan. 1*5- wheelti. wind tvtiiK**, i!*.*«' radio. * riir is rt-ally ri^ht. rri.-.- $4^;», is tf desired. L^iOO Clu-sU'r nui*. I'lume '232 USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent • All KorondUionei], Guaranteed ! iAHNKTT TRACTOR CO. Chester Avo. 7-30-tI i LUMHI'TH, $22.r»0 per thousand and up. Cleaning up yard for new utouk. Limited supply. Mears Lumber Co., 2 2 y yiUJMIB ^ t i M" To salaried peoplo on jusi your nipnature. Loans Arranged Immodiately NO KMDAHRASS1NG INVESTIGATION • For Rtnt— Rooms With Board K»'H KKNT— Ho;»rd au.l room. fool l»U*-*'Ml» l Ilt loitft: KU'ill lof sl.-.-pt-r. I'lion- i-'.'M. IC4 a\ film- I'urk. I, tn IIMI\ t.'iO. fully . fruit, fl'iw.-rs and lawn. Uou- raK*', i-ast-no-nt. hardwood tllo drain, uutonnitif hoater. lm met Hat c possession. l-\i Kers Garagi A'A LJl 4-kfeU' sC rSKD CAR LOT Jusi \Vost of Fo.x Theater SEUiCTKU LISTING FKKU prices advancing rapidly. Buy now. Our prices are low, consistent with email ty. .San Joaquin ('.rain Company, Kourteenth and D. Phone 7-14-tf \f\ir coats, j>tock. » J4i'0ti ; JT.OO down, month. Howard XU'hols, 1m*. a Yalley aasce jinx ?01 Huberfeld Plume &4 i FAMILY .'f (h!,-«, K ir| 13 yeai> nl,l. ; FDH SALK wain*- tiH.iu ahd board in private i -,.. . Unniaii uatas ( o as^iM »iih ti\«-room hom<»: corner; u. lulji with t-xpenttt*. , park and school. $3-50. Easy tcrtns. KeMy A: Son, 17U 1 Clu's- li i r avenue. Phone 3tiS. 'Jl t'oard at I'lL".* KiKhl*-enth | -- — - —-• I *"U't fortfrt i Jii- ]»lar»-. (Jot uits. • i-ni I'ffad. Jtnitu'-niudtf M rvcd from !..'('* a. in. KOOM HuU'k touring nedan, *U model. $100 dis., only $iuy:>-! Pitritiiic touring sedan SS95fi!'35 6 !><>dKe touriiiK sedan $84511934 Dodse On Kusl Side, nice .WM IMymouth LMlr. tour. sed. $t»95|li*:U Plymouth coupe near I 19^4 Ford de luxe sedan, radio $445 j 1H33 Chevrolet sedan l.'hov. master ned., 6 ww $39511333 Dodge coupe .ulKe de luxe sed., G ww $305 !**&! Chevrolet aedan LOL* UAKUISON 1110 Eighteenth Street : KIT US — Kactoi-y sample.s. JarketN, foxes, collarK. Kurs rcmndeU'd. "The House of 1000 Fur Itui'KalnH." UOW'H Whol«- w»)»? Furs. 133 Kearney, San .Fran_ o 1 HO o. __ ^_ _ S-10-tf KKl'IT JAUS— Quarts, 2\r, pints, 19c. \\V buy rass, bottles, junk of all kinds. Hhom> 17S6 for pick-up watron. 132 Kast Twenty-first street. ____________________ 6-0-tf KIU'IT jars, whil*» they hiKt, washed, mmnx 24t» and 34c do/,en; pints lf»c and I.".*,- rloziMi glasses, lOo dozen. 8.3xlO.G Velvet Rug Pun-haso of portion of Villa Lot 48. $4.25 I Drury's Addition, for hospital grounds HAMM SELLS FOR LESS te fl ^°'^\^ fx ° fr S^-'P^mbcr 14. iinn i-ti IA i-t- «* * * «.T 1938, at 11:00 A. M. 1100 Eighteenth Street, at N Resolution adopted, setting forhear- Phone 341 26 I In? on September 14, 1936, at 11:00 A. M., first unit of Land Use Plan, OAA ,,.„„,-,, , , ., A . „ <nr Master Plan, Kern County, an pre- 200 STKEL cots as low as $1.00. 9x12 pared by Plunninp Commission. Axmlnster rug. $0 00 Used inner- Viewers Report 889 set for hearlnr Bprlnif miittrcBB, *7.50. September 21, 193G. RXCHANLfJ^ nids for construction of timber ii I bridge over Uuardnley Canal—Snow to l*e opened September 14, DAVIS 21Q"i Chester Avenue USED FURNITURE SPKCIALR ftinimons Twin Beds, a pair InnerKpring MattreHu 6-piecft Karpen Dinette Sot $7.f)5 $4.05 S24.75 2-pc. Spanish Living Room Set $24.75 9x12 Wilton Huff Club Chair and Ottoman, high $12.50 $11.95 Many other nip bargalnw POPEL FURNITUIUQ EXCHANGE Ardlzzl-Olreuo. Uldg. 623 Sunnier St. Just weat of Baker. Phono 1341 20 Radios, MusicaMnttrumtnts FOR SALK— $265. Philco cabinet radio. 1!>33 model 70, |30. Call at 2103 Truxtun avenue after 5 p. in. 103(1, at lljOO A. M. Transfers of Budget Allotment* wero made. Hoard adjourned to next regular meeting, Monday, August 24. 1936. 8-28. It. F. TO. SMITH. CLKKK OF THJfl BOARD. Phone 2957-J. 22 Fruits and VtittabUs VOSKMITK TOCHISTS GAIN YOSKMiTK, Aujf. 1 ati. (U. P.>—Su- pcrvlsors of VoscTiilto National Park predict that the park will bo out of tho "red" this year. A record mark of SCO,000 vJ«Hor« Just before the do- pre^lon i.s expected to bo exceeded this year with a total of 400,000 tour- l«t visitors. 717 .S'uinner .street. sodan «'-12-tf I PLACK order for Yellow Cllnff peaches, ^ v »*>" Robert Mallanco decided to JIENT — Om» -mirk concrete mixer. Mearu Lumber Co, ]>horo ."A- 10. 44 '.mill v;ui ui a?- nrdi-rt*d. hoUM* on rt-ur of lot in ird distrli't. Koi lOnx *t>'t /rt-i. iH\D»>r has N'ft town, of- for JHoH. 53110 down. J2:» r Howard NlcholH. lm- K a 3C-l'S n.uriiiK H»>d»n. Wilt Private puny. at u I' or rins. No trad'? in. toenih >treot I'huin- 15J1 De Soto sedan 1930 Kord sedan 19110 Buick coupe 1929 Oldsmobile coupe 192l» Kord coupe, fine AM) MANY OTHERS 625 175 , . 450 ! KOU SALK. clieiip, five dozen half- 450 3tiO 350 245 250 195 105 IlUOTllKKS HKCMTKD ON SHIP EWI.UT-ON. Cal.. Autf. 26. (U, P.)— Mi fruit jars. . 290S Chester Lane. Ft>U SALK— .38 Colts U. S. special and holster. $12. Phone 5039 -AV. Call at lill Moneta avenue. Htvervlow. S A LIT—Pulverised dairy and fertilizer for lawns and gar- duns. Also general trucking, longer nhort huuU. H. J. Hoeppel. Phone 2762 24 fiOc UK?. Heady now. Newell Dairy. ! visit his boyhood homo In Australia, Phone 745-J. > ^3 | h e had no thought of encountering KOR SALE—Friday, Saturday, Sun- ! tho ^ ( ^«t colneldeneo of his life. On day only, mountain Hartlett canning pears. I-nst chance. Kadea Mountain Orchard, Tehachapl. nr- BOONE ranch at Weldon has 12 oore« of White Rose potatoes for sale in field. Come Thursday, August 27. 22 NEW ulmondH n»36 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stock* ton street, Bakersflold. 44 tho ship he met his brother, whom he had not seen In 27 years. I'RHIMKK FOR AIR RAID LIVERPOOL. Aug. 26. (U. P.>— Government experts huvo made a thorough inspection of the famous Mersey Tunnel with a view to It being used us a shelter during ah raids and gas attacks. a •1 s * - \ . T ^ ri 1 \ t I

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