Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1908
Page 1
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jr «.i7& WMa V«i «U8. HZ nam WAS SHE POISONED? WnCULB DnrESTIGATDTG DEATH HB& TAKCIL, FOBXEBLT OF lOLA. HUSBAND ita ^lGHT POISON 8ATS HE GOT iOUGH OX BATS TO SILL HOUSEHOLD PESTS. BUMck of DMd WOMB WIU Be Aulyird—I^Mband Under SBnrctUaBce. SERVES AS A CLOAK B00SETEL1) DISLIKES METHOD OF GETTnr0 CE.^8U8 TAKEK8. EXAMINATIONS NOT THOROUGH THIKKS CITIL SEBTICE BULES SHOULD BE USED. PresldfBt Seat Special MeauKe to HoBse Abont PrriwratloB for ' KCXt COBSBB. TVliether Mri. E. yancil, Blitcr uf Hr8. O. "W. Tboratco, of Basaott, anJ Who fonuerly lived tn this city, but vho has of late lived with her hus- hand at Lawrence, Kans., came to her death from natural causes or by pols- onlns will be determined by a cor- oner'a Jury which will convene in Lawraace Friday morning at 9 o'clock. Meanwhile Vmcll. husband of the dead woman, is In the custody of the officers. The remains of Mrs. VancU were brought to this city last evening from Lawrence and taken to Sleep' er ft Son's undertaRlns parlors. To day they were removed and taken to the Thornton home where the funeral was held. Interment took place In the lo'a cemetery. Blustery surrounds Mrs. Vancll's death, which occurred last Saturday. The attending pbysiclan In the case diagnosed it as the lagrlppe, but the circumstances and the talk of neighbors gave Dr. Phillips, coroner of Douglas county, reasons, so he says^ for investigating the deatb. The Law-, rence papers say that citizens who Jive near the Vancll home declare there are reasons to suspect Mr. Van cll of taking his wife's life, because or jti4 aUeged relatione with other .«(iii«Br^t1drtdlk. tether with Van- cfl>,.aeknowledgment that he bought tidSgh. Ota rata of a Lawrence drug" fHt\\ are reasons for holding Mr. Vanoil until after the coroner's Jury has made the investigation. Chas. Leak, brother of the deceased, said this morning that Vancll says be purchased rough on rats. , , Although m {he custody of the officers Vancll attended the funeral of his wife. He seems greatly grlevo'l over the death of Iftrs. Vancll. After his arrest at Lawrence yesterday he ai>ked to come here and attend the funeral. To do this be paid his own expenves and that of the officer who ir guarding him. It is said that denies being responsible for his wife's death. Mr.: and Mrs. Vancll lived In this city since their marriage in Washington, Jan. 7.—In a message to the house of representatives today President Roo'ssvelt urged that In preparing for the work of taking the next census, the four thousand or more additional employes needed bo appointed only after competitive examination under the rules of the civ- it service commission and strongly denounced the "patronage system" of making the appointments, saying that the civil service commission was fully capable of securing a most efficient force. The non -compctltlTc examinations used In selecting the force at Wlash- ington of the last two censuses, the president said, served only "as a cloak to hide the nakedness of the spoils system." Such examinations he declared were iisetcss as checks upon patronage appotntmenta. "They prevent," he said, "the most Incompetent from being appointed, but they do not secure the appointment of the most competent and they afford, no check upon political appoint ments." The president said it is Idle to say that such examinations are fair, for the unfairness and favoritism come in tbe choosing of men who ihall be allowed to try them. The president declared great majority of the clerical ployes of the last two censuses were far l>elow the average ability and that statistics show that onTy about 50 per cent of the applicants, who were employed in the last two censuses wore ab'e to pass the conipeUtlvo examinations under the civn service rules. "The taint of the spoils system," he said, "will not merely hamper and delay the economical and efficient taking of the census. buT will Impair the belief of the public in Its hOnesty." MMlSiil»scrib«rs IN SOPREMECOURTA SPECIAL SESSION CHEBOKEE I.AXT05 TS. GAS CITT CASE HEARD TOXOBBOW. r GOTEBKOB HflCH WILL ISSUE CALL FOB JAHUABT 1«TH. , The Postmaster General has made a ruling that no Daily Paper shall go to snbscribers at the second class rate where the subscriber is three months in arrears. This law is in effect NOW and it Is important to all our snbscribers that they do not allow their subscriptions to become overdue. The Saelter WOBM EBJOIB the Cltj Frofli CoHccUaf Taxes. WEIGHED 36 TONS RECORD OF lOLA POST OFFICE FOR PAST SIX MONTHS. In Addition to Mall, Twenty-four Tons of Equipment Weighed by Employees. Assistant Postmaster Nelson has finished his report of the amount of mail and cquapment which was ban died at the local office dying the past six months. The mail w& weighed in compliance with an order issued by the postmaster general to determine whethsr or not the railroad companies were being overpaid for hand! ing the mal's. The report shows that the clerks In this office weighed; over thirty-six tons of mall and over twen- that the I The mere dropping of a letter or a postal in j the office seems very small but when we take Into consideration the feat that there are some fourteen thousand persons sending mall through the local office the result of this report is not surprising. Following is the amount of mail sent out each month under the postmaster general's order. July, 12,362; August, 11,466; September, 10.521; October. 11.575; November. 11,928; December, ]4';971. making a grand total of 72,82.1 pounds for the 6 months. PHOTOSTO CONGRESS Roosevelt Sends Pictures of the Kind of Riding He Vfantm Done. UOO, yscTS until about two and one-half | ago. Wbile tney made their here they resided in a cottage in the east part of tae city and Mr. Vancll followed his trade, that of a shoemaker, having a ssop In the rear of the Palace shoe store. Chas. I<eak. one,«jf the best known fanners In Allen county, brother of the dead woman, statM this morning that he did not know Just what to think of the matter. He never knew of any domestic troubles netween Mr. and Mrs. Vancll. he says, "In fact." continued Mr. Leak, "I never knew of the death until Sunday morning about II o'clock. I did not hear of the do- meatlc troubles .until I reached Lawrence." Myrtle Snow, a neighbor, went to the Vancil home a short time after Mrs. Vancll's deatb and there produced a note, which, ehe claims, was found In the bed. It follows: "Don't blame anyone for this. I did it myself. I have been looking for a chance for a long time." A chemical analysis of the contents of 11x8. Vancil's stomach is being taken at the present rme by experts In the Kansas University. The experts will report at the inquest This examination follows a rumor which gained circulaUon that the disath WS8 caused by "roogb on rats." A. Lawrence druggist, according to Mr. Leak, says that he sold Mr. Van­ cU "YoBSh On rats" 007 a few days hOon ht» wife's death. Mr. Vaodl sajra this is ,tme eneogh but denies havtBK siTeB It to her.' The LaWicnoe Wiorid says: •ana [ViBiiell. iwife of l^ria^ Van^ cO; A ahoaauk*r.i die« at 9 o'dodc I Washington. Jan. 7-—Thirteen photographs from life, Illuslratlre of hair- rcising exploits in horsemanship, fonn the unique exhibit sent to congress by direction of the president .to accompany recommendations from himself and the chief of staff for the bet ferment of army riding. These pic tures a,re intended to show how far ahead of American military men are European officers in horsemanship. They certainly constitute a remarlo able series. One of the most thrilling pictures represents an Italian cavalry man riding over a 20-foot per- t-endicular cliff, the pbotograph being taken in series to Illustrate the sagacity of the horse and the skill of the rider in maintaining a poise within the center of gravity In different stages of the descent There arc pictures of German student officers apparently leaping from bill to hill, of fat majors and lieutenant colonels of the same 'nationality wallowing through bogs and swamps, over hedges. French obstacle *rldlng,. the famous drag hunt of the German army and stirring pictures of tbe hounds in full cry on boar hunts. IS STILL A ITSTBBT City ExpIesioB ia Baak at Kaasas Has XaC Beea Exflaiaed. Kansas City, Mo.. Jan. 7.— No motive for dynamiting the First NaUonal bank boilding. in thh basement of whidi an explosion occurred Satnr' dyy noon, had been found up, to this Qcmlng. The matter may always remain a ikiystery. Several experts still Insist that the eiplosion resulted from high ezplosiTe betas set oif whne otfalers iadloe to the beUeC that R vaa thaa aatami eanaea; pMbably iynTtiM saa. No arrasta hsra tta vpllea fra wHkoat TO HELP BASE BALL The case wherein the Cherokee Lanyon Zinc company of Gas City sued the city of Gas to enjoin them from collecting taxes on their smelter will be heard in the supreme court tomorrow. In the district court Judge Oscar Foust decided in favor of the de- feodant. This case has attracted attention all over the state. Since the smelter, located in Gas, the city has incorporated Its territory; but the smelter does not want to pay the city taxes. The case involves several thousand dollars. MANAGER RAYMOND WELLS HAS A NEW SCHEME. LOn 'E CASE TOMOKROW. SOB Sees Mother to Recover Alleged Property Rights. Eo Pnt OB Home Talent Show to Raise Xonry to Support Leagne Team. TO REORGANIZE NAVY A Plan to Remove Red Tape and to Consolidate Departments. Washington, Jan. 7.—^There will bo introduced In the House today a bill to reorganize the entire machinery of the Navy department and wipe out of existence the bureau system, which has aronsed so much hostility. The author of the measure is Representative Albert F. Dawson, of Iowa, a member of the House committee on naval affaire, ivMch spent much of last summer in the investigation' of the unbusines<!?ike metbids of the present brreau r.ystem. W-bile the bill propores many radical departures from the existin? rangements. It Is simple in iorm and in aV essential details is said to meet the approval of the entire committee regardless of party. Coming at a tiiie when members of Congress .ire thoroughly out of patience with conflicting o:?lclal views of aMeged defect: in construction, on the heels of a clash between two bureau chiefs that tesult^d In the retirement of one—Rear Admiral Brownson—and In the midst of attacks upon the burean system, it Is expected the bill will receive early ccnsideration. Raymond Wells, manager of the lola O. A. K. league base ball team, says that he is planning to put on a home talent show the first of the month for the purpose of raising money to help supiiort the team if lola gets In the league. Mr. Wells says that he believes that he will be able to pick up enough actors and former show men in this city who under careful direction, can put on a good show. Col. W. D. Saphar Wjho for years was In the show business. It Is said, will be interested. There are many others who can be secured to take part. ! All of the money made in this way vrill go into the treasury of the lola Inise ball team and will be used in ctnrtlng oif tbe league. It has been suggested by fans that a subscription paper be circulated cniong the business men in this city who are interested in base ball and have them contribute to the fund. The money gotten In this way will be used in getting better players as Mr. Massengale has assured the public that he will build the grand stand and make such improvements as are necessary. The Independence Reporter says of the O. K. league: It is now regarded as almost certain that "Doc" Shively, president of the Western league, will be elected to a similar position in the O. K. league at the meeting in Cofteyvllle next week. M. L. Truby was in Kansas City last week and while there had a talk with Shively and the latter stated that if the league wanted him he would accept the place and do bis best for the organization. There is not apt to be a dissenting voice raised against the election of this able and popular base ball man, Harry Isham and R. K. Long, managers of the Colfeyville club, were in the city today and were outspoken in their endorsement of Manager Truby's pan to elect Shively to the presiedncy of the O. K. The circuit was discussed at the informal meeting this morning and the expression favored the admission of Tola and possibly Pittsburg and Parsons. One of the four clubs that wound up the season last year may be dropped In order to reduce the mile ago over the circuit. NOT CALLING THE JAPS HOME. The case of Clarence Lowe vs. Mrs. Scott Wilson will, be tried In the supreme court tomorrow. There Is more than ordinary interest in the case because the defendant is the mother of the plaintiif. The title of an eighty-acre farm three miles north of lola, valued at several thousand dollars, is involved. Lowe contends that his mother. Mrs. Scott Wilson, purchased this farm with money a part of which was his by reason of his being an heir to the Lowe estate. Mrs. Wilson sets up that the money with which she bought the farm was given her by her husband. Mr. Lowe, before his death. Judge Oscar Foust decided In favor of the defendant In the district court Attorneys S. A. Gard and W. D. Cope represent the defense in the case, and F. J. Oyler, the plaintiff. These attorneys went to Topeka this afternoon. FORMER lOLA LADY DIES. Mil Sadie Chilson Passes Away at Bethany, Mo. Dr. A. B. Twadell received a tele> gram last evening telling of the death of Mrs. Twadell's sister, Mrs, Sadie Chilson. formeriy of this city,"'at the home of relatives in Bethany. Mo., where she has been visiting. The tel- gram- was received late Isat' night The cause of death Is not known. Her death niust have been sodden, howarer, as her relatives jdid not know of her being ill.. Her home Is in WlBstem Kansas, whof* the famHy moved vpoD leaving Ibia,- — Dr. TwadeU Mt on this mOf m iV Saou; He wOl gwjbsjblr A FofBMl Denial in Washiagtoa ef a Western Dbpateh. Washington, Jan. 7.—Mr. Kiya Oka.J in charge of the Japanese embassy here, authorised today a fortiial denial of a report from Vancouver, BriUsh Columbia, tliat the Japanese government is recalling to Japan the army reserve men now in the United States. Mr. Niya Oka says that snch action could not be taken withoat the knowledge of the emiiassy here, and there had not been the least intimation ot any'sndi purpose on Oie part of the Japaneae government Moreover, eall tar tte. ratnia to Japan at tkm reaarrista wonld niBSBaarHy-ha* THIS AND BEnSION OF TAX LAW TO BE UTBO^VCEB. Session WUI Be Harried So That PoUtklaas May Betan to Work OB HoBie Fields. ( ARRESTED SPIHERS Topeka, Kas., Jan. 7.—Governor Hoch announced that he would issue a call, today for a special session ot the legislature to convene on January 16th. It Is known that the governor will present recommendations in his message that a guaranty deposit law and revisions of the tax law be passed. The direct primary nxatter will be lifted by its own friends, Seyeral perstms are now ready to ask thejboard ot railroad commissioners to present the proposed new freight schedule for enactment in law. The surprise Is the late date on wblch the governor will assemble the legislature. It is said that he has a reason for so doing, in that he wants the legislature to 'get through in a hurry. He has asked leaders in both the house and senate within the past few days If they will not attempt to finish and get home within ten days. While a disposition was shown to hurry the work, it was thought that it might be a good idea to push the meet ing of the special session so close to February 1, that the politicians would have to get through and get home In order to work wires and build fences In time for the state republican con-, ventlon on March 4. . The democrats' are talking of a con ventlon during the last week ot February, and so they would be expected to show as much alarcity as the 'republicans to get away from Topeka. TO Officer Todd Takes In Fear Men for ExpectoratlBf on Sidewalk. L. A. Hill, Ira Morgan. Walter Churchill, and Fred Durke were arrested last evening for violating the antl-splt ordinance. The police have been passing out printed warnings to people they have seen spitting on the sidewalk instead of making arrests according to the ordinance but since this did not seem to have the desired effect. Chief of Police William Gates ordered that the "spltters" be arrested. William Todd started out last evening after the orders were given and before he had gone along one side of the square four arrests were made. These men were arraigned in police court today where they were fined |1 and the costs were divided between the four. BOATKIGHT DIDN'T SELL FT. Were No Bidden at SherUTs Sale Today. Because there were no hidders. Under Sheriff Boatright was unable to sell a piece of land this morning. The attempted sale grew out of the case of Francis S. Wert vs. Alice Beck et al, a partition suit. Teh land is described as the w. % ne. % 1-26-17. No one showed up at the south door of the court house at the time the sale was to have taiken place and so the land remains unsold. CHRISTIAN MAY RUN TOO Friends Urge Him to Run for County Coroner. The friends of Dr. O. R. Christian have launched him as candidate for county coroner. He is well known In this county, having liyed here most of bis life. Besidee being a grada ate of the i^sas City Hedieal college he attended school at Emporia. Kansas. He Is now county health of- lleer. Dr. ChrisUaa has not yet decided whether he will enter the race or not Kew rwteaalw far Petrolia'has a new dispatch fran Wsshlngtnn. D. C. itaa that George P. am has been appointed poataiaster att JOke llUlar'a tova to aneeeed Bert Oakaoaa, re-' GUAIMNTY DEPOSIT UW ROB KATY FLYER Foar Men Made Bold Attempt to HeM l> Fas^eagers oa Train la Maasas City. Kansas City, Jan. 7.—Four men attempted to rob passengers on tbe Missouri, Kansas & Texas passenger train standing in the union station here early today. They were frightened off wit.' cut securing any money or valuables. They men escaped. The train is v.-hat. is known an the "Flyer" due to depart at 2:20 tor the southwest Shortly l>efore starting time the woi»ld-be robbers, four white men, entered one of the forward day coacl^es and walked up and down the aisle aw.ilting a favorable opportunity to ciiuirnence their work. The station aside from this train was practically deserted and this fact is believed to have prompted, the men to make so bold an attempt- t^mdnctor Drew broke his lantern over the head of one of the men. Shortly after the robbery was attempted, the police arrested two men in the vlclnity'of the railroad yards. Thc-y gave their names as Rube Walsh and John Coss.- Both were unable to give an account of themselves and were held for iSvestigaUon. Coss was formerly bookkeeper in a, local packing house. THE WEATHER. Forecast for KBi^as: Fair tonight and W(ednesday; meeerate temperature. I Data recorded at Local Office. U. 8. Wieather Bureau, ted^. yesterday and a year ago: Yesterday Tr. ago 2 p. m. 55 «7 6 p. m 46 «4 12 midni^t .\..31 t» Max. Temp. 55 »» Min. Temp. 31 $3 Precipitation. 7 _p. m. 0 0 Today Tr. ago 2 a. m. 28 S3 < a. m .....28 S2 12 notm 50 68 PredpiUUon 7 a. m. 0 T MRS. STEVBNa who Is suffering from an attack of diptheria. is said to be aome better todair. thoo^t to ha; in a Yarr TUB kMi Portluil KR8 g^t •I* to

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