Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1908
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THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONArHDE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS. TOLUMB XI. XU3IBER 5S. SIX PAGES. I0LA,.KA3>S;fS, DECEMBER Ss, IftOS^MOXDAT EVEXIXG. SIX PAGES. PBIGI KWOl CBnOL, lOLA MAN MAY WIN LOOKS LIKE C. O. CHURCHILL WILL BE NEXT LABOR COM. HE HAS MANY INDORSEMENTS GOOD REPORTS RECEIVED BY HIS MANAGER, PRATT WILLIAMSON. OLD COLLEGE DAYS TO BE REVIVED BY EX-BAKER STUDENTS AT ANNUAL BANQUET, Held Tomorrow Night at the Y. M. C A.—Prof. Ebright and Baker Quartette to Come. W. L. A. Johnson, P.-esent Incumbent, Expects Re-Eleetlon.—Job Pays $2,500 a Year. "C. O. Chiirrhill. lol.i. Siaie Labor Commlasionpr." That would look good, woiildnt it? At least .Vr. Cburchills friends in lola and oyer the state, who know what he has'don? for the labor society think so. That i.« the reason they are working nl&hf .ind day for his election at the convention of the State Lrfilior -society in February. About a year ago a number of the members of the society inet at Pittsburg for the purpose of selecting a candidate to run against W. U A. Johnson, the present incumbent. Pratt Williamson of this city, and a member of the lola Carpenters' I'nion to which Mr. Churchill belongs, suggested that C. O. Churchill, of Tola, was especially fitted for the place. .Mr. Churchill had served two years on the committee on legislation and those attending the conference knew of his ability and at once put their stamp of approval on (he lola man. He was later persuaded to get into the race and is now an avowed candidate. However, he does' not feel that he can spend any money to get the office, and hence is not traveling around over the state In the The fourth annual banquet of the .\ll<n Count.v Haker University 6t ilf-nts Association will be held tomorrow night In the auditorium of the Y .M. C. X. building. This is the occa ion when all e.x-students In ihe coun ty, together with the present stii.lent! of the university, get together an revive oHS associations and memorie of their college days. The faculty of Baker University always sends a rej) resentative to tlie bannuet, Presidcn Murlin roniing last year. This year Prof. H. K. Ebright. head of the de partment of Greek, will be i)rpsent and deliver the address of the evening. The members of the association prospective students and friends the university will meet at in the readin? room at the Y. .\f. C. A. The doors of the banqnei room will he thrown ojien at R o'clock. The following is the bann'tet program : Toasfmaster W. G. .Anderson President's Messa.ce. Dr. Garlinghouse Music Baker Quartette '•T)ie Why of CoMege Life" -Albert E. Brown "Tlie Unsophisticated Freshman". Miss Trean lx)udermilk Music— •"How You T.ook to Me" Rev. S. B. Knowles Polo Miss Florence Root "Baker" Will Laurj' Music— ••.A n .ikfrites In Chlctgo" ICarl -Xrnold Interest of his candidacy. His friends are active, however, and believe '1"" I ^j„siV-- "The Bakfr Outlook" he will win. At the conference of Mr. Churrhlirs friends held at riflsbnrg, Pratt Will lamson was selected to manage Mr. Churchill's campaign and he Is l«'av ing no stone untitrn'-d to carry il)e day. Mr. Williamson, approached by a reporter for Th" Reslster today, made this staleni<'nt: "Yes. I think Mr. Churchill wi'I win. 1 frel sure that the delr>cat ('S who know of Mr. Churchill's worth will, vote for Mui- He made a good record on the com mittee of legislation and has t.-iken an active interest in all things prr- tainlng to the welfare of the socifty. Of course we know that Mr. Johnson will put up a strong fight. He ha.^ alt the machinery at his di.«posal bii' I do not think that he will be the choice of the delegates. Mr- Churchill has been indorsed by so many of the cities over the state that we are greatly encouraged. The objeciion raised over the state against the re-election of Mr- John son is that he has used the office for private and political ends. The position pays $2.."i>0 per year. Speaking of the fight for presld<'nt of the society the Toi)eka Capital says: Indications now are that there will be three candidates for Labor Com mlssioner when the convention of the State Labor society is held February 1. The names are W- T>. A. Johnson, •who will be a candidate to succeed himself; Charles H. Danner, of Fort Scott, and C. 0- Churchill of lola. Mr. Danner Is new president of the organization. Four years ago he was elected vice-president and last year •was raised to the presidency. He is said to be preparing to make a hard fleht tor the ofllce- Mr. Churchill, the other candidate, has served two terms upon the le^slatlon committee. Mr. iobneoD, who has had charge of the stAte labor headquarters for sev' eral years, does not anticipate any great fight, dispite the reported confidence of the other candidate, and feelB «UTe he wiU be re-elected. The office of assistant secretary has been conceded for geveral years to mine workers. They choose among the cabdidates- There is no reported opposition so far, io the present official. Owep Doyle, of Mineral- Staamers Damaoed in ^Earthquake. London- Dea 28.—^A disnatch from Catana. SIci'y, says a Swedish isteam- er. ad Austrian steamer andean Italian steamer were damaged today by eartbqaakea. Mrs. Mkrv llaxwelL the gnndmoUi- er-ud N. 8. Berall were married |it Oeeemtfer «.. UOtr-Owni^ Prof. U. K. Rhrlg'it A TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE DEAD Rev. Milton FIrey Was a Kansas Pro hibltory Worker. rhllad <lphla. Dep. 2<—Milton J. FIroy. a prominent retired minister of Ihe Lutheran church, died here last night. He took an active part in many lemp*'rance movements and while member of the Kansas State legislji- tiim introdnr»d n state iirohlbilion bill. WAS NEWS TO HER .MrK. Frances Iloni. at Mnskogee. Declares (Ifficfrs Did Sat Acquaint lirr nitli Daughter's Trouble. Wiiam Gate.-?, chief i )f police, ans- weted a leli'plume !-iH from Mrs. Frances Horn. a( .Mu.-kogee. Oklahoma. The woman i.< ili<' mot her of Donnle May Horn, recently sentenced to the tWrl's Industriiil Home in Be- 'oit for her (•niiducl with nm Lewis llfed. a negro. -Mr.x. Horn tiibl Chief (;ates ih:it she first leiirncd of her daughter's iroulilt on Saiiiiduy morning. The chief replied tlmt he had written the chief of IHilire in Muskogee, advising him of the re!al-'<ns of .Miss Horn with Rfed. the negro, of her confes.iion of their re.atiuns while in Oklahoma and asking whit disix )Eit ion the Muskogee of- ficfrs df'-^ired made of the case. Nr. r -MiIy was received from the Muskogee official. Chief Gates thought that the police there might have answered the letter out of courtesy. If nothing else and proceeded to haijd'e the case here cs the laws of Kansas provid«»d- Mrs. Horn did not complain l )ecauEe the girl had been sent to an institution <;f correction, but only asked to l»e given the iiarticular.-!. Chief Gates wfuie to .Mrsi. Hern today giving her a full account of the court proceedings in lola. MUST STAY IN JAIL. Tennessee Judne Refuses Bail to Car rsark's Murderer. .Vashvllle. Tenn.., Dor. 28.—Judse Hart today refused bail to Col. Cooper, Robin Cooper and John D. Sharp charged with the murder of Senator Carmack. Beat ! Baker Team. The Cherryv^le Atblecls Club basket ball team defeated the crack tear of Baker Uulversity at the operr house Christmas night by the score of 42 to 40. The game vas the fastest played here this sason and wae •witnessed fty a full honse. Twenty minute halves were played.—Cherry- rale Republican. Glad We're Here, a oc ^nbinatjoo of navors delle^ms and aatfafjing. At Crabbisi HE WANTS A PAROLE FATHER OF EUGENE VANDIVEER HOPES TO HAVE SON PARDONED. MR. SMITH IS N3T OPPOSED FATHER OF GIRL IN THE CASE, IT IS SAID, FAVORS PARDON. WOULD PLAY AGAIN A QUAKE IN ROME (JO.DEVII.S H A.\T TO JfEET TKIP. I.KT.S \KW VE.VK.S DAY. Siiij LoniN Won Thrnngh Lark— Fxplnnatliiii of "Hon It n »|i- peiK'd." >^ Has Not Served Minimum Sentence. —It Is Believed Application Will be Turned Down. Chas. N. Vandiveer. father of Eugene Vandiveer, the young Bayard man who Inthe winter of lf»0.5-0t; was found guilty in the Crawford county court of manslaughter in the first de- ?ree in causing the death of Miss Bertha Smith, also of Bayrad. is making an effort to secure a parole for his son. A few days ago a brother of young Vandiveer asked an lola attorney to write the prison ofilcials with reference to when the prisoner would be eligible to parole. Vandiveer was given an indeterminate sentence from Tt to 20 years- It is believed, by some that since he has not yet serv-ed the minimum sentence his application for parole will not now be considered. A prison official who was In the city recently said he believed that Vandiveer could secure a parole, on account of his good behavior, at the expiration of the minimum sentence, providing all charges against him in connection with the case were drop- Iied. .At the time Vandiveer was tried in Crawford county he was charged with a like offense In this county. In N'ovember last this charge was dismissed In Judge Hough's court. Hence It now Biipears that Vandiveer may hope for a parole when "he has serv- d the minimum sentence. This morning the father of Vandl- oer called on the county coramlsslon- era who were In special snsslon and asked them to sitnj the application for parole. He thought that It would make the application more effective If some pf the covjnl'y officers signed At noon when the cimmlssloners The (Jo-lHjvlls, according to the Chanute papers, want (fnother game with Ihe Triplets to be played on .New Year's day. The Siin says that the game here Christmas day has given the Go-Devils much courage and that they are anxious for another contest. ' The Tribune .says of the game: lola won from Chanute at fcot ball again yesieo^ay. bui if wa.s more l)e- cause of luck than anything else. The score was t! to 0. The Triplets made their touchdown in the .'^econd half when the game lacked but twelve minutes of being over. They had recovered a punt, and when forced to punt again kicked the ball to (;hannte's five yard line. Clch- erty tried to- kick gut of danger. He ni-ide a nice piint. but it went high and ihe wind coming over the tops of the trees almut the field, blew it out of bounds over Chanuie's five yard line. Inhi jmt it in play there, and succeeded in farrying it over. It took them three -"crinmiage.s to do it. the Chanute men contesting every Inch of ground, lola only managed to squeak through by using lionald, Kansas university's greatest tackle, to batter a pace or two gain at u lime, and on the third scrimmage the ball was just iiver Ihe line and that was all. Chaniue had much the better of the game in the first half. The lola team was iieavier, Iiui ii could not prevail. Chanute had no truble in breakiijg up the forward pass, which is tola's fereat offensive weapon, and the game' was mostly two bucks against ihe line and then a iMuit. A fair-sized crowd was in attendance, eiilte a number going up from here. The gate re.-eipts were H20. of which the Chanute p'ayera received $210, it having lipon agreed tliat the teams should .share half and half, no matter which won. Priest and Clark were roughed up considerably In Ihe game. Priest got a terrible blow In the groin, but was able IO fl;ii.-h Ihe game. There was seme talk of playing another game IO be pulled (iff here (Ui .New Year's day. If It Is iiiiitched. Chanute feels confident of winning It'. CENTER OF SE8SMIC SHOCK IN ISLAND OF SICILY. PEOPLE ARE PANIC STRICKEN UPON ALIBI CUIM FORKEST MI\(iI.K 'l'<» IJEI.V OX THIS THKdItV OF IlKFK.XSi:. CROWDS GATHERED IN PARKS AND CHURCHES ARE FILLED Building Destroyed and Many Casual ities.—King Victor Quits Hunt to Visit Sceen. Rome. Dec. 28.—^Violent earthquake .shocks are felt in Calabia this morning. Serious damage is said to have resulted and some casualtie.s are re- {torted at .Mileto Gonadi and Stefan- coni. San Gregoria, San fliorgo and .Majeraia also suffered. SAM BLOOM IS DEAD Rome. Dec. 28.—Southern Italy was visited by a serious and fatal earth quake this morning. Tlie center of the disturbance was in Sicll.v, and the greatest loss of life and property occurred on this island- .At many places building collapsed and people fled from their homes in panic to the streets- Vast crowds gathered in the parks and the churches were filled. The Catania docks and shore front were overwhelmed by a tidal wave- Sixty persons are said to have been Injured at SannXofrio- Troops arc everywhere enraged in the work of rescue. Nayles, Dec. 28.—King Victor Manuel, who is on a shooting trip near Na pics, on receiving the first reports of the earthquake In Calabria, issued or- dTS to make preparations for a trip to Calabria. A PASTOR SUICIDED. Worry Over III Health And Mental Decline Caused Death of Rev. R. L. Daugherty t. went to In.spect tlie pest house, they •Tl tiot put their names to the application. The crime of which Vandivre- wn*^ found giiiltv occurred at Pittsburg. Crawford county about 3 years ago. From the testimony It appeared that the eirl was betrayed by Vandiveer. and to cover up her shame he took her to Pittsburg where he caused an operation to be performed wh'ch resulted in her death. .After leaving her rit a house where she was to remain until recovery. Vandiveer returned to »ola. When he learned of her death he fled hut was caueh' some time later bv Henry Richardson, then sherifr 'n )nvn. and brought back .for trial. HK whereabouts was learned th '"oii ''h loiter ho wrote to a frii'nd here rbrls RItter of this dtv hclned to rie feml him. The evidence of the state was so fifronc- that the def<'iise nuf on no witnesses but annealed to thi tiirv for me-cv. Many were siirnrlsed hen the jun- brought In a verdict of •rulltv of manslaughter In the first degree, exnecting that he would be found guilty of murder. He was i-Ivn an Indeterminate sentence of from '•e to twenty .vears In the penlten tiprv. The case attracted much interest in -Allen countv as thi) families of the or'ncipals In the case were both well Vnown. having lived in the Rayard vicinity for vears. -An Incident in connection with the trial and the application for paro'e which has excited much comment is the attitude of Conrad Smith, father of the girl. It is said that he refused to lend his efforts or to give his sanction In prosecuting Vandiveer. • the case being pushed by Mrs. Smith and her father. It Is also said that Mr Smith was among the first to sign Vandlveer's application for j>arole. Vandl veer's defense In the trial waa that he was entirely Innocent. He -'d that he took the jlrl to Pittsburg o marrj' her. but was not responsible for her .condition. It Is said that his relatives now claim that another man waa responsible for the girl's down- fa'l. Vandiveer and the girl were both past 20 when the o/feose waa comniUed. Old Resident Is a Victim of Heart Disease.—He Came Here in 1866, 4, Reciliter Wantj Ada Brinir ResnUs. Samuel Bloom, one of the ol Irst residents of Ihe comity died at his home. Sll South \Va.-;hlngton avenue at !• o'clock last evening after an ill- ne-ss of about ten days. .M:'- Bloom has been subject to attacks of heart trouble for a number of years and death was not unexpected. .Mr. Bloom came to Kansas in 186G and took up a homestead near the city of Moran where he resided until ISSI when he came to this city which ban been his hnnie since that time, Samuel D!oom was Uofn at So'lar..^ burg. Pa.. February 11- 1S!7 and was married to Miss Clarlnda Shuff of tliai city on September .'.ih. isr.t;. He served one year in Ihe lOKIh Illinois Vol- •.inteer Infantry. His- wife and seven children survive lilni. The children are: .Mrs. Anne Guyer of Bronson. Kans.: Henrv Bloom, of Kinen. 111.: -Mrs. r.oda Zaayenga of Pekin. Ml,: .Mrs. Sar:ih (ioodner and .Vlr.-*. Mill" Kreuger of I his clly; Sainiii'l .Ir .i :ind Charles. TO SVy\K 0\ <.'00l> IM>AI).«;. Gowrnment flclef Will Tell Topeknns .VlMiiit Ihe .SulijrrL Topeka. Dec. 2S.—Gavrnior-eleci Stiibbs has secured a |>rii!;ii;-e from Professor Page, chief of the good roads denarttnent of Washlnginii. ii- conie ii> Tope'r;:! i;i February and de- livf!- a >!ipech on g:)od roads. Professor Page has sjienl several years in- •.-eFtt .^ating the roads of other coun- "ries as well ;;s tliis country and he has a fund cf infnri!r:;tinn on that sub- 'ect that thi' go-.ernor-elect s;iys will h'elj) Kansas. Mr. Stubbs S-J^.T that while Professor Pfpo Is here he wi!l nn dniibt be p'eased to make a talk b^'fore the legislature on gc:od reads if he is invited to do so. Fargo, N. D.. Dec. 2R.—Rev. Roh't. I. noiiRhert.v, paslor of the Congrega tlonal church, was found In his apartments In Buchanan. North Dakota, yesterday, dead, wlih Iil.^ throat cit tviih n rny.or. He had committed sul clde while h!« congregation was as seniblinp. Kansas CK.v. Dec. 2S.—Rev. Bob't. I. Doueherf'- wa.s a son of Rev. .las. G. Daiuhertv. of Kansas Clly. Kas.. a well known Congregational minister -At his home to^ay it was stated that yonng Dougherty, who was 2S j-eara of age, had undoubtedly taken his life, following a mental breakdown due to i'l health and overstudy. THE SCANDAL GROWS Arrests to Follow a eMetlnq of the Pittsburg City Council To- nlghL Pittsburg. Dec. 2S.—A secretive at- liiude is being maintained by all con- cnrni 'd In the graft scandal which has bren MtarHd In the clly. A great many s-ensational rumors are In circulation. According to one report, many promised arrests of other councilmeii and business men alleged to be implicated in the graft are to be made tonight Immediately following a meeting of the city council. FAVOR THE TORRENS SYSTEM. A New Method of Land Registration Meets With Favor. BR'TISH VESEL8 COLLIDE. The- Advance Goes Down With All Aboard. -Vowcftstle. -N. S-, Dec. 2S—The British steamer -Advance and the British bark Invema met In collision off the coast here today. The advance went down and with the exception of her first officer, a'I members of the crew lost their lives. The Invema put into Newcastle harbor leaking badly. Dr. Coffman Improving. The many friends of Dr. S. A. Coffman will be glad to learn that he Is again able to attend to the duties of bis offlce. The Wichita Real Estate etchange 1;; mailing circulars to all real estate dealers throughout the state of Kansas urging them to co-operate with the Wichita orcanlzatlon to secure the passage at the coming session of the legislature of a bill establishing the Torrens system of land registration in this state. Real estate men in -all parts of the country are advocating Ihe passage of the bill. Copies of the circulars asking for assistance In. the effort to secure the passage of the bill have been received In lola. IIU Wife Says a Harry Parker Lives mill Thiit lli<i Father I.Iv«-« In Inlu. • ' ? Forrest C. Mingle, alias Harry I'ar- ker. held at the county jail on a charge of murdering Mrs. Harry Pearson. September IG last, is in receipt of a letter from his wife in which she conveys the gladsome news that she has succeeded in locating the father and mother of Harry Parker, says the Oklahoma City Oklahoman. \VTien the prisoner read this,-he appeared highly elat.-d and sent at once for his attor- ne.v. K. J. Giddings. "Parker's father lives in lohi. Kan., and his mother in Arkansas City," was one sentence in the tetter, and -Attorney Giddings attaches much significance to this additional information, sirice the defense is to be I>a.sed on an alibi and the Harry Parker c'-aini will fi.giire prominently in ihe case. "I am convinced all the more that there really is a Harry Parker," said .Attorney Giddings j-esterday aficrnoon. •Why. in Wicbiia when the newspa pers slated that a Harry Parker wai^ in cusiod.v. Mr-s- Parker came to the jail and was so in doubt as to it being her husliand that she had the prisoner open his mo\ith and show a gold to<itb befiire she was convinced that he pris <Ji ;er wa-s not Marrj- Parker, her husband- This shows clearly that he Harry Parker must a strong r.^semblance to Mingle when Parker's wife is pU '/zled." The thccry of mistaken identity has leen played strongly by Mrs. Mingle from the beginning. FIRE IN AtENEMENT SEVERAL INJURED WHEN BROOK' LYN BUILDINQ BURNED. 3 FIREMEN SERIOUSLY HURT LADDER BROKE WHEN ONE WAS BEING RESCUED. One of Trio is Seriously lnjured>- Heroic Efforts to Save Lives of Inmates of Building. VALIE OF "FAMILY ORCIIARD." .1, T. Tred>tay Will Tell of It at Horli- riiltiiml -Meeting. The Kansas State Horticultural So- r-iety will hold its forty-seco;id annua' meeting in Topeka Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The meeting will be held in the supreme court room of ihe state onpltal bulbi­ ng. II. Klaumann and J. 11. Fergii.- will go as delegates from the l(>c;i' society. .]. T. Tredway and B. P. Pan- "oasi lire unioiig the other members from ilil.< cjiy wlm v.'lll Kiienii tin muetliig. .Mr, Tredwiiy will fid !« paper before the soelely on "Tbi Family Orchard." HALL WAS CROWDED 'hriMnia <t Treat for Poor Chlldrei' Kxcreded Arni>'s Esperla- tiou ^i. J. J. Varner Home. J. J. Varner and family retnmed this afternoon from Richmond, Kas., where they have been visiting with Mr- aiid Mrs- S?iulenberger- Mrs- Shiilenberger Is a daughter of Mr- Varner. Register Want Ads Bring Results- The Christmas tree i'nd cniertain- tnent. given Saturday evenin.g by tm Salraiion -Army for the jKx.r ehildrei 3f the ciiy was much more suceessfn! ban Captain Butler expected- Tluit it —It was more siictessfiil from a i>oini if a: 'jndance. The candy, fruits an< (lys had to be carefn ly divided that 11 Til? .hililreu present might recciv< I gift. Wl 'ipve loll children had beei ixpeci.^d. aiiout :Uiil came and as a re- iiili there was hardly enough gcioi hiiigs to go round. Captiiin Iliillei jasi'.l hi- estiiuaie of ihe aiiendar.ct m thai of ye ;ir wheii about 7. •hlldien appeared fur Ihe riiristin:!.' n:at. Houbling iht- expectancy. (•;ip ain Ihiller ihoiiglit. wciiild be a safi stiuiate. P .Tit he was uii-laki'ii. Thi hall at .Mad!.~oii and V.-.tinut stree' was fll!*"!! an hour before ihe eNerel.* began and peuple were luraeil awa; for latk i;f ro (;i:i. .\ fine liif.gram was given by ihr members of ihe army Sunday schoo classes, after which Sahtff Clau.s ar rived and the dlstrlimtiim of present- began, li was a h;<|)py time for thi >0 !>rcr rliiidrfn i -f the city and the njoycil Ihe treat ininien.^ely. Kver.' chiid rocf'ivrd a treat, though not a '.urh as was intended each fhoulr ave. . The children who took part in the .vrr :.'ii 'e3 were trained by Mr-*. Witt••V .'e 'll have to make differsat ar ranpenients next year.'" Coptain But-/f cr said Saturday night. ••Our hai' imply woiildn't hold them, ihat'j? all it F .eemfi to me that a mayor's Christmas tree, such as was given in Kansa- City, would be the solution cf the proi em. It would have to be given in P larger hall than we have, too. H.« suggesting that he tree be called.ibt 'mayor's tree" doesn't signify that thi Army would give up the work. Tht corps could help just as much then af under the present arrangement." Cantain P.utler expecis to leave to- lay for a visit with friends and rela- 'ives in Kaw City, Kan. Visiting at Cherryvale- A- p. Williamson and fami'y a -r here from lola visiting his father, W H. Williamson, and -Mrs. Williamson'f mother; Mrs. L. Beal. -Mrs- Williamson will be here several days.—Cherryvale Republican. To and From Chanute. Misses May and Catherine Denn:.' returned to lola .today after vlsitint their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.M M. Finch. • • • Misses Annabel and llary Woodward returned this afternoon from visiting in lola.—Ctaanutf Tribune Xew York. Dec. 28.— Two men were painfully injured, one perhaps fatally, and the lives of a score of men, women and children endangered In a Are In 'a three stoiy frame bulldins oh Third avenue and "Sixty-seventh street in Brooklyn early today. Charles Tucker, a young man who lives with hla parents on the second floor, carried his twelve year old Invalid islster down the smoke enveloped stairs to safety. Fire Lieutenant Jareck was left on the third floor after hia',com^ ades had been rescued. Fireman James McCrone and James McCue rushed up the ladder after Jareck. While bringing him down the ladder broke, hurling the three men tb. the sidewalk- Jareck is believed to be injured internally. NEW OFFICERS GO IN Masons and Eastern Star Hpid Joint Installation.—Have Oyster » Supper. Saturday evening in Masonic Tem- n'e the Royal Arch Masons, Chapter -Vo- 8. the A- F. and A. M. and Salem Chapter Eastern Star, hrtd their annual installation of offtcerfi. After he Instalatlon cerpraonles an oyster supper was served to the members of the three orders. The following 'were Installed for the Royal Arch Chapter: High Priest. T. E. Oliver; King. Ous '<rannleh; .Scribe. T. H. Trontman: -;. of }{.. L. L. Ponsler; M. 1st V., 3. F- Rogard: 2nn V., Warren Bott: M. .Ird. v., G. R. Canatscy; Secretary, Travis .Morse; Sentinel, H. C. Plich. For the A. P. and A. .M.: Arthur Morrison. W. .M.; T. B. Oliver, 8. W.; L. Ponsler. J. W.; George R- Bow- " 'us, Treas.; J. E- .lones, Secretary:' •irivie G-niatt. S. D.; Guy Pees. J. D.; "ha-s- .M. Reynolds, S- S.: G. R- Cato- •ttsey. J- S.: H- C. Fitch. Tyler; W. •.. Bartels, Paul Klein and M. O. Rob- . =n.«!on. Tnistees- Offlcers installed in the Eastern •?tar were: Worthy Matron. Mrs. A. P. Bevler; 'Vorthy Patron. Mr. J. B- Kirk; AssocI- • tte -Matron, Mrs- McMillan; Secretary. Mrs. A. L- Ellis; Treasurer, Mm. B. Kirk: Conductress, Mrs. W. Z. . Sanies: Associate Conductress. Mrs. , Wm. R. Starks; Arab. Mx8;-James Mo- viurrey; Ruth, Mrs. Oscar Nunn; E«- . her. Mrs. Schell; Martha, Mrs.ROBR ; rialbome; Electa, Mrs. J. B. Jones; Warden, Mrs. M. O. Robinson: Sen- Inel. .Mr. Fitch; Chaplain. Mrs. Chap- nan; Marshal. Mrs. DeShears: Plan-' ;st. Mrs. S. A. Coffman. OPENS m OFFICE Diamand Dick" Located at the Cat. aracL—Will Remain Here Psr^ , y manently. •I D-- Geo. B. McClellan. better known -8 D"Iamond Dick," has decided'to locate permanently In this dly .an* ~ "las opened his offices on the second noor of the Cataract hoteh Dr. Mc-. . Clellan Is one of the> most Widely known physicians in the United States ' ^ having practiced medicine Ik UiJity- ' H| nine states In the pa -t quarter of a. y> •;enturyy <^*rhe doctor has always nude -M it a tVe to give bis servicpatreely o those who were unable tO; piy nd. irobablv has more friends amoas thJa ^-'i >lass of people than any other luutwn l f^'fii physician. He has a large ojpiber'Of friends and patrons In the city witb;'. will be atad to welcome him hick to^ Ms old haunts. .-^ ':J^ Jailor Hoover Kerr Hem*.- \, ::|^ Jailor Hoorer Kerr retiiraedr yefr ' terday afternoon from QtvieitUn^. whe^ he spent Christmas wit Ives. '•• Henderson Cass, The ease of the State derson of LaHarpe, !a° a Jury In JustioB ItonA'i afternoon, .^miinm the thel^ of K iitaiik

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