Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 8
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em out The Only Real Clearing Sale! The Grand Barc{ain Event of the Season. The Sale You Have Been Wailln j for.. NOW GOING ON! Were you at the Globe last Saturday? If you were you saw that people know a good thing when they see it. We sold 500 pairs of Shoes Saturday. There's plenty more left, but you'd better not wait too long—the best go first. Look in the I,OST—Between lanyon Center anA , First U. EL chorch La Harpe. gold- .watch and abort ebaln witb pearl bom •charm and iblUala S. P. S. on case. Finder leave at La Harpe postoffice. GEO. W. McQRAW who for the past two winters has sold patent medicines-from a wagon on the streets in lola, returned this morning und will open up business again. Mr. McQraw . is an heir to a large) estate which-is now in litigation and which when par- • titioned will make him independently rich. The estate is now in the courts. JUDGE W. A. Thompson returned to . bis home in Garden City today after making a few days visit here. WM. CUNNINGHAM, of Humboldt, Is In the city today. CHAS Boehl has returned from a hunting trip through the southern part of the state. windows, consider the decisive reductions on clothing and furnishings; you'l! see why our sales always succeed. r store Ogtmn To^nlghi un^ WltO'elook. Come down and look If Over Lmrgemi Distrlbuferm of GMMugla the State. Stereo; Pltteburg, Weir City, WlehMm, Ma. NO ASSESSOR TODAY COUNTY ASSESSOR NAMED ON WEDNESDAY AT 1 O'CLOCK. ~ Commissioners Room and Court j • House Corridor Looked Like a Convention Hall Today. The county comnilssionors will announce the appointment of .a county assessor "Wednesday at one o'clock. The appointment was to have been made today but some of the canili- dates were not able to make the show- irig to the commissioners today ih?^- wished to and the time was extended. The commissioners' room and the cpfridors of the court house resemb!- ed a convention hall of a caucus all ipominl. Several of the candidates }iad a large number of friends on the ground working for them and littlc! groups of men were ssen here and there over the court house with heads Close together in whispered conversation. Henry I..ambeth. of Moran. had a particularly large following, a 'number of men from Moran and La- tHarpe being here in his intorest. •Frjends of Chas. Schaffner. E. J. ^Schwartz and J. Tit.,Napier and other ;candldates were a'so in evidence. It :wj ^8 said by several Democrats this morning that had it come to a vote today E. J. Schwartz would have been appointed. He is said to be groomed ais a compromise candidate. One of the Democratic commissioners is said to; favor Chas. Schaffner and the other Mr. I-ambeth. There are about • eighteen men who want the office. A feature of the approaching appointment is the interest of the citizens. Many leading men, not prompted by the mere desire of seeing some friend land the job, but who recog- • nlze that the oifive is a very iniiwrt- ant. one. are going to the commissioners and requesting that they exercise great care and deep considon-- . tion in the appointment ATTEMPTED TO* ENTER STORE. A. fi. Mnmnia Found Broken Lock on Store Door. A. G. Mumma, proprietor of the Iowa store, reported to the police yes' terday that some one tried to enter his' store last Saturday night by prying open the back door. Yesterday moiling when he came down he found that the lock on the back door had been tampered with. It is believed that a burglar was frightened away while trying lo enter. ALL TTATEB KOITE. Orand Theatre TO-MGHT. 'k Soldier^s Sweetheart' A Comedy Drama in Four Acts. Lower Floor 20c. Ualcony 10c. A Few Bargains In Dried Fruits and Hreakfast Foods. 2 lbs. Kins IX Api'les for 2:.c lbs. 60-70 I'runi's 2r>c 3 Crown Raisins, per ilj 10c 4 Crown Raisins. 2 lbs 2r)C Seedless Raisins, 2 lbs 2.'iC Currants, per package 10c Seeded Raisins, 2 packages 2oc Hrcakfast Foods. Dr. Prices Food, per pkg 7J Life Food, per pkg 7c Korn Kinks, per pkg. 4c X Cel 0. per pkg 13c Ralston Hominy Grits, per pkg. ... 8c Sco»ch "Quaker Oats, per pkg. ... 12c Call up 'Phone 308 or 301 and we will deliver the goods. Fryer Bros. FIND KEID GllLTY. Coroner AppcalH tin* t'aso to IHstrlct I'ourt. Dr. David W. Rold, county coroner, who was arrested In East lola on December Sth Dy Olllcer Hoy I'hillipa, on the ciuuKe of being iuloxicaled and u.sing profane language, was found guilty in police ctnirt this afternoon, lie was given $ri and costs on the charge of being Into.xicated and $3 and costs for the use of profane language. Tlift defense did not imt any witnesses on the stand. Immediately after Judge Collins' decision. Attorney Apt arose and said that tlie defendant wish ed to file an a])peal bond. Dr. Reid's attorneys expect an accjuitial in district court. The city used four witnesses, Harve McGuire, Policeman Roy rhillips, M. .M. Smeltzer and W. M. Smith, all of whom said that in their opinion the defendant was drunk. Jlr. McGuire isaid that he did not hear the conversation between Phillips and the coroner and could not say as to the use of language. ^ Mr. Smith said on the witness stand that lie was arrested by the defendant and was put in tlie charge of a liy- ] slander who later released him. For what reason he was arrested Mr. Smith said that he did not know. Judge Collins made the bond $100 which Dr. Ueid gave at once. Dr. Reid was represented by Attorneys John F. Goshorn, Ua.xter D. Mc- Claln, T. M. Hyde and C. H. Apt. F. J. Oyler represented the city. BOWEN WILL RECOVER. SC.VXTLIX KOAD CHEAP. AnoUier One Is Opened Between Boston and Xew Y«A. Boston, .Ian. 6. —A second all-water freight route between Bosotn and New York will begin operations today with the sailing late this atfernoon of the new 4,000 ton steamship Bunker Hill, of the New England Steamship company's line. Th«- ewill be three sailings wekly, on Tuesdays, Thursdays an ^Saturdays, from each city. The new; company was', organized after a . serifes Of conferences between leading Bostpn merchants and officials of the New York. New Haven & Hartford RallVray company, the marine department of which the New England Steamship I company controls the three vessels -which will be used in the service.. Besides the Bunker Hill, the Stealnships old Colony and Massachusetts have been assigned to carry out the Schedule. The new company recently announced a cut in- freight rates of 25 per eeat^which was followed by an equal reduction by the opposition, the Metropolitan line. Bill for Opening Tliroe jfilc Boad IVa.^ The county commissioners are this afternoon allowing the regular bills. The?' got but little done this morning as they were annoyed by people who Were electioneering for candidates for county assessor. This afternoon they allowed the bill for the Scantlin road in the south part of the county. The bill was for $84.80 which Is regarded as small for opening a three mile road A BISHOP'S OFFICE DOWNTOWN. A Detroit Prelate ^Believes Preachers Should Get Into Public Affairs. Detroit Michigan, Jan. G.—Bishop Charles D. WS'llams. of the Episcopal ! diocese of Michigan, has opened a I downtown office. "\V^y should not churchmen take as much Interest in public affairs as anybody else?" asks the bishop. "I believe the man who Is an advocate of one kind of righteousness ought with equal energy seek all other forms. Partisan politics are the , curse of municipal elections. The on- I ly place for parties In city affairs is In nonpartlsanship—^paradoxical as that may sound. I believe In municipal ownership. It is conducting for the people and by the people what is essentially their own." FLAT RATE FOR BEET 3IE\. Growers In (3ardcn City District Ask .More fur Siloing. WORKS AT 124 YEARS. Remarkable Employe In Constantinople School Boskbindery. I/mdon, Jan. 6. —^The lancet's Constantinople correspondent writes that the local press claims that no other country produces so many cases of extraordinarj- longevity as the Ottoman empire, many of which were proved <?n sbstantial testlfony. He onotes as such the case of Hadji Ralf, fiving at Kent Baghtche, who is 124 years old. and'has been in the lxx>k bindery at the military school of Pau- dacaldi for eighty years. His father died at the age of 142 years. Garden City. .Ian. 6.—The indications are now tliut iho sugar comiiany wUi continue to pay the beet growers for their beets at a Hat rate this soa- s<)n after the manner that has been em|)loyed since the erection of the fac tory in IStm!. A conference was held her betwen General .Miinawr Gillespie and a committee, ai)|>oiiiti'd l>y the srowers association and all ilie points in the contracts over which there might bo any difference were thoroughly di.scus.sed. One of the main qitcstions di.s(u:-sed was that of sioUng. The growers ask , ed that the.v be jiaid 50 cents a tou I for siloing beets, the rates made in some of the Colorado factories. The>"j slated that the shrinkage of the beet J amounted to nulte an appreciable per jcent and wished to ge* pay for this as iwell as for the work. Mr. Gillespie hel dlhat" twenty cents for siloing In •the Garden City district compared favorably with the fifty cents at other ; points further up the valley on account of the difference in the work done. In the mater of tare.'!, teh growers contended for smaller ones and asked that they be allowed to trim the beet in a cone at the top instead of square across. In reference to the taking of the tare. Mr. Gillespie said the company wfjuidbe glad to have the growers install a check taremaU at each station. The growers will j meet In Deerfield and dlscuRs tbe questions. One of the callings of a newspaper jis to do good. The Register helievea ithat if it can assist those who are out [of work to find positions that it will be doing a great deal, so commencing at once. The Register will hereafter until due notice is given, publish situation wanted ads three times free of charge. Deserving are invited to taka advantage ot this opportunity, A telpgrum was received bore this; nfternoon from Miss Howon from To" poku that her brother, Dc 'Ibert Howen., a member of the junior class of the. lola High School, stood the operation i nicely and the chances for his recov-! cry were excellent. Delbert was tak-i on to Christ'.s hospital at Topeka Sun-J day to undergo an oper.ttion for auj ai)scess. Delbert has many friends here who wish him a speedy recov-; ery. ' ANOTHER RIPPER CRI.ME. Berlin Child .StablK>d by .Mysterlon.s assassin. Merlin. Jan. C—Another mysterious "ripper" crimo was committed last nlsht in the suburb of Char'iotlenburg. A little girl four years old entered into the hallway f)f a house and was fatally stabbed in the abdomen. She was injured in exactly the same.mai;- ner as tliat employed by a man who last July startled the city by serious Htabbings of young children. No trace of the criminal has been found. THE SONS and Daughters of Justice will meet in regular session on Thursday evening. AI .u4MEDA Jones, daughter of H. H. Jones, of 302 North street, la quite 111. AX EXCITING race was held at the roller skating rink Saturday night between WUter Nigh and Stewart C'app, boys about foui:teen years of age. They made the circuit fifteen times and Nigh won out by a lap and one-half. Nigh was on racer skates and Clapp on steel rollers. The lati ter claims he could do much' better ^ on racers and a contest is being arranged for when the boys will wear the same kind of skates. TELEPHONE TOUR WANT ADS. TO THE REGISTER OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register receives ads for its want ccHnmhs over the telephone, hut expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the hills are too small to warrant the expense ot a collector. Telephone your want ad tb either phone. No. 18 or 222, and ft wil» receive careful attention. MORE PUPILS ENROLLING. Winter Term Opened Today With Many New Pupils. School started again this morning after a two weeks' vacation with in^ Increase In the enrollment Plvie n^ws pupils were enrolled in the hitfltf school, making the total enrollment one hundred and twelve. Twenty five new pupils were enrolled in the grades during the vacation and a num^ ber riiore today. The new Bassett school building was used for the first time this morning. PILES CCBED IX 6 TO 14 DATS. PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case of itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. Before Inventory Sale! Ends tomorrow evening. Tuesday is the last day of the greatest bargain event in the history of our business. Remem^ ber the special prices last but one more day. If you haven't been to this sale, now is your last opportunity. Special prices in every department in the house. Ladies' TaHored SuMs at Half Price. All Furs and Coats at Big Reductions. Special prices on Shoes and Rubbers. Table Linens and Dress Linens at special prices. All Calicoes at 5c a yard. Woolen Dress Qoods and Sllki at the lowest prices ever quoted by us. Remnants at one-third off of original prices. Comforts and Blankets at big reductions. Everythiif io Ihe hoose |oes; come iomoirow to the greatest of all siiesl

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