The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 28, 2001 · Page 50
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 50

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 2001
Page 50
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IB SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2001 THE SAlilKI/sWrCDUmAli DAYTIME April 30-May 4 AFTERNOON 2:00 13 Movie {Wed)(2:15) "Fearless" (2:05) 75204192; (Thu) • * • "Babe; Pig in the City" (1 ;40) 8431222; Christopher Lowell BS Talkbacl< Live m M*A*S*H ED Wind at My Bacl< m All Eyes On: Destiny's Child (IWon) Road Home (Tue) MTV News Now - Keepin' It Real (Wed) Real World/Road Rules Extreme Challenge (Thu) Cribs (Fri) BD Picket Fences E Whose Line Is It Anyway? S KablamI SB In-Line Skating (Mon) Snowboarding (Wed) PGA Golf (Thu-Fri) Vintage NBA (Thu) Big Event: Kentucky Derby Week (Fri) GS) Angela Anaconda ED Pensacola: Wings of Gold EB Wonder Woman (Mon) Manlmal (Tue) Twilight Zone (Wed) Viper (Thu) Allen Nation (Fri) 60 Pet story EB Movie (Mon) "Deadly Medicine" (2:00) 827566; (Tue) "A Child Lost Forever" (2:00) 334062; (Wed) "A Strange Affair" (2:00)761192; (Thu) •••"A Killing in a Small Town" (2:00) 250609; Q] Movie (Wed)(2;20) • * "Reckless Ranger" (1:00)3890260; @ Decorating With Style 09 Wedding Story Eg Americana Outdoors (Tue) World Championship Fishing (Wed) Off the Wall (Thu) Motorcycle Racing (Fri) L.A. Law Hits From the Street Cristina 16566 Brotherly Love Power of Attorney Mexico ~ One Plate at a Time (Mon-Thu) Sunflower Journeys (Fri) (S) 700 Club (7) Judge Joe Brown <13) 7lh Heaven (27) National Enquirer's Uncovered TCM Movie (Thu) **• "Auntie Mame" (2:30)9674319; TMC Movie (Tue) **% "Finding Kelly" (1:35) 2088807; (Fri) (2:15) "Dominion" (1:45)96523723; 2:30 Q Clifford the Big Red Dog O Magic School Bus a Cosby Show (Mon-Wed) Q Sunflower Gardener (Mon) New Jewish Cuisine (Tue) Sewing With Nancy (Wed) Joy of Painting (Thu) Hands On: Crafts for Kids (Fn) fO Movie (Mon)(2:45) •••14'The .Way We Were" (2:05) 85268653; (Wed) (2:45) *** "City of Joy" 2:20) 38252685; M*A*S*H DJ for a Day Win Ben Stein's Money Hey Arnold! NBA Fantastic Series (Mon) New Addams Family Twilight Zone (Wed) Pet Story You're Home Wedding Story Texas (Tue) Snowboarding (Wed m Movie (Wed) * • • 'The Carpetbaggers" (2:30) 867173; GS Growing Pains (S Power of Attorney W Painting With Paulson (Mon- Thu) Healthweek (Fri) 7) Divorce Court 27) Inside Edition TMC Movie (Mon) ** "Apt Pupil" (1:55) 2441363; (Wed) • • 'The War at Home" (2:05) 91703734; (Thu) • ** "Get Real" (2:00) 193357; 3:00 Q Zoboomafoo Q Inside Edition 0(13) Magic School Bus (Mon) Action Man (Tue-Fri) Q Batman Beyond (Mon-Thu) Detention (Fri) B Salina Aglow Lighthouse (Mon) Postcard Show (Tue) Victory Hour (Wed) Reducing Rubbish (Thu) Understanding Bible Prophecy (Fri) ~ Family Matters (Mon-Wed) Clifford the Big Red Dog Jerry Springer 44996 Hollywood Squares (T) Judge Hatchett fQ Movie (Thu)(3;05) • • "Buddy Buddy" (1:40)28411703; la Movie (Mon) "Pink Cadillac" (2:02) 87332160 (Fri) ***Ji "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" (2:01) 367617 la Movie (Wed) 'To Face Her Past" (1:37) 219840 (Thu) "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege" (1:24) 708357 IB Movie (Thu) 'Three Kings" (1:55) 688154 (Fri) ••'The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" (2:28) 287568 lEJ Hollywood One on One (Mon) 52223818 Movie (Tue)(3:20) "Deal of a Lifetime" (1:40) 96920888; @ Great Chefs (Mon-Thu) Eplcurl- ous (Fri) EB News Site @ Cosby Show BD Beverly Hills, 90210 (Mon-Thu) M*A*S*H (Fri) ED My Three Sons SB TRL SB Movie (Mon) **'/, "The New Maverick" (2:00) 174127; (Tue) "To Protect and Serve" (2:00) 529246; (Wed) * "Marshal Law" (2:00) 439163; (Thu) •*'/. "Laguna Heat" (2:00) 590970; (Fri) ** "Probable Cause" (2:00)954177; IS Movie (Mon) •* "Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" (2:00) 8246127; (Wed) * • "Weekend at Bernie's II" (2:00) 8430531; (Thu) ** "Bachelor Party" (2:00) 8407203; (Fri) **'/, "Up in Smoke" (2:00)8301075; Gallagher: Overboard (Tue) EQ Rugrats Snowmobile Racing (Mon) X- Games Classix (Tue) Life (Wed) Ei Walker's Cay Chronicles (Mon) Inshore Angler (Thu EH Goosebumps (Mon-Wed) Edgemont (Fri) Movie (Thu) * "National Lampoon's Men in White" (2:00) 673222; Tour of Duty Quantum Leap Emergency Vets Baywatch Market Wrap Movie (Tue) • • * "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" (1:35) 7821994; (Wed) (3:20) • * "Beyond the Sacramento" (1:00) 8927531; (Thu) (3:10) * * 'The Tower" (1:30) 7946574; ^ Decorating Cents W Trading Spaces S NASCAR Victory Lane (Mon) Off the Wall: Core Culture (Tue) NASCAR Tech (Wed) Off the Wall (Thu) Big 12 Showcase (Fri) eg Murder, She Wrote at Rap City: Tha Bassment Primer Amor 43450 Movie (Mon) •**'The Three Musketeers" (2:00) 367295; (Tue) "A Touch of Class" (2:00) 745642; (Thu) (3:15) *•* 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (1:45) 30950406; (Fri) "Paris When It Sizzles" (2:00) 109655; — So Weird Arrest & Trial Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Rosie O'Donnell 3634 _ John Hagee Today 5) Curtis Court 7)Montel Williams 61818 10) Oprah Winfrey 29214 127) Family Feud TCM Movie (Tue) *-k*'A "The Gazebo" (2:00) 2637555; (Wed) **•• "Man on Fire" (2:00) 2604227; 3:30 BO Wishbone g lS](27)ToTellthe Truth 1(13) Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Q Batman Beyond (Mon-Thu) Generation Ol (Fri) Q Salina Gymnastics Team (Tue) Spirit Revealed: The Blood of Jesus (Thu) a Clueless (Mon-Wed) [Q Judge Judy fQ CT) Drew Carey fg Power of Attorney d Movie (Tue)(3:35) • * "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1:45) 39703178; (Fri) (3:45) ••'^ "Protocol" (1:45) 15141297; fg (3:35) Movie (Tue) "Love Songs" (1:41) 85596710 (Wed) "Conquest" (1:32) 5433598(3:35) (Thu) *•/, "Nothing but the Night" (1:30) 85535609 fQ Movie (Mon) * * • "A Perfect World" (2:17)549363(3:45) (Fri) "Icebreaker" (1:33)60729094 lO Movie (Mon) •*•*• "Strange Days" (2:25) 446837 (Tue) • • * • 'The Big Chill" (1:43) 4309081(3:45) (Wed) ••14 "Back to School" (1:36) 52769918 EO Movie (Mon). ,•••!« "Field of Dreams" (1:50) 88883295; (Thu) (3:40) •• "Committed" (1:40 89468661; (Fri) "Gunfighter (1:40) 49403162; © Great Chefs of the World (Mon- Thu) Epicurious (Fri) Cosby Show M*A*S*H (Fri) My Three Sons Rugrats _ Cycling (Tue) NHL Cool Shots (Wed) EQ Advantage Adventures (Mon) (3:45) ESPNews (Tue-Wed) World of Saltwater Fishing (Thu) EE} Big Wolf on Campus (Mon-Wed) Edgemont (Fri) EB Emergency Vets QQ Movie (Mon)(3:40) ••14 "Diamond Head" (1:50) 43541943; (Fri) • •• "The Happening" (1:45) 3893704; ffi Country at Home (Mon) Furniture (Tue) This Small Space (Wed) Room for Change (Thu) Awesome interiors (Fri) ^ Snowboarding (Wed) World Sgprt (Fri) Famous Jett Jackson Dragon Tales Rod Parsley (5) Curtis Court TCM Movie (Mon) • * • "Goodbye, My Fancy" (2:00) 8485721; TMC Movie (Tue)(3:35) • • i4 "Backtrack" (2:10) 14318178; 4:00 BCldJ Reading Rainbow BQ] Family Feud 0(13) Power Rangers Time Force B Pokemon (Mon-Thu) Pokemon: The Johto Journeys (Fri) B Smoky Hlil River Festival: Dan Keding (Mon) Salina Prayer Breakfast: Dr. Tom Osborne (Tue) Special Programming (Wed) Union Soup (Thu) Oh Sayl (Fri) B 7th Heaven (Mon-Wed) (4:15) Tenth inning (Thu) BlfB(ID(27) Oprah Winfrey 17011 52419 64363 11837 @fE] Rosie O'Donnell 52491 55653 is Movie (Tue) • •'^ "In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory" (1:37)595246 m Movie (Wed)(4:20) • • "Snow Falling on Cedars" (2:10) 53669802; @ Your New House ffi Inside Politics ^ Full House m Beverly Hills, 90210 (Mon-Thu) Auto Racing (Fri) m ALF ^ Gallagher: The Maddest (Tue) w Rocket Power m NBA Inside Stuff (Mon) NBA Today (Tue) Kentucky Derby Draw (Wed) &i ESPNews (Mon, Thu) Jimmy's Outdoor World (Tue) Sportsman's Quest (Wed) Horse Racing (Fri) EH S Club 7 (Mon-Wed) Edgemont ED Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Star Trek Wild Rescues Designing Women Walker, Texas Ranger Market Wrap _ Movie (Wed (4:20) ••^ "Winds of the Wasteland" (1:00) 9242192; eS Kitchen Design (Mon, Wed, Fri) Bed and Bath Design (Tue, Thu) gj Hometime (Mon-Tue) Home Aaain (Wed-Thu) Home Savvy (Fri) W Bluetorch TV ^ Magnum, P.i. m Primer impacto ^ Jersey (Mon-Thu) Famous Jett Jackson (Fri) m CilHord the Big Red Dog M(7) Judge Judy OS Praise the Lord (5) Inside Edition (10) Curtis Court TCM Movie (Fri) •••li "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (2:00) 7976297; TMC Movie (Mon)(4:25) ••• "Starting Over" (1:50) 82447721; (Fri) "Game Day" (2:00)614297; 4:30 B Zoom B(5)(10) Jeopardy! Q(13) Digimon: Digital Monsters B Pokemon (Mon-Thu) Cardcap- tors (Fri) B Wild About Kansas (Thu) B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Thu) BCDCn) Arthur fQ Movie (Mon)(4:50) **'/, "Punchline" (2:10) 23110382; (Thu) (4:45) •• "I Love You to Death" (1:45 34414203; IQ Movie (Wed) ••• 'Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1:42) 5827598 (Thu) • • % "Space Truckers" (1 ;36) 5887970 ^ Full House m ALF @ Celebrity Undercover (Mon-TJiu) Real World (Fri) eg U Pick Nicktoons ^ Up Close (Mon-Tue) El Snowboarding (Mon) Freeride Motocross: 2000 Compilation (Tue) Water Skiing (Wed) Wakeboarding (Thu) iSH .Two of a Kind (Mon-Wed) Edgemont (Fri) ejB Wild Rescues ^ Designing Women Bl Movie (Tue)(4:35) • • 'The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1:45) 50539159; (Thu) (4:40) **'A 'The Crowded Sky" (1:50) 50586067; ^ Homes Across America (Mon, Wed, Fri) If Walls Could Talk... (Tue, Thu) 09 Hometime (Mon-Tue) Home Again (Wed-Thu) Home Savvy (Fri) m Boy Meets World g Family Feud ^(7) Judge Judy TCM Movie (Thu) ••• "Bells Are Ringing" (2:30)4197929; TMC Movie (Wed)(4:35) ••)5 "My Father, the Hero" (1:40) 57171918; (Thu) •• 'The Last Word" (1:35) 4766951; 5:00 B Between the Lions B a IB fa fB d) m (5)(7)(io) News O Simpsons B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air B 4-H Purple Ribbon Winners (Mon) Legislative issues Meeting (Tue) Special Programming (Wed) Dennis Patience Sermon (Thu) Undivided: Let it Rise (Fri) B Full House (Mon-Thu) (5:15) Tenth Inning (Fri) OO Zoom fEI Movie (Tue)(5:20) • • • "American Hot Wax" (1:40) 45424352; (Wed) (5:05) •• 14 "The Jewel of the Nile" 1:55)66372314; IS (5.05) Movie (Mon) ••',4"With Honors" (1:40)81599905(5:05) (Wed) "Club Land" (1:47) 82672598(5:15) (Thu) •• "Mixed Nuts" (1:37) 64680970 (Fri) ••!« "Harlan County War" (1:43)834758 IB (5:15) Movie (Tue) ••• "Go" (1:43) 67283284 (Thu) "Switchback" (1:58)990715 fa Movie (Mon)(5:20) •• 'The Quest" (1:40) 12500498; (Thu) (5:20) • •* "Blind Date" (1:40) 28138154; (Fri) (5:10) •• "Dudley Do-Right" (1:20) 26063636; Movie News (Tue) Wild Discovery Roseanne X-Files (Mon-Thu) Happy Days Direct Effect (Mon-Thu) Rockford Files Saturday Night Live Pinky & the Brain Sportscenter Snowboarding (Mon) Inside Drag Racing (Wed) Auto Racing (Thu) Bassmasters (Fri) EB Two of a Kind ED ER EB Hercules: The Legendary Journeys « Animal Encounters Golden Girls Walker, Texas Ranger Edge _ Movie (Wed)(5:20) •• 'The Sign of Zorro" (1:40) 10832444; (Fri) (5:15) •• 14'The North Avenue Irregulars" (1:45) 10727568; ES Gardening by the Yard (Mon, Wed, Fri) Rebecca's Garden (Tue, Thu) 48 Hours Preps: Chicago Hoops Night Court 106 & Park: BET's Top Ten Live El Blablazo Hollywood Lives and Legends _ Smart Guy (Mon-Thu) Lizzie McGuire (Fri) (S Access Hollywood m Wishbone (13) Home Improvement (27) Jeopardy! TCM Movie (Tue) •••>; "Gilda" (2:00) 8638915; (Wed) ••'-4 "The Road to Hong Kong" (2:00)2933127; 5 :30 B B Nightly Business Report -1[1](27) NBC Nightly News Home Improvement Married... With Children Love Unity Saves (Thu) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fQaS ABC World News Tonight [2](5 )(10) CBS Evening News CBS Evening News (Tue-Fri) l£] Movie (Fri) • • • 'Throw Momma From the Train" (1:30) 5857902; fS Movie (Tue) • • • "Throw Momma From the Train" (1:26) 780081 la Movie (Tue) • "Wild Wild West" (1:47)865710 Moulin Rouge: First Look (Fri) IB Movie (Wed) ••l4 "Deep Blue Sea" (1:45) 3960802 (Fri) ••"Nick of Time" (1:29)782278 on Movie (Tue) •• 14 "Strictly Business" (1:30)8463062; Money ine Newshour Roseanne Auto Racing (Fri) Eil Happy Days ES Real World (Fri) Catdog ES Life (Mon) Motoworid (Tue) RPM 2Night (Wed) NHRA Heat (Thu) Show Me the Funny Planet's Funniest Animals Golden Girls Business Center Movie (Mon) ••• "From the Terrace" (2:30) 305856; B3 Landscape Smart (Mon, Wed, Fri) Ground Breakers (Tue, Thu) ^ Last Word (Mon, Thu-Fri) Preps: Chicago Hoops (Tue-Wed) Newsradio Noticlero Unlvision • Boy Meets World Wishbone Zoom (13) Cosby TCM Movie (Mon) ••',4 "Our Miss Brooks" (1:30)8480276; TMC Movie (Tue)(5:45) ••l4 "A Siniple Plan" J2:15) 67639826; 6:00 BBdDUll Newshour With Jim Lehrer B B10 la fB CS (3 a3 )(5)(7)(i o)(27) N^ws Frasier M*A*S*H _ Coyote Weekly (Wed) Salina jlow Lighthouse (Fri) Family Matters Real Sports (Mon) Movie (Fri) **'/, "Star Trek Generations" (1:58) 768636 IB Movie (Mon) *if% 'The Outsiders" (1:31)246837 Wild Discovery EB Fresh Prince of Bel-Air NYPD Blue (Mon-Thu) ED Rescue 91 1 . ES MTV Video Music Awards 2000 (Mon) Ultra Sound (Tue) Diary (Wed- Thu) Real World (Fri) EE) Miami Vice EB Daily Show 8049585 S Hey Arnold! EJ RPM 2Nlght (Mon) Stanley Cup Playoffs (Tue-Wed) Big League Challenge (Thu) To Be Announced (Fri) ES Stanley Cup P ayoffs (Mon-Tue, Thu) To Be Announced (Wed) RPM 2Night (Fri) EB Step by Step (Mon-Wed, Fri) Major League Baseball (Thu) ED Pretender EB Babylon 5 EQ Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files EB Intimate Portrait EB JAG This Old House S Secrets of Forensic Science (Mon-Wed) Unnatural History ~ Mythical Beasts and Monsters (Thu) Bizarre Phenomena (Fri) SS Totally NASCAR (Mon, Thu) You Gotta See This! (Tue-Wed) NBA Action (Fri) ^ Law & Order m Caritade Angel 15740 S) Three Stooges 03 Movie (Mon) "Up, Up and Away" (1:24) 820769 (Tue) "Hounded" (1:32) 2618197 (Wed) "Under Wraps" (1:35 2677840 (Thu) The Other Me" (1:30 2644512 Even Stevens (Fri) dD Doctor to Doctor (Mon) Jentezen Franklin (Tue) TBN Special (Wed, Fri) Dino (Thu) (13) 3rd Rock From the Sun TCM Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home To (Fri) TMC Movie (Fri) •',4 'The Inkwell" (2:00) 861278; LATE NIGHT 12:30 B (12:36) SCTV (Mon-Thu) (12:36) Christian Scientist Church a Cops B Parent 'Hood (Mon-Wed, Fri) B Caroline In the City B Wall Street Week (Fri) B Politically Incorrect 7353791 fQ (12:36) Entertainment Tonight Mon-Thu) (12:38) Entertainment Tonight (Fri) la Movie (Mon)(12:40) •• 14 "Psycho II" (2:00) 2498623; (Wed) • • • "Panic in Needle Park" (2:00) 8752715;

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