Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 7
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Tira^WLA-DHHf MMmM,mmAi wmmQ.rumaw «. im The Only OMMkm How On In Full Blast at the Popular Mce Clothiers Outfitters for Men and Boys LET PEOPLE DECIDE BaOey Says He Is Ready to Take StubiM at HiM Word. Attaclson, Kas., Jan. 6.—Ex-Covor- nor W. J. Bailey was interviewed yesterday afternoon as to what he thuu^ht of the proopsition of W. R. Stubbs for .primaries In the counties to select >^del»gate8 to the state convention and "•said'. "I will not presume to dictate or suggest how the difTerent counties shall elect their deleRates to the state convention. I will leave that to the republican organisation in each county. I amwilllng to take .Mr. Stubbs at his word and let the i)eopIe settle this matter'of naming a governor, lie has been before the public almost constantly for four years, having Iteen vpn^e stump as a lecturer very often rUhe pftst year. His advantage lies in ' the fact that while he has been before the public, I have been attending strictly to my own private business affairs, except for the time I spent in the last campaign for the state liciiet. But I am willing. If he will do so. to remain at my desk and let the repul)- Ilcans of the state settle the whole question. "There will be no chances to make any deals at the state convention since every candidate except that of governor Is serving his first term and will be renominated by acclamation. Then what is the use of the beating of tom-! itoms and arousing the passions of the iriends of the candidates against each . other? Let Mr. Stubbs, myself and any other candidate remain at home, and allow each county to select its state delegates either by primaries or in a convention as the local organization decide upon, and there will not be cause for any explanations after the candidate Is selected." TOPEK.V CLIB IS FOK S.ILE. Shlrely Says Dick Cooley IN Iteady to Sell Out Si. Louis, Jan. G.—D. .\f. Sliiv .'ly, president of the Western Ra .se Hall .Association, arrived in St. Louis last night and held a conference with John McMahon and Claude Martin. Martin was asked what brought Shively to St. liouls. "Ho is on his way to Cincinnati to see IJarry Hermann, president of Uu- National l>ase ball commission," siiid Martin, "and dropped off liere Ions enough to assure .McMalum and niy- Sflf that ff we were anxious lo entir the business ttie Topeka franchisi- of the W 'osliTU .Association could be se- curt»d at a reasonable figure. "Dick Cooley, the former St. Ixiuis pla.ver, is the owner of the Topeka ciub, Shively told us that Cooley was anxious to dlsi)ose of the i)lant. liick played for Chris Von der .\be when he owned the Browns and afterward wore the Philadelphia imiforni. He was with George Tebeau's Louisville .American Association team last season." Martin did not come to :i ly conclusion in the matter, but wi! likely announce his purpose within ;i few days. For \»9.t and quickest results nye the Re«rlster Want Colnmns. GOT PENSION AFTER TEN YEARS IIHV.W .MIST WAKE 11' X Conneeticut I'olllieian Says There Is • u Veniueradr I'lan to Heat the • >'el >ru .<<kan. Oy SECOND THOUGHT. Washington. Jan. •:.—.\noihpr conspiracy has lit-en found, this lime by! In Carn'tt. Iml., every man who t'oiont'l Alexander Trouji of Connec- joins the Baptist ehnrch gets a suit tieut. who arrived In WashlnKlon last of clothes. Still, wh.-n you stop to night with a report that uliU-ss .Mr.' consiiler that th«" water is very cold llryans friends got on the tiring line' and that the Baptists put converts immediately there was danger <if his clear uiid>r. you will doubtless f«'el falling to obtain the demo.^ratli' noniiii tiiat a suit of clothes Isn't enough. allon for president. | Coloii.-I Troiiii. manager f..r .Mr. | One of the Christmas presents sent Bryan in .New Kiigland. declares that to the <:ast<ms was a irroup picture democrats with corporate atliliatious of a family of relatives who are good Junior Dejjaxrtnment jStoire Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies th" intention of the '() slight iviv'j'dy. To{)fka Ow!s in .New York are plannin;.; secretly to undermine the iiiovenicnt to nominate llryan and tluie Is grave (humer that they will succeed. He lielhvi s that the National Democratic cliiti in .\uw York is playing the principal part in this conspiraiy and cites the fact that p.'oplc. lint not i'sp «Tially showy or 'i-.iiant. Yon may think the idcture if: lieing liisplaytd on the piano or the mantel, but It isn't. "The new crop of girls coming on I it' Tojieka." said Ho<l Berner yester .Morgan J. Olliien. friend and legal I ,jav. ".ire certainlv peaohi's." Mav adviser of Thomas K. Ryan, is to make • s„ u„, noticed anvthing speeciies at the club in opposition to wron:; with the crop that is alreadv Bryan. here. "It is cliarged that the fiuht against j Bryan W.1S iiegun at the meeting of the { .\r.irri.ige is the one sentence on national conimitlee here seveial weeks a -iipl, vou receive nothing off for Stanchfield of New ' PHICE OX ORE (JOES IP. Condition!) Greatly Improved In 3IIs- sourUKansas District ^ Galena, Kas.. Jan. 6.—Financial mat ^rs baving improved to a wonderful extent, the new year has started off under very favorable conditions in the .Missouri-Kansas mining district. Encouragement of a substantial form has been offered the mining corn- Mrs. A. J. Garfield of Bronson, Receives $960 Back Pay. Adilda J. Garfield, an aged and decrepit widow at Bronson, Kas.. hns jitst received a windfall in the shape of |!»fiO back p?nsion and a pension of $,S a month for the future. The claim has been hanging fire In the jiension office for over ten years, but Congressman Scott finally got favor able action. ago by John 11 Y'ork. who attended the me.'iin'.; of the committee on a proxy from .\ew Hampshire. Colonel Troup says that during the secret session of the committee Mr. Stanchfield offered a resolution providing that no delegation of the convention should be lH )und by the unit rule. In the i>ast it has been the practice in democratic national convetitions to vote delegations from each state as a unit. The ip.-:oIiition offered by .Mr. Stanchfield would upset this practice and would leave delegates free to vote as they chunse regardless of the withes of tl.e .-tate leaders. "The only piirjiose of this re.^olu- •3fioii b-havior. M'e have noticed that the husinps.=? of the man who has time to decide which ne'cktle h«» ought to wear is never very rushing. .Never naving seen Mrs.; Ci)o!:e, we iltriini- to e\pres.s any oiiinion .-is ;o wl' the If.-v. Jer:> Ki^oile Cixike was jit;;tifiecl. j B is announced that the jliquor traffic in Ceorgia ceased at midnight last night. But haviifj: livitl iJiany years in a prohibition state, we are willing to bet it didn't. .As we un-i'iiitanil the situation it is going lo be some time before the barbers are set to work on the long white beard of the incubator baby case. Boston Corbett. slaver of .Tohn Wi'ke.s Booth, has b^en discovered again. This is tlic first time .Mr. Cor- has been discovered for more than a year. For 1908 You Will Want Calendar Pads Calendar Studs. >'ew: Blank Books. IttToice Bo«ks. We hare the goods. Onr prices are right. Come and see as. Evans Bros. Book Store If it is absoltitely necessary to have a motto on the $]0 pold pieces we suggest this one: "Hard to get and still harder to keep." | In aildition fo other peculiarities. TopeUa is |>roI)abIy the only town in the cotintry with a club called the I "Bon Ton Buddies." — .f. E. House in WHEATON TO LEAVE lOLA. jtion." -said Coiotiel Troup, "is to nii"k( the defeat of .Mr. Bryan more certain by abolishing the unit rule and Icav- ia:' tile delegates free to act." Former Grand Manager to Go Kansas City. (Chanute Snn.> Ch.%s. H.. \\Tieaton was in Chani!te y.-sterday morning on his way to the south, and stated that he intiml ed locating In Kansas City. He sold to' ^'<•r best ami (|uirki>st result-i use the Keirioter WixwX Colonius. WOULD FINE EXPRESS CO.'S F.-iled to File Amounts of Salaries .and Other Information. We note by the telegraph that Pn-s- 'dent .Tohn Mitche'l Is at Excelsior ^ - . Sprlnus and will remain three weeks. both zinc and lead ores. Durini: the j to G. H. Lynch of Proscott. Arizona.] I'ni-ed State.-;. A.lams and .American j fnder the circumstances. President past week lead ore advanced $.'. i)er|who will open the house as soon as | Express coniptini.s f^iibd to file^ »he; Mitchell is entitled to our synipaihy. panles in the increase in the price of 1 his on the Grand Theatre at lola I I.incolii. .Tan. I.—.\ne;;ins; th.nt the D.nver'v; bid was not. however. thi= j Capital. on'y high one ever made for a Demo- • cratic convention. There was the one | The easte<rn experts have picked made by H^-nry Gassoway Davis in The scientists have done pretty well but it is still impossible to learn to play a violin by mail. The Populists will have a meeting and decide what to do. We have no ! ersoiial int?r {Rt. in the matter, but we sug::est that they mark the grave | in some sttitabic at that. an -AIl-.Anierican footb.ill team. .And considering the fact that the Eastern experts may have seen the western teams play, they did fairly we'l. Girls ar,-> being ailvised to marry round faced men. They will do if. too unles.s the thin faced men gel on the ground first. \\1ien a short man takes a notion way and let It go''" niarrleil. the first lliiiig he doe.s is to pick out a ta'l woman. .\)n In price and the basis price of Zinc ore has advanced sulflcietitly to iSesult In a resumption of operations »t a majority of the mining plants which have been shut down uince the beginning uf the financial flurry. The highest price paid for zinc ore during the week was $39 per ton for a lot of 64 per cent ore. The basis price of CO per cent ore was firm at from $35 to $3 G ' per ton. Lead ore prices reached $45 per ton. RECOMMEND lOO-FOOT LOCKS. he has faraliiarized him.seif with th.» i amonnls of salaries of officers and ths booking contracts made last summer. Wlieaton Is under indictment for th" usse's and llabilitii's with the Nebraska State Rjiilwav ('mnniissiiui. Cotin- Isthmlan Canal Commission Reaches Cnanimons Decision. . Washington. Jan. G:—By nnanimoiis decision the isthmian canal comtuis- slon will recommend to the secretary of war that the locks on the caiiul lie constructed at their present projected width, namely, W) feet, holding that this will be am|)le for all coir|imercial shipping for years to come. If. however, it is the judgment of the navy department aud of the president that the proposed width be increased to 110 feel, this can be done at reasonable cost, and it Is believed without danger of structural weakness. The suggestion for increased'width originated with the navy, where among some of the officials, the opinion prevails that his may be necessary to meet naval developments in increased beam of war vessels of the future. alleged crime of causing the death ofi'y .Attorney T.sreil t^iday filed a penal .Miss Maude Reilly by a criminal op- j suit askins thai the fine provided by eratlon. tl.e statntes be imposed. You are pretty smart, serio-comic singer? Wniat is a We gather from the list of persons who attended the party that it wasn't The Kansas .Medical society ha.« nd(>pt;>d a nsoliition endorsins Surgeon Cenera! Kixey. .A nntuber of f)tber important things have recently been arconiplisheil. We have ti'itlced that wlien a man stay<-d up fo watch the oM year out. It is a sign that a woman stayed up with him. If a man really wants to tjnlt he doesn't have to wait until Januarv- 1. —J. E. House in Topeka Capital. BIG MILLS TO REOPEN. Orders for Thousands of Tons Being Received in Pittsburg. Early ^-^^^ Morcdng Comfort r-1 A touch o( 4 much an4 the welcome heal ii radtatiag^ from ffae** PERFECTfOl Oil Heater y > iwiTH SMOUOU KWCC* ' The Aniomattc SmoVeleu Device prevent! all imoke and imcD and maket it impoMtble to lura ihc^ wtck too high or too low Cuiranieed. «k U pnc«.< in ikn. k>_ tM. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WUTP . and ask emphatically. Do so throng the Register's want columns. If Tott want an employer or an employe* you can find him in a harry it you take thU course. The Register will tel.i. your wants to many thousanda-of peor' pie an quickly as yon can tell Uieni' personally to a dozen people. Tou can't afford the slow way. i • \ VERY small part of the solar, eclipse might have been seen in lola'; yesterday. W. J. A. Schoppe says. if. the sun had not been hidden by the- Pitti^burg. Jan. C—The big .Tones & Elouds. According to the almanacs.- I -iiiJhlin s 'eel interests today serv-/the eclipse was on.the other side-of the earth and the best place to bava, seen it would have been a few miles FOR SELLING WHIKKEY. A Chuote Jfin IK Fined II .OUO and Uiren S«0 Days In JalL Chanute. Kas.. Jan. 6.—L. J. Hawkins Friday afternoon was fined |i.umi and given a jail seujence of 360 days by Judge C. S. Nation upOn the charge of violating the state prohibitory law. Only three of the four cases against hini were tried. Haf kins will appeal to the supreme court. TO CUBE A COLD IK OJTE DAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tableta. Drugglsta refund money If it talli to cure. E. W. GROVE'S lig- nat«r« ii on Mch box. 26c To take the sharp edge off an appetite that won't wait for meals— To sharpen a poor appetite that doesn't care for meals- eat Uneeda Biscuit So nutritious, so easily digested, that they have become the staple wheat food. In aunsturt and dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY / ed notire to workmen, as a New Yea-n greeting, thai on January 12 the im niense shoe mills which have b?en j clo .sed down for some time, would resume operations. Vice I>resi;ent Willis -t?. King, of the Jones i- Latichlin interests to ni«ht ?aid the firm was doing this h?- cause it considered the iron and steel business was picking up. The .American Bridge company has cosed a contract for 12.000 tons of fitiishei! steel castings for its fotin- dry department. Durinc December the orders taV:en by the company ac- gri'gateil ^.'i OOn tons, making a total for the year of tT.'.orifl tons. The nalfiniore and Ohio Railroad company has jilaced an order with the company for 2.10 tons of bridge work, while th » I ^Tckawanna and Delaware and Hudson each placed orders for seventy-flie tons. The Reading' Kailrt^ad company has awarded a contract for l.otXi tons of structural ma- ter'al to the McClintlc-Manshall com pany. TO DEFEND ACTIOX. Earl Yarmonth I>oe<i >'ot Want «Jr»nt Alice Thaw Divorce. to London, Jan. 4.—Solicitors of the Eurl Yarmouth whose wife began a suit for the nuUinration of her mar- rlaee have given nofl<-e that they jiro l>o-e to defend the anion. The-ease will probably not be heard for several weeks. ride from the Pacific coast, extending -southeast ward from the northern coast of S<juth America. Try a Want Ad. IB tbe Regbter. TROOPS AT MU5CIE Twelve Companies Gathering to Qalet the Strike. Muncie. Ind., Jan. 4. —^Twelve companies of inafntry are gathering bera under orders from Governor Hanley to maintain the peace. Cars t>egan running on the schedule this morning and there was no disturbance early in the day. ' WILL APPEAL CASE. Mrs. Bleakley Given "Incubator Baby" —Mrs Barclay Will Continue the Case. Topeka. Jan. 4.—^In a decision banded down here today. Judge Fotlockot the United States Circuit CourL. announced that the court had no Jurisdiction In the "incubator baby" caae. This leaves the child in cbuge of .Mrs. Charlotte Bleakly, tbe mother. .Mrs. James Barclay who waa^glren the child by adoption paper* at tbe gt. I^onis world's fair, wiU appeal to the United SUtes Federal Court For best f(Mk!»i nailti ue the Register Waat Celauu.

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