The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 26, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 10
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10 THE IUKER8FIELD CAUKOUNIAN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1938 Sen"a Battles Japanese Sharpshooter at Arena Boxers Tnnglc at oonls More Tonight T^KKSH from n xenpatloniil one••• round knockout vlctoo' over Frankle Hnnvn Ht Stockton TIIOH- day nifilit, Maurtcto Hcrla, Filipino bantamweight HCiipatlon, ha« con- el ml od training for hi* 10-round bout hero (anight wffli Hedo Wata- nnbe, Jnnnnoita ImntamwolRlit. Serin IB living up to prediction!* rondo by JOB Corloa, Ills manager, who has Mated IIP will innko boxing l«nn forget about Clover Hondo. IVatanabo hclil Piston Iforlgurhl, Tokyo collcRlnn and reigning Henna- tlon of Japan to a draw. Tlio Japanese boxer IK after a title nhot. Eastern promotom are dickering for tho •Winner of thin fight to moot Blxto l&Rcobar. Is t'ndcfpateil Sorla 1* undefeated ulncn ht» arrival In tliIn country. .Tea Gorton who brought Speedy Dado and IB- nacln Fernandez to America frocly predict* that Serin, will bo a greater •onuatlon than either of his other two boys. Only tho fact that Serin, lion not been In California for a year, which Is tho ruling of tho California Box- 'Ing Commission, prevents him from fighting for the state title. I low- •ver. In tho meantime, Serla plans an active campaign which wilt ultimately lead to, not only the state title, but also a crack at the bantam•weight championship of tho world. , Legion In Sponsor Tho American ]>glon ban backed the main event with a strong supporting card and It appears as though boxing li duo for a comeback in this city aftor a long absence of professional cards. Tho opening preliminary Is scheduled for 8:30 o'clock at the arena, on Twentieth and V streets. *•'» Wayne Strombaugh on TaftJVLat Card TAFT, Aug. 28.—Wayne Strom- baugh, who has confined most of his activity locally to that of mat arbltror, \*ill return to tho mat Thursday evening with the world's junior middleweight champion, Tset- sura "Rubber" Htgtma as his opponent In a two out of three fall match. Strombaugh In his last local •appearance beat Yukon Jake Jack- van. In recent matches in tho south- land 1m has triumphed over such hendllti" stars as Ix>rd Lansdowne, Earl "Wildcat" McCann and Sammy Kohen. Hlglma, deiplto the fact that he puts his crown on the block nearly every time he takes to tho mat, itill retains the title won in 1984 from Steve Nemoff in Honolulu. WRESTLING TOMORROW NIGHT •HO •'Clock All-Stir Card Otubta Main Evtnt •ikusfliM Stadium NlncUtnth and V 8tr»«t§ Flnt Main Innl—Tw* Out ot Thnt F.I I. Tm-HMir Tlmt Limit Tbt Mask Marvil Th« ilint, rauih. tenth unknown. >t III Pen nit vi. Hangman Canttnwini Of ClnclBBitl. Ohio. 1h» reuihMt kit man In th. vtrld. at »• MUMi. Tk» Mtikttf ••• will »rtkibly |(t hit inuk Ukin tit M hi U ll«li| away IM mtnj Mun<l m< with tM rauih • »>•». MctM Main CwM—T« Out •( ThrM f»IU O-MlnsU Tim. U»lt Stm Strilloi An Hi finrtU tnH • .folk ol H.lljrwMg, •I ItO »oun«t. vs. Abia Galdbart M th. ol Nnr York, tt Illrtunti. Thto k«vt will pnbakly itttl tht ihiw u bftth kty. ar. |M4 antf ct.v* want, ta n«*•« hlxoll h.r« In Baktrtfl.ld. frtllnlnary—On. Fall—Tw.nty.Mlnut. Tim. Unit Lea Papiano Th. R.uih-haaii Gr»k tl Salt Lak. City. •I 200 peundi. vs. Mays McLain Th. Indian a«y ol T««ai, at 212 »ounai. ThU will aa a what, ol a bant Both atyt art reuih and touah. All Maltha. Snn<or.« ay OUablid An.rlcan V>t.ram ol World W»r. Bikirlllttd Chailfr N.. 20 0urk Buchanan, Matchau)..r NOTHING TOO GOOD FOR HIS PAL Prloi: Rlntlldl. 11.10; BalMny, 7Sr Central Admliilen, 40c. ladle, and Chlldrin OMupylno Mlneilde Stctx. eftc, Including Tti. BcaU on tale at jimmy Bow«n'« Snoeker Pir- lar; a, BlacMr; II T.).n Het.l; Whin Marfcl. Bnratr Shop: H. B. Gleedln Clear Stand: H. 0. Wtlltay Cigar Star.. IM Baker Strut: Waytld. Inn. Ph.n. M-R-2. r.ur Corn'", wni Patch and B. 1 B. Clear Blind. Tall. For M.xrvatleni Phon. 21J or 1235. Spot, the stable mascot, s«cms to be enjoying the carrot for which his oWner, E. J. Baker of St. Charles, 111, is making Greyhound Htrctch his ne«k. The great gray gelding recently set a world three-heat record at Goshcn, N. Y., where he won the 1935 Hambletonian on the Good Time track. League Leaders (Anoclnlfd Pren Leaned Wirt) AMERICAN Batting — Averlll, Indians, .386; Gchrljf, Yankees, .382. Iluns—Oohrlg. Yankees, 142; ach- rlngor, Tlgors, 121. Runn batti-d In—Troslty, Indians, 128; Qehrlg, Yankees, 120. Hits—Avorlll, Indians, 187; Och- rlngor, Tigers, 179, Doubles—Qehrlngor, Tigers, 44; Walker, Tigers, 42. Triples—Averlll, Indians; in Mag- Rio and Rolfe, Yankees. 13. Home runs—Oohrlg, Yankees. 40; Trosky, Indians, 35. Stolen bases—Lury, Drowns, 28; Werber, Hod Box, 20, Pitchers—-I ludley, Yankees. 11-8: Pearson, Yankees, tO-B. NATIONAL Hatting—Medwlck, Cardinals, .371: Mize, Cardinals, .303. Huntt—J. Martin, Cardinals, 102; Ott, Giants, 05. Huns batted »ln—Medwlcli, Cardinals, 122; Ott, Olants. 107. Hits—Modwlck, Cardinals, 186; Domareo, Cubs, ICO. Doubles—Mcdwlck, Cardinals, 49; Herman, Cubs, 45. Triples — Camilll, Phillies, 12; Goodman, Reds, 11. Home runs—Ott, Giants, 27; Klein, Phillies, Berger, Beus, 21. Stolen bases—J. Martin, Cardinals, IS; 8. Martin, Cardinals, IB. Pitchers—Lucas, Pirates, 11-3; Hubbell, CllanU. 10-0. «.» DOVGII FOR I>I MAOGIO NEW YOH1C, Aug. 20. (U. P.)—.loo Dl MaKgto, brilliant rooklo outfielder of tho New York Yankees, has signed a contract for theatrical appearances, radio broadcasts and movie performances after tho current baseball season ends. Fanchon and Marco, theatrical producers, announced tho contract today. »«» L. A. WINS UALL TITLK BI8MAHCK, N. D., Aug. 28. (I'. P.)—Los Angeles, by virtue of Its win over Seattle today was named baseball champion of tho western section of the American Legion. The California toam won Us final gamo yesterday, J4 to 1. Cantonwine Roughest Man in Country is Declaration "DUCK BUCHANAN Bays Hangman Cnntonwlno, who wrestles horo Thursday evening, "Is tho roughest man In tho world." If this statement Is Bomothlng more than tho usual hyperbole of tho Ideal Impresario of mat rodeos It moans Mr. Cantonwino really Is rough, for wrestlers mako a specialty of this sort of business. Cantonwino will have, for Illustrative purposes, the person of a Masked Murvol on which In bis bone-cracking propensities. The Masked Marvel Is not tho kind of a porson to allow bin bones to bo bout without taking umbrago and some or tho Hangman's rough spots may bo knocked off during tho course of the evening. Tho two meet In a main event. Stove Htrnllch and Able Goldberg arc appearing In a aeml-windup, which may bccomo tho big event of tho evening's card. Stevo has sot an all-time popularity record here. Loo Paplano and Mays McLaln are matched in tho openor. George Raft Buys Himself a Boxer (United J'ren Leaned Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 20.—George lUift, debonair screen star, has announced liu had purchased tho contract of Peto Uo Urosse, Indian featherweight boxer from Buffalo, N. Y.. and placed him under tho direction of Ma Gray, veteran manager. Do GrasHo has been a main eventer for several years and still Is ranked as one of I ho country's leading featherweights. His first !>out under tho Hnft bnnner will bo ngnlnst Wally llally of Los Angeles at Hollywood Legion Stadium next month. Haft is tho second film sta'r In rerent week.s to ncqulrn a financial Interest in a prlws fighter. .Several days ago Al Jolxon bought the contract of Henry Armstrong-, recognized in California as world's featherweight champion. HAKIt WINS I'OHTLA.VD, Ore.. Aug. 26. (A. P.) Former heavyweight champion Max Baor slapped bis way to an unimpressive nix-round decision over Cecil My art, LOH Angeles, hero last night. Baer weighed 219, Myart 210V». Brollior Buddy Baer, 240, knocked out Bill Dcvcre, 200. San Francisco, In tho second round of their alx- rnund match. Automatic Driver to HUGolf Ball In a demonstration open to the public and free of charge, a machine will drive, putt, chip and even X-ray Bolt balls Sunday at Slockdale Country Club. Tho unique machine will appear this year at only 4 per cent of tho courses In this country and Al Seunor, Stockdalo pro Is gratified by securing It for his club. Tho ilpmonBtrn tlon'will take about two lioui-H and will do everything to a golf hall but tnko It apart. Sonnor announces he will start girls' classes In golf September Ifi and this year will innovate women's classes. The girls will play on Saturday and the women on either Wednesday or Friday of each week. nKTTERIDGE WINS LOS ANGELES. Aug. 26. (A. P.)— Bill BPtterldgo hit a winning paco again last night and a bevy of midget auto pilots trailed him In tho 40-lnp feature at tho Atlantic speed way. Taking tho lead from Bob Ware on tho fourth circuit, Botterldgo finished In 11 minuted 47.7 seconds. Warn was second, Johnny Kelm third and Mutt D'Amoro fourth. Ware won consolation In tho three-lap trophy dash, copping It In 61.1 seconds from Betteridgc. Joe Hiestand Breaks His Extra 75 Without Single Miss ( \mufitttet Preti Leaned Wire) •yANDAUA, Ohio, Ang. 28.—The • v "little fellows" had their Inning today at the Grand American trap- shoot In a 200-target, 16-yard race for class championships, but the "talk of the town" still centered around the Tuesday performances of Mrs. Lola Hall and Joe Hiestand In retaining their North American clay target titles. Winners In six classes, from the "dubs" to the experts, were decided today, as well as tho team race, In which five men from each stato battled for tho national laurels. Mrs. Hall, blue-eyed, 119-pound No. 1 citizen of tho 144 residents of Strasburg. Mo., provided most of tho fireworks In yesterday's show. She broke 196 out of 200 clays from tho Ifl-yard lino, the greatest mark ever mado In the battle for national feminine honors. Hlcstund, tho Hillsboro, Ohio, farmer boy, repeated his performance of a year ago to win tho men's championship. Just as In 19S«, he broke 199 of 200 to tlo with three others for the lead, and then beat them In the shoot-off. Goes Straight Through Halo C. Jones of East Alton, 111., tho "champion of champions," fin ished second with 74 of 75 as Hel- Btand went "straight" through tho 75 extra targets. West Beats East The western team of 10 defeated tho east by 33 targets yesterday, avenging a defeat suffered a year ago. Tho east broke 1895 of. tho 2000 targets, while tho west snared 1928. Old Gridder Will Try Out for Team (Afioctated Trent Leaeed Wire) BERKELEY, Aug. 20.—William Loano West, 20 years ago star right end on University of California's "wonder team," Is back at school do termlncd to play varsity football again. The 40-year-old athlete, who says ho Is Cherokee Indian and Irish, stands 0 feet plus and weighs 226. Ho wants a tackle position. West left tho university as a sophomore to go to war and In recent years ho toured the country lecturing on physical education. Ho registered from Savannah, Ga., as a Junior student. Coach L. B. "Stub" Allison said West has two years' eligibility. "I'll treat him like any oC tho kids," Allison said. "On my team tho beat man gets tho first string positions, West will be put In whore he stacks up." "1 may not make the varsity," said West, "but tho boy that beats me out will sure have to work." .PIPEFUL' JIM DAY CUCCESS of John Kovacovlch, ^ Kern county's record breaking outboard motor pilot, Is not without a parallel here, for, residing in tho county is another famous rootorboat pilot, Ralph Snoddy. While Kovacevlch has achieved success as a pilot of outboard motorboats, artlcularly Class F runabouts, Snoddy bag attained distinction as a pilot of racing hydroplanes. ' Incidentally a hydroplane Is not a flying boat nor is it a seaplane. The typo of hydroplanes raced by Snoddy was equipped with "steps," the under side of tho hull having BO mottling the appearance of a three- stop Inverted stairway. Under speed these craft "ride up" out of the water on the last step. Snoddy achieved International distinction, and that is no hot air, at Los Angeles, Palm Beach and Southampton, England, In motorboat races. Wins Duke's Trophy Rated among one of the greatest trophies won by'Snoddy was that donated by the Duko of York, a gold and bronze symbol of a racing motorboat. Snoddy set a world record for hydroplanes of the "151 class." His greatest fame came to him for his daring and successful manipulation of the wheels and throttles of "Miss Los Angeles" and "Miss Rioco" and "Spitfire." It was at the wheel of tho hydroplane Spitfire that ho won the Duke of York's trophy in England, making a clean sweep of the racing field at Southampton. Arvin Racer's Plans Returning to Kovacevich again, the Arvln racer has told me that he plans to enter tho national championship events at Oakland on September 13 and has purchased a new motor for his specially designed hull. We certainly wish him luck. Sea Going Town It seems odd that Bakersfield, certainly within the category of inland towns, should be the home of two famous motorboat pilots, yet they live here in the county. Living Inland Is no handicap tor Kovacevlch—he transports Ills racers all over the western sea- board In a trailer. He even brought his latest boat to the office to show to me. MEADOWS SAYS NATIONAL AIR RACES WILL BE WOW Cecil Meadows, superintendent of the airport here, calls attention to the national air races set for September 4 to 7 at the Los Angelos Municipal Airport, formerly Mines Field. Though events have been known to lag in their sequence at air races, the speed trials, once under way, furnish one of the most spectacular exhibitions of all- sport. As a stubby-winged bullet-bodied plane spills the atmosphere into a throbbing roar, rounds a pylon In u. vertical baiilc and whips back Into its racing traverse, the old spine transmits au electric thrill. Y TEAM IS CHECKED AFTER 18 STRAIGHT After winning 18 consecutive games, Including some away from home against valley giant killers, tho local Y. M. C. A. baseball squad has finally been checked In its phenomenal spurt. Ideco severed the succession of victories here Monday evening though the official scorer reported the losers were not barred from protesting tho outcome, Irrespective of this "angle" the IS-game succession of triumphs was a remarkable one and tho Y squad is to be congratulated on its brilliant play. Pistol Pointer Fishes Pistol Pointer O. G. Heckmann, assistant chief of police and active hero In making local officers competent pistol allots, has recently returned from a vacation at Klamath where he transferred his attention from the "rod" to a rod. Fishing was not so good, the officer reports. Though Klamath. is a famous fishing district, Heckmann was at the river at the wrong time. He has now put away his bamboo 'rod and lias hooked a steel "rod" to his Sam Browne belt—back on duty again. -PREVENT FIRES IIKUUAKEK FIGHT ! HAN FHANCISCO, Aug. 26. (U. P.)—Phil Brubaker, Dinuba heavyweight who retired temporarily because of hand Injuries and a defeat at tho hands of Jack Bharkcy, former heavyweight champion, will make a new bid for ring honors Sup- tember 11 when ho meets Ford Smith, Montana, at Dreamland auditorium. NAMED FOR JESSE OWENS DOS PALOS, Aug. 26. (U. P.)— Jesse Owens cried lustily today. Ho Is tho 1-day-old, 8-pound son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Owens, Dos Palos Negroes, who named him In honor of tho Olympic horo. Manfredo Obtains Draw in His Bout f UMtcA 1'rcgi Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20.—Al Mnn- fredo, clever Fresno boxer, saved bis state welterweight'title from passing into tho bands of Able Miller of Los Angeles last night by staging a tenth round rally to earn a draw in their bout at Olympic Auditorium. The hard-punching Los Angeles Hebrew started fast and jolted Manfredo In tho first, but the Italian came back to take the next two rounds through outboxlng Miller. The fourth was even, as the two stood in the center of tho ring and slugged. Manfredo weighed 148 and Miller 143 pounds. Fish, from either fresh or salt water, Is said to be morn digestible than any other form of flesb. Card Machine Is Nearing Collapse (United I'rets Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 26.—St. Louis great Cardinal baseball machine, In the process of slow disintegration for six weeks, iieared collapse todaj just at tho beginning of the stretch drive for tho National League pen nant. Dizzy Dean, tbo ono dependable pitcher on Franklo Frlsch's mound staff, Is ill. Worked moro than any other pitcher In the circuit, tho great Dlz had to call for relief at fhe one of eight Innings yesterday. His younger brother Paul, suffering will a sore arm most of tho season, la through, having applied for volun tary retirement for tho rest of the year last night. GASOLINE ALLEY One Way of Winning By KING ere MOSS. WITH NINA IM H\S CAR. BACKED OUT OF A PARKING SPOT AND CKEBZIVC RAMMED HIM WITH K\S TRUCK. ARE COIMG TO SETTLE IT WITH AKi •IM01AM RASSLE"— LOSER PAN DAMAGES AMD APOLOQlZe. CHAMPION IMDIAM Glenn Service Maintains Winning Streak Here in Wild Rout CHELL OIL smeared Anglo Bank, ^ 5 to 2, at the,fairgrounds last light with a crowd of more than 600 :fana in the bleachers. This main event tilt was the first of the Open League play-off series. Shell, unner-up for the past two halves n the National Open, will repre- ent this loop, 'as Norwalk has for* elted. The Anglo club was winner f the last -section of th* American Open slate. Glenn Service, meat on the platter or any team In the loop during the fjrst part of tho season, stayed on Its vlnning streak last night when It cnockcd over the Pioneer-Allen Cleaners, 16 to 0. Coca-Cola took. over second place In the Junior when It defeated Kingren'* Service, 10 to 3. Mayer Does Trick Anglo Bank drew first blood when It scored a run In the second and another In the fourth. Anglo then ed tho parado until the sixth when Shell got on tho dime and staged a short rally. Mayer was the hero of the spurt. Roberts and Millette had singled and Purtle walked to "111 the bases. With one out, Mayer smashed a long fly to center field.' Tho ball was caught by Ware who threw to second to double Purtlo with n perfect peg. However, the Shells scored a run after tho out." In the seventh, tho first Shell' man walked and the next two managed to load the bases by way of errors. AVlth bases loaded the next man on tho batting list struck out. Franklo Magren waked to scoro the tleing run. Peavy and Millette then hit to score the winning runs. Mll- letto took batting honors In this game when ho tallied two out of four. Babo and Frank Magren played fine ball for Anglo. Until tho sixth, Shell did not lilt Frank nor get past first. • Only Two Hits The Pioneer-Allen men hit Sprayberry only twice during tho tilt with Glenn Service. Plnetta of tho winners hit a triple and a homo run In three trips, Battistonl smacked a double and a single in four chances and Moccardlnc hit a pair of blngles in four trips to tho plate. Thirteen errors by tho Cleaners helped the Service cause. In the second of the playoff series for tho Girls' League pennant, Mears Lumber will tangle with Coca Cola at 7 o'clock. The first of tho three- game series was won by Mears. At 8 p. m. Texaco and Hogan oilers will hold the second of tliolr Industrial series. ninger'8 Civil War Binger A. C. will hold a civil war starting at. 9 o'clock. Tho Senior Blngers will meet the junior division in what may turn out to be a family battle. Tho llttlo Blnger club has not lost a gumo In 20 starts and tho big team has lost only three games In 22 starts. One loss was to Ideco and two to tho Wheeleritcs. SHELL OIL ANGLO BANK An. B. ir. E. Stone, 2b 2000 MorrlM. ra 3002 H.MRytrren.o 3 1 1 o F. Ml) iron.D 3010 Hudleston.rf 3110 Hersman. 3b 5 0 1 » M. Curry, ph I 0 0 j 0 ]. Rr«t, If SI 0 0 0 I*. Curry, ph 1 0 BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Sudden Avalanche By PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS SUDDENLY- THE FOOTPRINTS ENDED LOW- WE FOLLOWED THEM. NO.TUK/- WHOEVER IT WAS - JUST WENT UP TO THE / SURFACE LOOK OOT'- ABOVE/ THEY CAN BE NO SURVIVORS OF MY RACE, . CAPTA/N-WE DID WOT-ER-, HAVE-AHEM- BIG FEET/ MOST PECULIAR- AWRRRK [ THEN SOMEBODY ELSE HAS LANDED ON CERES-AND SNEAKED OFF WITH THE * DIAMOND; rear?. 21) 4 Milieu. If 4 AH. II. H. K. Pintla. u Mayer. c( K. While. o31 tjhanuilln. p Ijdihart, 3b 2000 8000 0 0 0 0 H. White, rf 8 0 Roberts, Ib 2 2 1 Total* 20 6 4 1 W«rc;cf J 0 Carbon, Ib 2000 Totals 21 3 4 « SINKS DODO KUREKA, Calif., AUK. 26. (A. P.) California's youngest addition to Bolfdom's hole-ln-ono club is 11- ycar-old I.o Roy Dolvln, who has played golf only three months. The boy sank a "dodo" on tho 301-yard No. 4 hole at the Kuroka GolC Club. HOLLYWOOD WINS WICHITA, Kan., Aug. 20. (A. P.) Ability to make moro runs with less lilts kept Hollywood In tho national semi-pro baseball tournament today. The film city team beat Klkin. N. jp., last night, 13-8, although outhlt 16 blows to 11. Peters and Bonnelly pitched for tho winners. AN EXCELLENT MAP OF EUROPE This Is an especially timely offer because of the present critical situation In Spain. All Americans are Interested in these stirring European events, for they remember all too well what happened when Austria precipitated the World War. This large map of Europe*, In five colors, will be found tin invaluable aid In visualizing and undorotanillnK what Is transpiring across the Atlantic. It Is not only a map—it carries tho latest statistical Information es- sontlal to Intelligent comprehension of Europe's tragic happenings. You can get this map only through our Washington Information Bureau. Send ]0 cents In coin to cover cost, handling and postage. Order your copy today. Use This Coupon The Bakersfield Callfornlan Information Bureau. Frederic J. Haskln, Director, Washington, D. C. I enclose herewith 10 cents In coin (carefully wrapped) for a copy of the Map of Europe. Street _. __ City State .'.._ (Mall to Washington, D. C.)

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