Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 5
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8 Baviiig a "Good Time" Many is the young man who imagines he's having a good time, when, if only he'd stop to realize it, he is binding about himself cords of deepest misery and woe. There's a thousand times more real fun In being sober and thrifty and haviog a snug little sum of yoi;r money iu the bank than there is in letting your money slip through 3'our fingers for things yoo cannot afford. We don't expect you to. be a iniser and hoard up every penny, but if we can induce ycu to save even a small part of your inoney and put it away in the bank, the day will come when yon will thank us from the bottom of your heart No .matter how little you have to start with—START WJU Tisit Here. Dr. and itra. Claad Jones from Lakewood, New Mexico, arrived in the city last week and will visit relatives here and at Ida for a short time. Claud has been absent from our town about three years and while changed a very little he has the same congenial disposition that he possessed when a Bcbool boy in oar public schools After visiting their relatives and many, friends they will go to Chicago where the doctor will take a special course In surgery.—Neosho Falls Item In Yates Center Advocate. State Savings Bank CmpiM $23,000 tola, Kanmmm Open from 7 to S p. ra. Saturdays and Pay Nights .-•.4 fine Hand Painted China ut ftacllj mLF PRICE Thl.s is a Tory tine line of ClilX.V and }oo ran not afford to the bar^ain.s we offer. See Window at SPENCER'^ TUK lOLA ICE AND eot0 STORAGE CO. Maanfactarers, Wbotasol* and K«Uul Dealers CRYSTAL IGE And Distilled Water Htm CtM Bt*nge Besiy tw VaslBMS. PkmlM. FliANK RIDDLE. Mgr. •t. JRea] Estate, fnsurance city and Farm Loans I Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any Ume without notice, and in* terest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Louns. Cunningham & Arnett We have on sale winter tourist tickets to mnny jioints .in Sew Mexico and Texas, with final return linUt Jane, im rioase sec for imrUcnIun<, \y. E. KAL.STO.V, Agent- Short Stories lola Happenings —Krauk II. Beattte, V. S., Phone 139. Chickens to Cherryvale. Harry Johnson has sent three coopii of his prize Buff Plymouth Rocks to a big poultry exhibit at Cherryvale. Kansas. The exhibition Is taking place this week and the chances are that Mr. Johnson will win a numbnr of ribbons with hi.s birds.—Humboldt Herald. For the best and iinlcke.<it resnlts Dse the Beglster's want colnmns. Cement Plant Boilers. The Monarch Portland Cement Co. received several cars of boilers and gearing Tucsdaj-. The boilers will be Installed at once If the weather permits. A large force of men are at work and the company Is working a force at night in order to hiirry up the work.—Herald. —Insist on havlnsr U. S. Flonr. Here to Drill. The Humboldt squad of the Kansas National Guard went to Tola Wednesday night to attend the Inspection by Adjt. Gen. Metcalf. The exhibition drill was given in the skating rink. Those who attended were Cleve Tlb- betts. Prank Math las, Sam Mnsgrave, Hawley Braucher, Len Colllosworth. Hanna. Fred Dau?herty and Tom Norris.—Herald. —Always time to eat at the Our Way. Brick Men Met. Wm. Campbell was In lola Tuesday attpnrting a meeting of the LaHarpe nrlck company, which lost Its plant by fire several weeks ago. The company Is In (lobt and desires to close out Its holilings and liquidate. The meeting was lo sf?e what arrangements could be m .Tilo with this end In view.—Humboldt Herald. — Try Sen Food if vou feel bad. Prc-h from Orcaii.—"Our Way." —Hard Shell Crab. LobsterB. Bine Points. Our Way. Drillhigr Here. Up in Allen county. Kansas, the lola Brick coqipany has drilled one gasser this monlh. It Is No. 2 in 3S-24-18. The I.,umbermen'8 Portland Cement company put down a hole in 25-23-18 for gas .ajOd got a duster. The United Zinc com^iany had like luck In Its No. G venture In the Cllne In 16-24-18 and ia now dillHn ga well on the Shovlllu In 1-24-18. The L.anyon ZJnc company Is drilling oh the Eschbaugh In the .same Hoctlon. —Independence Itepor- ter. Ahoiit Hunk Sule. .Mure rumors regarding the snie of »ho eliwed Klvst National Imnk hiive gained wide elrcuiatlon here. It Is staled iJiut Kx-8tute Treasurer Tom Kelloy and Lieutenant Governor Banna have been dlekerlng for the pur- clutHR of the liaiik, but this rame up some time agn and nothing resulted from It. Sell Them in Lots. Travis Morse of lola. was down Tuesday to sell the Lehman stock of seeds. He could find no bidder for the Slock and will probably he down again soon to sell thpm in lots. There Is a fine sfocJi of seeds which will come handy for some one In the sprinj;.—iiuuiboliit Herald. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steatd fheat in each room. Batbi fr«e. —Drs.|LaUirop. Osfeopnths. Phooe<468 —dign painting. Kred KowOen phone 142& The HumlMjldt Portldnd Work. The Humboldt Herald says: Work on the foundations of the Humboldt Portland Cement Company plant has been going on quite rapidly for the past few weeks. It Is thought that they will be ready for the inspection of the stockholders of the company, which will meet here Jan. 5(h. Work is being pushed on the raw bin pit which will be eighteen or twenty feet deep. The foundation for a large part of the plant are ready for the superstructure. —For Fancy Brick Cream Fruit Tee Cream, Sherberts, Ices or Punch made to order and delivered. Order early for holidays. Crabb's drug store. A Correction. A neat correction by the Topeka Capital's dramatic critic: I herewith apologize to. Miss Moore of the Boston Idea! Opera company. In a criticism of a performance at the Majestic which appeared In the paper yesterday morning I tried to say Miss Moore showed 'verve' in her singing and acting. But the proofreader wouldn't .stand for the word 'verve.' So he changed it and made me say Miss .More showed 'nerve' which, for the benefit of the proofreader, I will say is quite another thing. Miss Moore U a good singer and actress and the paragraph did her an injustice which I regret very much." Get the E'Ifco, the hef^t Sc cigar, at Crabbs. .A home cig;ar. Was Quiet Chrlctmas. Judge .that yesterday must have b.-"en an unusually quiet Christmas as this is the first time since he has held the office of Justice of the Peace, that a Christmas row has not been settled In his court. —^The weather is always fine at Cr:iliI)V. Also the Hot Chocolate. • if ACAZI5ES AXD PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. IIENDEHSOX. who deals with the publishers and furnishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial subscription to Van Norden's, 3 months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye Estimates cheerfully given anoll LOOK AT Oi:U Nickel Plated Ware When ChrlHtnias ahopplng. CJiaflnjj lil «heB. Pcrcolulers, go.'d-IIned Tea BetH, Cuke TruyK, liuking DiMhes. and many other useful and fancy articles. WIMO a fine line of Aluminum Ware. Peery's Brother Dead. n. P. I'cery died at the home of his daiislitfr at Blackwell. Okla., Monday night aftiT an illness of several mouths of tuI)prcuiosls. Mr. Pcery was a brother of James Pcery of Hum- Ijoiiit. anil has a number of relatives living hero. Ho formerly lived in Humboldt but six or seven years ago he wont to California, where he established a fruit ranch and became prosperous. The work was too hard for him however, and he became lU with liver trouble which developed Into tuberculosis of the liver.—Humboldt Herald. —For fine livery and boarding stable lor horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. M'oodxon County Court. Judge I-^ust wag over from Tola and held an adjourned term of the'dlstrlct court the first three days of tbl« week. Most of the cnsei were continued, which concluded tho "Oreamtry CnsoH" and two cates from Neoiho county. In which the Kansas' Natural Oa» company and Jamoa Clegg et al were Intereited. The case of M. E. Johnson et al vs. F. S. Paler et al waa taken under adrlaement, judgment to be rendered at the adjourned term in Januarr-—7 «t«a Center Air#oit«, —Fltagenld Htarage and Tnttntft Co. UooBcboId and piano-moTtngf largest ptore room la eltr* PiMHie 969. Attend Funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Dunfec are in Frcdonia attending the funeral services of Mrs. mmfees aunt who died In San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday. We have 4,000 acres of land In a body In OkIaboma\lhat we can sell for J3.00 per acre. Might take part In trade If worth the money.—^WhMaker & Dbnnell. W. W. Jonee on Hunt W. W. Jones Is at Bushyhead, Oklahoma with a party of firiends on a hunting trip. Mr. Jones found the opportonUlea for the "kodak field" so much, better than those for hunting that he has ordered his kQdak shipped to him at once. —CnDBlngbam * Amett, 6 per cent raonejr. iter Coi^ y«Mai jicUiM ^naascuRE.: Ammt OFFICERS IREE SERVED WEU GEO. FIELDS POCSCED ON PEED- EHfCKSON, BUT BOUXCED OFF. OWJcer Takes Him After a Struggle- Friends of Fields Don't Oliejr Frederlckson. "I'm sorry." This is all that George Fields, a colored man about thirty-five years of age, had to sayj this morning in his defense when arraigned before Judge Hlldner, of Bassett, on the charge of drunkenness and disturbance of the peace. Fields had quite a little to be Borry for too, and had It not been that Officer Frederlckson was very kind to him he would have had more to be sorry for. It waa Christmas whiskey that start ed the thing. Early Christmas eve, .Mr. Frederlckson noticed that Fields had been drinking but thought be would go home and therefore suld nothing lo him. About eleven o'clock Mr. f'Vedericksfm came Into Payne's pool hull oiid found Fields drinking from u quart bottle and fiinnlshlng swuliowH ofithe coutenu to several friends who were present. Mr, Fred­ erlckson told him to quit distributing the liquor and advised him to go home. But Fields "lowed" that it was his whiskey and that he could drink It If he wanted to and that he dkln't believe the officer could arrest Mm. Mr. Frederlckson thought it wa?„ , Jflhn Barle.vcorn doing the talking and not Fields and so advised him again to go home. Finally Fields went out the back door and the officer followed him. Here Mr. Frederlckson attempted to take him into custody. But Fields is six feet tall and well proportioned and he Jerked away and ran into the pool hall again where the marshal placed him under arrest. Knowing that Fields could put up a desperate fight, and believing him to be a bad man, the officer asked some of the colored men who were present in the room to assist him In taking his prisoner to jail. None of them obeyed and one boaated openly that he would not. Then Fields, perhaps encouraged by the attitude of his friends, said, "I'll go and get something that will keep you frcm taking me," aild started toward the back door, the officer in pur- 3uit. Wlien they got outside the building. Fields pounced upon Jim and tried to get his gun. He also attempted to hit the officer with his whiskey bottle. In order to suhdue the man Frederlckson drew his gun and was on the point of striking 1 Im with It when Fields said he would bo good. Once on his way to the locKup Fields made more trouble but waa finally landed behind the bars. | in the calaboose the prisoner tore the Iron bed-stead hito pieces and with an iron bar battered up the building considerably and made threats that he would get the officer. This morning when arraiged in police court he was an entirely different man. He was sorry, very sorry. He idmitted that he had resisted and disturbed the peace, but did say that he had no gun at home as he had Intimated to the officer. Judge Hildner fined him (35 this morning for disturbing the peace and drunkenness. Unable to pay It, he is still in' custody. Fields, it Is said, started to "clean out" a pool hall In Bassett one night several weeks ago. (Contltined frota'page i) i "500 JEE\ WAKTED." To Trap All Kinds of Raw Furs. I am now paying for No. prime .arge each: Black skunk. J1.75; mink, $3.50 to ?4.00; oVossum, 35c to lOc; house cats. 25c to .35c; civit cats 40c to 60c; raccoon $1.00 to $1.25: musk rats, 25c to 30c. Medium, small and lower grades full relative value Come to headquarters for a square deal and highest full market prices. B. S. BARNARD. Horse and Beef Hides, Junk, Poultry Furs, etc, etc.. No. 324-326 North Buckeye street, lola, Kansas. SWEETS FOR THE OPERATORS. And Money, Too, Gifts Frpqi, Tele phone Patroni. of The operator^ at the central office the Missouri and Kansas Telephone company were remembered'by grateful patrons yesterday. The Cockerin Zinc company sent each operator 15 real money and the toll operators were the reclplenU of a shining flve dollar coid piece from the Kansas Portland Cement company. C. E. Nev- ton and Dr. and Mrs. P. 8. Mitchell sent offerings of flne candy. And the report of the remefflbranees Is not yet complete. The Kansas Portland Plpa Line company also sent a gift to the operators. Albert Allen Slek. Albert Allen, the hnsUIng Western Uakm meMeaivr bor who dellrera turned over to a connnlttee for distribution. A feature of this program was the gift of a silver pin In the form of l3nre to each member of the chorus given by the church members. A watch fob was presented to Mr. Boatrlght, the leader of the chorus. Santa Claus also visited the Episcopal church, giving the members of the Sunday School a treat. Dr.' Kmmm gave the children a talk on the Christmas occasion. The members of Miss Hyde's class gave a quilt to. the Orphans' Home for a Christmas present The Baptists had an excellent program at which a fund was raised for foreign and home-mission work. A cantata waa the feature of the program at the U. B. church. Following the program came the distribution of treats to the Sunday school. The program at Trinity church was well attended and a good time had by the children. Af tho Reformed church, there was an old-fashioned Christmas treo loaded wl(h candy nuts for the young people. A collection was taken for the Orphans Homo of tho church located at Butler, Pa. The following Is the detailed pro grams at the different churches: BoptlNt Church The following Is the program to be given at the Baptist church: A. L. Boatrlght, director; Miss Joy Hershberger, pianist. ' I. Voluntary—The Swan Song- Wagner—Miss Joy Hershbergcr. Chorus-^antlque De Noel—Adam Reeltotlon,"The First Christmas" (from Ben. Hur)—Roscoe Jordan. Solo and Chorus—"The Mornlnp Star." Kellog—A. Boatrlght Recitation—Jesus' Plan of Christmas."—^Angle Kyle. 6. Chorus—Light of the World—Gilchrist. 7. Exercise—"The Return of the Wise Men." 8. Responsive Exercise by Superintendent and School. 9. Chorus—"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.—Willis. 10. Exervlce—"The Spread of Christmas." II. Chorus—"The King of Kings"— Coca. 12. Exercise—"Where Christmas Has^ Not Come." 13. Chorus—"The Air Is Filled Wltb Echoes"—Morton. 14. Offertory—Nocturne Op 9—Chop- In—Joy HevshBerger. 15. Chorus—"We've a Story to Tell' —NichoL A collection' for missions will be received; also a donation for the poor United Brethren Church The Choir and Sunday School of the U. B. Church, under the direction of Mrs. N. E. Stone, will present an appropriate Christmas Cantata, en titled "A Counterfeit Santa Claus.' The following is the cast of charac ters: Santa Claus Chas. Ma.' Counterfeit Santa R. H. Bennett Old Fashioned Grandma Mrs. Ston< Grandma Mrs. Joe Wolf Grandpa Ell Sharp< Mother Miss Lliile Adamf Father J. J. Jeffersor Daughter Edna Freeraa: Son (a college boy) Chas. Cortnc' Poor .Mother Mrs. B. F. Adam' Her children....Eva Stillwoll, Besslr Irwin. Bed Time Brigade, Fairies, Collep< Boys, etc. Pianist Miss Ethel Benneti Oaiditi,id « pisr^y vegetable extraGtr .a.fiizapIe, non-intoxicating remedy, reconanended to girls and women, of aU ages, for womanly pains, irregtdarity, falling feelings, nervousness, weakness, -and any otlnr form of sickness, peculiar to females. It Win H^ip^^it Mrs. IS. Beaver, of Unicoi, Route No71," Marbleton, Tenii., writes: "I suffered with bearing- down pains, feet swelled, pain in right side, headache, pains in shoulders, nervous palpitation, and other troubles I cannot mention, but I took Win* of Cardui and have found it the best medicine I ever used, for female troubles," Try Cardui. • AT ALL DBUa STOBSl ary "offering W Shnday School. Distribution of treat for cblldrou. St. lUohn's Church. The following are the sorvieps for Christmas day at St. John's church: ilasses at 6:00 a. m. and 10:r-'> a. m. Both solemn high. Musical program. Adeste Pldells—Choir. Farmers' Mass in B Flat, by the Misses Nettle and May Brlgham, Mary Murphy, Gertrude Sutcllffe, Rose McCann and Joseph Murphy., Offertory—Oh Holy Night—Adelph Adam. Solo by Miss Gertrude Sutcliffe. Hymn—"Angels We Have He.ard." Orchestra accompaniment—1st vi olln C. L. Dickerson, 2nd violin Miss May Peterson, clarinet, Fred Canatsey. Sermon at 10:30, Mass. Christ, the Great Emancipator. A cordial invitation to you is extended to attend these services. No vespers in the evening. St.'TIniethVa Epilacbpal Church. There will bo services and sermon tomorrojc morning at 11 o'clock. Sub- jtTt of srrmon, "WJiat God Requires." The Christmas music wl.'l be repeat! <'d. Miss Gladys Jones will sing for I the offertory. Solo, "One Sweetly ' Solemn Thou.cht." Sunday school at 9:45. All are cordially Invited. REV. J. D. KRUMM, D. D. Orphans Well Remembered. These people sent out donations to the Orphans Home yesterday: Mrs. Oscar Foust >5; S. R. Burrell, Jo; police force, fS; Allen Center school, ?11; Mrs. Barnes, Kansas City, f2; inknown friends, $2; Deer Creek school, $7.50; Odd Fellows lodge. So: Oakland school, $2; Mission societ}-, "^arlylc, |1; Mr. Moore, toys: Presbj-- lorian Guild, hose, books, candy: J.'r. Bigus, bananas; Mr. J. Kcllcy, nuts, oranges; Mrs. S. Leavell, canned fruit. Jelly; Otto Hlnze, two gcepp; Grac' Thompson, scrap books. and Incidentally to see the game. 3. 4. 5. G. 7. S. 9. 10. 11. 12. Vi. 14. 1.'.. IS. Trinity Cburciu Music Smith's Orchestr.- Chorus—"O'er Judea's Hills" b: the Choir. Prayer Rev. S. B. Knowlef Class Song—"Shining on Bethlehem's Cradle." Class Exercise.—"Christmas is Coming." Recitation-"Marjorie's Christraa.' Dream" Merie Clark Recitation—''The Baby's Stock, ing" Aline Knowic Class Song—"Snow Blossoms." Recitation—"Christmas Time, Charlie Shoemakei Class Exercise—"Lights for the King." Recitation—"The Christ CSilld" Milton Harris Class Song—"O Holy Night." Recitation—"Bethlehem's Chrlsf- mas Dawn".. ..Clarence Carn; Class Exercise—"The Christmar Box." Class Song—"Christmas Bells." "A Dollar's Worth'of Fun"—Rec itatlon Frank Falkner Ivan and Irshal Davis. Recitation—"Christmas Gifts" • Minia Perer^ Solo—"No Room at the Inn" Helen McDougaJ Recitation—"The PhllantroplstV Christmas".. Eva Hoemlnp" Class Song—"Christ Is Born." Address...Sup't Dr. Manley, Got Richar(l.'s Picture. Captain Stover this mohilug recelv- d a photograph of Joe Richards, of! •"t. Scott which will be frame^ with I he former mayors of this city. This! completes the list of mayors with the! single exception of H. L. Henderson; of this city.. M. E. Church. Voluntary~BMna HcClain. Prayer—The Pastor. Duett—Floy'd and Harold Kelley.' Scripture Reading—The Superintend ent Exercise-^The Three Wise Men. Recltatlon-^The Cbrlstmax Dolly,Wal meta Day. Recitation—Ruth Doughton. Vocal Solo—Plorence Root ' ISxerclse—Curious Candles In Lands. Violin Solo-H9tanier Church. R«elt«tion~lItrlon'a Dream. Quartette—Vlasefl Bitlbe and Mlssea Xneirltoa and De. ReeltatloB—The Oomlng oV Tb* fnlf•! of Jtaat* CUiita Maryhcl Is.. • Reformed Church. W^m. H. Shults, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45. Preaching at 11 and 7:30. Prayer meeting and Bible study on "VN'ednesday at 7:30. Friday, New Tear's day. there will be the annual business meeting at the church for reports, election of officers, etc., at 10:30. Then at 12 o'clock the congregation will adjourn to Sfr. H. Klanmann's office on South Jefferson where they will partake of a banquet prepared by the ladies, and (oasts will be given. All members and their friends are Invited to ehare In this social, festive occasion which «I'I be provided free for all. —Dr. P. E. Wangh, BenUst, Phone 82 Tamer Gray Here. Tamer Gray, who has been helping! lis brother shuck corn at the home.; tear Mlnnapolls, this state, came inj yesterday to visit his grandparent."?.! football Register Want Ads Bring Results. Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar Is to save one you have already made. By trading with us you can save several dollars each monlh on your grocer>- bill. We can sell you goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time at strictly cash prides. The People's Co-Opera- ti?e {Mercantile issoc's A Science through which disease Is eliminated from the body without medicine or surgery. Member of the National and State AssoclaUon of Suggestive Therapentlcs. Consultation Free Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore KrI trtCfi ^."%0Wi:U8,'prtaIdent J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS •A. W. •eolg L. C. Seatty, A. J. Pulton. W. J. Bvana, J. O. Rodgar*, W. L. Bartiaa, Thea. H. Bowlus. wKid§yt Qim own DMMm on jui amoPKAa Mum MKmrOUPomr ioxit ran HINT MOMIITO H I>U VIAII

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