The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 6, 1971 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 12
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Keep All the Facts to Yourself, Ma'am DEAR ANN LANDERS: My husband and I have been happily married for 16 years. A few weeks ago my husband blurted out something that has made me so miserable I can barely stand it. Out of a clear blue sky he said he had a confession to make. It seems that in 1958 when we lived in a dorm for married college students, he met another married gal who also lived in our dorm —in, of all places, the supermarket. She had a large bag of groceries and he offered to drive her back to the dorm since she had no car. On an impulse they drove to the woods and had a 15-minute affair. He said he became physically ill afterward, (guilt, of course) and told her they must never do such a thing again. They never did. The girl and her husband live 2,000 miles away but we have kept in touch through letters, cards and school reunions. I am so crushed by the knowledge that my husband did such a rotten thing to me that I want to telephone her and let her know I am now in possession of the facts. My husband would prefer that 1 not call. We have agreed to abide by your decision.—Yuba City DEAR YU: If you place the call you will accomplish the following: (a) Make your husband look like a loose-lipped jerk. (b) Make yourself look like an insecure, addle - brained fool. (c) Fix it so you will never again be comfortable in the girl's presence. (d) Add about $10 to your phone bill. Is it worth it? DEAR ANN LANDERS: I have never had the need to write to you before but I need you now. This letter is about neighbors. Ann, I moved into this lovely apartment several months ago and I love it. I don't want to move, but I might have to if people don't leave me alone. The woman across the hall knocked on my door seven times last week. Not only is she a borrower, but she is mad at her psychiatrist and using me as a substitute. I told her I am not qualified, but she says, "All you have to do is listen. That's all he did and he charged me $35 an hour." The couple next door drink and they fight every night. The woman usually winds up here Favorite Recipe LOW CALORIE RHUBARB SAUCE 5 c. rhubarb ' 1 c. water 1 pkg. unsweetened cherry or strawberry drink mix 4 individual envelopes powdered artificial sweetner Wash and cut up rhubarb; add water and bring to boil. Cook until consistency of sauce, stirring frequently. Remove from heat; add drink mix and artificial sweetner. Stir until dissolved; pour ino sterilized jars and seal. May be chilled for sauce. Liquid sweetner may be used. Makes five cups. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wood Oak Manor, Box 206 Kinsley Send your bM! raelpat to Favorite Recipe, The Hutchinson News, Hutchlmon, Kan. The recipes are (udged by Jane Savage, home service director of the Gas Service Company. Each one chosen for publication wins * $1 award. Calendar Deadline In order for the notice of a meeting to appear in the Sunday Social Calendar, it must be reported to our office by noon on the Thursday preceding publication. with a towel over her mouth or a piece of meat on her eye. Her husband then joins her, and they continue the fight in my living room. I don't need this. Then there's a man who lost his wife last year and he shows up at my door with a needle and thread (he can't thread it), or a recipe he can't understand. He is nice but a terrible pest. Please tell me what to do? I am a prisoner in my own home. -Oakland DEAR OAK: Have a one­ way peephole put in your door. You can see out, bat no one cm see in. This device will enable you to decide whether or not you want to open your door. Even if yonr radio or TV is on, and the party knows you are at home, you are under no obligation to answer the door if you don't feel Hke it. i'Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to Ann Landers, care of The Hutchinson News, Box 3345, Chicago, III. 60654, and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.) Jtter fan OCTOBER 6 THRU OCTOBER 10 _ ^OCTOBER^ Savings BANANA SPLIT 590 VAolt bonong, 3 Kg leoaae lc« crran, dilicioui lappingtj wtiipptd cnam, nun, v4 • ehtriy Big 16 o*. Thick-Rich MALTS OR 34$ SHAKES ALL FLAVORS ICE CREAM Your choice of flavors 690 HALF GALS. CHOCOLATE NUT SUNDAE 340 HOT FUDGE SUNDAE 390 Ice Cream f A* Fruit Drink Orange or Grape 59* Gallon—' FREEZER PAK 4 !a » < S3 ?.$2 .B9 Your Choice of Flavors fee Milk Bars Bbpsicfes Fudgsicles 5t EACH COTTAGE CHEESE 490 24 oz. ctn. erjjctii "Tr* let Croam PtopV TAKE ENOUGH MILK HOME FOR THE WEEKEND 500 North Main Hutchinson New* Wednesday, Oct. 6,1971 Page 13 Penney Days Save You Money Take 15% off every coat, $40 and up. 3 days only. All our best-sellers are here. Wools, wool/nylon blends, a whole menagerie of rayon pile fake furs, with hoods, borders, snappy buttons and pockete. Tapestries, tweeds, solids and plaids. Lengths from mini to Gibson. Misses, women and juniors. FOURTH AND PLUM JCPenney The values are here every day Opaa Monday and W.d—«doy nights Til 8:15 STARTING 9:00 TOMORROW MORNING CARPET REMNANT BLOWOUT! Don't wait. Come to Carpets from Wiley's tomorrow for one of the biggest remnant sales we've ever offered! Our remnants are pre-sized pieces of regular, first-quality carpet rolls. Because they're pre-cut, you save up to 60%. We'll have carpet for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. These can be installed wall-to-wall or finished for use as area rugs at a slight additional charge. Bring your measurements, but not until 9:00 A.M. Tomorrow! SIZE DESCRIPTION 5'IO"x 14 7'2"x 16 8x8'6" l'2"x 16 IVx 16 2x4'l" 2x6 2x7 2x7'l" 2x7T' 2 x 7 r 4 ,r 2x8'3" 2x9 2x97" 2x 10 2x 10 2x I0'6" 2x 11'2" 2xll , 3" 2xU'6" 2x117" 2x ITS" 2x12 2x12 2x12 2x I2'2" 2x 127" 2x 127" 2x I2'9" 2x I2'9 n 2x I3'3" 2x I3'3" 2x 13'10" 2x 14 2x I4'3" 2x I4'3" 2x I4'I0" 2x15 2x15 2x I5'6" 2x 16 2x I7'4" 2xl7'6" 2x I7'9" 2x I7'9" 2x I8'8" 2x 19 2x 19 2x I9'4" 2x2l'6" 5x8 5x-l2'5" 5xl8'3" 5x2l'8" Nylon Hi-D; Red & Black tweed Nylon Hi-D Shag; Antique Nuggett Nylon Shag; Red & Black $210.00 Nylon Hi-d kitchen; Green pattern Nylon Hi-D; Candy Stripe •Acrylic; Roman Gold •Acrylic Plush; Royal Blue •Nylon Shag; Orange-Red •Acrylic Plush; Royal Blue •Acrylic Plush; Willow Green •Polyester Shag; Tarnished Bronze • • • •Nylon kitchen; Green pattern •Nylon Hi-D Shag; Avocado •Nylon; Grecian Olive •Nylon Shag; Pacific Blue •Acrylic; Royal Blue •Nylon Shag; Antique Nuggett •Polyester Shag; Chestnut 501 Nylon; Cardinal Red Acrylic; Copper Gold •Nylon; Mosswood •Acrylic; Copper Gold •Nylon Shag; Gold Tones •Nylon Shag; Copper Tones •501 Nylon; Antique Gold 501 Nylon; Apple Red •Polyester Shag; Tawny Gold •Polyester Shag; Celery Mist •Nylon Shag; Gold Tones •Nylon Shag; Golden Mist •Polyester Shag; Bronze Crisp •Acrylic; Tropic Brown •Acrylic Commercial; Antique Olive Acrylic; Golden Haze •Acrylic Plush; Bluebell •501 Nylon; Avocado Acrylic; Antique Bronze REG. SALE $ 99.00 $ 49.00 $156.00 $ 59.00 $ 56.00 $ 28.00 $191.00 $ 79.00 $210.00 $126.00 $ 55.00 $ 32.00 $ 56.00 $ 20.00 $104.00 $ 39.00 $ 75.00 $ 29.00 $104.00 $ 39.00 $108.00 $ 40.00 $ 99.00 $ 55.00 $ 96.00 $ 39.00 $128.00 $ 71.00 $ 93.00 $ 53.00 $134.00 $ 74.00 $154.00 $ 77.00 $135.00 $ 67.00 $150.00 $ 82.00 $154.00 $ 85.00 $155.00 $ 70.00 $124.00 $ 69.00 $160.00 $ 80.00 $143.00 $ 64.00 $144.00 $ 89.00 $143.00 $ 64.00 $168.00 $ 76.00 $186.00 $101.00 $170.00 $101.0* $153.00 $ 89.00 $182.00 $ 91.00 $142.00 $ 71.00 $184.00 $ 92.00 $149.00... $ 74.00 $229.00 $ 86.00 $152.00 $ 62.00 $219.00 $110.00 $180.00 $ 99.00 $220.00 $110.00 $224.00 $124.00 $192.00 $107.00 $185.00 $ 76.00 $187.00 $ 76.00 $267.00 $145.00 $261.00 $141.00 $224.00 $124.00 $203.00 $102.00 $254.00 $139.00 $231.00 $128.00 $372.00 $158.00 $134.00 $ 53.00 $248.00 $114.00 $245.00 $119.00 $396.00 $198.00 Sorry, No Sales Will Be Made Until 9:00 A.M. Thursday FROM WILEY'S 25 North Main in Hutchinson 111

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