Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 6
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• i A. Clearing Saiel PRICES CHOPPED! PROFITS DROPPED! During the gr0Bt upheaval throughout the entire stock of Winter Merchandl^em Just like finding money, ami It makes the finder happym ^splattering crowds apparently appear, to give them' selves a prosperous yearm"" Come every day! Come every hourl Be sure and come tomorrowm If you haven^t any money, borrowF IT NEW YORK STORE G.A.R. INSTALLATION Ceremonies Were Witnessed Hundred Guests. by a SaUirday evvnlnK in ilic G. A. K. hall th4 niembt-rs yf McCool; Host S". 51 and the members of Uic Wnnian's Relief Corps hold a iiiililic Instullution.' STILL SUSPICIOUS KILLKI) MM) HAIUUrs. PREACH SERIES OF SERMONS. Parsons. Kas.. .Ian. C.—This evening, there will lie a hanguct whirli will Ije j enjoyed by lOO or more meniluTs (,f Dr. Hilscher Has Intieresting SerWces Arranged- Bui Siieciilufors ^ S^.wly Kocatnliiir If/'J"; ''-'r"!!' "I T.V ""''"'"••^ Their >'etTC " "''^ -Anti-Hor.xe Thief as-. Or. S. S. Hilscher. pastor of th-? tl !? Foeiatlon. and ii will be at the expense Presbyterian church. ])renched the New York. Jan. C.—the smooth wav "\ •''•''> •l'"'^'' hist of a s.-ries of sperial sennons with which the aihi.i.-il monev settle"- "> 'li.^ honor last nijiht. Me s|>oke on the '-Hebrow m<>iits were effecleiJ in'.\ew Yttrk had "I /^',!<' ••«nniial rabbit hunt Proverb and the Voiins .Man. Can he an. encoiiiasiiij; effert'on specuUitlve ' ''V'''"','''"" ""Pl'.v?" The sermon After -the Installation ceremonies | sentinieni. The evideu'ces of Improve- '/^ i'i«ni. with several inecinets j was a very slroni; one and was 11 were oVer, a snitper was '.riv^'n in hon- • mem in lb.,- linancilil laisition pioiiiiM- d iliat neai ly i t. ne .l to by a fnll house. Next Su or of the occasion, ut which about Hit) led operatoiH in stocks; to iKuore in ' """ '"'''"'^/^er,. slam lo uidiokl ib.'Miiy eveninir th.' sermon will be <... of ilie - aniis- as nilKlity hiin-ibe subject. "Hebn-w Proverb and the Iters. The count showed .'.(la rab!)iis j YoiinK Woman. Can She be iwpular killed dunuK the day by Dr. L. T. I nnd a Christian?" For three Snndays (fuests were se.ate<l. The olhcers in-jlarRe part, some of the unfavorHble stalledihy the Post were as follows: ; develoi)ment.s. Proverb and the Yoimc .Man. Can he b«- Cood and Happy?" The sermon lis- Sun- III bureau of the department. He has Kiven the forest service careful attention as well as that of animal industry, chemistry, soils and the like. The ag- riculitiral dejiartment is expanding at a rap-id rate and is coming to be one of the largest departments of the government. GOOD WORD FOR GILFILLAN. Bartlesville Says Nice Things About lola Contractor, The dlsHpiieaiiiii^'e of the premium (Ui currency in .\e\t Ytirk and the re- durlion of the MankOf Kufiland oHicinI ili.scoiint rate from; 7Mo fi per cent weri> reK«rde<l as niarkiii!; a deUnite ^ stiiKe In the passinfj o'j' abnorBiul tea-j Coraipander—^\V. K. Hammond. Sr. Vice Com.—J. W. .lohnson. .7r. \7ca CQm.—.T. M. WJ'liamson. Quariemiaf-ter—M. F. Savior. Officer of the Day—.T. F. Walters?. Officer of the Guard—.1. W. Carter. Surgeon—^W'. M. Knapii. ' 1 tares in the money sftuation and as Adjutant—D. B. D. Smeltzer. .opoiiiuK the way to raiiid iiiiprove- Sergehnt Major—K. G. Hoimh. jnieiit. liestrainin;; ^.tilors were the Quartermaster—.Tohn HartunR. Icoiftinned evidence of- shrinkaRe In Captain T. S. Stmer was the in-1 commercial activity, tjie marked de- stalllng ofBccr. ]c!ine in railroad trallii; and iu earn- The officers .installed by the W. R. jinas and ilie suspicion'of an artificial ^ - - Stinday Uicharils ami his as.sociaies. whi!e llu' 1 fnUowinc the 12th. sermons on popn- .score of .lerry Hoyd ;ind his itssoeiaios :ar sul)jects are' to be delivered. shows but 'l-V*. makiiis a total of .Ml rabbits killed durinc the hunt. HoelMer n -ant Ad». P«y because hi Ihore were some s,K,d scores made. Register Want rolamns. but I)r I.. T. Riihards holds the chain pionship belt. brin.»'ini{ In M rabbits. ^.T,.U.-IV<- rn i\\ irpirriTrPF while (\. .M. .Nrt.ejasl Is a close ,ec-' ''Al.KICrLTl RL. ond with bS to his credit. ,,, o »i w i # (•olll.'^^^snlall Srott I< Qiiulifyini; for HIN Cbalrmanshlp. C. were as follows: President—Mrs. Hapry T.ogan. Sr. VJce President—Mrs. Clark. Jr. .Vice Pres.—Mrs. Bradley. Chaplain—Mrs. Anna A!>ple. Treastirer—Mrs. Vaughn. Press" C«rres.—>rrs. D. B. Bush. Color.Bearers—Mrs. Newman, .Mra. Rcufio. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Coffelt. oriiiiU; for the rise in prices of se• curl ties. ' .lOIf.V Hcrron. colored, who was ar- Washington Jan. (5.—Representative TIMED TO Mm HANK. -Maitland. Mo., .!an. -G. —An unsuc- jcessful attemi)t was riatde e.arly this morning to rob the Far-mers Hank. A burglar alarm sounded and two men j Jul'- He paid a fine and cost of |]2.50. ran from the bank and escaped. J I'art of which be worked out.'d some time ago. on the charso Scit of Kansa.s. the new chairman of of interfering with an officer in the ,),(. ^ww^c committee on tigriculture. performance of hi» duty, paid the bal-jhas been busy for a month at the de- ance of his fine this raorninK and;partment of auriciilture studving the was released. Herron is saul to have; .system with his own eves, and seeing Interfered with the officers when they|whether there is anything that needs were taking "Chicken" Crawford toioverliaullug. He has tried to acquaint himself with the operations of every Important (Bartlosvllle Eiiterprls,\) The firm of U. S. Gilfillan & Son are the largest general contractors in Bartlesville and their work includes any and all iindertakinsv In the builil- Ing or construction line, from a ten story, business block to paving and sew ?rage. railroad building or waterworks. At the present juncture one niemlKT of the flrni, R. S. Gilfillan, if in lola. superintending the laying of three miles of brick paving which the firm Is putting in there; the younger. Mr. A. B. Gilfillan. is grading the right of way between Bartles- vil!e and Dewey for the new interiir- ban line, and &\»o building a new sew- e In the south part of town. The firm is always engaged on 5pm;> work of ail important cliaracter and is stead ily gaining in standing and reputation not only in their home town but in those places in Oklahoma where public and private work is being un­ dertaken. Messrs. Gilfillan have made Bartlesville their business headquarters for the past year and are highly pleased with the place and its I>ro¥|)ects for the future. They built the water works at Fort Scott. Kans.. ond are able to handle any works of^ any si/.e in tho Diost-^Usfacttj^.man- lu-r. in iola some of the wli5^M who always know all ^1 )0)14, ->every-. thing. s;;id that thefu^^ssr^i QUflllaii would not finish the pavln? that town for four years, bnt the work was done in a good bit less than three years. The luiving done in Independ- encr'. Kas.. was httttly ^tisfactofy to the city authorities. SPOKE ON "PERSONAL PURITY." Or. Naismith's Lecture Was Well Attended. Dr. James Naismith's lecture on "Athletes and AthleUcs." at the Y. M. C. A. Saturday evening was attended by only a fair sized crowd, and those who failed to hear him missed a rare treat The doctor's lecture Sunday afternoon at the men's meeting on "Personal Purity" was attended by th? largest crowd which has ever attended the men's meetings. Dr. Jtelsmith is an excellent talker and was thoroughly familiar with his subject. All who heard the speaker are hoping that he will return again it' the near fnture. \

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