The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 19, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1996
Page 39
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THE SAUNA JOURNAL SATURDAY.' OCTOBER 19[ i 996 : 'li SATURDAY October 26 AFTERNOON 2:00 OS Betty Jean Robinson TCM Movie **x 'Pony Express* (1953) Chartton Heston, Rhonda Reming. (2:00) TMC (2:10) Movie **x "Dolores Clai- bome- (1995) Kathy Bates, Jennifer Jason Leigh. 'R 1 (CC) (2:11) 2:30 B Cabin Country O Hometime BfBQD College Football Regional Coverage — Teams to Be Announced. IB Movie **x "Crimewave" (1985) Louise Lasser, Paul L. Smith. (1:30) fQ Audubon's Animal Adventures EB Moneyweek (CC) BD Fix-It EQ Rifleman EQ Tracey Ullman EQ College Football San Diego State at Colorado State. BD Tennis ATP Eurocard Open — Semifinal. (Same-day Tape) 03 (2:35) Auto Racing GM Good- wrench/Delco Battery 300. From Phoenix. EB Next Step EB Renovation Guide EB Mystery Magical Tour E1D Control O Butt Wolfs Gatherings & Celebrations CED Sewing With Nancy QD Ray Brubaker (5) College Football Alabama at Tennessee. 3:00 B Texas Parks and Wildlife Q IB (3(10) College Football • Baywatch(CC) B Ghostwriter (CC) IE) Movie *** The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter* (1990) Jonathan Brandis, John Wesley Shlpp.'PG'(CC) (1:29) IB (3:15) Movie ** "A Chorus Line" (1985) Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed. (2:00) EB Movie The Pathfinder* (1996) Kevin Dillon, Graham Greene. 'PG-13' (1:41) EB Inside Business §0 Mission: Impossible EQ Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast • S3 High Chaparral , S3 Shadetree Mechanic E3 Movie **K "It Takes Two" (1988) George Newbem, Leslie Hope. (2:00) §Q World's Strongest Man Competition CD Xena: Warrior Princess (CC) CQ Movie **x "Manhunt: Search for the Night Stalker* (1989) Richard Jordan, A Martinez. (2:00) EQ Beyond 2000 EB Hometime Ep Tiny Toon Adventures EQ American Justice Si Benson 0D Pelicula "Supermojado" Hector Kiev Tacho", Ana Luisa Peluffo. (2:00) O Marcla Adams' Kitchen QD Quilting From the Heartland QD Walt Mills 3:30 B Inspiration of Painting B Newton's Apple (CC) IB Movie *** "Forever Young" (1992) Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis. 'PG'(CC) (1:42) EB Managing fj$l Other Side of Racing QI Hollywood Report (CC) EB Shadetree Mechanic 03 Basketball Rock N Jock Jam VI. ED Halloween Is Grlnch Night (CC) EB Movie Magic ga Hometime EB Looney Tunes O World of Collector Cars QU Quilt In a Day QD Reginald Cherry 4:00 B George Burns and Grade Allen B Visiting the Salina Animal Shelter B Entertainment Tonight (CC) B Sneak Previews ID Movie ** "Anzlo* (1968) Robert Mitchum, Peter Falk. (2:00) B America's Dream (CC) EB Early Prime HD Fall Guy EB Country Crossroads B Bonanza: The Lost Episodes B Movie * * » "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" (1951) Ava Gardner, James Mason. (2:15) B Inside NASCAR HJJ Senior PGA Golf Kaanapali Classic — Second Round. From Lahaina, Hawaii. B3 World's Strongest Man Competition EQ Movie *** "Halloween" (1978) Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence. (2:00) ED Scooby Dooby Doo CD Hercules: The Legendary Journeys QD Management Today EB World's Greatest Stunts: A Tribute to Hollywood Stuntmen EB A Dog's World EB Beetlejulce EB America's Castles EB BET Shop GD Joy of Painting QU Sewing Connection QD Mike Barber TCM Movie *** "Who's Minding the Store?' (1963) Jerry Lewis, Jill St. John. (1:30) TMC (4:25) Movie ** 'Little Darlings' (1980) Tatum O'Neal, Kristy McNIchol. 'R' (1:35) .4:30 B George Burns and Grade Allen B Magic School Bus (CC) fQ Rotten Ralph (CC) ED Movie * * * The Bridges of Madison County" (1995) Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep. 'PG-13' (CC) (2:15) EB Evans & Novak (CC) BD Southern Stage EB World's Strongest Man Competition ED Dexter's Laboratory QD Scan 03 Ren & Stlmpy (CC) (D Hometime (ID Sew Creative QD Hugh Ross 5:00 B Wild America (CC) B Total Fitness B News(CC) B Scientific American Frontiers (CC) B Newo B Avonlea(CC) IB (5:15) Movie **x "In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing" (1990) James Farentino, Steven Weber. 'R' (1:36) 03 (5:15) Movie ** "Iron Eagle II" (1988) Louis Gossett Jr., Mark Humphrey. (1:45) EB Movie **« Terminal Velocity" (1994) Charlie Sheen, Nastassja Kinski. •PG-13'(CC) (1:42) 00 CNN Worldvlew (CC) BD Baseball, Minnesota B3 Highway B3 Hardcastle and McCormlck §3 Motor Trend Television HD Week In Rock EQ Dally Show EQ World's Strongest Man Competition ED Tar-Mania (CC) EB WCW Saturday Night (CC) CD Highlander: The Series EQ Movie **« "She-Devil" (1989) Meryl Streep, Roseanne Barr. (2:00) QD How to Succeed In Business EB Discover Magazine EB A Cat's World EQ Tiny Toon Adventures 03 Home Again BO Anabel CD This Old House (CC) (9) Victory Garden (CC) OH Movie That Wouldn't Die QD Jack Graham 5:30 B Newton's Apple (CC) B IB GD(27) NBC Nightly News (CC) B Inside the KVRC Oj) Salute to the American Teacher EB Pinnacle BD College Football North Carolina at Houston. 03 Adventures of the Black Stallion P3 Thunder at the Summit E£) Real World (CC) §3 Dally Show ED Real Adventures of Jonny Quest QD Strictly Business SB Aaahhlll Real Monsters (CC) EB Home Again BD Notlclero Unlvlslon ® This Old House (CC) QD Sunflower Journeys QD Zola Levitt TCM Movie **x The Disorderly Orderly" (1964) Jerry Lewis, Glenda Farrell. (1:30) 6:00 B Internet! B IB 01 (3(10) News B Home Improvement (CC) BB(5)News(CC) B Coronado School 6th Grade Memories B Cheers (CC) B Aerial Britain IB Simpsons (CC) fQ Movie *** "Divorce American Style* (1967) Dick Van Dyke, Debbie Reynolds. (2:00) 03) Scooby and the Reluctant Werewolf EB Capital Gang EQ Our House S3 Super Bloopers & New Pradlcal Jokes B (6:15) Movie *** Titanic" (1953) Clifton Webb, Barbara Stanwyck. (CC) (1:45) 03 Drag Racing NHRA Top Fuel Classic. EQ Buzzklll S3 Politically Incorrect EQ College Football Kansas at Nebraska. BD College Football Miami at West Virginia. EB College Football Michigan at Minnesota. 03 Movie ** "Halloween II" (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence. (2:00) ED In the Heat of the Night (CC) CD Family Matters (CC) QD Weekly Business EB Dawn of Humankind 0D How'd They Do That? EB Salute Your Shorts EQ Mysteries of the Bible 03 AmorGlgante CD Step by Step (CC) ®QD Lawrence Welk Show QD Hercules: The Legendary Journeys QD James Kennedy (27) Baywatch (CC) TMC Movie ***u "A Room With a View" (1986) Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith. 'NR' (1:55) 6:30 B In the Mix (CC) B Outdoor Almanac OB Major League Baseball Pregame B(5X10) Wheel of Fortune (CC) B Inside Edition Weekend (CC) B Chiefs Update OLD Andy Griffith ID Simpsons (CC) Q Movie ** The Watcher in the Woods" (1980) Bette Davis, Carroll Baker. 'PG 1 (CC) (1:40)EB Clip Notes ES Inside Politics Weekend EQ Road Rules EQ Politically Incorrect EQ Illinois Instant Riches QD Tim Russert S3 Adventures of Pete and Pete CD Seinfeld (CC) TUNE IN TOMORROW ALL MY CHILDREN Edmund brought Sam home to Maria after Kelsey and Bobby signed legal papers allowing them to adopt the baby. Bobby was pleased Maria and Edmund said they wanted him to be a part of Sam's life. While Bobby was anxious to get an annulment, Kelsey is determined to stay married. After learning Bobby plans to split with Kelsey, Hector told Anita that she could date Bobby after his marriage is annulled. Janet suspected Skye has fallen for Edmund when Skye contemplated telling him about Maria's one-nightstand with Dimitri. Noah learned his long-lost mother, Rose, was in town after he unwittingly took a photo of her. Noah stalked away after coming face- to-face with Rose, who refused to tell him about the man she ran off with when she abandoned Noah. Liza was upset when she saw Tad and Gloria in what seemed a romantic clinch. ANOTHER WORLD Bobby decided not to leave town after Carl convinced him that Grant might harm Vicky. Rachel told Bobby that she is worried Carl is trying to use him to replace Ryan. Vicky gave Steven and Kirkland a 1965 silver dollar Jake found in the fireplace of her new home. Jake and Vicky heard strange noises in her house, but Vicky assured Steven and Kirkland the house is not haunted. Jake conned Matt out of Sofia's number in Chicago, which he gave Nick, but she hung up on Nick. After admitting her fears to Gary, Josle agreed to get professional help to face her kidnapping. Josie unwittingly received hang-up phone calls from her kidnapper, Cody, who is back in town. Loma is suspicious of Cindy, who arranged to spend time alone with Gabe. Grant declared war on Carl again after he warned Shartene that Grant is dangerous. 14-18 * By Nancy Reichardt, United Feature Syndicate . 825-6OOO AS THE WORLD TURNS Mike found a button at the crash site where Umberto (Diego) supposedly died, then told Margo he thinks Umberto is alive. Mike was upset Margo said the police closed the case on Umberto's (Diego) death. Mike nearly caught Umberto (Diego), who returned to the crash site to make sure he left nothing behind that would lead the cops to him. Mai-Ling warned Martin to get on with their bond smuggling scheme or the cartel they are involved with will not be happy. Lisa stuck up for Martin when John tried to tell her about his illegal doings. Barbara fumed when Martin cancelled her birthday party for Lisa then threw his own party for her. Dani was thrilled when Ryder said it is over between him and Nikki. Bob realized Kim is upset by his long-time friendship with Susan. Kim was suspicious when Nancy said her dance lessons are very expensive. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Dylan and Taylor realized Sly raped Jessica just as Sly kidnapped Jessica and Jasmine. Dylan raced to the rescue, while at the Bikini Bar, Sly dowsed Jessica and Jasmine with gasoline, then started a fire. Dylan rescued the women then fought with Sly, who died when his clothes caught fire. James consoled Sheila after Lauren rejected her apology and said she should be punished for her past crimes. Clarke, who survived surgery, told C.J. he loves him. Ridge fired Grant, who said Ridge saw him kissing Brooke goodbye Taylor realized Ri(jge Is not really ready to commit to her. THE CITY Tracy interrupted dinner at Tony's, then let everyone think she was Carlo's mystery date. At the City Bar, Tracy argued with Nick and Jacob. Looking for Jocelyn, Tracy was stunned to find her kissing Alex, who was romantically involved with Tracy years ago. Tracy fumed when Jocelyn said Sydney left the loft building shareholders with a huge tax debt. Angle thought about going to a fertility clinic. Nick talked to Lorraine, who fell off the wagon. Richard learned a liver transplant donor might be available for Nick. Tony promised Ally that he will find a way to end his marriage to Caria. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Franco was seen holding a bloody knife, standing over the body of Andre, who had threatened to reveal Franco's real reason for being in Salem. Billle later stumbled upon Andre's body, then she and Hop? stood up for Franco, who lied to Bo that he did not know the "John Doe" (Andre). At the morgue, Franco put blue contact lenses in Andre's eyes, making Bo think John Doe (Andre) was Jill's attacker. Jennifer decided to confront Daniel after Peter insisted everything Daniel said was a lie. Jennifer was stunned when Laura admitted her affair'with Jack, but insisted Jack always loved Jennifer. Kate nixed promoting Lucas, who sided with Sami, when she crashed a business meeting to say she was suing Carrie for alienation of affection from Austin. Kate was stunned to see Vivian, who escaped from the French prison. Vivian believes Victor will love her when he recovers. GENERAL HOSPITAL With a little help from Stefan, Bobbie went to the cabin thinking Tony was preparing an anniversary celebration for them, but found him under the sheets with Carly instead. Luke comforted Bobbie over the Tony/Carly affair, then told her that Caroline died in a car accident years ago, and that Virginia just thinks the girl is alive. Though it meant Stefan and Nikolas would not be leaving town, Laura backed up Bobbie's plea for Stefan to bail General Hospital out financially. Tom was livid when Alan agreed Stefan could take over Steve's former place on the board of directors. Jax told his family that he was planning the fancy wedding he promised Brenda, but asked his dad to keep a secret about his past. Ned encouraged Sonny to destroy Jax before he can destroy ELQ, A returned Felicia reconsidered her decision not to drop charges against Kevin. GUIDING LIGHT Annie failed to convince Blake that Rick unjustly fired her. Annie later lied to Josh that she quit. Phillip caught Annie trying to get prescription medication at a local drug store. Josh and Blake turned to Rick after learning Annie is addicted to pills. Rick consulted Cedars substance abuse counselor, who arranged an intervention session, where Josh, Ross, Blake, Rick, and Reva confronted Annie about her addiction. During the intervention, Annie accused Josh and Reva of still being in love. Because Reva was with Josh, Buzz was unable to tell her Alan halted the Fifth Street project, stalling the de- struction of Buzz's diner. Holly. and Fletcher asked Michelle to baby-sit after she accepted Zachary's date offer. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Carlo and Alex exchanged wedding vows on a yacht. Alerted by Renee, Asa went to the yacht and revealed that he is not mentally ill, then ripped off Alex's dress to show Carlo she is faking her pregnancy. Carlo threw Alex out. Alex used city funds to pay a pregnant Emily after Asa cut her off financially. Kevin badgered Emily, who admitted she is having a baby for someone else. Cassie decided to write the story after she and Kevin got proof that Alex misused city funds. Antonio told Bo that Carlo mentioned something about an "Irish Air." Blair went to Viki's cabin to think after learning that when Todd first returned, he saw Marty and Patrick before he saw her. Todd went to the cabin to make sure Blair did not learn he took Starr there after he kid» 7 _ napped her. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Before dying Cliff asked Victor to take care of Hope and Victor Jr. Victor urged Hope to return to Genoa City with Victor Jr. Diane did not believe Jack's story that he is a changed man. Diane was surprised to see Jack, who visited her in the hospital after she had undergone an emergency appendectomy. Victor was pleased when Nick revealed he and Sharon are having a baby. Nikki told Victor that while he was in Kansas with Hope she was exchanging vows with Josh. Victor kept mum about his failed attempt to stop Nikkl's marriage. Because of their romance, Jill fired Silva as her attorney. Phyllis told Tim that she was not ready to give an answer to his marriage proposal. Victor was livid when he saw Victoria and*. Ryan kissing.

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