The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 6, 1971 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 11
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"I know the PERFECT spot for our vacation this year-" "Children of Your Own!" - - 4 Around the Town Hutchinson News Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1971 Page 12 Observe Founder's Day at Dinner Instant Vacation Was Tremendous Idea By ERMA BOMBECK and BIL KEANE Excerpted from the book 'JUST WAIT TILL YOU HAVE CHILDREN OF YOUR OWN!' Copyright <c) \m by Erma Bombeck and Bll Keene. Published by Ooubleday 1 Company, inc. My husband looked up from his paper one evening, clicked his fingers and said, "I've got a tremendous idea. Let's take an instant vacation." "A what?" we asked. "An instant vacation. One that is spontaneous. No preparation, no planning. Just go. We'll get up tomorrow morning, throw a few clothes in a paper bag and a few goodies in the cooler and take off to Pollution Lake. Would you all like that?" "We'd love it," they all shouted. "Good. Then it's settled," he said, snuggling down with his paper. "Oh, this is going to be exciting," I said. "We've never done anything impulsive before. One of you kids get on the phone and call the vet. Tell him we'll drop the dogs off on our way out of town tomorrow. I'll put a note in my mailbox to stop the mail and one in the milk- box to turn off the milkman for a few days. Oh, and I'd better get hold of my egg man." "Do you suppose Frank could take my paper route?" said my son. "And maybe take care of the hamster and the tropical fish?" "I suppose so," I mused. "Call him and when you're finished I have to use the phone to call Elsa and tell her I won't be able to drop those five hundred coat hangers for the Scouts off on Sunday. Maybe on the way out of town I'll drop them off at Fanny Flack's house. Oh, it is fun being impulsive." I grinned. Fun Being Impulsive "Mom, what should I do about my dental appointment?" asked my daughter. "Call your friend Carol, and have her call the dentist for you first thing in the morning. Tell her it's important or we'll have to pay for the visit if we don't cancel. Listen, someone get in the car and run out for some mayonnaise for the potato salad. I'll get the cake in the oven while you're all taking baths. And don't forget to get the sleeping bags out of the attic and aired and the cooler off the shelf in the garage." "We have a turtle collection in it." "Then get them out." "Want me to unplug all the electrical stuff?" "Don't do that until just before we go to bed. Listen, while I am thinking of it, get your father's shirts. On the way out of town, we'll drop them off in the laundry slot. There's nothing worse than beginning a week without any shirt." "Mom, I was going to the library tomorrow to return my books." "No problem. We'll drop them off at the library on our way out of town. We have to deposit a check anyway and it's right down from our bank." "Okay, and what about someone to cut the grass?" "Oh, for crying out loud," interrupted their father. "How much can the grass grow in 48 hours? You are all making a big deal out of this. It's supposed to be spontan . . ." "And it is a great idea," I said. "I hate calculated things. They never turn out. But an instant vacation. Snap it up with the laundry, kids. While it's drying, I'll get out and buy new underwear." "HOLD IT!," said their father. "I know I'm a fool for asking, but what do we need with new underwear?" "Can you imagine for a minute," I said, "that I would put this family in a car on the highways with raggy underwear? Instant vacation or not, I have my pride. Can't you see having an accident and a patrolman telling the press, 'The ones with the new cars with all the fancy gadgets are always the ones with safety pins in their shorts.' I'd die of humiliation, There are certain moments in a person's life when they should definitely have new underwear like when you get married, graduate, go into the Army or on a vacation. Maybe you want to be known in the ward as the 'multiple fracture with tacky underpinnings,' but not me. I'll be back in a jiffy. Do you want me to pick up film while I'm out? Sun lotion? A road map?" "What about the key to the house, Mom?" "We'll drop it off at Grandma's on the way to the post office. I wrote your sister, dear. You know how she calls the police when she calls and we don't answer. Have I forgotten anything?" "That is the most incredible question I have ever heard," said my husband. "Good, then carry on. I'm off to the beauty shop. Luckily Elaine could work me in tonight. You impulsive devil you," I said, tweaking my husband's cheek, "you'll make gypsies of us yet." Next: Money Deficiency The Rambler Steak House was the setting of a dinner Tuesday for members of Alpha Rho and Beta Alpha chapters of Alpha Delta Kappa, observing Founder's Day. Favors of gilded wheat and violets decorated the tables. Hostesses were Inez Hovey, Louise Widner, Mmes. Herbert Parsons, Carl Breeze, Oscar Hoskinson and Thomas Gibbons. The Founder's Day ceremony was conducted by Miss Widner, Ruthe Eash, Mmes. Ray Robertson, Nedra Mitchell, Parsons, Hoskinson, Gibbons and Breeze. Miss Eash gave a report of the international convention she attended in August in New York City. MEMBERS of Zeta Gamma chapter of Phi Beta Psi met for a party Tuesday evening at Davis Farm. Hostesses were Mmes. Ross Stewart, Morris Riley and Wilbur Sloan. Guests were Mmes. Don Givens and George Lawrence. Costumes representing various countries of the world were worn by those present in keeping with the program given by Mrs. Carl Brohammer. Mrs. Broharnmer gave a travelogue and showed slides of her trip to Europe. MR. AND MRS. Pete Shaddy were hosts at their home at 5600 Johnson Drive for an old fashioned campfire party for members of Epsilon Xi chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha and their guests. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein were co-hosts. Guests were Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Holtz, Messrs. and Mmes. Jim Crays, Stephen Ellwein and husbands of members. MRS. ILA Glenn of Palm Springs, Calif., has been a guest in the homes of her sister, Mrs. Lucille Krieg, 322 West B, and her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gleason Poulton, 328 West B. Mrs. Iva Stephenson, 419 Justice, was hostess at a cousin reunion Monday in her home. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rickenbrode, B u s h t o n, Mmes. Glenn, Krieg and Mr. and Mrs. Poulton. Mrs. Glenn will return to California on Saturday. ATHENA Study Club members were guests for a luncheon meeting Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Wally Johnson, 2805 North Meadow Lake Drive. Mrs. Emil Becker assisted. Twenty members were present and one guest, Mrs. Verne Krehbiel, Scottsdale, Ariz., who is a former member of the club. Associate members who have returned to active membership are Mmes. Keith Hayes and Bill Cole. The program was "Traveling in Morocco, Europe, Alaska and Russia," presented by Mmes. Linus Noll, Emil Becker, Charles Schmucker and Elmer Arnold. THE 26TH annual reunion of the Crotts family was held in the Langdon City Hall. New officers elected were Mmes. Lawrence L. Wickstrom, Penalsoa, president; Daniel L. Goble, Wichita, secretary; Marson H. French, Partridge, treasurer; and William F. Peterson, 3006 Sierra Pkwy., registrar. Present were: Mrs. William F. Peterson, Hutchinson; M. Evelyn Crotts, Messrs. and Mmes. Daniel L. Goliel, Roy Goble, Wichita; Clarion D. Maxwell, Meade; Marson H. French, Russell L. Crotts, Partridge; Dr. and Mrs. Abdelwahed Zhiri and children, Nadla, Karima and Jallla, Garden City; Harold Crotts and children, Wayne, Jon and Anne and Mr. Clarence Crotts, Turon, Raymond Rhodus, Mmes. Walter Crotts, Hugoton; Lawrence L. Wickstrom, Everett Crotts, Penalosa; Messrs. and Mmes. Robert Crotts and children, Roseanne, Sandra and Sharon, Cimarron; Lawrence Crotts and son, Jason; Miss Betty Ortego, Francis Ortogo, Ricky and Dora Mae Deardorf, Liberal. THE LEWIS Hall was the scene for a reunion and covered dish dinner of the Milhon family. Attending were: Mrs. Connie Long and son; Messrs. and Mmes. Bill Milhon, Herbert Willard, Hutchinson; Charles Milhon, Kenneth Milhon and family, Garden City; Elmer Seller, Nickerson; William R. Johnson, Hooker, Okla.; and Dale Milhon and children, Mike and Sandy, Great Bend. Mary Baldwin, Colorado; Sylvia Best, Mica, Gwena, Sasha, Kriste Schnoebelen, Mrs. Betty Ary, Messrs. and Mmes. Clarence Titus, C. J. Titus, Otis Derley, Lewis; Robert Best and children, Tracie and Mike; and Norman Milhon and son, David, Larned. THE STAFFORD City Park was the scene for the 20th annual Heyen reunion and basket dinner. The reunion next year will be the first Sunday in October, with Mmes. Virgil Rice, Glen Claycomb, Stafford, and T. G. Riley, Hutchinson, in charge of arrangements. Those attending were: Sondra and Susan Schmitt, Messrs. and Mmes. Dwayne Deckerf, Pawnee Rock; Eldon Bunker and children, Linda, Carol, David and Barbara; Franklin Green, St. John; T. G. Riley, Hutchinson; William Krug, Hudson; John Mills, Gage, Okla.; and Mrs. Anna Haynes, Moreland, Okla. Fred Heyen, W. H. Dierking, Mmes. Glenn Claycomb, Rosa Knoche, Dora Bunker, Lois Clair, Nettie Heyen, Anna Brown, Minnie Bunselmeyer, Virgil Rice and daughter, Cynthia; Messrs. and Mmes. Frank Harmon and George Heyen. Mary Margaret, Joan and Nancy Powell, Messrs. and Mmes. Ralph Bunker, James Garey and children, Gail and Jamie; Irvin Heyen and son, Rocky; Ray Smith and sons, Rod and Ricky; Dow Manderscheid and children, Marcla and Linn, Stafford. MRS. DWIGHT Snyder was hostess Tuesday in her home at Nickerson for a meeting of MYR EHU. The lesson on crafts was given by Mmes. Bert Billups and Clyde Short. New officers of the unit are, Mmes. Harold Might, president; Ron Lawson, vice-president; Harry Brace, secretary-treasurer; and Janesy Reed, reporter. Tomorrow's Events Club Activities DESPERADOS TOPS: Community Room, Courthouse, 1:30 p.m. STREAMLINER TOPS: Community Room, Courthouse, 9:30 a.m. SALT TOPS: North Hospital Education Building, 7 p.m. MINNEHAHA Council No. 89, Degree of Pocahontas: IOOF Hall, covered dish, 7 p.m. VFW LADIES Auxiliary, Post No. 1361: Post Home, 8 p.m. AM VETS Auxiliary: Amvets Clubhouse, 8 p.m. SILVER Leaf OES: Masonic Hall, I p.m. LA LECHE League: Mrs. Floyd Barkman, 125 East 13th, 8 p.m. Church Activities SOUTH Hutchinson United Methodist Church: WSCS, church, salad sup. per, 6:30 p.m. FIRST Baptist Church Circle Meeting! Carolyn Predmore: Mrs. Robert Fiedler, 3 29th Court, 9:30 a.m. Bina Sawyer: Mrs. Agnes Herblson, 405 West 18th, 2 p.m. Ena Casanella: Mrs. Mary Westrick, 228 West 9th, 2 p.m. Margaret Crain: Mrs. Howard Tyler, 1129 East 6th, 2 p.m. Elda Grummon: Mrs. Floyd Smith, 306 East 16th, 2 p.m. BPW Circle: Mrs. Nedra Mitchell, 910-A East 13th, 7:30 p.m. MR. AND MRS. Guy McAIlaster of Sterling will observe their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception from 2 to 5 p. m. Sunday in the Sterling United Presbyterian Church. Hosts will be their children, Messrs. and Mmes. Daniel McAIlaster, Beaverton, Ore.; Ansel McAIlaster, Hanover Park, 111.; Carol McAIlaster, Powhattan; Wilbur McAIlaster and Dick Wyatt, Sterling. There are 13 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. love ... going to a movie he hasn't seen although you've seen it twice. W«M >m io!»NGti»ruia fzid HOetful with CEF... Cosmetic Face Lift From Europe Turns Back The Clock on Facial Lines and Wrinkles...! n just Days! Pocahontas Council to Meet Mrs. Ina Sage Free Messages On Large Sign UTICA, Mich. (AP) -Residents here can wish their friends and family members Happy Birthdays and Happy Anniversaries on a large, 35 - foot high reader sign free of charge. Bob Byrne and Bob Bohm operate as a public service the sign in front of a tire store, where they are manager and assistant manager respectively. They receive an average j ; .of six to eight requests for mes- ^, "sages a week. Other than birth-1 p&y and anniversary wishes,] t^ibey sometimes get messages purging the local high school foot- &£j$all team on to victory or congratulating it on a recent win. Ipliey do not accept messages j^l&wn businesses, churches or ^QMiunercial enterprises. I The 73rd Great Council Session of the Degree of Pocahontas in Kansas will be held Oct. 7 to 9 in the Hilton Inn. Mrs. Ina Sage, 441 North Washington, South Hutchinson, Great Pocahontas of Kansas, will preside. Mrs. Marian Beadle of Davenport, Iowa, will represent the I Great Incohonee of the United States. The Degree of Pocahontas is the women's auxiliary of the Improved Order of Red Men, America's oldest fraternal order of purely American origin, tracing its founding back to the year of 1765. Established Councils In 1835 a charter was granted to Tribe No. 1 at Baltimore, Md. In 1885 the Great Council of United States adopted legislation permitting the establish- ONE HALF CARAT ment of councils of the Degree! of Pocahontas. Registration will be at 4 p.m Thursday, with opening cere-i monies at 7:30 p.m. The Red wing Council No. 88 of Hutchinson will present a memorial service. Saturday evening there will be a banquet and installation of new officers in the Golden Ram Room. The Wichita Council No 68 will conduct the installation! ceremonies. Mrs. P. R. Spain, 118 East] Blanchard, South Hutchinson, ii chairman of the planning board| for the session. Mrs. Verne San ders, 217 Shadduck, is amongj those assisting on the board. 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