The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 26, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIEL.D CALIFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1988 CDUC&TIONAL *CAKTOONS * t y CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON j0S& $,&**• ARE THE H/&HEST OP ALL- BIROS, VET THE.V HAVE THE LOWEST AND MOST OBNOXIOUS TASTES. AN ICE CREAM SODA CONTAINS ' NO SODA If \ ON THE ISLAND OF MALTA. SOO MfTEO&S PEK. M/Mt/TE WERE COUNTED DURING- THE GREAT METEOR. SHOWER OF OCTOBER <9, l<?33. O m« IY m» muci. INC. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS YOU'RE GOING RIGHT BACK TO TOWN! I WANT . TO EMJOV A 7 HI? \ TRIP. BECAUSE I MAKE TH' REMARK., THAT WHO PI9COVER5 A WAV TO TEMPER COPPER, WILL MAKE MILLION^, C5 MO REASOM VOU HAVE TO WE WARNED VOU ABOUT PlNDlN' OIL, MINES, OLD MASTER PAINTIN'S/ FORTUNES IN 6IM5EN6 ROOTS- AN WE MEANT TEMPERIN' TH 1 MINNIT HE SEES A FIRE AND A PIECE OF COPPER/OUR CAMPIN' TRIP IS RUINED.' LET'S SEE IF THAT'S REAL COPPER. , VES^SIR— I BELIEVE IT iSf VOU KNOW, THAT'S GONNA BE DISCOVERED BV ACCIDENT, SOME DAV! 1 WONDER IF BURVIN 1 IT IN SAND WMILE IT'S MOT, ER. RU3BIN 1 LEAVES ON IT - ER- TME. GOLDEN VOICE OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE \F MOOPVJE VFTVAE OHE,VT'LV_BE IMFLKVED , BUT COME \U MANDN', TO TOSS A SCXKE >V4TO TOLV.-HOCJ SMOO6LEWE1M, THE OLD COMES 6RUKlT»Ki<Si TO PUT VAIS FEET \M THE TROU6VA — USTEKi TO AM SPEKIDlKie TWO % 6LOWOVJS WEEKS WEST, AT A VT 6OT THAT WAV HUV4T\KkS fcM ST SPEGMEVi TO* THE OWV_S E.'S THE VMEST "Now, watch, everybody! Here comes the biRgeKt thrill of the whole reel. I'm about to get a bite!" THE TINYMITES Bv HAL COCHRAN e itM IY «»ttnvict. me. T. n. MO. u.». »»T. err (BEAD THI STORY. TNIN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Ploturt ty Searbo) i r pHE »e«l to which the rope wai tied "All Reals can <lo IN Imlunce Ililiigif ' 1 flril clapped IU flin and then It and waddle 'round In rlrrun rln«n. I eyed fair Dotty Just an If to say, Itnow that they learn rlover trlckH, "Well, what do I do now?" 'cause I have taught them some." | Wee Scouty, In the meantime, wan ... | a nulte excited lad because he. feared Well, thlh Keal IB a smarter fort. . „,_...- .».„ KI~ ..oi n-..iiirt you'll find out he's a rewl good sport," replied thn llttio Kulclino. "Now, listen to my plan. "Ultthl oVr thn i>enl the rnpe Is i riiUKhl. All w« uci'il do in holt) It | tiiut. It's up to Dotty, tlion, to i-omc | j arrows It, If Khr CUD." "Oh. now 1 KI>I>," wt-o C'oppy cried. "\\niy. most any minute, the big seal would start H row. lie Miouted to the Eskimo. "How Is your teal supposed to know how he can help us rescue DottyT After all, he's dumb. Dotly'll m>on be ul our All (.lie needa do In travel on rope, hand uver hand. the i fair , can ; fall DON'T — LOOK FOB. THE GREEN SPCAti ON THE. WRIGLEY'S PERFECT GUM the feul we can depend, nn<l we, of course, will Imld HUB ond. The whole IhlnK U iiulle simple ami 1 think the liuni-h «'n« Krand." Thn KNklmo then ^hiniteil to Dotty. "l>o you think tliui you travol VrosN tho rope and not down upon the Ice? "The goiiiB may bn raiher rough, but 1 Kur«B yuu are stmnK enouRh to stund It." Dotty answered, "Oh. the rope trip will bo nice. "I'm ready, rlcht uwiiy. to Flnrt. 1 only hope the rope won't part." And then the Tinle* watched her a» she b-wunir Into thu air. It made them hold their breath R while, and then brave Scouty, with a smile, exclaimed, "You're doing something, miss, thut most tots wouldn't diire." THE GUMPS Bim Gets Beauty Conscious f I WOULDN'T BE AT ALL SURPRISED IF i THAT FOOL HUSBAND OF YOURS HAS BEEN k HANQINCi AROUND HENRIETTA ZANDER'S ll BEAUTY PARLOR - DID YOU NOTICE . WERE MANICURED WELL-WHAT ARE YOU TRYINO TO DO ? DROWN ER-OH-POWNTHE STREET—ERTHE PRUQ STORE - IT'S VERY GOOP STUFF- I 3UST DISCOVERED A COUPLE OF HAIRS IN, MAMA- DID YOU GET THAT V HAIR S TONIC ? ' L . _ - -*-- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES S. 0. S.—Save Our Skin By MARTIN jj) 1»36 BY NEA StUVICE. INC, T. M. KtC. U. 8. PAT. Off. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Hold Everything By BLOSSER GEE, FT DARK DOWM rTHERE ... I COULD HARDLY SEE A THIWG.' WELL DRY' OUT CLLTTCH AKID PUT IT BACK IK/ MISSION AMD BE OKI OUR WAV.' rrfe A GOOD I GOT DOWKI THERE WHEW I DID ! rr WAS SLOWLY SIWK- IKIG IKOO TWE MUD? GETTWE CLUTCH, KIUTTY (£ WEVER GOULD HAVE I REACHED THE BOTTOM WfTH- OUTTHAT AWCHOR... FT CARRIED ME RIGHT DOWKl! 'ww/mwtjwf, 1R3RC30T ABOtTTTHE AWCHOR .' OSSIE, AMD TAG PULL IT UP? BOLOWEY ItXJ KIDS APE JUST GETTIWQ SOR-FROM LACK OF HARD GEE,THIS AWCHOR FEELS HEAVIER THAW IT IT DOES FEEL HEAVIER it SOMETHINGS' r^Jl ItM IV NIA HBVICf. THE BUNGLE FAMILY Here's my golf It's not so not been truing to out of it for A Regular Complaint By HARRY J. TUTHILL Well why X Ahem! Also,that argue, rll J last check you just give X gave us bounced you aj~^ N -™-?—"^ right check for... Very sorry to) remind again that you're terribly ) behind in ~-^ your dues sir, and. Me? Are you sure Herman' Don't look at him Walk faster. We'll try and get out before Ss-ss! Look. Man waggle hand at you. s no use. That blood hound. years, Ifeel fWhat a joint! Such management. Me a .charter member and yet every time I i come here

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