Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 5
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.' . ^' I' *— ^ ^.^w MMJi.MMMia - •muKwwkk 'w mmmui ^a iwirtvr A. tMO. / i ' * ' • ' ^-^ The Yale Ederhcimer, Siein & Co. January Sale Our Janutry awring Sale b now In full blast and will conWnue all throush the month. Our usual custom is not to carry *ny winter goods over, but this ycirwe will cut the prices even more than ever before, as we have more heavy goods than usual on account of not having any cold weather. We must clean out all Overcoats and Heavy Suib in the next 30 days to make room for new spring goods. OYERGOMTS I25.CO Overcoats for , ,. $20.00 22.50 Overcoats for $18.00 20.00 Overcoats for $15.00 18.00 Overcoats for $13.50 1(5,50 Overcoats for $12.50 15.00 Overcoats for SiO.OO 12.50 Overcoats for S9.00 10.00 Overcoats for $7.50 7 50 Overcoats for $6.00 G.50 Overcoats for $5,00 $1.50Shirts for.... $1.00 $1 00 Shirts for . . 75c 50c Waists for ..35c 75c Suspenders for • -50c 50c Suspenders for • -29c 25c Caps for .I5c 50c Caps for 25c SUITS $25.00 Suits for $20.00 22.50 Suits for $17.50 20.00 Suits for $15.00 18.00 Suits for ,..--$13.50 1G.50 Suits for $12.50 , 15 00 Suits for $11.00 12.50 Suits for $I0.0C 10.00 Suits for $7.50 9.00 Suits for S6.00 Rmduoeti Prioes oa all Boy9' and Children'a Overcoats All Cap?, Sweaters, Heavy Underwear and Flannel Shirts at cut prices. Remember these are genuine reductions, we must reduce this stock in 3U days. It is a saving to you, such as you have never seen before. Everything in plain figures. Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. I? o o o o o o o o oo•^oo$ooo o o O lOL.V YKTKHINAUY IIOSIIITAL C O O O Fnink S. Hcattio, V. S., O! O T«'li|ihont> I^'J. l'roi». O O O OOOOOOOOOO'tOOOOOO Dr. Wlllrj, Oculist. OUTLOOK IS BRIGHT CITI KEWSL Mr. Alnffat a>ul wlf,> ami Mrs. M-.f- •~— f;ii';. hi. a. Ivalpli I'ailsli, of I.'iiiiar. ('ll .\KI ,i ;s llarki' WIMI I to l^i Wviu'iiii;:. s |ii 'iii Kriilay in lola.— (.'ol- H HIIM- >( .-U'nlay al'li-riiiiDi) in hM >k af-:(>ii> Vw.- I 'D-S.-:. • IT ilii' .'^liipnii'iil <>r a I'urlnail of iiiiilos ' which he liad imirliast'il tluTi-. lit' has' lii-.isliiii lii.-; i-(ialr.ici of fur iln-' iiiiii :i -;it, haviii!; |>in ilia.'^'il In--! .S\1 I'KKAY arsi-riinnn CM 'ililiirs i<( iwcca 2»i> aiiil niiilis tn In' used ' 1' i.i Siillwfll. tlii- Kails I>aiik-, ''V riic!.' Sain. Tlio animals were lii i-r wliii fiiil<-il sum.' tinu- aiio, wcn-j 'I'll" I'ast year has hoen an \innsna! ii." Miii to iho riiilippinos and. doiilit-| hi'..- aruninv a nipliiin li.for.' Ki icr.'.-. on<- in many ways. ini<-rpris.-s thai .t;> many of llii'in l>y Ihi.-; linio are ! in l!ankrni'h-y ('. K Ci 'iy of Kori Scoti j pca-'-il all so f:'.ir luwe proven fail- n.uivf prairios.—rha-|lo runip.-l l.ouiui of Tlia.x .T j nr.s. tinancial ca Irulations have rniiiiisis «f (ontiinii'd I 'rospi-rity Make ku:i>:ins ! I <)|H> I 'U I—I 'unic I.> far iiiil from ilii'ir • Tiihune. Dr. .Mitrhill, 'lihone to. li'i'i; i;.. |.av ov .T 111.- proc.eds of tlie .sale i upsr;. and many stron;,' lirnss have , il.jriv or forlv hea.l ot hor.-es which l'«'<n wrecked upon the shoals of Hnan oilice and resid.-ncp. ! lie n (•."•ive.l fmni hi.s brother at the ilisa. ler. says Coo. I!. Munson in !;inu- the I.ank failed. .I.i.i^e C .ry look 1 th- liill <ily N<-.v Kra. The r.Tenr MISS (:i{.\CK Reno of tola is .a unest of lier consin. Mrs. It. Adams for a few days. .Miss Ueao is a tfacii- er in the loia scliools.—C'liannle Tri- hiine. I 111" in.liter luuler ad\ iseineiit. BRIGHTENS THi HOME ~ For Interior 1{plini:iblnc it is on- dinallfd. In nl^ sizc <i and cof^trs. GET IT \T SPENCER'S TUi: K.\.\S.\S .Natural Cad company has id;iced a second pump a. work in its piinudnK station at Scipio. One was started tliere a few days pre- viiuul.v. The two are now lieing iiscil alternately.—Chanutc Tribune. Say, did you k'low that they were leiaiiinK meat at who!e>aIe prices at I j.. s. .Mitchell and Dr. O. I,. The City .Meat Market, on the east side I (;;,,.]i„;,i,onse have now formally dis - --^ ' hogs I • - the sfinare. ilaif or whole cents. Koberts &. Ilallard. DK. J. F. JiirSsox, The Snccessfnii Anc- tioopcr, Teterjnarlan. Kiinn sates or Pctlipi^mJ stock •.•\!cs made .-itivwhcr^. Vetf r in;ir> calls aiiswcre:! <lay or uitl't. ontce with DruK'.axs b :i 's. rlu-nr 13, rr^iilcucc ^to lOI.A. K.\S.t.A.S. .MKS. J. A. Hardin and AiiiKhier h.ive returneil to lola aiier h visit with .M. l-imh and f.iniily.—Cba- ii'.ite Tribune. MiS.S I'KAiU. .Io!iii.-oii and C or:;e .loiinsrn well to lola litis afternoon 'o visit iheir hrollicr.—I'liatiiilc Tri- btiiie. KWING & nuidick are just in receipt of a lariie shipmint of school l>ooks and are now ready to meet the demands of the luw school term for text books, tte. ••il;i "r>" !i::s heeii th.> hidden rief. nn- I , der jinooih and siuilii.:; waieis. tlia; Ilr. <>. I,. (Iiirlinsliiiusc. OiVice 'plionc ''as broii -;lit w ret k and ruin to many :J33. |{r>idence 47.'>. a viniiire iliat seenied safe and sure to liiose who lannc 'l.ed the (nlcrprise .'<nii!li Ile!-.<Ierson who is iilenditiu i and vvho dreamed not of ihe iijikiiid l:iisin'ss (.'ollejie at lola. is ."spemiin^! i'!-'"'.'!. deal! out l)y the hand of fate, tlie li'ilida.'.s with his pareats. .1. I. j -•" Siioji to fall. :ii :i ;erson and wife.—Colony Free j Tlic new ;. ear seems 10 he full of I>; i-s.s. j pit liii .sp to eiiierprise of .^oli.l. stable I nil. Id. T !io dark cloud tiiat is now Powell, the real estate man. has a 1 iioveri:!'.; over tis is Uii.nil:;.!, and few thotisand dollars to loan on farms i''r<akini: up. in so far as !.-^i 'iimate at a reasonable rate. j business interests aro involved, but enieri:;-"' IS wliolly siiecnlaiive in their luiliire have iiiormy breaker.s yet iio tate. The cautious biisienss man. like thi' cantion.s ;:aikr/ upon ilie track 1< ss sea. has his .••.Aairs well in hand, ^iiul can pick and ip.easnre v.eil his laieiini; p '.'.ie. bin ihe one whose ven- !M:e has been la;inchc<l wofliont ciiart i:;- anchor is driven on and on. and ii< eds iiiHsl strike the shore at tile ii;< rcy of ;he cruel wiiiil. •j'iie rii !>:i 'r of hope, which ;ioia; ~ always to ilie future still ind !<'aies thai iti I he mil rod vii-;:in patlis ivi'lcli lay lu-roie n.i m;;y be loiiiid the road to .^iiccess. and whispiTS thai ronie from unknown source, lell us l! .:i to hi::; wl ;o perseveres, and to "hini that ovei s:>,fe am! Start the >"ei< Tear rljrht—6wn a iro«d tV.4TCJr^ one that Is ;siiar- anteed t« kee^ time accnrately— wear a IlfetUiie and alnpys p^sent the 8t£ndard'of what a pood natch - sbonid be In appearance. We.«wn7 4Mt the titjies that !Hiit } on. - Make y our pick (odar. G. A. liEFFLER, JE W ELEB. rapilEssioxs •Are often permanently formed; from a sipgie purchase d new customer makes tn your store anfl new customers are Invariably made during a spedal sale We advocate special sales, biit onlj the sterling kln(? that cannot- fail to make a good impression. A disai>- pointed crowd harts more In dollars and cents, in the;end, than if you bad not advertised. JOHN Daugherty was arraigned in police comt thl^ morninK on the charge of being ;drunk and fined *r. and costs. He wks arrested Saturday night on West street. He paid;his fine and was released^ solved partnership. The dissolution •s announced some lime a;io to lake place ilie first of llie .\ear. 'I'liey will retain separ.iie oflices fli the C.arling- liiaise lilock. Six Per Cent Money. R. M. C UD ningham. ^ WHIU5 A YOL'Nti man of I-a Uarpe was lyinK in his downy couch, dreani- ini; of blue skies and summer seas, his parents were chasin;: around over the landscape, trying to find him. and teilins thfc^ populace that he had eloped with a damsel of the town. They iiad worn out most of the streets in their frantic pursuit before they thought of looking in the youth's boudoir.—Emporia Gazette. -.1 Srfldiers' Grand tonlcht Sweetheart" at the K.MORY Olson, of Savonbiirfj. is just in receipt of a contract from the manajremeiit at I.«uisville. He will draw S'Joo per mouth this season. His fric-nd.s believe he will have no tnm- blo in making good with the Louls- viiie Colonels. John of [ola. who formerly lived in Welli^ville and ran a harness shop for several years, was the guest i>f friends about town over Sunday.— Ottawa Herald. Ijiprctal Redofod, Prices on all new and second band Sewing Machines until January 1st. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 East Madison. Mi.-s T.aiira Kramer returned to bet ^ home lola l-'riday aft; r speiKiiiij.' I a few d,;;s with her cousin. .\i ;s-. .\ora Kianier.—Co'ony 1'rv.e I'fe .-^s. -A S..Idier>' tlrund tiini^rlit. Sun:heart" at Uu but we have the suK-k. and ttn-y will ii!ci'-;!se and fallen. Tlie l 'ei 'i!il> of ihe soil is iiol les .-^i -ned. and ihi- avi a deiiiied it: valiiabl" piod'K'ts is ii'l decreased. Wheat is cbeap:>ii<-d in ili- Inarkeis. l,i!I ilie tiniir. made m' uu;- ~olden crain. is 110 less ^ui;rilioll^. i'oi.i prices are low. yel the c!oiliin_; made therefrom is s '.il. wa'iii ami .<i >tii forlalile. I.iimlier •. ahi-s ari' •.iri -:;ily advanceil. but we are in ihe dawn of Ihe cement aee. -I,iv;n-.r expenses are liii;her llian in tiie d:'.ys of fori- father?, bill the irerei'sea aiiioai'T of coniTi-.^'. -.vliicli is oiir jiorrioii ;< wonii more. T are hi>;h. b;.: i-e edncali ei:i! a;;'. ;.i:;ai,es iv'irc'! lie ii; our ciiiiiireu's re ;.--li Isuve n.'ver be- 11 fqiialed. Tiie <!ebt p.-.yin;^ po .vf r of ibe ide alone has been injiired. i.iii i.'ie i.ljiiry is in.t f;re ;;I: iiie sa::;-- re .i; jiroiierly is still here. lin- i-'.iperlative v:.jue.-. aione have be-,'i: (".isr.r.ed. I' m :-..v take more |iio:ieity to pay tin- de!»i. ii in:iy tak^- more ti-;ie ;i> rem !> the di -si !.-<l end. bur the IH>-.-.-.-!- of pro- dn<-in:,' prodiuls of market vaiiu" i. yet -will! liS. lr;iri:.u llie nev.- y^ar 1. r ns a!' re- nieiv.i'er ill.;; optinii.-'u is n:i :i>.-e'. Ihat opiiniism is Ilt-^-l -l.^.;•.'•y to .ic!);. i • sactess. iis limk f.invard willi coii!ideiice '11 oar coaiitiy ai.d in onr- -selves. \ SiTUATWNS WAHTBD Advi-tri>rment.« under tills bead will he in>«rted three times wHhont charge w •>,;<•"-:i 1 .\ i«isiiion by a com- l.e:e.:. i :..ia a- e!- rk or meat cutter. Adi; e .-i "1,. ca.i' Keiirister. .SliTATlOV WANTKD—A ; boy w..:i-.- .•. place to work.after School :.i!d -.Mnt:!:. <. .Vddress US goutb '.'.•nnont St. ,t -ij WAN7£D' 'i'^istfUammous WANTED—Second hand Winchester poji gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret. ' >i>tire ti> Hunters. Votl are l.en-by forliiddi-n 10 do any sure, ill ihiintin.!;,"U the premises of the Jol- ace for ^'"'Wini; undersiirned panics-. T.. ij. STO.VE. who is superintendent for ihe Hunt KnsineeriiiR conipany of tlie consiriiclion of ihe Hill cement jilaiit. Just iiorili of Ihe rliy, loft husi niclit for Kuusas City on liusiness. Ho will return .Monday—C!i:',nute Tribune. TinC WOODME.X who went to lola •"rlday evening lo alleial ;lie tiieelinj; of the lola camp returned well pleased. There were alioiit ihiriy who went from here. Includlni; the members of Ihe drill team—llie l-'orester.-'. Three tcan-s of i'on-siers were present—that of the Cli.iunie camp, that of the l! camp and that of the Petroiia caniii. I-'our c:;ndldate.=; were adopted the Chanute f.-am pulling on tlfe last degree. After the lodije work n .social ."session was held and a banquet served.—Chanute Tribune. roiWTY .\t:. iipy IV'erson has an-j cor.ieth" is reward nounted Iliat i!:e i!;e:iire cases will jail llie unlver.-;e there is no .>,. . .-, be dro;i:i-il. It will be reineiubercd ' the •quiller." for the man >-.-io lays f W. A. I>.V\\>"0.\ KUA.NK Mt.l.-^.S thai K. .s. Karris was tried for violat-1 down anil whiinpi rs at ih.« firsl re-J.:-\Y Kl'.^ll N. T. HOLT iim the Sunday closins law bv rnnuip.ic'verses w hioh obsiruct his way, but F W.M. IHNCM.XN T. li.X.VI.KY a picinrc show on Sunda.v. The trial! hist.^ry. let it be linancial. conin'iorcia! A. TItt.NK I-:. T. HAZZARl) re.-,(i;ied ill a hiiii.«.' Jiirv. 'or polilical. is the record of the lives fiV.'. A. P.A.^^SKTT .1. H. I'KKS. 'atri :!iis of who were 'stayers" UOSH VAI.K.\TiNl-: il. K. l.()K\.\Ci: ,aiid iiiade their very 'osse.s Ihe step-EiJKtJKCK .STlt.\',\|iKi\.\!A\. i pinu .stones 10 Nlicces.-^. f To (he. Wesiern farmer tlr.- elTeds f IJI-S CdUlMlY HAYS AIM' OVKK. of Ihn "pailie" have been Ii-ori flood .-Vtreiits make ?.">.itn ami more per day Mliii-.; new .\utomatlc I'ast- ener for eilher skirts or trousers. I'n- rivaled a'.-.eiiey proposition because repeat sales are tiuarTiileed. (Not sidd In stores). Write for special offer to represent lis. Automatic Hook & l-'ye Co., Hoboken, N. J. cled than real. In all ih:M yoi's to make up ::enuine iirosperity the cnim- iry is full. Crop condiiions .ire uqod. Live slock markets are den M >rali.-.i'd. Keep Your Feet Wan With a President declares Tliat No I.oimcr Will lie Need 11 l.arbf. FOR SAIJ-:—Good Sttldebaker btig- :;y. j.rac;:cal!y nev.-, with good Bet of harness, for sale at Howard's barn if tak-n in the next few days at ?^>.oi>. i'Oi: —':ood milch cow. Ine;';,'- -!"t .N":!!l ICIliK J . FOR SALE—SISOO stock of groceries and. store fixtures. 402 South Kontuckv street. YOR SALE—.\ driving mar^ and Lintrcy. Horse city broke, safe foj lady to 'Jrive. Jjia'i'j;^.^'orth street. _ r I?£W7. fXIsoeUmmioum 'oit 'u';.\' I"—K:-hi room, modern biei.-.'. -l :!i|Uire Mrs. .Malcolm Hiigbes, 'Z\ > I.V.'A Colborn. • KOi; Ki.W'i'—One live room -house —, S.eith .^eeom! and one «5 • room h II- e oil S..UII1 l-'ourih. Inquire 215 .•^••uiiii i ;i ;<k:. e. .1. H. Hock. : Clark's Carriage Heater And You are Warm all Over J T. B. Shannon TWO Bia STORES \Va:-hi ".~tiHi. .Ian. c.—-y; Ouys are ovi -r. Kane- .-.•.uiib lariats and boot spur.; are men now." This is v\!i;!: Iloosevelt lolfl V. L. Til t .ui. land. Kas.. ?:.!•.ir'':iv wh. u wer.l to the Wirte house .•cspects to the chief exec cowboy s. briille- >' I- o;hi r r -i'-; e:i; I'f Coiirt- i';.>' latter to pay his r ive. Three J ears ago Tipton .::ave t!-.e president a pair of bridle.";, and wliiio here on a vis >t decided to tind oat if the presi- jde::;' I'.ad used them. fie' .=aid that liie preside n: si-oke re^r(!tfiitly if lie faci liiat Ii's ilayi :« j on t! .e Western ii !ai;s were ov-?r. but il decla red it he had life to 'ive over ia!;ain he wt;-i;il sijetid m JSl of his i time < tn the raii.ue. lOU i;i :.\T Two choice /offlce ro. ii;> !• niiire at I'-iirrell's drug store. iuU i;tNT—"^iv-ht room, modern !i.i ;s •. Ad .-iTiis & iiurus. Phone'liei. l-"OR I; KNT —Seven room Modern jioase on paved street. ,"> blocks from': newly remodeled. Inqtiire J. 1:. Kirl:, OiM .Vorth Washington. .S H litV premium CaleniiJir for IWK .Swi Preniiiiin Calendar for V.M^. siirpa jse^ in beauty ar.y of the tnany strikiiif.^ >*.alendars already issued by this firm. i Th« Cab'ndiT is made up of three i.sefiaiu'p pjuiei.s. utich S'-j by 17 inches. •The rrrsT panel poriravs "An ideal 'American (iirl's Head" painted by .Mi.-i.s C. Ey.ijlpsto!! and delicately ! liiiiiiKi ai:Iiod ia twelve ;.<.!d. rite .-•( io :id and tiiird cassirr i.eataies. These jare frc m the brush of • Uii.T.-iiar. uaiiiicr. Kisnian colors an I panels are "f two jiictures the famous •Sem, tiowsky. whf>se •.vork is soweil I '.aoAii amoui: I art (Nimcissenrs. ! Switi Contpiiny. f'hif :v-''>- i-'s send' Svi'A oui: Ihi.-; l .e .iuTiful V.*\< Premium • Calend tr post|iaid for cents in stamps or coin. I Send order to Swift (V.., Dept. P.. (Stock Yfcrds Station, Chicago, For )i«rt and quickest •.'c*nlt.s '•se the Ph>);i4ter M'ant (orintnnit. FOR K:-;.NT—Five room house; good rcp.iir. in'i'.iire 41':'. Cottonwood. • FO?w llE-NT--House and barn. South fventuchy. Phcne 558 2—2. l-.j't U-:>-'T—!:i^ht room house. 208 .\"<-riii Wainnt. Apidy at 204 North Wal .T.ii. FOR Ui-:N1"-n room home, bam. clj;i.-"f;;n p. ;i. outbuildings aqd 1% p.cre tru.-:-: !ai:d. Close in. Whittaker & I>onn<:!!. TO Ti.l.Vid:—En.iiity in two houses, . rooi'i and ?• room in lola, to ex- •han-.;e .for uood team and wagon, iii'.miltou IJros. — Us EconoiTiy To have your Carpets, -s and Rugs cleaned by 1 TheIol3 8flg Factory rHONE 51*. <

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