Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 4
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ft ^^iOLA^I^^ • "2— 9 Keporten' Room ^..222 Bostneu Offlc* ^...18 Entered at-IoU, Kansas, Poatol$ca. as Sepond-dass Matter. AdTertlalns Rates Made KnoWn on Application. SDBSCBIPTIOir BATE8.I By Carrier In lola. Gas City, Layoio Tllle er I* Harper One Week 10^.cents On* Montli 44; cents One tear 16.00 By KatL ^ One year Inside eonnty i92.00 One year outside coqnty ^.Lf4 .00 Three Montlu, In advance [.11.00 One Montli, in advance ; .44 OFFICIAL PAPEB, cm OF IBIS- 8ET. i MEXBEB OF ASSOCIATED PBESS. Tbe lola DaDy Begigtcr is a member of the Associated Press and Be^elves the day report If that great neics or­ ganisation for Exelnslve Aftefnoon PnbllcatioB la lola. POLITICAL GOSSIP LELA!<D SAY8 HE IS GOING? TO •riKX OX THE LIMELIGHT*: ACCEPTS STUBBS CHMLEIlGE IS WILLrXO TO HOLD PHIM.VKY; TO ' SETTLE THE FIGHT. Stubbs Denies That HP Has Entm>d Into Any Combination With Goverpor. Topeka, Kansas, .Tan. 1.—In an-Mn tervlew given out liore Saturday rus Inland, candidate for .uoverifor, . says that he will turn the limellpht on certain persons before the fiffht is over. In a .signed statement La'Snd says: ; On Sunday, the 2?nd of nocemllT. lSfl7. a conference was held at the Copeland hotel, at whic'i conforeiice f!overnor Bail;;y. B. T>. Wnccenerl^ of /-Atchison. Senator Pitzp.-itrirk and Morton Alhaugh were present and one state offlcer was in and out at tbe meetlnp The next day Sen.ntnr V \t7.- -mtr'ck had a conference with Mr.;.T. r. 'Dean and supepsfed that he explain to me the necessifv of havth somebody tn the race for cnverifor ; on whom the whole partv could uivltf^ and also stated that there was oiilv .one man would could do so: tfiat Governor Batley would iret info |h.- race for provemor provided thai I would back him. Mr. Dean told Sen ator Fifzpatrlck that he did not kniow about It and wou'd see me. hnt t|ia> • he thouKht Senator FItv.patrIck ouSht to see me himself. Soon after this Senator Fitjinatrick called unon .ino and' stated that he understood t3iat : Mr. Dean had talked the matter over with me as had l)een suKcested. T tnld h<m thnt Mr. Dean hart explained it to me. Thsn he said that all facfl&ns • would be satlsflQd. that I was the v ?ry man to hrlni? Bailey into the race Tor Eovemor and pet behind him: tjiat Bailey had stated Sund.iy at the <jon ference that he would not thlnkr of irettlnp Into the race unless I was ,tor him. He said that Ballev wanted to- be vindicated and' that it would ;be comp'ete vindication if he should Jlie- come a candidate and win out: he wanted to miard other people's ;-in terests: that Bailey would be a caid- datfl for only one term, and thai I could have that acxeement with fiai- ley:that he would be a candidate only once and would not be In the race "he the second time. i T asked .Senator Fitzpntrick w5»nt he would think of me if I shoSild make that proposition to Governor Bailey, who should be my friand; that he was good enough to have one t <trm in order to be vindicated, but that he was not good enoueh to have Ihe second term as governor. : A faw daj-s before that Simday meetipg Mr. Wla.ggcner wac over here, called upon me and stated that Governor Bailey said that he. Mr. ^ai 'ey, was for me for governor and that hewould make campaign speaches for me. Mr. Hornady. who was in Tope ka, when this Bailey talk was bn Red Checker Men Hoat the red chedun from your checker-board in a bowl of water and you win know why blood b red. Bk>odhas mUwn and ntaikxti of little red Wiieeb floating in a dear fluid. The tmfessorcalb them red corpuides. WcU. Scott's Emulsioii makes red corpusdes. Theie ' little red %vheds grow in the r bone manrow. SCOTT'S ? EAWLSION contains a power ; wfuch feeds and pub new life bdo the bone tnarrow of pale people. AnOnoSM.: SOc mmd «L«0. FRISHMAM'S f^anuBty Clearance Sale ami Great U2 Price Oleak Sale To get good reasonable merchandise and yet not pay but about half the regular price for it is what this sale offers you. It is to be your bargain picnic. We invite you to read over the items and come tomorrow, the first day of wonderful values, values that mean great money saving opportunities. 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Craai Cloaranoo of Colored Drass Ooods 25c and 35c Dress Goods reduced to fOc 50c and 60c Dress Goods reduced to 35o 750 Dress Goods reduced to BOo $1 00 Colored Dress Gcods reduced f) 69o 1.25 Colored Dress Goods reiliiced to 83o Blanliets Reduced - ^ G5c Grey Blankets reduced to pair ^.••.45c i>0c Grey, White and Tan Blankets per pair 65c $1.25 Blankets reduced per pair 85c 2.00 Blankets reduced to $1.25 3 00 Blankets reduced to $2.25 called up Bailey at Baileyville over he ti'lephono, so he informed several of us. ^nd stated that Bailey told him that tie would not be a candidate for goverjior. ^^r. Hornady agreed with me jn the presenc? of Mr. Anthony an(J Mr. Biddle that he wou'd not get piit of the race and wanted to know (f I would stay In also and not be cnjwded out. We both agreed hat wo would roniain in the race. I think it is due from me to state what I kpow alwiit Senator Curtis's position in relation to Bailey's candl dacy. Bef«rn Mr. Curtis left for WTashinctqn he called on me and said hat if I was. a candidate for govern ir ho wa^ for me. After this Copeland counjy conference, when It be- rnme knovn that they were trying to get Ba'lpy' into the race. Senator Cur is notlfipd some of Ms friends hero that If they tboug!;t best, if his Interests would be protected, and above ill, if Mr. Leland was satisfled. then he wou'd not oppose the nomination of Mr. Baijey for governor. I make this statement because I do not wish Senator Curtis to be placed In 0 false lipht .-ind I do not see why should get out of the race. Acceots Stubbs' Challenge. Cyrus lioland Saturday accepted the challenge of W. R. Stubbs that h,^ trianciilar governorship fight of inuself Boiley and Stubbs be settled )y direct primary. [eland was asked what he thought Bailey wou'd say to a direct t>rimary o s^i'ttle tjio gubernatorial fight. Nobody' knows." he said. "Bailey s an unknown quantity. Can't feli vhaf ho'.IV do from the -way he has acted." It is dec'ared unon good authority hnt fiovernor E. W. Hoch will get out nd make some speeches for Stubbs —or at for Stubbs' platform. The governor was asked Saturday •.lorning If 'hat is true. I am niit discussing the governor ficht at all," he replied, and kept on with his work. Concern inn State Officers. R. Stubbs hur's defiance at the •)resent stfte o/Hcers. I undeirstand." he said, "that the state hou^ crowd, or at least some f them, ara going to get out and fight for Bailey; If thev do. we will Just imply pu{ up fellows against them for their ofllces." Stubbs would not discuss who of he state officers he 'thought wou'd leht him for governor. Information that the Stubbs crowd would extend he fipht tk) the state officers, wherever rang anti-Stubbs fighting appeared, leaked out. It is knpwn that the Square r >^al- rs feel t^at Attorney General .lack- on won'jt mix In tte Bght. But the -est of the state officers are to be mit under; survcilliwce at once, and f any of them show symptoms of whooping fhlnga up for W. J. Bai'ey. the Stubby crowd plan to retaliate by usbing forward candidates against hem In t^e stat? convention. It has of course been generally ac- epted tha:t the present state officers would hav« no op|>osition: that thev are entiU^d to a second term, and shall hive it without a fiulit. But since tne Bailey people have at^ed for no aud offer none, anil will back Hailey as the anti Stubbs candidate, the complexion of things may change. None of the state offlcers would say anylhing. Two of them iire known to be Bailey men from the word "go' -this Is from past hi-ttury. But who iher they wi'l ;;et into the Bailey- Stubbs embroglio openly will simply have to show Itself in time. Prediction by Hoch. "If is elected pn>s:dent of the United Stales. .1. fj. .lohnson. of Pealjody. will be in his cal)inet." Hoch and .'ohn.son are warm friends, and might be still closer If .lohnsi.n trained with the G. O. P. instrad of the Democrats. .lohnson Js very optimistic in winning out In his desire to be national Democratic committeeman over Bill Sapp of Galena, and John Atwood of I/>avenworth. To Hold Primaries. Washington, .Ian. G.—Four of the elcht Kansas congressmen have de- c'.dwl to submit their claims for re- nomination to a primary vote. They are Anthony, Scott, Miller and Reeder. Anthony has already fixed the date of his iirimary. Reeder's eom- mltlee will meet at Beloit on .laniiary 13 to fix a date an<l arrange date for a prlmar>- in the Sixth district. Miller's committee will meet at EniiKirIa on January H, for the same purpose, and "Scott's committee will meet either at lola. Ijiwrence. or Kansas City. Kansas, on January 1.5. Reeder and .Miller have opjiosition. Scott expects none. The expenses of the primaries in a'l four districts will fall chiefly upon the candidates for congress, and each call will provide that the candidates shall put ui> a certain sum. and then agree to pay their pro rata share of', the expensa If It exceeds the original j entrance fee. Not to Support Hoch. Topeka. Jan. G.—'After Governor Hoch "invited Stubbs to a conference and they talked for an hour, a story was promptly circulated that Hoch was to aid Stubbs in Jils race for gov- .^rnor and In turn Hoch was to get the square deal help for I'nited States senator. Stubbs heard from that story all day. His "faithful" have bombarded him with demands and entreaties to know If it Is true. They all told him they couldn't balleve It. . So to an.-!wer them all at once Stubbs j Satitnlay is.-iicd the following denial I of any such agreement or combination in a signed statement: "The rtjiort that was circulated around Topeka yt-sterday and pubiis:.- cd to the effect that 1 had entered into a senatoriar comi)inailon with Governor Hoch or any other man, is aln solutely false. The governor did not sajr or intimate to me in any way whatever during our conversation that he Wius now or l-xpected to be a candidate for any public office. I have not made any agreement, combination or deal of any kind whatever with any person or persons in reference to any i)ul)!ic office In K.ansas." Stubbs" statement Is accejited by politicians regarding his ta'k with the governor. It is declared that Hoch extended the invitation to "come and play with him." and Indicated that he couldn't stand fr.r Bailey. But it ii? .said that Hoch did not make a single |>ositlve "break" in the whole con versation. EXD OF WATER OY.STEKS. Express Caniimnles Will Kefase to .Ship Tliut Kind to Kansas. She was the ]>ride of the country 'round. Envied by other Eirls was she; In beauty and health she did abound By taking Kocky Mountain Tea. Ilurrell's Drug Store. GOOD EGGS FOR KANSAS NOW. *lfways the Oame ialumei Baking Powder otherwise the Pure Food Inspectors Will Get the Farmers. The farmer who sells butter and ef^'s and' other products of the farm to the village grocer, must see to it that his produce is clean and good, and that it compiles in every way with the Kansas pure food law. Th< farmer when he sells fresh eggs, must sell fresh onfs. and not eggs that have been stored in lime and oaLs since last summer. His butter must come up to a certain standard, or th? farmer will be guilt v of "misbrand Ing." Dr. S. .T. Crumbino secretary of the state board of health, has just made public a letter on this subject. The letter was written for the benefit of grocera who had purchased bogus epgs from farmers and had baen caught by the pure food inspectors for selling bad eggs. It has been the practice of many thrifty farmers for years to "salt down" In lime and oat.s, *ggs la'd in the summer. The egss kept fairly well, and in the co'd winter months when the hens were off idu t: the eggs conunand^d high prices. The urne -rs hoiicht those cold storage or 'horu.s" esgs for fresh ones a:jd so'd them as such. When tbe cus- tonif- got them home it was found that/the escs were not fresh by any mcahs. .and some of them were ex- ceeillncly stale, if not worse. The cn'omer then told the foo(', inspector about if and the grocer got into trouble. Hereafter when a grocer bnys estFs the fanuer must euarantee that tbe eggs are fresh, and if any bad ones are found the farmer will have to suffer thp same as the manufacturer of bogus goo^s. In his campaign for waterless oysters. Dr. S. J. Crumliine. state pure food inspeeior of Kansas, lias received a valuable aily in the form of the ex- pre.s.s coinpanie.s. Henceforth it is expected that the oxpres.s coinp.inies. as soon as the nece.s.sary orders can be; i.^:-urd. will refuse to ship into K-msasj any exceut the kiud of oysters known! .IS ••::<i!id iiaek." which are kept in j tiiiiks packed in ice. instead of being I xhiliped in a tub containing a block of ice. iJr. Crumbine h.ns received a letter from W. H. Walker, superintendent of j the Pacific Express company, informing him that he is about to issue or-| ders to his agents at ox.iter shipping| points to accept no more watered oys-j ters for Knasas. The reason for this! action is that express agents often' ha%-e oyster shipments left uncalled for on their hands. It is the practice to s-ell such shipments, and the law prohibits the sale of shipments coutaininj; water. For that reason .the express companies will aid In enforcing the law against water. The pure food officials are delighted I with the success of their anttwater • campaign. Dr. Crumbine said today: "We expected to have a fight on this oyster iiroposition for a year to se- riirf? its enforcement, but I am glad to sav that it Is already being en-j forced very well throughout the state. Oystors containing waters, have been driven off the market. The price of oysters has risen very little. If at all. and people, are getlug a third more oysters in a quart than they used to get. The oysters now come properly packed, and retain their fiavor. They are not contaminated with all sorts of dirty water, and they are packed in such a way that their condition Is much better." ., . A Great Roast! Over a ton of Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee is roasted at a time, in a large revolving cylinder, which drops the coffee through heat again and again until each bean is iinifomdy roasted. No Other coffee is in sufficient demand tq afford such scientific and perfect preparation. The sales of Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee exceed the sales of all olher packaged coffees combined, and this scientific roasting, which no other coffee can afford, by its very magni° tude, reduces our ccNit to a minimum, and enables us, with our other advantages, to give better value in Arbucldes' Ariosa Coffee than is possible for any one else. ArbacMes'Ariosa Coffee is the cheapest good coffee in the world, and the best of all for yott, ABBUCKLS SROes;, N «w TcrJt atjr. \

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