The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 13
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Por Sal*.—MI«c«Han«>ou» Camera* and Photography for S/U,E— land feet of Mi-Inch srnm- leas cradc .1 secnnfl range, 30 cniing: 4500 feet 2^-inch drill pipe, Hughe* ton! jnlntu: 8M tffl 2^-inch drill pipe. Imperial mo] InlntK! H50 fee' 4«j-lnrh lln« Wpe. S-thiend Arthur I'. Andcrmin, !!>!> Supply Rn« , Taft. Ca 1 i_f. 4 4 Radios, Musical Instruments Fruits and Vagctabjes FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE !We now have facilities tor mounting ami dismounting auto radios., Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway . 3-27-tf TOP PRICES paid for late mod«l radlnr t'otton Radio Service, cnrmi of K »nd __ 99 Highway. Hhnn« 2-0498. TJ^lj WILL HAY blithest caih prlct for your _. piano. Call g->673. !^ 2 ?-' < We Have Facilities and Available Farts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-049S J2-2-tf PIANO WANTED—HlKheil caih price paid for n»\v ind u*td plamu. Phrun 8-8981. . 8-18-tf CAR AERIALS for any make of car. 14 85 and up. Postoii Radio, corner of K street and 9- Highway. H-l-tt HIGHEST PRICKS #pald for lined radloa. Rakenfleld Rariln Supply. 2808 Cheater avenue. Phon« 2-B160. 8-11-tf FOR SALE—S'jx^'i CKAFLKX SERIEtf B. LOTS OF ACC'KS- SORIES AXD FILM. CALL HKAK 1032 KERX STREET. 3 TO 8 I'. .M. ns WANTKH '!'<> Hl'V — 8-mi I'llolip L'-1 11'H. imeter projt>< Inr. ATTK.VT10M. POUf/rR VMFN! On Market Is Opeii We r'ny ""ops for Frytrg unf Rnonfr* One Blnci West of timt Hnktrsfteld I'nst Ofilce 111B Korn Street Dial !-24.'S niiADFOKD POULTRY MARKICT NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE Typ«writ«r«, Office Supplies | WILL PAY CASH for -.ypewrHera. adiUns machine*, checkvrrlters ami cash r(S*8- ten Lynch Typewriter Company. 16SO 'h'»!«i;_>i ^enue «-29-(f KOK SAI.K—MeCaskey eash reeiKlcr lilnl «mall electric Niitionul cash relziplcr. J.YMt'h T> powriler Co., 16f>H Chester .venue. P.ll COc FOR FULL LL'G ! BrinR your own contniners. The same Uii.d of pears we had last year. io AVACM JO :019 Baker East Bakersfleld 8-17-tf _________ 76 Ftifl SAf.F — Or-* tnnrn mules nne (prim • horse---. tie miitf and U)lt nil coo'l ftm-k Can see the;.-. 1 a* ranch. Cn M Ar MI 4S \-I^_evenmgs ______ __.1S ; k. I'll!! S.M.K- Seven Inc. I doe.;. ,, li Hue,, double liiilclii.i an. I e.ttiipniei I . ___ «°in. ill ihu-k <oop. _ !'lione_4-_i::sl __ I'A HAHHITS for 'i.llo. One Imek. .1 .Iney 1:1 Vimm. li weeks.' Hi!. JK,. \V!\h lhl»« " ' Fruits and Vegetable* T. S. Xn. 1 STOfKTOX BIT! BANK I 'OTA TOES $:!. I)" PKK 100 POl'XD SACK. WH F.I, PEN'S MARKICT. TWKXTY-FIIIST AXU L'XIOX VALLIOVS FIXER FOOD Twontipth and I'nion MEDIUM SIZK BOUGHT AND SOLD Cabinet Model. $2960 Up All radioa offered for sale have been reconditioned and are guaranteed. SRRVICK ON ANT MAKE RADIO BAKTDRSFIELD RADIO SUPPLY 28 )« CHRSTWR AVBNI1E DIAL 1-6160 8-11-lf KKHX MDSIf: SHOP. 900 Baker. Minimi instruments, • implies ami aheet music. Wo repKir all musical Inntitimenls. bows lehalrcd. 57 CASH fo>- vour old radio. reBnrdlp."n nf «BP, mnke or condition. Phone 2-f)l9;r 7II3 WaahlnBton avenue. Oildale. ^8 Be^•^^nl good r^romlit ioned ronsolo radio*. J'I-IIVH .tl'.'i to J.'.ll. Two radio-phono fonihinalujliH in Kootl condition, with L'li riToirls. Phone L'-:>1M. Ruck Kadin HrM-\-ic-e, 70" WanhiiiRton avpnue. Oililnlp. FIELD BOX, $1.11) LARGE SIXE Medium Size, Full Lug fi'Jc FULL LUG Bring i'our Own Caiflalners W 101D Baker street, East Bakersflclrl ! «'!•: ARK I'li'KIXC, rre.-Mnne peaches Ihis j \v-ek. They ate Bond for rannniK-. slii- i In*-' or dryms. Also n few .-lines laM i I III? week. Ill-I lit- "llllailH IS. Merrill , ncjK rtiii_Urnv(i. _ ::; \ In buy. t hree-qna rler wooden , riiniie S-XTTa. full between ;i nil ."i p in FOI! S.M.I-:- .|0\nr-l)c:ii nm s! ra wl.orrv l'l;ints. $;) per 100. •! I !• Water street. ifVJ <1 ^S\ [^ M \\ n &$*, cJ/iio&J/ POULTRY KAISEIIS — \VAI!I)S CAIIUY A COMPLETE LIN 12 OF THE FA.MOUS DU. SALS1U" K Y"S T'Ori.THV REMEDIES. EVERY- TIIINC; TO KEEP YOUK FLOCK IN COOD CONDITION. COME IN FOR ALL YOUR POULTRY XEEKS. WARD'S FARM STORE, ^.il'i; CHESTER AVENUE. PHONE _ 7-7X7I. __ :!7 FOR SALE — SEVENTY-FIVE GOATS. FINE .MILK STOCK. FOUR THOROUGHBRED HILLIES. FOR INFORMATION AVRITE. nox r,a. BODFISII. CALIF. _ _ 4R Kill! SAI.K- lltmvn Sw,«> fresh l.v Sepicmlici I.",. n f ler 7 ^ p. in. VKRV ATTIiArTH'K I'uilii saddle Kcldini:. also saddle, bridle nnii blanket. 1SOII _Nilcs. sji KliniTRK.V New llampshhe pullets. In full production. $l...n ".-ith. Ill \Vjlsoti, Oildale, in rail 2-2M7. 3S VKW vi II:K s«-pi i • t^p. A" It- lllf i ,"!! Al.isk.l ,lilt...-i:i . .'.'.'. A " • .1 ' '!•. Hi ,1 ..i .| I ... Allied Stiiles AM,.. Chain,. . *. M;i, Am."••, -an < ,. • .1,1 I',,!, i A nv i n .-it. ••:•.! I' .1 •- un I'IIH-I ! Ami,r., I. M-'.I n.. Alliei |-,,... . i a,ul l.:nln Allli I '. .-I!' I! :.| .1! il SI, . I S Ann--.i .'ii l;..!l i,u M,!l AI-.I. i i .ni Si!,. ';• • i",I |;. i A 111' ! ' :l!i SI".- 1 I'l.lind- C" AIM' 1 I. ,111 T, I: pi'.,.I,., : A m.'l i ri n , , ,, A 111' II, .Ml \\ l!' \V.-rk-< Ana. on,l.i Ai-ni.,11! ,•;• i'.nn|.:ill-. .•\l.-lli--iili TI i.i-liii mill Sams !•', All.'lllli' It"! 'I'l I Aval ,IIM '',.! I",!' II "il . . I! ildw Hi 1. nil,l '\ - It.illimnrc ,v iihin P.ain'-dall ill l! ( ,|iil.\ \v.,ii,i,,| II.-'liloh.-in Si. • I Pncirii: A,, i' . .. Hindi II C,,mp.-lliy Itou; Warner III icts .Manilfai up OIK r.lldil Mannfa nu Mllilil \Vh". I caluin.-t « M" l.i l'illl.llll:lll l':ll It .. I tx ' . 1 « ' t 1 \ I I '. line. I,.,, „„,,! |. ,,.. , ,..,, ltllen.,,1 ',,1 ,' 'I'. . ,,,,.| T- ,' .Inlins-M.-ini ','.. Kep-l.-i "I! I '",„.." K ,..,;. i .; • .. I.", ... « I" .M; . I, '1 i. '.-, .M.I I HI" M'lli;|.l.l Maistia : r . ill Mill I'lill! ';, ,.! f. le . M.iill.-.ll'o' s-M.'l-ne Mm,I-...11. : Wai.I Mill I.I . .',., p. 'all..11 N.-i»li K'.-h i'.i ',,i Vici.ivi l: «. .in N-, ' , • i I ' i-h Hemnl.'i V il I' I <:. ' I'linln. I" N.'i' "Hal l',,iM" anil I.mill Vll 'HI M I \.",'. ' V,,.k I Viili'a!' N,,i Hi \-n i-ii an \ M.I i ..n .S.M ill Mneti'Mii I-..IIIP:III> \,,; tin,1.1 I'a, ,fi.' Moderate Trading on N. Y. Market I)mV.IO\l;s AVKKAdKS Tin- PI - .ii.iiri.ii-Y i-lii-iiitr 1 >n\v- .I"!M- .1' .-I'.-L;.-. Il.illi.-tt'i.ll. 1 14 SS. " !' " ' v I'' . i :'*.'." • ; | ..... ' ; ;f j! ir y , -' 1 '''I. 'l|l >' ;l ^ :il|. I I'l.'i HllH'ks ."ll.B'l, Tuesday, September 12, 1944 WEST CORST. OX IMS i'i;:li t n rnovfr, !!!--! I i^.l.'.'i y.\s- I Ml t'a i | I'hell." I Inline I''- Si'l \ ' N" I'lllhnaii I'm.. Hit ! Kailri I'm I,.,i n .,1 H nlii.-Keith i iiphenni li'l.H S I FIKLD BOX, $L'.25 Sr: BRING COXTAIXKHS and Lvestock FOR RAIiTC — Thorotiihbrpil • HninpRhlre Ijnar nlK, 6 monlliR old. 1'hone 2-40ii!i j 311 j FuH .SAIjHI—Twc «pnn uf gutift work mnres, i one brood mare with coll. Mr. Grout. Flinne 2-70C(i, 7-llt-tf: ATTENTION Blood-tea'ed baby clilcks. brooders, poultry supplies nnd feed. We bu> your CKHS. ; (JlilcUs Sl'j hundred. 2219 Union, or 814 Phone 7-702S ni 2-9489 2 FOR SALE— Pedigreed Cocker Spaniel i __pu|irjo« J _ MOO Twenty-first street. __ 37 SAI.IC — Pm£t?rf, bird taupa an<l MnndR. __ lK'4_Tl^ir<l strrct. l-'owlpr Pot Shop. .IN ____ ^ ______ _ AT VATKU-lvENT consdle radio, in rondiiion. Aftor (1 p. m.. lit 3531 Ic'r. Phono --liSua __ PIANO HARGAIX HEADQUARTERS — Good used pianos, completely reconditioned, guaranteed like .io\v. Many leading makes to choose from. Gunr.'inlcPd like new. .Lowest prices and easy terms. Phillips Music Company, 1H10 Nineteenth slreet. $2.69 Full Lug. Bring your own containers. 1019 Bal<er BaUersfiPld | _____ ........ ________________ 9-7-tf L j CAN. \1.\G PKAIiS— It will soon be! HIP end of the season for running- : i pears. We will have choice Te- J hiichtipl pear* for about one nr two ; weeks more. Those pears are very | nice size Cor canning anil have no hard cores. They are very reasonably priced ar $1.11!) per lug. Mooney's Market Spot. Kiehleenth and ! _rnion._J-*hone_3-0961. 40 i CJKOHCIA LAKE ranninn "l«-7irh'es. $f25 j nnd tip a IIIK. , Rrlntr your mvn i-onln incr. ) 7 1 ."i r, street. 1'ioneor Nursery. 2S BABY CHICKS J15 per hundred: New Hampshire Reda. Kiiorto Island Red«. I'lymnuth Rock». Roi U anc, Hed Cross: na\v shiprnpni e\'ery Mnndnr nrder early. Also plenty of metnl teeilarg fountains unrt uoultry medicines. VVnrd'n Fur in H t o re. 252; (;|-.e«lei. 4_- 17-tf OKKERLVi; n number o. outstanding ycar- lins and T-yanr-oId registered Hereford bull:- A. H. Karpe Hhone l*-8611 7-19-tf SALK — Female Cllpph^rcl puiipifs. l-"u\vl*>r _ I'd _slnu>._ 1 1 LM _Thj riK ___ 3,v ''01,1,11-) pupnipi*, 1 month nlil $]i» anil *.'• «'arb. .Mrs. Sidd.-ill. llc.ulc 2. HMX HO. :', miks south of c.ri-rnf iohl. '-. _milf> wo.ol mi ^'lii'viilicr Uoait. WANT lo buy, Hoslon Bull pup. I'all _-'-'!-'•'•"- ____________ ______ _____________ :is I-'OR SAI.I-: — Coi-ker Spaniel pup. 10 weeks' _ old. _ *!.">. _ rnll ^so:i. _ .IS l-'OK HAI.K — Illai-k for-lii-i- Spaniel pup- IIU-H. cheap. I'lioup ri-TiilS.",. 41 4:. \ :ui i . :, '.i . 1 < 'I .. H7 .. 4 I S, >i i ,n \ \ a , nil in Si,MI li. i n : 'a. 11,. Snill h.'l n Kali \va \ . Spark* \V , t h inu I nn .. -. SIIIT-I v ' ',,» i.oi a I inn Sianilar.l MuimtH Sta nila I'd i li I ,,T i 'a I r'nrM'a Slanilai'l h 1 .,1 Inilia'la Sliinilard l>,l i.f New .terse-. Si.;\varl \Vaiii.-r Stnne K \Vehh. i Si nil,•!.a K.T I ',,. hoi a t in, 'l'.'\a s i'l -pi,' a i inn T.ile \Vaier As-s-n. Ml",I i hi Tilllken.lleli.'il \\!,, Tmiken Hollei Heiitnii.- 'I'l a lisa ni. i -i-a T\\ enl let li i '"lit ur\ - l'ii\ Inl.-i-lak,- linn lnl.-l n.-iiinnal llarvi-^l."- Inl.-Mialional I l\d rn. K\.-< . I n I 'ina t inn .1 1 \ ;. kp] ("an ... r.l 'i I I'll,I.-,1 AM l.ilies . . . . .. r.l)- 11 ', j I'll 1 An i lift ... -1 7 r 'a i I 'II U eil '',.' piir'a t (in :: 7 ii ' I' M , t "'I ;.i s I nip I'l ' . : rnile.l S'.lleH lii.l.llel .... Ill'', : I'llile.l Sl.ll,.>. SI,-,.I .... ] '. i. i \V ll\\ oi I'l I'. \ J \V.M HIT I: 'S I'" till'"!. .. 1"\ ' \Ve»li'in I'nliin Teleuiaph \ .. 1 ' «'..«! inulir.l He Klei I ill- ami Jl ! t Sli', • Wlih" Mi,I"!' .. 3 j Woiiltvoilh Legal Notices _ CHICKS started on order We have colored broilers, rousting hens. River- i view Hatchery. 216 Roberts l.nne. P-linne , _Jl»3?S; 7-19-tt , BUY. SELL or trade all kinds or livestock. Phone 2-8022. Roy Johnson. 1 mile north j Pumpkin Center. 200 yards east on Ho?- I kins Hnad, 42 . WIM, KXrilA.NCIJ sonic Knoil wnrk j Inn-sen lo" yuuriE cat tin. A. II. Karpe. _ |ihone_(l-!HI7]. 3!| I FOR SAT.K—Saddle man'. if ilesired. Hinldln. hriille and lilankfi. J300. 1'hnne Z-i, 141. ] Fi.ilt SAI.K—Live frynrs. fat liens ami turl;- ! e>s. l-'ir.sL plate nnrlh of Fairfax Si hool. west piile (if rnail. MITH'E (IF I.VTKNTIOV Til K\i I \C, K IN Till-: SAI.K OF AI.l'dHOl.lC KKVKH- AC I-:S September 11, 1(14-1 Tu Whom It ^lay ('oiKi'iii. N(jt ice IN herpby Bi\-pti thill fittpen day* after thp date posted, the tin* del-signed proposes to sell nleoholio beverages al these promises, described as t'olInws: dba Nile I'omt Drive In. L'^JJ Nilps Street.. Ha IversT Cld. Kein *.'ount>. I'tlr- suani to .':-ii h iiitetition, tbe MmlorniKnod is :i|ii<lyniK l(. the state Hoard of Kutiii lix.n- lion tdr i.ssiiiiiH'o of an altoholie he\-praKo li( ei:se (or licenses) for these premises as follows- Ol. Sale Reel-, Anyone ilesirinK to protest tbe issuance of such licenso(s) may file a vet-fled protest with the Slate Honrd of Knua lixat ion ai Sacramento, l'alifornia. stating grounds fqr dentnl as Provided b>- law. The promises arc now licensed for tbe sale of nlroholl. brvornK Sept. U' I'.OHKRT R. IIK.NRY Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices NOTICE TO VOTERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the elector* of the State of Cali fornia that the following Bond Act will be submitted to the People of the State of California for their ratification at the next genera election to be held on the seventh day of November, A.D. 1944. FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State. FOR THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF I»4J This act providti for t bond lira* of thirty million dolUr* (150,000,000) to b* uud by th* Vcurani' V»\ltn Board in muting California war veteran! to acquire farnu or hornet. t— AGAINST THE VETERANS BOND ACT OF l»43. Thii act provide, for a bond iuue.of thirty million dollar* ($10,000,000) to be used by th* Vettram' W«lf t re Board in auuting California war vet- *r»n§ to acquire farmi or homti. «Thli. proposed law, by art nf IhP Ultrning. countersigning, or pnrt.irslng '°' ul °"— ----- - ..... *"•• — - -- ' LagMature passed at Its fifty.fifth UPS •Ion. In mihmitted In the people In ar romance with the provisions of Sertloi I of Article. XVJ of thft Conmitulion ) PROPOSED LAW CHAPTER MS An act to add Article 4, comprising Sections 990 to 991.1 incluiiv*, to Chapter « of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, authorizing tho creation of a debt or debti. liability or liabilities, through the iteuanc' and sale of State bonds, for the tingle object of creating a fund to provide farm and hotna aid for veteran* in accordance with the provisiona of th Veterans Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943; creating a Veterans Finance Committee of 1943; defining the powers and duties of said com mittee and of the Veterans' Welfare Board and other State officers In respect to the administration of the provisions hereof; providing ways and means, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the Interest of such debt or debts, liability or liabilities, as such interest falls due, and also for the payment and discharge of the principal of such debt -or debts, liability or liabilities, as such principa matures; appropriating money for the expense of preparing and of advertising the sale of bonds herein authorized to be Issued; and providing for the submission of this act to a vote of the people at the general election to be held in the month of November, 1944. (Approved by Governor May IS, 1943 Filed with Secretary of State May 18. 1943 ) The people of the State of California do enact as follows. SUCTION 1. Article 4, comprising Sec tlon* 990 to 991.3, Inclusive, Is added to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, to read : Article 4 Veterans Bond Act of 1943 990. This article may be cited as the Veterans Bond Act of 1943 990.1. For th* purpose of creating • fund to provide farm and home aid for veteranti In accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943, and of all acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, the Veteran*' Finance Committee of 1943 created by thin article shall be and It hereby ie authorized and empowered to create a debt or debts, liability or liabilities, of the State of California, In the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided, but not otherwise, nor In excess thereof. 990.2. After the Issuance of the proclamation uf the Governor announcing the ratification of this article, and Immediately after adoption of any resolution by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereby created, provided for In Section 991.1. the State Treasurer shall prepare the requisite number of suitable bonds of the denomination of one thousand dollars ($1,000) In accordance with the specifications -contained In such resolution. The aggregate par value of all bonds Issued under this article errall not exceed the turn of thirty million dollars ($30.000,000), and the bonda Issued under any such resolution shall bear Interest from the date of Issuance of said bonds to the »late of maturity thereof, at a rate to bo determined by the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and specified In such resolution, but In no case exceeding 6 per cent per annum. Both ' ' ' and Interest shall be payable money of the United States, •t the office of the State Treasurer, principal in lawful AT t-116 Oaiav-c~ va t-nv kJicaic- f I cnoui vf . or at the office uf any duly authorized agent of the State Treasurer, and shall be so payable at the times specified In •aid resolution or resolutions . All bonda Issued under this article •hall bear the facsimile signature of the Governor and the facsimile counter- •Ignature of the Controller and shall be endorsed by the State Treasurer either by original signature or by • signature •tamp adopted for each particular bond issued under this article and the bond* •hall be signed, countersigned and endorsed by th» officers who shall be In office on tbe date of Issuance thereof, •nd each of aald bond* anal! bear an '"rPJJS?. 0 ' {*•• °I e * t S"* 1 of the st »'« of California. Tbe bond* ao signed, countersigned endorsed and sealed, when *oia, •heJI be. and constitute a valid and bi igation upon the State of California, although the sale thereof be made at a date or date* upon which the officer* having signed, countersigned and endorsed Mid bond*, or •ny or either of MM officer*, •hail have c tf*«d to, be the incumbent* of the _.-„.....,, ...» ..„._... ........ uv ... office* held by them M tbe time of and approved by toe Governor of the Aug. 1, I. 15, ::. 29: Sept. 5. 12. 19, 26; Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 'Jl . , sairt bondn Each bond Usued unde • his article shall contain a clause 01 clniisp* stating that Interest shall ream lo arrnifl thereon from and after the date of maturity thereof and referrlni to this artkle and to the resolution o the Veterans' Finance Committee o l!*43 hereunder by virtue of which »a!t bond is issuer] 990 3 The requisite number of suit able Interest coupons, appropriately numbered, shall be attached lo each bond Usiied under this article Said Interest coupons shall bear the facsimile signature of the State Treasurer whf shall be In office on the date of Issuance of the bond to which said coupons per tain 990 4 All bonds Issued under this article and sold shall he deemed to have been called In at their respective dates of maturity and the State Treasurer shall, on the respective dates of maturity of said bonds, or as soon thereafter as said matured bonds are surrenderee (o him. pay the same out of the proceeds of the Controller's warrants drawn In his favor as provided in Section 990 R and perforate the bonds so paid with a •ultahle device In a manner to Indicate such payment and the date thereof He shall also, on the said reaper-1iv* dates of maturity, cancel all bonds bearing said dates of maturity and remain ins unsold, by perforation with a suitable device In a manner to indicate such cancellation and the date thereof The provisions of this section shall be appllca Die also to tht Interest coupons per tainlng to the bonds authorized by this article to be Issued, and shall be applicable, as far a* practicable, to any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer 990 5 There Is hereby appropriated 'rom the General Fund In the State reasury such sum annually as will be necessary to pay the principal of and the Interest on the bonds Issued and sold pursuant to the provisions of this article, as said principal and interest become due and payable There shall be collected annually In he tame manner and at the same time as other State revenue Is collected such a sum. In addition to the ordinary revenues of the State, as shall be required o pay the principal and Interest on said mnds as herein provided, and It Is lereby made the duty of all officers charged by law with any duty In regard o the collections of said revenue, to do ind perform each and every act which thall hp necessary to collect such addl ional sum. On the several dates of maturity of said principal and interest In each fiscal •ear, there shall be returned Into the General Kund In the State treasury, all of the moneys in the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943. not In excess of the principal of and Interest on he said bonds then due and payable and, In the event of such moneys so re- urned on said dates of maturity being esu than the said principal and Interest hen due and payable, then the balance emalnlng unpaid shall be returned Into he General Fund In the State treasury iut of said Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 as soon thereafter as It shall become available, to- ether with interest thereon, from such lates of maturity until so returned, at he rate of 6 per rent per annum, compounded semlannually Both principal and Interest of said onds shall be paid when due upon war- ants duly drawn against said appro- irlatlon from the General Fund by the Controller of the State In favor of the Itate Treasurer or In favor of any duly uthorlied agent of the State Treasurer, pon demands audited by the State De- lartment of Finance, and the moneys to te returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury pursuant to the provl- lons of this section shall likewise be aid as herein provided upon warrants uly drawn by the Controller of the tale upon demands duly audited by the late Department of Finance. 990 A The- sum of thirty-five thousand dollar* < $35,000) Is hereby appro- rlated out of any money In the State reaaury not otherwise appropriated to lay the expenses that may be Incurred >y the State Treasurer In having said jonds prepared and In advertising their Mle. said amount shall be refunded to he General Fund In the State treasury iut of the Veteran*' Farm and Home Building Fund of -1*43 on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose •90.7. When the bonds authorised to « Issued under this article ahall be uly executed, they shall be by the State Treasurer sold at public auction to the highest bidder for caih. In such parcels and number* as the aalO Treasurer dull be directed by the Governor of the State, nder weal thereof, after a revolution NqueitUiaT *uch Mle *hall have been adopted by the Veteran*' Welfare Board State, but the Treasurer must reject an and all bids for said bonds, or for any o them, which shall be below the par valu of said bonds BO offered plus the Interes which has accrued thereon between th date of sale and the last preceding Inter esl maturity date . and with the approv al of the Governor, he may from tim to lime, by public announcement at th place and time fixed for the sale, con Untie such sale, as to the whole of th bonds offered, or any part thereof of fered, In such time and place as he ma Relect Before offering any of salt, bonds for sale the said Treasurer shal detach therefrom all coupons whlci have matured or will mature before th day fixed for such sale ? »9(i s Due notice of the time and place of sal» of all bonds shall he given liy said Trnasurcr by publication in ont newspaper published In the City am County of San Francisco and also b> publication In on» newspaper publlshec In the City of Sacramento and by publl cation In one newspaper published In th City of bos Angeles once a week during four weeks prior lo such sale In addl [ion to Ih* notice last above provldec 'or. the State Treasurer may give such rurthur nolle* as he may deem advlsa tile, hut in? expense and cost of such ad ditional notice shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars ($500) for each sale so advertised The proceeds of the sale of such bonds and such amount as nay havp been paid as accrued interest hereon shall hp forthwith paid over by said Treasurer into the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 194.1 anc must hp used exrlusively in aiding vete- ans in the acquisition of, or payments or. farms and honvs. In accordance with the provisions of this article anc Article 3 of this chapter . provided, thai he proceeds from the sale of said >onds may IIP iispd to pay the debt ere aled by the Issuance and sale thereof 990 9 The Veterans' Welfare Board s authorized, with the approval of the •itatp nepnrtmenl of Finance, to Invest ny surplus moneys In the Veterans Karm and Honn> Building Fund of 1943 n bonds of thp l.'nlted States, or of the Slatp of California, or of the several countlps or municipalities or other political subdivisions of the State of "'alifornia. and to spll such bonds, or my of them, at the governing market ales, upon approval of the State De- )artmi>nt of Finance. or the Veterans' Velfare Board may. with the approval if the Director of Finance, Invest noneys In such fund. In Interest-bearing prtiflcates of deposit of State banks tavlng a paid-up capital of five hundred housand dollars ({500,000) or more; provided, that the total amount of rnorfey so deposited with any one bank hall not exceed a sum equal lo 60 per ent of the paid-up capital of such bank , •rovlded, however, that nothing herein ontaincd shall Inhibit or be construed «i Inhibit thp depositing In banks In ,1-cordance with the provisions of an •i entitled "An act to authorize and ontrol the depositing In banks of noneys belonging to or In the custody of he State and to repeal all acts or parts f acts conflicting with this act," ap- rovpd April 12, 1923, and of any and all cts amendatory thereof or supplemen- al thereto, of moneys of any of the unds sub.lect to the control of the Vete- ans' Welfare Board or appropriated for S UR-» imprest accruing upon the deposit of toneys of the Veterans' Farm and >.om? Building Fund of 1943 shall be aid Into and credited to said fund. 991 There is hereby created a Vete- ans' Finance Committee of 1943 com- osed of the Governor. State Controller, tate Treasurer. Director of Finance, nd chairman of the Veterans' Welfare loard, all of whom shall serve thereon without compensation and a majority f whom shall be empowered to act for aid committee The Attorney General f the State shall be the legal adviser f the Veterans' Finance Committee of 943 Upon request of the Veterans' Wei- are Board, supported by a statement of le plans and projects of the Veterans' /elfare Board with respect thereto, the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 :iall determine whether or not a bond ssue under this article Is necessary or eslrable to carry such plans and proj- cts into execution. 991 1 Whenever the said Veterans' 'Inane* Committee of 1943 shall have etermlned that a bond Issue under this rtlcle Is necessary or desirable to carry uch plans and projects Into execution, shall adopt a resolution to this effect 'he said resolution shall authorize and Irtct the State Treasurer to prepare the equlslte number of suitable bonds and hall specify: 1 The aggregate number, aggregate ar value, and the date of Issuance of he bonds to be Issued. 2 The date or dates or maturity of he bonds to be Issued and the number nd numerical sequence of the bonda mturlng at each date of maturity 3 The annual rate of Interest whlcn le bonds to be issued shall bear 4 The number, numerical sequence, mount or amounts and the dates of laturlty of the Interest coupons to be ttached to the said bonds. B The technical form and language f the bonds to be Issued and of the nterest coupons to be attached thereto. In determining the date or dates of maturity of the said bonds and the mount of bonds maturing at each date f maturity, the Veterans' Finance ommlttee of 1943 shall be guided by le amounts and dates of maturity of le revenues estimated to accrue to the eterans' Welfare Board from the ransactlons to be financed by each Isue, and shall fix and determine said ite* and amount* In. such manner that, ether with the dates and amount* of provided further, that specified numbers of bonds of specified numerical sequence shall thereafter mature at annual Intervals , and provided further, that the bonds last to mature In each Issue shall mature not later than 45 years from the date of Issuance thereof The rale of Interest to be borne by tha bonds shall be uniform for all the bonds of the same Issue and shall be determined and fixed by the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 according to the then prevailing market conditions, but shall In no case exceed 5 per cent per annum, and the determination of said committee as to the rate of Interest shall be conclusive as to the then prevailing market conditions The Interest coupons to be attached to the said bonds shall hp payable at semiannual Intervals from the date of Issuance of said bonds. provided, that the Interest coupon first payable may, if the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall so determine and specify, be payable one year after the date of Issuance of said bonds 991 2 All actual and necessary expenses of the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and of the members thereof Incurred In the performance of their duties arising out of the provisions of this article shall be paid out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Build- Ing Fund of 1943. upon approval of the State Board of Control and on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose, and shall constitute expenses of the Veterans' Welfare Board 991.3 The State Controller, the State Treasurer and the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 shall keep full and particular account and record of all their proceedings under this artl- •le, and they shall transmit to the Governor an abstract of all such proceed- nijs thereunder, with an annual report, to be by the Governor laid before the legislature biennially . and all books and papers pertaining to the matter provided for In this article shall at all be open to the inspection of any jarty Interested, or the Governor, or he Attorney General, or a committee of either branch of the Legislature, or a joint committee of both, or any citizen of the State. SEC 2. This act, If adopted by the people, shall take effect on the fifteenth day of November, 1944, as to all Its >rovisions except those relating to and necessary for Its submission to the people, and for returning, canvassing, and proclaiming the votes, and as to said excepted provisions this act shall ,ake effect immediately Sac 3. This act shall be submitted o the people of the State of California 'or their ratification at the next general election, to be held in the month of November, 1944, and all ballots at said election shall have printed thereon and n a square thereof, the words "For he Veterans Bond Act of 1943." and. n the same square under said words he following in brevier type "This act provides for a bond Issue of thirty million dollars ($30,000,000) to be used by the Veterans' Welfare Board in assisting California war veterans to acquire farms or homes." In the square mmedlately below the square contain- ng such words, there shall be printed n said tjallot the words, "Against the Veterans Bond Act of 1943," and In he same square Immediately below said vonls, "Against the Veterans Bond Act 1943." in brevier type shall be printed 'This act provides for a bond Issue of hirty million dollars ($30,000,000) to ie used by the Veterans' Welfare Board n assisting California war veterans to cqulre farms or homes " Opposite the vords "For the Veterans Bond Act of 943" and "Against the Veterans Bond ict of 1943." there shall be left spaces n which the voters may place a cross n the manner required by law to (ndl- ate whether they vote- for or aKalnst aid act, and those voting for said act hall do so by placinc a cross opposite he words "For the Veterans Bond Act f 1943" and those voting against the aid act shall do so by placing a cross pposlte the words "Against the Vet- rans Bond Act of 1943." Provided, hat where the voting of said general lection Is done by means of voting machines used pursuant to law In such manner as to carry out the Intent of his section, such use of such voting machines and the expression of the •oters' choice by means thereof, shall ie deemed to comply with the provisions f this section. The Governor of this State shall Include the submission of his act to the people, as aforesaid, In Is proclamation calling for said gen- ral election. SEC. 6 The votes cast for or against his act shall be counted, returned and anvassed and declared In the same manner and subject to the same rules B votes cast for State officers; and If t appear that said act shall have re- elved a majority of all the votes cast or and against It at said election as iforeeald, then the same shall have ffect as hereinbefore provided, and hall be Irrepealable until the principal nd interest of the liabilities herein rcated shall be paid and discharged, nd the Governor shall make proclama- lon thereof; but K a majority of the otes cast as aforesaid are against this ct then the same shall be and become old. SBC. 7 oge nterest payment* on the Mid bond Isue, they shall coincide, a* nearly a* ractlcable, with the date* and amount* r such estimated revenue*; provided, hat the -bond* flrat to mature In each **ue, shall mature not later than five ear* from the date of Issuance thereof; Slight Gains on L. A. Stock Market i T.OS A.\<;KI,I-:S. Si'pt. \:i. (Jpi-- i Kavly slni'U stil'-s resistiMvil sli«lit ij;;iii]s today mi, tin 1 Los Anueli's Kx- I cliMMBi' with 7* tip. 1 down ami 10 ! unrliaiwd un a Uiniiiver oC IlT^j I sin. I, - f lose j Rlne I'ntii - -"i ! ('elltral iMVeslmelll till I Lincoln I'el tolotlm H I Sinelnir l Hi . !•'"« Slaliilanl (HI "f I'.-ilir :t'i'» I'Miim Oil ol I'alifornia IS 1 , Xinllm Stork* 'Ilia, k .Maiiiinolli I' 1 Los Angelas Produce T.llS AMIK1.KS. ; I'l.l. 1.'. (/I 3 !—Trailing in trulls anil veiietahles wa.« unl> fair til-lav. Tnmatnes. relery anil fiKM were *!iuhllv M t-iinun . watpr;m-liins. pea*, cantaloupes, inin. stiuasll, y\veel piitatneH. oK£l>lanl. . a n li I lower wi'ie t^liKhlly \veaUer: avntailos were firm. Tomatoes: -I.of al. IT.M Dieno comity nnd Ventura cuiinly IIIKS ."xa.s anil ;,XKM CJ.r,l|iir ?,; stem*. San IHetio county ;!-!a.\er ,"I.\,".H ami :,xiin S:i •!«'<! :!..'ii>. c-I'M-y: l.nial Pascal. L'u-L'2 inch crnte«. flel.l pa, k !:!.'J.'.'« 4; Slunk nils, she,I pack f-rilTi. ficlil inn k t3..">l)?H: let lino, era te« ?L' ''l :i. l-'ics I.mal nruils\yicUs lOtll^ic Ib. ; Ka.liilas. IMa.M'f flats 1 ,'if Ib. \\'a t ernlelnns: Truck lots. San .loarillltl valley ami local Klondike;* and striiiert $'JO 'n 1.'."] ton. ordiilaty !o\\-et ; ulleel sales, per Ion $;t ~i fil -\ ."i. Peas: Meiulocino lotinly iniffHi- Ib. ; Santa i Mai a '-onnly V;,- Ib. ; hnsliel tubs. WasbiiiKton $.|.L'."i; 'Mloradu i4. 2l)ff 4.2.~>. i'anla lotities: Local and SauRtis Hales, hest .Ininlios. :!i'i.s nnd larger $1. ."ill^ 1 "; tlrti-ocU. liddeil (niton -JnnibOH. 3*iR nnii larger Sl'.Tifi; llone>'dews, San Joauuln \'nl- ley .Jninlios. lis-S.H and stnndarfl fls-ll'R $l"i/J. L'."i: victor>' nielotiH, local Jumbos. lU«-18s ."lOcftl'Jl: Casabas. San Juaqnin viilli-y Jnnilios. (Is-Ss JJiiii'.Ii. Coin: Local Colden Cross. Inps "-. n ,'.j- dn/. Jl'ill.l.'i: Oreifon cr.'ites. 6-doz. Jl'.'.Ti L'.Tr.: \\'asbiny tun. sticks, ri-.'i'a-do/!. Sweel potatoes: San .Ioa<iliin valley, local ami C'oacbellii vn lley. O.'J '<! 7c Ib. •<r)Ua.sli: AVbite auniniei. local. San Pietfo colint\' and nortbern $!'•(/ ^.2.1; llal- in. lims S'l'ii'} Ml: ypllmv ciuoktieck ll^fri L'.: 1 :.: Hnbbaril IP;,- Ih. Cauliflower: Lelluce crater, nnti itnnii'd. Snowball, local Jl. L'fiifi 1 ..Ml; flinard S'.'W -.:'.'': pon>' i rales, San Luis ObiHtio county ' 'a L.'id. Avoc;ido"s: N'abals. 1 Sc Ib : Dir kin.uons lOfil-.'e Hi.; Hyans L'n'i/L'Jc Ib. ; liainnas Legal Notices s •» l :! l^n NOTICK TO CKKIilTOKS No. 8440 In the Superior ^outt of the State of California, m and for the Comity of ICern. In the Mntter of the h>tat« of HKNUV A. liAIUMS-UN. also known as HKNKV .iARRISUN, also known OB H. A. GARRISON, also known n- HENRY K. GAR11I- SON. Deceased NOTICK IS HEREBT GIVEN by tht inrlersiened. MAZ1E UARKISUN. Execu- nx of the Kstnte of HENRY A GARRISON, also known as HENRY GARRISON. also known as H. A GARRISON, also mown as HENRY S. GARRISON, de- censed, in the creditors of, and all persona having claimii against the said deceased, to present them with the neeep- iary vouchers within six months utter he first publication nf this notice, to "aid Executrix nt the law offices of 13I1RUM AND SI10RT1UDGE. Suite 60S Huherfelde Huilding. Kakererield County of Kern. Slntp of California, which said office the undi j r*lffned selects ns a place of business In all matters connected with saitl estate, or to file them with the necessary vouchers, wilhln six months nfter the first publication of this notice n the office of the Clerk of the Superior ."ourl of the State of California. In anil [or the County of Kern. Dated and first published August IB. !H4. MAZIK GARRISON. i.veculrix uf the Estate of Henry A. Garrison, also known as Henry Gnrrlson, also known as Henry K Garrison. also known as H. A GARIIIPON. BI1RMM ANU SIHIRTHIDUE. Attorneys or Hxecut fix. Aug. l,'i. 22. 23: Sept. 6. 12 Trading Sluggish on S. F. Stock Market ! s.\\ I-T:.\.vciso>, sopt. r. 1 . (&>~ j Tho stock market ilriftorl slu^sishlv ! today. Till' only note-worthy .shifts wore downward, California Ink and 1'ariflo IilghtliiK losiiiK firoiind n i poini fach. and I'niun Oil settling : J S ' to a ni'W low at IS. Si.ii k - Clone Am rail Ac' cssories a i CaMorma Ink . :l 'j ! l 'cut ral 1-Ini'eka J :'.*, Clown /ullerlllich ev div I'luwti Xcilei tiacb titil 101 Hoiado oil Hi wa lia n I'ineapple Mamia\ ux .Mena.sco Mli; .N'oitb AnieiicHil Oil Oliver Kilter H I'lie 'fit- c iasl AK Pa.'Hie li. & K Pacific Liablmi; Pacific Te;. and Tel Southern Pacific Sperrv .-oiii "7 Standard oil Citlitornia flfi Tra lisa nierica ... 'I'a fnioii oil Califotnia 18 Cotton Futures \K\V YOHK, Sept. ]:-. (>P>—Coit,,n I'ntnres ad\-anceil mure tban II a bale on approval by Senate-House conlei- eers of tbi Hankhead bill to raise ttlii cotton loan tale lo !la per cent of parity. Enactment of the measure, irail-' j ers estimated, would raise tbe <-nrrei]t cotton loan late r pproximately S'J.lirt a i bale. Trade and outside buyinu doin- j mated Uio market. offerings came j Ibroiiub a scale-up bedge selling nnii i profit uikiiiK. I Late, afternoon prices were SO to !>0 cents a bale biiihor. October L''. December 51.44. and .Marcli 21.5.1. Kulutes closed SS cents to $1.1)5 a bale Inaher. Octoljer 51.(i:l. December L'l.-!.">. March L'l. 24 «i 51.5."i. MIIV 5(1.9S. .Inly JO.till. .Middling ninit J2.IS nominal. Los Angeles Livestock I.OS .AMiELES, Sept. 12. (HP)—Callle salable !'()<). slow. Keiierally steady; odd head ' omtn -n to medium steers IlltfjfH: tew held higher medium heifer» JIHi ll-Veri: medium cows J10.55^11, cutter tn common JS.LTi iff 10; ciinnei-H qnd rutterH $li fun; mediiiin to (food bulls $9.fiO ® 11.2fi. common $!*. Late Monday fpw ifood wteerH Sir. :,ii. Calves: "alablu 200. full steaily- medium to wood HlaOKblei cah'e.s and vealern $12.Till iiiJM. cotniiion down lu *IO. culla down In Jill. MUCH: Salnlile GOO. active, steady. Bulk medium 'n choice IS.2411 pounds $Ki.7f»; heavier welgbtH larBely $15. l!ood and rhoice SOH-S S14.,'ill'ri 14 7a Sheep- Salable f>». Holdovers 17C1. No early .sales l.ale Mondai 1 medium to Rood wonted laint'S L'i to TiO cents lower lit $12 'ii 1 5.4D. Los Angeles Cash Grain I.OS AN'CKLS. Sept. 12. (/I'l—(Prices ituofi'd a re cwl . field run. in carlots only). California barley. Kiadms 4t> Ibs.. bulk *2. l.'i'd 2.20; yellow :nilo. No. 2. bulk S2.;17 'a I'M 2.42 1 -: ; Californin wheat, bulk. No. 1 haul or soft white $2. ."i7 ' •• 'li 2. C2 '•. ; No, 2 oals. :i.'i II,*.. hulk J2.lil)'ii".. MOKK AKKIVK Hy United I re»s A tolal nf ;!S^ foi'mi.'i- Allied prisoners uf war in Hnlguriit, Including lil'l Anieriran officers and men. have arrived in Istanbul, thp Turkish home radio said in a broadcast recorded by !•'('(' monitors. The prisoners were liberated when Bulgaria declared war against fjermany. (ONTHAtT A\V.\KI>KI> S. \CUA.\II3.NTf), Sept. U. t.?>l—A $-7Il.L'!i8 conlraet: for enlar^inK nnd sti'enKtheniiiK the east levee of the Sacramento river from Moulton weir lo J'rinc'i'lon ill Colusa and CJIenn coiinites was awarded today tn liressi & Bevanda. -ciiitiractors, of OBITUARY NOTICES ;.\ITA\. .11.\MTA-Funeial selvices fm- i Jualiiift liallan. -14, who died September 1<> in a Kic»im hospital, will be held j Sepiemlie 1.1 ai 10 a. m at Our Lady t of '.Jnadainpc church, the Heverend .lo- scph f.osad" ollicialinu. HoHiiry will be ' oodncied Se|iti-mbei- 12 a i X p. in. at tbe HupHon .Mortnar>. Sntvivinu Alts <lai- tan are n<-' HOIIS. lleiir) (laitan. Manuel Ci.ulan, l-'iank Caltan. JCHH liailan. all of Hakerslield. da iiuhters. Clara Caillill. Annie 'l.iitan. Jennie c.altan. Socotio : I.a ma 'l.nlan. all of Bakernfleld. u c,»- ter. Mis Trinii; 'I'oledo. Mexuii. ill'ICHKI.I.. .IA.MKS \VII.I.I\M Knnetal : s.:r\ i. es will be held Woilnesda.i. at lli'llu I li. Ill :. the Stotfel I'nnelal Home, fin I .lamcH Willinm Mitchell. K4. of 201 , Majile avenue. Vnlle.v A* I en. who dieil yesn rdav moitiiiiK. .Mr. Mitihell. who i ivas born in c,i eenfleld. Mo oil N'o\'etii- . her 2". IS.'iII. WH.H ,i i>.lire'( rancher | 11 OITI Cotoiado Spi iiiBiK, Colo a nd came! hcie ;ix inonthH ano to visit hi* son. j Ciillis I.e. Mitchell. of Vlllley A.ies i HenkJeH his son Mr. Mitchell Is survived i by a nstet. .Misn Mtelln Alilchell. of l.ockv :.IH! Mi. : a Inolhei Andiew Mitclieli, ol l-^neka. Ivan, four Krand- I Mitchell 01 tjuant ico. \'a.. Mrs. trma i Wflsli. ').,nabl and Delber' MiK'licll. all \ nf Vailov Acres: and cue m e<i t-Ki n nd- i child, ilnv Lee Welsh of Valley Alien. ; The Kevi'tcnil Call I . Slockmu will con- ! dint the set vices and. interment will be i in the \\Yst Side Cetnelery. IK.NKKO. ADKI.IA r.-l-'nneial for Aili-uu c. (tenfio. S:!. who died Se|i- l.inli.i I'l al In i honir Kniltp 4. Kox Mil. Hot., .la I-. will I)- lu'l.l Sepl.inlifr I :i at .11 a. in at I'll MIC- ct Snn I'llalu'l. K.-ypi'.-nil l.yle I'nlli nlfl. latlnu Iliihanl SUinlii'i uill l.r Hiilnin' Mini I'anlin.' \\ilhN i-ii^aniKl Int.'rniPtit nill In 1 ill :ll • li.lnil'.' iil'.il i.i I'liMin ('em.'- '•-!> *I's It.tilin iKi'il ;n Hosednle leu ..i; > ca I s .iliil \\:IN a iliarltT nit'lllbel of tin' KIIM>'|.I|I> I'liinmumO I'liurrh anil II" KiiKeilal' liiant'.' .sur\ ivinii Mis. Iten- fro aii- hei f4iui.s, Artliiii Fl Henlni. u.iKi'iiai.'. i:iinni •: r.i'iiin) oiMaie. ilaUKlilcrx. AlrH Avail Vlnlii I'ricldy. Mr» \Vilinntii ''.ma.lay. lintli .if KnkeiMfield: M'K. l.iiinii' M. Sleelp. An- Helen. .Mix Hiihy M. Mii'iiU Xnrtli llnl-; i Himi'i Ainelir SjmpMtri, llnt- hn^jinii'; u ra ncii li i Idri'ii. I'nrpntttl Unity I'liddv. ('n\ati' l.^wlip I'anadio'. Lieutenant It (b.-rt .'atiiiday. Lieutenant Stanley «hi"ik 1'i.iiii'ial William Cnnnili.-'. nil nl' i he I'nile.l States Army Vlruiniii Tanlnaii I'-an I'arlsnn. Aim I Itenfni. Arlhiit Itenfin. .Inreen Kphflii. Ili-litht lienfrc. nnd IJOI.MI Slei'll' 1.1 BIO.-ll- yt M tut.- liij.ii .MI. \VIIITI-:. SISIK- I'-illiel.ll son.ies f.,1 Slisio \Vh le Ki>. Wllu (lieu S t '|)lellll>pr 10 at a In. a i ImslMlal. \Vfi" held Seittctn- li"i I L' a' 1" a. in at I'nyne i Sntl I'halM-l. Hi llev.-reli.l Wlllunl .1. Hand olfaia'iii:. Intri ni'-iit \vil: lie in I' iVlMel.'O S!ii'\ivin« Ml-.'*. White a IP her HI, s, \\.lliain Him,i Hakersfield; rhesUT Illnrlt. Surra nif l tn: clailghlei'H. l.e,,na Mill'- I'cinlnml, Ore: hrnlher. Frank llsliiiin. l.nni; Heaell: »l»tpr». 101- virii Atkinsi'ii I.IIIIK llen.'li. Alanilc Haiti.^, Hakei «f i.jlcl: thiee lintndrhildrcn . It «hall be the duty of tha Secretary of State In accordance with aw to have this act publlnhed In at eaat one newspaper In each county, or *^ " one be published Ity and coun '•••per nly. If here'n. throughout thin State, for three month* next the ceneral elec- lon to be held In the month of Novem tier, 1944, the co»t» of publication (hall « paid out of the General Fund, on Controller'* warrants duly drawn for hat purpose and ihall be refunded to He Genera! Fund out of the Veterans' 'arm and Horn* Building Fund. Said refund shall be mad* updn Controller's warrants duly drawn anlnst said fund or said purpose upon demands audited Y the State Department of Financa. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS I I.OWKK CONTAINKRS GKAVR MAKKKKS AT LOWEST PRICES Offirc Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Dlgier CHAPEL Dislinctive Funeral Service nt Moderate Cost Phon« 7-7881 Cheiter Avenue at Thirteenth J. 0. Prank Difitr AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT M,,,-Ks upcti.'.l s|. ..,,!•, : niodet ,ci-' ti ailit:^ ;,.. I i 1...nils licl'l st,-;,il\' ! riniml.'is Aii'cr.ift' opi-ivd li'n'nl i shares .11 i',» up : ', pmut nnd a ' new liti:li l"f tin- \(,.ii. 'I'ln- cntn- panv Iasl niulil .-miii'i] •..',,1111111,1,111 in i''HI 11 af > \\iih thi'i- tri,i;,'[ ,iir- I lines I'M!' I'n tn -111111, ir hixnr\ .niiinr.-; : I" In 1 put into construction as .-non a s the war auainM (Jctnian'.' i.- i over. Lockheed equaled if hieh at l^ ; 's. up ', "it IIIIID shares, ('in- ] tiss-U't mht lit mod ', to ,~i\. j I'nited .\ilcr.Hi sold a! .'ll'i. up "•«. anil (ituriian 1 7 \ up 'v, and enual ' to the \ ear's hiull. Steel issues j had small net i;ains .ind the niotor issues Drained under the lend of i <;een,ral .Motors, whii li sold at fil up '•_,. I'nllman rose a point to •l^'-j on a iniouncement nf plans , for a new sleeping car. ! Poultry and Eggs j i.os A.\I.;KI.|.;S s,-pt u il.'.pi—\vtmie. ; sale pi i, os. , iinsl.iiu-r H'.'lde^e, -cade A .'. 1 '•/ :,•:> . Blade ''. .ill ii .1 I,- in.-ilioiii «iaile A 4H ii I:,-, .--mall, m.-nle A Is-U2ln '" C'c. incilinni. Kr.-nl.. AA ."• 1 u ., ti . u-ia,le A I 1 ' 'I ', 1' . small, mad" A 24 ! •• «• 2'ic Candled ^iMdeil etu- tn r.-l a 11,-is l.arce. Blade A A .''J'; U .'.:,'-j,." A .".I'll. '':'.'."•. Blade II :1 fi'<i :! fi c ; medium. Biadui A d 'i t.'n smtill. Ki-aile A 21"ii2.'.i i ftllller C.raile A A 4-'!i. Kraile A 4-";C. Blade II 21'-'. (oaile C II 'i,e PoiiltiA Hi-inlets under 5'., Ibs ?.n>,i ".:',. I 'irlioui bioilers. 2 U-3 Ibs.. 2a-i/:ile; fibers. ::. i Ibs. : M .i'ii :i 1,-: toasters '.Mi f(i "I. : Lecli'iin fowl. 4 1'iM. or over. 2:ifl2|c: I.euhiirn fowl. under I Ibs. 22 ''I 2fi '-. e; r,,l,,r..l fowl 2.1 '-.. ii 27 '-j e ; dllck.l ItilflSc; llomcsti,' ral'bns 22'»24.' Government Bonds M-:\V YlljJK". Sept. 12. OPl—Tbe closing pines of botuls on the Ne\v York Stixk Tri-iiMiry 2'-j». r.:i-4!i H'ti l -. :ts. .'ir.-.'.i. 2',.<, .-,r,-:,2. 1112.s 2 'as. lili-i, I. Ue. ember lot 11. FOR VICTORY BUY BONDS! NOW—Doors Open at 6:45 PLUS- BASIL RATHBONE as Sherlock Holmes NIQEL BRUCE as Dr. Watson in 'Pearl of Death M LAST TIMES TONIGHT "Follow the Boys" 'Two-Man Submarine" STARTING TOMORROW "Knickerbocker Holiday" 'ARVIN Tuesday Widntsday, Thursday IUNE ALIVSON GIORIA OeHtVEN VAN JOHNSON HAftfty JAMES UVKB CUEAT GRANADA Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday PAUL MUNI in "SCARFACE" Jean Harlow, Ben Lyon in "HELL'S ANGELS" CARTOON NEWS NILE 1721 19th St.- /'/t.-'. /'•/He STARTS TONIGHT—6:45 JON HAIL Alan Curtw Evtlyn Anttirs PLUS- CHESTER MORRIS CALIEQRNIA 1808 Chester t Phone 2-932! LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Hrighten Your Home III,' Hume ol (liinlily Style anil llt'inity In l''urnltim> 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-1711 LAST DAY "CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY" "SHOW BUSINESS" Open} TOMORROW "4 Jills in a Jeep" KAY FRANCIS CAROLE LANDIS MARTHA RAYE MITZI MAYFA1R -AND- JAMES MASON in "CANDLELIGHT IN ALGERIA" Continuous Show From 12 Noon LAST DAY "20,000 Men a Year" Randolph Scott Cesar Romero "Romance of the Rio Grande" TOMORROW James Cagney "FRISCO KID" Leslie Howard "MR. V" Business and Professional ( GUIDE Phone 7-7631 for Monthly Rates Open Daily at 12 Noon Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday JOEL McCREA MAUREEN O'HARA in "Buffalo Bill" Arthur Lake, Lynn Roberts in "Ghost That Walks Alone" CARTOON NEWS ACCOUINTANTS^ JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Incum Tii\ Servii-t: Audits. .^yf*t •!i)">-'io<; rri>r<-»Hiiiiiiti iiulniini I'hune CHINESE HERBS T, LIM I1ERH M'tiJIAI.IST STOMACH TROUBLE SPECIALISTS Keint'ilit's tdr AM Atlinenttf i-'KKV ('«l.\$l.iLT.4TION F.irnier llrrh InMtrurtar raiitoi: CnlU'ue. Canton. China Tui-iin-'inirlh and K t»trei't« I'hulie 5-S631 LAUNDRIES LAUNDRY SERVICE nHo .Service Unexcelleu—That I* Oar Alrtto—Ti'ii Different Ser\ke« and /uric Dry i'leitnliit. Sixteenth Jiiul O CITIZENS LAUNDRY rhone 9-8401 Special Spanish Film KONQA ROM" with Pedro Armcndariz RECORDS S^c HARRY CITRON Expert and Guaranteed Watch Reaalrlnf

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