Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 3
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are pleased to announce that all preparations are now comRlete for the January Clearance Sale, which Im now Im Ml prmgrmmm, mmit boH^lnumm 1o Smiurdmy, Jmnuary Wm This will be two weeks of the greatest bargain giving and the greatest ^:rowds of visitors in the hfstory of ^ _ the Mtore. The counters will be filled full of bargains, and plain price cards will tell the story of price destruction that is surprising in every instance. ^nie early while all lots are complete. Some lots are small and in consequence will be bought quickly. Below we can name hut a few of the many K-M Stand values that you'll see when you visit this sale. ShugMering iho Lmdlem' Coais, f'M FInp Kmpy, comps In lirown and Tt'ii rlp«ninr« price #4.75 $10 .tN» llliirk KiTscy UimhI thronnh- out Mitrii. (rimmed nilh pretty i>r»Id and vehH. ( h-amiire ]»rlre $C.50 Fine Kersey Cloth roiuex in castor and lilark. elegantly trimmed In pretty silk hniid and veliet and coats that sell In ninny slores for 'tUM. I'ifuranre price SMi.5() $I.V.()U Fine Chiffon Broadcloth Coat, lined with line UutchcMS Venetian Satin, eUnranlly trimmed. Cleonince price S9.00 All of our Itest $iOMt. i2J.OO nnd $30.00 runts will Ite sold n^jrardiess of cost in this crcut Clennniee ,Saie. Just n tvordjiliont our coats: Thl;, stock is all brJifht, chic and strictly up-todate: lill bought this year and from one of J he liest houses that ne kno-,v to lie authority for style. W'v have no old ou(-uf-date stuff as you see in many Stores. Warm Furs IS 'JIIIS CLEAK.VXE SALK. Fyrs at this sale ........ 73^ Fnrs at this sale ..ISI.IO *3.:.0 Fhrs at this sale S'i.'i."> nittck .Martin .S.'S.l.l i6JA) Irabelia Fox JSI.I.l IT..V) Sflile ,..#."».<«) $10.00 Sink, el«>gantly lined.. .ST.50 $15.00 rsalKlla Fox J?IO.(M) W(>M)EHFri- VAMES IN WAISTS IX Tins CLEARANCE SALE. G.'.e Waists, etearnnre price 4.1<^ ijl.2.'» Moists, clearance price ...8I?C* #1J)0 Waists, clearance price.Jj?!.10 ^.(Kt Waists, clearance price.Si;i.4.'> Waists up to i'JM all po In this (Jreat Clearance Sale at proportionate Ion prices. KLIClNt.' THE I'KICES ON ' SKIRTS $.i.(>0 Skirls, clearance price...Jf;;j.7."> *tf.00 Skirts, clearance price. .#4.7.'» i'JM Skirts, clearance price. .JK.l.tM* «i|^.0« Voile Skirts, cUmrance. .#8..'>0 Do not ask to have Skirts altered at Clearance prices. niMVIMJ (HT THE Dress Goods Ilonlile Fold Snitini; Clearance price Ot* •J.'ic All Wool Dress (lOods Clearance price IOC" 3.1c Dunlde Fold Fretty IMalds for ..children. Clearance price *i\.(t i;.*>c New luiudsdown I 'biidH Clwirance price 41*^ s .*ic All Wool Lnusdown I'lalds Clearance jirlce (iOA <!|.i.'. Fine ChiiYon Droadcioth Clearance price S."*^ ifl.T .'i Oar m-st French Voile < leanince price Kemeniher these prices art" .iust fur Hie T«o Weeks' t-Unirance Sale. SLASHINli INTU THE SILKS ( LEAXANCE FKICE i WEEKS ONLY :.(»<- Kest China nnd Jap Silks Clearance price .. IJ.UtV .'lOe ChiiYon Taffetas Ch-arance prie:* S.l^ s.'>c Silks in iH-autiful patterns Clraranee price <iIJ<^ liil.dO regular ijil.^.'t Silk: this Includes all our prett\ Fancy Silks. Cl«>aninre price i.Ui:> hiuck Silks, irnaranteed the lN >st in Ihe land. Clearance price...H^tA 1 NDEK I'KICED VALIES LN Underwear CLEAKANCE FHICES. 2.'(c Misses nnd Children's I'nion Suits iiit- Olle .Misses Inion Suits :{S0 7.'»c l^idies Suits 4!)<^ $<) Ladies' all uool Vests nnd . .I'ants T^ic iSlJi.'i Ladies' all wool Vests and I'auts .'tOc .Men's Henry Fleece I'nder Shirts and Drawers IJT'ae FlNCHINfl THE I'KOFITS DN Knii Und'skMs .i:.c Knit Skirts, clearance price .Vic Knit Skirls, clearance price ;tSc^ T.> Knit Skirts, clearance pric«' .'iO*' liSl.liO All Wool Knit Skirts, price 7.">ft A LANDSLIDE IN Table Linens :*.'ie Linen, wide i|nali(y In red or while 19<* (!.> Linen, .splendid (juality HTtc Linen $I.IMI Linen, the liest i|uality that can he lionifht 7.1<!r These Prices Only for Two Wwks. HINDREDS OF BARGAINS IX Hoslet^ Black Cat Brand Chicago-Kaaos^.* Hosiery Company Ketuisba lOc Indies and Childreo'i^ noge...8« l*c Black Cat braad J 2* 2 .H- Black Cat hrand 21^ 50c Black Cat brand 40ft I k, JirCH -A -DO IN MILUIiERY All of this eleimnt line of pretty Trimmed .Millinery tifty cents on the dollar. $1.00 Hats, clearance price 50ft $I /i0 Hats, clearance price T.'jft Hats, clearance price... .$1.0O $:U« Hats, clearance price ...$1.7.1 !M.mi Hals, clearance price.. .SS2.(M> )?.'..(M» Hats, clearance price .. .S^J.-IO AVe nr»re yon to come early as the L 'ood tliinu's will tto fust at these prices Staple Dep 'im Ail liest rrliits. Standard lirands. (iood Heavy Bleached Towelini;. ..'><^ 1IK> Heavy Linen Towelins;... 8 1-3ft tlood Bleached Muslin (>?4ft liHc Ho|»e .Muslin lOft Hie Oullnir Flannel .1ft lOe Heary OutlnBr Flannel 7'ift 12Uc Heavy Flewed Lined Goods for Kimonas 0 -2 ft iOc Heavy Fleece Llni-d tioods for Kiniona.s 1*^5*ft CLEAHAXCE OX Blankets A (lond Heavy Donhle Blanket.. .4.1ft Our $UM> Blanket 7;lft Onr $lu!5 Blanket 98ft Everything in Blankets mast ko and will jto ut these prices. Kenicniher the quotntlon.s are for the two weeks of this Clearance Sale Only, after which everjthinfr will l»e put hack to regular price. ^ . We have pone ihronph our stock and selected all short Ien«rth.s. KCinn3ntS! .'^l* '""l*' remnants that will po less than whole- COMe EKRUY T^MD TKKE 7^D!^7^INTMGE OI= THESE RRICES. lia Eamt, Madison Avenue, 2 daorm WemiThomp' man Hoteh NEWS OF U HARPE KOLLEK SK.^TlNt; IS (.'IMMVI.VG POIMLAH IN THIS ( ITV. WILL CONNECT GASSER TODAY jvcry iiopuJar in tliis cii.v. Man.v of (the nieinher.'; of the danclns c!iil>.« have given up dancing and are learning to skate. l..a Marjie has had roller sivatiiip niiicli longer ihan ibi- other ciiie.s aroiiiid here bin the "riaze" ha^ never left the city. Tlie skating jiariy held in the opera hou.>;e 'asi Saturday tveiiing wa.-s well ateiiilt-d. The rare wa.s jnilled off to tlie [ilea.-lire of all •who utieiuled. .increase the jirice of jiroperty in thi.s >ity a ireat deal. The well drilled in the second one In the newi . eity a ^eai ; Kriilav 11 t • field. ^ NEWS OF GAS CITY (iay. The promotion of (he pupils v'lW jlake ,ilace within Ihe nest week. LANVOX ZINCCOMFANY WILL ATTACH THE NASH WELL. The Openlnp «rf the Kansas Fortlend WIH Effert La Hari»e—E. l.}- oas Will" French Tonlpht. Effects I.a lloj-pe. Tile resuming of operations ai ilje Kansas i'oitlalid Cement <-<iiiipaiiy will elfect Ui I'ariie people. .Many cit^i who have been, out of »ork hincejthe pla;it clo.sed wHl return to work a.4aia Work will be resiiiiieil on the fnrnaetfp which are lui^- down at the ^ai-t works soon. '£"his has been down on account of shoVtage of ore. Hev. i\. E.'Lyons WiirS |K >ak. Rev. (J. E. Ijyons. of Topeka. ffa.s.. wili speak at 'the Mitchell hal' this evening. He M considered one of the l>est ministers -in the state and it is hoped that liarpe will be well represented to "hear him this eveiiing. It is likely thit Klder Oiddens -wljl preach every evening during tlie wveic * Skatlstr Is Popular. Roller iilcatiag is fast becoiuin':^ Broke His Arm. While jilayint; at the .Mis.-iuni: I'.i- ciflr depot Saturday nl::h! the '.ii;'.. •ion of .Mr. and Mrs. C. It. .Minnhh f.l and broke lii.-; Ii-ft ,!riii. lt<iili tin nlna and radius of tlie fore arm were broken. The lad was taken to a piiy- .-;lrlaii"s othco wlieie the fra'tur.- u .i .s ! reduced. Will Connect tiasser. Tlie gas well drilled in last Kriil.iv for the I^myon Ziiir coinjiany on the .\"a.>=li fart!: .south of this elty will l>e :itta«hi'il to the mains some tim- in- dny. .The well is a ftiMKl one atid will j add niateiialJy to thi> jires.oire on the j<iiy mains. The di.scovery of thi.- new 'lied where this well was drilled will Tersonals. -Mr. and Mrs. Homer Reck, of I'ar- .soris. Kas.. are the guests of .Mr. and Mrs. John .MacDonald. W Dye, of ISronson. Kas.. is visiting | friends in ihi.s city. ( .Mrs. Ceorge .Merrill is the guest of- fiiends in this city. j II. M. Cline Is visiting friends in i .Met7. .Mo. ' .lanie.* .\. Williams left yesterday for Chicago where he will accept a po- .sitioii in one of the large houses. O. it. Tainter is visiting friends in \A liarpe. .1. .1. Petejs will leave In a few i days for a visit with old friends in lil. former home in .-imthcrn Georgia. THE CITY KEGISTRATIOX BOOKS WERE OPENED TODAY. SCHOOL STARTED TODAY Miss Dodds to Califomta. .Mi .'s Virginia IhHiils, a teacher in the (;a.s City schools has had to give iiji her work on account of illness and will le;ive stxin for California in the interest of her health, iliss Dodds was .T good teacher and -she will be missed from school a great deal. Sjhe has many friends wiio regret that she is to leave. again this year if they desire to vote at the fall election. Personals, -Mr. and Mrs. Heid accomiianied by Nettie and Ed Reid. of Gas City, spent Saturday with C. Denton antl wife.— roloiiv Free I'ress. the .Misses W«de jittff .Miss Myers of City, were guests of Mrs. W. S. Roberts a part of the holidays.— Colony Free I'ress. THE BOAKD OF EDICATIOX WILL MEET THIS EVENINti. Vfiu'll lie healthy and hapiiy if your liver and bowels work natutaily. Hot- lisier'K Rocky .Mountain Tea kei-p.- ihese organs working right, bring-, robust health to all. Try it now. :;r.c Tea or Tablets, ilurreils Drug Store. The < ity Council Will Consider .Matter of Purrbastnp a Cemetery Tomorrow Nieht. Ihi .Mr. and .Mrs. .lames I^gan left yesterday for Nevada. Mo., where they ' Kans:is Portland Resnmed Operation, .will visit for several days. Willi the resuming of operations at! .1. .1. Cpton, of itronson. is in the •llie i \.iiisaK Portland Cement plant at j city today on business. jCoiiereio many Gas City men were; T. R. R;iiner of Wiehila. was here : given emi>Ioyment. There were a nnm ; yesterday on a business visit. ' ber i.f (ias Citv nien who had been I out of work since the plant closed. i I Will tbi- Inion Portland Bnildf If the Union I'ortland Cement com- It goes to the root of disease, strengthens and invigorates. Its life giving qualities are not contained In any other reinwly. Ilol'ister's Rockv |Pan> begin the tiuilding of their ce-I .Mountain Tea has .stood the severest, jineni jdani north of this city in March test—time. Vox thirty years the sur- i LE VAN OWNS NEW COMPANY. POL/iR BEAR fLOUR Has Stood the Test Because its the Best 4cc€t)t No Other , Wm Oberdoff, Agt. Permanent Stock Company IJpens at (•rand Theater Tonlpbt. I - ' ! Harry I.* Van, assistant manager of the Grand theater, has become owner of the jternianeni Ftock company which is playing at the theater now. He has l>een making some changes in the (tersonnel of the troupe and expects to make it one of the best that lias ever appeared here. Tonight the company opens the house under the new management. The bill is "A Soldier's Sweetheart." Board of Education Will Meet. The l>f.ard of educniion of the Gas Citv sr'ifiils will meet this evening. There will he cfnisiderable to cfinie liefore iheni this evening. Tiie lioard will elect a teacher to lill the vacancy made by the resignation '.if Miss liodds who will leave soon for 111.- west for her health. Tea or Tablets. reported It will give enii>Ioyment to'est reiaedy. a nuiiil .er of men wlio have none now ^ l!ui rellV Drug Store, ail!,' iiave aot r-iti.e the Prim«' Western ' .Su 'eli .rs were shut down. The Uas i .MOKE «.\S FOR MORAN. Cin - - - - iiickhold-'rssay that something' be d<aie s<Km. Coancn Will .Veet. The city council will meet in regular Session tomorrow night. T! • le will lie several matter.- of considerable lnip<irtance to come up. incluiliu-: plans for llie purchase <if the 11.-W cemetery. , (I'ood (lasser Rronpht jfi on the Hole• man Place. • Keiivals Were Well Attended. I -X lb>w of ga3thought to l)e as strong i The revlv.i! .services which are ina" 'he well last found and now sup', pr.-.:ie.s.i at the Methodist Episcopal: I'lying Moran. was struck by E. T, •cliiirrh were well attend.'d yesterday• ••"••''"an »'> Newton place. ThiS I morning and evening. The attendance well will be connected with the Uron- thn.ugh the week has been good !»nd >^<'" niains. work beginning this morni' the interest is Increasing. The hig. >rhe [.acker for which .Mr. Hole^ tneetiiigs will continue though all n""^" mailed for having arrived a day n.\t week and i-robably longer. j or two ago. ,lusl how long it will takfe 1 So coni|>lete the work cannot be stated. • licxistralion Books Opened. '" not be unnecessartly de, Tb.> citv reglstriition iiooks were ^i^d and will j.robably taek but a opened this morning. It will be uec-' few days. School Started Affala. .^fter a two weeks vacation- Ihe'erj^ary for all who did not vote at the i teachers and pupils of the Gas Citv j l-st election and those who h.Th-e j **X Soldiers' schools resumed their work again to-^ moved out of their wards to register Ciraad touight. Sweetheart" at ihi

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