Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 2
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.-^i^nld, Aoto^LlTcry, Pbone. Christmas Dinner. Party. The most elaborate social event of - Christmas day at which the students *ho are home from scliool were enests. was a dinner party which M and Mrs. F. A. Northriip gave for oome of the friends of Miss Mary Noithrup and Mr. Loraine Northnip The house was artlsticaUy trimmed with holly and Christraaa green. The dining room was especially attractive With a color scheme of red and green predominating. A large Christmas bell was suspended above the table and the broad satin ribbons which field it in place were drawn to the comers of the table where vines were caught and continued over the surface of the table. Lighting was from red wax tapers and chandeliers holding Ted globes. Favors for the feminine guests were miniature Christmas trees and places for the boys were narked with small statues In Imlta tiqn of Santa Glaus. Quests at the dinner wore Misses Rthel Horton -Oladys Northrup, Ruth Swnllowt, Mary HUIOR , Lucllo Raitan of Snpulpn (Klixabeth Honor, Herthn Swlirart. I>»ln HolRiP*, Mary Northrup, Gorlrurtc Holmen, Messrs. I.<orttlno Northrup, Waldo Coffmun, Phil Btovcr. Louis Northrup. Btnnloy Uolman, of Oktn homa City, and Hnrvey Howard. * • <• •Mr. and Mrs. Fry Entartatn, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Pry. 204 Brunor •trcet, wcro among thoao who gave dirtatnias potortainmenti yeatcrdny Mr. and Mri. J. Fry and Mr. and Mrs Bobcrt Fry of Colorado, were present alao these friends: Mr. and Mrs C. F. Biahop, Miss Orace Bishop. Mr. Alfred Duggan, Mr. Orvllle Duggan, of Oklahoma City. The table decorations for the dinner were of roses and ferns. • -S- * Family Dinner. Mr. ami Mrs. H. A. Richardson of North Jefferson street, gave a dinner party at noon yesterday for their children and 'grandchildren, also niunber of ont-of-town relatives Those; present were Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Courtney, Savonbnrg; Mr. and Mrs S. T : Snodgrass, Lieanna; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Reeves, Channte; Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Brown and son,'Mr. and Mrs. O: Schwartz and son. Mr. and Mfs. James McMurray, Misses Nellie and Flo Richardson, and Mr. Homer Richardson. Mr. and Mrs. Lacey Entertained. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lacey were among those who entertained at dinner yesterday for their relatives. - f * • Here From Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wilbur and son of Lawrence, were guests of Mr. and Mrs, R. E. Largent and other rela- ' tlves here for Christmas. • * • • A From Yates Center. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Wagner and fam Ily will return tonight from Yates Center. They were guests of Mr. and Hra. N. Farrlab there yesterday and today. • + • Visit Friends Here. Mr. Staalay Helman, of Oklahoma City, la a e«eat of Louis Northrup for \ tbe bolldaya. fiMilUATE OPnCfAN ' Ejrea TMted Free. Glasses Fttted « IJM XI9 Satisfsellra Ouruteed. Glad We're Here. You and your best friend will he when you have tried Ibis now one. At Crabb's. • • • Here From Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fry and Mr. and Mrs. J. Pry of Port .Marvin, Colorado, are among the visitors in Tola this wpok. • • • With Miss HIiles.' Miss Lnclle ISagan. of Sapnlpa, Js here with Miss Mary Hilles for the Christmas season. • • •:• Miss Reed Home. Miss Villa Reed of Bartlesvllle, arrived Thursday evening to visit her father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. L. C Reed. 414 North First street. for a prosperous future. * • * For Mr. and Mrs. Irving. ^ tl^aeij^Iiyr o| Jhi^'menu. The bataqdCt win be lieid lit the liaaement of the chnifch. + • • Mia* Atchison to Leave. Miss Zoe Atchison leaves tonight for WAtem'Kansas where' She will continue her temperance work. Miss Atchison has been here for a week with her parents, Colonel and Mrsi J. B. Atchison. • • Glad We're Here, a new one and a flavor se!dom tasted. Crabb's Fountain. 4> 4^ Vesper Service Tomorrow. The Y. W. C. A. vesper service tomorrow afternoon at .1 o'clock, will be of special Interest to the girls who are at home from their colleges during the holidays, and to them there Is a cordial Invitation extended. The talk will be given by Miss Grace Be dell, of Kansas University, and there Is special music by Miss Ruby Heller of Washburn collwe. All women nnrt glrld are invited. • + * Visit Mr. and Mrs. Goodln. Mrs. Alice Goodln and Miss I.«e Bennett of Nevada, Mo., are here with Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Goodln ,407 East Madison street for the week. Mrs Goodln Is Mr. Ooodln's mother and Miss Bennett Is an aunt of the host and hostess. • •:• * One O'clock Dinner. .^r^. and Mrs. W. A. Cox of South Second street, opened their home to WAITING FOR YOU PBOXPT RELIEF FOR INDIGES.| TION.AND STOMACH. • DIapepsIn Stops Fermentation and Be* j stores the Digestive Jalces Bellet- Ing You Promptly of Stomarb Trouble. Mrs. Ellen Irving of North Washington avenue, will entertain at din nor tomorrow for Mr. and Mt3. Ed. several guests yesterday and gave an elaborate dinner at one o'clock. The dlninp room and parlor had smilax mistletoe and holly as trimmings and the table was decorated in Christmas style. •?•••»• in Rich Hill. .Mr.s. \V. L. Crabb and Miss Eliza belh Oault are in Rich Hill for a few Irving. •> •> *> Mr. and Mrs. Allison Here. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Allison of Kas saa City were here to spend Christmas with relatives. •> •^ <!• Informal Party. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lemasters were . jal homo to a coterie of relatives andK^j^.j, Miss Irving Here. Miss Halite Irving, of Kansas City is spending two weeks here with her mother, Mrs. Ellen Irvlns, 819 North Washington avenue. •:• •:• • Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. ,1. k! Ailniiis gave family dinner parly at noon yestcr day. Places were laid at the dinner table for Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Adams Mr. and Mrs. O, AdnniH, of Thnyor. Mr. nnd Mrs. .T. W. Adams. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Adams. Mr. and Mrs, Chns. May. Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. Wll son, of Chnnulo, Mr. nnd Mrs. WiaHor Wilson of Chantuo. Mr. Ifonry Wilson of Enrlton.'^tra. Nora Meta, Wabado, Minn,, Mis* Llllio Adams. .Mrs. Mniid Leldloff. Mr. Lloyd MIdcnp. of Earl ton. .Mr. W. Adntns of Thnyer. Glenn Adams. Burlon Ailnms. OporjiP LeId loff and Irene Wilson. • * + To Burlington. Miss Mazle Noyes goes to Burlington today to spend a few days with friends. • * • To Visit Friends. Miss Bertha Black, of Baldwin, Is a guest of Miss Alice McCall for the holidays. • • • In Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. English and Miss Luclle English were In Humboldt yesterday. They were guesst of relatives. 4. if <. Misses Manley Entertained. Misses Vlnette and Alma Manley gave a dinner party last evening for a few friends. Their honor guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. Wood and Mr. FYank Pennell of Bartlesvllle. • * * In Oswego. Mr. and Mrs. FYank E. Smith and Miss Marjorie Marley Smith are guests of relatives In Oswego. • •5' •:• Crabb says:- You will please your holiday visitor by ordering brick cream, fruits or nut cream, ices, sher- l)ert or punch, for desert. ... A .* Miss Row« Here. Miss Ruth Rowe of Kansas City, Is here for a few days' visit with her mother, Mra. Rowe. Bnehanan-lrvlng. On Thursday evening at the home of Judge J. B. Smith occurred the marrlase of Mrs. Emma Bnehanan to Mr. Bd. Irving. The couple was nnatr tended and Immediately after the ceremony ttey went to the home of the Tbride'g parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Duggan. 217 West Madison avenne, where tiey will reside. Both Mr and Mrs. Irving have an extensive acquaintance here. Mn. Irving IB a favorite with her many friends and thoae who meet Mr. Irr- Ing In hia boalneaa life in connection wIUi tbe Newton lanndrr admire him ^6r ma oonrteooa and oUlgfnr mao- intimate friends for a Christmas party. An elaborate dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lema?ters of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stebblns, of 108 Pittsburg, who are visiting here were South Third street, entertained a a. j(. Mr. and Mrs. Stebblns Entertain. among the guests. • • * From Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Redfern and I number of relatives at a Christmas dinner yesterday, the event being a farewell to Mr. Stebblns, who leaves In a few days for Des Molncs, la., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerblts of Chanute L^^^^^ „^^^pj^j ^ p^gH,^„ ^.„j, were her yesterday to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Balllet. + + * P. E. O. Party, The P. R. 0. chapter will give tho annual party for Ihoir husbands and friends on Friday evening, January 1. The party will bo given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riddle, -112 Hail Htropl and will be one of tho most elaborate events to colebrato the coming of tho Ney Year. • * * Chrlitmaa Party, one of the Cement companies. Tho oc coslon was also a reimlon of all ifiem- hers of the family. The decorations were Christmas bells, holly and mistletoe bPauttfuUy arranged with festoons of red ribbon. A three courso dinner was served to tho following Bueats: Mr. nnd Mirs, M. H. mit- son. W. A. Hoffnor, LeRoy Bush, L. P. Wilson, M. U Wilson nnd baby Orncp, Mr. and Mrs, C. K, Stebblns. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Bond, of Bloomfluld In.. Misses Lenoro Wilson, Cleone Stebblns, Clella Wilson, Ruth Hoff- .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Freeman of N. Wnshlngton avenue hod a group of "offmnn, Hnstel Wilson relatives for dinner yesterday In cole- ^'""'"^ Wilson. Messrs. Marvin Wilson l.ratlon of Christmas. The table dec- J^*""*"'' RiiRfne Bush orations were of holly. * •> ^ ^. ^ At Dratbach Home. Club .Dance. ^I**- '^^^ M*"'- John Douglass, Jr., of The most delightful dance the Mar Neosho Falls, were guests of Dr. and chlneal Club has given this season Mrs. H. V. Dresbach yesterday, was one of the events of Christmas ^ • + night. Masonic ball In which tbe Mr. and Mrs. C. E. BIrdsell Entertain dance occurred was handsomely dec- Mrs. C. E. BIrdsell, of 210 orated for the evening and the numer- South State street entertained at din ous bells and garlands of green which yesterday in honor of Mr. and were used made the effect especially ^ BIrdsell. Other guests were pleasing. Rings of holly hung from members of the family and a few out the lamps «end places "In the room. <^-^own friends. Color schemes of The guest list Is as follows: Messrs ""^^ ^''^^i living room and WANTED—^Man and virlfe without children to work on farm. Address, Adamson Bros., lola, or see Dairy wagon at postofflce every day from 1 to 1:30 p. m. WANTED—Good housekeeper; ~'no my not start now-today, and 'or- 1 wwhlng^ or i">^^f:^^j^^^ "e good ever rid yourself of stomach trouble and IndlKestioii? A dieted stomach WANTED—Men to learn barber Rets the Itlues nnd grumbles. Give It Inide, fewjveeks required, best paying I good eal, then ^ake Papo's Dlapep> ""o^^ within tbe reach of poor man, iln to start the djgestlve Juices work- -O" havo shop with small capital, Ing. There will be no dyspepsia or wages $12 to |20 weekly, wonderful boJchlng of gas or eructations of undl- demand for barbers, catalogue mailed Tested food; no feeling like a lump of free- Moler Karber College, Kansas lead In the stoinuch or heartburn, sick City, Mo, 'leaduclie and dlzxlness, and your food vlll not remient and imiwiu your ,)rc:itli with nauseous odors. I'ape's niapepsin costs only .'50 cents for a large case at any drug store here, and wi!i relieve the most obstinate caKe of Indigestion and upset .stomach In five minutes. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—^lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa There is nothing else belter to takejstore, lola, Kas. .^a.s from stomach and cleanse the itoniuch and intestines, and besides. jne trianKiile will digest and prepare RENT-Three room house on •or assimilation into the blood all your Xorth Walnut. Inquire' 211 North ocd ihe same us a sound, healthy Walnut. <tiiniach would do it. WHlen Dinpep.sin works, your stom- ich rests—gets itself in order, clean? II)—and then you feel like eating ylion yon come to the table, and what •on eat will do you good. Al)sol:ite relief from stomach mis- •ry is v.aiting for yon as soon as you lecide lo l)esin t.nking Uiapepsin. Tell ••onr diiiKgist that you want Pape's li-niiPliEin, because you want to be ihorouRhly cured of Indigestion. 1908 Calendar Pads j DIARIES BLANK BOOKS OFFICE SUPPLIES at Evans Bros. Business Dlfectory. FOR SAI..E CHEAP—Or will exchange for livestock; nearly new 5- .-om bouse, fine location in Gas City. '.}. T. Rohrback. lOlG North Cottonwood street. FOR SALE—Two Bush & Gerts pianos slightly used, Ipft with me for mie by Chanute parties. These are t >arguln3. John V. Roberts Music Store. FORMXOHMHaS LOANS! LOAXS! LOAD'S! On farm land or lola property; ons or short time; lowest rates; best | 'erin.s. Money today It title Is good •?ee us at once. lOLA LAND COMPANY. TO EXCHANGE FOR LIVESTOCK. —Eight room house, good location, lola. Price $1800; mortgage $600. Equity for live stock, feed or Implements. lOLA LAND COMPANY. STATE RESTS CASE Six Clear La Harpe residences |7000 ind 13000. Cash for mercbandlie or farm, W. O. I^nbart. lola. Kas. lih'FKNSi; PIIK,SK.\TKI» OITI,!.\F OF (ASK IN IIAINM TlilAI.. Ilul) II Few .lllnor fVltncNHCH \\'\\\ Ti 'NiIfy Toiluy—Ti 'Hilniony Mondnj. niiHliliig, N. Y., Doc. UC.-^An out Ine ijf the defense of Thornton Jen- iies, sell or trade. Kins llalns who is charged wllh belnp have yoiir Inauring done. I jtrlncliml In the killing of William money to loan on form or city prop BR A RBPRESKNTATiVE of The United VV'lreless Telegraph Co., In .our home town; omployecs earning 'rom tun to |:iOU per week; you can do ho same; no cupllul required; apply It once. Tho United Wlr(ili»i» Telo- ira{>\\ Ci>„ Cooper lliillillii;;. Ii; .ivr ;:olo. Greit WaaterA Lond Co During tho holldiiyB Ihe Great Wcat- .>rii Land ('o. will hav«> spooial bar- :ulns in both farm and city proper- See us before you We have JOIIX G. WOODDf, M. D. Physician and Sargeon • Over Burrell's. • • • Phone lit. * 1)B. McXILLEX, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232 Office over Burrell's Drug Store F. 11. MARTIN, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • OfQce and Residence Phone 576 • Office 7 North Jefferson. ^ Phone 6S7. Res. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, • : Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat - • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • Lodge Difectoff yellow and white in the dining room were carried. A four course dinner was served. FEAST FOR POOR and esdames L. Davles of JopUn, J. D. Mundls, E. D. Shields, C. H. Shields, Fred Gerbltz of Chaunte. W. E. Redfern of Chanute, B. E. Allison of Kansas City. J. C. Balllet, Misses Mary Northrup, EJthel Horton. Florence Hobart, Genlvieve Taylor, Rose Welth, Mayme Anderson, Blanche Ponsler, Hattle McMlllen, Katherine Salvation Army Gave Away 350 Ham Guyer. Neva Funk, Messrs Otto Huff. pers of Food During Yes- John Lovca, Roam Coffey, Lynn Cof- terday, fey, Henry Fleak, Guy Pees, Glenn Cooley, Fred Asplnall, Shef Guyer, "Ten In the family—get a big fat George Longacre. chicken." 4. .J 4. Harry Butler, captain commandin? From Chicago. the local corps of the Salvation Army, Miss Christmas Wilson and .Miss was standing in the relief depot at 111 Lucy Wilson who are students at the w 'est street yestenlay morning, re- University of Chicago, are among celving tickets for free dinners. those who are home for vacation. * * + Miaa Pepper Home. Miss Elsa Pepper, who la at Por-| est Park, St. Louis, this year, came in There was a line of the worthy poor waiting for their Christmas feast at the hands of the Army. 'As each applicant stepped up to the captain, the card was examined, the number In Thursday and 1. .pending two weeks with her parenu. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. ^^^^ ^pp^^^ the application and the hamper of good things w^ handed out. Each hamper centred two kinds of vegetables, celery, fruit, coffee, sugar, beans, cranberries and a live chicken. In- ail about 350 dinners were given away. Captain Butler and his asslst- anta are very grateful for the help they have received In their work from the Tola people. The Captain eaya |tbat tbe people are lending a hand aa never waa done before here. Tonight In tbe Arm^ ban there will be an entertainment for the poor children of tlie city and a program «lU|^wIIl be glveh by tbe membera of^ tbe alratloiL^Amjr Saadar.acbooL . Xnf^ Pepper. + • <f To Visit Rfllattvas. Miss Belle Horwltz left last night for St Louis. Mo.' fflie will remain there for some time and then go ' to ChicMo, where she will visit before returning to lola. ^ • • • Returns to Tulaa. Alvln Ferris, who spent Christmas with friends here returned to Tulaa today. j >- •Altrwirtle'Banquat of tiie AltfBlatie dab of Pic^ijrtcvtui eliiutib \nnl8 last August, waa presented tc, :he Jury today, o testimony will be .aken until Monday. With the calling •jf one or two minor witnesses bj District Attorney Darrin this morn- .n^. the prosecution rested. FIRE IN A HOSPITAL jerty. Good, loans from three to ten years for Six Per Cent. We want <ood home, modern, close in, about rooms, all on ground floor, for which we will trade an 80 of land In Missouri, and pay the difference in cash One of the best homes in lola, close in modern, paved street, sewer connections, for good land. Come to our office and make known what you want We are In the office over the Palace Shoe Store, DAMAGE TO A SEDALIA INSTITU-1 TION IS $1.5,000. SNOW CAOGHT FIRE Defectiie Arrangement of Electric | Wires Started Blaze—Patients Safe. Santa Clans Made a Second Call at the Home o( G. R. Gard, Attomej. Sedalia, Mo., Dec. 26.—Fire today laniaged Laywood hospital to the ex- This Is the story of some snow which caught fire and defeated the plans, to some extent, of one Santa :ent of fifteen thousand dollars. All Claus, alias St. Nick, of the patients were removed In safety You couldn't have seen a prettier to nearby residences. It Is thought Chrtstmas tree If you had looked tbe the bla;:e was started by an electric town over than graced the home of wire (in the first floor. G. R. Gard, an attorney, 316 North Washington avenue, yesterday even Arrested a Drunk. ing. anU Claus had fixed It all np to Marshal JIm Frederlckson arrested a "frazzle" (don't blame us, Presi- a drunk named McDelbert in Bassett dent Roosevelt said "frazzle") and yesterday. He was fined |5 this mom- there were gifts galore. But one fea- Ing In police court \mm "1 h«r« htrn nalcr CiiHtrrlr for liaoMiil^ 4 <ih whUU 1 l „v, U.B Jffllel^f" biif5 «""y T"^" •ltd 1 cm Mr tbit L-SM-mt^t, bar* (A«a »i. mori •hall n-romm^ad ihVraVir ftiludi as Mac all U>*r an nt>ntmt«i." ' aa Tkoa. OtUard. E)(is. lU. in lmlk.:Tlu.».Hlrt•^^S^MaiS ;•4S^oca P" itnre was lacking—snow—and Santa Claus fixed that. Soon specks of cotton peeked from the graceful boughs so green. All was ready. "Come In and see." It waa Santa Claus himself who had spoken. The family bad courteously retired while the revered Santa wrought a miracle in the front parlor. It was but a moment that the tree was left alone but it was long enough to wreak disaster. When the family came into the room to behold the tree, lit waa in flames. The "anow" had become ignited* from a candle. Before tbe flames could be extinguished, the [tree and iU burden of gifts were consumed. A portion of the presents remained in tact but ruined through smoke and scorching. Some curtains inilalilnga alao caog^t fire and a LMoni^^satito.,wa« y w averted. KMQIITS OF PYTHlAS^NSoibo Ixjdgo No. 4a moeta every Mooted night at K, of P, Hall. Vliitlns bn> hnrs Invited, W. S, Thompaojk, jj^ 0« Rlttor. K, of R, and,a ' v. !vMOIiTS~OF XACCABSSlft^ .uiiKhttf of Moccnbeea of the ^fpf^ luooiH In K. P. Hall lecohd and (Mtf. Saturday nights of each montfe« -^ W, Postwalt, commander; R. B,.>^r ter. record keeper^ v . • W. 0. U'.—Camp No. 101 mttUT' T, Steele, C. C, A. H. Davit, Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.—The M. W, A. raeeU every FHday night In M. W Hail. Visiting brothers invited, r; < Coffield, V. C. W, A. Cowon, CW^ ROYAL KEIGHBORS^Iola CS?' No. 365, Royal Neighbors; meeta"**' ond and fourth Tuesdaya of «sr"" month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, (nw^ .Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West " Recorder. FRATERNAL BBOTHEBRdra^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 m«w« second and fourth Thursday, of vmk* month in A. O. U. W. HallL Visitlw members cordially Invited. W. H. .-A^ derson, president; Golda Elam B4enr- tary. ;. • JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast old reUablo jeweler, 110 East Street 00000000ooooooobo O- AUCTIOSEEB. O O Am now booking sales for Jaii-'O O uary and February. Claim your.O O date early. The lowest terms;-i^ O satisfaction guaranteed. Wrlt^O O or phone at my expense. P O E. E. VICKERS," O O 120-1 N. Jefferson. lola, Kaa O Phone 835. .O 0000000000000 Q_$J»^ OUR TELEPHOIIE Is constantly ringing, these days. Now is the time, you know, to have all the summer dust cleaned out of your carpets. We are busy, but your order wUl receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Phone &U. •c .»•. J. O. THOm . Fmtmtmr mmd ^iti^lr. Hmmgmf Estimates cheerfnlly given on all work Pbone S19. Btn. 409. S. Baekeye. General Contnetor. , , Flagstone and Cement Sideti^Uks'iutil Curbing a Specialty. Office 113 East Jaekami IT*. , PbOBentf.. .

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