The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 26, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 6
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THE nAKEUfJHELD CAMFORN1AN. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1936 ff I i • SHOWING IS EXTENDED AT NILE Manner in Which Trial of Ilimplmunu Conducted Is Condemned i \t,tf>rtnlfft rrrnt f,rn*rd Wirf t BOSTON. Aug. 2«.—MiiRHZlnc article* by !>r. .lohn.F. ".JafKlo" Con-I don, paid Inlprvlpwn by Hauptmann ! mm* Jurors, the activities of Uovpr- i nor Harold (!. Hoffman, and what I It tprmn u "publicity|ialgii" by counsrl on both Bldrw, ivcelvnd outspokm rondpinnatlon today bo. forp the American Bnr Association. Thp report by n special commitl*« on publicity In criminal trials won presented by .Tudgp Oscar Hallam of St. Paul, former Justice of thi> Minnesota Supremo Court. It dr nounced an "fundamentally wrong" newspaper and radio publicity at the Hnuptmann trlnl. Conduct of thp Irlal by ..Tudgo Thotnns W. Trpnchnrd received thn approbation of the committee, which ndded: "In his Judicial conduct, ho ! wui undisturbed by tho whirl of excitement roundabout." Tho activities of Governor Hoffman of New Jersey occupy nearly four pages of tho report, which said: • "The spectacle of a member of n omirt on board of pardons going About searching for evidence which may Impugn tho verdict, calling upon prospective applicants In Ihnlr cells. Indulging In public discussion of the merits of the case established In court ... Is repugnant to our sense of propriety and is In our opinion unwarranted." Tho commltto made 10 recommendations for reform of courtroom procedure. Included were bans upon the use of cameras In the courtroom, the use of subpoenas to secure spectators' Mats in court, statements by the defendant or comment upon tho case by counsel or witnesses, and vaudeville appearances by Jurors after the trial. «« » DUBIOUS FRIEND OAKLAND, Augr. 2«, (U. P.) — When J. C. Osburno closed up his mrvlce station for tho day, ho had (100 In his wallet. Ho didn't want to go home alone, because ho feared Ko would be robbed. A "friend" volunteered to accompany him. When tho "friend" departed and Osburne Woa Bafcly in his home, his wallet and its contents were missing. Nine Actors and Manager in Jail tl' nttril t'rrm t.r.ntrtl \\'1rr) IIOI.IWWOOI), AUK. i!0. Nino prrforninm nnd I'rotlnrpp Sum llcrl- y.lK today worn oxppplfil to lv; balled , out of Lincoln HclKhtn Jiill whcro ; limy wcr« UikPii lant nlKht after tho Iiolli'o vlrr> Hitunrl nildfd a perform- nin'K of "Hollywood UOOH Sllnnky," a liurlomiiip rfvue. It WHM lliij Hpi-ond time police havo rnldPd tin; show In rrronl weeks'. tjn AiiKUHl 10 llortzlfc and II of lilh pln.yprH wprp niTcHtotl on churgen of Klvln« a Ipwd and Indpccnt on- tprliilntiiPiil. Their trial was set for Bpptpmbar 3. Dptf-ctlvo I.lputonant. C. M. fluxion, who HtuK' 1 '! tho first raid, mild thiil thr HPi-ond »prli;H of nrreHlH worn made IIPCIHIBO thn show had not l)3on clpanpd up as promised. Tho officer mild that If his men raid the show again, the audience would be tirrp»tpd R!BO for witness- inn a Inwd and Indecent show. i I'at I'aree, a strip dancer, rrmn- ! nRe<l to escape last night while don; nlng lier clothes preparatory to join| Ing hpr fpllow pprformprs In tho | police patrol car. Lieutenant Bux| ton snld he Intended to Bwear out o warrant for her arrest. Krnri MacMiirrn}* nncl Jcnn 1'nrlier I N RESPONSE to numerous requests the Nlln innnnRnnii*nt hn« nrrnnffpd to extend the PIIBHKP- mpnt of the current double feiilm-p program at tho Kox theater for thrco more flays. The two features, Including "Tho Texas Hangers," costarrlng Fred MoMurray and Ji-un Parker, with .lack Oakle and l/loyd Nolan prominently fpntiirnd In support- Ing roles and "Tho Final Hour," featuring Halph Hcllamy and Marifuerllo Churchill, will open their extended run at tho Nile theater tomorrow night. UNWANTED Edna Callahan Is Picture Executive Married to Schall Resigns Position (Aundated I'rrm Ltattd Wirtl OLAT1IF-, Kan.. Aug. 28.—Edna Callahan, 23-year-old Hollywood film actress, and Max Schall, personal secretary for Band Leader Charles (Buddy) Hogcrs, were married today, but must take their honeymoon later. Tho ceremony was performed at Kogors' home hero, but today tho bride returned to Hollywood to work In a picture. Rchall will go east after a visit of several days in this region. i.Amnrlnletl I'rcim located Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 20.— Abrn- hiim Ix>hr, motion picture executive for 18 years, considered today engaging In tho agency business. Ho resigned yesterday as vice-president and general manager of tho Goldwyn Studios. OCKAN IIKAC1I KOK PAHK LOS ANGKLICS, Aug. 26. (A. P.) The city council's park and playgrounds committee Is considering acquisition of more than a mile of ocean bench for public use between the Bel-Air Buy Club and Castle Rock. I CHANGES FARMER and Lester Matthews furnish romance In "Too Many Parents,' gripping .drama of "unwanted" children, which heads tho double bill showing at tho Granada theater today only. Second feature is "Snowed Under," a delicious comedy based on tho popular Liberty serial and starring George Brent, Genovieve Tobin, Glenda Farrcll, Patricia Ellis and Frank McHugh. WEIL'S END-OF-MONTH DOMESTIC SALE FAMOUS SLEEPWELL SHEETS 81x99 Only 20 doz. on hand. Come early. WEILL'S Now . . . Remnants HALF PRICE • SILKS • COTTONS • WOOLENS • LACES • DRAPERIES Desirable Lengths Wide Range Patterns MAIN FLOOR HAND EMB. PILLOWCASES $1.19 per pair BALBOA PILLOWCASES 42x36, Torn each 14x20 CANNON HAND TOWELS $ 1 siOOdo/en Hurry! Only 10 Do/en Left Look for Many Other Needed and Useful Items Not Listed Here. 36x66 CANNON BEACH TOWELS Gay Stripes $ 1 .lUO each 72x90. Tuscany Lace Cloths Imported Appenzal BRIDGE SETS $4 95 Made of Grass Linen. ^B Made Hand enih. in lovely colors. Size !H'>x!H) inches. Includes 4 napkins Dull Finish—Pure Linen LUNCH CLOTH Conventional stencil design in green, red, brown or blue. 54x5<l $ 1.95 Pure Linen—All White Damask LUNCH CLOTH Woven design. 55x67 Pure Linen—Colored Bordered LUNCH CLOTH Choice of gold, green or blue border. Lunch Set With 6 Napkins$ Impurlfd, hand made, appliqued design. Size 54x5 1 ............................ 69 49 RAYON TABLECLOTHS $ Colored border, fast colored. Size 57x77. Kadi Napkins to match, each lOc New Shipment of Our Gay Colored Caliente LUNCH CLOTHS$ \ 00 in ii wide variety of gorgeous designs. Kadi BRIDGE SETS i THE ART DEPARTMENT ON THE EAST END OF BALCONY FEATURES AN E.O.M. SPECIAL c a yard Close Out of Art Laces LINEN CRASH COVERS 69c Stamped for simple embroidery. 54x54 WOOL FLOWERS For Autumn . . . in all the new Kail shades. Complete for making. Per package Free Instructions 25c !U).\,'i(), including I napkins. Kmbroidered collon crash All Linen Crash LUNCH SETS •with -1 napkins. In gay colors. . THRILLING AIR DRAMA AT FOX She Can't Take It Shows t Virginia "She Couldn't Take It," Columbia's widely-acclaimed romantic comedy co-starring Goorgo Haft and .Joan Bennett, opens at the Virginia theater today. Tells tho tantalizing tale of an ex-bootlegger who Is commissioned to tamo the front-paging, pHcapadlngr, socially prominent Van Dykes. George Raft Is seen as the reformed Rlnardl, while Joan Bennett plays tho madcap Carol. Their constant battling winds up In one of tho most exciting climaxes In recent films, with an honest-to-goodness kidnapping thrown In for , good measure. Supporting the two stars arc Walter Connolly, Blllto Burke, AVallaco Ford and Donald Meek. Completing tho double bill Is "Muss 'em Up," a vivid drama with Preston Foster and Margaret Callahan. Ucvcrly Roberts and Pat O'Brien CHOWINCl at tho'Fox for three days, starting Thursday, Is "China Clipper," from tho author, producer and star of "Celling Zero," starring Pat O'Brien, Beverly Roberts, Ross Alexander and Humphrey Bogart In a story of tho earth's mightiest ocean, Its vetting, the air's most daring pioneers, Its heroes and tho world's greatent flight and Its climaxes. Also showing on this program are Charles "Chic" Sale, Charlotte Henry a,nd Eddie Qulllan In "The Gentleman From Txjuislana," the true Inside story of racing's greatest Jockey, who could frame everything but love. A novelty, "At Your Service, Madame," news events and tho awarding of a Chevrolet sedan, completes this program for Thursday. Showing for the last times today Is "The Texas Rangers," with Frod MacMurray Jack Oaklo and Jean Parker, also "Tho Final Hour," with Ralph Bellamy and Marguerite Churchill. Radio Programs Tonight KOO-KPO— Nitltnil BnndoHtlni Ctmiiny—lupplln trogrtmi to: KFI, KECA, KFSB, KGW. HEX. KOMO, KHQ. KIR. KfiA. KOA, KOHL. KDYL. KfllR. KTAR. KFKC-CBS—Din Lw in« Columbli- SuvpIlM »roor«mi to: KHJ. KQ9. KDS, KMJ. ROW. KFBK, KEMN. KOL. K.VI. K8L. KOIN. KEPY. ACTOR SUKS STUDIO I-OS ANQKLES, Aug. 20. (A. P.>— Columbia Pictures' Corporation woa defendant today in a ?30B,000 suit filed by Leon Beauman, actor. He charged that screen credit for a role ho played In "Western Frontier" was given to another actor and his career was hampered by tho error. 111.•VIEW COMFORTABLE 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. KERN and network—Andre Kos- telanctz Orchestra. NBC! network—Army Band Con- cort. W6XAI —Recordings; 6:15, Mac Himself. KNX—Dick Tracy; 5:15, Maurice s Orchestra. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KERN and network—Como On, Tret's Sing. NBC network—Marshall's Mavericks. W6XAI—Recordings. KNX—Buddy and Ginger; 5:46, Musical to 6:15. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KHUN and network—Gang Busters. NBC network—Your Hit Parade. WCXAI—News Flashes; 6:15, Dinner Concert to 6:46. KNX—6:15, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KEHN and network—March of Time; 6:45. Strange an It Seems. NBC network—Hit Parade. W6XAI—6:45, Sketches In Melody. KNX—Betty Morgan, Peter Kent; 6:45, Tango Time. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KERN and network—Joe Reichman Orchestra; 7:15, Renfrew. NBC network—Amos and Andy; 7:15, Lum and Abner. WfiXAI—Eb and Zeb; 7:15, World Dances. KNX—Elmer Goes Hollywood; 7:15, Jlminle Dickie. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KERN and network—Clyde Lucas Orchestra. NBC network—Winning the West. W6XAI—Quartette; 7:45, Cecil and Sally. KNX — Newlyweds; 7:45, King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN and network—To be announced; 8:15, Republican State Central Committee. NBC network—Town Hall Tonight. W6XAI — Hollywood on Parade; 8:15, Frank Wutanahe. KNX — Echoes of Stage and Screen. 8:30 to 8:00 p. m. KERN and network—Burns and Allen. NBC network—Town Hall Tonight. W6XAI—To bo announced; 8:45, Home Folks. KNX—Musical; 8:45, World Dances. Jack London Tale Will Open at Rex Clark Gable and Lorcltu Young and Jack OaUle are stars of Jack London's perennially favorite "Call of the Wild," which opens tonight for a two-day run at the Rex theater on a double bill with Wallace Jieory and Adolph Munjnu In "The Mighty Itanium." The latter Is un appealing and amusing story o£ the great showman. KAltM CO-OI'S THKIVK MAKRISBUUG, Pa., Aug. 26. (U. P.)—Reflecting a gradual, healthy i growth, farm co-operatives In I'onn- I Hylvanla did at total business of $3-1,• i H05.GOL' In 19.15, a gain of $73,025 over the 1934 business, according to Agriculture Secretary J. Hansell French, JONES FAMILY Other Cotton and Crepe LUNCH AND BRIDGE CLOTHS 25c, 49c and Up REMEMBER IT'S COOL AT III a W | K KNNETll 110WKLL. uiul Dixie Uunbar oa they appear in a aceiio from "Educatlnu Father," one of the three attractions xhuwliiK tomorrow only at the Fox California theater. "Educating: Kather" la onu of the Jones Family series, and a perfect howl. ThJ) familiar oust includes Jed 1'routy, Shirley Ueane, Spring Byington, June Carlaon, George Ernest and Florence Roberts. The nee- ond feature on this one-day pro- Krniu Is "The, l-a\v in Her Hands," thn InsfUo story ut' ganKdom'x lady mouthpiece. Margaret Lindsay, Glenda Farrell, Warren Hull. Lyle Talbot and Kddle Acuff are In the cast. The Magic Carpet "Argentine Argosy" and Metrotono News complete the program. Closing tudiiy at the California are thrco attractions: Jane Withers in "t-lttle Miss Nobody": Clairo Trevor anil Brian Donlevy in "Human Cargo": I'eto Smith In "Ail-hoppers" and latest news event!]. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m, KERN and network—Krlna Sellers, OrRanlst; 9:15, Austin Mack Orchestra. NBC network — Hotel Bismarck Orchestra. "WBXA1—News Flashes; 9:15, Out of the Past, to D:4. r i. KNX—News Flushes; 9:15, Jay Whldden to 0:45. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKRN—Olldule Community Church; !i:45, From Honolulu. NBC network—Palace Hotel Orchestra. WOXAI—9:45. Rhythm and Romance. KNX—9:45, Crockett Family. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN—World in Review; 10:10, ICIlls Klmbull Orchestra. N11C network — News Flashes; 10:15, Hotel St. Francis Orchestra. WCXAI—All-request program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WCXAI—All-request program. Latt Times TONIGHT—7 and 9 p. "BIH04L TIOIH" "THI DIVIL DOU" TOMORROW 2 ACE HITS HELD OVER DOORS OPEN 6145 P. M. STARTS TOMORROW THRILL TOA NEW AIR EPIC! . codlt "Chit" »«K) "THI OINTLIMAN FROM LOUISIANA ALSO COLOKED CARTOON — NEWS RCMEMBBR Ch«vrol«t Car Award Tomorrow Night Tomorrow Thursday 5:25 p. m STANDARD GASOLINE VIRGINIA Open 12-11 p. m.—20c and 10c Today and Thursday TWO BIO FEATURES OEOHOE RAFT JOAN BENNETT "SHE COULDN'T TAKE IT" PRESTON FOSTER MARGARET OALLAHAN "MUSS 'EM UP" Comedy, News and Novelty GRANADA TODAY ONLY—TWO FEATURES and GEORGE BRENT With QENEVIEVE TOBIN In Hit "SNOWED UNDER" Also News and Short Subjects TODAY—TOMORROW 2 BIG FEATURES CLARK GABLE, LORETTA VOUNO, JACK OAKIE IN "CALL OF THE WILD" AND WALLACE DEERY, ADOLPH MENJOU IN "THE MIGHTY BARNUM" DS TONIGHT FRED MuMUMKAY JACK OAKIC • JEAN PARKEN "THE TEXAS RANGERS" RALPH BELLAMY "THE FINAL HOUR" BILLY SYMPHONY — NEWS EVENTS TOMORROW! 1936 CHEVROLET JFREEI Plus ThU Swill Protrim ~i GUITARS Small Payments PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 1512 Nineteenth St. PASSENGER NIGHT FLIGHTS Modern 4-Place STINSON $1 Per Passenger Fly With Tommy MfCart, Pilot Visit Our Sidewalk Cafe Cool and Hofreshinc Drill Us Dinners and Sandwiches Till JONES FAMILY "Educating Father" J«d PROUTY Shlrliy OEANE AND ^~"~•"^~~~~~'~~•" Mir(ir*l LINDSAY Wirran HULL "The Law in Her Hands" HURRY! Today U Yiur Lad Chinei It Stt— Jane WITHERS "LITTLE MISS NOBODY" Brian DONLEVY Claire TREVOR "HUMAN CABOO" Pete SMITH "AIRHOPPERS" .OX DONT FORGET the Railroader's Ball Tonight at Beardsley's Pavilion The nigcest Summer Dune* That's Held In Huliersflcld "Lots of Fun and Favors for Everyone" Given by the Brotherhood of Hallway-Carmen of America, Local No. 740 Bakersfleld's Most Unique Cafe SPECIAL Delicious and F»mous Chinese Dishes Pork Chow Miin or Chop Suey 25c Served From S p, m. to 9:30 p. m. Dally TRY US NEXT FOR Chicken—Stiaks—Chops Served at All Hours) Thru Floor Shows Nifktly 10 i. •., llilO p. m., I i. •, No Cover Charge Except Saturday AIR COOLED PABST ON TAP

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