The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 12
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12 Tuesdey, September 12, 1944 gpe jfofacrrfietb CaUlorntan [orjialjj—Imprpyfd^jpropfrty ^orSale-^mproyed Property Ori 1 ! of th* show piares in California rr,rk. , - Kxtrs. larse iivmirrnom with i>:<-i* replace, adjoining dininp room v, h•: h h.i* entrance from three sides. K :i hMi hs e }ar?e hreakf.'iFt nook «nd let* of i > a H cupboard spare Also has n!-->tini >\ refrigerate] built in. flush vi;> v:;:i Ijar: servii- porch. Two flooi ri'r'i:-<r«. two Tllt;r bedrooms. Bath has t-i' '-;in- ity and 10 quite roomy LRICM h.isf:r;-pnt. Til* yard front and back, w;il I-,., 1 , e I* 1 , be seen, ns it is really corEeo'i? SMi.v.n by appointment, only. Price $!':»0'' JwM*t NileR—Two bedtooms and lai-- <1m living: nnd diii'nc room, tile in Kit-hen. Lots of fine chkken equipment <TV| t,o,,;i- tiful yard. I-ot has TC-fnnt fir-mac'' ! " Thin Is a Rood buy at J6COO. |-.*:r iaah : nr reflnnnrr. 4-Dnlt court, near Kern Ornml. r-vn- : pletely lurn'Bhed and nil rented to stonily Wmsland; link- i -I-'.y. mom ha ^' m<->il. a tjniil ft H • i.nil:l •(.!!. s.imo IJ-'HI: .ihout JJiKiU tenants. Pncj SI !.:.=>". Skyline ParK—Two-bedroom and large den j Verr frood for J7250. California Park—Five-room and dc«. Pon't i mtn this lor SS7SO Casa Loma Drive—Tivo-bedioorn. laree ' baaeme.nt: for J6C50 Close in 'jn K street—Five-room home for (4500. On Pioneer Drive—Ne?iiv rt»nv "v^-bniroon- vith acre of ornnces, f' • J 1 -'" " 2-Stot" 1 -. 'Very rnodein on WcM TV, eralKh: only 19500. Minner street—Two-bedfoom. r,c;\r!y iirw, for $4200. Oak Street—Three brdt•i-'om-' ba tin ,-ui>i I'-iU bath Realb send. SK'.7, r '<> On Terrace \Vay, nor fat f.-rim Chester— Two furnishe-l houses for J(", •'• r ' BOTDPTf.V i LA.VrA.-'Tl.n 1S17 H Street Phone f-f'^.3 Aft or (i .__Tn Mj.';.^ : , s '. : ' ~'— BOMB AND FARM BUYERS WANTKD— IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT YOU WANT. WE'LL FIND I'!. SAX .'OAQlil.N AGENCIES. KDWARn .MOODY, isi: "ETE." PHONli .-de.. - 9-1-tf FOR SALK—by o" " close to main IM feen to be apl'tt GOOD RENTAL iti" furnished, m"-. ( condition \\nti r.* at $iiO per mnnili BtUCCO. five ]0<mi«. Karpc, 1M7 i;_kj. i O.VFJ-BEDROOM. nc-v ^vest of Mc-int \ stove, furnished ft< yard feri rd T- ' terms. rjinT I'. ecru_h. FOR SALK. l.v '-vie room linn-, Phone I'-"?.' (Mr house .Must he J'hone -I'i Jiit'lil.T nd Mnnor. Hiui in eplenciifl ni tei <int; lentH vfi---.' |i;.vs wnter; "•"! h _"il"'l: • lining, one-half mile f-;-pnn School; small -too' tor. all of b;irk il prii r ? - 700. pome K.-iipn 1517 Kicht- i-d- ilni. 41 AI^llOST now twti-betlroom house, hardwooii ilooi>. die kitchon and hath, natural fireplace and floor furnace. Venetian blinds In every rooms; dimiiK room, service porch, all-concrrte baseiniont, double garage. I'd! Kneed with pipe set in concrete. Trice J.'iS'di, $L';!50 down, ,f.'!ti.7il inontlily. (illtl Casa I^oma ^ Drive. I!" XJVPLKX in Kasl BaUei'.sl'ield—not 7ie\v, but well I'tirnished and H money nuiker. One block from business diMricl. GarHRe, More and two-bedrooni home on lot KlOxltin at A\'ced Patch. Koom for additional income, all for $8500. East Baketiield — Two bedrooms extra larco livinK room mirl dining room, floor furnace, hardwood floors throughout, beautiful yard, fenced and .shaded. Four-unit apartment nnd duplex adjacent, on lot 95x121'. at "West High. Completely furnished, with room for two more units. This is priced to sell. Sunset Park—Uefinished. very liirne 2-bedroom home, lols of floor space, tile and conveniences. Xear schools and shops; $-500 down, balance $fi(i per month, including interest. frpal W. Harvey. 'JIK! Bower building. Phone 2-42u'(J, evenings 2-414:',. FOR KAL-E—Ry tiwner. "-bedroom home, in AVinglaini Snuare, completely jefinished. better than new, tile, hardwood floors, floor fur• nace, cooler, large fenced in back yard. 2-2575. landscaped, $5760. FOR SALE, by owner, modern home with separate apartment nr can he used »H one residence. California iivi-mie tinct. Phono ii-r>7-4 : nfler 5 phon e_ l-^l 1' i; '< . _ 4 1 FOR SA.L1; — Nne 4-moin house to he moved. Not an old IHHIKO that is ahonl to fall 1o *l!7Sfl cash. Can lie . *een at 717-A . 'J'ejon, Oildule. F'hone ^S vcn BY OWNER—HiiKllsli-lyiio. limn". room*, larpe livtnp nxjin. 1'J-toot ('-ilini:. ]nrj:e dintui; rootn and Uiti-hon plenty of lite. bHKCinent. duiil l'urn:iio, douHe i::ir- »Ke. East fJakiTslield. I'hone S-lotU. FOR SALE—-By owner, t wo-beilr(iorn house. 1,'irfie ('(U-ncr lot. ui'-f 1'n-alimi, 1 tilork off Viua lino 1013 Yosenitte si ryot, Oildule. FOR SALE—Four-room hottRe. J /a a<-re of land, womo "\vork to be done on houne, J1ROO, KliOO down, balance SCO monlhlv. ^319 South K Elreet. Phone 5.*'-'!)-'. 3ji FOR SALE—On 99 Highway, about 1 mile north of Greenfield, "-bedroom bolide 1'ke new. I'.;; acres of ground. Price SfiSOO. ISOO'l down. Call Fr;ink Snnun at Kelly A- Son. Phnii" fi-MljIl. 37 JCE"V\'T.T finished 5 roum modern home, •well locati-d near high si h"i-l. Krnnjni;(r school and bui line. tnimcdiale po«se«- . eiou can be given. Motive tdso Itn-luil'-s frcieen i»unnnet huufe in hnck yard. S*-e M'aide D. Wutsuii, il-0 Chciiier. i'hom' 2-48S1. S7 FOR SALE, by owner. Seven and one-half acres nn ^'ible Koad, with three houses. 5100 month irK.oine. $10.000. with son>«> terms or $9500 cash. See owner at roune north of Taft Htchway on ^\':tl]e Road. Albert L. Iteeder. Route 3. Bnv 46S, Bakersfieu. 3S An «utumn prince™ frock with a rlever treatment to the front panel—notice th« »quare<l-off neckline the ck-an-a^-a- wbUtle look the double r>>w of big button* give to It! It's perfect for tli-ck dark woolen*, fnr lithl.weieht jerneyn. Pattern No. )>691 i» In nlzea 12, 14. 1C. J8 and 20. Size 14, tliree-quarler BleeveH. reauiro* 2H N yai-d8 of 2»-lnch material; IV. yard machine made ruff line to trim. The ntw (all and wininr Ueue of "Fash- Ion" 1« flow r*ady—IIU pag«>. It'» a eomplBt* *Mide to your fall and winter wardrobe. Send for your copy. Price 15 c«ntf. For thi* attractive pattern, send 30 cento in coins, with your name, addieas. pat- tarn cumber and *tze to Thf Ralter/ifield CattfQrnion Todav't Pattern Stratee, "iOli Uutton kit eel, Kan f'ranfifco S. PAHK— Completely reder- l> "-t.rili ontn house. Nice liv- enoitnt fiv.stern fenced re.-it IMC,-, ln\\n. This plarn i* Itu-lUKtiinit. It is \ai_ant SIDI-' — ?ix-room house, three hed- iodmR. late* 1 living loom, incplace. 1m- nin,J:;(te po.^ fie,s.« ion . Dt"l'l.l",\—Four room* ^ach side, unfur- nsbed. Now bnnsitiL- 170 rnni.ihlv. "V'ei y mr ( ,i,.| ii, near Sonth^rn J'actfir' himits'. J-'llA pa.sments about J36..'iO a Jnonth. ' SOI TM OF TOWN—-Four-room p]a=terod house \\iih slrepins porrli. laiKe Barage. I'niesti icled district. J'JC.',0 full pri'e. EAS'l' SIDIO—Six-room house on 1 U ncres. Double caraKe. cliicken equipment, lots of fruit trees Green Acres—Three very attraetlve offerings, one with 1U neres, one with one rule. <me with hall' acre All with houses, all with chicken ninlnment. all with excellent water condition!. First named cur. he purchased with flock of about. 500 ehieltenn. nnlr-ncre can be bought completely furnished Ca sa Loma—On one arre. \erv modern L'-bedroorn house, harn. K.lia^e. ch,i ken equipment, fr'ijl. etc. East nak-'iRfiild Ttvn-hedi nom house on corner lot. Orlv ' > ca i s old. LHiuhle Ki\ rape Loniita \"erde — Three-bedroom house, nhout "' yars old and In Good condition. DouhL carape. u'ell-ea i f-cl-for lot. E. C. Uffett, HOI Nile's. rhone 2-7ir,2 ewev A. CHI'HCF, LOCATION If you ru for Miniet h;tit; tmei la I in a C-h'-droom hnme. M-e the-, toinpletely 1'iirnishcd. \\llll liooil pi'war t urn it lire, all latest moil* rn i mix--tin IK , y, .Nice lot, spi-inklinK s\slem, donlile u-alilL:e. 57.MHI cash Hli.MI-: AM) INCllMK—T.ncaled in «ood I'-nial dislrict. T\\ o-'.-.edi oom home and a l-heilioimi home. These homes me ler-^ than (j vats old. in CM-cllent con- 'IMiun. tile <liains. haid\\'ood floois. etc. l>ne home completely Ininishrd. ?7000. $20(1(1 down, halanif JfiO per month. .SIN'-l'Xrr curitT—Two 2-hedrooms and 1'iiir 1-hedrooms Vhi'se units a 11- complete homes, including livinK rooms. be,|- I'Minis, kitchens, sci \-irn porches, elc. l-'oiir nnilfl t ninpletcly ftn nisln 1 !!; all have blower type coolers. Also a shop huildniK on properly, woilh SlaOO. Close 1o 11 ansporlai ion find linsiness disttici Si:,.IIIMI, f.'iOOO down, hnlancc easy. Alter u p. m. (all Hill Jrvin. 2-."iri42. Fill; SALE, by owner. (! '- -yea r-old L'-bf-d- inom house, llardwiod floors, tilp drain, dual llooi furnace; earaKf. Immediate 1'i'sses^ion. J4LTiO. S17."i(l cai-ll. rest JC5 per month. .Near Mount Vermin School. nii.'i Itichmond sti-e, t, ;i7 FOIi SALK — Two-bedroom modern home. Large lot. Will sell eiitniy For particulars, call 2-S1I40. i easona hie. S7 BI-:.M:TIFI;L stocudaie rt-bodt-oom home. ••nber furnished or unfurnished. This place has beautiful surroundmcrR, installed coolinK unit, bath rind half. Possession may be had tn renponnhle time. .May be seen by appointment only. See Warde D. Watson. 2120 ciicBter. Phone 2--I.S5.4. 37 ALL TIMS and Heaven, loo, for only $l:7.'-(l. chaiinmK hut small 1-hedroom Inline, in excellent neighborhood. well t oii-*lructed. liiiotty pine Interior, tile sink, automalic water heater, ahower (A-cr tub. I-'cnced ^-.-jrd with linvn. fruit nee,-, grapevine*. Ni:-ar bus and mar- liels. Fin-nil lire may be purchased if desired. Please phone 6-(i8S,1 after 5:(IO in. BEIINITA PAKIC — Southeant »ectlon Bak- ei-Mfleld. five rooms, curnlsbed. eood lot; total price $4500 Also laree old 6-room Jionsc, needs flxine, bab 2-car garaKe •with apattment o\-erhead. Total price JC-tjO. Some terms on either of these. L'lmur F. Kariie. Iiil7 Eighteenth. _____________________ 9-5-tf 'J'U (l-HKI)P.(J(l.M house. liti-Ki. rooms, inside c-it\-. .Npaitment in carafe. ^\'ell-hllill older hulls,-, hnrd\\'ood Iloors. Courtesv to Chinese: JMM>. $46M) down. Call ILIi.M.IO — Immediate po.s.session, 2-hcd- l-oom pl.-islcied house. \vith sleepim,' porch, sjnsle i;araKC, four fruit liees, cl.i^e in. $4-.'jO, $I7;.(I cash. $(!« monthly. Thone Mrs. \\'arnock, 2-fi-l4."i. Fdl! SALK. by owner. 1' bedroom home, 4 y. a i s old. Venetian blinds throughout . (niner lot. lenred back vnrd. Phone (i "<!>)._ _____ _ _ __ _ Fdlt SAI.IO — KiKbt-l-nom remodeled brick house; walking distance from town; two- i-iir iiai-UKc. HSOII. I'hone 2-(ili70 alter TWO-ME Li It din $177 house. Very Kood con- 'tl. .Sue larKc .\aril. $::3aU. tcims. i down and Till PCI- month. Ill Kail si i eel in KcVH-rviexv. Please mil ucre. 4-room and Sha de a nd hca r- i. ha i n a nd ch icl^t'-n e\\ a y a nd u a !l< s i k.-. Pi ico > ITlin. K.-xlalid Acres SF.I.L all-moihin •• hcdioom home. (live me J'-'IO or 1 1 2IKI ninny, assume J.'.MK" iit $_a pe;- nionlh. J'hone J-J07i». Fi\c inni'.HeH from to\\n. 4d For Sale—Lots HIGH-CLASS business lot facins on Ciand avcnuu al P.snni Bench, near Kifiiih stiect. Lot 6. block 90. This is an ideal corne: Int fur any Kind nf lill.- Lot 1* le\-el. 6l7.e lillxlflO. T'i u B $400 cash, m'.-ludilir l.tlc. I'hone _ _2-04i',2. _ _ _ 4.1 Tllli K1X10ST (if liirsr lniililiiic; eiles in tin 1 Alia Vista Tract jind in tlic district tH-tu'ocn Twi-nly-rirst and 'r\vciil.v-fniirtli streets, west of J'ine stieel. These ;il'(.' K M-;iree. .!-'i'e;(l \Y. 1 !;( i \'t'\-. I'.imver Iniildin^. I'hdiie U Fl'l! SALK -Lot ill K.HSC Cald'li. t>n II MM el. Phone 3 04-19. :::i For Sale—Improved Farms LL B.4ILBR l.'i. lib' l.HHh. 11(10 ncres, with tond liinise. larti- liarn. (ill li-mi'd and I-IUFB- ti'nif-ii. (aiud \\liter cnnd it ions. Aluiiil IMIMIIUUCII' \SOlk holMIN. lIlukell.H allll IIIICN. Tins plat e \\'i!l rim about '.''HI Ill-nil uf ..illlc. All for onK $:',,,(1(10. wn.i. \itii !•: IIAKI-:K Hl-l Srvcim ,-nth Mic-i-i Phone 'J-ir,:.:, • :i-I:' ti For ••(•—Improved Farm* en'er Prive—Five-room modern home on live acres Th:« wo-.Id make an Ideal conntr* home for the. couple who liken horseback rid ng and has »tnck. Not tc., .'a i out. -Fiv«-room home, modern throughout \\-ell landscaped lot. This plnce ;s pra(ticaily completely furnished. ,ni-]ud'n£ refriBer.'itoi and washing ma- i ch ne. Total price Jfi750. good down i pa: nient. Ar-RKS nrnr Delano, 3G acrrs in alfalfa, hnlancfi ready for planting:. ('.end wrll. I^nrft'o. nearly new ti- viiom lioitso, donlilo Kariitre. »barn and .-tijrr'roiims all in excellent condition. Also fa i in machinery poes \viih place. J'riced at only $30" per nc re. Kin At/r.KS nnrthfast of Delano. Now in cotton and alfalfa. "U'ill 7iial<C f;ond potato land. Coorl well •\vilh new pump. Only J--5 per acre. U'e have many other fjood buys In rnni'liPs and farm lands, so if you want lo buy a farm come tip and see its. JtlfllAKDSON & STDD.U.T, 2d3 JlopUin.s building. I'hone 7-70.11 KANCHKS FOR SAI.p; lt',0 n<rrp Jointed .1 mile'i ennt. 1 mile nrath 'I'ul.-ire. 140 m-ie." wll leveled. 1,'d arrow tonsil. Plenty of water, well .':,<} fept d^^p, M-lti'b rawinK. l-irjulpped ^^'.th .'l."i-horseiio\\'er pump, throwing 180(1 >:;t!!iniM iier uiinute. One. half mile lt-;n(h P'pe lin* 1 . There n r e 14(1 acre." inuon \\ith a i(Hiufl of 7SO pounds. 40 nil"-' \\'itnfl\-,ne district, lor.ilfd in PO- t.-nn rind tiuit -.'-'tiun. well le\ p eled. Five- I'uxn hi-iini-. lust. a -a condition. On- r:ii;i imp |l 'mci]t •'hrd. I Tchoraepower pump. fci'i'd wntct rouditionp. N*»w j,i ,-^- s nre pinnp. I'lttnteil lo corn, good irnii nlteaily riiade. Priced to sell. J K WAHIIRN RKAT.TV CO. TL'LARK TIIKATKK BI.DO. PIIONK :!S ^7 For ••(•—Automobile* 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch. 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man bog and cattle set-up In California. 415 ACRKS ot pood vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on Investment. 160ACRES well Improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 7SO ACRES near Lost Hills. This Ia7id can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A. H. Karpe. Phone 9-0671. II 29 ' 1 :' •I') AcliKS with KIIOI! laiHli house, impl'- lifiils. \voi k Hlo>k. alt'alla new this >..,.!. CIHII. r.mills' oichaid. i hick"ij ci|ii ipniciu. Sold all in one or 'an h,.' <Ji\idcd iii two Lil-acio tracts. lOlwood's, I 1 ' •:: "Kve " For Sale—Unimproved Land i I'OP, SAT.K— "20 acir>s linirnpi ovcd land, oiia i tci-mile south state highway Olan- copa Itnad) and alioiil a milcp northwfsl of Han. ho San Kluidio. Price »L'0 per a'tc Ki-ilv & ^on. 1712 Ch'-ster avenue. ni,,ne L'-r,:,:is. [•'('It SA1.K—40 acres. I'rontiiii: on cnnd oiled road about .': nil'ei wcvi ,,r Slate lliuhwav "!i:i." the Sontlvni I'ai-ific. and 1'ixlcy. Onc-half cul KO's. Price SHU! t« r iii-i-e. Kelly a- Son. 1712 Chester avenue. Phone I'-ll.'i!!^. 41 Beach and Mountain Property ,S.\.\TA cm'/—Ranches, houses, income propel t y. \Vrite lor our Prosperity Nc-\vs. Jl's full of real balKains. Itad- fnrd & linesman. Hcallo™. 135 Pacific:IN enije. Santa I 'rux. Ca lif. Oil and Mining I'olt S.\LI-".--Oil and K.-IS lease with ma- i Inncry and iHimpment; i"iO acres, 10 old shalknv \vr-lls, (i producing, 1 IKMV, heini, 1 i ci nndilioncd. ',', ncr-d reconditioning", rosily oiie-eiKhth uiiper %one. one-sixlh ]n\\er ,,ne; K>"t(\ poss i hi I i l ies for deeper sand. Kell\- A- Son, 171- Chester avenue. Phone IMiTifIS -II If you wish to sell your car for top price but can't properly show It, consign it with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our plan. 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) _ 9-2 -if AfJTOMOBILhl AD COPi mint contain llcenn number: If ou: of itat* license. nt.ita must he Included In copy. 8-4-tt SKL/.RR OB PURCHAfEP Do you need additional ca*h to complete purchaM of cat? If so. .lu*t phone 01 drop by the ACME FINANCE COMPANY oppo*lle Montgomery Ward. Liwally owned and operated. Frlendlv confldentla' aervlce. W. .1 "Bill" beritman manager. Phone :-67!>6 ___ 1-tZ-tf FOR SALE — One 1934 Ford 4-door sedan. fair Miape, new paint. (2M1S01). 80!i Kentucky street. ^^^^ 37 192'J JIODKL A Ford (SGHO.'iS). 619 Co- Inmhns strret._ Phone 2-00!) (i. _ :17 FOIt SALK. to hiehest bidder, to clear an estate IS4(I Hudson de hlsi- sedan (I'.ATIIll. Writs, 207 Washington street. I Mila |e. ;is 1510 FORD SEDAN (87V445) WILL TflADK TOWARD I. ATE MODEL .STATION WAGON OK RFCDAN WITH LOW MILEAOK. PHONli 2-C450 OR _:i-nL'i ;. _ 39 FOR SALK— 1934 Ford 2-door sedan at liiirgain. for quick sale. CJJ4J8L'.) At 31 (I F street, rily. :1S Automotive Service, Parts COMPLETE body and fender repairing. al«o front wheel alignment. Charleo ViB«trom'» Garage. 1620 Twenty-eiehth streel. Phone 2-J98'7 J 4-12-lt GRANT piston ring* last longer. Motor tuned up. greasing and oiling: car ntor- BEe. Blue Rlbbor Garage, 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0814. 1-15-tf WE CAN PAINT Tour Car Immediately. GMAC Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FRED C. SCHWEITZER OLDSMOBILR DEALER Phone G-5M7 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf M o totxycle»a n d B i c y c I e « WAN'I'RD TO BI. T V— Tloys 1 bicycle In A-1 _ i-nmlil ion _ f '" "_A!' V '" _- n JL'.-VY •_ ___ :ls I-'OH SA I.F-; - -Man or hoys' prewar bi<'>'cle, Can be Been at UL'S Alpine or phoiip 19.17 INDIAN Junior Scout motorcycle. completely rebuilt, good tires. Phone _2-^l H. ___________ _________ ____ l'j:!7 HARLKV-DAVIDSOX. model 74. can he **e*-n at 407 Beard.slcy after (i a. m.. or phone U-S!>,"i". 3!t FOU SAT^K — Cushman unto elide scooter. Call at 16(10 Baker before 6 p. in., nr 812 Bernard. _ _ _ __ _ (IS FOIi SALK — 19(lfi Indian 45. excellent condition. three tires, windshield, 5^9,",. See at Jack's Karnge. Delano. 39 For Sale-—Furniture, Fixture* I For Sale—Furniture, Fixture* For Sale—Lumber HOI'TS * BOX Cut-rat* Lumber Yard, 2200 Kdlson Highway, Bakersfield. L'SKIJ LL'.MBKfi — 2x6. 2xS. 2x10. 2\12 and hea\-ier timbers. Winffland Lumber Co. Phone 9-910R. 600 Norris Road. 9-11-tf I - Wanted to Buy—Automobiles For Sale—Trailers READY Cash for Your Trailer. Trailer sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contract*. MCLEAN TRAILER MART 100 Union Avenue 8-13-tf THI'CK and trailer; 2-ton CS40 Interna- tiona! truck with brownie nnd Ifi-foot flat bed. Also 20-foot best 2-axle trailer equipped with vacuum .brakes. _• 'Hjl_2-SJJ 3. ______ 39 1912 CONTINENTAL house trailer. lir.-foot. very nood prewar tires. 7.;"illxlf.. electric brakes. Excellent condition. l^S __.hislinc._lliKhlan<l_j^ilk. __ _ 41^ .MAINL1NK IC-foot trailer house; butane licater and ranKe. hnilt-in fan. Kxtra fc r oo(J tires all in Kood condition. Must sell 1oda>'. 2517 Lake street. T'hone 1942 OVl'SV CARAVAN house trailer. I'JriuilMied with butane, tfood tires. Call nt (HIS l.'.einila slrei'l. off HllinilaBe. _ 41 TH.MLKH HOl'SK for Kale. Rood tires; sleeps four, (tl'7 Wilson avenue. Oildale. Phone !i-!lL'r.S. 39 For Sale—Automobiles 19C9 V-S TRUCK and semi-trailer. IPT9141.) 1941 Mercury motor; semi hits two axels and 30-foot bed. Will tnlce pickup as part payment. "Phone 3-M47. li22 Del .Mar street. Bakersfield. 40 FOU SALK—1933 model Chevrolet coach (73T7-'!Si. new t ra iiHinission, sear shift n nd batteiy. Phone 2-6701 or 271i> Park Way al'lcr_4_rrcjr>ck. 19(!(1 r;MC 2-lon truck, flat bed. pow«r wini'li. iilmost new rubber (PCHHiHM 1). Can he seen nt t'> Iti .Arvin street. Phone . r '-.'MlO.__ _ 41 193:, STF DKUAKKR sedan f SK8H07). CJood I'Oiidllicui; Rood rubber, $(100. Phone 2-U'SO or see at 620 R street (IS WILL, PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN 3 MINUTES. 8-11-tf Before selling your car drive to Twenty-first and K streets. We need cars. Motor Center Used Car Department. 3-6-tf WILL PAT CASH for 1937 or 1938 Chevrolet or Plymouth, from private owner. Phone 2-0653. 38 LATE MODEL STATION WAGON OR SEDAN WITH LOW MILEAGE. WILL PAT ALL CASH OR TRADE IN 1940 FORD SEDAN (87V449). P H ONE 2-6 45 i OR 3-0 212. 39 WANTED to buy, 4-door sedan, nhout 19(17 or 19,18. Will pay cash. I'hone 2-(16(l(!. 1731 Forrest street. 38 WANTED, for cash, lipht car, coupe preferred. Phone 2-722.'!. 2711 Twentieth street. _ 37 WANTED TO BUY — One-wheel Phone 7-720fi. _ trailer. WANTED —Chevrolet or Plymouth coupe. not older than 1939. Phone 7-7611 be- tw.'en 9 ami 4:30. 37 WANTED to buy. 1941 Ford or Chevrolet coupe. Phone 672. Wasco. Brunswick _J> fe. 3__8 PKIVATK PARTT want* Rood used car, for cash. What have you? Phone 9-9764 before fi_P-_m- 39 WANTED TO Bl'T, 1930 Master 6 Buick molor. Will buy whole car. I'hone 6-:if,ri4. 38 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles I Wanted to Buy—Automobile* WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS SELL CEILING S BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO U- A«:PJ-:s in Ttoxhiiui Ac-ros. \vatfr and gas. Only $1^00 cusli. llcallv a Hood liny and ideal location for a bi'aiuilul liomc. Pliono 4-4\:,\. S7 (| ACKKS in l.hicolu (ounty. OUIahum:! tnt- s;il>- or italic 1'or viupeity here. If Ihti-ri'Med. mil 0-5H4. 41 VOL'R CHEVROLET. BUICK, CADILLAC DEALER 8-24-tf WIXG, FIRESIDE AXD BARREL CHAIRS Individual and Smart Covers Something Different J-'X».95 5-PIoce Limed Oak Modern Bedroom Set, Kxtra large Round Pinto Mirror SJ60.95 $;!U0.93 5-Piece Bleached Walnut Modern Bedroom Set, Highly styled Thiee-Way-I'lHte Mirror $3411.9,") $J-t!i.!i.'i u-Piece Diamond Matched Bleached AValnut Waterfall Bedroom Set, very special $J-9.'J5 $l(i4.93 6-Piece Modern AValnut Junior Dining Room Set. very smart design $94.95 $lii9.93 S-Piece Bleached Mahogany Modern Dining Room Set, Flipflap Leaf, extra, value $109.95 ssnntf Your Responsibility to Democracy by Registering tn Yute Qualifications: One year state resident, 90-day county resident. SEPTEMBER 2G LAST DAY •U For Sal*—Lumber O r WHILE IT LASTS Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-5-tf Ni> priority. Hi verview. 4 1 x4. 2x0. 1x12 sh'-clintr. :i(lO Weal llelle avenue. For Duncan Phyl'o dinelle any finish, $fifi.,"i». Two-piece living room sots, full spring construction, $!J4.uO and up. Lounge chairs to close out, formerly $74.50, now JIlT.l-'o. Large table-top stoves, white porcelain enameled, wilh automatic pilot, two storage drawers, $99.50. Just received a new shipment of loop shag rugs in a large variety of colors. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of court house. -II SIXGER AXD WHITE MACHINES Good, clean, guaranteed machines. We do hemstitching. Also repair machines and vacuum cleaners. ]50!l West Eighth, off corner of C h e s t er. P h o n p_ 9^14 3JT. 4 7 HIGHEST PRICES PAID for rurnlture, household articles, appliances, tools, etc. Prompt, courteous service. Victory Furniture. 618 Union avenue. Phone 3-1005. USED FURN1TURF1 wanted. We call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White Furniture. Phone 7-7021. 6-12-tf USED FURNITURE, tools, stovea, miscellaneous article* of ill kinds We will buy anything. Call 4-4828. Authorized Maytag aervlce and parts. Furniture repaired. Bob Worley'o Nen and Used Ku^n i ture S tore. 1800 Q 4 6 HEATING STOVE. large, all complete with tank and flue pipe. Knot} as new. Cost $100. take JTiO. t!2S Twenty-eighth P t reeu Phone 2-16 2 2. 36 PREWAR all-metal . 0-pound ire box: fan type cooler, new; 2-piece Chesterfield set. spring construction, beige; Twin size cotton mattress, full size spring, blue rug. 9x20. wilh pad: round dinlni; table, white breakfast eet. four chairs; 4-hurner Wedgewood range, apartment size, new. Odd tables. I'hone 2-S350. 36 DINETTE and bedroom set. See after 6 P. m. or all day Sunday. 403 Oregon street. 37 FOR SALE—9x12 Indian design rug; play pen, hardwood floor. Phone 5-5271. 3t> LARGE tapestr ' covered bed divan, spring cc--,structlon. I'hon e 2-8098. 37 HIGH-OVEN ens range. Chesterfield, used lumber sheeting. 711 Belle avenue. Riverview. :t"_ GAPPNKR & SATLKR hiKh-oven slove. Bood condition. 1:|J2 Jefferson. 38 4-burner hiKh-nven stove, $25 JS03 Alia Vista. \VEDOEWOOD reconditioned, I'hon e _il-1734. TMKEE cabinet model radius; modern l;irge-slz<? hnby huKK.v, like new; misc-el- InnedUH used living room and bedroom furniture of prewar construction. Can be seen after 6 p. in., at 3y:U Chester a ve n u e. 3_7 FOR SALE—tlO prewar full size ba by crib, Springs and mattress; perfect condition. (104 Decatur. Oildnle. 38 SEWING MACHINES and vacuum cleaners repaired. We also buy machines. 1509 West Eighth. 1'hone 0-9-137. 53 SOLID walnut bedroom set. with springs and mattress; dining room set, coffee table. Kil7 Alia Vista. Phone 2-6244 benveen 5 and 9. 3S FOR SALE—Sixfoot Frigidaire and lovely 2-piece rose mohair frieze Chesterfield set. table-top slove, circulating heater. 9x12 rug, table model radio and table, Singer sewing machine, large office desk and swivel chair, occasional chair and table, small tables, old 4-piece bedroom set. good springs and mattresn; bridge lamp, dinette set. No dealers, 402 Water slre«l. 38 FOR SALE—Two 9x12 new. Phone 2-8104 Lloyd street. rugs, practically or call at 420 ON hi FULL-SIZE bed, springs and mattress. Clean, perfect condition, $28.50. Cull at 1208 Third street. 37 BABY'S prewar Phone 3-2537. pen in good condition. 37 OLSON type rug. Ux9 feet: beiKc, olive Kroen and dark red border. $10. 20011 Fin-rest. Phone 2-5568. ______ STl.'DIO COUCH. three pillows. J2.1. Radio, J10. Three pairs drapes. Throw rugs. Ciirl's new plaid winter coat, size 16, $10. 2U30 Chester J.iine. I'hone BUNK BEDS with box springs. $45: radio, $10; chiffonier. $14; mandolin, $R; denim drapes and spreads to match, $5; two light weight aluminum kettles, never used. $1 each; Tudor plate tea- Bpiions, never used, and many other a rl ides. _ 1 31_K_sl reel . __ J'hone _2-0 128. SOLID oak dining set and library table, twisted legs. Hot Point electric range. washing machine, cuuch, maple dresser, chest of drawers, wheelbarrow: one rooster and five White Cornish bens and 0 fryers. Phone 2-41:1.1. 313 Wilson avenue. Jpndalc^ __ __________ ...... _ :!S FOR SALE — Monterey writing desk. Indian l-llB, tile top coffee table, hardwood play pen, car seat and jumper combination. wooden duck rojcl^er. _ P^unie _ 5-5271. _ 3:) OAK DRESSER. oak rocking chair. mahogany dressing table, wool rug. 4xti; electric fan. oscillating. two speeds. r h on e_2 JL 3 6 5S . ___ i ____ FOR, SALK — Helser saddle, two bridles and bits, one lightweight aluminum bit; _all_like_ncw. _ Phone Taft S74-.1-1. _____ 39 FOR SALE — Bedroom suite, $35; buffet lable, $25: desk, $10: small cookstovp, $15; Simmons bed mid sprints*. $10. At 203 East Seventh street. I'hone 3-23(14. I'lil'iiilsbed Chests Ha by il.-ds Maby ('atriages Si i oilers Itij^b Cluiirs ritnetle Sets Malble-tup Kiti hell Tables Hi'ill (Him Suites Studio Coiuhes fiivnns Tpholstered Chairs Play Pens Come 111 :uid See Our New furniture Di-pa i-tuient llardwiiie and Restaurant Supply 1;::'^ T\\ cut lelll I'hone .'I-n.'iSl 41 STl'DIO COI'CII. prewar Simmons special. Cox-cred -n heavy material. 416 Lloyd sll-fci, ("loldcn State Tract. KOU SAI>K—Beautiful almost new 4-piece bedroom set. Phone 2-08-11. IIS TWIN HEDS. coil springs, Hpnng-filli'd nuillrcss; S-pici e rn'-U niatih* dinint; suite; spriim-fillcil .sectional davenporl; 7-\vii\- tloor l:inip. All i>i-ewnr. 31Ti Sc\ cntecnth ,mi(HM._ 3:' il.VI'LE (best of drawers, double bed. inat- t I-IH-S and box spi inus. ibi-nile spread, iMMiroom chair. Phone 7-^7."fi-l. FOR SALK—Scaly ttiftless matiress. Rood MS new; has been sterilized. I'hone _2-SB74. OLD-FASHIONED (ink sewint ro, ker. antique plattuim idcUcr and lal'Ke yla^r*- to|i coffee table, unuiue design. 4"*i Piiciflc. ::s For Sale—Miscellaneous Hot Wate- Heaters Laundrv Trays Fruit Jar Platfirm Scales Show Cases Stools Ice Cream Mn'Ker Beverage Cooler Wooden Bowls Dishes Stock Pot.- Steam Tables Brooms Mops Coolers Hundreds of other items Oswald's Restaurant Supply 71ti Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9317 _50 Phone 7-7S71 ,'!7 Phone 7-7S71 u7 SAVE OX HOG SUPPLIES You'll find the equipment you need for raising Hogs at Wards Farm Store. Rotary Hog Oiler made of heavy east iron, only $7.95. WARDS FARM STORE IlfiJC Chester Avenue Phone 7-7S71 37 Sewing Machine Exchange, 1218 Baker, has Singer, \\'hite and New Homes. Repairing. 41 DE LAVAL MILKING MACHINES HARN BROOMS HUDSON SPRAYERS GALVANIZED BUCKETS ..WASHING POWDER %'ILTER COTTON ELECTRIC FLY TRAPS RUBBER PARTS FOR ALL, TYPES MII.KINC, MACHINES DAIRV PAILS PAIRY BRUSHES HARDEN TOOLS ANIMAL VACCINES VAN HORN & MELTON DAIRY SUPPLY STORE U MILE NORTH OF TAFT HIGHWAY. ON WIBLE ROAD. AT PUMPKIN CENTER H DAIRYMEN, ATTENTION! Wards have just received a large .shipment of Dairy Pails, all sizes, priced from 52 to 7S cents. Limit, two per customer. WARDS FARM STORE 252B Chester Avenue Phone 7-7871 37 RUBBF.R TIRE model B John Deere 4-whcel. A-1 shape, with plow, cultivator, spring tooth and bean cutter attachments. Difio and magneto for lights. Call Shafter 4734 or on Newman & Son ranch, 'a mile south and 1 "i miles westjif SJiaftet^ 3JJ ONE 20 CATERPILLAR in good repair. Star Route No. 1. Box 28A, Lancaster. Ca I tX 41 PREWAR baby buggy for sale. 302 Ohio Drive. Phone 7-7353. 38 REFRIGERATORS overhauled. washing machines rebuilt. Cooler service. We also move refrigerators. 328 Washington, Oildale. Phone 2-7878. <H FOR SALE—Four pairs drapes, prewar material, $12; 35 used pillows, $16; one pair Hood hip hunting boots, size 8, $7; one $312 lady's black fur coat, like new. $80. 1304 Twenty-fourth street. 37 BLOWER TYPE cooler, with pump. Sevier. 2703 37 FOR SALE—Cowboy hat. size 6 '.i : cowboy boots, size 7; pair brown leather slip-on school shoes, size 5',-*: several p:iirs ladies' .shoes, size 5 ^ to G\i. Call a f t e r_o j^ c 1 q ck. 2110 Twenty-fourth. 38 OUTBOARD BOAT, V bottom, marine plywood, 12 feet long, two cockpits; seats four. $70. Also have 10-foot racing bnal. will sell very reasonable. 728 Twenty-fourth .street. Phone 7_-7J^7^ 38 SIX-FOOT General Electric refrigerator, custom car radio for HI41-1IH2 Pont'mr. Scluck shaver. Call at 217 Bedford Wiiy, Highland Mnnor, 38 FOR SALE—Cooler. 24-inch bicycle, box springs and mattress. radio, phonograph and sewing machine. Phone _s-s:is I. 37 AMERICA'S FINEST SEPARATOR See Wards famous all-electric Zephy- rator—the standard of accurate, close skimming. Easy to operate— no arm cranking. See it now with AV'ards complete line of separators and dairy products. WARDS FARM STORE 25.6 Chester Avenue Phone 7-7871 37 FOR SALE—Small house to be moved. 3322 Monterey. Phono 2-7200. 38 Bud and Pete Klauen. 8-1546. Phone 1-1769 or 46 BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. The Great Protector By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS / - BC TWEWE { THAT'e A LONG VOU PORGET.WILMA, ROBOT Or MUER'S \6 A MECHANICAL MANIAC/A KILLER/ WILMA.tFYOU IN MVJER' WANTED WITH <3E:EM«5 TO ME HUER MENTIONED OWNING A HIDE-OUT HACIENDA IN THE WILDS OF MEXICO / WHY-THE OLD WOLF/ BUT DO YOU TH\NK HE' > WAV TO GO - TO CONDUCT AN TO EXPERIMENT DANGEROUS HUER WOULD GOTO BRAINLESS ANY LENGTH TO ECT THE PUBLIC for ••!•—-Miscellaneous THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- T1ON hai let dollar«-und-centi celling prlcen on used refrigerator*, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriter!, bed eprlnt*. cajnerai and photographic equipment. These maximum orlres apply to every teller, even tn an Individual selling his nertnnnl household effect*. For information concerning these and all nther celling arlre«. call the BaKe'B- field War Price and Rationing Rnard. Phone 9-B419. 5-13-lf Flying and balsa model plane kits Jeeps, trucks, tanks, ships fitting!) balia wood carvln' knives dope »nd eement. Come in and took around. Kdward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth atreet 8-22-tt Service S New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 39 FOU SALK—KRAO HIFLK, .30-.40, \YITH AMAflJNITJOX. CALI> RKAR 3iK!^ K13RN STREKT. :i _TO S P. .1. SS JL'ST ARRIVKD—Cniloail of wile chicken iifttitiK. One to six foot hitch; heavy duty hnrb wire; 211-inch hou fence. (let it while ;t lasts. Cousin's Tractor Co.. 4'J4 Twenly-fotirth street. _111 HAND-LOADED Hr.VTING AMMUNITION IN THK CALIBERS, .:',o-.o<;, .:io-,40 KRAO, .270 -\VIN- Cl I FOSTER. .300 SAVAfJE, .HO-.30, .2->, .2S7 ROBERTS. ROME OT1IKR CALIBERS. CALL RRAi: 1032 KKRN STREET, 3 TO _s r. .\i._ 3s GET YOUR rubber stamps from Rakers- field's only rubber • tamp company. You will be satisfied with Its prompt service. Fads. Inks, datere of all makes. 1808 "Rye" street._JPhone_8-S102. <3 FOR SAT.K—34-inch hand saw with ft-horst'power 3-phas* 1 motor; S-inch jointer; medium heavy table saw with . r i-horsepo\vcr. ;l-phase motor. All in pond condition. I'hone 2--OOII. offic'j, f»r ^-ll'_';lil altt 1 ! 1 ti p. in. ;^7 •\VARDS ALF.-STEF:L FARM TRVCK Arc-welded frame for extra Ptrensth. Smooth running, light draft. Tim- l<on rollerbcnring equipped. Adjustable bolsters. Only, 17 inehes, fur easy loading. See it today at WARDS FARM STORE -5-C Chester Avenue Phone 7-7871 37 rtEriAPPINQ Bring: your old tlrea to us tor recapping, We use Grade A rubber: 24-hour service BENZ1NOS SERVICE Twentieth and K. Street* 8-6-tf DECORATE your home with mirror*. We specialize in mirrors and mantels, wells and donra. BaUersfleld Glass Company. 1716 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toaster*, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 \Vater street. Phone 2-45TO. 6| NOW [S THE TIME to fertilized before the raina begin: 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized. J6 pet load delivered. Phone Ruak's Dairy. 2-4027 or 2-9351. 64 [ ENJOY meeting my f-lends on the street since I "an hear with VACOLITE. Clement Hershey. 2735 Center. Phone 2-0571. 8-29-tf RADIO REPAIRS Quick service. General Service Company. 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 4-24-tf FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway 89 i Mile* South of Town 9-5-tf 1942 INTERNATIONAL pickup hay baler and a C. C. Cane tractor. J E. Vance. Home 1, Box 328. Delano: 2 mile* west of HiKhwny 99 on Schuster Road. 37 TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAY SERVICE CLEROTJ TIRE COMPANY 171" K STREET PHONE 0-6069 2-29-tf Case L. P., with scraper rase L. A., with scraper J>-7 with carryall ,T-fi with cam-all Oliver 70 4-row cultivator and 4-row planter Used Killefer G-foot disc One used turnover plow Central California Implement Company 918 Main. Delano. Phone 4731 39 WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward. Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker, phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf VACUUM CLEANER, irons, clocks and all small appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf QUALITY BINDER TWINE Wards Binder Twine is the best we know of—uniform with no thin spots. Lattice wound—won't snarl or knot. Insect-repellent treated. Priced at big sayings, $7.59 per bale, $1.28 per roll. WARDS FARM STORE 2526 Chester Avenue J'hone 7-7871 37 'Paris Liberated" and "Tanks Capture (ilium" and other newsreels, 8-mm. and Iti-tnm. scenic, adventure and sports picture... New cartoons. Little King, Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc. Edwards Camera Exchange, 1609 Nineteenth. 9-19-tf For «•!•—MI«c«H«neou» •\VR HAVE THE Thermo.-! Bottles Jttimboo Hakes Chicken Wire Hatchet: Handles P,i isy Churns Flashlights 11 nib-Speed Drills Tn PS Yunkee Strew Prlvers Cromem. Wie.K-hcs, all sizes ]-'i»od Choppers snllMm Wrei.ches I'nitil diicn Kud and Box Wrcnchea Electr|.- fM-Hls Switch Hovcs Wood nicn'ks. single, double and triple Rubber Pellluc Hiibbcr licit nrcssiuj Ilubher Belt LacJns 1 addvrn Hlou Torches House Jacks Jljchinisl Vi M . s Ca rpcnler Vist-s Kledric \Vlro KIcctric Prop Cord Kiibber yliectins Razors .Pocket Knives Stuck 1'ots Sotlu Kiutntiilu Cllasses Hilt 1 (; hisses t»jtisy Can Openers Cleavi'i.-i Kitrheii Knives It You Can't Find It Anywhere Else LOOK Foil IT AT Hardware and Restaurant Supply HJJ Twentieth Phone 3-0581 U.SKI.) T-20 IJcCormick tractor. Way be __ seoi^ nt not Nineteenth street. __ :UI 30-40 KllAC! rifle with shells. 220 Woodrow, Oildale. __ _ 38 HAXDSOMK genuine oriental me. 3xa. red and blue, $.">0; electric table grill. hardly used. $13. Also other articles. " ' IMCKAUD electric shaver; electric plate, Corona typewt iter. therapy lamii. folding caincui, na\-y \vool coat, size IS; 2-piwt> Jh-llou dress, aizu IS. Call after _« P. ni. _ 2- IS S3. ____ _____ _ :!; ! 10-FOOT inboard motor boat. Call about __li_o'clock. 2-ri:i4!>. __ __^ __ _ S'J At"l'O.\l.\TIC target pistol, 9 mm. DW'.M I.UKcr. l-;\(olhMtt condition, with shells. 1717 T\venl.\ -Ihn d stri'et. Apartment _ No. 1 ?. ______ _ ____________ 41 F1V1-: TONS good alfalfa, hay. L. A. Pid- dal], Honte L'. Hox 110. Three mile» smith of C.reenl'ield, ',a mile west on _ Chevalier Koail. ___ FOR SALK— Winchester ..14S. with telescope, and two boxes of shells. Phone _7-7j 1 1. ___ . _ 3!^ l''Ott SALK — Collapsible baby buggy, nl- __moj<t_new j _ CaJI > r ,-a_8K. __ .'!S FOR .SALE — Ill-foot double cockpit plywood hon' and trailer. Phone r>-f)68:{. 41 THE BEST ORTAIXARIJO AND A LA ROE VARIKTY. BAKKRSKIKLD HAnOWAliK CO. 201 ,"i CHKSTI^R AX'KXl'K LADY'S brown coat, adlustal.le brown fox collar, one black coat, adjustable black fox collar, one pine-e.roen 2-pioce suit. one mtvy bluo 2-pie<-e suit, one dusty nink talfeta moire, princess style, evening coal. _ all si/n IS. Call _ _ ___ J^ w.\r. coKRTXivX— GYPsrjr AXO COMMERCIAL K ERTILT/Klt SPRKAHIXC!. PIIOXE SHAKTEIl iS4. FOR SALE — Rahy liimuy, in g">oil condition. Phone 2-4Stri. "S HARD TO GET Perfection oil cooking ranges. 9 and 12-fnot. -wide Armstrong linoleum. 10 paltern.s to (•house from. tix!t and ut) to 12x15 A rmSIKJUB: I-UKS. 9x12 Axminister I-UKS. S:;!i.:,n lo J.lli TiO. One !txl-"> Axminsler rue. $97; blue lea-" pattern. One llxIS heavy Axminster rtitf. $129.50, heiKe, used. One 7x12 Axminster ruy. $39. jU. Brecn leaf lialtern. X.LMIIV'S FCRNITfRK COMPANY 1111 Nlneleenth Street, Near Bus Depot SKVKHAL pairs of shoes, six.e^ 5, 7 l ,'i, S and ilAAA; no shoe stamp required. Also well-built dog house, $o. Numerous it ems to sell. C20 T street. '.', S PERFECTION" oil heater, fas circulat inc heater, lawn mowers (2), tarden hand plo\v, croquet set, garden hand plow, automobile .lack, band Krease tfuns. Call 100 Flower street, Wednesday. FOK SALK—Double laundry tray, -wilh metal stand. $12, and figured tapestry, platform rocker, no springs, $25; both in Bood condition. Phone 2-5724. CS SF.T of socket wrcnciies, 1 and 1/1(1. to 1 and ?g. complete with extension handles and case. Sl.'i; .22 rifle and shells, ?9; all-wool waterproof Kipper sleeping bac and mattress, like ,':ew. $27.50; a set of 1937 Chevrolet headlicht lenses, reflector and bulbs, $1.50. Phone ."i-iGl'li. 4(I2« El Te.lon. Oildalc. Call after 6;(!(l p. m. CHILD'S SET. I'hone 2-C5S3. table with four chairs. SALE—Washing machine. I'hone FOR SEE THE DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE 49 REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock of leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung. 1606 Nlne- teenth street. 8-23-tf PORTABLE! Hercules 4-cylinder gasoline water well engine. Thompson Dairy, Potamno Drive between Quantlco and Oswald. 37 LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR ON y OIL AND GREASE IN DRUM LOT QUANTITIES. LIMITED TIME ONLY. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 38 LIMITED cumber of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trad* In. Liber I allowance. Guaranteed factory parts and service. Call Welll's service department, 6-6861. 7-6-tf DOVE SEASON is here; 12-BauRe pump gun in A-1 shape. tilO Bernard street. I'hone 2-6936. 37 U. S. ARMY MAN Answer to Prcvloun Pucile HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured U. S. military leader, Maj.- Gen. K. 9 Symbol for selenium 10 Motive 11 And (Latin) 13 Plant parts 15 Has on 18 Ireland 19 Woody plant 20 Otherwise 21 Czar 22 Myself ?3 Toward 25 Laughter sound 26 Symbol for tellurium 27 Area measure 29 All right (coll.) 30 Belongs to me 32 Paid notice 34 Vended 36 Agreement 40 Domestic slave 42 Horseback game 43 Uncommon 44 Tardy 45 Fixed look-A 47 Change 48 Symbol for samarium 49 Pantry 53 Electrical term 54 He is commander of the 12th U. S. Air (Pi.) VERTICAL 1 Taunts 2 Hours (ab.) 3 Symbol for neon 4 Eccentric wheel 5 Like 6 Negative 7 Compass point 8 Draws closer 9 Steps over a fence * 12 Play the part of host 13 Appear 14 Encounter 16 Girl's name 17 Withered 24 Sturdy tree 25 Meat 27 Snakes 28 Underground 37 Rough lava 38 Confession of faith 39 Symbol for tellurium parts of plants 41 Satiates 29 Smell 31 Shout 32 Poker stakes 33 Animal 35 Beast of burden 36 Pair (ab.) 46 Shade tree 47 C'ircle part , 50 Continually 51 Reserve force (ab.) 52 Symbol for erbium

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