Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1908
Page 2
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NdrtHrU Unity Club Today. Mr."?. John Poust is ontoriaiiiing tho L'uity Cliil) litis aftoriiodn. <• 'h <' Studenft Return to Work. Thu out?oii;£ trains yesterday ami this morning Carried the lola delegation of c^Uegt students to huwrence. Topoka aiid Ktiiiioria. where they wilt resunu> wiirlcin the C !)lk'Ke.s. This; vacation has jiiroveil very enjoyable [ for thp ywmK peojile and there werel a number: of isiiiall iiartlos to enior-' toin them. The school term just op .'n- Ing wlU not iii'vnilt any vaiaiiou until .Inhi'. -so tl;ii;l a lnr,«f portion of tli- students will 'not lelnrn until after the coinnuMK ehunit ct renionies have closed. + + * For Sunday School Class. Mr.-!. Otit; l.;i(;nuiK.' Kave an info;ma! party on iSatnrday afierncMm for members of hf*r class in the l»n'sl).\ terlan Suniiay .school, .\hout llfiii'u little folk were present. .J, ^ Mist ioenen Here. .Miss Ne(ilt' l<rl);hani eiit .Mtaiiied Miss ('lata ('oe)ien of I'lianute dui Inn Let our Graifuaie OpiioiBn Tes| your e,es. If gla^'e.s are neede<l we vill give you a correct fit. .Mo. Pur., jiUliiU FP and M. K. & T. nMtcli In-spcctoM. '}". C. Club Party. .Mr anil .Mrs .\. Kppaiieur will liavt ihr'«^>ek".mdrrMtss wnil^o H.e r. C. ^lul. .m Tuesday evenlnR graduated finni, the Wichita convent,' Mount Cartiiel hi .lune. aiwl was .Miss tciiu.on HrlKhain's juiest \vhll,> enrouie school to boKlii the tlnal term, i * + + Progre»«iv'> Club Propram. Tho Pi-oglresRlve Cluli will lie enj fertiiined oi) \VJ>dne<day evenlnu at! Ihp home of Mrs.. .1. T. Pile •. ('.as City Tho ro'l call \ftill be answered bv Now Year's res()liitions and Mrs W. Frovent will read a paper Chivalry. ^ + V * at; the hoiui' of Mrs. A. V to' Inline, '..iir r.ast suvi't. The proKram |\vir lie i)p<rnrd by roll call answered I by "Niw ' Year's rnderialdiiKs," and jtUe stuily hour will ho featured by ii I discussion of medical missions, f •* * Social on Thursday. Til.' Ivpworth Leafjuo of the V'.r^i F. ^ Presliyte-lan chiircli will Rive a roc on ial oil Thursday evening at the h( mo of Dr. and .Mrs. O. T, L.iGrango, UOC .Xortli Colborn street. Business Meetina. i * + + Tho .Mia Seta club will have a: Have Easter Bazaar, short soRRion ad the homo of .Miss; Ti,p ^Id' sociotv of the' Rap ist Amy Massencala t.inlBht to iilaii for pi,,„p!, imp begun prellmlnarv ar the banquet whl^i is to occur -soon., r.inu-enientt; for th? annual bazaar and Fa»hK}n Note. ! sal.- of n.4>dlework which is usually Colored bordered handkerchiefs of; given at FJistor time. The first meet fine lawn or linoh are the correct nc- jni: was hold late last week and com cossorios of thC: winter frock. Th.-' nilftees 'aro bnsilv engaged in pre- daintiost among ^unch novelties h:iv.>: j.arin;: niemrs for tho meals and a.s white centers wish wide or narrow sip„i„s; varioii.« duties to members of borders in squarj>d or scndlod pat-^ijip society, terns, with or" Without embroidered j ' 4. 4. dots or diamond's and with v?vy na'r hemstitched edge?. Others have cen ters barred lio'dVv . blue, mauve, maiy.i^ or green or of tlv'. At Skating Rink. Mrs. C. K. Shields Mrs. .Tack JamS Fon, .Mrs. T. O. Ixm.g. Mrs. Will Society Supper . , , The Mi.c.sionarv soclotv of the Bap w „h pale P.nk. ^^^.^ ^ ... . ' ''T" '!'^ Thursday evening at tho home of Mrs ..solid With white and colored mix- 1 s ^ f,..,^,, 00.. gouth W.ishingion ed borders. . 'ivenue. The menu will be roast Gorgeous and hfe -I.keare the vehv apropriato dishes. . flowers for the hat and gowa- decora- 1 .j, j,. ... tion. The iininsettia, for instance, is; made in perfectioij. and the pans'es of velvets and silk.cohibined are oven lovelier, I.nrg,> wR .aths of ivy leaves j j -j,-^,/, 'ceow "Mar'r. Mrs. Ace .in .shaded nionoton.^ are a new orna- „^„i,.„ y^^^ ^j^^, Q .mentation: some of the leaves are] ^„^„_,^,^ Frod Reinlsch. Mrs. .Tohn like thin loaiher pnnteo in color and ; T-^,„„ J,,, J „ j^^^^ C^.j re.sonib o dead loaves and the others x„r,„rup. Miss Emma Sallee .Wss and in velvet.-\opye. Margaret Curtis. :\nss Fay Xoyes. .. .- r. • . [Miss nraco fxing. Miss Clara Bowliis M. E. Mi*siOr%ary Society. | ^jj,^ ji,.,^^] Rowlus and Miss Margaret The Missionary Ec^iety of the First j jj^^ .^^ j, cann„,„ M. .R. church will.;have tlio semi-^.^ro at tho skating rink this morn |iionthly nioeilng oJi Wednesday "f- Jng. ' " + • + Eveninn Card Party. Mr. and Mrs, Ooorge A. Bowlus will give a card »>arty on Wednesday evening. Their guests win be members of thp Wednesday Eucbre club. • • • Friday 500 Club. Mrs. nav'd W.' Reid will ho hostess of the Friday ,".00 club this week. •i- f Thurjdflv CarH Club Mrs. A. Tf, Campbell. WW N'orth .Toffor-on wili entertain members of tho Thnrs'lay Euchre club on Thursday afternoon at cards. Removal Sale AT. Stwairs Jewelry Store Is Slill Goijig On. i ='irst door NortSvPoslof fice MAYiLEAD TO CAHCER There is no difference, at first, in the appearance of a cancerons and • common nicer, and foe this reason every sore that is obstinate or slow in healing should excite ^.spicion, for the sore is nothitig more than the exter- •oal evidence of a pioUi^ea blood, and if allowed to remain may degenerate into Cancer. Efforts heal the ulcer by means of salves, plasters and other external remedies alwsya result in failure.because sjich treatment can have bo possible effect on l^e blood, where the deadly germs and morbid matter form, and are carriied through the circulation to the place. Ko sore or nicer can exist without i predisposing internal cause, ana the open, discharging ulcer or festering old son will continue to eat deeper into the snrronnding flesh as long as a pollifted, genn-infected drcnlatioa discharges its impurities into it : S. S. S^goes t^ the fonntain-head of thetronble. and drives out the genu-producii^.poisons and morbid impurities which keep the nicer open. Then as this rich, pnrified blood goes to the diseased place the healing b^na, all discharge ceases, the inflammation g»d- nally leaves, ntw tissue and liealthy flesh I are formed, • and soon the sore is perma- M •!•«•(«# t*^riw^^mt m nently cured. S. S. 3. is made entirely of PURELY VEGETABLE roots and herbs of; a healing, cleansing I ' I nature, and nnlike viinend medicines, which often do grea|t dasnage to the delicate p^rts c| the system, S. 8. & ,tones up every part of U^e body. Book oa Sorea and Ulcers and any medical advice desired free. | • 7^ SWIFT SPECIFIC AILAHTA, OA, TO TRY THAW AfiMN (Continued from page 1.) to the bar at \l:i7. His appearance showed little or no change frons last year. As soon as Thaw appeared. Counsel Littleton announced that the forpier plea of "not RUllty," he amended to read, "That the defendant was Insane at the time the deed was commuted." Mrs. E\elyn Thaw, attired In the blue wool dress, familiar during tho first trial, was In the room, accompanied by Mrs. Carnegie and .loseph Thaw. First Juror Selected. Charles E. Oremells, ship hrok.T, was selected as juror number one. just before luncheon was ordered. Mrs. Evelyn Thaw was pursued by a crowd of curious persons and had to bo escorted In and out of the court room by detailed policemen. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas. Fair tonight and Tuesday; slightly cwiler tonight. Data ri>corded at l>ocal Ofllce, IJ. S. Weather Uureuu, yesterday, today and a year ago: January 5. Yesterday Yr. ago 2 p, ni 40 on •1 p. m 41; <;i fi l>. m 41 r ,6 a p. m of. 10 p. m :;c r,\ 12 mdnt -.IT, Max. Temp 4,S .Min. Temp '2H :!7 I'reclpltatlon 7 p. in. . 0 0 January 6. • Toilay Yr ago a. m :u .'•t'l •t a. m ;!4 57 (1 a. m ,^4 C7 S a. m i»7 m a. m 41) WW 1" noon .'•.11 r.i I'reclpitailon 7 a. m. 0 T Dinner Party. Miss .Mary Uenisberg eiilertaini"! at dinn.'r yesterday for Mr. and .Mrs .1 1>. Hemsberi: and ehlld">ii, of <;a Cli.v, and .Mr, and ,Mrs. Phillip C<,U lentz, of l.allarpo. • • * . Cheerful Circle Party. .Mr.». Dan Hrower will entertain on Wednesday afternoon for ihi' Cliei-rfii Circle .Mi'mbcrs. • •:• Church Society Meeting. The Woman's AssoclHtlon will meet in the work room of the Uefornie. chun-h on Thursday afternoon for th usual business hour. • • + Entertain Sewing Club. Miss Rosalia Charles will have an informal party tomorrow afternoon for her sewing club . • + + Skating Party. A number of boys are planning ? skating party for Thursday ov<nin? to occur at the street rink. • • • Board Meeting Friday. Mrs, I.. F. Palmer, presiilont of tho board of directors of the lola Orph anago, has cal'ed a meeting for llif' approaching Friday afternoon. It is the custom to have the meetings on the first Frida.v of each month, but the weather last week prevented the attendance of many of the members • • • To Visit in Kansas City. Mrs. .Agn?s Scott left for Kansas Cilv today to visit with her daimhter Mrs. William Lehr. • + • Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hoigle return o<l yesterday from St./Louis after a visit with friends. Mrs. .1. D. Arnott rotuYnod honu yesterday from Chanute where sht was guest of honor at a card parly given by Mrs, F. A. Doan. .Mrs. F. Bennetfe Smith and son, I.Andis. are at home aft<>r n brief visit In Oklahoma. Mr. Carh Salser. *ho visited In Emporia the past week has returned to bis home here. Miss Beatrice Doxsoe refiirnod to Kansas City today after a visit with h?r parents, Mr. and .Mrs. C, ,1. Dox see. Miss Emma Hyde and Miss Rosy Hyd."- have returned home from a visit in Ada, Oklahoma. TO THE PUBLIC. Manager George H. Lynch requests the honor of your presence at the opening of the Grand theatre on Afonday even- nig, January G. on which occasion he will present for your approval the Grand Stock company with the followlDiT versatile actresses and actors: MJss Duckett. Georgia T... Brown. Ix>u I-awronce. Miss Collins, George L. Brown. .Art Rankin. A. L. Collins, J. W. Hall, and R. Br.'ckenridge. In the famous play. "A Soldier's Sweetheart," a comedy drama In four acts We wl'l put forth every effort to please and amuse you. by presenting such plays OS are so«>n In the larger stock hous?s .nnd we sincerely hope that our Initial production will merit your future patronage. W* will have refined, advanced vaudeville betwpon each act. Our second big production. 'A Breeze From tho West." will he given on Thutsday nisht. with a s)»ecial matlnoe on Saturday afternoon. There will be a change of bill twice each week. Xo effort or expense will bo siiar.'d to make the Grand theatre the most jiopular amusement place in the city, and you have my assurance that Indl.'s and gentlemen will be extend- every courtesy. It will be our pleasure to look after your even* comfort. W\o are the servant of the jmblic in the amui,e nient line and will exercise every effort in our power to merit your patronage ami friendship. Verv truly yours, GEORfJR H. LYNCH. , Mnnnger of the Grand Theatre. * • li.VIIY IIOItN ON THAIN. MAY GO TO U. S. COURT. Augustus Hartje Not Satisfied With Divorce Decision. Philadelphia, Jan. fi.—The Pennsylvania Supreme court today r?fu.sed to permit an appeal to he taken to that tribunal from the superior court In (he famoirs Hartje divorce case. Mr. Hartje was refused a divorce from his wife and the decision was affirmed by the supreme court. Mr. Hartje may take the suit to the I'nit- ed States Supreme court. FRISCO SUPERVISOR DEAD. Thomas U. Lonergan Was One of the Members of Bribed Board. San Francisco, Jan. C—Former Sup ervisor Thomas F. Ixjuergan dropped dead at his home'here this morning. He was one of the members of the board of supervisors who confessoil to having received bribes from the Unlt-^Jd States rallroatls, telephone companies and other corporations. .Adopted ResolHtkms. Washington. Jan. d.-^The senate and house were In session only a few minutes today, adjourning upon the adoption of resolutions in respect to the late Senator Mallory of Florida. anss GVA Williams of Chanuto guest of Miss PrisciUa Roabl. is "Siuitn Ke" lliirve) Deinin I.lfe Vimi ing Into Toiieka. 'i'opeku, Jan. (>.—A daughter was Iwirn to .Mr. nml .Mrs. J. D. Harvey of Chicago on Sunia Fe train .No. .s yesterday morning Just before it arrived In I'opekn. The child was born in the I'lillnian sinepor Cornvanto. while t!ie (laients weer on a hurried trip homo ifter speiidiiig a month In California. .Mrs. Ilarv«-y became ill shortly af- ii>r the train left Dodge City and the Pullman was turned into a hospital with the mothers who were occupying the same car as nurses. When the iiille one saw daylight the first time and stretched itself for the first cry it was going at the rate of fifty miles an hour over the slight undulations of the Kansas prairie.s. The child was weighed for tho first time In Topeka and the scale showed eight pounds. It was the first born lud the father treated the occupants of the Cerevanlo to cigars, lie is a wealthy young business man of South Chicago. it is our first," the hapiiy fatlier said, while he was eating his breakfast, "and as it was born in such a romantic fashion that I think wo shall have to name her Santa Fo. 1 don't know whether that will suit her mother or not. but it strikes me all right. The train crew and es|>ecially Conductor McKay, who had charge of the train was very kind to us and I think that this would show our appreciation." The mother was described as a strik ingly handsome young woman and was reported to be doing well when the train left. Preparations wore made to take the mother home from the car as soon as tho train arrives in Chicago. THAY ARE FRESH. A choice a.ssortmeut of this popu- . Ivc brand at CRABB'S. When yoti buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their ireshness jjoes with them. Get your next candy at Crahb'.s ami see bow well' ft pleases you. ' CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corne^ Washington and West SLS. Loose OIREOTORY. KMGHTS OF MArCABEE-S.— Knights of .Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights In each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; U. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. Camp No. 101 m«eU I1 K. of P. Hall every FYlday night ^ T. Steele, C. C; A.H.D»-*«. Clert Visitors cordially Invited. ~isiGHTS ~OI' PTTHI AL -* od^ Lodg« No. 43 meets every <•> nda night at K. of P. Hall. VislU i» bro ihera invited. W. S. Thompson, >'..C.: Chris Rltter, K. of R.. and 8. M. W. A ^Ths M. W. A. LodK» meets every Friday night in H. W. A hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. H Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Cleri "ROTA l71cBI0irB0RS,-Toir Cawi No. 385, Royal Neighbors, meets stiv ond and tourtb Tuesdsys of aar-. mouth. Mrs. P. A. Warner, oracle.- Mrs. .Mary Hutton, 413 W»-* 9:.i-€t. Recorder. mismess omeoromY BR. McXILLEir, • Special attention given to tiM * treatment of all Chronic DiaoM- * es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Ofllce 32, Res. 2SS. * Office in Mrs. Tamer's Bids, * West Madison. * Phone 987. Rsa. 70L .BR. 0. L. COX« Sye, Ear. Nose and Throat •psctacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Sldg. Office Phona 1083. Night Phone 400. BK. K. 0. L'HMiraUll. Pkyslrlai and Sirfc*a^ Rooms 7 and 1. Brans BM|. FUATEKNAL BKUTUEUUOOB.- Fraternui iirutherbood No. 380 meett second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O.U.W. HRH. Vialtlni members cordlaly Invited. W. H.An* derson, president; Qolda Elam, aecrs- lary. Janlor Order L'alted Anerleaa M*. ekanles^Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. AH visiting members invited. R. A WIdlck. Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. Distilled Water One hundred pounds e< Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of disUUed water soluble (or family ose. Try It rilalce&aidStmfeCi FRAISK RIDOLB. Mgr. Office Tel. Iff. • Rna. Tel. 1!>8. DB. i. B. PEPPER. la p^raanehtly located o9fi> E. C. McClaiu'a Clothing Store, and prepared to do all kinds of ap*io-date dental work. Evening work by appolntmmt «••• F. n. MARTIN, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • omce and Residence Phone 576 • Ofllce 7 North Jefferson. • a STILL TALKING OF WAR. I'arls PaperH {i\\v Space to Anierlrnn Japanme Sitnation. Paris, Jan. G.—'i'he newspapers here continue to give much space to tho American-Japanese situation and comment upon the latest developments. The papers print an alleged inte^^iew with Viscount ,\oki, the retiring nm- bassador of Japan to the United States in which he is quoted from San Francisco as saying that Japan would con sider as an otfensive action any .it- tenipt on the part of the I'nlted States to exclude the Japanese, and take his as a text on which to base long articles. Viscount Aokl's denial of this interview has not yet been published here. I.,acking this denial, the Journal des Debats thinks that fn bis Interview. Aokl has placed his linger on the real danger iioiut. 'Japan refuses to admit that any where on the globe the Japanese aio socially Inferior to any other .p;'op!e," says the paper. "Japan claims to have won ths ab.solute right to be treated as a great power everywhere and under all circumstances." In the opinion of Eclair, if the two governments 3cce <le to the seutira.^'nts of the people and the logical necessity of the situation, a confict would a;)pear imminent. "But Japan is without money, and America is not ready." It adds, "couse gui^ntly we will doubtless SJH- both na- ions champ at their bits a while longer." The Gaulois believes that friond'y and tactful powers at Washington will prevent a break. It fears only that the American people may become ;x cited. Baron Kurino, the Japanese amlias- sador to France, today gave out a statement that he was convinced that Viscount Aokl only meant that Japan would consider offensive "soc'al le,-- Islation against the Japanese, similar, for - instance, to the exclusion ::ct against the Chinese." ATTORNEY Chris Rltter Is in Ft. Scott, Kas., today on legal^ business. »TCirER»» GROCERY H«a4qMartera tev Good Things to Eat Tele |>hoDe 1.39 Thc^OarWayw Restaurant Mmrohmirta'Luneh25o Everything In Season. SHORT ORUKRS OK AI,I. KINDS DR. ir. R. HrTXMTJir. • Physician * SugMi, • Office N. B. Comer ot Baoan, * Over K. C. Plnihbfaig Co.'s Stor*. • Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 6M. • P. L. lAthrop. Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrbp. OSTEOPATHIC PBTSICIAIl, Special attention given to aS eases of Women ind ChBdrii, Over East Side Hardwaret' Office 'Phono, Mahi 468. • • • « • • • W. H. AiniERSOH, ltt «niey4it >L«w. Noury and Stenographer la Office. Phone 466. • • • FARM.S, In Howell Coanty, MI.sgonrL To Exchange for City Proiierty or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descrltplon and price of what you have. l.J^. GILMOUB. Fomou, Mo. ''•AJSJJ"*- B-A-Oaipd. O.R.aard • BfrOia, GAAP * OARB, • I^awyera. •» Practice In all GQvtiL ** W. Madlaon. PboM tM. ^ • JBWELER& B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jewalar, 110 East street . Livinqstob £> Co i;eatractora aad All kinds ot work a specialty I Saitk gyeaaiara^ Pfeefe* ISU Bi£ Special Cut on on all kinds o( Merchandise until thin^ change. A. Ga MIIIHA* Prdp. Geacral Coatneuc riagatone and Cement Sidewalks aat Curbing a SpMlalty. OOce 11& East Jaeksaa ky. Phaae IM. FITXaEmMLD storage maaTraumfmr Comlmmy Ofiice and Storage Ware Room at Iff West Street Phone ^80 Stockholders' MeeUa?. Notice Is hereby given that, the annual meeting ot stockholders oi the lola Ice and Cold Storage Co.. of Tola. Kansas, will be held at their office In' ioia between the hours 2 o'clock' and 4 o'clock p. m. Monday, January IStJi, 1908. ' FRANK RIDDLE. Sec-y. lola. Dec. 30. 1907. . REGI8TR WAKT AB fels It

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