The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 26, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 2
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THIi BAKEKSFIELU CAL1FOKNIAN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1936 Plot of Five Desperate Convicts to Escape Foiled ( Prf»i T.eaieil Wire) x ,. ... r AII -i t\' i- /CANYON ITY, Colo., Aug. 28.— 11»2H, but Homebody might have bcon Nino, ilrirs of Albert >vclgc \j Clnimnnt (o Fortune of Kccrnlric IVnttrit frrm Lrairtl Wire) WnrdPii Hoy Host said today ho | I liiitl frustrntPd a plot of five den- I pprntp prlRoners In Colorndo prlnon i who pliinned to PKrape hy kidnaping him and holding him hosing)-. Hei»t and ft liqiind of guardH rnnfln- MINING CHICAGO. AUK. 2«.—Nine heirs rated two H8 automatics ami 100 of Albert Welgc, fifi. hermit of North Clark Htrpet. were elHtnd tortny over prospect of dividing 1500,000 carhed by the nhnbhy eccentric. WelRP died on June 10 In the four- story building In which he lived slono amid neat Blocks of old news- pupeni, bottles of M-yenr-old whlNky to which berries had hern mMcd, and * large xupply of good clgnrs. K In 1932, he Hhamblnd Inlo the. Harris Trust and Savings Company, wearing a torn overcoat caught at the neck with a huge safely pin, and aiked aid In drawing up a will. Up nnmed a* beneflclnrlns 11 first couBlnK mid GeorRp 1'ohl, Janitor of his building. Three cousins since 1m vo died. In each of the five safety deposit boxes he rented ho placed a card, saying: "Keep your d— • hands off! We count this and wo know what Is In It. Wo know you have a key." The boxes contained government notes, bank notes and mortgages. Police found numerous packages of currency In the stacks of newspapers In the two rooms In which Welge lived. Welgo waa reported to have Inherited his wealth from his wife, tho former Elizabeth Britten daughter of tho late Peter Britten, commission merchant and a cousin of Fred A. Britten, former congressman. The eight living cousins named In the will are Klltnboth Heldo (Press), Herman Hcldo, Ttavonswood; Elizabeth Welge, Fred Welge, Dora Wclgo, Ernest Wclgo, George Hetnze and Louisa Helnzo Matthews, all of Chi- rounds of ammunition In building being constructed n In new I tin Pioneer's Kin Is Called by Reaper OAKLAND, Aug. 26. (A. P.)— Mrs. William J. Downlo, 67, whoso fa- thor-ln-law, Major William Downle, founded the Sierra town of Downle- vlllc, died at her homo hero today. She wan the wife of Oakland's city milk Inspector. Her mother, Ji HU1 Look, lives at Monterey. w prison yard. The five convicts worn placed In solitary confinement. "Wo received Information three weeks ago that these men would (it- tempt their escape. Sunday." Hest said. "We, located the gilim and ammunition and then wiitrhod them carefully. Three- llme.s they moved them on us, but we knew all the time where the. guns and ammunition wore. We wero Just waiting for them to' start something. "The plot was to grab mo and hold me In ona of tho buildings as a hostage whllo the convicts demanded their freedom. I bcllnve Eight gunrds and flvo convlclB wprn killed In tho 1921) riot. Tho coin-lots placed In Bolllary confinement werp.: Ijcmmn Clroip, Horvlngr a life torm for munler at Pwblo In 1914. Jlay Mc.Vny, 20 yearn for aggravated robbery at Denver. Charles Cnrllglc, life term for rape In Sngimcho county. Joe. Bean, 16 yearn for aggravated robbery at JJenver. ,loe C'nney, u nhort term for grand larceny nt Moulder. "Thodo men are going to be In Bolllary from now on," Hunt Hald. "\v> got them with tho goods. They don't have to contend. Wo got them red handed, "They probably will rldo the old gray mure. Hhe's got her tnll up and riirln' to go." lie referred to the "wooden horse" DEEPENED WELL IS Mohawk Company Crews Return to Clendenen Lease ovon If the plot had not bcnn din-1 In tho prison ynrd whom mutinous cloned thcro would nut havn been any great property damage, such ftfl occurred In the Colorado prison riot of convicts urn whipped. It has been Dent's practice to wield the leather whip himself. Film of Eyes in Action Shows Mans Shifty Look (Atnoclatfit rrrH IjtaneA ll'<r«l f»HICAaO. Aug. 2B. — A camera ^ which takes movies of human eyes In action unreeled a surprise discovery today—everyone has a shifty look. Tho eyes of every Individual apparently tako turns looking at things, Dr. Brant Clark of Los An- poles, ocular research student at tho University of Southern California and Inventor of tho camera, explained. The shifts are mado so swiftly that other eyes cannot detect it, he said. This was a direct contradiction of tho generally accepted theory of why wo can look at a thing with two eyes and see only ono Imago. The theory was that we arc "right-eyed" or "left-eyed" Just a* wo are "right handed" or "loft handed." Tho dominant eye, tho theory held, fixed Itself on a Image first, and tho other eye followed a split second later. ' Contedlng there waa "no neurological evidence" to support this theory, Dr. Clark tested It out with his "eyo movement" camera. Two magnifying lenses wero placed In front of the eyes being photographed. Fourteen feet away was a six-Inch screen In front of which a sensitized film moved continuously. Light reflected from mirrors was thrown Into the eyes, and thenco through the magnifying glasses to tho film. Tho resulting photograph waa not a snapshot of tho eyes, but a graph consisting of two beams of light. Every time tho eyes moved, tho path of tho beam changed. Tho graphs, Dr. Clark said, showed clearly that neither of the eyes of a number of Individuals photographed was dominant. Bucnn Vista Hills Producer of St. Helens Petroleum Now Makes .'JOO Barrels Superintendent J. A. Stotls of St. llelonH I'etrtilonm Company reports (hut the company lino concluded IU deepening Job with tho »uccoHHful completion of Rcliultz 2-U for un eB- tlmated 300 barrelH per day ot 22 gravity oil from 3S86-387-1 feet. The well lies on an 80-acre lease on the southeast flank of Bucna Vlala Hills field section 22, 32-24, and Is the fh-Ht lest of portabilities for production below the Hcaloz sand. ThlH Is another Instance of an old partly exhausted portion or the West Side fields being revived by finding fredh oil. In Kern Front field tho derrick erected for No. 2-B of tho company's subsidiary, tho Kern lllver Oilfields of California, has not been rigged up, and probably will not be until St. Helens gets through drilling In tho Montebollo extension where It has three, strings ot tools running.- Bardwell Scores With Quality Well TAPT, Aug. 26.—B. R. Bardwell, tho man who discovered tho West Hide's "little Signal Hill" has scored again on tho Quality Oil Company property on section 27, 82-23. The well Is known as tho No. 3 and Is along tho north lino of the government section. The well was drilled to a depth ot 1936 feot with a string of 8%-lnch casing landed at 1890 feet. Oil field scouts arc claiming tho well will do COO barrels a day. Bardwell, however, In his conservative way, claims that 250 will be, and Is, a nlco figure. AFTER an absence of several •"• weeks while doing exploratory work in other part*, Mohawk Oil Company i* coming back to Mountain View field and is preparing to drill again on the W. If. Clendenen lease, section 30, 30-29. A large wooden derrick which has been standing opposite Wood-Callahan's Wells No. 2, has been rigged up to drill Clendenen No. 8, and spudding is scheduled this week. Plan to Install Additional Machinery, Governor Mine By J. H. JACKSON Mechanical Delay Balks Rio Grande Rio Grande Oil Company's wildcat on the surmised McDonald anticline near the foothills west of North Bel- rldgo field, section 18, 28-20, has been retarded by a fishing Job, having reached only 2400 feet after two month's drilling. Fourteen miles north Is a wildcat which holds the record for fishing jobs, having spent an estimated total of one year, fishing for drill pipe at various depths. This Is Standard Oil Company's United No. 1, section 2, 26-20. High-head flowing hot salt water brings sand Into the hole which freezes tho drill pipe, and the crew has been fishing more often than drilling. Tho last Job at 6887 feet has been especially difficult, and It Is reported that the drill pipe has been cut at 6800 feet. «» e . M O.IAVB, Aug. 26.—Operators of the. McDonald lease on the Governor mines property located near Acton arc reported as having found sufficiently encouraging values while sinking to a depth of 60 feet on a four-foot vein to Justify Installation of a new compressor and hoisting equipment. Exploration and development will bo continued. Work on six shafts Is going ahead on the Whltmore Group, the low grade ores being shipped to tho Burton Brothers mill at Troplco, while tho high grade from the north shaft will bo shipped to tho Garflsld, Utah smelter of the American Smelting and Refining .Corporation. Lawrence Requa Is the engineer In charge of operations at the property. Shipments of ore to tho Burton Brothers mill have been resumed from tho properties of the Middle Buttes Mining Company. Shipments will be made at the rate of approxl mately 100 tons per week, accord- Ing to Walter Trent of Willow Springs, president of the company. Tho ore Is coming from tho extension of the glory hole which has been the source of considerable production In the past. With five sots ot leasers on tho ground, tho mill at the Butte Lode Mining Company's property near Randsburg, working two shifts Is milling 20 tons of ore per day, according to leasers on the property. Tho ore Is free milling and Is said to run from $8.00 to $20.00 per ton In gold. Ten stamps are In operation, the mill making a recovery of 00 per cent and better. Sol Camp is making bi-weekly shipments from the Rogers & Gen try lease at Neenach to the mill of The Western Graphite Company at Lake Hughes. Reports from the mill Indicate that the ore carries values of from $25.00 to $40.00 per ton In gold and silver. OFF TO SCHOOL 1 in fe grand new KNITS fane West Classroom or campus...tea or tee...Jane West knits BELONG. Slim...trim... graceful...individually styled...flawlessly tailored they score an immediate fashion "field goal." A JaneWest knit is the right •tart for the college year...anybody's year for that matter. 95 $ 17. 95 *iJ above ... Vicuna Knit $I2.Q5 ,._ TOM'!/ llecd — loo . « , . • WOOL SKIRTS . . 1.95 to 4.95 SWEATERS .... 1.95 and up __ MERRIMAC FELT HATS . 2.95 SCHOOL BERETS ..... 1.00 NEW BAGS 1.00 PURE SILK HOSE . .. 2 for 1.00 HARRY COFFEE FRESNO « BAKERSFIELD I OIL AGREEMENTS Rig Going Up for Vanguard Project Illg contractor N. B. Hannah Is building a 90-foot wooden derrick for Vanguard Oil Company's No. 5 at a location north of No. 4 and offsetting Union Oil's Tribo No. 11. This will prospect tho Vedder oil sand being pumped by Its 4 wells on a cross fault south of Mt. Poso field. North of this on section 28, Union Oil Company's proposed Tribo No. B-l, which will -seek a northwest extension of the structure, -,ls ..waiting on crews which are at present occupied on the West Side, i . • , Harding No. Ion PumpatFruitvale Nydla Petroleum Company's second completion, Harding No. 1, at southeast Frultvalo field, section 20, 29-27, after being cleaned out and put back on tho pump, Is said to bo making 150 barrels of 18.6 gravity oil dally, with a small amount of water. Total depth is 3410 foot and 8%-lnch casing iti cemented at 3380. AUTHOR MAIUUKS POUT CHESTER, Pa., Aug. 26. (A. P.) — Frank Dana Burnett, 48, au thor, ot Van Nuys, Calif., and Mrs. Eugenia Chapln Smith, 36, wero married today. YES You will try Bcll-ini for Indlgcitton M. G. Brittan nt ux and Henry C. Maclf et ux to K. L. Blanton and n. D. Keyen — Assignment loaso on portion HPCtlon 36, 20-27. H. U. Keyes et ux and 13. TJ. Blanton et ux to Oil Inc. — Assignment of above. llaltlc Chllds, Ruth F. Hess, Kva- lyn ORlrandcr, Warren B. and Edwin 11. Chilcls to L. U. Helm— Lease dated Juno 10, 1930, ono-olghth royalty, five- year drilling clause, south hulf section 8, 26-21. Margaret Gran and Anna Donnln to saino — Lease dated Juno 10, 1036, ono- clBhtli royally, five-year drilling clause, south half section 8, 26-21. W. H. Stuck to E. G. Starr— Lease dated Juno 11. 1036, one-sixth royalty, ono-ycar drilling clause, portion northeast quarter section 19, 26-21. Amelia Lovls. II. H. Cutler fit ux, Maud A. Babbitt, Marco II. Hellman and Adolph Swet, executors estate of Iteta L. Hellman, deceased, to E. G. Starr — Lease dated July" 11, 1936, one-sixth royalty, one-year drilling clause, name as above. Frod A. Scalo and Ohio OH Company enter Into agreement amending description In lease to read wast half of southeast quarter and southeast quarter of southwest quarter of north- cast quarter, section 4, 30-2(1, and change drilling time to August 10, 1936. Margaret Gren to TJ. G. Helm — Lease dated April 25, 1936, one-eighth royalty, five-year drilling clause, southwest quarter section 34, 20-21. Edward J. Sevnrson et ux to C. C. M. O. Company — T,enno dated Aupust 12, 1930, one-eighth royalty, six-year drilling clause, northeast quarter and north half of northwest quarter, section 3, 32-29. Wood-Callahan Oil Company, Ltd., to Diversified Royalties, Ltd. — As- slgnment 1 per cent oil. etc., from Wood-Callahan Kern county wells NOR. 1 to 4 on northwest qunrtor of nectlon 30, 30-29; Wood-Callahan Cowan No. 1 well on portion northeast quarter' section 30, 30-29, and 2 per cent oil from Wood-Callahan well No. 1 on portion northeast quarter section 25, 30-29, and 2 per cent oil from Wood-Callahan Kern county well No. 2 on portion northeast quarter Heotlon 25, 30-29. Same to same— Assignment 1 per cent oil from same as above. Diversified Royalties. Ltd.. tt> David F. Hall — Assignment onn-thlrly-flflh of 1 per cent oil, etc.. from above. Gerard 3 Spudded in Edison District Wood-Callahan Oil Company has spudded Gerard No. 3 In southeast Edison field, section 23, 30-29, using a new dual-control gasoline rotary Installed In a large wooden derrick. North of this In tho same section, R. E. Corbett has not yet got production out of his Rose No. 2, because of mechanical troubles. Rose No. 1 was drilled quickly and completed as a good producer, but Rose No. 2, only 163 feet away and up tho dip, is said to bo making mostly water. Welport Company Completes No. 20 In the small shallow field which It owns north of McKIttrick section 26 29-21, the Welport Oil Company has completed No. 20 for 40 barrels dally of heavy 12 gravity oil with 15 per cent water, which Is better than the average oil well on the lease. Pro ductlon comes from 938-1185 feet. «« > NEW HIGH SCHOOL, SANTA YNEZ, Aug. 26. (A. P.)— The new $100,000 Santa Ynez Vallej Union High School will open Au gust 31. TAX COLLECTION EFFICJNUAyS California Most Successful in Collection of Liquor Tax, Official Avers (United frcfi Lraied Wire) SACRAMENTO, Aug. 20.—Callfof ila la more successful In the collec- Ion ot liquor taxes than any state n the nation, Dlxwell 1-. Pierce, seo- etary of the state boanl of equalize Ion, said In a statement In which 10 sought to disprove contentions hat the liquor tax has not been effectively administered. "California has collected a tax on L482 gallons of distilled spirits for every Inhabitant of the state," he said, pointing out that this figure was much higher than, the average as reported by federal officials. "The nearest approach to the California figures Is that for Illinois, with 1.07 gallons taxable per inhab- tant," Pierce continued. "New York, . which Is generally regarded as having the most nearly satisfactory license and control system, collected taxes on a basis of .765 of a gallon per Inhabitant. "California collections are so far above those of any other state In proportion to population that the conclusion that our collection methods are more effective here than elsewhere Is Inescapable. If New York Is taken as a normal balls of state liquor excise collection, giving It a rating of 100 per cent, then the least efficient state (Arizona) would be rated at 06 per cent and California at 198 per cent." Pioneer Rancher and Deputy Dies (Attotlatet Prat Leased Wire) I.OS ANGELES, Aug. 26.—Ill for two months, Juari Murletta, pioneer • southern California rancher and for 41 years tho bearer of sheriff's deputy badge No. 1, died today. Born In Spain, he came to California in • 1864. BELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION LOTTERY ONCE AIDED SCHOOL CHESHIRE, Conn., Aug. 26 (U. P.) — -The Episcopal Academy of Cheshire, long defunct, was financed by a state-authorized lottery, according to data uncovered by the Cheshire Historical Kocloty recently. Marvelous formula for pimples, skin irritations, eczema. One week's trial will convince. Non-oily, non-greasy. Unexcelled for sunburn or windburn. Removes oily and shiny appearance. Over 1,000,000 bottles sold. Positive money-back guarantee. 50c. SflnllSEPIIC L O T I O H MEDICATED DEAF Woman Now Heirs CLOCK TICK! 'I wu M deef I could he»r nothing. Now I can hur the clock tick." wrltM Mn. I. C.. Cold»- bor». N. C It you »r« deafened, bothered by rlncinc. buuina; heed noiaee, try the treatment that thoueanda aar bee enabled them to hear again. It U called Onrine. a Vienna •pectalUt'a orMcrlptlon. Money refunded If not *ati»fled. Coat* only a few centa daily. Aik about Ourine. KIMBALL & STONE The Particular Druggists Phone 53 or 54 Have you a nose for trig news f A no«« for n*w» Sharp up-tilt at tip, bro^d at bridge, large nottrils Upering sharply to thin tip, indicating curiosity, initiative and alert- neii ... a nose for uewil Ups that r«l!»h rlchn«s» Long,flexible, rosy .Tissue below lower lip slightly protruding. Entire mouth framed with full-fleshed cheeks and chin. These are the lips of one fond of a feastl The biggest and best news in the whiskey world today is the remarkably low price of the "double-rich" straight Bourbon of old Kentucky! A Schenley Whiskeytv/'M the Mark tf Merit. Made in Kentucky by old-time Kentucky distiller! ... the good old Kentucky way. COPR., 1956. SCHENLBY DlSTRIlUTOfcS. INC.. N. Y. 90 PROOF - KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY \ BUY ALL CAR NEEDS ON TIME Z'dJy WEEKLY TERMS TIRtS j;. pi R WlI K BATTIRIES 5'' PIK wltK BRAKI IULINI HI. PtR WLIK CAR RADIO VI 10 PtR With Jtknstn'i Finttint AuU Supply and Strvki SttrtSt Inc. Chttttr at Twinty-toirtli Strait Pk»M MM Gasoline Portable and Steam Unitized Rotary Outfits for Rent Casing and Drill Pipe Straightened PORTABLE PUMPING UNITS 16-B LORRANE GAS TRAPS New and used oil well supplies bought and rented. Atlas Supply Co. L. B. ARMSTRONG, Manager 3700 Chester Avenue Opposite Fairgrounds Phone 1598 TWO GUESTS-ONE PRICE No txtra ehirgi far two pirteni occupying the time room THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANCILIS' NIWIST imit cmtMlly Ucittd 4*wnt*wn fcctaL Directly acrosi from th* Blltmor* RdJolnlnpr beautiful Library Park MTU CUARANTIID AS fUlUIHIf 319 CLtST NOONS D«u»l> t»4» ChoKt, Twin »i Dmikl* $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 HONk HIC.HIHI You rf«n'l hn« lo bmr§»t»l All Outild* Roomi-AII equipped with tub. ihower or combination bath MONTERIY COCKTAIL ROOM Ditniflri • Inllnttt • Simrl Garage—Strvict t» </o*r fOc--"in »»i OK!" MAYFLOWER HOTEL SIS SOUTH GUANO AVI. ONE PRICt-TWO GUESTS

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