The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 8
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8 Tuesday, September 12, 1944 frfo Hafrfrsfltlb Califomian I THIS CURIOfS WORLD fly WILLIAM FKRGUSOX AIR PROGRAMS hy propmni ct.n 7:011 In 7:11(1 n. m. I-. I.T.N — N.-»: . 71.-,. Mart.M AKI onshy. ;\KI - T.-iii:iy m il..' News: 7:lj. }•'•••• \ A .....J T.a\v lira. Kl .\!i'- -. \-\VK: 7 11. Mrlcvllna of Tml:iy. X:itO tn fliftfl a. m. Tl I>1MV «:00 tn fi::ll) p. m. , KK ,. V _ n ,, ,)<,,.., ,-;,,,, r.KUN- .V . „; t ,.i;. >.-..,, I; I ... n , M/V- N, v. *']:•', ',„]. * t;'.. Pat-.,) ll-iium. ''••> rr - I KTM-'- -Happy .1 in,I Ralph: «, I-. KM-- A]'•.'.->-• TI..-.I1,!. . 11, V-.'.ir .Vt'UhlM.lhiM,,!; > :..-.. i'h:i i ;,,:!<> Ki'\l' -.(...I'l-icl H,'.-,;:.., r ;. s -. < a ' In IIP.:. TtM. (i::ill tn 7:<MI p. HI. - S|-..;--lil }:..\:.l* < - !-'toiy T. iii-i. Kri--\Vor.l.« Ht V:ir. KI'.Mi:—,,. r ,"-„ -in. .!. f. .'.. 7 :.'!<> In K'Hil |. in K KKN --I.-. 1 - •.;•>-..- 1 . KKI - U.-ili-.-h !:,i., i.. •• ' H Kl'.'.li: --.!:,. K;.,... : -: . '-'. • K:lll) In K .ill |>. tn. Ki:lt\- \\ -IT. Ii il.. '.' :,, • l.llhl :i!i,l AM,, : KKI- Th.- :,;;:.-. M . . . ' : :• MlH I'OV. KP.MI; - v.. in i i '. :,!••• •• ' •• S::IO In '.i"" P in. KI:I;.V - \ • v, • . .. . • KTI - Jo) n; v !•:,..:•- ; • ' KI'.Mt '-- I-'?. .•,!,. i , • • ' 'i-,' : ' KKIIX — Mi nl .1 '!.!•. .1. ' 4-', \V,,,.dy Herimiii ~ "• '-• "i"' ; ' •• -^""w Kri—Ui.M ?••.•.•!».•• ' >'- : ' " Kl'.VC— l-',i i.. i l.i-'. •-. "' . '•' ("'. Ni-wa. 10:00 In I0:il» p tn. KKliN - l:.i: T.I i .. n i'.. I- fit:,. Ki-'l — Tii. n,T"it' •• 1 ' i . ri.fimu Vrnir >.'•..- KI'M'- I:. V '' I ' • " ' l,«'Miii !" l.i, Can) • ;. ' ' i .1 i.i • -• ' "• I" Mi" ll)::tn lii H HO P. tn 11 :0» i,, 11 ,:in p. in. Ki-.i:.-. - •' ! :<!>•" '"••• '••'inpi'M'r...; n ;.-,, I i.,!,.' •„ : ' H '• Kl"! --i;i. ' • : :'. Ii' ." N"tv.-; 11 :ir,. llrm • K I.- - I: ' '11,111;] Kl''Mc' r ' k .s.\i>; II ".. Sr,ll,.l S,n,i;n'. 1 I ::ll> In I-':(») Mllllllgllt KKHX—'"!.-..,!,i Hotel: 11 .4:,. Ti,i \\,.,,:•,- ' r • .'" M:., : 11 .'M> N'i'WJ.. K|.'I-T,-I Wi.tii.- anil I ho Si l-'nimiH KTI. ,-•••> KI'.M' 1 -- .- '.'• i N," innir IVKUMO.sllAV H:iin in i)::i(l H. in. K I-: I: \ •---M j 'Hi :uiil Murlnrss: f. 1.'. .N.!' .Hi..I K.I I III iillil lloillf- Houi. ii:.'!il In 7:01) n. in. Ki;i:\ — V:it:o:i;il |.-iin n ami Hume lli. f, I,",, Mils.. :il llcvi-illi.. K I'( - C"hu-'k\\ ;if:(in ,Ininhrn-i.«.. KI'.MC — MUM. .1] Clnrk: r,:ji. HI] (liu |.';u MI, POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT 7 :ii(l In HMMI n. m. hKII.S- .l.iii:. - A'lln- l.ll.s.ii.-; 7 i;,. 'I'i.f I. -I, i, iu- l',»-^. 1\ l-'l - Ii > i':lir Kounniip; 7 I.",, .-.•illl H.I>PC. KI'Mr — .T"|, Tiling; 7411, \\. ii'.s \.\vs' ; i:,. .N..UH. K:<IO In X:M n . m. Kf'.U.X Kl. . 111,,.,. I [,,,lli,,,,; .V ]:,. Vi.-ini y Mm. IT *. KM- .|..lii!ii> Mm 1:1.1; S ].1. T V. (1:00 In «::lll n. in. KKIi.V — N!.«S ..f ihc- \\Vn-l.l. :i 1'V I.... a! N', us; ii i:,. Til* WMimiir, I'. if... KKI— N »•«•(. I'. n,,(l: '.< n;,. K.livii'.l -1,,,-t;, i,..,, n . y ]T,. l.aiiv Snnll, KI'Mr --llnak" rm,-i. II ]:,. N.iin. s ;,ml I'l.,,..- ,n Hi. NI-WH !):ill) tn 1(1:110 a. in. KKI!\--Ri<ilklast nl SaiilT- M-'l .Mann Ii. S Tumi : ; V H Miiua'/ili" I'iiB". H.l.'i Cfiniii Manj.ri<.IiJ. KI'.Mi -Mi, Mam) I . S A. . ' :• .4... Ania/.inc .l.-j: r, . 1 1-1 Louai 10:00 In lo..;<o n. m. KI:I:.\--T.IM> .M,,,M , mi.-,. i;ia m ,,i.,im V..-.J. i. In;. H in ul, I fali'nnr.a ; 111 ;;n. Musi. . KKI — \ oi, ,• ,,r a .N'allrui . 1" 1 ;, . I'. 'if! il,. Lima's '.'lon'iii*.-. I0::iil In 11:00 H. in. KI'.Mi: — N.-II:.; 1(1 I,',. JH, -k Unuli. KKH.N-My Ti'iic Klnry; III r,.', Tin' Aunt .l.-rnim,. Hliow. Is'l.'l- Amu Mary; Hl:l;,, All Maker. K I'.Mi,"-- Lull, hcon \iilh Lot)*'/; l'i:lj. A IIHTI,. an \\'ouian'N .lui j . 11:00 tn I !:.'l(> n. rn. KI-;iLV~HiilikhiiliB(! TalkiiiK: 11:15. Island Mol'iili!-... KKI -.(iuidiliK LiKht; 11.1,',, Toilay's I'hililri'ii. KI'.MC— ililds and Knils Kli.m Nr-ii-t,, i i i '.--. il::!0 In I 'Mill Noun KK.UX Clani.iiir laii.u-. KI'.MC — .N'.ii'nian Cl.iiMii'l 11 4--, Kl' - l -U o,n, -n HI \ 1 I .1;,. HM-IHIS Music. Hear What the Democrats WILL DO! • • • Listen to the FACTS" TONIGHT! FROM William M. MALONE Chairman off Democratic State Central Committee off California 6:30-6:45 P. M. KPMC Ma I 1 '-, lull.-. KI'M'-- N,.\VN; Ii::!,',. .\'r,,,n Tim,- .\iM-k 'int.". l':::i(l I,, 1:00 ii. 111, KKK.S- -H'-lw. n Hi.. Linen; U'.I5. K i,.| n;, n' K (.'uniiT. KKI - |',>|'|M-I YnuiiK'H Family; 1:' 1.1. ItiKh; In Happiness. KI'.Mi'- ;.:.,iillliy < ',,;nni,'lilalni ; U'.4i. Sk:. inn' Si'it-nailo. 1:00 In l::<0 p. in. KKliX—Sain llayrs: 1.1.1. Huh Nn.hi.ln. KKI- Hiirlisliiiie Wife; 1:1,,. snll-i ImlhiM. KI'Mi' \\'alUT i'"inpl,,n; 1 10. Alili-ni'li a I Wai. l:;m in 'i-MH u. m. KKilX- .Tiiiii- VMUB Ih- \, «•»,; 1 lu. (J,HM>r, 1:4.1. KiKvan] .l-ii-.'t.-.ij] KKI-.-l.i'i-i'iiv.,. .li.iivs; I.i;,. VIMJIIK \Vi.lili.,- KI'M*' — Your Aimy Si_Mvur." I-'uiiC'o. -Mill In •••Ml p. m. I Ki:i:.\— Wh, n a (,ill .Mai i MS; i L' If,. \V,' l.nv,. iiml n. ! Kl'-l —When a liirl Ma H , ! IM.'i. \\'.; l.ov«. anil l.i.ain. I KI'.MC. K.-ir.'M u ml la.'.f in Ihr N.'\V«L':M. .Mnllliy ,,n Ihn HiK'h .«ea^. > -::i(l In "Mill p. in. ': K i;i;.\ --Whal't. I)n''li'. l.iuli'y'.' ; Kri.-.iin-t 1'iaui ihii. ;.i.,, riiini-r'asc I'-allell. : KI'.Mi'—l.iixl Knipne: 2.-I;. l-'.npy llhylhin. :i:(MI In '| : :4ll p. 111. j KK.ItN- Navy lli-crml m K I'liiKrain: I .'1:1.1. Mill Hoi Ih Trln. KKI --It,HI,I of l.ilc, 3 1.1. Star i I'lavhi.ll.s, 1 . . Kl'MC—lil'lffiii 1!,.poll,UK; 3:li, | Syinphnnu- S\vln«. :<::to i» -i:oo p. in. 1 KMIt.V—Klhi-l and Allan; ;j 1,1. Hhil'l Tronhailonr. K|.'l — Vh :in,| Mailc; .'! 45. \Vunmil of Am, ma. KI'.Ml 1 --TlnnnK W.irth \Vhlle. :',.l,1, Jnhnson l.'anilly. 4:00 In l::lll u. in. KKHN —Mini!,. I.'IOIM l|iill>wo,i,l. KI'.MC —I--nil,,n I.evM.s. Jr.. .|:|0. J!oi,l Life Slnrii-y. I l::ln lii .1:00 p. m. [ KKHN—Amly iinri VirKinia: 4 IH. j Kl'MC —Woil.l's J.-uuii J'am, 4:4.1. To bo nnmiunri'd. NEW TIME TONITE at 9:00 afio Blue fretwork KERN WE BUY Used Radios Rnnths Radio and Appliance Co. Fox Theatr* Building 2015 H Street, Dill 4-4055 DON'T MISS TEAMSTERS ON THE AIR! TONIGHT Station KPMC 6:30 P. M. "Labor Views the News" Sponsored by Kern Counlv A. F. L. Unions World-Wide Review' ^MONDAY ^/TUESDAY V WEDNESDAY ^THURSDAY ^/FRIDAY 1KM)-1:1S P. M. 6/ue Network Program 7; 15 P.M. LOWELL THOMAS NEWS TIME DON LEE-MUTUAL Standard of California THEY DON'T PUT ON THElte BRILLlANf COLOR UNTIL ABOUf SIX MONTHS OF AGE. OF DENVER^ COLORADO, HAS ENTERTAINED AND DINED THAN SERV/CE MEN/ COPR 1944 BY NEA SERVICE T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. .\N.s\\ I:K: Clifton. Ircliiml. ,!ohn AU-nrk tnut A. \\ . Hroun landed I he re in 1DH> uftcr a tlinht f mm Nt i \\ lounillitniJ. SIDK GLANCES By GALBHA1TII COPH. 1944 BY NEASCaVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. "C'uuliln'l >ou ii Her it a little to make him look jiun: like u ilihi'liui'Kt'U Mnrinc Fl'NNY BUSINESS By HERSriBEUGEIl "I finallr found A nay to bent the piirti-r HhorlnRr!" THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSlO "llnw iiiMiItinj;.' TliuCh tln> third time \\>> pn^M'i mid tlicy Imit'ii't uhlhlU'H YI'IT!" •ailors YOUR FACE, AND WHAT IT RI;VEALS Kai,;- ptot'ik'i,. c-.v e». i-.v rln m\ M. in, M>, nininli. ,ai:'. , lun. nan. wnnUlo:* apil Inn's all ti'll unniolhliif ,il Iho rhanu'iiM- i'l I In- unlit nhia I. ami iii.ik,- an 111111111- iliK mi,I inu-u-HiinK Nluily UH ic.lil in inr linnklrr mi l-'url nni> iVllmc. ThiB -1S- 1'iiKc hnnlili-i alB" tolU h,,w (n roail I'arrtH: l.nw in inii.ip M t li-a Irnvra ami ,-atlra srnnmls. anil rnnluliiM R wrallh nf intri'i'xtlim lailo tit; KIKIIB. ninvim n ncl HUPVI-- hiitioiiN Fortune U'lling IH Kioat fun HII,J allnnlH tn,ll,-^H anniMcnipnt for parties. rrnlH poHtiiaid. Thin <'inipon- The Bakcratiold Callfoi-nian Irifnrmutinn Hurcan, 316 Kyo Streul, N. K., WuHlilniftiin 2, 11. r. I enclose hprewilli 15 cents In roln (,-arefully vvianpotl in paper) for a copy of UN? booklet l^ortuno TflluiR'. Nam o Street and Rural Kouic.... Cily Mule.. t.\luil to WiiBhlniami, i>. c.) OUT OfB WAY / WES., IF TH' .COWMEN / EVER GIT THIS COUMTRV ( BACK FROM TH' MULTI- V MILLIONAIRES THEY'RE iOIW TO HAVE TO MAKE APPOIMTMEMTS WITH Th-V CATTLE.' HIOHER.' 1 CAN'T SEE E MO UGH OF THE TO TELL u- IT'3 OOR.S OR WOT.' By J. R. WILLIAMS | OUR BOARP1XG HOUSE E6AD, MR. \Vith MAJOR HOOPLK < I'LL WfXXJE TrAE ^I,OOO CASH.'— SS THE vJW, vJlTM THE. QOrVKTZ. ^ AM i R*DI/\TIMG HEW COMST^KiTLS.HO^ DO ,,. - ,,. -,...-.. ... n , VOU RE6ULfvTEROO f A Y ^CT^£R_^ OSCAR AMD &NP" VMHO SOLD •me STATUS OP ,. THE GLMPS -VOU THINK I WISH I HAP MAMA'S I SOMEBOPY HAS CONFIPENCE IN I TO WATCH THE TIM HAY. ^< WATCHP06.EH? AMP THAT SOAAEBOPV r WHEW.'WHAT A RELIEF IT IS, HAVING THAT VOUNQ PEPUTV SHERIFF; TlAAOTHV HAY AROUNP- GASOLINE ALLEY Do lour Ears Hum, Doc? By KING HE'S seew OUK vocroe )V= ALL LOVc E 6veR SlMCE WE CAMS e OOC. j't INTO GASOLINE /ALLEY. P5'S A 00 VOJ THIN< HE'S A COOP POCTOl?, BLOSSOM' HAS we I'M suee we HAS. HE PEADS A LOT AND HAS TA<EM SPECIAL nOK< WHENEVEI? W£ COULD GET AWAV. > ves. 'NIMA. eesioes, c AMV \ OF .THE ONES LEFT. HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Anything Can Happen By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Taking No Cliancrs! By MERRILL BLOSSER 1& THAT THE 9 pose vou WANT? / YES / J VVANJT IT TO BB EXACTLY LIKE / JWE PICTURE IN THE MAGAZINE.' 1 WANT I V TO PROVE I'M THE GIRL, THAT X^COMPANV IS LCXDKlNGr FOR. / T JUST THINK—I MAY \ ^A&KE• A FORTUNE \ YOU'RE- POSIN& FOR SHOE ADS/ /WAITIW& "~ FAMF, A600T GOING DANCINI& WITH ME TOMIGMTf i SHOULD SAY NOT.' I DONT W4.NJT VOU STEPPIMG OM MY FEET AMD RUIMIMG MV MERCHANDISE! WASH TUBBS He's Bashful By LESLIE TURNER NICE WORK TAKIN6 THAT A WE'LL HOPE THIS PRISONER, CAPTAIM.... I V5NE IS THE LASTS THOUGHT ALL SMIPERS WERE OUT TAKE HIM TO A-2 HEADQUARTERS... IF HE'S WELL ENOUGH TO BE QUESTIONED, WE'LL TALK TO HIM RK5HT AWAV! EXCEPT FOR 6E1N6 HALF 5TARVEP, HE'S Not Quick Enough By FRED HAUMAN • L3UT US 6OlN> TO JAIL TOO KWTHE.LP l_ 1 HAT£ TO RUN OUT QUICK-' WE CAN STILL SIY,P TOVOt«) BEFORE HE KftoWS WHAT HIT HI/A' ALLEV OOP Nice Party! By V. T. HAMLIN OKAY, so wHy-NCHA BLAST* w our A IT'S ALWAYS IN A MESS... HE'LL NEVER LBAKN SENSE,I DONT V WAKTA "---^ IT WITH REMEMBiR THIS AINtX. HOT, NO PICNIC... GBTT/N' OOP\ AIR? OUTA TH 1 JAM HE'S IN MAY BE RU66ED il BUSINESS TO SK "YCANT SAY VN BESIDES OL 1 GUZ, \ WE'LL SET ON " YOU AGAIN, (MUCH WR THEIR\HERE'S WUSGYWOO. J WITH C3UR JOB YOUR HIGHNESS)LOOKS, BUT WHAT) AN'TK CARDIFF- / WHEN i ear AND YOUR I IT TAKES TO WSCUE/ 6IANT WE BROU6HTA INTO MORE PINC-LOOKINS V.OOP, THEYVE^ ALON6 TOO.' Jfe&Jfc SUITABLE

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