Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 6
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I mi They Please *Hercantile~ Cigan are made to satis^ Bttady amokart. They are soffidentlyniiZtf to be smoked ali day widioat producing nervoosness or head< ache. So ricA in flavor tiiat every puff is a pieas- nrc Ifade of the chdcest Havana tobacco, in the largest; l^htes^ deanes^ most up-to-date factory in the United States, devoted exclusively to one brand of high-grade dgars.; mercantile Cigars Abvays Cood—V^thoai Exception • Among a thousand "Mercantile" Cigars youH not find one below par. Each one is 100 per cenf right I Unifisrmity is maintained by the most rigid, piainstaking methods of selection, hand> ling and manufacturing. Each workman is held personally responaibU for the uniform excellence of the cigars he makes. Our policy for eighteen jwars has been to put the quality into the dgars. If we gave "free deals" to dealers, as other cigar manufacturers do, we would be compelled to cheapen the quality. No "free deals" with "Mercantiles." Just value received in cigar*. Topeka, Kas., Dec 24.— The committee in charge of J the inauKuratltm ceremonies to take blace Japuary 11 met with the state house officials today to decide on definite plans for the reception at the ^tate house that night It has not yet been decided whether or not to hold the reception in the governor's office or in the state house rotunda. .The discussion ht the committee meeting was to the effect that there would be at least 5,000 people present next month as against 500 at the last reception of this kind. The estimates Vere based upon the fact that there were 1 ,000 applications for gubernatorial, 1 ,000 for legislative appointments, 2 ,500 politicians of local influence to urge these appointments l^nd 500 persons composed of the general and disinterested public. The anti-pass law may, however, cut down the attendance. Ask for a 'Mercantile'' Cigar out of Rice's Glass Humidor It's a hobtqr of oun to ha^e "Mercantiles" serred In petfect smoking condition. Most cigar men have tticm in our patent glasa hnmidor, which keeps them jnat right in any dinuite or altitude. You can get one of these Jars without extra charge by buying SO Ifercantiles" at a time. F.ILRice BkrcaBtOeCifarCo^SL Loms^Mo. Faelwy 305-Fint District ol MiMooti TO VrWT IN TEXAS. President Sleet Taft Will Stop Several Cities. in Augusta, Ga., Dec 22.—President­ elect W. H. Taft decided today to visit die state of Texas at some convenient time after his inauguration preferably at the end of tb^ special session of congress which he is to call to revise the tariff. While his Itinerary for the visit has not been arranged he wm make the city of Dallas one of the principal points of the trip. Thirty cities and towns of the lone star state united In a request for bis presence at any time he should choose to come. The invitation expressed a keen desire on the part of tte commercial 1 >odIes of the places in question to make the personal acquaintance of We. Taft and promised him a cordial welcome and courteous treatment. It also dwelt upon the ad- Estimates cheerfully given on all work FliOBe Sift. B«r. 409 S. Bockeje. in Shaifnee county. The suit is directed ' against the board of ceunty commissioners. Under the law the register of deeds In a county the size of Shawnee is entitled to the first $3,000 In fees collected each year by his office. After the $3,000 is deducted the remainder, except such as is paid out for clerk hire, must be divided between the register and the county. Hodgins claims that the law moans that the money shall first be divi'^d and the clerk hire then paid ou: < r the coun ty's share. On the other hand, the county claims that the clerk hire should be paid first and the money vii'tag^"whrch would'result bi)th to then divided. The difference In sys- the state and to himself through such terns means about 11 .500 a year to ^ Tlglt^ i #rjj|jthe register. When Mr. Hodgins LOAJiS! L0AS8! LOAKSI On fann land or lola property. l<mg or short time; lowest rates; best terms. Money today If title is good. See U8 at once. lOLA LAND COMPANY. DECIDE FEE MATTER. made his first annual report .Tanuarj- 2, 1908, the county commissioners made him pay the clerks first and then divide the money. He did so under protest and the suit filed yesterday is for the purpose of recovering the amount-of the difference, $1,542.65, from the county treasurer. The suit is an important one, as a .victory for the plaintiff would mean A Test Suit as to Register of Deeds the material Increase of the compen- Fe«s. .sation of register of deeds in about ten counties in Kansas. The total The Topekt Capital says: A suit amount of fees collected by the office designed to settle once and for all the of Mr. Hodgins in 1907 was $7,124.70. qnestlon of when a register of deeds The board of charities Is In need of clothing for women and children. Leave donations at Little Builders' Chapel. should divide the fees of his office with the county was filed in the district court yesterday by Sadler J. HodsinSk who boMa the office named WhenYmThmk Of «*pdawUdi MMlkitadMtlw •tod vitk •xpericaoe with cverr •od kindnaii always asMoi* to h» alaose a asifsda. nM» tfiatA mhftt sh* re> - . Hmrm k BO womaa who would Mt tfadir ba frae froa lUa icoomaA period ol paia. M«f«*'s PmrmHtm Pr»merl0a»m mutkmm wmmk wmmnm mtromg mmt mietc wamtm wa, mme ghnm ttam lr—a»m trmm fmtm. it Mta*lla*M rtmtmHty, mmMm^m ImtlmMm. MCfM. AMCB mlefmttvm mmt emm ft* 8wk wooMa at* inrited to consnlt Dr. Fierce by letter, frt*. AU corrMpoBdeace strictly private and sMSFedly ^1 ooaSdMtfial. Write withoot lear aod witfaont fea to Worid 'i Diq >coMry Med • IMI AsMMiatioa, R. V. Pierae. M. D.. Preudent, Buialo. N. Y. If'yo« waat a book tbat tdk all about woman 's disease*, and how to core thaa at hone, acod 21 ode -eeot stamps to Dr. Pierce to pay omt of niailiiil mhi aisd b« wiU saad yon a fn* oopy of his <rcat tiboannd-p«<e iilmtratcd ~ giMi Medieal AdviMr -raviMd, up-to -^lata edition, in paper coven, la hT"'-~~' dotb-biadial, 31 stamps. INSURANCE! Is a necessitr. not a luxary. It Is not an expense but an In- Taatment. It ia something yon moat have but something yon mast be careful of, as it ia very important that the rii^t companies are selected. I represent the leading I oompanlee of the woHd and would like to SHOW TOU. J. X. rowsiii XTSM Wsdb WHY PAY RENT? When you can buy a home with the same money? I hare some mighty nice properties on hand right now which I will eell you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. The properties ate well located and are a good Investment F All I want Is a chance to SHOW TOU. J. X. POWELL BTSBS Black lela, Cemailttee ia Charfe of laaasarattoa r Is FIgarlar on Large Crowd. DAWSON THE SPlilSX. Genial WHsbman Befases to Talk Abont Himself or Stnbbs. Topeka, Kas., Dec. 24.—Many men In many ages have posed as the Sphinx but it remains for John Dawson, present first assistant attorney general and private secretary to Governor- elect Stubba. to out-Herod Herod in this sphinx matter. A clam Is as noisy as a brass band, an oyster Is as communicative as the village gossip compared to this same John Dawson about affairs of state. AVhen asked when he was going to leave his present place In the attorney general's office, he did not know. When asked about the appointment of Chas. GIbbs as executive clerk as predicted by Bent Murdock, he "guessed that Murdock was guessing." When asked about any plan he had for the future, he did not know. ^Vhen asked about Stubba' plan and appointments, he would not even trust himself to speech to shook his head. He did not even know his own age or the number of the shoes he was wearing or what day of the month It was. He would not even hazard a guess about the weather or predict the outcome of the prison Investigation. FIGHTING TITBEBCULO.SIS. Metal Folbhm Say White Plagne Gets Over Half of Thehr .TIeml)ers. New York, Dec. 24.—^The Brooklyn labor leaders and their wives attended the mass meeting at the Museum of Natural History, he'.d under the direction of the Brooklyn Central I.Al»or union. Dr. L. Wlliams of the Vanderbilt Clinic, said that It was of absolute necessity to take jiJenty of fresh air and to avoid expectorating In cars and bouses. Business Agent Joseph Flynn, of the Metal Polishers union, said: , "Metal polishers suffer more from tuberculosis than persons in any other trade. Fully sixty-five per cent of these workers suffer from It. The large numbers of men employed In the trade are the greatest sufferers. The labor unions are the strongest factor In fighting the tuberculosis evil. Nothing will be left undone by the unions In the metal polishing trade to cause an abatement of the tuberculosis evil." KILLED BV HIS WIFE. F. L. Pclemon Slapped Her Face During a Quarrel. AnnouhGoment Our store will be apen this evening as leie as necessary te aocomotlate the Belated Xmas Shopper Marvelous Reduotlons on Oleaks. Suits, Fur Coats, Furs, Waists and Skirts Whatever you require and admire there is no better plaoe than the good reliable Store will be Open Chrleimae Dey Uaill Moon Dfty GOODS COMPANX DRINK MORE WATER ADTICE AXD KECIPE FOB BHEF- MATISM AND KIDNEYS. A Splendid Home HLxture for the Bladder, Kidneys and ItbonmatLsm Ea.slly ^Ixed at Little Expense. Kansas City, Mo., Dec 24.—Frederick L. Peterson was shot and almost Instantly kll!ed early today by his wife, Mrs. Rose Peterson, as they were returning from a dance. The couple were married three years ago, but lived together but one year. Last month Mrs. Peterson filed suit for divorce but her husband has been attempting to effect a reconciliation and last night persuaded her to accompany him to a dance. They quarreled while he was taking her home and he slapped her face. She. drew a small revolver from her pocket and shot him four times. Mrs. Peterson was arrested but expressed no regret. MRS. DELLA PRATT IS FREE. The Prosecutor Gives the Wife of the Slain Fanatic Her Liberty. Kansas City, Dec 24.— Mrs. Delia Pratt, a member of a band of religious fanatics, whose husband and daughters were killed in an attack on the police, was released on bond in the criminal court tliis afternoon. Ball of $5,000 was furnished by Jujes Rqsen- berger and T. A. Frank Jones, attor- -neys. She was charged with the mu^ der of X. O./Dalbow, a pittroInUn. Jaqies Sharp and Us wife are in the eoii^ty Jail awaiting trial on the same cnvce.'^ 'The people here do not drink enough jwater to keep healthy," exclaimed a well-known authority. "The numerous cases of kidney and bladder diseases and rheumatism are mainly due to the fact that the drinking of water, nature's greatest medicine, has been neglected. Stop loading your system with medicines and cure-alls; but get on the water wagon. If you are really sick why, of course, take the proper medicines—'plain common vegetable treatment, which will not shatter the ntTves or ruin the stomach." To cure rheumatism you must make the kidneys do their work; they are the filters of the blood. They must ))C made to strain out of the blood the waste mater and acids that cause rheumatism; the urine must be neutralized so It will no longer lie source of Irritation to the bladderi and, most of all, you must keep these acids from forming in the stomach. This Is the cause of stomach trouble and poor digestion. For conditions you can do no better than take the following prescription: Fluid E.\tract Dandelion, one-half ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla; three ounces. Mix by shaking well In bottle and take In teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime, but don't forget the water. Drink plenty and often. This valuable information and simple prescription should be posted up In each household and used at the first sign of an attack of rheumatism, hackache or urinary trouble, no mnt- ter-^how slight. TURKEY 25 CENTS A POUND. Chicago Prices Are Ten Cents hligh- er Than a Year Ago. Chicago, Dec. 24. —Quotations on turkeys have Jumped to a Jobbing price of twenty-one cents a pound and it Is estimated the cost to the consumer will be more than twenty- live cents.. This Is higher by nearly ten cents than the price a ye^r ago. "Prsotlcally all of pur Cbrtitmas tur keya are now on the market," said a eommlBilon merchant "The only pos- •lUUty of a break la prleea la that the ^ dem^iji will cflsaa and t&» pnbllo will j TO FIX ROOTS PLACE He Will be Appointed to Serve on Foi^ eign Relations Committee in Senate. Washington, Dec' 24.—Secretary Root, to a reasonable certainty, will lie made a member of the' committee on foreign relations when he comes to the Senate as the successor of Senator Piatt of Nw York. In the event of the failure of Senator Foraker to be re-elected, there will be a vacancy on the committee, but If the Ohio senator should come back It Is believed probable that some member of the committee would retire, taking a place on another committee of equal rank, and make a place for the present Secretary of State. Ordinarily a new senator has to con tent himself with unimportant com- mittce appointments. Exceptions to this rul^ happen very rarely unless the member happens to have been a cabinet member with a record of imus- ual efllclcncy in one of the executive departments. In such ln.stanors, there have been established precpdo.:::;, the last being In the case of Mr. Knox, who came ft> the Senate from the Department of Justice. He was given a' seat Immediately as a member of the committee on the Judiciary In recognition TOOK IN $90,000 IN A DAY. IMonday the Biggest Rush Day in New York Street Ca.- History. New York, Dec. 24.—L,ast Monday, the shortest day of the year, made a record for the biggest day's travel In the history of the Interborough Rapid Transit company, said Manager Frank Hedley yesterday. He was testifying before the public service commission on the need for more stations on the elevated lines. He said that 1 ,800.000 persons were carried Monday. This means that 1,800,000 nickels, or $90,000 was taken In my Mr. Ryan's com pany on that day. Christmas shoppers caused the big Increase. The constant dropping water wears away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser masticates the touRhest bone. The constant wooing lover carries away the blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser is the man who- gets the trade. TO GIVE 1,500.000 DINNERS. Salvation Army's "Kettle'' Contributions Will Feed 125,000 In N. Y. Now York, Dec. 21.—A million and a half men, women and children throughout the countrj-. Including 125 000 In Greater New York city alone, win be supplied with dinners, and up^ wards of 4,000 destitute New York FBAIRIE ROSE children wHl be given toys suited to of his service- at the head of the legal their ages, on Christmas day from the department of the government. There is a particular reason for placing Secretary Root on the foreign relations committee. Since he became Secretary of State there has been a closer relationship between the State department and the committee than ever before. Whenever matters relating to treaties or diplomatic negotiations were presented to the com mittee. Secretary Root always has been ready to appear and explain the need for the principles outlined and the committee received flrat hand full explanation of any changes made In the foreign policy. A WHITE CHRISTMAS DOWN EAST Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Visited by a Heavy Snow, Philadelphia, Dec. 24.—Eastern Pennsylvania, New, Jersey and Delaware were visited by a snow today of from six Inches to a foot In dept]ii The snow began filing yesterday afternoon and ceased early tottay. The weather today is clear and the old^ faabloneft white GhrlatiBiaa la aai J proceeds of this year's Salvation Army "kettle" contributions. In Manhattan on Christmas 4,000 persons will receive baskets, each containing dinner enough for five, thousand more such baskets will be distributed at the same time in Brooklyn. BAD BREATH 'irorranBthi I had rival tnmblawIthmr'toBaek <ii<l Qxrd aU kirida nf urdiciue*. Mr Viiiaaa kas a .-foallrB» tnom aa xraaa, mr breath harlii a b.i <i nlot. Two weeka aien a frleud rei-ounaBd* ebeerfnllr aar that tbay bara catlrelr tnnXmt. tji»reforale»r<.a kunw that I aLall rrcoamaa ttaeu to anr one aairerlna from aoeh Imoblea." Cha<. H. Ifatpeni. Ill E. 7th St.. Now York. M. T. eSesI For • The Dowels ^ CANovcjimutne atnttof Rcnx^r Ca.rCM<a(aarN.y, Mrs. Mattock spent Wednesday night and Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Vara Rogers as she retu from Chanute where she had visiting her son, Lon, and family. A goo<Jly number from this vie: attended the sale at Mr. Strong's liu£ Thursday. Mrs. Emma McFarland was opt guest Thursday. Ange Knapp visited relatives day and Saturday In lola. Mr§. Mattack Is "visiting her » Jim, and fami'.y at present. Miss Sylvania Rogers was guest Mrs. Emma McF^rland Saturday n: and: Sunday. Robert and Jim Rogers pure! some calves of A. Weast the first'iif the week. At Ed Wood and family and sister, dora, expect to leave Thursday moi Ing for Pawnee Rock to spend Christmas holidays with their slste .Mrs. Ethel Oavls. and family. 'i^ MIKS Laury closed school Wednel^ day evening for the holidays. Sch ^ " will commence again January 4. There will be a Christmas tree Prairie Rose Christmas night. ^, Mr. Nolan has been enjoying a vltf| with a brother from Missouri. "BATHHOUSE JOHN" NOT GUIL Chicago Jury Found Alderman Co< lin Didn't Strike a Photographer. Chicago. Dec. 24. —John house'' Coughlin. alderman from First ward, was found not guilty of saultlng Lyman L. Atwell. a newsj er photographer, by a Jury in criminal court last night Coughli trial was the result of a Sfht in fit of the Coliseum the night of the Fl: ward ba'l; December 14. With markable unanimity witnesses for I defense told exactly the same stc that the alderman testified to on t stand. Atwell, Wincey King, a o toonlst, and two other witnesses t tifled that Coughlin rushed out on t sidewalk, struck both Atwell a King, knocking them down and kk ing them. , ?• CLOSED BANK PAYS A DIVIDK Depoaitorsi of An Arkaneas City, Institution Receive 75 Per Cent. Topeka, Dec. 24.— The state commissioner today ordered an tlonal dividend of 25 per cent to depositors at the'Cttisens*- and Fi ers' sUte bank in Araknsas City, tiitti makes total dividends of 7K per piinjtr to depositors and-^tfiir. haak has Mfs^' closed lesa than llftr dara.

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