Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
Page 6
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:Encls Tuesday Byening. Only two days moie in which to buy tfiit Stut at jiist bne-half original price. Special prices in every department in tne house. Ladies' Tailored Suits at one-half of the former price. All calicoes, no reserves, everything goes, at 5c 35c (jiiality Children's and Misses' UndenVear, on the bargain counter, choice! of any garment, /5c 1 •Goc ?ind 75c Children's Union Suits and separate garments, ou Bale All R-Wnants at Ont-third off the marked j)rice. '• One lot of Silks that sold as high as $1, on sale for 49o All Blankets and Comforts at special prices. One lot of fancy Silks that formerly sold at $1 25 and $1 .50, on sale for 98c All black and colored Silks and all Wool Dress Goods at big reductions. , One lot Japanese Plain and Plaid Silks'i 50c and 65c quality, on sale NEWS 01^ GAS CITY GAS CITY FIKEXEN ELECTED OF- FICEBS L A ST MGHT. U. N. Faddis Is Im^roTing-Hanr W\\\ Attend StotkhoKers' Mcftinir of V Union Portland Cement Co. B. \. Faddi^ ImproTinfr. ^ R. N. Faddls whQ underwent an operation at the Allen Counir hospital, sbveral weeks ago^is now suBJciently recovered to be tahen to his home on Morth Main street bl this city. He is now rapidly Improrlng and it is believed he will be aJble to be out in a ' short time. ' ' • TVill Attend Meeting. ^Gas City stockholders in the Union! Pprtland Cement company intend to' gb to Kansas City Jo be present at a meeting of the stockholders of the Union Portland onj January Hth. A letter was received here some time ago stating that some action would be taken soon. - Tbe \orth J^nd Chnrrb. '^e regular Sabbilh services at the United Presbyteriafi church. North Main street, January jih, morning and evtolng. jBlble school at 9-45 a. m. At U a. mJ. a ten minute sertnon to the child-, ren. Subject, "GodT, Love.'. .\t 11:15 { the usual sermon tp the adults. Sub-| Ject. "Two duties advocated by James.' i .liiuii-r meeting at ?> p. m. Evening ser\-l:ce ai 7. Subject, "The Great Refusal."; Yon are cord[ially Invited to attend *.hese services. REV. W. X. LEEPER. Pastor. Relief Fnnd Itnh^ Section 1. An article adopted to the constitution of the Gas City Fire Department as follows: The Firemen's Benofit Relief Pund. All members In good standing oa the rolls, such as attendance and 8res. shall receive, if sick, one dollar ($1.00) per day after being sick one week, seven days, and having a doctor's certiflcnte and release signifying' such sickness. No benefit shall be paid for less than seven days slclcness. Xo benefit shall be paid for an.v accident unless such is received in afHual service. No.bene fit shall bo pnid a member for any chronic aflmentj. Xo member shall leceive over thiriy day^ benefit at any one time. This benefit relief fund shall be governed by" a committee of three members - in good standing known as a relief committee, elected at the regular ipeeting. in June and December. Any vacancies In said committee shall be filled at once, by appointment of the president. All <;aims shall be paid by the chairman of the committee. WILLIA.M V.\UGHX, A. r. RAYL, .V LIVINGSTON. Committee. Firemen £{ected Officers. At the regular meeting ol the members of the Gas City fir» department held last night officers for the ensuing year were electedl William A. Vaughn was jre-elected Are chief. A new office was created at the meeting last evening. It is that of fire marshal whose niEETOYOU -MY SISTER FrM *b Yoti,«i»d tmrr Hrtim irefu W «fMii% AH MM M. 1 know wotnu 'a nlTaio^ I hBT« found tbe euro. I win mail, free of itcy «harxc^ tar ~ Bwot with full inatractios^ to any aulhnr wooum 'a aUzacnts. I went to tall all ^raaea —. • thbcuie -ron, my reader, fotjaarselt yowdwi^tar. jrour nother, or yoat sister.- I want to tiell yea how to cui« ypunclTC* at home witboot th« halp ti • doetur. Men caoaot uadcntaad woBMa 'a sufctinci. What w« womea know froiQ «ziMrtaBC*, «• know battcr.than aar doctor. Ikljow tfaatmy boaaatzaM- meat ia a aafa and aui* c^ro for LiiiUMlfcaaa « WhWali dKcbarsaa. i^er«tiaa. OUtUcmmtmt FaWms at tba Wamb. Praltisa. Scanty or l>*Mal Matt, Uterine or Ovartaa Tim»r» or OremTfca I alM pains la tiM hand, baek and bewah. >iMln« tha apioa, •i&nclHly. dM»« to cry. ha< fcifcaa. wawlneaa. fcUney and b^iddcr traoblaa -*-— caaaad by aiialfinci pec^^Uer tooor acs. Iraant to aendyoa a ca9pk<e t «a day'a —-MaatMylraatopiovatoyou tbatyaueL__- - at Itoaa^ taaS'. gBMOir laA II w« caat jM aatMar to slro tka win coat too only about ttoaataa Bamban thati aMfW* t3 EM bowyoo*^ U rm««h .wih. andlwtUaand yootbetwrtjMnt '^tb^^fi ^la^awaDPer. by return mail. I wfll aba send rn free ol caat. My iro «S <^«1 ^jSlDKAC ^V^" with eiplan^ «"'»««»^ J*£!?l ^ Sh ?>MlhM> coze tbnaelvw at borne. Eroy wofaao. obooU barali aoi gyy-^Tl^, 'JTlJr \A«B tbe doctor aaya -'^roa nuat have aa opentiea." yoa an SSS. TlwSirtSrfwonSi tow euied themadvea erttb my bene rtmcdy.. Itepaaail. r#ui»atll. ™T«™»W» « —5=^—J exphin a «tal>le hone ticatstent wUeb ayadftr duties will be to look after all gas con nections and see that people do not allow their stoves to burn too high. Perhaps the warmest contest during the entire evening was for the office of the house man. A man was put up to run against Ben Myers who has held the position as house man for a number of years with the result that the members divided. It was necessary for the presldeht tocast the deciding vote. Hen Mvers vas elected, \V. A. Vaughn, chief. .\. 1. Rayl, assistant chief. T. X. Goes, president. Wm. A. Livingston, secretary. John D. Remsberg, treasurer. Virgil Driscoll. foreman No. V Ben Myers, assistant Xo. 1. Chas. Climons, foreman Xo. 2. Jacob Dane, assistant Xo. 2. nen Myers, honse man. Wm. Livingston, fire marshal]. Special Xuie Tomrrow. There will be special song service at the Christian cHurch tomorrow night. The choir has prepared inusic especially for tomorrow evening's ser^ vice. It is hoped thai a large crowd will be present. Personals. E. J. Pomeroy left this morning for the west. He will visit all of the mort imiiortant cities before returning to Haiiey, Idaho, where he is superintendent jof the Eclipse Mining cotnitany. J. H. Hampton, of Wchlta. was here yesterday on a business visit. U H. .Martin, of Kansas City, was calling on the Gas City merchants yesterday. L. O. Templeton. of Bronspn. was here yesierady visiting his brother. James R Rainer, of Parsons, was here yesterday. He is on a deal for some Gas City property. 1 CARD. This Is to certify that all drnggists are authorized to refund your money if Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure your cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Cures la xrippe coughs and prevents pneumonia and consumption. Contains no opiates. Tbe genuine Is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. Barren's drug store. CUTTINQ DOWhTNAVY RED TAPE. Th« Prealdtnt Haa Ordertd Several Changes in Aifminlttratlon and Rules. Washington. Jan. 3.— Sundry changes in the naval regulations. designed to eliminate "red tape" and the clr- cumiocuUon In the admlnistraUoo of office work have been approved by President Roosevelt. One change dis- pensas' with eveniwr muster at quarters on shipboard. This is not regarded as necessary for the maintenance of discipline on board or for affording opportunity for physical drill. Another permits officers ordered to sea or to shore dnty outside of the continental limits of the United States or t (f Alaska to draw an advance of three months' pay. a privilege heretofore not enjoyed In certain cases. BECOgTSAIIOX BOOKS WERE OPENED JASUABY FIRST. m UCENSES ARE NOW DUE W. a W. 151) WOODMAir CIRCLE WILL HOLQ JOCiT ISSTALLATIOX. Yem Morrison and Albert Yonng IVIU Race One Mne for Skating Honors Tonight. wm Hold Joint Installation. The W. O. W. and Woodman Circle will hold a joint Installation of officers next Tuesday night. A general supper will be served and a good time is. promised. The Installation .services of these two lodges is considered by many of tbe old lodge members to be one of the prettiest. Wni 1 U M» for Skating Honors. Vera Morrison ot La Harpe and Albert ^oung ot lola will race for skating honors in the opera house this evening. This race promises to be one ot the most interesting to be pulled off in this city. They will race one mile. A large crowd from lola will come over and attend the race. XctMM FntestMit Chnreh. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Junior C. EL at 2:30. Leader, Laura Basket Christian EIndeavor at 6.30. Leader. Mrs. E. C. Com. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:15 p. m. Don't forget the prayer service. B. C. CORN, Pastor. Methodist Episcopal Chnrch. Sunday school at 9:43 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Class meeting, at 12 m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Personal Workers' class In connection with the Wednesday night prayer meeting. Plan to attend all the means of grace this New Year. The pastor wishes the members and friends a happy new year—happy' not only because he hopes it will bring an abundance of good things to yon. but also because of what you can carr>- of hope and cheer into other lives through all the year. IRA M. BENTIAM. Pastor. Junior Bfotliig at 3 p. m. ^ Young People's meeting it 6:30 p<m. Yoo are iiiTttcid to attend, c Let ns nialiw this a good year by «i- Ing our part veil. God will do Us part. JOHN'H. MUCHT. PastdrJ^ D^Rmyen Here. D. Rnnyoi^, formerly cashier of the First National bank of La Harpe. is>1n the city on a combined business i^<l pleasure visit. He is now located dn a rice ranch a short distance froin Studgart, Ark. Personals. E. J. Bondy yesterday received a fine Fox Terrier pup from St. Louis. Mrs. W. M. Bowman, of Parsons. Is in the city the guest of her brother,'E. C. Moore. Fred Knable. of Wichita. Is In the city visiting parents and friends. Claude Freman who has been very 111 for the past several days, was ab'e to work again today. K. O. Iner, of Kansas City, was here yesterday on business. Registration Ba^s Are Open. The city registration iMoks are open now. They were opened January 1st. Those who failed to vote at the last election or who have changed their .residence or havQ not already registered must do so if they desire to vote at the coming election. The books will remain open for a number of weeks. Are Faying Licenses. The local business men are paying their licenses which fell due the first of January, 1908. But up to date they have been ^ming in very slow. It la desired that parties owing for same to call and settle at once. Miss MaeDonald Entertained. Miss Afargaret MaeDonald enter- PrcsbytM-ian Chnrch. Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Begin the New Year by attending chnrch the first Sabbath. C KH I does better for its than we deserve but we cannot expect him to remember us if we do not remember him. Sunday school at 10 a. m. POLAR BEAR i^LOUR Has Stood «6e Test BccasseHsOcBcst Acce|>t No Other Wm. Obefdbtf, Agt PISOS CURE Colds on the Cheat arc the forenmners of consumption. A bad cold aad iu nievttable accompaniment,—the hacicing, tearing cough, respond npidly to the soothing, healing influences of Piso's Cure. Became of Hs unequalled efficacy in the treatment of throat snd hnw diaoses, together with its agreeable taste and freedom from han^il ingredients, Kso'< Cure is the ideal remedy for men, women and children. There is no cold, cougl^ throat or lung trouble that will not be 0«lcUy JUIleved by riaoja Gara-^ COUGHS COLDS m "Get Busy" Sole IS ON! Just to make things lively during an otherwise dull period, we've "cut the prices" on many articles just to get you<a€i<|ui^t' ed with them, and with us. All these are headed the same way. —towards the door. Sale will continue to Jan. 1 7 Canned Fruits Sliced li. C. Peaches, regular 30c. now per can !37<^ L. C. Peaches, halves, regular 23c, now per can JJ2^ Y. F. Peaches, halves, regular 20c, now per can 18^ Hesperian Sliced Pine Apple, regular 30c, now per can Gallon Peaches, regular 55c, now per can .10© Gallon Apples, regular 40c. now per can liiit; 2% lb Apples, regular two for 25c, now two cans for . . .1236 SOkPS 15 Bars Slllc For 't06 15 Bars Swift's Pride For 50 <t 15 Bars Diamond C For 506 Hand Sapollo Three bars for 2ii6 Capital City Scouring Soap _ Per bar 5^ CANNED VEGETIBLES Tomatoes, high grade, regular 15c, now per can ". Corn, pure cream Two cans 156 Corn, Piclcwick Two cans . 226 V. C. Hominy Three cans .256 Pickwick Peas Two cans 226 Snyder's Pork and Beans Two cans 256 Red Kidney Beans Three cans 256 Lima Beans Three cans 256 Pickwick Succotash Two cans 256 Clam Chowder Per can 206 Bluing. 5c, 10c and 15c sellers Now per bottle 46. 86. 136. Pickles Large Sonrs Per gallon 256 Medium Sours Per gallon 356 Small Sweet Per gallon G06 Sweet Gerkins Per gallon 106 Kraut Per gallon 25*- Largp. Bottle Sweet Miv4 Per boUle Nice Queen Olives. Per pint ...... ....... 256 i Pure Cider Vinegar Per gallon .... 356 :i White Vinegar Per gallon Lyes 2 Cans Soap-O-Lye For .. 15* 2.Cans Eagle For ... 15* 2 Cans Banner Lye For • . 15* 3 Cans Lewis Lye / For ...... .. 256 N.o. 7 Flour, the best In to^n S&clk • 91.S5 The above prices are for CASH only. All prices are low, prices. We Want to add new recruits to our army of customers. Call at our store and get a NEEOLEBOOK FREE! Fryer Bros. Grocery and Market

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