Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 5
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I ! Having a '%od%ie" Many is the ypang man who imagines he's having good time, when, if only he'd stop to realize it, he is binding aBont himself cords of deepest misery and woe. There's a thousand times more real fun in being so* ber and thrifty ai/id having a snug little sum of your money in the bank than there is in letting your money slip through 3'our fingers for things yoo cannot afford. We don't expect you to be a miser and hoard up every penny, but if we can induce you to save even a small part of your money and put it away in the bank, the day will come when you will thank us from the bottom of your heart No matter how litll« you have to start with—STAR State Savings Bgnk Ompiimi S28.000 Mm, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Qanther's Famous Candies See 11)1' coni])Ieti' lino in our nJrtdow. Many Itcantifal l)i>si\j< ideal fur Clirlstmas Gifts. Come in and S«>o. SPENCER*^ Short Storfis assssBso r lola Happenings —Frank B. Beattie, V. S., Phone 139, Fell From Wagon. Ikfr. Brenner met witli an accident last Satnrday, falling,from a loaded wagon his son Henrj- Brenner was hauling to lola. The wagon wheel ran into a chuck hole, causing him to fall off. He Is not seriously injured.— Neosho Falls Post. For the best and quickest results ase the Begister's irant eolnmns. To and From Nevada. A. B. Gilflllan. wife and baby, left this afternoon for lola. * • • Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Titus left today for lola to spend Christmas. • • • H. Denning land wife of lola, arrived this afternoon to visit Nevada friends.—Xeva- ila Mail. THS lOLA ICE AND [XOLD STORAGE GO. Mamfactarers, Wbolesola mai lUtd Deolcra CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Mnr C«I4 gtaraga BeUr (tr Vulaeai.' FlMae UC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett We have on sale winter tourist tirfcets to many i>olnts in New Mexico and Texas, with final return limit Jnne 1st, 1909, Please see for particulars, W. E. R.lLSTO>, Agent. —Hard Shell Crab, Points. Our Way. Lobsters, Blue Baker Not Satisfied. We learn that some of the friends of the Baker basket ball team were not satisfied with the game here. We hope the Garnett team will go up to Baldwin and play them a game there —that would settle the question. Wo arc satisfied that Oarnett would win. —Garnett News. (I 'et (he Elfco, the iM>st 2c cX^&r, at TraMis. .\ home ripnr. Kishpaugh Was Partner. A co-partnership has been entered into between Mr. A. G. Kishpaugh and Arthur Oleson. and the new firm will continue the business formerly operated by .Mr. Kishpaugh, but will erect anolhor greenhouse at Electric Hcisht.s. in addition to their present one at that place. Mr. Kishpaugh came to Independence about a year ago and operated a greenhouse on West Main street, but later eonstnicted a large greenhouse at his farm. Electric Heights, and a conservatory and office at 117M> North Penn avenue.— Independi-nce Reporter. IHK m.*^ff *T MeBH3Bt>.3aa?BaPAXJT^^ IMS. -^Gooa Tlilnti jo'^iai; >fOiiii^> Beat His Creditors. ' A numl>er of creditors of a fanner named Stalford, who untirtwo weelca ago, lived on Tom Jackspn> farm «ast dlj town, were consulting the county authorities today relative to the legal processes necessary to replevin some mortgaged property. Stalford, it seems waa a captain o( Industry. Ue mortgaged property promisclously and juggled it Bufficiently to secure loans from several banks. The banks atj lola and Barlton both held his paper | and merchants in Chanute, Erie and Thayer have claims "against him for various amounts. The farmer disappeared about ten days ago, after disposing of mortgaged stock to local butchers. It is possible that a suit, in reversion will be commenced to recover the value of the stock thus sold. —Chanute Sun. —For Fancy Hrlck Cream Fruit Ice Cream, Sherberts. ices or Punch made to order and delivered. Order early for holidays. Cmbb's drug store. A N Those Who Offer Advice--The Well Groomed Woman, that Good Child Next *Door^Plenty of Cold Water. / • ... ^,. • ( GO.DEHLS AND TRIPLETS PULL OFF BIG BATTLE TOMORROW. 1 can stand anything," remarked the clever woman, "but people who give me advice." ' "Expecting: yon to take It;" suggested the bachelor. "Of course! The people who don't expect anything are barmlesa enough. Every one that's at all bright knows yon only ask advice for the take of making conversation, but some women are so un-up-to-date! "the other day. I admit, I bad the blues and loaned ay bead on the tublo ftod had a good cry. Everything was going all wrong. Old Miss SlmpUns'l Both Teams in X\\» Fettle.—Weak Points Strengthened Since ThanksgtTind:; The Chanute Go-Devils and the lola Triple'ts will meet on the Electrip Park grounds at .3 o'clock toraorron afternoon. This is a very tame atate: ment, but it means much to the faps In both Chanute and lola who have watched the progress of the.teams, during the past six years in their battles fdr supremacy on the gridiron, in the five games which have been played by the teams of these two cit- Q«t Same. Question. The subject for the debate in the was "there, omClnstead of holding her , contest between th« two literary so- tongue, this Is what she bleated forth: lies lola ha» won three and Chanute defies of the high school will be de- ' cidod in a few days. An effort will be made to secure a simlliar subject to that used at Tola, in order that neither team would then have that ad 'Oh, my dear. If you had only followeti my advlci'!' "Come to think of It, she had given me advice, tons of It. on how to man* vantage over the other in the contest! "f/^jT'^^^.f^J^^^^^^ betw^n the two schools, which »„|l bles-she. who hasn t any of themi .\3 be held later In the year.—Fort Scott Republican. if I could remember all that stuff or be —Always time to eat at the Our Way. | Got Passing Room. The Fort Scott Tribune says: Na-| tlonal avenue south of Twelfth street is being used about as freely as if the city had the contract completed and the same formerly turned over] by Mr. Gllfltlan. In a day of two more the entire contract will be completed, at which time the city will take over the road from the government It is observed that that portion of the avenue is being used, all the teamsters and drivers are driving in the centerj of the street. This was d <ine when the road was perhaps not in readiness for travel. The contractor has] never in fact given permission for the road to be used. Persons have wilful. done so and the road has a pretty well beaten path right down the center of It The persons who drive along the roadway should use the sides of the road as well as the center. It has always been observed that on the good roads a path like this is started and in a rear or such a matter two groves -are indented Into the macadam and the roads considerably disfigured. The avenue is of such width and grtide that any portion of it may be used as well as another.] The road in a few years will present a cry much neater and more symetrl- cal' appearance if persons use the Ight and left sides Just as much hi the center. Tn« WOMAJl WITH GOOD ADVICK. expecteil to. At tho head ot the list of I)orc.s place the woman who gives advice." The Well Groomed Woman. —Insist on having 17, S. Flour. Hint to New Skater. "Yes. I am learning to skate beautifully." said Clarence Rohrbaugh today. "They sav every skater has to have a dozen falls, I have been on the.floor once and still have eight falls comintr to me. Tho last fall f got was a terror. It took two men to pull my elbow out of the floor. But that wasn't {he worst. A little girl came running up to me when I got up .ind said, 'Please mister, wont you do It again, my grandma was looking tho other way when you did that' "— Leavenworth Post We have +.000 acres of land In a bodv in Oklahoma that we can sell for .00 per acre. Might take part in rade If worth the money.—Whitakerj Donnell. TliJit esjjulsdtc quality of being well groomed is absolutely esBoutial to woman's success. If slie Is u mnrrletl wor man, she ueeds it to retain her bus- linnd's affection and tlic respect of her |Fleishman clillilren. If she is In business sho needs it still more. It Is the outward nud visible sign of her capability. No woman who is really bright ever scorns ciothcs. She realizes how much they add to her appearance and bow we nro judged by appearances In thia Clark mutter of fact centurj*. Substitutes By clothes I don't mean Fluffy Ruffles effects. The simplest talldr made well cut and hung and with the proper accMsorles discounts the more flashy, less carefully made and put on gown. An elaborate, beautiful coiffure wit.'i every iialr In place, carefully manicured hands, flashing white teeth and two. The Thanksgiving game which was won by the Triplets glve» .tbia cliy the right to the honors of the flrst column. The Chanute players have been practicing almost constantly for the past three weeks and will make a strong effort to even up the score of games. The Triplets have not been resting on their honors during this time but have l>een practicing for this game as though it were the most important event of the season. Both teams have strengthened the po- siilons which appeared weak In the Thanksgiving game and both are confident of victory. Although the Triplets rank as one of the best football teams of the state the local enthusiasts have never had an opportunity to witness a real live game on the local field. However this was not the fault ot the management nor the players. During the past season challenges have been sent to almost every football team of any note in the state of Kansas, with the-result that the team, challenged had' all dates filled or offered some plausible excuse for not wanting a game with lola. True, we have had foot- hall games. But these have all been in the nature of a farce because of the supremacy of the local team. Tomorrow's game will be the onerame of the season and the game for wnich the local enthusiasts have been looking forward to for the past iponth. the line-up of the teams will be as follows: Position center fullback quarterback right half left half rlnht guard right tackle right end left guard left tackle left end for lola, Knable, and Rankin. Chanute Slier Dixon Cloherty Morris Sweeney Peterson Priest Bond' Baird lola Coffman Atchison Brennau Allen Campbe'l Jones Street Ellis Hiner Donald Barker Mercer THE TRIPLETS 1 T •vs- Chahiite Go-i>evUs GAME WILL BE CALLED AT 3[3p ADMISSiON 50 CENTS SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS. It Is - Accompanied by Serious Hardships for New York's Poor. WHEAT IX FDfE COXDITIOJf. New York. Dec. '24.—Snow on the ground for Christmas hailed Joyfully by the weU-to<lo, with the flrst fall of the flakes.last evening, has nevertheless emphasized a hardship which it brings to the poor. As the flakes drifted and the wind howled last night', and early today men. and women with babes in their arms applied for shelter at the municipal lodging house. Several declared that they bad been dispossessed., being unable to pay their rent At the charities department in the Pier building, at the loot of East Twenty-sixth street, more than a hundred men found shelter. Scores of pedestrians and shoppers sustained minor injuries Ijy falling on slippery pavements or being struck by vehicles while blinded by snow. .Sumner County Fanners Say Growing Grain Is Free From Insectsnt —Drs. Lathrop. Osteopaths. Phone 468 J0U5 M. mCKERSON HERE. ormer Ida Boy Will Spend Christmas With ni8 3(otber. The Chanute Tribune says: The Go-Devils have been practicing gridiron stunts every night this week to make ready for the big. football game which they will play in lola against the Triplets. —The Crul.l)'.;. wealher is always fine Also the Hot Chocolate. at JfAGAZIXES AKD PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. HE.NUEUSOX, who deals with the publishers and furnishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial subscription to Vap Norden's, S months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye Estimates cheerfully given anoU LOOK AT OI'B Nickel Pbted Ware When Christmas shopping. Chafing Dishes. Pcrcoiaters, gold-lined Tea Sets, Cake Trays, Baking Dishes, and many other useful and fancy-articles. Also a fine line of Aluminum Ware Must SiIL One of our customers in a tight place must have some cash fells us to sell a $I.">0 lot for JS 'i, if we can't do better. Who is the lucky party, Nice smooth lot, well located. Call on D. W. Ilo.=twick. 519 F.ast street. Phone 77"), or T. M. Slack, 412 North First. —Try Sea Food if you feel bad. Fresh from Ocean.—"Our Way." RamHay Hel |M< Poor. Superintendent Ramsay and several assistants are busy collecting and arranging for distribution of the offerings of the school children for Cher- ryvalo's poor. Mr. Kamsay stated this afternocn that in all about three loads of orovislons had been donated at the different buildings. These offerings include alt kinds of edibles and are mostly foodstuffs though some coihing end a little money was received.—Cberryvale Republican. —Get )'our Christmas Cards at Mundls' while the assortment la complete. To and From Cfcannte. C I. Williams returned at noon from a business trip to lola. • • • Miss Mary Parquhar arrived at noon from lola to spend Christmas week with Miss Grace Homblin.—Chanute Sun. Kotice. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the lola Ice and Cold 8tor> age Co.. will be held at the office of the company at lola, Kas., Monday. January 11. 1M9, 2 to fi p. m., for the election of directors and any ^Hisl- ness required.! Total Eclipse Yesterday. Noticeable absence of the customary bright sunshine yesterday morn- ins was due to a total eclipse of the sun. The eclipse was not visible in North .•\mertca, bnt it succeeded In destroying the warm sunshine, which has been a feature of December weather this year. The path 'of this cen tral eclipse crosses the southern part ^„.^.. „, „ .._ Christmas day _ a clear complexion constitute in them- composed of the best pla^rs in lote. selves beauty ot a very appealing kind. Gas City and LaHarpe. Be well groomed women, and you Practice began Sunday afternoon, when the boys engaged in the first workout they had will never be failures.. Take iqy word L ^| llnce .Thanksgiving. Since then for It Some Odious Comparison*. they have met every night to run sig- ,nals and execute liew formations calr culated to befuddle the lola players. AVhy will parents plant the seeds of Jealousy and batefulness in their children by making odious comparisons Mrs. Mrs. LeVan Better. Margoret LeVan, who has of South America, the South Atlantic, ^^^^^ Jittlc°ones7 Who does not been at St John's hospital for some South Africa and the Indian ocean. The eclipse was annualar at the be«inning and end and total in the middle. Day before yesterday was also the shortest day in the year, the sun entering the sign of Capricoms, which marks the beginning of winter. remember being contrasted to that time, where she underwent an oppr- sweet little girl next door "who never atlon, has aufflclently recovered, to be caused her mother a moment's anx- taken to the home of her sister-in-law. —Dr. P. EJ Waugh, Dentist, Phone »2 To Neosho Palls. Mrs. M. P. Helmlck and baby left at noon for Neosho Palls to spend Christmas with her parents. Parks goes up in the morning—Chanute ,Sun. lety?" How you hated that meek faced small girl who was only good because she' knew how to dissimulate or else She was bom naturally prim and without ambition or imagination. AB yonr school days she was held up to Mrs. A. S. Balliett Bastett Program Last Night At the Basset chapel last night the Sunday school pupils enjoyed a . oays sue was nem up lo Christmas program and a visit from Tou as a bugbear, and then when „ v She was seventeen I'm blessed If she SanU Claus. There was a short program, including a solo by Miss Mur- Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar is to save one you have already made. By trading wit^ u« you can save several dollars each month on your grocery bill. "We can sell you goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time at strictly cash prices. The FeMk's Ge^998ri!r didn't elope with the family coachman, and in your lieart yon were glad of it; for her ghost was laid to rest forever. An Important Rsmindw. iam Hughes and after the recitations a treat furnished by Supt Bassetf of the chapel was distributed by Santa Claus who visited the chapel. Give the baby plenty of water to drink. Halt the time w^hen It'cries tlie poor lltUe thing la thbrsty. MUk is no good. The kid irauts water—not aweet wa- terror Iced water, but plain water. • It sfaonld have water offered to It three and four times a day... We keep children in warm, steam heated rooms and overdress them half the Ume; then we wonder why they fidget • Common aeiiRC is needed In the nnnk try more than nnywhcre else. MAUD ROBINSON. ' Net Yet, but Seen, It Is pointed out by the obaenranf'j Mra. Catt, who has a marvelous knack ot "actintaitlon la-behalf of berjCanae." that only two flelda of bnsbiMS and profesalonal activity remain, that the aspfartnff and persistent American wo. maa hai failed to invade. For aopiff teaaon or other, ptobably piv basQ't gpw ipito the A Suppor Salad. A tootbaome salad may be arranged of fruit and lettace for a little supper after the theater or for any informal evening occaaion. Capa are mod* oat of the heart of lettuce, and la eieb to pot sliced pears, applea, banaiuu. tad walnnta covered with mayoDiulN or Francb dreun^.. It can be prepared beforebana< and put Into the refrlcerator tot chlij. It •honld be aerrcd cold oo daloty^ little platea. Wltb It bare aandwfcrbea'ijiadw of thin flilcea of graham bread, COT. erod with French dreaaing and boiled red Bpanlsb peppera with celery ehop> ped up and pat nnder t|M pepperi, , Ceepanut Oreps. . Take one poaad of grated cocoanvt, half a poand ot polTerixed lagaK, and the whltea of font aivs hcatenjto a litlff troth. BaT««M«gh'WUt*«l(egg *> .wet^tbe wmf'taj^Jgats ^Bi ^^itmlt tegetlier thnroagUr, tii^, joii ^ buOfBUA tlw b» «nv«,tb« «rV^Bl|^ John M. Dlckerson of the 12th Infantry, stationed at Fort Niagara. N. Y., came in this morning and will jpend the 'nolldays with his mother who lives at SSI North Washington ivenue.. Ten years ago Mr. Dlckerson was a barber employed here by John DePuy and there are still many In the city who will remember him. With the end of this month Mr. Dlckerson will have seen ten years service for Uncle Sam. Wellington, Dec. 24.—R. A, Anderson of Rlverdale, thl? qounty, saya that he has recently made a thorough examination of hia growing wheat and' was unable to find any insects in it of any kind. J. E. Walker, a substantial farmer living south of town, says that his wheat was absolutely free of Insects, and has been all fall and winter up to the present time. • —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. ISSPECTIOSr OP COMPANT M. General Wilder S.'XetcaIf Reviewed Local Soldiers Last >'Igh& An inspection of "Company M. K. N^ G. was held in the Auditorium last evening by General Wilder S. Metcalf. Fifty ioldlers. were in line and put through the various military tactics by General 2t«tcalf. The company was commanded by Captain Baxter D. McClain and a large crowd witnessed the inspection. ' • "The local soldiers were cautioned to use more care in some respects by , the inspector and Captain McClain gave a few "timely bints" on the return to the armory. >.-gtgn palnUng. phone 142S Fred Rowden, A FINE LAP ROBE STOLEN. MISS BOWERS MAKES A GAIN. . Increased Her Lead Last Night Over .. , Misa Drusle Qavis. The standing of The Auditorium rink contest; Is as follows: Claudia Bowers 745 Drusie Davis 609 IJzzie Saltier 518 Ona Tffompson 30.^ Newell Cox 232 Anna Wolfe 120 Mattle Peters 112 Topsy Toung. *2 Thief Robbed the Buggy of J. A. Monfort Yesterday Afternoon. J. A. Monfort, a farmer living in the country east of lola, has Reported the loss of a fine lap robe which was stolen from his buggy while he was visiting in this city yesterday. The vehicle in which the robe was left stood in the business district and the theft was committed during the afternoon when a great <*rowd of shoppers was on the streets. .The offlcers have no clue to the'thief. Rooms for men, T. H. C A. baildtng. Steam heat In eadi room. Baths free.. Hi A Solid Qaarter Sawed Oak Boeker highly polished. This Roeker has the («st eeoMracted arm, weU braced, was $3X0. Spee.hd XOIM J>rlee... ..i ....., WJK A solid Qaarter Sawed- Oak Becker, npbelstiered fai Chase Leather, fall sprlag-scat aphelstered back. Yoa>wiU have <o.8ee |he .XMker to •pyrwlat* th* deslgMd bwaty of tt. Worth flS. Keekers on dl^Uy la Xwtfe Wfadowi .Special Xmas price Wiwt woaid be more bstlng or sppreebtel tbns a piece •! Foraltara (or a Xna* glftf Oor store Is fnU of Jnst sach gifts. W* have nad« anraageaieBto for deliveriag XMS gMds ^4 caa assareyoa tfeat we caa nuke delivery aay-Ume that yon desire. Opea erealngti. •-r-3 lHJRNITUi& ^

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