Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
Page 5
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O lOLA TETBBDriST HOSPITAL O €> Fnak 8. BMttK T. &. M O 0 0dOO0OQO04-0 0 6d0 0 BRIGHTENS THE HOME r- For Interior Reflnlslilng it M nn- eqnalled. I b all siies and colors. GET IT AT SPENCER'S DB. j: F. JlMBSOir. ne Saeeen^ A«e> ttcBew, Taterluriaa. Pans aaldor Pedlcncd stock •1m nude anTwhere. Veter Inaiy calU aniwcreil day or' nlghV OSce iHth DoBftiaM BroB. Phcne 13. reaJdence Jio IOI.&, KAKSAS. cm JEWS. For best and qnlckest resnlt3 use th« Ro^Ister Want Coinmns. J. A. BALL and family, of lola, .came through last night with' their household goods enroute to St. Joseph, where they will make their future home. They were the guests last night of Mr. Ball's brother. Al, Ball, of '.tbls city.—Ottawa Herald. MRS. TURNICK Smith and son Brooks have returned from 9, visit with Mrs. H. K. Nelson and UTrf Bert Taylor at Tola.—Ottawa Republic. MISS MARY Grace, of Tola. Kas., who has been spending the haliUuys with; Nevada frlendsNwiH retiim to her home tomorrow.—Nevada Mall. ^wnNO *• Burdick are just in receipt of a large shipment of school jtooks and are now readv to nioet the demands of the new achool term for text books, etc M ASPer^«rthet;s1 i'J the week visiting Mrs. Mor4ran> brother. Henry Wlard.—Neosho Falls Post. Pay Day Prices Owing to the extraordinary conditions now prevailing we are offering you EXTRAORDINARY PRICES for "this pay day. The cash system js the feature which enables us to do this. ^^Tfead'and profit: Sugar, 20 pounds for .'. $1.00 Polar Bear and U. S. Flour .jj. $1.80 Corn Meal 15c Potatpes. 80c Sour Pickles, per gallon SOc Three Quarts Cranberries ...... 25c Evaporated Apples -ISWe B\-aporated Peaches — J'Hc Raisins 10c Three pounds Lemon Cling Peaches Per can .;. 20c Gallon Peaches 1 Gallon Apples - J- 5 *c Canned Peas ..y 10c Four Cans Corn ^. S5e ThreePonnds Apple Butter f. He Kraut, per gallon 4^ 25c Fresh Country Eggs 33c Fresh Country Batter 28c 4 Cr^unery' Butter ^..;. *2c ifieef Steak %}ie to:12«e Skinned Hams :ll«c '-Dry Salt i. lie T-* Ten pounds Home Made Lard . 91M Pr. Mltchdl, office and residence, 'phone 40. R. E. NOYES was here last week and' visited home folks In Cottace Grovo and friends In town. He is now in the employ of the government as stock inspector for Tennessee and an adjoining; state, and his headquarters will llko.'y be at Nashville. He is drawing a good salary, too. and that is the host of it. He loft Monday for his liolil of duty.—Humboldt Union. If you need a farm loan come and see us. We can get your money In two days. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. ttw drllUnr con «pui7r )«mkfbw ^ tills territory, iras In tte'dtjr M ob-; day. Arransementa • teUc made to drill a wfU oo tb» Inge tann. Tlie bnttook Is Tety fiiTorabla aa gas has been found on the Townsend farm on the west side of the rlTer.— Neosho Falls Post . Free, dirt ai Lacoodt^ : \V|HILB In lola. the latter part of last week, on bnstaiess, Mr. (Aas. Nelson, oar present consta^^la foe.. Elsmore township,'was sworn in as a I'a deputy dieritf for this part of the county. This gtvee Mr. Nelson more authority to act in a great many cases and those who have been breaklag the law will be more closely watched, and we predict that something will drop one ot these days.—Elsmore Leader. Special Redttced Prices on all new and second hand Sewing Machines until January Ist Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 East Madison. O. yL CONNBTT, president of the Monarch Cement company, arrived from AVlchlta Wednedaj^. Weather per mitting active work will be resumed at the company's plant the first ot next week.—Humboldt Union. Six Per Cent Money, ningham. R. U. Can THE NEW Oval, chrome steel safe for the Humboldt National bank, has arrived. It will ba p'aced in the", east window where it can he seen day and night, and there will be no danger of safe blowers attempting to get its contents.—Humboldt Union. O. C. BRETT returned from Topeka, Saturday where he had been attending the State Chess Association. A. M. Harvey, of Topeka. won first place. iMr. Brett won third place, winning^ fourteen games and losing four.—Humboldt Union. M.\.TOR ^^"latson Stewart, one of the real early settlors of this county, is bore visltinc his brother. Hon. S. J. Stc'wart. These two brothors camo to Allen county nearly 52 years ago. —Humboldt ITnlon. \\7IJJAM Teeters And family were over fropi lola to spend a .part of ..the w'oek with S. C. Gaafy and family. —\\ioodson County Advocate. Dr. Wniey, OeallRt. I. n. BARTLETT and wife were over from lola, Sunday. Iko came over more especially to see about the adjustment of the fire insurance of the rgcent small blaze which his residence property sustained a short time ago.—Woodson County Advocate. Powell, tbe real estate man. has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. MRS. C. F. HILDNER has baen called to Grand Rapids. Michigan, by the news of the serious iitness of her father, "Mr. J. Keck. .TOHN GARRETT who for several months has been working for the Fraternal Brotherhood order, as organizer, has resigned that position and w;II work for the Prudential Life Insurance company in this city. John Slocum aiid Charles Hildebrand of this citj- have been working for some time for the Prudential company. General blacksmlthlng and horse­ shoeing a specialty. 205 West street, in Luccock's old stand. All work warranted. D. Melsenheimer. A BAPTISMAL service Is to be held tomorrow night at the Baptist church when two jiow niombcrs are lo re ceive the baptism. THE CITY served notice on the lola Stat.v naiik tinlay to ronmve the sin'rs wh'ch they had started to build in the wliik cast of their new building at the corner of Madison and Jefferson avenues. Thrro is a city ordinance prohibiting stairways to be constructed more than three feet in the walk. AT THE .MEETING of the county clerks and comnil.ssloners at Sallna It was decided that all lodges wll! have to pay full tax upon their prop, erty and colleges will be taxed on all except .1 small part of thair property. It was decided also that the new law increast -s the vaue of all pro|>erty and reduces the tax levies proportionately. NOAH Jackson, tbe Linn coanty man who was arrested a short time ago on a charge of abandoning a baby at the Bayless school house in this county, had his trial in jJistice Parson's court last Friday. There was a largo crowd in attendance, many ladies being fircsent. After all the evl- denca was In the court decided that Mr. Jackson was not guilty and he was discharged from custody today. His wife oome back from Kingman c^ her own accord and testified in fbe case. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jackson gare a straight story which was cor- rdborated by testimony from their old home. Tbe decision of the Judge was popular with the large crowd which gave vent to its feelings by prolonged cheering'. The 'Jaeksons liave a c'earanda, but whoa^B baby is It?— Yates-Cliiitepr^vs. a. WJ AIMMS la In Baldwin today. m SUNDAY* JAN. 5» "His Royal ntichneiss" XATDIEE Stat. 5IGHT 8 :13. Special SundaV F<erformance ^ THEY WORKED lOIA Chanute Won by Talking. Y. .M. C. A. Into Letting Mason Play^. Seort 32 to 15. Last evening at Chanute the T. M. C. A. basket ball team of this city was defeated by the score ot 32 to 15. The score In the first half was 7 to in fa^x>r of the lola team, but in the second halt the locals were no match for the Baker-Chanute combin ation. Mason and Sample, the star players ot the Chanute team, were formerly members of the fast team of Baker University, and the manager ot the Chanute bunch had agreed not to play Mason. On arriving at Chanute, Prof. Bliss was Informed that unless Mason played the team would be crippled to such an extent (hat It would be almost impossible for them to put up any kind of a game. After such wrangling. Prof. Bliss agreed to let them p'ay. ' Mason and Sample, of course, went into the game with the expectation of being defeated. HAPPY WOMEJf. I'lcnty of Them in Tola and Good Reason for It. Wouldn't- any woman be happy. After years of backache sufTering, Days of misery, nights of unrest. The distress of urinary troubles. She finds relief and cure? No reason why any lola reader Should suffer in the face of evidence like this: Miss Mary Cooney, of 320 West Madisun avenue, lola. Kansas, says: •If it had not been for Doan's Kidney Pills I do not believe I would be alive today. Seven years ago 1 first noticed syinptoms ot kidney complaint. It rew worse as time went on and my condition at least became most serious. I suffered terribly with pain in my back and there were nearly all the evidences of kidney disorders. I was about discouraged taking medi- c\ni until I procured Doan's Kidney Pills. The ciulPk relief I obtained frqni their use led uie to continue tak- Ini; them until I was relieved, of all the dilliculties and uiy whole system was invlgdratod. I have usod them since then and they have never failed to give promi't and satisfactory relief. 1 got a box of Dean's Kidney Pills for her at C. U. Spencer & Co.'» driig'store and th^r use«oon brougdt her out all right. I believe U is one's duty to endorse a remedy of such liroven value as Doan's Kidney PlUs." For sale by all dealers. Price 00 cents. Foster-Milbnrn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for ihc United States. Remember the name—Doan's and take no other. GRANTS CANTON CO. MORE TIME. Company Scarcity of Labor Placed Under Disadvantage. to- A Washington. D. C. note In day's Kansa.s City Jourial says: The Canton Bridge company, of Kansas Cit.v, has been granted ninety day' extension of time to complete Its work on the Nor.b Platte irrigation project in Nebraska. The scarcity of labor and the extreme difficulty in securing transportation of materials rendered it imimsib'e to complete th^ contract within the time prescribed, December 31, 1907. CCLiPtE WAS NOT VISIBLC^HEIIE Observer Schoppe Thinks Day Was Too Cloudy. As far aa is known there was no eclipse ot the sun yesterday as waa scheduled. But if there had been it Is not likely that it would have been seen here as the day was so cloudy and It would have been impossible to distinguish an eclipse if there had been one. Weather Observer Schoppo stat^ today that he was quite certain that It waa not visible here. According to the almanacs the eclipse was to be visible only to part of the earth's Inhabitants. TO CURE A COLD IIT 0!TK DAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists retnnd jnoney If It fails to cure. B. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25o. BROKE ARM WHILE SKATING. Guy Cooke, City Mail Carrier, Injured Last Night While learning to skate at the roller skating rink at the comer of East and Sycamore streets. Guy Cook, city mail carrier, of route No. 2. fell and broke his right arm. He was taken to his room on West Jackwjn where a physician was ca'led and the broken bones set. It is likely that Mr. Cook will visit bis parents at Rich Hill. Mo. during hl^ enforced absence from •work. Here's Tour Chance to Boy Your Winter Potatoes. I have just received GOO bushels of choice Northern Potatoes and will sell them to consumers at wholesale prices. Phone your order and we will deliver any quantity to your home promptly, at T.'ic per bushel, for ten day.s only. As I have no store, order must be ])honed to S. M. Higus, lola. Kansas. 'Phone 317.% URGING DR. REYNOLDS TO RUN. Friends Suggest Him for the Office of Coroner. The friends ot Dr. E. C. Reynolds have suggested him as a candidate for coroner on the Republican ticket. Last year while attending the Bush Medical CoIlo .i ;e ho was very prominent in Chicago iKiIitics and received consldonible favorable pres.s com- inoiit. Dr. R?ynolds has not as yet dooidid whether he will make the race or not. M. W. A. ANNIVERSARY. Degree Teams of Humboldt and Chanute Were Here. • Uist evening at the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the local order of the M. W. A. the degree teams of Chanute and Humboldt gave the work to four candidates. After the initiatory ceremonies short talks for the good of the order woro made by Bert Oakman and Mr. Gable ot Petrolia and Dr. Barker of Chanute. Following the talks a banquet was served In honor of the occasion. SUNDAY PERFORMANCE. Bachelor Theatre Will be Open Tomorrow.. The company presenting Ilia Roy&l .Mnchnass will give two performances at the Bachelor Theatre Sunday, matinee and night Regular prices will be charged. The company was out of the city last night, but will re-open here tonight The Canton Bridge Company has built a number of bridges In Allen county in the past year or two. How to .tvoid Pnenmonla. Yon can avoid pneumonia and other serious results from a cold by taking Foley's Honey and Tar. It stops the congh and expels the cold from the system as It Is mildly laxative. Refuse any but the genuine la the yellow package. Murrell's drug store. LET FACULTIES PICK STUDIES. I, \ Cornell President Don't Believe Students Should Choose. Pittsburg. Pa.. Jan. •».—John G. Schurmann, president of Cornell university, at yesterday's American Academy of Medicine meeting assailed the elective principle In colleges and "nl- versitles and placed the responsibility for this system upon President E!Iot of Harvard. •I say It Is the duty of col 'egr" faculties not to allow a boy of 17 or IS years to choose what ha should study, notwithstanding the fact that one of the leading educators of the United States takes Issue with me." said Dr. Schurmann. "At least this should not be done for the first two years." For best and quirkest results use the Register Want Colamns. Overcoatof At a saving to you of $2.50 to $5 on the coat. This is the best oppor- tanity yon ever bad to buy a coat at jnst ivbat it cost as. CAe Baftlau Shields Clothing Cc THIS STORE THAT 8ATI8FIE8. . IIow to .tvold Appendicitis. Most victims of appendicitis are those who arc habitually constipated. Orino Laxative F'rult Syrup cures chronic constipation by stimulating rhe liver and bowels and restores the natural action of the bowels. Orino i.axative Fruit Syrup does not nause- Hte or gripe and is mild and pleasant to take. Refuse substitutes. Uurrells drug store. lir .«B01J)T l .S 0PTI.HIST1C. En- Cement and Brick Plant.o Have coaraging Outlook. (Humboldt HenUd.) W. G. Kelly, of Topeka. was hor • Thursday with a number of gontlo- men who are Interested Iff the iiuni- bo"ilt Portland Cement comiiany. He sa.vs that the outlook for an early start In the work is very favorable at nresent and tlmt there is a good demand for stock. Many people are Investing In cement stock because <or the fact that It Is the coming material, and that they would rather b.ave their money Invested in some good stock than In a bank. The Humboldt Urfck company bo- ;;an to move its big steam shove! to the new pit today. The coini>auy is getting In shape so that when the demand for brick starts again they can go to work with increased facilities. The Cleveland Brick Company also put a force of men on today to make repairs who are to go to work as soon IS their kilns are empty. The Monarch Portland Cement company exiMscts to put tbe teams to work by Monday if the ground is fit It is still too wet to do much, but is getting dry rapidly. WERE ONLY FOUR.CLEAR DAYS. December Was a Mild Month Generally. According to data compilad by W. J. A. Schoppe. who has charge of thp Weather Bureau, December had but four clear days. There were H partly clear days and 13 cloudy days. Tbe highest temperature was C4 on° the Sth and the lowest was 21 on the lixb. The total precipiUtion was 2.21; the total'snowfall S.<. Hie month was a mild one generally.' " WAMTSf start the >'ew Year rieht—own a good WATCH, one that is guaranteed to keep time accurately— wear a llfetlnic and always present the standard of what a good natch should lie In tippoa ranee. We earrj- Just the styles that will suit yon. Vako y our pick today. Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELER. SITUAnMU WMHIMB: AdTctrlseneato aader this heal ^ be inserted three ti«e««itheal eham I WANTED—Girl wants place to wofrk In private family. Address A, this offlcc. i_ WANTED—Position as bookkeeper. Ago 23; good reference; salary onablc. Address Box 34, R. R. 1, aN>- ran, Kansas. - • 7 WANTED—To rent suit of'rooms in modern house, furnished or unfutn- sihed. Address A. D. this office. WANTED—Good agents for outside towns in Kansas and Oklahoma to Mil tea and coffees. Good pay to rlj9it parties. Address Union Pacific Tea Co., lola, Kansas. W .t \NTEI>—To buy team of work horses. J. H. Teney, Box 88, LaTIarse. WANTED—Secfond hand WincheaSsr pop gun. Inquire 105 South Secdind stret • BANKS GAINED CASH An Increase of Over Two Millions in Money and'a Decrease In Deposits. FOR SALlE'MlMli FOR SALE—Good Stndebaker buggy, practically new, with good settot !5;:.").00 harness, for sale at Howard'a barn it taken in tbe next few days at $S0.0O. KOH SALK--Good milch COW. iiuire 401 North Elliu Ih- FOR SALE—;i800 Stock of grocejr- les and store fixtures. 402 South FOR S.A.LE-^A driving mare and buggv. Horse city broke, safe tor lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street;;. Topel-a. Jan. D.'p<>-~iis in tb. state anil national banks of Kaiisa: decreased 814 million dollar.^, in tli.. j.„_.u.^„ cireet Interval between Aupnst 22 and IK- '^•ePtucKy street cemli»r :!. 1907. according t<i tho staic- ment Issued by John Q. Koyco. stati' bank commissioner, today. The d--' crease amcinits to 11 iier cent from the croatest total of dejiosits over repni 'fod m iho state. Mr. Royco say.; tbe gent'ta' oxpi'ctatiim whs tliar th'' finaticial stringency \voii !d catiso a niucli ijroatcr-loss than iluit. .Not-1— wllhstaiidin;; the shriiikn '-;o in donos-i I'OIt Kl-L\'T--l-iirnI.<?hed rooms for its. Uie banks hi 'd $2.l>r).:'S ni'ir.' cash • lioniiokiopln^. 21- UVsl Madison. Alin their vaults on Decpiiilior 3 ili:in ' so i)artl.v fnrnished rooms at 423 North on 22. although the total of ('ottoi-.wooii. Inquire at 212 West CHVh and ••xchan.?.-' iloi ^reasod 12 mil;- Madison. ' ions. Therv' wa.-i a re<Ii !ctuiM of 2'.i : .,„,.' 77*" milUons in lo.ius discounts^, and •'OK RK.\T-5even room modern an Increase of $1.12T;i>()0 in bills pay- house on paved street, 5 blocks from able and rcillscount^. 'siiuaro; newly remodeled. Inquire .J. The re-=erves amount to r '.n p.-r cat' „ 1-;^^. g21 Norih "(Vashington. of depo .-^ttR HI national banks and :u> Foil UKNT—Two choice office rooms. Inipiire at Murrell's drug stoRe. per cent in state bank'j. .W IXSlDIOr .S D.VNGER. i One of the worst featnre.s of kidney trouble is lliat it is an iiisidioits dia- easc and Iiefore the victim realizes his I danger he may have a fatal malady.' Take Foley's Kidney Cure at the first ipn of trouble as it corrects irregu- 'arilles and prevents Brigbt's disease and diabetes. HnrreH's drui; store. PROF. NAISMITH TO Y. M. C. A. FOIt IvKNT—Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—House and barn. SoUth Kentucky. Phcne 998 2—2. FOR RENT—^ight room house. M8 North Walnut Apply at 204 North Walnut •• -• FOR RENT^3 room hoirse. bain, chiekpn pen, *)iitbuildings and 1% acr.' truck land. Close in. Wlilttaker & Dounell.. • . LOST—Carmen ,bracelet initial V. on it. between 211 North Jefferson and sVest street pictjire show. Return to Mrs. Satler.- K. U. Professor to tecftire Tomorrow on Personal Purity. Dr. .Tames Xai .'Jiiiitli. physical director of th? State rnlvorslty. will de-j^U North Jefferson, liver a lecture on "Athletes and .\th-i letlcs" at the Y. .M. C. A. at S o'clock | this eveninar. Dr. Naismith has a set | of stereopticon views representing athletics of all kimis which he will US3 In il'uRtrating his lecture this e%-- cning. At the men's meeting tomorrow aftemc/on. r>r. Naismith will dc-j liver .1 lecture on "Por?onal Puriiy" and wi!I talk on this subject as a physician airl not a.-? r. minister. Botii lectiipcs will I'.o free and for men ou!y. Its Economy Trav!.-; M(ir.<e wnnli! like to lur.'l ten ;;iris lictwoen nine ami leu ye:ii.- old. at th< toniorr schoel cl:ii.-.s which he. will to:ich. Tin gir's be able to ivad v.e!l audi not be members of any Sunday .s .-hcoi. To have yotir Carpets and Sags cleaned by rls lictv.oen nine ami leu ye:ii.- Tf ' I fl _i. the l're..l,.vterla:. Sunday sr!:o.,! I ha IAI* U Hff HflrtAfV row moinin!:. to form a Sand;vv 1 tlV IVIW IlMjJ, SUVaVIJ Do You Know Us? If Not, I its Get Acquainted We have everything in Hardwmreg Tinware, Lampm mad Maattetf, tmpiemeaim and VeMclam T.B.5haniton TWO Bia STORElS ]

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