Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
Page 4
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in'lRoGii ta Offloi ...18 ffitond «t JEolfc Kanaaa, Po8t(Ac«^ u Secono-djuM Hatter. • iid?«rtliiiis RAM Made Known on A|pUcation., : SURSCBIPTIOH BATES. Carrier !• lola, ««• City, IJUI7M> Tllle IA Harpe. (Nl* Week .....10 eentc Oii«Montli 44 qents On* Tear 16.00 ny Hall. ^ One year InsUe connty $SM One rear ontslde connty $1.00 Three Mont&s, 'in advance 11.00 Obe Montb, in aJdTance .44 OlnCIlL PUPES. CITT OF SIS' 'SET. KEXBEB OF ASSOCIATED FBESS. '.Ulus lola DaOy Beglster la a member •if; tke Aasoelattd Press and BecelTea tkis da J report -If that i^at news or> Minlaatlon for. ExelnslTe Afternoon Pvblleatlon lo Jlola. COLLINS ELOQUENT SCORES BOOtLEGQERS ARRAIGNED IN F^OLICE COURT. lola Judge Pictures Some of Olsast era Caused ay Excessive Use of Liquors. In spiitciicliiK P. .1. Walker and Roy , GrubtiK, colored, who were convicted . of vIolatinK the city ordinance jiro- hlbltlnff !lK> Bale of Intoxicating liquors. Pollco'iJiidKe Collins grew eloquent this nmrnlnR. lie Rave Walker a fine of JJOO and thirty days In , the county jail; and Grubbs $:iOO and 120 days In jaii. Grubbs has been in IKjIice court a number of times In the pa'st two years and in giving him his sentence. Police Judge Collins took • this into consideration. Judge Collins-said in sentencing the men: "I am aware of t^e fact that what I am now about to say will again place me on record as being opposed to the use of intoxicating liquors as a beverage. But I believe that I have an adequate conception of the utter degradation and total depravity to which mankind can be brought . through the influence of ardent spirits, and tliat i am justified in com-, menting upon the case now at hand, for I have cirefully observed the : crumbMng fragments of the wrecked lives upon either side of the/dark and sullen stream of inieniiierance, and have noted well the effects of the ' hellish stuff upon its victims since I ' have been jud#e of this court. "And r am glad to know through the piiwer delegated to honest and prudeht officers by laws en• acted by wise; and proficient legisla- . tors, that ilie saloon has been driven from our statft and the 'joints' that once infested Our city have been annihilated, and^hat the protecting in- :fluence of teniiwrance has been thrown around the yoiing and rising genora- ; tlon to save them from the curse of strong drink. ; "But wo find that wc are not yet ^free from the-Ipollutlng Iniluence of the polluted vagabonds who spend their time In (fcatterlng the seeds of death, hell and destruction among the men and boys of our community. •Kor wp now have to deal with a class of low isud degenerated law- ibreakers coninN>nly knowns as "boot- legBers,' and ycJu who are now awaiting the decree, of this court belong to that vile horj^e. "I am aware "of the fact that there are greater crimes than the one of Janu^ny Clearance Sale and Great 1'2 Price Oleiak Sale To get good reasonable merchandise and yet not pay but about half the regular price for it is what this sale offers you. It is to be your bargain picnic. We invite you to read over the items and come tomorrow, the first day of wonderful values, values that mean great money saving opportunities. Furs Greatly Reduced «1 00 Fur Scarfs black on'y.. • • 58c 1,60 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. • 95c 2 00 Fur Scarfs reduced to .. $1.25 3.00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. . $1.75 4 00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. $2.25 5.00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. $2.98 7 50 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. $4.95 10.00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. $8.00 12.00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. $7.50 That our An»irlean forests aboond In plants which possess the most valuable medieloal virtues Is abundantly attested bjr scores of the most cmlDont medical writers »nd teachers. 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Dr. Pierce believes that our Ameilcsn fer- ests aifeiud In Bo ^t vslnsble medlcinsl roots \ ttie cuN^if iiK«t obtUnate and f stsl dlip , If w^^rndproperir inresUaste ttaem: ^Iwi o( this convlctloo. he Women's SklHs Reduced $10.00 Black Voile skirts reduc.d t, $5.59 H.50 piack Voile skirts reduced to . , $5.00 7.00 Chiffon Pauama skirts reduced to . $4.50 <i.00 Panama skirts reduced to $3.50 5.00 Panama skirts reduced to $3.25 4 00 ^kirts in plain and fancy, re^. ducedto $2.50 Prices on Gcais are Cut In Two $30 00 Women's Coat«, 50 inches long of nae.*;t Broadcloth, elaborately trimmed, only a few of d^lR nil these for JDIUiUU 125.00 Women's Co^t?, 50 inches long of Black, Brown and Tan, neatly braided, lined throughout $20 Women's CoatP, 50 inchea long and they are great valued for the money. All colors aud sizes QQ >15 Women's and Misses Coats, 50 incees long. 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N Kot leas nan^ons. in the ansaraUeted cores It Is contttsatlr mskior of womsn's maor peculta^affectlooa weaknevcs sad dUMMna derlbicnneBts, Is Dr. Pierce's Fa«orit«sPre*crliM^h »vU is sapir attested tor thonsswds ^tt|fHi^u<testiiiiQalals coo- tribated bnaMiefuI i«tilaik who have bcCT which you now stand convicted, but such crimes are punishable with more severity than any penalty that this ourt could infllci upon you. Though I would have you know that there Is no unlawful act fh^t contributes more to higher crimes and bears the qualities of low and viclojis audacity, contemptible, despisable [and detestable meanness than the selllnB of intoxlcatin;; liquors in defiance of the laws of our country. ? "The minds of the people are shocked and terrllied when a human life has been talien by violence. The press is.sues an extra 'edition, and the news boys hasten to'the public with the dire details of tlje tragedy. Yet many of our citizens view without horror and almost wjihoiit condemnation your Infamous process of killing. For you are In every moral sense guilty <if the crime of'mnnslanshter by accelerating the dt^ath (<f human beings through a slow {ind lingering process of poisoning. "You are not only guilty of administering a i>oisop' that Is slowly but surely killing those who are addicted to Its use. but you are inducing your victims to commit, even, greater crimes than yout own. And Is it not true that many of the unfortunate wretches who would now come into conrt. and comn^lt perjury to screen you from the law were honest and resi)ectab]e gentlemen before they came under the polluting Influence of the subtile poison which you Infuse? Many of you 'booze venders' would like to pose as gentlemen and main- lain the appearance of respectability, but Intelligence Js not so easily deceived, for yon are a set of venomous, scrofulous, leperpus parasites that grow and live hy sucking the life blood ofi your unfortunate vlctlins. And the devil has placed his trade mark upon you so that all good and true men might ayold you, as the brute creation would shun the deadly Cobra of South America. "You are trying to live in unlawful idleness while you decorate *the hovels of your putrid souls with raiment and jewels bought with money which .vour patrons shquld have spent for bodies of innocent, helpless and half- clad children. '"You are eatlnc the bread nf wH- Ow-s and orphans; watered with th» tears of broken hearted wives and mothers. You are luHng fathers s"<l sons onto mlunigHt dphaucherv. wMle anxious wives and'mnth'»rs nrav with desolate hearts for their home com"You perglstentiv and defiantly; carrv on vour infamous huslnpss co»--l trary to the laws ^ of your state, and the moral sense ijf voar communUv.) a.nd secreUv boa^t' that vou can OOP-I tinue in your vrieked and criminal practice wlUmut Ueinc discovered byi th" ofioera of *he tav. I "It is tme that you arc bard to ai>-' oreheOd fw /von feldom attack yonri \ictiii»« oiHiiily. bat lun» them with I the wUes and smflis of the, devil Into, fou' closets, .cold damn cellwrj, dark i and dinKv aheda. ^Id and delanidat-; ed onf-balldrnrs. and forsaken streets and alleys, and there convey to them' ,» poison more descd'v In Its nsrtnre: [than the venom of the rattle^iake.: For it not only destroys man's nhv»l- ! and your lepKrous suuls are rendered 'spctl^^is. Lease 10 opcrare itils crmi-' ium ira ;ljc; b.-ek some Jeji;ii ]niate cali- ' m^ anu pursue it. and .>ou may vet ' becoiiic iioiicsi aud uprigUt c.iizeuo I uonhv 01 the respect ana coulldeacj ot a civ.lizcd community. "You way think" I am harsh and that the sentence of the court is unjustly savore, but 1 assure you tnai 11 is mild in the exlivme comnar- ed with the misery and crime mat 1 can be credited to the influence of oiie quart of vile stuff called alcohol, ! CT to ih2 sufferings of the sorrowing • and broken hearted widow and mother who sal in this room a few daj-a a ;o I with a he pless babe In her arms and with' tears streaming down her cheeks, related. In iiatbctic ti )njs ,i ; broken by sobs of grief and nuguUh.! 'known, only to a loving and devoted- I mother, how her sou whom she had I watched over, and protected with .a' I Chrl&ilan parent's lov;\ from Infancy ! to early numhood, and ujK)n whom „Pl»M «Tii.p «i.t,M ».poi ,ni .T «.^.oo «d.iv>Oooe. s^bo wa« now depending for support! M*T»rsiek»n. w««k«oorOrii».. itc.jir.Mc. N«T.T : "ud protection was being lured away S'J2ri'iil;'^i''ioTX^.",'?^2?mJ:':'r"JS'^ ""to dU-ness and midnight debauchery ^ITrU^T^l^^IJrVTZ'J^Zuy, d.-grnding Influence of: .-u.T.l i^.« "le seductive poison that you are con-! MIIUALSILE, TEM MIIUOII BOXE», i <!!C'J>-,i,',!!Jafv.'"'" ^"^ '''''' °' "Mav God speed the day when the council-flres of vou liquor de.ilers will be extlntmlshed, and the warwhoop BAD BLOOD "iVfort. I caniwlnc r.war»tii, I hail a Itadeotn- •Ii-xi.iii. iiii:ipliici>ii my f.-ui'. iiuU my IIMMI nat not iiErM.i! n< it HIIMMM InM-liwii. XII>T I lunrnlirrly Vfll. nvi! ilipiiiinplc* JiiivonU •littnut'^.'irfil from my '.nro. I 1:111 tnillifillly uny lli:;t ('iisi-.-iroU .ir» Jll^t •jaUvtrlistHl: I li.iVoinVfnoiiIytmi l.o«<*.tof th*nl." Clurcnco K. liriiliu. StieriiUn. I. Best For w The Bowels BJELFRY. 1 CANOvcATmanc to death the moral purity of our boys and girls, and fathers, and mothers aTp »7at \^Te7the7'U"rV ^7k7! ?^J°"[o'';X''on''Vr°''s'ir^t.^-''='l?S? pk^^'^}- ^^^'a^^th"e"«r^^o? ?Ss "'l^ h goodness this court wl.l do all that, f,,^ U^j'Tl^n" }',lf*^''"^ dreams lies within Its power to bring about an answer 10 their petitions by letting the arm of the law fall so hsavij- upon vou that you will either be driven from .vour hellish tralBc or Incar- ceraleil behind prison bars until you are willing to repent 'in sack cloth and ashes.' Your business is a stench to the the one hanpy thought lulllne them to Bleep—"My child will not bs a drunkard." .Vre Yon Looking for a Fuddingi Most people are. and D'Zerta Quick Pudding Is the only quick dessert that nostV^^s ^r Sy "anrtlfe^fa w^bS'Ji^. <'«='''^'>!^ ing and !aw supporting men and wo-ier and the entire family Every packmen of our community intend to train age guaranteed under the Pure Food outside of the nrlson wa'is. For you cents. Order today. Makes excellent are inwardly and morally a set of nios warty, slimy, ulcerous vampires, and , ^ unless you cleanse yourselves and en- —^ ;; ~ , , ter some ligitlmate occupation vou' LAVKilO.NE Orton Is thinking of will perish, trembline at the feet' of being a candidate for county attorney vT?,?f"wi.'h"iM !rh" 'n^ ""^'^ ?^ the on the Democratic ticket. .Mr. Orton to^'B ''tll ^n ^SI ='u'}at ^^%X*^d1n"i'^ '« one ^^e prominent Democratic c.:«ce. j\ ' 1 attorneys of this county and Is well "And now. In a Dartlug wonl, let me Hked In Huumbolilt. He would have entreat yo>i that when you once more! a strong following hare. He is a eood Innrl" Xf "™on'"^^H"'i »ff' *^?tJh. °ne;clean man and his party wou'd not snark of man-hood left within vou.i-,,, „ ,» „,.„t, ui~ .u _ kindle It with honest toil until tha " """^'^ V R**"»S him the nom- scales fall from your blinded e.ves,, Ination.—Humboldt Herald. Mr. Cubbiyon has had a phone put,' into his store at Mildred. J. H. Fer;;us went to Topeka last,j week a.s a di legate to the State Horticultural soei'ty. Mrs. Charley Sprlniston and chlld- rrn. spent Christmas with hor parents In lola. Ilclfry boys and Pianiorid hoys pla.v- ed fool ba 1 at M. T.l Wynn's Friday of last week. Ira Oaniblc is visiting frien<ls In this noighborhiKiiI. l.rsMe and .\vlbu'- Heading visited P'rank Ciirley Sundn.v. Most of the work hands at Mlldn^l took a vacntlen Inst week. A niiinhor of the .voung i>«H<pIe of the nelghlwirhood Fpent Friday even ing at Grant Shockey's and Saturday evening at Mrs. Bibens*. They had a delightful time at both places. Mr. May and (Seorgia attended the woilding of Miss Kdna Isaac and Mr. Joo Yoim.r. 'Wednesday. ISarl Fergirs spent the holidays at our State .A,grlcullurai College. Iteulah Shockey and Mary Wynn return 2d to Kincald Sunday evening •after siwnding a week with her parents. Mr. and Mr.s. Ree^llug visited the lattrr's sister. Mrs. HIzie, of Mildred Sunday. .Jerry Hackett and family spent Christinas at •Grant Shockey's. Lewis Wilson of Kincaid 'spant Saturday and Sunday with his father at Mildred. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dozler's many friends In this neighborhood extend congratulations and wish them much joy on their voyogo through life. Mr. Ruxton's attended the recei>- tion at -Mr. Youn-;'s Thursday evening cf last week. Mr. Mcl>aughlin. the civil engineer at Mildred, has his residence almost comp'eted. .Mrs. Walter Miller visited Mrs. Park Shephtrd Friday. \Wlllc Slgler and Mr. Moore each have erecfe;! new barns. Miss Li'Man .\ter and Mr. Lynn Hummlston were married Tuesday ev- For 1908 Yoi^ Will Want ralcndar Fads - Calendar Stands. IS 'ew Blank Books. Inrolce Books. ySv bare tlje gsilft. Onr prices arc right. Come ana see ni. Evans Bros. Book Store ening by Rev. .McArthur. Their many friends wish them happiness and prosperity. .Cora and WJlIard Bibens left on \Vednesday for Parsons. Prank Wynn taught school for Mer- Ibeth Atar Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ehring returned Wednesday from Oklahoma. Their nephew accompanied them home. : DISTFRBED THE C0>'6HE6ATI0 ?i. The person who disturbed the eon- gregatlon last Sunday by continually coughing is requested to buy a bottle of roley's Honey and Tar. Burreira drug store. 1 LEAD IS HIGHER NOW. Zinc Prices Remain Stationery-at Thirty-Six Dollars. Zinc prices are remaining abont stationary, at J36 a ton for tiie beat grades, but it is reported that tbis week's lead prices are |2 higher tluv were the quotations of last week, when lead ore sold for $18 per 1(^1) pounds. This week a number of VT^- ducers assert that lead brought |M a thousand and that the indicatlQiis point to a stronger market. rmsny. ttostdaa* had failed. Both the sboi9 mcntioopd mcdk^es ara Wholly made np from the trivGerlc rxltacUot Batlve. iDMUrinll roots. Tho proc«»« em- pknred In thelrlmmnufaclnre wer* otlatnal srtA Dr. Plen»...and^th«-y aro carried 00 bj •kUIed cbemlstf and i4iarmaclsu ^ "* '"*""*'™?^/^^»irwae cal vitality, but it eats aray Uw iMM^ attto' ^ habtk-fdnalBC A. taAndli^ la sitatadoa "Ton hare t>ecoiBe the vipers, aoor- plona and adders that infect onr com- munlty and that.llTin watt to atiotf You naturally would prefer to treat yourself at home, for any form of female trouble, wouldn't you ? Well, it can be done. No reason why you should not' bie able to relieve or cure your suffering, as thousands of other women have done, by proper use of the Cardui Home Treatment Beg }n taking the well-known femtle tonic; For sale at an drugstores. JM MoofbMril of ibcUbdi I. T..vrites'lyfy vtf9 had nffen^ yovadflM^ I gmhwtiw CM HooM Treatment aodnov she Ittidtra^ SoUlgri' WiriE OS A LEITQ^^JSr''

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