The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 25, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, August 25, 1936
Page 13
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THE BAKERSK1ELD CALIKORNIAN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1!)36 13 Ltjal NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS N«tlc» Sealed proposals, addressed to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, and endorsed, "Proposal for Construction of Timber Bridge across Beardsley Canal on Sno*r Road," will be received by the undersigned until ihe hour of 11:00 o'clock A. M. on the 1,4th day of September, lS36, at the office of the undersigned In the Court House, Bait- •rsfleld, California, at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read, for construction In accordance with the specification* therefor, to which special reference Is hereby made, of the following work :tnd Improvement In the County of Kern, to-wit: Il«m 1a. Excavation. Item lb. Kmbankment. li«m 2a. 40.344 Thousand Feet B. M. Redwood Timber, In place. Item 2b, 26.214 Thousand Feet B. M. Douglas Fir Timber, In place. Item 8. Three Fire Barrels, In place, complete. The foregolhg quantities are appro*. Imate only, being Riven as a basis for the comparison of bids, and the Board of Rupervlsors does not, expressly or by Implication, agree that the actual amount of work will correspond therewith but .reserves the right to Increase or decrease the amount of any cla»s or portion of the work as may be deemed necessary or expedient by ,the feaid Board. Plans may be seen, and forms of proposals, bonds, contract and specifications may he seen at the office of the undersigned and they may be obtained at the office of the County Surveyor, situated at Bakcrsfleld, California. Bidders on this work are hereby notified that the Board of Supervisors will Insist that the work be completed within the time limit. A penally clause, relating thereto Is contained In Article IV of the form of contract above referred to. A hid may be rejected unless the bidder has Indicated on the outside of the sealed envelope, In which his bid la filed, the number of his Slale Contractor's License. N6 bid will be considered unless It Is made upon a blank f6rm furnished by the undersigned and accompanied by. cash'or a check, made payable to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and certified by a responsible bank, In an amount equal to at least ten per cent (10%) of the aggregate of the proposal, or by a corporate . fturety bond for the said amount, payable as aforesaid. The Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, has, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 897, Statutes of 1931, ascertained the general » prevailing rite of wages for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute the contract, and It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom the contract It awarded, and upon any sub-contractor under him, to pay not less than the specified rates, viz: Craft Rate per hour Bridge foreman 11.125 Brldfe carpenter 1.125 PktnUr j.OO Teamster 75 Truck drlver~ 75 Laborer (skilled) 76 Laborer (common) 625 Shovel operator (power) 1.375 Caterpillar operator 75 Blacksmith 1.00 Blacksmith helper 75 Watchman 625 Any.craft not herein named, not less than J0.625. * Time and one-half to be allowed for over-time and for work on Sundays, and on the seven holidays, viz: Now • Year's Day, Decoration Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. The Contractor shall forfeit as a penalty to said County, ten dollars for each laborer, workman or mechanic employed, for each calendar day, or portion thereof, such laborer, workman or mechanic Is paid less than the above stipulated rates for any work done under this contract, by him or by any sub-contractor under him. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to accept the bid deemed for the best Interests of the County. Dated ut Bakersfleld, California, this 19th day of August. 1936. F. B. SMITH, County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Aug. 21 to Sept. 1, Inc. NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE CLOSING OP PORTION OF MERTON AVENUE, ETC., IN THE THIRD ROAD DISTRICT. Nonce Is hereby given that a petition has been received and filed All- gust 18, 1938, by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stato NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of'Kern County will meet at their rooms In the County Court House, City of Bakers. field, County of Kern, State of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m., Monday, September 14, 1936, for the purpose of consummating the purchase f*>m C. L. Taylor and Ola R. Taylor, his wife, Raymond G. Taylor and '_ Dora Louise Taylor, his wife, for the • sum of $1400.00, of the following hereinafter described real property, towlt: The west half of Villa Lot 40 of Drury's Addition In the County of Kern, State of California, as per map recorded March 18, 1907. In Book 1, Page 101 of Maps in the office of the County Recorder of said County, excepting therefrom the south 75 feet; and also excepting therefrom a strip 30 feet wide on the north und west sides thereof reserved for public roads. Said property Is to be used for public purposes, to-wlt: for Hospital Grounds. Any and all persons interested In the matter may appear at the above mentioned time and place and be hoard. Dated August 19, 1036. • F. B. SMITH, Clerk of tho Board. August 21 to September 11, Inc. Notice—No. 7712-J. In tho District Court of the United States In and for the Southern District of California, Central Division. United Stales of America, Llbelant, vs. 1325 Gallons of Wine, Respondent. Whereas a Libel was filed In the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, Central Division, on August 21, 1!'30. by the United Stuten of America, against 1325 Gallons of Wine, in a cause of seizure, condemnation and sale; and whereas, by virtue of the process and form of law to mo directed and delivered, I do hereby give public notice to all persons' claiming tbe above described property, or any part thereof, that I have lie lied the same and have It In my custody; and I further Rlvo notice to all of said persons claiming said above described property, or any part thereof, that they be and appear before Bald District Court, In tbe Court Room thereof In tho Federal Building, at Los Angeles, California, on Monday, September 14, 1MB, at to o'clock a. m. of that day, then and there to Interpose their claims, and to make their allegations in that behalf, said day having been fixed us the day for tha return of tbe process issued In the above entitled matter and for the hearing of said cause. Dated: August 21, 1936. Robert E. Clark, United States Marshal. CALL FOR BIDS of California, petitioning tho Board to close, vacate, discontinue, abandon, and abolish certain portions nf roads In tho Third Road District described as follows, to-wlt: Parcel 1. Beginning at tbe Intersection of the South boundary of Knolls Slrflol \vllh the west boundary of Merlon Avenue and running thence south and along Ihe wesl boundary of Merlon Avenue lo tbe north boundary of Ihe alley in Block No. 37 pf the Keith Addition, thence west and along said north boundary to the east boundary of A Street, thence south and along east boundary .of A Streel, 20 feel, to the south boundary of said alley, thence east and along south boundary of said alley to west boundary of Merlon Avenue, thence south and along west boundary of Morton Avenue to north boundary of Bernard Street, thence east and along north boundary of Bernard Street to east boundary of Merton Avenue, thence north along easl boundary of Merlon Avenue to south boundary exlended of Washlnglon street, thence northwest and along the south boundary extended of Washington Streel lo Ihe wesl boundary of Secllon 21, T. 29 S., R. 28 K, M. D. M., Ihence north and along west boundary of said Section 21, to south boundary extended of Orango Streel, Ihence easterly and along the south boundary of Orange Street to a point, which polnl lies at a dls 1 - iance of 40.0!t feel, measured said soulh boundary of Orange Slreet. from the weslcrly boundary of Beale Avenue, as said Beale Avenue now exlms, Ihence soulheas- erly and along a circular curve of 30 ft. radius, concave lo Ihe soulh- wesl, lo a polnl on Ihe weslerly boundary of said Beale Avenue, which point lies 40.09 feet, measured along said westerly boundary extended from the Inler- secllon of Ihe weslerly boundary of Beale Avenue exlended with Ihe *oulherly boundary of Orange Slreet, Ihence northeasterly »nd along the westerly boundary of Bealo Avenue extended, to a point, which polnl lies soulherly a distance of 100.00 feel, measured al Hghl-angles, from Ihe southerly boundary of Lot No. 35, of Tract No. 102B, thence norlhwesl- erly In a direct line tq a point, which point lies southerly a dls- lance of SO.OO feel, measured al rlghl angles, from Ihe. southerly boundary of said Lot No. 35, and which point lies N. 77° 05' W. a distance of 20.00 feet from Ihe west boundary of said Beale Avenue, Ihenoe N. 77* 05' W. and parallel to the southerly boundary of said Lot. No. 35 to Intersect the south boundary extended of Knolls Slreet, Ihence wesl and along the south boundary extended of Knolls Slrccl to tho place of beginning. Parcel 2. Beginning al a polnl on the cenler-llno of Orange Slre«l which point lies weslerly a distance of 147.88 foel from tho center-line of Arlington Street, measured along said center-line of Orange Street, thence southerly and at right-angles lo ccnler-llne of Orange Slreet, a dlslance of 30.00 feel lo a pojnl on Ihe soulh boundary of said Orange Slreet. the point of beginning of this de- scrlpllon; and running Ihenco weslerly and along Iho south boundary of Oranpo Slreet lo Ihe northwest corner of Lot No. 21 of the Mesa Tracl, a point on Iho easlerly boundary of Beale Avenue, as said Beale Avenue now ex- Isls, thence • norlheaslerly and along the easterly boundary of Beale Avenue extended, to a polnl, which point lies at a distance of 60.00 feel, measured along a radial line, from the circular portion of tile south boundary of Lot No. 1 of Tract No. 1029, thence easterly and parallel to said circular portion of tbe south boundary of said Lot No. 1 to the place of beginning. Both Parcel No. 1 and Parcel No. 2 lie within the boundaries of Secllons 20 and 21, T. 29 S., R. 28 E., M. D. M.' and Ihe hearing of said pellUon has been sel for 11:00 o'clock A. M., Monday, Augusl 31, 1936, al Ihe rooms of Ihe Board of Supervisors. In Ihe Courl House. City of Bakersfleld, said Counly and Slale, al which time and place all persons Interested In the closing of said roads may appear and be heard. By order, of Ihe Board of Supervisors made Augusl 10, 1936. F. E. SMITH, Clerk of the Board. Aug. 17 lo 81, Inc. English Soldiers in China Attacked PKtPlNO, Aug. 2G.—Throe British soldiers were fired upon while returning to their barracks from u. motion picture, the British embassy disclosed today. •The shots came from a moving automobile and one soldier was wounded In the leg. The incident created apprehension hero because of rumors It was Instigated by Japanese seeking to avenge the slaying of Klauku Sasaki, a Japanese soldier, May 26. Japanese officials accused British soldiers but the latter woro acquitted by a British Consular Court. As a result of last night's Incident the British embassy requested tho C.hlnese government to protect British lives and property In China. S EVOLUTION May Be Heuded for All-Four Posture or Two Other Destinies, Says Uy HOWARD W. HLAKESLEIS Auoclated Pirn Science Kdltor HAMILTON, N. Y., Aug. 25.— Man In his evolution may be headed for an all-fours posture, or for a survival of only tho slim walsted, or for a race that forgets Us three square meals and eats frequently and lightly. The reasons were advanced today by Dr. Donald A. Laird, professor of psychology at Colgate University, In the Medical Record. He reports that after finding that office workers slowed down and made Increased errors the first hour afler lunch, he experimented with Colgate students to learn whether blood drawn from tho head by dl- gesllon explained the dullness. Students did mental arithmetic after eating and while lying with their heads lower than their feet. In this position they were better than with heads higher than feet. Dr. Laird found the explanation In the "splanchnic reservoir," the area where the blood gathers around tho viscera. Digestion, ho staled, draws blood from the brain to tho splanchnic reservoir temporarily. Feet above head drains It back to the brain. "In the assumption of an upright position through evolution," ' Dr. Laird states, "homo sapiens has gained advantages and suffered losses. If mankind went around on all fours the blood supply to tho brain would be better. "The superior size of tho human brain may be an overcompensallon lo make up for this slowing and Inaccuracy the upright position brought In Its wake. Sleep may bo more Important for men than animals, because the horizontal position permits an Increased flow of blood to tho brain. QTIFFQTBIIPPIf ollrr olRUbbLL New Deal Leader Opposed by Ex-Governor Conner in Mississippi (United Press Leased \\'lrrl JACKSON, Miss.. Aug. 25.—Senator Pat Harrison's "Gentleman" school of politics and Senator Theodore O. Bilbo's "give 'em h—" system met In a Democratic primary today with Harrison's Senate scat tho prize. H was Martin Sennott Conner, former governor who sought to oust Harrison from tho seat ho has held 18 years, but tho real Issues were new deal advocacy versus "tho man Bilbo." • Experienced politicians said tho diversion of tho voters' attention from Harrison's record as chairman of the Senate finance committee and an administration leader had brought his position to great Jeopardy, Former Governor Conner campaigned against Harrison on a strictly anti-Roosevelt basis. Harrison made his fight as a Roosevelt man. Bilbo, himself a former governor, Ignored such dull subjects and stumped every county but one of tho state with speeches designed to obtain the vote of tho "one- gallus boys." Bilbo supported Conner because he had n grudge against Harrison, tils senior In the Mississippi congressional delegation. Harrison once saved Bilbo from political extinction by getting him a $0000 a year job clipping newspapers In Washington when he was out of office and broke. But Harrison offended Bilbo later by getting Federal Judge 13. R. Holmes elevated to tho Court of Appeals over Bilbo's opposition. Judge Holmes 15 years ago ordered Bilbo to Jail for 30 days for contempt of court. British fugs Tow Italian Warship (Unite* Press Leased Wire) GIBRALTAR; Aug. 25.—The British admiralty tugs Energetic and Rolllcker arc towing to Gibraltar the distressed Italian cruiser Gorlzla, It was announced today. Tho warship, It was reported, sent distress signals off Tangier, Morocco, and the tugs were sent out at once across tho straits. It was understood the Gorlzla was damaged by tho explosion of the oil tanks In her bows. No casualties were reported. L A. PRODUCE MARKET FINANCIAL LETTER (Associated Press T,eascd Wire.) LOS ANG1CLKS, Aug. 25. --Kenns: Good local Kentucky Wonders S'i'SMo lb., poorer 2%<5>Ho; brown seed Kentucky Wonders 2<ff2Vic, green ports ,1c; locn.1 LlniHS 3(f83<4c, Llmas 4fR>4%c, good San Diego county Llnms 4fl>4V4o pound, Cabbage: Local Cnnnonbnll JI.OOW 1.25, best. $1.40 crate, ordinary 75itP85c. Cantaloupes: LOCH! H-Hs, standard 1I1-27S 6B<5>76c, 36s 40<JfBOc, best liiio, 4Ds 2B(fi)40o, best 60c. Corn: Good Chlno lOvergrcan 40<9>BOo Ing; No. 2s 1Bc; local Country Gentleman 30(fj)40c; Evergreen 35©40c; Golden Bantam 40(fffiOc lug. Grapes: San Jonquil! valley seedless l%<i?>l%c, best 2c, ordinary IVic lb.; Red Malii^as 2%(if2i)ic; Lady Fingers llifj)3%c, Muscats 2Vl(S>2Hc; Rlblern 50 2%c: Escondldo Muscats 20i2V4c; local black Haniburgs I ! H(fi)2c; Red Mal- agas 2©2%c; Rose of Peru H4®2%c; Tokays 2%ff'3c; Concords and Isabel- las 2%S)3c lb. Pouches: Yucalpa and Beaumont Hales from cold storage, ,10f<J!48s, 4-lb. B6-02s 3%c, 70®>72s So, medium sl/.cd Elbortas from cold storage 8%o, Hinaller 3c; Idahos 2%<B 1 3c, smaller 2o, Halo clings 2c lb.: extra large Antelope valley Hales 4%<f?)5c lb.: San Joa- quln valley Hales from storage, 36-48s 4c, 56-60s 3%c lb.; Curry Seedlings, 48-riOs 3(9>3%e, 70s 2%c; best 2-layer Pulora clli)gs 2c lb., small fruit 25(0) 30c lug; Phillips clings 1^(S)2c; local Cun'y Seedlings 2%(ff3e; Cucamonga Rlbertas, 4-Bs 3o, 5-fls 2%'e, B-7s 2c, Lovells lV44fl%c. Plums: San Joaquln valley Kelscys from slorage 2%ft3c pound, large local Kelseys from storage 3@3Vic, medium 2(8>2 %c, smaller l%e; Santa Clara counly largo Presldenls 3%<3> 4c; San Joaquln valley Burlons 24ifi> 3c, Diamonds 2(S>2%c; Yucalpa French 2'Ac, Grand Duko 2Miif?>3c, Presidents ?3%c, Satsumas 3Ms(8>4c pound. PotalocH: Ordinary Saugus field run While Rose $1.75(»2.00 cwt.. Nuovo $2.25, Chlno U. S. No. 1 While Rose J2.35. Squash: Local White Summer 75(fi> OOc, besl $1.00 Ing, dark colored Kalian $1.00(91.25, best $1.50, llglil colored Italian 75<S>90c, Yellow Crookneck 7B(jJ>8Be, fair 60@60c lug. Tomatoes: Local, Orange counly, San Diego county and Ventura counly Slones 4x5s 45(ffiBOc lug, large edge pack 2-layer 85(!?>40c; 6x6s 50@6Bc; 6x6s 45«!>60c; 6x6s 40(fi)40c; 6x7s 80@> 85c lug; local and Ventura county Ponderosas 4x5s BOWBBc, best 7Bc; BxBs 65<S>86c. 6x6s 40BOc., Ox7s 35(8>40e, largo edge pack 2-layer 4B(jJ'50c > ; besl San Dlogo counly Ponderosas 4x5s 65ffi)7Bc. BxBs 7B@>85c lug; local Red Kgg 40@>60c per 12-pt. tray, small Yollow B0(3)60c Iray. Walennelons' Local slrlpos 18-22- Ib. $10.00@11.00 Ion; local and Turlock 24-lb. Slrlpes $12.00; San JOH.- nuln valley 18-22-lb. $8.00ig>9.00, poorer and small $6.00(5)7.00 Ion. NEW YORK CLOSE Tho Gorlzla, launched In 1930, is of 10,000 Ions, one of the four ships of tho Zara class. It has eight Sinch guns and 32 antiaircraft guns, ranging from 3.9 Inches to .50 caliber. Though Its complement Is not given publicity, ships of the same relative class carry a few more than 700 men. J. A. HOQLE A CO. Members New York Stock Exohanu* A driiKKlng tape Indicated Ibn low voluiiH! nnil spiritless market which characterized the Henslon. Vuliiino equulod tluil of yesterday's 800,000 HhiiroB. The early morning rally WHH succeeded by snmcwhul lower prices al the close. Monl of Iho activity wan In tho stool nnd sugar stocks based on earnings and trado reports bill U was slow going. Hoard room cuslomers are largely dominated by Ihe uhartlntn Which expect tho market lo soltlo back to Iho 155-100 area before a solid base for resumption of tho advance Is luld. This oxpoctallon Is partially backed by the unfavorable) picture presented by tho sharp and sudden break of last Friday. Regardless of whether the market sottloH back 10 points from this level or whether a change In psychology takes pluco at present levels ro- mains to be seen but there Is nothing to change Iho longer term as- poet, of tho situation or tho oxpocta- lion that September will present favorable markets. drains opened somewhat lower but changed their direction during today's session and Iho close, was at or near the day's high prices. Tho close yesterday was on a resistance level which today appears to havo held. At least the fouling perslsls along grain traders that a rally Is due during the next, several days of tho week. Tho cash markets continue the strong and Influential feature behind the corn fuluros. 11 In doubted that there will bo little change In tho corn market until tho next government report Is available. The wheat market will soon bo entering tho planting period for the winter crop. This Is important since subsoil moisture Is entirely deficient and moisture reports will be carefully studied. STOCKS AT N.Y. BAR SILVER 'Name Shigemitsu Envoy to Moscow (Associated Press Leaned Wire) TOKIO, Aug. 25.—The Japanese cabinet today announced appointment of Mamoru Shigemitsu, former vice-minister for foreign affairs and once minister to China, to the post of ambassador to Moscow, succeeding Tamcklchl Ota, who resigned. Ltcal Notices • Nollce Is hereby given by the Board of Trustees of the Rockpllo School that bids will be received by said board for the purchase of tubular bteol universal school seat and desk wnlts. 36 size A, 37 size B and 77 size C. 4 quartered oak teacher's desks, 30x54 Inches. 4 quartered oak teacher's chairs. 1 gross Sengbush Ink wells, No. 49. Any further specifications on file with Clerk of Board. Tho above lo be delivered lo Rock- pile School on or before September 10. Blqs to be In writing and to be accepted until 8 p. m., August 26, ut which time they will be opened at the ' Ro«kplle School. Board reserves the right lo reject any or all bids. AAUON NEFK, C'lork of the Uoard of Trustees. August 13, 20, 25. NOTICE OF SALE OF RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 10, 1936, sealed bids will bo received al Iho office of Ihe Clerk of Ihe Board of Supervisors of said Counly al Iho Courl House In Ihe City of Bakcrsfleld, until II o'clock A. M., Tuesday, September 8, 1936, for tho purchase of seventeen bonds of Rio Bravo School Dlstrlcl. Kern Counly, California, of the denomination of $1000.00 each. .Said bonds were Issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of Ihe Constitution and Laws of the Stale of California, and In conformlly wllh the order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on tbe 10th day of August, 1936, and bear Interest at tbe rate of five per cent per annum. Interest payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and scinl-annnally thereafter, both principal nnd Interest payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on tho lOlh days of August and February of each and every year out of tbe Interest and slnklnsr fund of said Rio Bravo School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Karn County, California, of tho Intcresl coupons attached to said bonds: said bonds lo bn numbered consecutively from 1 to 17. Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 and 2, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 3 and 4, $1000.00 each, to run 2 years; Bonds Nos. 5 and 6, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; Bonds Nos. 7 and 8, $1000.00 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos. 9 and 10, $1000.00 each, to run 5 years; Bonds Nos. 11 and 12, $1000.00 each, to run 6 years; Bonds Nos. 13 and 14, $1000.00 each, to run 7 years; Bonds Nos. 15 and 16, $1000.00 each, to run 8 years; Bond No. 17. $1000.00, to run a years. The Rio Bravo School District has been acting as a School District, under the laws of the State of California, continuously since 1898; tbe assessed valuation of tbe taxable property In said Rio Bravo School District was Six Hundred Forty-two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-five Dollars ($642,555.00) and has now an outstanding indebtedness of nothing. Tbe bonds herein referred to were voted for tbe purpose of raising money for: 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; 3. The making of alterations or additions to tho school building or buildings other than such as may be neces: ary for current mal-ntenancc, operation, or repairs: r.. The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of H permanent nature: 6. The permanent Improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal In amount to the par value of said bonds and accrued Interesl to date of delivery, and each bid must be accompanied with a certified check payable to F. E. Smith. Clerk of tbe Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for the sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The check or cash deposit will be returned to the bidder in case of the rejection of the hid and Hie same will be forfeited to Rio Bravo School Dlstrlcl If Ihe bidder neglecls or refuses to pay the amount bid for tho said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of tho bids for said bonds as aforesaid, said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bidder for cash, lawful money of the United Stales of America, subject lo tho said conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rale of Interesl will also bo considered. Tho said Board of Supervisors, however, reserving Ihe rlghl lo rejecl any and all bids for said bonds. All bids must be enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PROPOSALS RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 10, 1936. (Seal) F. E. SMITH, County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aug. 18 to Sept. 1. Inc. (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 25.—Bar silver qulot and unchanged at 44%c. GOVERNMENT BONDS Held on Suspicion of Shooting Wife (United Press Lcatcd Wire) LONG BEACH, Aug. 25.— Charles Miles, 27-year-old brewery worker, today was hold on suspicion of shoot- Ing his estranged wife, Mrs. Nella Miles, and Mrs. Alice Wake, 00, dur ing a fit of jealous rage. Mrs. Miles was shot through tho neck and Mrs. Wake, a Sunday school teacher, through tho abdomen as they attempled lo hide from Miles In Mrs. Wake's home where Iho young wife had laken refuge. Physicians said that both would recover. The couple had been arguing as they drove past the Wake home when Mrs. Miles dashed from the automobile, ran to the door and begged that she be given prolecllon. •»«» L. A. Tax Levy Is Cut Three Cents (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25.— The Los Angeles city council unanimously voted today to fix the city's general tax levy at $1.60 for 1936-37, a reduction' of Ihree cenls over Ihe last fiscal year. The $1.00 rate will yield revenues of $20,274,256, a reduction of $500,000 over last the city controllers office mated. INTENTIONS TO WED SCHMIDT - FRIESEN — Theodore Schmidt. 21, Port Chicago, Calif., und Bertha Frleson, 19, Corn, Okla. EASTWOOD - WHITE — Melville Eastwood, 24, Taft, and lla White, 24, Brawley. Ncff, 20, , both of NEFK-CORNWKLL—Tom and Gladys Cornwell, 3 Bakersfleld. McCANN - LeLAURIN — Raymond J. McCann, 38, of Los Angeles, and Paulino V. LeLaurln, 32, of Hunt- inglon Park. ELLIS-HAWKINS—Thurnmn B. Ellis, 29, and Irene J. Hawkins, 19, both of Alpausb. (Associated Press l,tatta Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 25.—Closing U. S. government bonds: Treasury 4tfs, 47-62, 118.29. 3'/4S. 43-45. 108.17. 4s, 44-54, 114.1. 3^s, 40-50, 112.14. 3%s, 40-43, June, 103.14. X%», 43-47, 109.4. ;!%„, 41-43, March, 109.5. Il'^s, 41, 109.3. 3'js, 44-46, 108.9. 3<is, 4fi-4fi. 106.27. 3%s, 49-52, 100.IH. 3s, 46-48, 106.2. :is, 51-55, 106.6. 2%s, 55-60, 103.4. 2%s, 45-47, 104.10. 2%s, 48-51, 102.18. 2%s, 51-54. 101.30. Federal Farm Mortgage 2%s, 42-47, 102.28. 3s, 47, 104.10. 3s, 49, 103.24. SV.B, 64, 104.2,1. Home Owners Loan 3s. A-H2, 103.17. 29Js,~49, 101.30. 2Us, 42-44, 101.31. (I'nited Press Leased Wire) NI3W YORK, Aug. 25.— Rnllrofldn Atchlson " riiiltlmore ft Ohio S2Vt Chesapeake ft Ohio BB'i Krlo ISH Great Northern, pfd 3!"i Illinois Cent nil 2ii Missouri Pacific 2'i New York Central 40't Northern Pacific Z^n Pennsylvania 37H Southern Pacific 40% Union Pacific 138'Xi Industrial! American Cnn I2l"i American Tel. & Tel UA'.i Hoi-dans 30 I'Htcrplllar Traolor "Hi Cities Service 4'.» Columbia Clns 21 Consolidated Gas 41 % Corn Products 65 Curtlss-Wright «H First National Slorcs 4714 Fox Film "A" 2!) General Kleclrlc, ^itli General Foods 39 Gold Dusl I 13-% Goodyear Tire and Rubber 23',t International Harvest 78^i International Tel. &. Tel 13 Johns-Manvlllo 117W Montgomery Ward 44'4 North American 81 Vi Pacific Gas Hleclrlc 3SV4 Radio Corporation 10V4 Safeway Stores 29'U Sears-Roebuck 81 <(i U. S. Rubber • 28% Union Curblile & Carbon ti'i 1 )* Unltad Aircraft 25H Warner Brothers 12'/« Western Union SiHi Westlngliouso Kleclrlc 135U Voolwortb 63', . C. Penney 86% 'ransamcrlca 13 Metal* morlcan Smelling S:l'/i naconda H71i Jothlobein Steel 03 nternatlonal Nickel 52% vonnccoll Copper B4'/S lepubllo Sloel 21V4 I. S. Sloel 61 Vi ,'anadlum Sleel 22Vi Tobicoo and Sugar American Sugar 58 American Tobacco "A" 100 American Tobacco "B" 102V4 Uuban American Sugar 10?i Ortnt Weslern Sugar 36 1. J. Reynolds "B" BB Olli Atlantic Refining 27V4 'oiiBolldatod 12V4 Mexican Seaboard ' bllllps Pclo 42</* Shell Union I .„ ilandard of California 35V; Handard of Now Jersey 02M iocony Vacuum 13V Poxas Compnny 38 rldowalcr Ass'n, new 16V Motors Auburn Motors 31V ,'bryslor 4 1IIV General Motors 6BMi Itidson '," Packard Motors ' StudebBker 13^ S. F. LIVESTOCK (Associated Press Leased Wire) RICE-COLM— Robert J. Hanford, and Marian V. Bukcrsfleld. Rice, Colin, 23. » ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 30006 year, esti- In the Superior Court of the Stale of California, In and for Iho Counly of Kern. Action brought In the Superior Courl of the County of Kern, and Complaint filefl In the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of salil County. H. A. SP1NDT and JOSEPHINE A. SPINDT. his wife, Plaintiffs, vs. LON W. WYATT, Administrator of the, Estate of David Hanley, deceased, and WALTER LEO KENNELLEY, Defendants. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO LON \V. WYATT, Administrator of thn Estate of David Hanley, deceased, ami WALTER LEO KEN- NKLLEY, Defendants. You are directed to appear in an action brought against you by the above named plaintiffs In the Superior Court of tlm State of California, in and for tho County of Kern, and to answer the complaint therein within ten days after the service on you of this Summons, If served within the County of Kern or within thirty days If served elsewhere, and you are notified thut unless you appear and answer as ahnvo required, the plaintiffs will take judRinent for any money or damages demanded In the Complaint, as arising upon contract, or will apply to the Court for any other relief demanded In the Complaint. Given under my hand unil seal of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California, August 10th, 1930. (Seal) F. E. SMITH, County Clerk. Clerk of Superior Court. By .1. T. STANTON, Deputy. HARVEY. JOHNSTON* UAKER. 359 Haberfelde BulldliiK, Hakersfield, California. Attorneys for Plaintiffs. Aug. 18-25; Sept. 1-8-15-22-29; Oct. fi-13-20-27. Boy Shoots Girl in Tree; Accident (Associated Press Leased Wire) FAIRFIELD, Aug. 25.— Sixteen- year-old Herbert Thomas, Jr., flrnd a small-caliber rifle at a bird In his father's orchard and from a tree, lumbled a young girl, falally wounded by a shol through the heart . Thn victim was Blllle Ramirez. ' 9- yoar-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ramirez. BIRTHS Palo Alto Doesn't Want Film Studios PALO ALTO, Aug. 25.— This staid rcsldenllal town IH nol going to bi> "contaminated" with tho Hollywood atmosphere If Ihe Pulo Allo Rest- dents' Club can prevent it. A club petition Is on file with the city council today protesting the proposed estubllHhmeiil here of Ihe Kdwln Carew Producllons, Inc., motion picture studio. YOl'^'fiKR n/VLDWIN WEDS LONDON, AUK- 25. (A. P.) — Arthur Windhum Ualdwln, 32, son of British Premier Stanley Ualdwln, was married today to Joan Klspeth Tomes, 35, daughter of the late C. A. Tomes of New York und Mrs. TomcB. The ceremony wan performed al Caxton Hall register office. HARTMAN—To Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Cecil Hartman, Fellows, a daughter, Marilyn Jean, Augusl 22 at Kern General Hospital. ESTRADA—To Mr. mid Mrs. Gavlna Kslnida, 209 Lake street, R son, August 23 at Kern General Hospital. ROBERTS—To Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Roberts, Mount Vcrnon and California, a daughter, August 23 at Kern General Hospital. BRENNAN—To Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brenmin, Route 4, Box 35-A, a son, James Edward, August 23 at Kern General Hospital. REEVES—To Mr. and Mrs. . Ralph Reeves, Route 5, Box 276, n daughter, August 23 at Kern General Hospital. HALL—To Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hall, Route 5, BaUersfleld, a daughter, Kdna Kirthlee, August 22 at Miss FYeise's Maternity Home. SHIELDS—To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Shields, Arvln, a daughter, Shirley Mao, August 20 al Miss Frcise's Maternity Home. SUBURN—To Mr. and Mrs. August Huburn, Route 3, nakomfleld, a daughter, Doris Jean, AiiKust 21 lit Miss Preise'K Maternity Home. KENT—To Mr. and Mrs. Olyn A. Kent, 555 Washington iivcnue, Oildale, a son, August 21 at Mlns l-'rclse's Maternity Home. WHISLKU—To Mr. and Mrs. II. I.. Whlsler, Route I, MrFurland, a sun, Rlubarrl Lee, August 18 nt M|KH Fn;ine's Mnternlty Home. SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, AUK. 25. Hogs. 1200; steady to 5 lower; mostlj steady; bulk. 150-230 lb, Callfornlas $11.90(3)12.00; top $12.00 freely; few 250-300 lb. butchers, $11.00^)11.50 about two loads, 205.-215 lb. Brain fei locals, $11.75; packing sows, $8.50 to mostly $9.00. Cuttle, 250; steers scarce, sleady load medium short fed California steers, $7.50; sorled Ibreo heads, $6.50 half loud common, 750 lb. grass steers Jfi.fiS: good under 1100 lb. fed steers absent, quoted up to $8.50; sbo stock steady, part load common grass helf ers, $5.00; load 915 lb. medium rungi cows, $5.00; lightly sorted, good quot ed to $5.50; heavy dairy cows up t< $•1.75 sparingly; bulls scarce, quoled mostly $5.50 down; steers fully Htoady load lots, 'medium. $1000-1140 short fei Callfornlas, $6.50^7.25; load 888 lb Mexicans, $5.75. Calves. 40; noml nully steady, Rood to clioluu; vealers quoted $9.00r<T9.60. Sheep, 800; Nominal, strictly Rood wooled lumhs quoted up to $9.25; ewes salable up to $3.75. Tlinkon Roller Bearing . Equipments American Car Foundry . American Locomotive ... Baldwin Locomotive .... General Tank Stewart Warner 61 42'/ 30 3V 66? 18 POULTRY. BUTTER. EQQS Iccls, AnuisiMiients. Sugars Strongest; Some Gains Up lo Three ( \snnciatea Press Lenied Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 25.— Tho stock wirkol groped for further recovery oday and found Its principal stlmu- atlon In Iho strength of steels, inusemcnls and sugars which ushed up fractions to 3 or more lolntn. TSIsowhcro trends were rather In- :eflnlle, with the molors, utilities, alls, alrcrafts and oils marking line. The close was steady. Trans- ers wre around 850,000 shares. Prominent on the forward thrust voro Crown Cork, U. S. Steel com- lion and preferred, Bethlehem, Cru- Iblo Steel, Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Loow's, Twentieth Century- ox, Warner Bros., Serve), Amerl- ••nn Telephone, Westlnghouso, Du 'ont, Allied Chemical, South Porto Uco Sugar, Fajardo Sugar und Vmorlcan Sugar Refining. About unchanged to a shndo bet- er wore General Motors, Chrysler. Studebakor, Montgomery Ward, Scars-Roebuck, Douglas Aircraft, National Distillers, Schenley, U. S. ndustrlal Alcohol, Consolidated Edl- son, North American, Anaconda, Kennecoll, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Socony-Vacuum, Goodyear, N. Y. Central, Santa Fe, Union Pacific ml Illinois Central. - *»«. LOS ANQELES STOCKS LOS ANGELES, Aug. Industrial! 25.— Bid Chrj'Sler Ill V4 Claude Neon JlVi Globe Milling 8 Douglas Aircraft 71 Taylor Milling 18Vi Lockheed n Banki Citizens Nail 2SV4 Sccnrlty-Flrsl Nail B2W Transamerlctt 13% Mlaoellantout L. A. Invoslmanl 5',i Pacific Finance 26V4 Public Utllltlei L. A. Gas ft. 151., pfd 106% Pac. Gas ft TCI 38W Pac. Gas ft. El.. "A" 32 Pac' Lighting, com 53U Ho. Cal. Edison, com 30H So. Cal. Kdlson, 6, pfd 28H So. Cal. Edison, 5H 27% So. Cal. Ga.. 6, pfd 31J4 So. Pacific R. R 40H Oil! Rolsa Chlca 7% Pacific Western 13% Standard Oil of Cal 35% Union OH of Calif 21 Asked 112% llfi 72% 19 9% 29% 53 13U 6% 26% 107% 39 32% 64 Vi 31 29 28 41 Tit 14% 85 Vj TREASURY REPORT (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, /uig. 25.—The position of tho treasury August 22: Receipts. $8,642,821.01; expenditures, $17,358,119.87; balance, $1,980,685,095.22; customs receipts for the month, $25,314,455.96. Receipts for thn fiscal year (since July 1), $574,482,435.11: expenditures, $SB3.397,755.94 (Including $253,203,013.69 of emergency oxpmidtlures); excess of expenditures. $278,915,320. 83; gross debt. $33.3!l«. 519,071.73, a decrease of $2,309,101.76 under (lie previous day; gold asset:-, $10,690,019,- 13I1.55. (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25.— Butter Extras, 37V4c. Prime firsts, 36%c. Standards, 34%c. Under grades, 33Vic. Eggs (Candlsd) Large—Clean extras, 31c.: light dirt extras, 30c-; clean standards, 27u llghl dirty standards, 25c; checks, 27c. Mediums—Clean extras, 26%c; light dirty extras, 24%c; clean standards, 24r; light dirty standards, !i2c; chocks, 21c. Small—Clean extras, 19c; llghl dlrly extras, I7c. Case counts, 22c. Poultry Prtcei Hens, Leghorns, 2'/i lo 3% pounds, 12r. lions, Leghorns,' over 3% and up lo 4 pounds, 13c. lions, Leghorns, over 4 pounds, I Be. Hens, colored, 3 to 4 pounds, 20c. Hens, colored, 4 pounds and up, 22c. pounds, 20c. Broilers, over 1 und up lo 1% pounds, 20c. Broilers, over 1% and up lo 2',i pounds, 18c. Fryers, Leghorns, over S'.i and up to 3 pounds, 15c. Fryers, colored, 2% and up to 3% pound*, ISr. Fryers, colored, over 3U and up to 4 pounds, 19c. Roasters, soft bone, Burred Rocks, over 4 pounds und up, 19c. Rouslcrs, soft bone, other than Barred Rocks, over 4 pounds and up, lllc. Stags, 12c. Old roostora, 9c. Ducklings, 4% pounds and up, He. Ducklings, under 4% pounds, 12c. Old ducks, lie. Geese, 16c. YounR torn turkeys, 13 pounds and up to 18 pounds. 19c. Young torn turkeys, over 18 pounds, 20i:. Hen turkeys, 9 pounds and up, 20c. Old loin turkeys, 14o. Old hen turkeys, Hi. 1 . Scjtiubs, under 11 pounds, per dozen, Squabs, 11 pounds per dozen and up, 26c. Capons, under 7 pounds, 26c. Capons. 7 pounds anil up. 28c. Rabbits, No. 1 white, 3% to 4% pounds, euob He. Rabbits, No. 1 mixed colors, 3% to 4V4 pounds, each !)c. Rabbits, Np. 1, old, 5c. COTTON FUTURES (Associated Press LeaieA W4re) NEW YORK, Aug. 25.—An early decline In cotton was.followed by rallies on continued reports of orop deterioration from Ihe western belt Llong with trade buying and cover- ng. December, after selling off to 11.42, advanced to 11.63 but met a Itlle more cotton around the 11% cent level and later reacted to 11.46. The mid-afternoon market was quiet and steady with prices about net unchanged to 1 point higher. Cotton futures closed steady, 6*9 higher. October 11.46O11.48; December l1.5liQi11.52; January 11.56; March 11.61; May 11.61011.63; July 11.60. Spot quiet; middling 11.91. CHIOAQO GRAIN 1A ftsociatcd Prrfis Leased \Vltcl fMIICAUO, Aug. 25.—drains rlusnd: Whe.'il: Soptemlier 1,10 ;1 4 *ii 1 .lOTd ; inccinljcr 1.09T«'810.00; May I.OS'il) BANDUCCI—To Ilaiulucci, 215 Melvln Louis, Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood street, a MOH, August 21 at Mercy MARTY— To Mr. and Mrs. Alois Joseph Marty, P. O. Box 582, WUKCO, a son, Louis Edward. Augusl 22 al Mercy Hospital. KRAMER— To Mr. and .Mrs. Keiinelh Hlchard Kramer, H.". Lake, strcel, a daughter, Gloria Laura, August 21 at Mercy Hospital. GREER— To Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Greer, 1028 Oregon street, a son, Gulen Frank. August 22 at Mercy Hospital. CKNTURY-OLI) I'ICTL'RK KOUNO C-LASOOW, Mo., Aug. 25. (U. P.I— A century-old picture of Dr. John Bull, sought for years for the Washington congressional archives, has been found here. Dr. Bull, turbulent pro-Civil War Democrat, turned U'hls to be elected to Congress. KIN<; FOUND AKTKR 'iO YKARS DORSET, England, Aug. 25. (U. P.)— Mrs. O. A. Holding of Wlnv borne lost her wedding ring 'JO years ago whllu picking peas. Tho other day her husband was plowing thn garden when he saw something gill- luring in the soil. It was the mlsn- ing ring. Corn: September 1.I2-'U'(I-I.13; December !J<iT»1(97; May M'.if) !I2'V ('al.s: Se-plemluM' 43: nereinber 4"i n t 'n43"i; May 44%4j44i;,. Rye: September 83'i; December SI; May 78%. Hurley: September 79; Dei.'cmbcr 13. METAjLS MARKET L, A. CASH GRAIN i.\smiriatril I'rens Leased \V\rtt LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25.—Current local grain quotations woro reportei l>y the Federal-Slate Market Nows Service as follows: (Prices quoted are c\vt., field run, In carloiuis only): No. 'i yellow corn, hulk, prompl delivery, rail, $2.550!!.5ii. ArRenllnn corn, quick delivery, hulk $2.1 :••!<• 2.20. California wheat, sacked, No. 1 soft or No. I hard white, $1.70ft 1.72%. California barley, sacked, 44 His. No. 2 bright wostern, $1.05; No. 1, 46 Ibs., $1.67%. California mllo, sacked, No. U yellow, $ l.liO. LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK (Associated /Veil Leased Wfrt) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25.—Hogs. 350, including 187 billed through; steady; few light, $12; others $11.75; locals $11.50 down; sows; $8.0009,00. Cattle, 1200; holdovers 530; weak to 25c lower; odd light steers, $8.50; short-fed, $7.00@7.65; some held higher; plain helfars, $5.75; cows, $4.75<3>5.65; cutler grades, $3.0094.60; bulls, $5.00ft>6.00. Calves, 500; holdovers 412; slow, steady; few vealers lo $10; common to medium calves. $5.50@6.50; heavy feeder calves, $7. Sheep, none; holdovers 900; few sules ubnul sleady; medium lambs, $8.00^8.25; good quoled lo $9. THE WEATHER Sacramento and San Joaquln valleys: Fair tonight and Wednesday; slightly cooler In the delta region; gentlo variable winds, San Franclacn buy region: Fair tonight and Wednesday; cooler, with fog Wednesday morning; moderate wesl wind. Northern California: Fair tonight and Wednesday, with fog on the c'oast; cooler In the west central portion; decreasing northweal winds off Ibo boast, becoming variable. Sierra Nevada: Kalr tonight und Wcdnemlay: llttlu change In temperature; Koittlo southwest wind. Santa ('lara valley Fair tonight nnd Wednesday; cooler Wednesday; viirlablft winds. Salinas valley: Fair tonight and Wednesday, liut morning fug north portion; slightly cooler Wednesday; northwest wind. Southern California: Fair tonight and Wrdncxduy, except nnnetlled vast portion; local thunder Hbow- UI-M prolmlile over mountains; morning fog near coast; normal tjeiitln northwest winds off coast. (Aitsiii'iulcd f'ri'its l.ctixi'tl \\'lrr) NEW YORK, Aug. 25. —Clipper quiet; electrolytic spot and futuro $'J.75; export $'J.57%'ii60. Tin Hleady; (.pot and nearliy $42.12%«i'42.25: future $41.37% ((•41.50. Lead quint; spot Nnw York $4.UOto4.6. : i: East St. Louis 4.«. /.Ine dull; East St. Louis spot anil fuluru $4.80. Platinum $02. Iron, aluminum, antimony, quicksilver am] wolfrumltu unrhaiiKeil. Union Cemetery FURNISHES MONUMENTS GRAVE MARKERS FLOWER CONTAINERS Prints low In kotpinf with (hi time, Offlci it Ocmitiry. Telephone 2231 OFFICES; Beverly llilli Lot Angtltt SakinfielJ San Difga .SV/ Lakt Financial News quotation! and important finincut news frimi leading centtn arc wired dirt-el to our oflicci and immediately potted for your information. Our board room il maintained for your convenience and use at all times. J. A. HOGLE & CO. Mi.MBtB> New YORK Siort; EXOHANCJ* KitablilktJ /9V5 1IOS Seventeenth Sin-el Phono 3210

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