The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 4
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chut BI 1 . L. D. Bluitrlunl. MI r'laror 01 tin* Navy Rfritiilina Hull H 1 Tnrtiy'i nlfrf.ln-ihf.nar'i 1 Iroxrvn i" wrltUn by FREO BECK. «liim'"l I" "" oltlM 0( m«r Allminl I. C Jnlmlon. director of thp oll.r- nl ottictr prorurf men! at Lot Aottrl*'. Cfii'l. Quite some time back- oh. I'd say about lW years— some puvs who lirippenr-M to ho r, forks built .1 iisivy that roiild lick ii« weight in poi- poises. The C.rc'i-l; ii;ivy ill Hie time of Admiral I l\-ses Binned the fad for ii:nie- havine n special woi-d for everythitii: nml Hi'' custom li-'i~ prevailed to tlii- day— -a ml a No there }\n< been very lit lie improvement on the uniform. The I'niled Slates Navy. •which is a pip. never uses Hie word "rope." Wo have nn- other word for it. the word liejiiL' "line." Any seaman who would cnll a line a rope would nl*o get •wlmppod on hi 1 * binnacle with n belaying pin. Also — no navy mnn over say- HOAT when he mean." SHIP. A touyli iind rugged old liosn's male, n rock jawed seadog who ha^ been in Ihe navy so long Hull some of his tattooing i<- beginning to fade. wn< slniidiiiK a' t!)'' hcnd of the gangplank wlirn n grouii of new men cmue aboard. Among these brandnow sailoi-s \va« a gentleman from Georgia, lie was glowing with pleasant cxcitemcut nnd filled with sin rry eyed wonder. "A mighty fine boat, this" he said. "Ah sho' hope Ihe captain will show us iill over this boat." When the bosn's male heard that word "bout" he bristled. He spat out n sally oath nnd roared his contempt of HIP man from HIP hominy he It, adding the observation that the navy was going to pot a* a result of admit I ing such low charaeiers as civil- inns in general and (he lubberly gent from Georgia in particular. "Civilian sailors." he roared. "is making a sissy out of this man's navy." At this point Mr. Georgia made a liltlp speech. "J'.egging yo' pahdon. suh." he said, "ah ha« the utmost respect for yo' navy. "Hut ah can't help condud in', suh. that whenever there is n war on you-all ealN on us civilians to join yo' navy and win the war." These. 1 think, are words of wisdom to be compared wilii anything tillered by Solomon. Judge r.eroy Dawson. Klhcrt Tliibbard or Fred iieck. the Sage of Porshing Square. Yes. the navy would not right now be blasting a road to Tokyo were it not for ex- civilians who wear the navy's blue. And in considering" thai fact — that the winning of a war reipiires thai millions mu>t give up the ln..h privileges of Chilian life — you should bear in mind that the word civilian is without geu- clcr. Civilian- come in two si/.cs, male and female. Civilian wome needed by need I'd. ahead in The WAVKS serve dra- mnlically. in vital navy po-ts. They man control towers at naval air ba-es. They pack (he lifernfts that save men's lives.. They serve as yeomen in administrative offices and as pharmacist's maie<. Thev trnin navy men to fly and in Kunnery. American women. -0 to ."•<!. nre needed now. Fnlc.-s you're building the munitions of war the place whert' you can do must to help win i- in the navy. And. when you fir-t come n hoard if some salty old \VAVK who's been in two years tells you she's seen better WAVKS than you on a seidel of beer, you it'll her what the gentlemen from Georgia told the bosn'l mate. Full facts about the WAVKS. and the good pay rates, await you at Makers field Navy Kecruiliiig Station. Post Office Building. Phone This Advertisement Sponsored by GENSLER-LEE JEWELERS 1434 Nineteenth Street en, ton. na\y. to fmi-h the the Pacific. DAIRYMEN CITED FOR WAR WORK KERN MILK PRODUCERS ARE PRAISED BY MEITH ,. , , , Kfi M i-MUiity dairymen have tlone an . itManding >,l,'in the piodtif- e elii ... . od. especially dairy products." I representative-- of the ipiai termast'-r gi-neial's office, stated at a recent - imeeling of Hie Fluid Milk Advisory : i oimitiilf" in Washington. Mr. Vfith -aid that milk Is an e.-- scnlia.1 p. lit of til" soldier's diet. <le- : Ihcr.-d tn iiim in the form of cheese. f \ ;i|ini atfd milk. . r inil \\lmle milk i povMlfi Holier pioiiuiijon i« down !"f>.- mi".""" pouii'N H "in MM yea i. nc. ii.idmg loT"in I-'. Stills, dairy chief of the ofiici' "I ilistribulioo. and aimy bu\ing ".ill continue through October. Mr. SliMs -aid Dial evapor- a i "d milk and \\ h"le milk powder must be incie.isi i|. The need for whole milk powder is practical'iv limiile>-s. and the giowth in d'-iuand is still of the urea i expaiision in output. Wiring Causes $250 Blaze on Greenhorn A privati- ik'itrio plant belonging! In .1. A. llui-sell was de^tro\ed by f la lies I'riun faulty \\iring Monday "t V p. m.. at Alia Sierra on Green-. hoi n mountain, affording to Hie Sc- ' iiii"ia Natiiiiial l-'or st Sri vii e. ' , I'K'inc." wre p, evented from spreading by the quick .-u'llon of. superintendent, who took preliminary :nea::iire>7 '» Tore the Fulton ! ranger sta'imi crews arrived to put out the fire, whi'-h caused $L'50 worth of damage. Spontaneous ignition started a fire j Monday a' ;i;:'S p. m.. which de- j s t roved a one-story frame garage at ~n\ Dolores street belonging toi (ji-,irgi> Hlahakis. f.oss of building j ,iud eontents was SlTiii. according to I ,|ie city fire department. i ' --------- - ..... ... — - Bill mSUTOnCG DOQrG HeOfS /\U tOrfiODIlC ClUD MGCICl ' _ j ; II. H. Sault. district manager of the National Automobile Club, told L'-'i members of the liakci sfjcld In-i surance Hoard of Ihe services being rendered by his orga nix.a tion at a ni"etiug of Ihe insurance board ' Monday at noon at Hold 101 Te.ion. ; '* KNOI.ANI) — Staff Sergeant Albert .1. Otero recently passed Hirough an air service command sniioned Miiuewhere in lOngland en route to ,i well-earned rest ''"'''' : ' ;i "lissions as a left waist gunner on a H-- 1 Hibei aioi . He fore his leluril to the slates. Ser ge.inl ot''io was awauled the ,\i Mfdal. with three Oak Leaf Clus teis. Ihe Distinguished Fl.vins. ('io : -s. and lie also \\iar.-i t group Presidential Citation. Ser gi-ant otej-o is Ihe sou of I,, (lu-io of ll_' Kast Seventh street. why JAPS wear thick glasses! r° S °'»*<^! h ^ He studied by day..-» e --2&S2KS poor light. ^f *'—»:: ^^* m •- ~~ ^* *M Better fight for better Sight • Sa £*V:.**Wi na//f/ at wears »°Jaj>-thickgl asses He lengthened hi ey es ..f * ""proved his Sight Vsi ^hi3ey esun(ier ' th knut of Light. 8 Remember how we used to advise about Better Light for Better Sight? Thousands of good parents took this advice.. .gave their boys lamps that made studying easier on the eyes. That good work is paying dividends now. Our American boys shoot faster and more accurately than Japs encumbered with thick glasses. Keep up this good work, parents. For the young ones at home now provide Better Light for Better Study Sight. Good lighting is so cheap it does not pay to skimp it. PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY 1240-944 Gold Bond Rock Wool P ...Insures Summer Comfort ...Saves Up to 30% of Winter Fuel SCORCHING summer heat is kept out of your home by the fleecy blanket of fireproof Gold Bond Rock Wool that can be quickly installed by our trained workmen. In winter, it cuts your fuel needs as much as 30% . . . pays for itself . . . helps solve the fuel shortage problem. Up to three years to pay. Find out now—before the big fall rush—how little it costs. \ I dl •c L H. CLAWSON CO. CONTRACTORS and APPLICATORS 270S Nile* Street Phone 9-9727 Gold Bond Rock Wool Insulation keeps •ummer heat out and furnace warmth in. That's why in winter, rooms are warmer with less fuel and in summer are 8 ° to 15 ° cooler even on the hottest days. Color Film Subject of Camera Club Meet Color film was the subject of the Tejon f.'amrra Club at a meeting, Monday evening, at the home of Kd Darrow. r,m .Magnolia street, when Sergeant Frank Toy, of Minter Field, was I lie speaker. He explained the process used in development of kodacbrome film and. following bis remarks, colored slides brought by the members were examined and criticized by the speaker. The program was arranged through Lieutenant Harry Kverett, in charge of the evening. Next meeting' is scheduled for September --"> when the subject will he portrait photography. Four prints may be entered by members tor competition. Concert Box Office Opens September 16 Kzio piua. renowned Metropolitan basso, will open the Kern County Musical Association season on Oc- lober IJ. and tin 1 box office for patrons will open on September 1ti at Trac\ V Music Store. KiL'l! .Nineteenth stiect. "Many mail orders are being received now." according to Mrs. Wallace .Johnson, in charge of tickets Some choice seats are still left for subscribers, it is reported. Woman Charged With Desertion of Children Charged with desertion of her three minor children. Klhel I'-rown w;is arraigned yesterday in .Justice Court of the Sixth Township before .Indue Stewart Magee, her bail set at Sjniio ;ind Judge Ma gee fixed September --' as the date for preliminary hearing. IN RADIO SCHOOL Frank K. Jackson. :.'". TI'.n Bernard street, was enrolled recently in an intensive course at the radio naval training school located on the campus of the I'nivcrsity of Wisconsin. Madison. Wis. Bradley Named for Promotionty F. D. R. WASHINGTON', Sopt. 12. UP)— | President Kooscvclt today noininuted i hlfiitnnaiu-Geiiernl Omar Bradley ! for promotion In the permanent rank I of major-general in rer-nRniton of his I accomplishments on the battlefields I of northern France. ! The nomination was sent to the j Semite along with a long list of ! oilier military promotions recommended by the President. Bradley now is a commanding general of the United States Twelfth Army group. His promotion was recommended by Secretary of War Stimson, who wrote the President urging Bradley be advanced to the permanent grade of major-general of the line "in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments on the battlefields of northern France." Bradley com! manded the ground forces at the time of invasion. In addition the President nominated these officers to be advanced to the temporary rank of lieutenantgeneral: Major-General Thomas T. Handy. who has been chief of operations in all theaters since General Dwight D. Eisenhower went to Knglnnd to take command of Allied forces; Major-General 1.,ucian K. Truscotl, Jr.. commander of the Sixth Corps in southern Krance; MajorGeneral Daniel 1. Sultan, deputy commander of the China-Burma- India theater. Ceilings on Raisins AnnouncedJ)y OPA Kern county raisin producers, de- hydrntors and dry-yard operators were informed today* by the Office of Price Administration of the establishment. of ceiling prices-; for the sale of unpacked dried raisins of the 1U-14 and later crops. The ceilings, effective September 0, are at the level of the support prices of the War Food Admiuistra- li'.n for all except tray slip muscal raisins, which arc based on a recommended price of $210 per ton. and are higher than last year's support prices. New maximum prices are: Natural Thompson seedless. $1SO per ton. 'MONTGOMERY WARD Plumbing and Heating COST LESS AT WARDS SAVE AT WARPS ON THIS ROOMY CABINET SINK! Designed to add new beauty to your kitchen ;;: and built with loads of storage space (almost \7 cu. ft.)! Cabinet is sturdy hardwood throughout, finished in easy-to-clean white enamel. Top n modern linoleum. Sink is vitreous china, stain-resisting and acid- proof! Gleaming modern hardware and trim. Comes complete with all fittings. See it today! SAVE ON THIS MEDICINE CABINET 4.50 Replace that old cabinet now with this modern, gleaming white wall- hung model. Has big, clear-glass mirror. Heavy hard-wood construction. 3 adjustable shelves. New design fits in any bathroom. SAVE AT WARDS ON PIPE AND FITTINGS *. Wards carry a complete line ot long-life, top-quality galvanized r steel pipe and fittings, all at typical low Ward money saving price*. You'll save on plumbing if you buy supplies at Wards. JVlontgomery Ward Dewey Hails Vote Results in Maine Conlimird From Pagn On<" eluded a large number of Sioux In- diaus hi native dress and a mounted horseman squad in colorful regaltfl. The Dawson county plum creekors, a famous trick riding organization, turned out in force. The governor and his party left immediately fop MeKelvie ranch. Dewey will confer with midwest cattle raisers as well as party officials during his two-day stay at the 13-rnnm ranch home. Paul K. Lockwood. secretary to the governor, announced schedule ehanfjos which will take the Republican nominee into Sheridan, Wj«o., Thursday anil to Billings, Mont., for an overnight stop before going on to C'oeur d'Alene, Idaho, Saturday. leaving Valentine tomorrow night. Ihe governor's campaign train ^111 arrive In Sheridan Thursday where the New York governor will hold Ills regular round of conferences, including iu this case representatives of Ihe livestock and sugar beet Industries. At Billings, he wil a group headed by Ford of Montana. Governor C. A. lie greeted by Governor Sam .MISS A.MKRICA—ried-haired Venus Ilamey, I'.', Washington. IJ. C., the newly clowned Miss America of lli-H, is first red-haired contestant to win title in the IS pageants held ;it Atlantic City. Psychic Science Is Topic of Meeting A discussion of research in the field of psychic science by the author of many books on the subject, Dr. llereward Carrinjjtoti, was. featured at the weekly Kiwunis Club luncheon meeiing Monday at noon at I'.akersfield Inn. Claude Blodgclt was chairman of the day. Mel Hay reported to the group on the division five district caucus of Kiwanis held Sunday at Kingsburg to which he. Hen Stinsou and Karl Cady were delegates. Klwyn C. Schwartz, supervisor of music In Kingsburg public schools, was chosen lieutenant-governor of the district. he announced. Kiwanis ['resilient Albert Phillips announced that Holly Miller will take over the chairmanship of the public affairs committee which Henry De hacy has resigned. (iuests at the meeiing included Lloyd Frick, Al Anderson, son of member Andy Anderson, Lieutenant Norman Jackson and Ken Lewis. Holtolfsen of Idaho will confer with Dewey in Coeur d'Alene and Governor Arthur B. Liinglic'of Washington will head the group which will wet- come him to Spokane late Saturday. After a quiet Sunday there, the Dewey parly will move on to Seattlft where ho will make the third major speech of his campaign tour Monday- night. Dewey was greeted boisterously at Booiie, Iowa, last night by a crowd which gathered around his train when it stopped there briefly en- route to Valentine. Want Relief From ARTHRITIS PAINS? Try Ty«mol on Thi» Monoy-f, Back Guarantee If vou are sufterinp from the stabbing "pains of arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica or neuritis, go today and buy a tube of Tysmol at any good drus store. Apply this delightful absorbent to the part that hurts and watch results. You should see a difference alter the very first application. Should Tysmol fail to give »atlsfae- tlon by relieving- the torturing pains^ soreness or stiffness In muscles or liga* mcnts, Just return empty tube and th« manufacturer will refund your money. You will find Tysmol pleasantly distinctive among preparations of iti class. Guaranteed to be free from narcotics and dope. Sold by leading druggists everywhere. Caution: USB only M directed. Always in stock at HUGHES DRUG STORE and OWD —Adv. (JKT PRISON TERMS LOS AXGKLLS, Sept. U'. UP)— Russell K. Clayton. 2H, and Bennett n. AVestmire, 3d, convicted last week of attempted rape and robbery involving Kli/a belli Valenzuela, LM. were sentenced 'oday to long prison Swore at PILES! But Now He SMILES! YOU miy mill* too. Us» doctors' formula for distress of piles. Same as used adjiinciively by spec'lallsts at noted clinic. He nmazed si p:iln. lu-h, soreness net «uob QUICK relief I Cet Sl.OO tnlio Thornton & Minor'i Rectnl Ointment today. Or cet the easy-to-npply Thornton * Minor Uectnl Suppositories, oit/y » lew cents more. Try DOCTORS' way TODAI. At all coorl drug stores everj~wher»— In Babers* field, at Huehes Drus Store. NEW MS. 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