Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
Page 2
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Oossip of &)ciety ' Useful Odes. Ho i)oninfl her vorse on white fools- Tliat lo'il rif riipi <I's caiiors; SliJ answ«:vi;: "Sciul nio inoro. olj chaif:. Thoy make such nice curl pajicrs • —ChcaRo Xows. •> The Fool <5ir| and the Star Actress. Isii't 1» fft^cinatljiK to be nn actress? nivsn't that ni;\kp«i) hurt your ccniploxion? I »;iiiiiiiisM vrMi :iri' nil like one larse faniily—nrcSrt yonT Can you'r.^coBiii;:c anylwdy in tlie audience? ' ^^lhat Is your favorite iilay? And why? Doesn; that stuff over get in your eyes. Do you really feel the emotions yr>u KO fhroiiRh? \\Tiirh do ynu like best, comedy or traged.v? .^iitl why? I know a ipreat ninny actors and actresses, and I think they are 5 ;o nice. : . —Life. + * + 500 Club Party. Mr. and |^?rs. .Tames 11. Camidiell were at hotfie to memljcrs of the 500 cub laste?eninc durinR a very de- lliihtful par(y. In the card came the lirizpR were.civen Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shields. The luncheon tables wen* set for I>r. ind Mrs. H. V. Dresbach. Mr. and .Mrs. Glenn F'iuney. .Mr. and Mrs. M. SfThoenlirun. Mr. and .Mrs. E. n. Shle-ils. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shields, Mr-i and Mrs. A. P. Harris: Mr. and Mrs. Frank IWood. Jfr. and Mr.«. <l1i-nn D. Finney will entertain on .Viondny, .lanuary ];>'. I • • •> F«^r Royal Club. Mrs. \y. .Adams pave a twelve o 'clock dinntrr yesierday for Indies of thine Kova' >eiub and enterta ned informally hi li^ie afternoon. Ther,> was a very pleiH-rit hour of conversa t'on and Mrw. .\dams served a very elaborate buKhiHMi. The i :uesi.s were Mesdatnes T. M. rumminj :s. A. W. Slillw;ll. U. i\. Wydiek. U Atsbniijh r. .1. Mvers.; I. K. Hawlev. n W WiLilfo, «T, H Wlliamson. .1. H. \Vo)fe. A. W. IJedlotr. Missi-s Lilie nixl' Unnie Adams. ; * * • Epwort^ Leanue Social. The home ut Mr.'aud itn. W. H Root on Soufh Svcamore, w«» comfortably filled-with yodnic people last evenlnc. when the Spworth lirapue of the First M <Hhadist chnrch rave a pocia'. Tho iBOlement weather kept many Kuosta 3kt tume bnt the pven- inK was fe»tn('edby the merry Raines and impiVNni^ nun^ieal nrini?iers Punch and wrtfers wore served in the dinlBs room. i * * * Roller Skatina Popular. Jnrt now Miss Society is lie greeted, for the popu'ar pastime (!f roller skalinr,- Everybody seems to have b .?conie -suddenly I Removal Snle AT S wall's Jewelry Store !.s S i!' Coiii- On. Firs-t dpor Ncrlh Post«fflce cessful soinctimes) to at least learn to walk op roller skates. Tlie younK- t< rs deny thenis?lve8 candy and save I 'Ciiuies to pay admission fees and ihcir elders load a strenuous life In try ins to iind time to enjoy this novelty and yet not neglect dutl;?s. Prob- Pertonals. Bliss AiU Mylcr Is spending a few days in ChaniUe. Miss Emma Hyde and Mlsa^, Bess Hydfi are in Oklahoma for a''^8li6ri visit with ralatives. Mrs. J. D. Amett Is a puest of Mrs. F. A. Doan, of Chanute today. Miss Hclene Tholcn left yestrrrtay for Wachlta to completo the term in Mount Q^armel Academy. Miss Boatrlce Doxs.^o will return to her dutii>i in St. I.ukc's bosjiita! Kansas City on the approachins -Monday. Miss Gladys Xorthriip and Ethel Horton wi'l return to the Sterrett schof>l in Oiicago on Monday. .Miss .Mary Northrup will leave for St. Ix)Uis tomorrow after a holiday vacation with her parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. F. A. Northrup. Miss I-innle Adams will spend the week end with relatives in Chanute .Miss Florlne Dumbaugh and Mrr. D. T. Dunibaugh have gone to W'ich ita where .M'ss Florino will le uiii< her studies in the convent. Moiin* Carmcl. Mrs. Dunbauph will return next week for a visit with Mrs. Herman Tho'en'and other friends. .Mrs. C. F. Ilildncr left todav for Grand Rapids. Michigan, wheri' she At»the Churches First ChBrrh of Christ, SeleatlsL Sunday school at 10 a. ni. Chnrcfa service^at 11 a. m. Subject, •God." Testimonial meeting Wednesday at S p. m. Ser»-ices are he'jd in Christian Scl encc hall at UP East Jaclcson. The bail is used as. a reading room from 2 to -t p. m. each week day. The public is cordially invited to attend services and visit the reading room. MRS. E.M.MA E. ADAMS, i^rst Reader. .St. Timothj'.s Episeopal Church. There will be sert'ices and sermon tomorrow morning at II o'clock. Sui) iecf of sermon, "Our Greatest Need.' .All arc cordially invited. Sunday school at i*:4't a. m. REV. J. U. KRUM. I). 1). ably in a week or so when niPmbers} ^ili visit htr parents, .Mr. and Mi-s. nf the voiinKer set have recuperated i j. Kick. from nuuM-riius tumbUs and stiffen-j yi^ ^vd Mrs. Georte A. Frv. Mrs a miiscli-? they will at least r, ni-m-1 rtyr„n P.uni.s. Mrs. Charles Frv.'Mjss- licr that t{i<' New Year has born iish -[ps Barbara and .fessic Frv have re- ered in w:ith a cini para lively quiet! turned from f^awrence where ihev at- w<ek and get busy. ! tended the Ringler-Fry wedding. * • * Mrs. .1. R. Hurloelc. of .Moran has Entertained Priscilla Club. ht-en the guest of her inothor. ,Mr.=!. Mrs. W'l S. Goodin was at home nook for the past few da-.-;:, with Mrs. .7. G. MIttb'baeh y--s|erdav| jiiss Kthel Ciilllson is home froi:i .-.fternoo!) to entcrljilii the Prir.ellla! ^ visit in Walnut. club. The i-onms were prettily decoi'-l jjr. Charles I^raden of Elsmore and afed with xrepe papi r. re<l and gn en [ Mr. Squires of Humboldt, were h.^re and holly y^as used. Tiier.- was a Jive; to attend tho K. U. Hantpiet last ev- o'clock luhchi-on for about twiiity, .trues ts. Those Brides-tobe. There are two girls in Vola wh <i nro keeping the public cues «:ng. the t )el- ety reiKirfer is lnelndi><l, as to w hat j friends, dale of the month and day of «h>>'| week tb^vlhave chosen to be marri <><I j Mr. Ray Ponsler of St. Ixiuis. is here fo- a visit with his parents, Mr. and- Mrs. I.. I.. Ponsler. Mi.^s Fay Ooff returned to Kansas City today after a week's visit with on. It la no secret amoni: tiii-lr friends thiit the wedlUig will occur •.(ii>n. but Avhnt's t!ii> use of buxiie: a li>t of r'r<';and be.scir.g eld shoes frini lie nelvbiin>-s w'lb i>'i di-flnite ilea as to th:»:t'me they a-e to be ur.ed If those j;lrls "i;lv Vin-w what an awful hloi- it is to tbi> mrlo-iiv of the feminine |)orliou of the town to be k"pt Iiv. susprnve about a weild'ng. espeeiallv :about Mie <!res.;es tlii"'v> Just had tjiaili'. th. y 'ur <-'y. wnu'-i • as much lis to give till' iiclubborl' —d gossips an, Inklln): of the truth. 1'ia" would help some. '> •> • Informal Party. Mrs. Oti,s IjiGrange is eiiterlali in- nieiiihcrs of her Sinidtiy seh'xd <-' iss loda.v. • For Miss Goff. Miss Fay Goff. Miss Rirdle Mi.-r; NoMij; Rrieham and Miss Etna McClain wer? tjuests of Mis^ I'.lsa Pepper, South Cottonwoo<l st;eei last evening at a dinner jiarty given in complinprnt to Miss Fay Goff. Aft Club Meetinn. Register Want Adii. Brlnir Resnlts. Watcb Repairing! I'rrsliytorhin Church. First Church, Rev. S. S. lilL-ichcr he |)astor will preach at 11 a. m. and ii'iO |). ni. In the morning the lord's Supper will be celebrated and mem- icrs wilt be baptized and received The session will meet at. the church .It li»:uO a. m. to meet any who way desire to unite with the church. In he evening the sermon will be on "Hebrew Proverb and the Young .Man Can He lie Go<k1 and Happy?" This is t )ie first of a scries of five. Come and hoar it. Sabbath school at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. Llltle llnildcrs* Cliapel, .Mrs. E. N lones. Supt. Hoy'a Sabbath schtxil at 2 p. ni. Regular Sabbath school at 3 p. m. Church service at 7.;J0 p. m. WZvangeilstlc meetings every night next week. Itiissrtt ClinprI, Wm. Davis. S;ii .t. Babbath school at ?> p. m. The Christian Church. The morning topic is the God-.Man: III the evening. Heaven as a Home. .Services at 11:00 and 7:.!0. Y. I*. S. C. E. at C.-M . A conlial InvHaiion Is extended to all. R. H. ELI.ETT. .MInist >r. Whcfi y-ur watch i^^cl cut of order don't fai to brlu^ it licrc—\v arc practical watch ad j listers. The Art fclub held a business stSF- ion in the Y. M. C. A. parlors yester-1 iKissesscd of i day aftemcion. The business :•< laf- a desire to spend part of each day in ' ing to the= exhibit held recently oc- making attomjits (and they're sue- cupied the attendon of ni?mher3y Mo. I'ar., Santa Fc and M. K. & T. Watch Inspectors. OF • ''S^ PERSONAL KNOWLEDG] Personal knowledge is the vrinning factor in the culminalmg contests of iHis compctibvc age and when of zm^c character it places its forlimate pSsicsJor Hi ihctfront'raiAs of • i Hie WeU Informed pf the World. A'vast fund of personal knowledge is rea^ essential to the acliicvemcnl of the highest excellence in any field of human effort.' A ;Knowledge of Forms, Knowle^e of Functions and KnowU edge OT Products arc oil of the utmost vs^uc and in questions of life and health when a frue and wholesome remedy is desired jt should be remembered that S >Tup of Figs Said Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., is an ethical product which has met with the approve^ of the most enunent phyucians and gives uniferdd satisfaction, because it is a rcnie<^ of Knbwn Quidity, Known Excellence and Known Component Parts aftd has won the valuable patronage of jnillions of the Well Informed of the ^ world, who know of ti-.cir own personal knowled^ and from actual use that it ij the (iist and best ;of family laxatives, for which no cxtiavefgant or unreasonable claims are made. Thn valuable remedy has been long ai^ fa\'orably known under the name of— Syiiip of Figs — and has attained to worldwide aOCeptance as the most csceUent family laka'Jve. As its pure laxative {ftinciples, obtained fro:n Senna, are well to physicians and;thc Well lafomied cf the v/orld to be the best we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Smp of F'gs and Elixir of Se.ina — as mcac fully descriptive of the remedy, ' but doub'Jcss it will always be called for by ih? shorter T name of—Syrup of Figs—and tq gel its beneficial effects, always note, when ipurchaang' the full name of the Company—C$Homia Fig Syrtip , Co. — printed on the front^of every package, whether you call for—Syrupjof Figs — or by the full i name—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Sehna. tDpiSVIU.E,KY, :toSp< SAN FRAfilCfSCp.GAU NEW YORK.N^C First Methodist Church. Sunday school meets as usual at 'i:l.'.. .Iiinlor |eagui> at ;! and Eiiworth ;e !V .;iie nl ri.:;0. The eleven ocloelj I rvice will le eoiidiieteil by the pils- 'or assisted by Rev. \. M. Perry and 'be evening service by the pastor and nmther Perry, with a special view to revival God is revivini; His work :\w\ it is the lime for extra work a'oiig \]\U • Ine. The pastor Is not able to ron- tinue ihe service thniiiKh the we -k. but will utlllxe each resular servio" as an opportunity for I he salvatbm of souls and the endownient with power by the Holy C.bost. .Ml meniiiers of the church are nri;- • d to-attend and come to the help of !h<' l.ord in this matter. Programs will bo given each person entering the church at the morii- r.g service and should used at th"* service and then carried homo for use dnriiiK the week. Much information is eoutaincd in this first one and yon wil' be assisted by taking them with ynu. We hope to make this a r.->s;iil .Tr fialiire of llie work hereafter. Revival song iKioks have heen orderfd and we propose to give tho p.-ople a chance to find the lyord. We -call upon all to call nightly upon the l/>rd in prayer. J. M. .MASON, pastor. Lowney's ClK>coIates THAY ARE FRESH. A cho'ce assortment of thi.s popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocti- lates here, our personal pledge of their treshncss goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and hce how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. lOaaE OlREOtORY. KMRIITS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of .Maccabees of the World meets in.K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. H. Porter, record Itecper. W. 0. W.^-Camp No. 101 meets !• K. of P. Hall every Friday night. T. Steele, C. C; A.H.D»^ Cleir Visitors cordially inTited. KMGHT8 OF PTTIIIld^v osl- Lodse No. 43 raeeU every ^ oda night at K. of P. Hall. VimO bro thers invited. W. S. Thompson. <1. C: Chris Rltter. K. of R. and S. ir. Vr. l ^The M. W. A, Lodgr meets every Friday night In M. W. A hall. VislUng brothers luvlted. W.H Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clen BOTAL KEICIIIBOBS.— Tola Cat-u No. 866. Royal Neighbors, meets stiv ond and fourth Tuesdays of ear- mouth. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, oracle.- Mrs. Mary Button. 413 W»«- SUaei. Recorder. Business omEorqiir • • •••••• • • • • • DB. MeXIIXEK, • Special attention given to': the * treatment of all Chronic Di^eas- * es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Res.-232. •' OfBce in Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. • West Madison. • • Phone 687. Res. ;70L • .DB. 0. L. COX( • Eye. Ear, Noae kM Throat. • BpeeUeles Properly Fitted. • Office A- O. O. W. Dld«.. • • a Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. BB. B. O. CHBISTIAH. fhysklaa ui Sirfeca. Rooms 7 and 8. Svans Bldg. FBATEBNAL BBUTUEBIIUOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 mceti second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O.U.W. Hall. VlsUIng members oordlaly Invited. W. H. An< derson, president; Golda Elam. sccre- Urjr. Jinlor Order Inltrd Amrrlrnn .He chulcs.— Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Halt. All visiting members Invited. R. A WIdIck, Counoelor; C. D. Black, Ree Secretary. • R«s.TeH98. Office Tel. 163. • • DB. J. B. PEPPEB. • DenUst • Is p«rmanently located ovex • & C. McClaln's Clothing Store. • and Is prepared to do all kbuU * • of up-to-dnte dental work. / «, • • evening work by appointment * F. H. MAUTIX, Surgery and Diseases Women. of Distflied Water One hondred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of dlsUllcd water suitable tor famUy use. Try it IolaIc&&C0ldStora.*:eCe FRANK RIDOLG. Mgr. * Oniee arid Residence Phone 576 • • ^ Onice 7 .North Jefferson. • • • • I • • a • »5*. The Reformed Church. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sermon. "The Fixing of a Purpose." J->,-- ening service at 7:.''.0. Sermon, "U.v- Path Meadow." Sunday sch'Hil at ;»: ir>. There will be service each ev ening of next week except Saturda.v. The Holy Communion will be eel brated next Sunday. .Tannary the 12th. LOUIS C. HARNISH, Pastor. Ser- Baptist Chnrrh. Siind.-iy school at 9:4.'". a. ni. Mornin.s service at 11 a. ni. moll. "Kishers of Men." It. Y. P. V. at fi:.10 |i. ni. Kveiiiiig service, at 7::{0 p. ni. Sermon, "The A It C of ReliKion." W. H. GARFIKM). Pastor. Importnnt. Hntll further notice I will pay the cillowinp prices: 'lean ruhlier 6'.tc Heavy and copper lOc lood scrap iron ."t.'c to .'>0e •,ood rass COc to 73c 'lain finart beer bottles Per dozen 15e to 20c Kqually high prices for all kinds of junk, hides, furs. etc. Be sure you are at the right place. a S. BARNARD. The Most Reliable Dealer. I.,. Krnpp's Old Stand. 324-326 North i;uckeyc, lola, Kansas. HELPED CAPTURE AGUINALDO. One of Fonston'.* Party Charged With Forging Colonel 's Name. Detroit. Michigan, .Tan. 4.— A warrant was Issued today charging Klen- tenant R. F. Hazzard of the Seventh Infantry. United States army, stationed at Fort Wnyne. with forging tho name of Colonel Gorman to a check for $4650. The warrant was Issued on complaint of a local grocer. At Fort \\^yne It was said that Lieutenant Hazzard is In the guard house and could not b<> interviewed, and that a court-martial would convene on Monday to try him. Hazzard was with the party in the Philippines imder General Funafon. which captured Aguinaldo. He Joined the array with a volunteer regiment In 1898. For b^st and qalrkest rmalts itse the Bfiglster Wut Cvhiaas. STEYER'S GROCERY Hacrfquarters ter Good Things to Cat. Teie |>hoDe 159 The "Oar Way" Restaurant MBrehaiiis' lunch 2 So Everything in Season. SHnRT Orders oi' all Kinds DB. W. B. HEiUIUJ. Fkysleten * SirgcM. Office N. EL Comer of Sqnani, Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 503. • P. U Lathrop, • Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATJUC PUTSICIAira. • Special attention given to a*- ^ eases of Women and CbUdrea. € Over East Side Hardware.' *C OlBce 'Phone. Main 468. * W. H. IHDKBaOir, Attoraer-at.Law. Noury and Stenographer In Office. Phone 4ES. VXUMS, In Howell Conoty, MissonrL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritpion and price of what }ou have. - J. T. (aLHOCR. Pomona. .Ho. A Bij Special Cut on on all kinds of Merchandise until things change. A. G. MOMMA* Prop. • H. A. fCwInjt. 8. A. Qard, O. R. Card • Eir»«, GABD * GABS; • • Lawyers. " • Practice In all Covrta. * • an W. Madison. PhoM ttt. • JEWELERa B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jewalw, 110 East street LivinqstoD ^ Co Ceatraeim u4 B«04tn. All khids of work a apecUlty • Seatli Sjfmmn. Pkeae KM R. S. GitniLMM, Btmtna Cmrtneur. riagstone and Cement SIdawalka a^ Curbing a Spedalty. lis Bast JacksvB Am Pk*M tU. nmoiMLO Gomgmay Office and Storage Ware Room at f J West Street Phone 3Jg9 Stockholders' Jfeetlng. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of stockholders of ihe iola Ice and Cold Storage Co.. of Iola« Kansas, will be held at their ofllc«'Jft; lola between the hours 2 o'clock and-4 o'clock p. m'. Monday, January 13th, 1908. , > fn* FIUNK RIDDLB. Seo*Jc 7 Tola. Dec SO. 1»07. • ? BEfllSTB WAKT AD g«te It

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