Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 3
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We thank you heartOy for your patronage and wish you a "Merry Christmas** Open until noon tomorrow FOR TRAVIS MORSE Y. M. C A. Bible CtatB Presented Him a Set of Book*.—Raised Funds for Missionary Work. I^ast evening at the meetins of tlif Y. M. C. A. Bible class. John Manlcy. of Topcka, Assistant State Secretary of the association gave a very interesting talk to the members of the class. At the conclusion of Mr. Manley's talk an offering was taken for the benefit of the Foreign Missionary work. The offering amounted to $o7.5Q, which is prob.ibly the largest amount ever given by a similar organization in the city. Travis who Is the founder of the Y. M. C. A. class and who is large- j ly responsible for Its success was pre-j sented with a set of books last evening as a token of the high esteem and an appreciation of the services he has rendered to the niembens of the class. WAVJiKLY. -O Mr. .li-!:n Vaughn Is to coininence :i new liarn al once. MIS. .!obn Cox is on tlie slek-list, lint iii iiiiproving slowly. .Mrs, .Minnie Hallard spent a few days vi.^lting her 'sister, .Mrs. Conner, last week. Charlie Itigg.^ baled bay for \V;ilter Young last week. Marion and .lulia Co.\ <-anie home to spend the holidays. -Mr. .A. Uiggs i.s hauling corn to I>a Harpe. .Iaiue.> .\lfCuin has his new barn linished. .MIS. .Mfa Xelstm is preparing to move i<» Oklahoma the lirst of .vear. \V. \V. (Jillenwater will have a sale about the ."ith and then move to Oklahoma. Mr. .Mack Vaughn of .Missouri has m^ved on to Seiiter place. KNTKKT.II.N rAKK >TS. UvKist«r Want Ada Bring Results. .9- WKSI.EY ClIArKL. i The Junior Y. M. P. A.. Have I'rograni for Tomorrow Mghl. Tomorrow evening at the Y. M. C. A. building the junior members of the association will entertain their parents, brothers and fiisters. There will be basket ball games, gymnasium stunts and other form.< of entertainment. The amusements will ^all be furnished by the Junior members and will show to a certain extent the work and traitiing which the boys recehv at the association building. —Dr. J. K. Tepper, Dentist, Phone ICS .Mr. riaek's hiive friends from lowji visiting them. Mr. Paul bought Mr. Wright's corn on ih>' Smith phice. .Miss Flora Rogers spent Sat\irda> !tii;rht at .Mr. C'rumpley's. j .^lr. Klack's tiiid .Mr. Moore's drove J to lo'.a Tnes<lay. j .Ml-. Smith vvas di-liveriiig fbristrna! ! books this week. .Mr.s. Tip Daiigherty and .Mrs. Rob DiiUMlierty left .Monday for Oklaliotna to spend Christmas. We wish the Register foreo a tiierry Christmas and Happy New Year. A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year to all Bnrreirs Drug Store West Side Square KILLS THE BOYCOn IJiick .Stove ('nni|iuu}*s Counsel Do Clares Kecent Deitislon Most Iiii- ]>orliint Since Drlts Case. Philadelphia. Dec. 1-1.—James M lleck of New York, counsel for the Hucks Stove company, who made the closing argument for the com|)any. In ^•ommenting on the Ciompers-MIIcheU Slorrison case, said: "Counsel for the Hucks Stove com liany in this contempt proceedings, re •uctantly discharged what seemed tc be an imperative duty, not only tc :heir client, but to (he juiblic. Had .ve not done so. decrees of courts ol equity against the widespread boy :ots of the American Federation ol Labor would have become worse thai: 1 farce. "This case (mght to be the death <iiell of the boycott. If so, it Is thf most important-decision In a labor •ontroveisy since the Debs case ol IS'Jfi, from which It only differs In the fact that In the Debs case physical /iolence was used to paralyze Inter state traffic. In the Hucks stove case he insidious and far more dangerouF iiethod of a boycott was employed." noon Fr .NEKAL TODAY. Tlic .StTvlces Wern Held at the .Sec ond Baptist Ciinrcb. The remains of Jaines Hood of lh< Ninth (•. S. Cavalry who died Monda) It Ft. Bayard, New .Mexico, arrived here this morning. The funeral ser- i'ices will be conducted from the Sec ond liaptist church at 2 o'clock this Mfternoon. Rev. Gordon will preach the sermon. Interment will lie made In the Highland cemetery. To Kansas City. .Mrs. A. W. Brown has gone to Kan sas City. She is to visit Iter parents .Mr. ami Mrs, W. H, May. (ione to Topeka. As.:!stant State Secretary Manley of the Young Men's Christian Associa tlon left his morning, for bis home In Topeka where he will spend the holidays. Si>«nd CliristniUN In KanROs Citj-. Elvie Gllllatt, machinist-operator on the Register, left this afternoon for Kansas City to join his mother, who Is spending the holidays with her daughter. Christmas comes but once a year and to all of you we extend Christmas Cheer We thank you for the past patronage and hope to merit future patronage Geo. D. Bright Go. H. A. JONES, Hai^^ GAVE HIM GLAD HAND OLD FRIE.NDS BEJOICE WITH COL* ' Iras OVER THE PARDOX. HOCH PREDICTS SUCCESS GOVERNOR OF KANSAS SEES POS­ SIBILITY OF PROSPERITY. Mn. CoUIiiH, Mother of Pardoned Con Tirt and His Sister. Tbank (be Execntlre. (Kansas City Journal.) Topeka, Kas., Dec. 24.—John Collins lost no time In thanking Ciovemor Hoch for bis pardon. He reached Topeka at 6 o'clock and went direct to the, new Collins home. After fondly embracing bis step-mother and sister and talking a few minutes withlbem he sat down with the family to "tea. Whan the meal was finished he said to bis sister: "Well. Grace, what Is the program for this evening? Stay at home and have a good visit?" That's part of It," replied Grace, "but there Is something else on the bill." What Is It?" he asked. 'Why we will just step up the street to the executive mansion and thank Ciovernor Hoch for his kind action, replied Grace. / •Yes, we will spare .von long enougli for that, but no longer." remarked .Mrs. Collins. "That's very satisfactory ti> me," replied John. "I want to let the gov- arnor know as soon as jiossible how thankful I am." Tells He's TliaukfnL So Grace threw on her wraps and conducted a personal excursion to the governor's home. John was the only 3.\cursionlst. They only spent a few •nomenis at the executive mansion lohn shook the governor's hand and told how grateful he felt and how thankful he was. And I hope that I shall so conduct myself that you' shall never regret your action in my case," said John. "You have a great futiwe before .vou," said the governor, "and I feci sure that you will nmke the best of your opportunities. Stay closely by .voiir mother and sister and you will be all right. You have no Idea how Jlligently they have worked for your freedom. I am glad to have given vou your llbert.v. l believe you were unjustly [lunlshed. .Vow I want to see vou become a useful man." lU-coguized >o One. John Collins came In last night on the C o'clock I'nlon Pacific train ac compunied by his half brother. Grant .Meade, ol" St. Joseph. They siieni several h<iurs in Kansas City street cars riding and buying Christmas pros ents for the home folks. John was Iressed in a new gray checked HIIU. "While not car riding Grant speni most of his time kwklng In shop windows, and I B|ient mine looking at the (jeople on the street.s," said John, did not see a single (ace in the whole throng that I recognized, and I am quite sure that no one recognized me. Wien we went to the dei>ot to talie a train for home I met some Topeksi people whom I know and who knew me. I also escaped notice on the train. When we reached Lawrence I pulled down the window blind and removed my glasses to escape the gaze of curious people." A Happy Tea Party. Several people recognized Collins OS he alighted from the train here. A few old friends shook his hand arid told him they were glad to see him back home. The greeting he received when he reached the Collins home were very affectionate. His mother and sister both tl\rew^ their arms around him and the three wept with jfV. As soon as they could swallow the lumps in their throats they told each other haw happy they were. Finally Grace excused herself and prepared tea. "It "was, perhaps, the happiest tea l»rty ever given In Tojieka," said Grace afterwards. John said he had nothing to say about bis future plans. "In fact. I have none," be said. "I want time to think over things. And as for personal stuff the reporters pumped me dry at the prison last night. I am mlgbty glad to be home with my loved onet. I appreciate ail that has been done for nie by kind friends and I am especially grateful to uovernur Hoch." \Vhen be left tbe priHon yesterday youuK Coilini drew 114.70 at back Mlary. "Tbe clerk banded me tbe money," said be, ""and I put It In my pocket without counting It, But be We apprectatej jTouir Halfiflay patrottage and take tliljs method of thanking you for it hy wi§hiiig yon a Mierry Christ- i Great; Western Land Co. For Rent—Ine 4 room bouse, one t room house, one 80 and one 40 acre farm. It you have a farm for rent, list It with us. We have calls most ever) day. For Exchange—Good 7 room, mod em house close in,.a good home and t good renter. Good land In Howell C9. Mo., to trade for tola residence-property; 160 acres In Woodward Co. Okla.. to trade for two residence properties in lola. For Sale—160 acre farm, one of thf best In Allen Co., 120 acres in cultivation, 40 la. pisture. 5 room house, large barn, small orchard; no stone Il/you have money to put into a good investment this Is tbe place. A loan $3,000 can be made on this farm. See us soon If you want it. Price 935. Money to loan on farm and city propertyA Come to our office over the Palace Shoe Store and tell us wbal you want. Fair treatment and Square deals. but I kept drawing at odd times and only came away with 114.70. Most of my 'salary' for the past ten years has been spent for newspapers and magazines." A Perfect Record. The cell which Collins has occupied for nearly ten years is tbe second one in the north cellhouse. It Is exactly the same as all tb^ rest of the cells. Collins, being a clerk ate at a later hour than the other prisoners, but ate the same food. He was always tbe last man locked In his cell at n^ht He kept a complete record of the cell- house. This means keeping track of all transfers, new jirlsoncrs admitted, prisoners going out. also a record of tbe punishments or penalties imposed for violations of rules and cases of sickness. He had a perfect record as Iirlsoner. Warden Haskell and all the prison officials have always had the kindliest feeling toward Collins and were pleased to see bim regain bis freedom. 'John's release gives^a lot of the king termers new hope," said a prison ifflcial. "Yet It discourages them somewhat too, because they figure that only a few can l>e pardoned each year and consequently each one pardoned lessens their chances for that .ear." THIRTY MILLIONS SOLD. Great Demand for the Red Cross "Merry Christmas" Stamps. Washington, Dec. 24.—Thirty million Red Cross "Merry Christmas stamps have been sold to date, netting tbe American National Red Cress In the neighborsood of 1300.000 which will be e:(pended In the war upon tuberculosis. 'The sale would have been much Greater." said National Secretary Magee, "If we could have supplied the demand, but It has been impossible, although we have had three of the biggest printing establishments ' In the country busy day and night. Next year we will sell 1100.000,000." MARK TWAIN'S DAUGHTER. While Out Sleighing Is Sayerely Shak •n Up in a Runaway. •old he wanted to know that U> oonnt waa ligbtrso I pulled it out and count* •dj it^: Had I nof. drawn fuqr of. vy Redding, Conn., Dec. 24.—While out slelKblnK tbe horse became frightened and the alelgh In which Miaa Clara Clemeni, daughter of Samuel Clemena (Mark Twain,) and^Ortlp Oabril- owitsch, tbe Rnsalan plantit, driving waa orertnmed. Hits Clement waa' thrown under the aleigh, eieaptng with a aevere shaking up and the reaultant nervous ahock. Mr. Oabrilowltadi, who Jumped aa the aleigh went over.i grabbed' tbe horaea head. preveoUng a runaway, but aprtUntag aikle. ' > :^ BE NO ADMISSION Skating Rink Open to Visitors Tomorrow Afternoon. The skating rink will be open all day tomorrow and in the afternoon the regular band will commence playing at 2:30 and play up until 4:.'50. Tbe regular charge of 25c will be made for the use of skates but people who desire to watch, the skater:: and h'ear tbe band are invited to attend without any charge. BASKET BALL TO.MGHT Baker Unlrersity and High Scliool Teains Play «t Y. M. C. A. Tonight on the Y. M. C. A. court the picked team of basket ball players from the Baker University of Baldwin will play the High School team of this city. Tbe Baker boys defeated tbe Auditorium team Tuesday evening by tbe close score of 24 to 22. The High School and the Auditorium teams have each won one game from the other by a very close score p.r.,1 the game tonight promises to be a good one. Tbe game will be called at 9 o'clock. doooboooooooboooo O AUCTIOXEER. O O Am now booking sales for Jan- C >f^ O uary and February. Claim your O "-; O date early. The lowest terms; O V^Sj O satisfaction guaranteed. Write O" O or phone at my expense. O O E. E. VICKERS, O .j O 1204 N. Jefferson. lola, Kas. O O Phone 833. O. 0000000000 00^00 00 OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. Now is the time, you know, to have all the summer dust cleaned out of your, carpets. We are busy, but your order will ; receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Phone SIO. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street. EXHIUITIXG .'ttl'SHROOMS. Judge Smith Business picked up in tbe probate Judge's office yesterday. He married Local Company Ha.t Harvested their First Crop. Dr. Lathrop and P. A. Holden of the ,IoIa .Mushroom and Production Com- W. D. Stanley and Ella .M. Unsley of pany are today exhibiting the flrat' Moran and issued licenses to J. H. [mushroom grown in the. company's Harris and Clara E. Tharp. of La beds which are located at Riverside Harpe, Emii Reman and Ida Elliott Park. The company has thirteen beds of Tola, and Earl Russell and Grace' each of which have about 150 square Maxwell both of Humboldt. Bnckner Funeral. The funeral of Mrs. .Mary Biickner, feet of mushrooms that will be ready ..^^ for the market In a short time. With- ''^^a in the next three or four days the the colored woman who died i^lght be- local market will be suplled wpith fore la^L^from the effects of a fall, i mushrooms'which ire home grown, was held this morning. The services.The company has already received or-" took place In the Second Baptist ^ ders from out of town parties,' but Church. Burial cemetery. occured in the new ^ these orders will not be filled until I the local market is-overstocked. SEVENTY-EIGIIT YEARS Ado this ftimbus old medicine became Bavonbly known as an effective remedy for Coughs and Colds. Today ML J). JAYNES U known and used oil over the world for relieving and curing Coughs, Colds, Bropehitis, Pleurisy, Croup, Whooptng-Cough, Inflaihination of the Lungs and Chest, and Asthma. Countless thousands of honries ore never without a bottle of this standard medicine. | Sold by all druggists, in three siz9 bottleM, $, 5Qc.and25c s^jA^ lea

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