Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 2
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24, tm^ ^Fltzgenld, Into Lfrery. Pkon«^ LOVE'S APPETITE. | Love grows by what It feeds upon"—' I'll have a slice of moon, I A liberal cut of rustic bPneh, i And please enclose a spoon. i "Love grows by what it feeils upon"—• Then me some kisses brew, A half a prns of honeyed words. ^ ^ And a maiden Just like you. "Love grows by what it feeds upon"— Sb cut me a cares.s, A pound or two of toasted hugs— And—a sugar-coated "Yes!" —Oscar Loeb In January Gunter's. + • • Family Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freeman. 423 North Washington avenue are among those who are to entertain relatives at dinner tomorrow. y> *** ^ Dinner Party. Miss Holmes and Miss Gertrude Holmes were hostesses of a coterie of their friends last night at dinner. "jThe honor gueats were several} girls who are visiting here for the Christ- mfts season and the Yuletlde idea was prettily carried out In decorations In the dining room and parlors. The dinner tnbl«» was trimmed with holly and the places were marked with sprays of mistletoe cauglit with ribbon. Lighting was from wax tapers. Covers were placed for Miss Gladys North- nip, Miss Ruth Swallows, Jfiss .Alary Northrup. Miss Ethel Horton, MlSs Leila Griggsby. Miss Bertha Swl.ijart. Miss Elizabeth Boner, Miss Lela Holmea and Miss 0«rtrude Holmes. • • • Box Party. These young ladies were guests at a box party at the Grand theatre last night: MIs^ Gladys Northrup, Miss Mary Norfm-up. Miss Ruth Swallow.-? Miss Ethel Horton. Miss Bertha Swigart, Miss Lela Holmes, Miss Lelia Grffgsby and Miss Elizabeth Boner. 1 , <. Priscllla Club. One of the pleasant club meetings of the week was the party which Mrs. A. W. Howland and Mrs. M. F. Sickly gave yesterday for the PrlscIIla cluli. The guests were entertained at the home of Mrs. Sickly and in honor of the «vent the parlors were trimmed with holly and other green and there were several Christmas bells among the decorations. The guests spent the afternoon with needlework and the hostesses served a luncheon at five o'clock. Miss Evelyn Howlani assisted during the afternoon. The guests were Mrs. Johij Delap. Mrs. Colonel Lanyon, Mrs. Joe McKinley, Mrs. Paul Klein, Mrs. Henry Howland, Mrs. George DeCIute, Mrs. S. S. GORHAM Solid SHver! In Knives, Fork.<5. Table Spoons. Teaspoons; the best thing you can give for Christmas Gifts. Game ^els. Carving Sets. prt'.'?cnls that will last. Rich Cut Glass, Deautiful Hand Painted China. Handsome and useful presents In countless numbers will lie found at this store at low |)rlces and best qiiallty. The Christmas Store, the idiice where you can depend on the things you buy. McNEILBROS. THE JKnSLEKS. tSifif^r for We bare a bost of articles In oar storlc tkat are most appropriate for fift Khlag;. Goods that make gifto of a uefal and oraanental. nature. diMBds tkat Jure • lonr Ute. fioo48 In SterllBir Sliver and .GteU Ja dainty mie pieees «o BUierau tkat selection* are exeq^nally easy. In fact, vietjtking iM onr atock Is .fp- ^ jirapriate for flft i^rlnr. Dont fail to Inclnde as In joair skoppln; list. tSferilnr Teaspoons $t mp per Hilscher. Sirs. S. .V Card, .Mrs. A. W. Howlaud and .Miss Evolyn llowlauJ. • • -> Sorosls Club. The Sorosis club's second meeting for December was held yesterday at tho home of Mrs! M. Jasper, on North Oak street. The holiday season with its duties and preparations for Christ­ mas'had the effect of decreasing the altciidancp and the program was very brief. The paper of the day wjis read by Mrs. Q. W. Holmes, who chose the subject. "Humorous American lecturers." There was no business meeting but a plea-sant social hour was enjoyed. • * * To Leavenworth. Miss Emma Hyde and Miss Bess Hyde left today for Leavenworth They will spend the holidays witi relatives there. • • • Mr, Smeltzer Here. Mr. Chas. Smeltzer who is attend ing the University of Chicago, arriv ed last night for a visit with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. D. Smeltzer To Give Dance. One of the elaborate social affairs planned for next week is a dance to be given by Miss Gladys Northrup at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs D. P. Northrup. The Invitations an for Friday evening, January first. • <- -> Card Party. Miss Bertha Swigart, 214 South Cottonwood street, has sent out Invlta tlons for a card party to be given on Tuesday evening. December 29. The party Is in compliment to a few visiting girl friends. • • • To Visit Parents. Mrs. Chester Wood, of Bartlesvillc ies here tp spend Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Morrison. , • • * Christmas Party. Mr. and Mrs. L H. Lemasters are to entertain a company of friends morrow at an all day party. * • • Mr. and Mrs. Florence to Entertain. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. fHorence will celebrate Christmas tomorrow with « party for a few of their relatives. * * * s Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Harris of East} Monroe, have asked guests for a dinner to be giren at noon tomorrow. • • * Oin to Homo. , Mrs. LanmBarnea of Kansas City.' foimufly «ift of money in remembrance of the Christmas tide. • * * To Visit Sisters. .Miss Mary Hilles and Master. David Hilles of Sapulpa. Okla., arrived today to spend Christmas hero. They will visit Mrs. A. P. Harris and Mrs Glenn Finney, their sisters. • • • Home For Vacation. Miss Fay Noyes who has a school at Bronson this year, will spend the Christmas season here at the home of her iiarents. • • • Mr. and Mrs. Gilfiltan Here. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. QilflUan, of Nevada. Mo., arrived today to visit Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Gilflllan for a week. • + To Nevada. Mr. and Mrs. H. Denning have gone to Nevada to spend Christmas with friends. • + • Misses Bennett Home. Misses Ethel and Lola Bennett are hr>re for the ChrlAmas vacation with j their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ben JiH-tt. Miss Ethel Bennett Is attend JiuK K. U. and Miss Lois is a student In a Missouri school. • • •. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart to Entertain. Mr.i and Mrs. Harmon Hobart arc to have several friends and relatives jna their guests tomorrow, j * • * j To Elamore. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mylor will spend Christmas In Elsmore. They will be entertained by relatives. j • • + j A Program Dance. j The Marchlneal club which is to I give a dance tomorrow night will use ! programs for the evening. The dances will follow a grand march. • * •:• To Kansas City. j .Mr. and .Mrs. D, H. Glore, 311 South First street, left today for Kansas City. They will visit until Saturday iwith their son. To Attend Weddiiig. Mrs. John Post and daughter. Miss smma, of Colony, came down yester- :{ay to attend the wedding of their friend, Miss Mildred Rhodes. > • * Rhoades-Snavely. One of the first of th« Christmas weddings was solemnized yesterday at the home of Mrs. Laura Rhodes when her daughter Mildred was given In marriage to Mr. William Suavely The marriage service was read by Rev. R. H. Eilett, pastor of the First Christian church. In the ceremony room and In other places over the house were growing plants, holly and smilax. Only a few intimate friends of the bride were present In company with the relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Snav ely will make their home in loia. We will be open tomorrow lor your accomo­ dation. J. W. COFFET & iON Bsdulfa Xepilm, - Oiit of ,Tbwn Guests. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. RIcbardson, who are giving a family dinner party tomorrow will entertain these relatives from out of town:. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Courtney. Savonburg; Mr. and Mrs. S. T.' Snodgrass, Leanna; Mr.)and Mrs. C. H. Reeves, Chanute. ^ Visit In Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Milt Simpson will spend Christmas In Humboldt. + * + Here to Visit Nelce. Mrs. Rose Utt and IlUIe daughter. Alva, came over from Ft. Scott yesterday to attend the weddinf; of' Mrs. Utt's niece. Miss Mildred Rhodes. + • From Jo.nlin. Mr. ond Mrs. L. J. Duvles, of Joplln, Mo., arrived at noon for a visit with Mrs. Davies's parents. Dr. nnd Mrs. K. N. McMlllen. * * * Plenty of *nIoe gifts at nurrell's Drug Store. * • • To Topeka. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pa'imer leave tomorrow morning to visit Mr. Palmer's parents in Topeka. 4. .> •> To Chanute. Mrs. S. B. Knowles has gone to Chanute to spend Christmas with a sister. To Visit Mrs. Hal«. « Mr. P. W. Weller of Enid, Oklahoma, and Miss Bessie Merril of Wichita will arrive this evening to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hale. Mr. Merrll is Mrs. Hale's hro ther and Merril is a niece of the hostess. The Skating Rink will be open All Day Tomorrow Music 2:30 to 4:30 by fall bnnd ADMISSION FREE SKATES - - 25c (Continued fromi page 1) at tbe.clty will have their Santa Clans programs tonight The most of the churches have spent many weeks preparation and the' occasion will be a most enjoyable one fpr the children The following are the programs the different churches: Baptist rhnrrh The following Is the program to be given at the Baptist church: A. L. Boatrlght, director; Miss Joy MiTshberger, pianist 1. Voluntary—The Swan Song— Wogner—Miss Joy Hershberger. 2. Chorus-^antlqtie De Noel—Adam .'!. Hecltatlon, "The First Christmas' (from Ben Hur)—Roscoe Jordan Solo and Chorus—^"The Morning Star," Kellog—A. L. Boatrlght. Recitation—Jesus' Plan of Christ mas."-^Angle Kyle, Chorus—Light of the World—Gilchrist. Exercise—"The Return of the Wise Men." Responsive Exercise by Superintendent and School. Chonis—"It Came Upon a Mid night Clear.—Willis. Exervice—"The Spread of Christmas. Chorus—"The King of Kings"— Coca. I. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. II. 12. 13. M. 15. Exercise—"Where Christmas Has Not Come." Chorus—"The Air is Filled With Echoes"—Morton. Offertorj'—Nocturne Op 9—Chop- In—Joy Hershnerger. Chonis—"We've a Story to Tell —Nichol. A collection for missions will be received; also a donation for the poor. rmio .N .s TO H. r, 3irsKi '.iL Cirens .Manager Presents Institnliun With Two .\frlrau Snukes. Lawrence, Kau., Dec. 2 ^1.— Two very large African pythons, more than ten feet in length, were presented to the university by Mr. N. Falrley. These two large snakes were a pare of the collection which he is wintering at his home near here, ready to take on tlie road again as a sidesiiow exhibition next summer. The snakes sickened and died from some disease which Mr. Falrley did not understand and he very kindly gave' them to the university museum. The snakes are mammoth creatures and when mounted they will make a fine addition to the museum. The snakes are four and five Inches in diameter, of the true ferocious kind. GUARDIAN AND ADMINISTRATOR Appointed by Judge Smith Because of Death of iJIm Lockhart A number of Humboldt people^; were here today on business at the probate Judges' office, growing out of the death of the late Jim T>ockhart. Some time ago Mr. Ixickhart. was appointed as guardian of Olin Butts, a mlnor^ and administrator of the estate of Got leib Hartwig. Today Judge Smith filled the vacancies caused by the death of Mr. Lockhart by appointing F. D. Culver as guardian of Olin Butts and C. A.- Hess as administrator of the estate of Goeleib Hartwig. Cupid Today. Probate Judge J. B. SmIUi today Issued marriage licenses to George W. Hall and Blanche Garvle, both of Hnmboldt. and married Frank Steln- metz and Maude R. Perrigo, both of Cbannte. ' . Chriatma^ With NIgha. Bedsterof Deeda R. U .Thompaon rnlt4 -d Brethren Church The Choir and Sunday School of the n. n. Church, under the direction of .\irs. N. E. Stone, will present a appropriate Christmas Cantata, en tilled "A Counterfeit Santa Clans. The following is the cast of charac leijs: Santa Clans Chas. May Counterfeit Santa R. H. Bennett Old Fashioned Grandma... .uMrs. Stone Grandma Mrs. Joe Wolf Grandpa Eli Sharpe .Mother Miss Lillie Adams Father I. J. Jefferson Daughter Edna Freeman Son (a college boy) Chas. Cortner Poor Mother ..Mrs. B. F. Adams Her children Eva Stillweil, Bessie Irwin. Hed Time Brigade, Fairies. College Hoys, etc. Pianist Miss Ethel Bennett •t. <>. 10. 11. \J. 1:!. 11. i.-.. 17. is. 1:1. .'0. 21. TrInMy Tharch. .Music ..' Smith's Orchestra ClioruH— "O'er Judea's Hills" by the Choir. I'ruyer Rev. S. B. Knowle!" Class Song-"Shining on Bethle hem's Cradle." Class Exercise.—"Christmas Is Coming." Recitation—"Marjorle's Christmas Dream" Merle Clark Kecitatlon—"The Baby's Stocking" Ailne Kuowles Class Song—"Snow Blossoms." Recitation—"Christmas Time, ;Charlie Shoemaker Class Exercise—"Lights for the King." Recitation—"The Christ Child' / Milton Harris Class Song—"O Holy Night." Kecitatlon—"Bethlehem's Christmas Dawn".. ..Clarence Carns Class Exercise—"The Christmas Hox." Class SonK—'Christmas Bells.' "A Dollar's Worth of Fun"—Recitation Frank Falkner, Ivan and Irshai Davis. Recitation—"Christmas Gifts" MInia Peres Solo—"No Room at the Inn" Helen McDougai Recitation—"The Philantropist's Christmas" Eva Hoerning Song—'Christ Is Bom." Address rSup't Dr. Maniey M. E. Church. Voluntary—Edna McClaln. Prayer—^The Pastor. Duett—Floyd and Harold Kelley. Scripture Reading—^The Superintend ent. Exercise—The Three Wise Meii. Recitation—The Christmas Dony,Wal meta Day. Recitation—^Ruth Boughton. Vocal Solo—^Florence Root. Ebcerclse—Curious Candles in Lands. \*ioIln Solo—Stanley Church. Recitation—Marlon's Dream. Quartette—Misses Blllbe and Blllbe. Misses Knowlton and Dennis. Recitation-The Coming of Santa Claus. The arrival of Santa Clause In person. Announcement of Christmas Missionary offering by Sunday School. Distribution of treat for children. Mary St John 's Church. The following are the services for Christmas day at St. John's church: Masses at 6:00 a. m. and 10:30 a. m. Both solemn high. Musical program. Adeate Fidelia—Choir. Farmers' Mass in B Flat^ by the Misses Nettie and May Brigham, Mary Murphy, Gertrude SntcUffe. Rose McCann and Joseph Murpby. Offertory—Oh Holy Night—Adelpb Adam. Solo by Miss Gertrude Sutcllffe. Hymn—"Angels We Have Heard." Ordiestra accompaniment-Ist violin C. L. - IMckerson, 2nd violin. Miss May Peteraon, clarinet. Fre4 fCanatsey. Sermon at 10:30. Mass. Christ, the Great'Emaadpator. L eordlal ^lBvttbtiOB to .709; Js- PORTLAND CEMENT STOCK WANTED In exchange for good farm, eastern Kansas: farm welt improved, good six room house, good frame ham, heii house, buggy shed and oilier out buildings; built 1907; three miles from railroad station.—E. T. Dalbey, Hamburg, Iowa. WANTED—Man and wife without children to work on farm. Address, Adamson Bros.. lola, or see Dairy wagon at postofflce every day from 1 to 1:30 p. m. WANTED—Good housekeeper; "no washing or Ironing. Mnst be good cook. Mrs. J. W. Coffey. WANTED TO RENT—About January Ist to I5th. seven or eight room modern house, close in; east side preferred. Apply to R. G. Hall at Acid Works, • WANTED—Two young ladies to solicit C. F. Florence. Rooms 10 and 11, Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The Tola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop« Phone 25. WANTED—Girl for general housework at 609 South Walnut WANTED—Ifila property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Ofilce over Iowa Store, Tola, Kaa. FOR RENT—^Three room house on Xorth Walnut Inquire 211 North Walnut FOR SALEJ—Two Bush & GOrts pianos slightly used, left, with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. TO EXCHANGE FOR LIVESTOCK. -Eight room house, good location, lola. Price |1800; mortgage $600. Equity for live stock, feed or implements. lOLALAND COMPANY. Six Clear La Harpe residences |7000 md {3000. Cash for mercbandise or farm. W. 0. Lenbart, lola. Kas. Wfls very successful In selecting the big sellers In the 1908 books. This fact and.the bottom price of |1.10 for many of the 11.50 ones is sending out hundreds of them especially to out-of-town buyers. Lewis Rand, by Mary Johnson. Flower of the Dusk, by Myrtle Reed. Mr. Crew's Career, By Winston Churchill. Trail of the Lonesome Fine, By John Pox, Jr. Man From Brodneys, By Geo. Barr McCutcheon. The Flrinfc Line, By Robert Chambers. The Bearlers, By Rex Beach. Xiie Big Fellow, By Fredrick Palmer. The Husbands of Edith, By McCutcheon. TesHn? of Blana HTsIory, By Mr.-Humphrey Ward. There is nothing better than a book for a Christmas present, if you duplicate one they have In the new ones, they.can exchange it at once. Over 100 titles 1908 books to select from at Presbyterian Church. The services will be varied In character and will begin at ' • ••' . r'l'lif following Is the pri, 1 Song by the school. Prayer. Song by the Primary School . Recitation. Exercise and song by Miss Theta Brewer's class. Recitation. Song, "O Holy Night" by Miss Melvin's and Mr. Morse's classes. Stereopticon review of the Life of Christ, pictures thrown on the screen by E. N. Jones and the remarks by the pastor. A number of fine pictures have been secured. Stereopticon illustrations of "Abide With Me." Christmas Tree and treat Btfsiiiess blfcctopy. • JOHN G. WOODUr, M. D. • * . Fbyslclan and Surgeon * Over Barrell'8. Fbone 14S. Christian Cbnrch At the Christian church there will be a program of recitations and songs. The Sunday school will bring gifts for anta Claus and the latter will distrll)- ute them among the needy people of the community. The following will deliver recitations during the evening: Nellie Richardson. Miss O'Brien. Virgil Willis, George Dorrell, Aline Elliott, Hallie Epply, Emma Harris, Josephine Forrest, Dorothy Cox, Keith Richardson, Hazel Phillips, Herschel Willis. Haze! Sutton, Ollle Jones. Frank Wood, Jewell Watson, Vera Doming, Fay Auerbach, Ollie May Beatty, Arthur Rutledge, Mabel Russell, Franklin Thompson, Burrel Bowman, Hazel Epply, Miss Cantreli and Alta Moore. There will also bp a number of exercises and songs by members of the schiml. This program will be given tomorrow night • • • • « DB. McmLLEZr, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232 Office over Bulrell's Drug Store F. H. XARTIir, • • Surgery and Diseases of • • Women. - • * Office and Residence Phone 576 • * Office 7 Nortb Jefferson. " Phone 687. Res. 701. • DB. 0. L. COX, * Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat • Spectacles Properly Fitted.' • Office A. O. U. W, Bldg. • At Episcopal Church. An old fashioned Christmas tree and Santa Claus will be features of the program at the Episcopal church to- nigbt.. There will also be a program of recitations and songs by the members of the Sunday school. Tomorrow morning Dr. Krum will preach a Christinas sermon. Lodge Difectory KNIGHTS OF FTTHIAV-Neosbo Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. •• W. S. Thomipson. B. C. Chris Hitter, K. of R. and S. KXIGJITS OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the World meou in K. P. Hall seoond and fourth Saturday nights of each'month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R.B. Porter, record keeper. M'. 0. W«—Camp No. 101 meets In T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis, Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. . M. W. A«-.The M. W. A. Lodga meeU every Friday nlgbt In M. W. A. Hall. VlslUng brothers Invited. F. C Coffield, V. C, W.A. Cowan,. Clerk. Latheran Service. Special Lutheran service will be held in G. A. R. ball Saturday at 10:30 in. Visitors weI<iome. J. W. WBRUNG, Pastor. —Meet your friends at Crabb's and try a hot drink—Chocolate or Coffee. FIM Abatnet The abstract of Judgment In the case of T. H. Bowlus, as administrator of tb^ Ostate of the late Geiyrgo A, Bow- las ^ YS . Walteij Fteeman. frblcfa was BOYAL NEIGHBOfiS^IoU Gamp No:. 365, Royal Neighbors., meets 8ec< ond and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. P. Af. Wagnw. oracle. Mrs. Jtory Button, 1413 West, Street, Recorder. FRATERNAL BROTHEKHOOD.-^ Fraternal Brotberhood No.' 389 meets second and fourth Thursday of month in A. a U. W. Hall. VIsItliis' members cordially Invited. W.H. An-' derson. president; Golda'EIan ancn- tary. . Do < yon want a Beaatlfnl 9flk flag; 2x3 feet? Up -to-date; A% litant; inaAi of fine twilled allk: beaaUtiUl ooloi*. A nice Christmas' ptMeaf oir « isoi^; tenir for tbe.fepme.. Send %\M and yon will .-rejytra tbt' Dally and Simday Jmrnudv fh

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