Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, December 24, 1908
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nth THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIDE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS. VOUME XI. MMnKK SIX PiGHS. lOLA, KANSAS, DECEMBER 21, IJHW^-THIKSDAY EVEMXG. SIX PAGES. PBICl TWO COIIL SANTA IN AN AUTO, REI\DEEK AM» SI.EKJH (AN NOT TRAVEL IN KANSAS TOMORROW I NO SLEET, NO COLD WAVEi BIT OLD SANTA (LAIS WILL HK IN lOLA .11 ST THE SAME. fhristmas Eut»rtainniciiLs Tonltrlit. tola Will oliM >n»< TaiiioiTow ill Xiipropriali-• Way, -:• NO REGISTER TOMORROW. V TlHTf will he no issue of TiiP •:• •:• RppistiT tomorrow for two v>>ry •> good reasons. The first of these •:• is in iiPeiihiK wifh a custom es- •:• •:• tablisliPil many years a?o by tlie, owner who I)elii-ves in k-trinK his eni|)loyr-s have a holiday wheii- •:• I 'ver possihh'. nn<i esperially on •:• C"hristirns. Th" second is that V The l{e;;iste!- a union i>a|ier •:• :in(I f'hrisiiiias is one ii{ the r -'c- V oj;iiiz <M! holiilays for i:iiion tncTi. •:• And S.I wish fcitiizhl's issue )l:e •:• labors of the men emiileyi-d in -: I •:• this uRIo- will ceast' uuril S.irur- •: j day and The UegistiT wi.-iu -s them. aloHK with everT'iii .Iy • !>•• '.• in this country, a niosi iie-iv •:• Christmas. Unless the w.ather man has inade |_J_ another wild >ru<-ss Santa Claus will have to \:si! Kansas in an auto as there wi'.l be no snow. rain, sleei. cold TilP dCTli lA/ADRO waves nr blizzards tomorrow. The; | 111 III Vf AnU • liredictlon for this siatM is fair lo' liight and Kriiiay. Ir will be an id'ali day for the one h\p holiday of ih- .se.-,. ^ y^. atlsHL son. Pleasur.- .s .-ek .T* -in lola will not >IKN INSTEIH HV VUHIT. lack fur want of ainusenn'iiis. Tln-j football enthusiasts will liave an <)|i-j portunity to witness one of the i,.st i Ordinance lo Korni Aildltiomil Ward saraes of the season at Electric p.-trki SMtWA U 11... between the Chaimfe Co-Devils aiiilj the lola Trifdots. The same willj, Ciitinrli. be called at :'. o'clock. The two pic-l fmni tht fifth ture shows have secureil some esp.'O-' ir.lly interesting reels for the Christ-' "The ;re:iiiem;iii mas eiitertainment aiid will each cive ward—" two .shows in the afternoon and evm- Sounds funny, doii't it, bu- it is ing. The Amiitorium will keep open -uore than likely that you will hear house all day. no admission fee bein^ when ynu vi.-^it the council cham- charged either in the forenoon or ev- bers in the near future. The first enlng. The Auditorium band will play »ard has prown to such proportions in the afternoon from 2 ::i<i to -l::!'"'. 'ha' necessary to establish At the Grand the Grand Stock com- anothir vntini: I'recinct or divide the pany will give a matinee in the aft-r- ward. In the event tliui another ward noon and the regular bill in the .v. is f-.Mii^d a portion of the fourth ward ing. The Junior members of the Y added if> the first and wil! M. C. A. will keep open house to t'.K-ir conpose the fifth ward, p.irents In the evenin.s. ' •'• 'l""!*^ |>robable that an ordin- The banks of the city will he clos-^hin.i; the fih ward will be ed all day. The barber shops will prepared :!nd subniitt<-d at the u close at 11 a. m. and the rest of the se =;.i.,i: ,.f the council which will business houses will close at noon and held on the evening of .lanuary 7th." remain closed for the rest of the day -^'aJ 'T Robinson said this mornin? with the possible exception of the Of course, the cnuncil may pass or drug stores. The.-ie will probably be'reject the ordinance or it m;iy provide open a short time in the evening. Christmas turkeys are plentiftil. In a good many parts of the state there i--^ "i"^' tl''"'- 'O' 'lie ii.-;t m.-ctinu' is a scarcitv of turkeys, owing to the 'hp council." wet 7 »^ather last spring, which con-' Th- mater of forming another ward finued until the earlv summer. Tliis 'he city is not a new pn.i.osition. ext be an additional votini; precinct. 1 do not .know what ,will be done, bur whatever bii: only recently have a-live steps been taken towards having such a measure inirttdiicMl in the council. The move to form another ward will ^ probably be taken up first. If it fails then the niater <if providing another is not the case, however, in this locality. The local markets are well supplied and the price i.s lower than usual during the holidays. The dealers are a'so well supplied with shipmetit of vecetables Including radishe.s. l*.t tuce and tomatoes which can be had l.recinct wili be considered for a very nominal sum. i , With the exception of the Christian chtirch which will hold its eiiti-r- talnment for the children tomorrow night, the different Sunday schools of In the event that another ward is formed, lola will have twi-ive coiin- ciliuati instead of .•i:;hi (Continued ot. pace 1- — For fine llrrry and boardinr .stable tor horses, see Ral|ih R. Drake ,'Phone ini. 211' North .lefferson. lilt!.' fii'-nds s:iv "NO SANTA CLAUS;' From the .Ve .v York Siiti ) D< ar Editor: I am s vfars old .-"onf oi iny there is no Santa ("aus. Paj'a says. "If you s.>e it in th'' Sun. i '"s so." piea.'je tell me the truth, is ther.' a Santa Clans" VIRGINIA OHANLON. ur. st Fitiynintb S:r..i YfS. Virginia, there is a> Santa ('•aus. H- .xsr^ as crtainly as love and generosity and devotion >-xist. atid ynu know that th<-y abound and give to your life its highest ii.'au'y arid joy. .Mas: how dreary would be the world if there weie no Satita Claus! !t would be as dreary as if iliero were no Virginias. There wou'd be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance, to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjovment. r xcept in sensi- and sight. The eternal light with which childhood tills rli.> worM would be extinguished. Not believe in Santa ClausI Yo i mighr as w.-ll not believe in fairies! You might get your papa: to hire m«-n to watch ,tn a'l the chimneys on Christmas eve to cat-^h Santa Claus. b\it even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Xo- .l>ody sees Santa Claus. but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in he world are those tiiat neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no [iroof that thev are not there. Nobdy can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable In the world. • Von fear apart the baby's rattrle and see what makes the noise Inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen wor'd which not the strongest man. nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy. i)oetr;. love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and i)icture t.i» supernal beauty and pIor>' beyond. Is it all real? Ah. Virginia, in all this world th*re is nothing <Ise real and abiding. \ No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever.^ thousand years from now, Virgii'a: nay. ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue o make glad the bean of chilij- hood. S2,500 FOR A WIFE MRS. BERTH i MAY STONE HAS I»SAIM'EARED FRILM HOME. HUSBAND IS GRIEFSTRICKEN WRITES U\ L0( AL OFFK ERS ASK- IN(i F(»R ASSISTAN( E. .Say<> Martial Relations Wen* Ahiays I'lensaiit—No CrlmiDiil Cliiinrc Fs r .-iullng. l.i'Uor Saj <i. The largest reward evt -r offered and posti'd in the local police headiiuar- ters, ill a familiar ca .se, is on file in th.- office of William Gates. chWf of pol ice. Several iiioiifbs ago, Mrs. nertha May Stone disaiipeared f.-om her home in I'nlontown. I'a. AV. A. Stone, tht husband, knows of no reason why she should leave and says that their relations as husband anil wife have always been jdeasaiit. He is frantic with grief and is making a world wide search for his wife. To the etui that lie n:ay receive all the assistance possible. .Mr. Stone has offered a reward of $2.rifm lo any person who will forward him information as to the whereabouts of his companion in life. Mrs. Stone is ?,1 yea-s old, 5 '-i foot n height, weighs 120 pounds, has blue eyes, chestnut brown hair and wears a :{'-2 shoe. In his communication to the local police. Mr. Stone is careful to state ha' there is no criminal charge pend- ns against his wife and that he does not want her incarcerated. He desires that she Ije detained if found until be can come for her. •:• CHRISTMAS. •:• Christmas doesn't come until •:• tomorrow for the children but •; •> for the hi:r folks it should start •> tonight when the whistle blows V signifying the end of the day's •; •:• labors. Tonight all troubles •: should he forgotten, be they big •; •:• or little; all worry dispelled anil tile fur"owed brows smoothed out V for tomorrow is Christmas and •'. V tomorrow is thft on>- day of the v •:• year when it is the Christian duty of evcr.v in-rson to bend ail •:• efforts towards making every- •: body happy. Tiiis is especiall.v •:• applicable to the children for •: •:• CluiFtmas is truly the children's v holiday. It is the one finie of •:• the year wht-ii they i->;:.. ct some- •:• thing out of the ordinary. .\nd if •'• <• their expectations are not realiz- •i- id they will be unhappy and. an •!> V unhapiiy child around you will •:> mak"- you miserable. Tomorrow V niornini (very child will awake •:• •;• and tlie'r first (piesilou or th.dr •:• first L 'l;it:ce will In- made in an •!• V effort to find out what Saiila •:• •;• Claus li.ns brought tln-m. All • •:• (he (dii'ilren have hi'iird some- •:• •:• where and soiin-bow the bi-autl- •:• •:• fill s'ory of Snnta Claus and win- •:• tli( i' the sweet illusion has been •;• dispell*«d or not (hoy al! wc-lcoin».' jiiid expect his coming. •:• It inav be that a s.icrific.- will • •:• be nec'ssary with many in orib-r •:• •:• to make till- children happy but •:• •:• it need not necessarily he a big •> •;- one. li laiifs so very little to v •:• make jhildren happy and the •:• •:• satisfac'tion in seeing them hap- v •:• py wi'l repay a hundred foM for •:• •:• aiiv sacrifice you may make. TO OOST THE FRISCO CASTRO WILL QUIT IF HIS RILE PREVENTS I'EA( E WITH OTHER NATIONS. ABANDONS CLAIM TO OFFICE A STATEMENT FROM THE VENE- Z( ELAN ISSIER TODAY. A UNION PAPER. 4- .Mentions Oiilieulty with Other Nations - Says He rndcrstaiids Attitude To I'reseut (iovernment. li'Mlin. I).-c. i;^.— Cipriano (.'astro to day made a sialeiiient lo the associat ed jiress wliicli umoiiiiis virtually to the al>andonnient of his claims to the presidency of Venezuela. The state ment foilows: ".After taking cogniz ance of everything printed in the news papers fnuti Venezuela, I doubt the al lilude ihereiii attrlbuied to the present government at Caracas. Hut in any event I shall place no difilciiliie.s in the way of the present administra- lioii of Venezuela 111 settling the pending controversies wiih foreign governments even if this sluui'd involvt my own withdrawal from activity in the affairs of the nation." TOO MUCH DRINK. It is Filling the Insane Asylums of California. CONTINUE HAMPTON CASE. It Wili Be Heard, on Wednesday. Jan uary 5th. The Xeliie Hampton habeas corpus case was continued today uiitil Wednesday. .Tanuary .ith. J. T>. Hampton, father of the girl, instituted the writ- este-ilay to secure possession of the irl who is now in the family of .Mr. ml Mr.s. Bert Wooten of LaHarjie. The case was called for this afternoon Ml! was continued. Fred Apt to Speak. Th<' Allen county students in the Kansas University have choseu Fred 3. Apt as one of tlieir speakers at he banquet of the .Mb-n county alumni. Held an Autopsy. Surgeons yesterday Iwdd an autopsy on the boiiy of ".Aunt .Mary" fluckner. colored woman who died \\"edne:=day veiling at the home of a Mr. Cooiier. The ihath of .Mrs. Hiickner was rather suddi-n and the autopsy was h«'bl to teriiiiiie thf caus.>. It is givi-n out hat denth resulted from natural causes. V + •!• + <!•<••** * + * + + * + + * + + + + + hristnias Services al Sf. Tiniotliy's. There will be Christmas servici'.-- .nd sirnioii at .St. Timothy's iliurcb .morrow nierning prompily ;ii II (lock. -Subj.-ci of till- .><ernioii. "The hri.-tmas Spirit." The Chri.stnias iiiu- ic will be rendered by tin- surpli.'ed choir. Sunday school Christmas Fi -si:val. 'Iiis evnnitig al 7::!ii .irv ii .idially Ituiti'd. RKV. J. I). KRCM. n. I) ATTORNEY GENERAL JACKSON FILES SUIT TODAY. Claims The Charter Fees of $100,000 Have Not Been Paid to the State. Topeka. Dec. 24.— .Attorney General .lackson filed an ouster suit in the supreme court today against the St. I.ou is and San Francisco Railroad. He ;'lainis the ro.nd renewed the charter three times without paying the hundred thousand dollar charter f«»es due. STORES NEW OWNER E. T. Wilson, of Gas City, Buys Cigar Factory and Store From Broderson Heirs. K. T. Wison of'Gas Cil.v. today pur- cliaseil the oii;ar stock and cigar factory from the estate of the late K <1. liroderson. .Mr. Wilson will continue the business in its iiresent location. He is a succi -ssful business man and will enjoy a gooil share of patronage The cigar factory will resume operations about .lanuary 1, and .Mr. Wil.-on will continue the brands made popular l.y .Mr. nfodiTsou. MUIcr iivU Horse. A. L Hoairight, undersheriff this jftertiooii turned over lo .1. W. .Miller, jilaintiff in the well known horse case, :he bay mare in question and the niat- 'er is probably closed now. Arthur Hall, the defendant in the case, wanted .Miller to accept IIOO. the value of the horse as fixed by the jury, but .Miller wanted (he horse. Exraialion for Nenr Rufldlnir. Kxcavation at the site for the new postoffice building began this morning. C. C. I.iicock. as stated previously in the Register, has the contract. To Vl»it RelatlTex. Chas. Daniels came in yesterday from St. Joe. Missouri, to spend the holidays with relatives and friends in th's city. Miss Schwartz Here. Miss Merle Schwartz of Wichita: arrived laat night to spend two weeks with friends. Chas. Snieltze.- Home. Chas. K. Smeliz.-r came in yester- lay from Chicago, where he is at- ending the Rush medical college, and will spend the holidays vis'.ting with hi:nie folks. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight and Friday. Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 24.— Dr. F. W. Hatch, superintendent of state hosiiltals, in his biennial report says too much drink is the chief contributing cause to insanity in California. The proper remedy for thi.-!, he says, ought to be found in the proper edu cation of youth as to the lack of nece.-^ slfy for alcol olic drinks. .Iiine .I'l, IflfS. there were C .55.5 patients in the hospitals, an increase of 1 .r >.".4 in ten years. The cost for sup- imrting the hosi>itaIs two years was $1,.S3<».973. for salaries $95,904. Many new buildings have been constructed. CHRISTMAS RECORD BROKEN. The Crush at the Los Angeles Office Is Unprecedented. I.os Angeles, Cal., Dec. 21.— The crush of Christmas mail at the I>os Angeles post office is unp-ecedented in the history of the cit.v. The situation here i.s unique. The city's population being made up to a .treat extent of former residents of other states the practice of sending and ."-eceiving Christmas gifts through the mails employed to the maximum. The result is that the local postofllce aiinii ally is overwhelmed. VRRESTEI) A CABMAN. Witness in Mains Trial Arrested for Perjury—Action Causi'd Sensiitloii I'lusbiiig. Dec. J4. —Sensational in- ciil.ui ).uii(iu:iled ihe triiil of Tliorn- ii'ii Ilains today when attorney .McIntyre for the defense was asked lo eodiniit for perjury. .Martin .Skurat. the eighteen year old cabman whi- was the witness today. Skura: testified ri--'arditr_' the coiiversjition of the Hains brothers in his cab and before he trial had said nothing was overheard by hini. The judge declined the motion to p'are Skurat in custody. SASH AND DOOR FACTORY BURNS The Loss to a Leavenworth Concern is $100,000. Data recorded at local office, U. S. Weather Bureau yesierday, today and a year ago: Yesterday Yr. agO 2 p. m .".3 37 " r 4 p. ra. B p. in. 8 p. m 4S 10 p. m 4fi 12 midnlcht 4r. Maximum temperature .I.T Minimum temperature 34 Precipitation, 7 p. in 0 40 42 :;t; 37 36 43 2'? T Today A'r. ago 2 a. m 4.'. 36 4 a. m 43 33 0 a. m 40 3 "i 8 a. m .35 28 10 a. m 43 36 12 noon 52 38 Predpltatlon, 7 a. m. .....0 T Leavenworth. Kas.. Dec. 24. —Fire here today destroyed the Goodjohn Sash and Door Company's plant covering the entire block. The fire started last evening and was supposed to have been extinguished but started again toda.v. The loss is one hundred thousand dollars. CONTINIE MATTES CASE. HU Attorney Filed a .Motion to Qnash To<lay. It was expected thai Wm. Mattes he voulh who was arrested some time tgo for breaking Into a store and stealing a shot gun, would plead guil- •y In district court this afternoon and he sentenced. However, after he was brought into court it wa.'S learned that his attorney, E. W, My'er. had filed I motion to qiiaah. and the matter was continued. Regiater Want Ada Bring Reiulta. The Register is the only even- paper published in lola that has so far signed the contrarts with the union for ne.\t year. These contracts have been in the hands of the union for over a week. The Register was the first paper in lola to refogniz- the printers' union ai'.d i'- lielieves in union labor because union help means comiietent help. The printers say that the signing of this contract will make their Christmas more cheerful for all of which The Register is truly glad. TO OPEN MIUNBANK ROBBERS PLACED CHARGE OF ?fl. TRO-fiLYCERIXCE BY VAULT. THE VAULT DOOR HELD FAST NOW FOR THE STEEL INION I'OKTLANO tiRVOK RKAOY FOR THE lf\II.S SOON, Constnictlou .Mi-n .Say (lint llie SwHrh Will lie Ready for TnilVic Miinli I. The I'nion Portland Cement Company's switch track from ihe Katy ijiaiii line to the plsrul site, north of "liis City, ready for irafllc by .March This is the announcement by the foreman of the construction work. "My Thursday evening we will have the grade practically within one half mile of the jilant site and next week we can be.gin laying steel, if the M. K. & T. will put in the switch at our junction with the main line. The rail road compan.v is to put in the switch and we will lie read.v to la.v steel liy he lime they do it. .A Katy engineer old nie some time ago iliat Ihey wou'd put in Ihe switch whenever we were ready for it and we are read.v .low." the foreman said yesterday af- ernoJin. "If we have :ri)od wearber. *:..1MM| IN ( IRRE.NCY IX IXSTITP. TIOX WAS S.VFE. Till- Three Robbers Exchanged Shots With Citizens—Made Good an j Escape, Wichita, Kas.. liec. 21 —Two charges f nitroglycerine were exploded against ihe vault of the Milan, Kas., Slate bank at 3 o'clock this morning. The exjiiosion aroused citizens who ir »-venled the robbery of the Ijank. The upper door of the vault held and protected five thousand dollars in cur rency. The damage to ihe vault was less than two hundre <l dollars. Three of Ihe robbers retreated before a par­ ly of citizens, mounted horses which were in wailing and fled toward Conway Springs. ,\o one was Injured In the exchange of shots. Milan is twenty-five miles southwest of this city on' the Santa Fe railroad and has a population of about three thousand. MANY PARDONS ASKED OF HOCH The Kansas Governor Has Consider* ed Twenty-one Cases in 3 Days. Topeka. Dec. 24. —^There is a great rush of pardon seekers to the office of Governor Hoch these days. Since Mon"^ day the governor has heard more than twenty cases in which pardons were asked. The governor has the repnta-. tion of being the most susceptible governor Kan-sas has had in many years and every convict who has any sort iof a plea is asking him for a pardon. They do not seem to understand the he .switch track will traffic by .March 1. The huilder.s of the be re-idy for gjDvernors often expressed attitude that he did not believe in granting hol- tipw cement I '''^"^ pardons and only granted them )Iant have said that actual work on j ; when he believed the case actually deserved it. The governor returned he construction of the jilant would 'jegin as soon as the switch track was •oin[ileted and thev could gel mater- j als to the site. I'nder this condition ^"^^'^ ^^'^^ number. Today he ind the prophecy of the construciion! ^"'^ applications in person and oreman. the building of the I'nion •ompaiiy's plant may be expected to legin alMUit .March 1. \ from the East Sunday, night. Monday the heard eight application.s. Tuesday numerous letters regarding other ; cases. > ^ Expect Benson Home. BOWLIS DREW F. O. Benson: bookkeeper for ti.e/it.v Treasarer Draws Money to Pay K. C. Plumbing company, is expect-j Municipality's Expen.-e5», d in from Coffey county where , . , 1 „» 1,! ,„.), ' Tom Howliis. citv treasurer, today went to attend the funeral of his fath- J. , . .1,, f.,i..,.,.ct.,- iir,^ 'drew from the county treasurer, |41,- ?r. who died at the Lniversit> Mos- , . , „, . , ., r . f'i*'> "f 'be citvs moiiev bv taxes for pital. Kansas City. Mo., last Friday fol , . , \ . t ' meeting the expenses of the munici- owin. an operation. . ^ T^^^^,^^, mont Sickly, today sent to the state FOR S.AI-K—C.eese Feathers. .1. K. ^treasurer $2 .S !<0 to i>ay the interest on leade. .Morau. Kans.. R. R No. i'. jtownshiii and other bonds. , •:• •> •> •'• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •;• •> •:• •:• •:• .:• •> •:• <• ^ * THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. * When jmi were pondering over the things which you were thank- * fill ft .r .N'ovenilier 2C did you remember December 25, and its signif- • icaiM- to yiui'.' if you didn't, you missed an opportunity to be especially Ilianl.ful for the wo 111'.=? nuist iirecious gift and you might • add the Thanksgiving spirit to the Christmas cheer without detract- • ilia from either in any degree. <• Tomorrow wi 'l be a day of Thank-sgiving for many tola families. • Tomorrow, many fervent, but silent prayers of Thanksgiving will -> ascend lo the great white Throne for God's motherly love to His • [Kior. as well as His rich children. In the last analysis, Christmas •> cheer may be .said to be synonomous with the Thanksgiving spirit. * k gift is a token of gratefulness, appreciation and love. The giver • and the receiver are both grateful—the one for the knowledge of . * appreciation, the other that he holds the friendship—the apprecia- • lion. And tomorrow this spirit is to be manifested materially. * The work among the poor of the city will receive especial atten- • tion. The board of associated c^irities will work quietly along * lines planned for the relief of the needy. * The Salvation .Army will work extensively among the poorer class. * Tomorrow morning beglnnlne at s o'clock. 300 dinners for worthy * poor families will be distributed Jrom the relief depot at 111 West * street. Tickets have been issued.'o many families and those who ^ have been overlooked may secure a ticket by applying to Captain •* Butler. • This afternoon the relief depot resembled, in appearance, a city • provision market. Crates of prime young chickens, bunches of fresh + crisp celery, bushe's of fine large potatoes, cases of fine canned • com, boxes of fruit and hundreds of loaves of bread crowded th© • tables in the depot. Tonight Capjain Butler and his assistants wUl ' work late in loading baskets with provisions. Then when the doors • open at R In the morning, the dinners will be distributed as fast as * called for. 4» Saturday night, in the Army ban there will be an entertainment •• for the poor children of the city, x program will be given by th© • members of the Salvation Array Sunday school, after which presents • will be distributed and every child will, receive toys, candles and fruits. • + • + + + • + + + •> • • • • •

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