Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 8
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THE lOLA DULY BBCgSTEB, WEDNESDAY ByEyPfft, DECEHBBR Ji, \m,- Your Selects on of a Suitable GiH For a lady or child can be made easy at the Daylight Store. We are well prepared to supply your wants. A jreat stock of wearing apparel, such as would mske useful and acceptable gifts, now awaits your approval. T|jie time to study and think is narrowing down to a few hours. Why not check over the following list and bring it down with you. It helps to make your shopping easy. C'hrisiiiias Post Curds at, \ter doz- 111 10c and ^ values ui -15 and IWc \\';i^!<' I'.-.por HiiKkolK, worth 2')C, IKiW ..J. lOc Oilior values at T 50 to "5c Hainiv Aprii'is lit 15, :>5, S5, 50c v:iliic« II]) lo $1.50 'liinio Sli:iiil<-r Citps till inuilon ciiiili, lii'ui'sklii, worth S.'c and $1.00. 5»c Suit Casr.s ill i ^H *i9 to $10.00 III •ivv Full Lonther Suit CaBe, strap :nul liiaRS irimnilnKH, a special value ;>> $0.50 •IiavoliiiK MiiKs jirlred at $1.25 to $10' Itlack I.raiher ShoppinB Bags, lealh '•I- lined, small coin purse and rard CISC. %:\.m and $3.ri0 bags, choice $1.49 Cjiildrpn's Crib Comforts, covered Willi fine nuulity silko!lne leaf and [latterns on white ground, ydrn ti.-l. I'rice $1.00 (>;lior values in Comforts up to'$15 (•(iitoii lilankets in tan or gray; I.riK? •15c (;l!!«>r values up to $7..'>0 V .'hiio Crocheted Qiiiits :{-4 size, i'liff- $1.00 Otiiir values u)) to $5.00 W.iol Crib' Blankets in white with i.!;i>' and pink borders, ribtion bound I ;iils price ... .... $2.00 and $2/>0 i ;(.IJ or Silver Handled Umbrellas. \v..i ;li ?;!.oi) and $3..50, choice ..$2.39 'Mild or Silver Hand'ed Umbrellas, V. ;.i;li $1.7 .j and $5.00, choice... $3.29 >1.:.0 .Mnn.slnsr I'nlon .Suits, $1.00. Xu. !>!.•>. Sizes, 4, ,">, C, regular price $!.:.u. .^jieoial sale price, suit...$1.00 Fur Trimmed Kelt House Slippers fi 'j- women, black, green, red and h.v.ww. I'rice pr. $1, %IM, $1.65 and $2 .\.-<k Ruffs in cream or black, the .^r. III <iiies re-markied at $3.75 -Ami ihe $C.r,0 quality $.V0O w lielis at ."VOc to $3J»0 r.lack and Colored Leather Boudoir .Siipi.ers. all sizes. Price pair $1.00 Si'k Khawls. price each .. MM, $1.50. $2.00, $2..'>0 and $3.50 11;.' iK 'lineaior would make a nice list mas jiresenf, price a year. .$1.00 I'.iiy hf-r a Glove Certificate; gloves 1 !;<• ficeii anv time ..' nm, $1.50, $3^0 and $4J)0 •r:iiii.ii-'l Waists In cotton or linen, 1 :!<.• ...$1.5(1, $2, $2..'.0, $3 and $3.:.0 •I'.iifi <a Silk or .Messaline Waists in k o! price . MJM and $!..'»» k i>r C.ilored Wool Skirts nt $5 .mi to $i7 ..-.o 111 I. 1; or Ci .lDreil Cloili Coats, priced $1.5<» (O $'l7wO IMLLM.VX H.\>DKERCIII£F.S. Pallman Handkerchiefs on sale at 5c Uidles" Pure Linen it'aln hemmed or fancy stripe and plaids, at .,,IOc Tiincy embroidered corners with Iilain centers or ullover einljidldereU doslKUB, ui I.'»r Plain linen unlaundered with Initial corner, fancy allover embroidered plain center, embroidered corners nt 2 .IC Six for $IJI5 Fancy Cross Bar embroidered and initials, plain hemmed linen, fancy embroidered border and hemmed at .,. »5c Three for $1.00 All over embroidered patterns with wreath corners, embroidered edges, dotted border and corners, jilaid centers, lace insertion .and edge, plaid center, embroidered ' cdrners, check centers, lace insertion and edge plaid center, dotted embroidered corners at .'»0c Ail over check embroidered corners plain center e^ibroidered border, allover rose and leaf embroidered at, each ... .. 65c Plain sheer linen. Irish jioiut lace edge; plain center, embroidered border corded and embroidered tKirder, at 75c Check and embroidered border, plafin center, lace and insertion edge, check center, lace insertion and edge other Handkerchiefs up to $6Ut0 Fancy Collars made of net ruching and ribbon, put up in individual and white, priced at .'lOc to $2..'i0 Holly Boxes ."»c. 7»^c and lOc Ix>ng Silk Kinionas in floral and oriental iiatterns, jirlced at . .$5 to $10. Cerman Robe Blankets In tan, blue, red. black and green combinations, suitable for bath or lounging rolies. Price $1A'> to $.1.50 •One lot of plofiires mounted on heavy mat card board, subject by Chandler Christy, Jlemmlngton and other noted artists. Choice while they Inst 25c Fancy Ribbons 4 to 7 Inches wide, values up to 7ac. Choice . .• 35c Fancy Ribbons "> to 8 Inches wide, real warm prints, values up to $1.2ri. Choice 49c Silk Stockings for ladies in pink, liliie, green and tan, all are made with double soles, price jiair $1.25 Fancv Embroidered Silk Hose, jirlce pair ......... $2 H. O Holly Seals, jiackage 5c Gummed I .Kabels for mark ing jiackages, one dozen labels in book; jirice 10c Holly Tags and H <illy Ribbon of all kinds, Christmas tree ornaments. priced at, each Ic to <iv Or dozen 10c to 4,5c Ruching,in while, black, piuk. blue and cream, an inch 2c Fancy Linen Towels, plain hemmed or fringed, iiriced at 10c to'$1.25 Lunch Cloths, Scarfs and Squares, one lot at 19c Other values up to $2J»0 Silk Candle Shades in green, pink and blue, priced at S5c Shade Holders 10c FK.VTHER UO.VS. \ mark down on the price of all Feather Boas, white, pink and blue Ixias. The ones that were marked $1'..'>0 and iL '.'.'i are now ...$1.05 f 'l .dl) lire now $3.95 ? are now $-l.iri $7.r.o lire now $1.95 $9.r.o Hie now $0.45 »10.00 are now $6.95 Moneyhak Black Silks make good jiresents; they're high class cllks, yet not extravagant. Moneybak' Silks have detachable selvage and the name is woven on every inch o fthe selvage. .Money1>ak means just what it sa.vs, your money back if not sastifactory wear in eevry yard, 24, 26 and 34 inches wide. Price yard .$lwO Jlen's House Slippers in Everett and opera styles, tan or black, price pair $1.2.'), $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 Childi-ens Felt House Slippers with lambs wool insole. Price $1.00 k $1A". Infant's Soft Sole, fur trimmed Khoes, price p ;jiT 50c Table Linen by the yard C2 inches wide, bleached or unbleached, price yard 25c to $2.0<» Napkins 18x18, 20x20 and 22.\22 inches, leaf, dot and floral patterns, jirice, dozen 7.'»c to $7.50 Linen Table Cloths, fine quality, size 2 yard.i by 2 yards, price ..$2Ji5 Other vahi's up to $10.00 .\ world beater, pure linen Napkins sixe 20x20 inches in ivy, dot, tulip, rosebud and leaf designs, well worth SI .H O ; spcr!al value, dozen ....$1.00 Royal blue and white Ribbon, Triplets colors, lOc, \2hc^ 15cyd. GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA AKD CARTHAGE, MISSOURI. lOLA, ATCHXSOX AND I'lTTSBURO, KANSAS. Some fine hand made and hand painted Leiither Goods were moving too slow and rather than wait until Invoicing time we have cut the price one-third and one-half, WThat would be nicer than a gift for lady or gent than one of these rich leather pieces. They were all designed and made at the shop of the Indian Horse, Albuquerque, .New Mexico, f • 24x4 ."i Inch Crape [laltern, rich orange color center, was |1S.00, now $9A'» 2.'>x2.'» inch Lily design, rich olive tint, was $7.50, now $.5.00 27-inch Pond Lily circular pattern, dark grpen, was $6.50, now $4J>0 I 16x2.5 inch Lily oval pattern, maroon center, was $4.50, now $3wO $5 Burnt Leather Pillow Top.s $3.50 Subjects, Bucking Broncho, the Bucker and Chief Great Eagle, instead of $.').00, now $3JJ0 Dragon Pillow 16x24 inches, was $7.50, now $.'>J>0 Leather Back Post Card Albums with picture of library, court house', Methodist church and railway power house. Price $1.00 Special prices on Christmas Bells in dozen lots. Teddy Bears 7.5c and $1A» Red Tissue Christmas Bells 1.5, 20, 2.5c Indian Rattles made by the Navajo Indians, hand carved. Price 3.5c Hand made Wool Pillow Tops, made bv the Navajo Indians, were $2.50, now ' $1.95 Indian Moccasins priced at $1.00, $1..50 and $2jB» Burnt I.«ather Blotters, souvenirs of lola, price 2.5c Leather Indian Papooses, were 2.5_c, now 15c Burnt leather Pipe Racks, souvenirs of lola, price $1A5 • Leather Bags, souvenirs of Tola, price I .4jdies' Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, each Fancy Bordered Cambric Handkerchiefs •• •> Dozen ' •'''»«' A special showing of Hand Painted China, the work of .Miss Charles and .MlHs Chnmberlaln. priced at $1 to $25 Fancy Box Siaiionnry 25c to ".'»c RECEIVED GOOD NEWS S.Ty.s W. L, Bartles With Reference to Kansas Southern, But Not ready to Announce It. •V.i Inve received the best now 7.(ir;i!y «i' have had for a number <if iiioiuliK." reniarkod W. L. Bartles :^<.,;i-t;iry of the Kansas Southern El '•rtiio Railway company that proposes I'll' laving of an electric lino between iliis e'ty and Pittsburg. Kansas, touch Uiz all of t!ie Important points en rniiie. "I 1 )1 lifvo from now on we will not nippf with the reverses we have had J'I rontiml with since the proposition w:is first Rtarf ^d. The panic and the li'i sHleniial year have greatly retard • •-1 our r«roi .'re .--s but never-the-less the Toal will lie built. People have heard tb^s same story for the past four yars and some have grown disgust nii 'l now say the Kansas Southern will never run an electric line out of li'la. Those people do not realize w'lat Wi^ have had to contend with. Tbe lijilr wars in the old country •nlif ro we expect to get our money, liiive had tlin effect, along with the jir^Mie lui 'l (li«' pre&tdcnlial year, to- wan] nriilonuiii'r the date for throW' in:- ili-t." ".\n' Villi in posillon to stale what Or .x i»c.;it I'ond news Is?" Mr. Bar I li s V. risla d. •W.- wll not build the road until V." riiiiM the money," was the veH- 111 I-.', "It'll I can say that If any • if th's.' other companies which pro- pi.s" Imilcllng an electric line through Souili. aKtirii Kansas, can build them liifnre wi" do. 1 wish them success, liiit I lib not Ijcllove they are nearer t!.e j^oal V.vAn we are. A WO.MAN OF 09 YK.VRS. itcfore a New York .MnifNtrate Clianr- cd With .SIio|)!ininir. New York, Dec. 2:!.—A frail girl of I" and a tottering woman of_ti9 years were the extremes which apiie-ared before Magistrate Bariov.- in the Jefferson Market court yesterday. The aged wo'nan, Mrs. Mary Busby, who is said by the iKilice to be the woman .vith ".sixt.v -two aliases," was cliarged with stealing Irom a Sixth avenue department store. She was held In $1,000 bail for trial after discussing w-lth detectives her varied and picturesque career, which dates back to her first arrest in .1882. The girl Mimile Herzog, denied the charge of larceny of $2p0 from Broadway department store where she was employed as a cashier, but she was held in $1,500 bail for trial. <ald today thiit .Misti lliiriiard had not •xaggeraied coiidltloiiH. (Jovernor ilaskell has been uHkcd to make an ifflclnl statetuetii In the matter. A RESPITE FOR FRENCH PEAS. Cuttomt Officials Will Admit Artificially Colored Foods Temporarily. Washington, Dec. 23.—Pending the report of the expert government com-| mission appointed to consider the pro­ test of the French exporters, ngaliitt the ruling of the AKrIciiltiiriil depart- ineiit prohibiting the Importation Into America of little peas and other French foods nrtlflclnlly colored by sul|iliate of cotiper and other chemicals, collectors of customs will be authorized to permit such importations. The effect will be to omit practically the entire crop of French peas next year. PATTERSON IS HERE The Vice President of the Union Portland View* Site of Proposed Plant Today. negister Want Ads Bring Results. "oOO ME> IVAXTEO." To Trap All Kinds of Raw Pars. I am now paying for No. jirime large each: Black skunk, $1.75 mink, $3.i>0 to $4.00; opossum, 35c to 40c; house cats, 25c to 35c; civil cats 40c to 50c; raccoon $1.00 to $1.25; musk rats, 25c to 30c. Medium, small and lower grades full relative value Come to headquarters for a square deal and highest full market prices. B. 8, BARNARD, Horse and Bei-f Hides, Junk, Poultry. Furs. etc. etc.. No, 324-320 North Buckeye street, lola, Kansas. TO MOVE OKLAHOMA COXVirTS. AM Uie Xrw Slato Priiionprii^Mlll Ik> Taken From I .anNlnfr. wi"l 'lot iiav<> the panic and the pres- i <!i 'iiiyear to contend with, as we h^yp: thf !i :uiic is over and the pres- ii'.it'.tia! year is past." Mr. BaHds says that \t they had not met with the reverses above mentioned, cars would be running to Humboldt today at least. He Is very optimistic and says that he does not believe now that it will be long before sometblng definite can be ,annoaneed. Guthrie, Okla., Doc. 23.—The Ixiard of control! of the Oklahoma petillen- lary decided yosterduy lo brlag all However, thoy;,!,^ Oklahoma convicts In Ijjnslng. Kas.. to Oklahoma as soon as i>osslble and arrangements are being made to keep the convlcta in federal Jails in different parts of the state. Members of the Iraard of control and of the state pardon board have been making inquiries as to the accuracy of statements by Mlsa Kate Barnard, comr mlssloner of charities and corrections, ooncernltaK the treatment of priaonem by Kansas prison antborttieaL Tbey % Business is Every= body's Business Just Nowi^ I want to rail yonr partJcnIar attention to the fact that there li no gift tJiat look.s .so pood, costs so little as a Iwskct of nice fnilt, and I believe yon will agree with me when you see my srlecllon. Dont buy your fruits and candles elsewhere until you have visited my store, for you will always regret It If yon do. I aKoin Invite you to vMt my place sometime dnr- Inir the week. h^incy .Mixed Nuts, per j.ound ''"^ Naval Oranges, per dozen 15f to 50<* Fancy .Mixed Candy, iK>r pound from "P Florida Pineapples, each '"^ Figs, iior [Kiiind "l» Concord Grapes. .s -iK )und basket lianannB, per dozen "P Chestnuts, per i>ound California Pears, dozen Mallga Grapes, per imund ^ Fancy Catawba Grapes, 5-pound Basket S.M.Bigus East Side Squn Pkoae «M I *la. K MUM. I^ C. Patterson, vice president and 'general manager of the Union Portland Cenient company, was in the city yesterday and this morning in consultation with the local stockholders of the company. Wblle here Mr. Patterson visited the site of the plant and viewed the work which Is being done on the switch to the plant. He expressed himself as being well pleased with the progress of the work at this time. Mr. Patterson has been in New York for the past two weeks and says that so far as finances are concerned everything is all O. K., and that it is only a question of time until the Union Portland will be In operation. there construct I vel.\', and will not be until the presentation ceremonies are concluded. The library consists of five thousand volumes, forming a complete set, printed by the Chinese government and compiled- by government officiala. It embraces practically all branches of Chinese knowledge, and partakes of the nature of an encyclopedia. They probably will be placed on exhibition at the library for a short period, being one of the most noted gifts ever made to that institution. GOOD MISSIONARY 1V0RK. Plenty of Drug Store. nice gifts at Burrell's LIBRARY OF 5,000 VOLUMES. Is Presented to uie I'nited .States by China. Washington. Dec. 23.—-Formalities that lengthen into days are attending the presentation to this government by the imperial Chinese embassy, headed by Tang Shoa Yi, now in this country to thank the American nation for the remission of the boxer Indemnity, of a library of Chinese knowledge. It was stated today at the embasuy nf the special mission that the presentation had been made to .Mr. Roosevelt as president of tbe United States. The .formal presentation Is made through the secretary of state and as the books are to he placed in the library of congress by the president the closing of the formalities will be a letter of the president accompanying a letter from the librarian of congress, acknowledging tbe receipt of tbe books and expressing an appreciation of the usnal gift Wbi'e the books are already In the basameBt of the library, being unpacked by tbe secretaries of the eflitassy In order that are not Rev. Charles Wheeler Has Converted the Town of Jetniore. Jetmore. Kas.. Dec. 23.—Rev. Chas. T. Wheeler, former pastor of the Metropolitan tabernacle of Kansas City, Mo., has just concluded his work here. The revival meetings have left their impress not only upon the county seat, but upon the entire county, many being in attendance nightly from ten to twenty miles out. The men of the place, almost without exception, became Christians and went to work, including Uie editor, the doctors, county treasurer, sheriff, station agent, real estate men, many of the business men and farmers. A man who drinks, said to the reporter: "It's mighty lonesome for me here now. I have to drink by myself." AN APPEAL TO SANTA. Cllvea St. Ore Would be Rememberad at Xmas Time. This letter to Santa was left at the Register office today: 1401 So. 1 St lola. Kas., Dea 21. 1908. Dear Santa Claus I am 8 years old please Bring me a pocket knife aaid a big Home I have no papa and I am afraid mamma will not hare any mo» ey so dont forget me Dear Santa Claus. . CLIVES ST, ORE, \ •ears "-r--"-t -T-tinif ]iii^ BV^lie dtcdked. they The consunt dropping water away tbe harilest atone. The constant gnaw of Towser masti' catea the tonijieat boaa^ Tbe constant wooing lorer carries away tha blashlnir aaald. And the Constant Advertlaer is ths maa who g«t« tb« tnda. !..•.-.. , , _ •

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