Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1908
Page 6
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The Big Clearing Sale WUhout CompetUlon er a Parallel New On Con't pass up this grand chance to buy Hart, SchafTner ^ Marx and Stein-Bloch Clothes at the prices we are selling them for in our Grand Shovel 'Em Out Sale Shovel 'Em Out Men's Suits <7.r.O Sno.Suitt* nil $10."" ^lu- I'l.-'^ Suit< . J J Jjj SI0.00 ; $15.00 $17.50 $20.00 Moi'.s 5t'c tif's ..35c Men*: 2 JI - ties i5c Boys' oOc Sweaters 25c J^jy.-' TM- Knee Pants I5c i ]wys' Knee 35G -iTic Ri'.^bed Uuderwcar I5c SampJe Shoes ITiOO Pair Men's Fine Shoos, not one pair In the lot worth less than $3.00 anJ lip as high as $5.00 a pair. Shovel 'Rra Out $1.85 7.'0 Pairs Men'a Menvy Lace and nucklo Shoes. There's not a pair worth loss than $1.7r> and up to $2.10 a pair. Shovel "Kni Out $1.10 Men's Shirts ^0 dozen Men's Shirts, the regular .^0c and Cac kind. Shovel 'Em Out, 35c EXTRA SI'Krr.VL. 25 dozen Men's Stirr Ho.som Shirts, the well known Monarch & Cluett make.s, worth not less than Jl.UO each and up to $1.50, Shovel 'Em Out, 25c grade, w 85c 50 dozen Men's Shirts, all high grade, well known brands, regular $1.00 and $1.25 kind. Shovel 'Km Out. Shovel 'Em Out Men's Overcoats $0.00 and (1.50 Overcoats Rfl now OuivU •'•'"n^^. $5.00 $10.00 Overcoats; 5 ^7 Cfl now Ol iwU $15.00 and 16.50 Overcoats SIQ 00 $20.00 Overcoats now All our $22.50 Overcoats JjJ Jjj All our $25 00 Overcoats; tlQ Rfl now OlUI JU Men's 50c Underwear 35(# Men's $1.50 Union Suits $1,15 Men's $2.00 Union Suits SI.40 Men's $2.50 Union Suits $1,75 Men's 3.00 Union Suits $2.35 J 41--.-.. Tjlf !01 V VtTI 1'!'^ \I'"V Hctsl'IT.Vl,' h'.is 1 -err. jiDVi'il : lu the new Imek . _•! i W.s-.-; sirei't. inlliliiij; Jjiisi com- NEWS OF GAS CITY p:eted and; is eiulppeiJ wUr. an "l'^""'' i{j.-y| y ating table and all the late-t api)ll-. MKKTlNtiK AT .M. K, ances for llie Humane and^ Scientific treatment of JDomestic Anhuals. Calls made an.vw;here night or dai'. Phone 139 for hosi)ital or re-^idenc??. FRANK S. UKATTl^. V. S., r .roprietor. ( IUHCII .\Kf MEIJ, .\T1'LM»KI». TO ELECT OFFICERS TONIGHT USE A Wonder Washer Clean Clothes, no Lame Backs T. B. SHANNON'S Two Bii Stores. * (i.\S CITY FIR£.MF:i«i WILL MEET I.V HEta L.VH SES.SION TOXKJIIT. Kavniond Wells Waiil.<t Ut Siirn Turn (Jot's—Marker Family L('a\es (Ja.s City. he ifieiuianrc l .s ilie hesl. The cliiirch aKaiiioii Ilie .si.Mii nf .Januar.v. .Man.v li'\\-'.\ I'll led emli tv.-iiini^:. In.-; ^'\\\ pii>|ile wlii> a\\:i.\ ale lel imiiiin al.'^o. moved Will Plan a lllir Time. .At th<' itieeiiii^^ III the Imal cinlcr (if | » 111 .Sl;:ii Tom (IOCS. .Mmliiii \V <Midiiieii of Aiifiii.i wli;<-li • .Manauer )ta.\ iiionil U\-ll.s of llie liila will IK - lielil nexl .Monday iiJLilif. piep-jO. .\. K. lea.nue team, slated .ve.sler- aratlciiis wi I he made fur iiot.illaii'Hi jda.v ih.ii he wiitilil try to .sl^^a Tom iiiuhi aii'I if it is il;i)ii ~lit hi'si. Icir a | lines dl this cjt.v t<» |)la.v an Inlield hin r nr MIMII- ixii''" .•^iidi <'iiti-r-1 IMI-iiion. 'Imii hailed excepticmall.v laltiiiieiil. •l'h^^ nshiis aii' rea-|\v.'ll l,i>i .n-ar in tin- TrijMe.v leajiiie sous J"i (r l•^''r> lir*n.i'r,- lo fie :!t tlie line!::!.: .Mcimla;. iii::lit. Kulph ('<iuwt>{l Urttirnet!. Hal 'i 'li (iie .weli who nioveil to .\'e- v:ida. .Mo. .si 'Veial ila.>s a:-i) wlieie in- exjieeleil lo ni :ike lil.s home, retiirneil to Mas (.'ity .\cslerarly. lie ii.i.s ac- i-ejited ;i po.-iiti(iii with Ilie Kansas I'orthiiid Cement eoiiiliai.y tilid will lie-in worlv when the iilaiil .sl:irts rea-|wll |Ur. cut I il IS helicVi 'd that lie will sliow iiji Weil a ^aiii this yi'ar. If .\Iaiiai;er W^'il.-i and Tom .siicee4'd .H iu tuukint; terms It uill add a jjreat deal of local lo tlie lola team. llarkcr Family Li^iv<>s iian. On a seat, at the wniliie^ room of tlie dejiol .vesterday. sat a man and his wife and six i^niall children, all bi'iwicn the ajies of four and seven years. The children :ii:d pan-iiis occupied the entire Irn^lh' of one of the seats a^ainsl the south wall. ".Ml of itliem yours?" a.sked a reportiM', with a silly .*rin on his fai-e. "Ye.«." replied the father. 'Ilciilthy looking' lot. aim they." persistyl the news-1 paper man. "Oh. I know what yon lie lookiiij; at.' said the f;(ther. as with liiide he j^azed at his jrisw of childre'i FITZQEMLO Storage andTraii^fer Company ' 0£5ce and Storage Ware Boom at 15 West Street. Phone 35ff j'^v* "'^''K .ittH.seveit c.t.ld ! I kick on that do yon?* he sii };.:;estcd. JThe new ^iiaper man hid to admit that | no sane man could see any possibil-i ities of race .suicide InMhat family. 'J'lie children helonsed to Mr. and .Mrs. K. S. Marker of Gas City.' who were enroute to Emporia. There were iwcj pairs of twins, one of siflf^. four year old. and one pair of huys five je.ars! of ase. Two other'lioysaj-'ed six audi seven years were with tfie iiaity. Mr. ^ and Mrs. Harker are aeijnainted wiihJ .Mr. and Mrs. .T. O. .McPrpiid. r '.S Kast; i:!tli street, bnl owins io the short I Colleg lola Bosiness night ^tr Omy Samntom Bookkeeping;; English. Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand, Letter Writing. JURY MAY DISAGREE Of-orgetuwn. Ky., .lair. 'i. —The jury in the trial >{ Caleh Power>. former, secretary of slate, darned *iih coiii-iHiue they were here, they were unalile plicity in tho mtmler of s^i-najlor Wlll-jto go out and visit.—Oltswa. Herald, iani Goebel at* till' time the latter •was <»ntostilij; jiulieiiiatorial;.vote, he gan the coii-sideration of the verdict today. Late this tiflernoon no vci;dict had; Kc\iritis .Vn- Well Atlended. The revival meelinps which are he- iiifj conducted by Rev. D.IM. Camphell. pastor of the Methodiiit Kplscopal been reached'. An grow-;church, are Ueing well attended. The ing that the' jury may not "be ablejinterest up-to-date has nbt lieen wh^t to agree upon a verdict. i ^It is hoped It will be In t|ie future but L. C HORVIUK, Prmm. FHAmU tMOO. *mt.Omah. lOLA STATE BANK Win .Heel .Monday. The h.iard of education of (he Ga.s City schools will meet in regular session next. .Monday nielli. While there will he notiiiiiK of iiioio than ordin- ;ar.v iiii|iorlaiice to come up for conj sidenitioii there will he a iiuiiiher of I business matters to he considered • wliich will make it neces.sary for ev- '•»y mi'mhcr to he present. ^Vill Elect Oilicers Tonik'lif. The members of the Gas City (ire 'ieinirtliieiit will lui-vl and elect olVi:-- iis loiilubt instead of last iiiKlit as staled in the iteKJster. It. is hoped lilt every iiiemher will \w present as iliis is an importani issue and is <ine liiai every ineiiiliei should have a voice in. CAPITAL $12,500 lOLA, KAM8A8. A. W. Beck, L. E; Hor\-aie, ^..A. Robinson, H. L. Henderson, J. U'. Campbell, Geo. B. Nicholson, Prank Riddle. Personals. Walter Woudhury of Clay Center, Kaiisa.-. was in the city yesterdtiy on a lii.iiiiess visit. II. .i. .liiiiie.^. of Wicliitti, was here yc;-lerday on hiisiness. I. T. Uatiier. of Kansas City, was lie re yesterday cHlliii); on relatives. .Miss Pearl .Mien, of Kans.-is City, and .Miss .\ellie Ingram, of Kniporia. 'reliirmd to their respective homes yes lli'iday. They have lieen here the suest of .Miss .Mnl.el Knsicr for tlii' jiasl siver:il ila>s. .1. li. Cordon, of Kansas f:ity, was here ycit.iday on a bii.slness visit. CITY KEffS. EWl.VG & Burdick are just In receipt of a lar^e sliiiiment of .school; liouus and are now ready to meet the I iP 'tiiands o( tlie now Kooul term lor u XL books, etc. LOST—Carmen bracelet, initial V, on it. Inrtweeii 211 North Jefferson and West street jdcturc show. Return to I'll Xorlli Jefferson. .Mrs. tialler. I''()IJ .S.\LK—Good milch cow. quire -lui North KIni. In- FOIt RK.\T—Kl.^hl room house. ::0S .N'orth Walnut. Apjily at 2U4 -North Walnut. Good AKcnt.^ uiako |.').f)0 and more !« r day .sctiin:: new Automatic Ka.-it- envr for either skirts or irouKors. Uni rivaled-asenry jiroposition because rc- M>eai sales are Kuarant'ced. (Not .sold iiii stores). Write for special offer to represent ua. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken, N. J. Trj a Want Ad. la the Beffister. TllK CITY eoiineil did not take ii|> the matter of the septic basin im- p;ov<wiionls last ni«ht as was con(.-iii- plateil. 'I'he city en«iueer stilted that lie liad not y<-t secured some iiiforiiia- lion from Prof. Iload \vhi<-h he desired belore taking; any further sleiis. TIMO ilKCE.MI!J-Ul report of tho se.\t<iii. iMiIic"' jud^e. and several <itii- cr deiiariiii'-nts. were presented to tlu- council last nicht. MRS. CHAS. Si>aiir r<-tnrned last evening from Ft- Scott. Kas.. when; she has been visiting; lor the i>ast several da>'s. n. If. ftK.N'NKTT went to Mnnilio'dt, K;is.. on a business visit this moru- int;. KdKar's New Keed store, telephune 7."«. Iti'st feed, ruiick delivery, meet all coiniietitlon. start the New Tt ^.l ^U ^wa « ;;ood WATCH, one tibit in jraar- aiiteitl (o keep time lecanitclf— M\v;tr a lifetime and alw»jr<« pretteat (he standard ef what a (rood iratch .should lie ill ai.pearance. no carry just the styles ttfetr uill suit you. )iak6 y our piclt today. W. A. WlllCKLKR, clerk of the Ixiard of ediiealioii. said today that there was nothing to the staieiiicin made iHiblie last evening that the board intended lo rebuild the Jeffer- .son school buildin},'. G A. LBFFLER, JEWELEB. , • '..a i POLARJ&CAII a- JOHN Trcvcrrow. fomierly assistant superintendent of the, l ..:tn >oii Zinc riiiiipaiiy's nuinl>ers_oiie and two works, and who Is now working for the I-myons at Itarilesville, is in lola this week visiting old friends. RMV. .\. L. Vezle left this morning for Kinpnian, Kas.. wlicn- be will conduct a revival service for several weeks. JlTLirS KreuKer returned today to Neodesha after attending the funeral of Clint Taylor which occurred this week. Has Stood Test Because its tfie Best Acce|)t No Of ber Wm. Obcfdorf, Agt. HaM Good TKi«js to ea I- .tt •i^-;^^••-«.>-t^v 'sf ^.»•..FFETL=t-

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