The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1951
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 81, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CAA Okays $28 Million t For Arkansas Airports WASHINGTON, Oct. 3t. CAP) — The Civil Aeronautics Administration tnnounced today 226 airport construction projects, costing J28- 851.TW will be undertaken between now and June 30. The construction, based on (he federal aid airport program, involves expenditure of $15,030,607 In federal money and 113,821,132 to be put up by either local or state sponsors. The program, now in Its sixth year, has resulted in a to l il appropriation of $195,389.342 by Congress. Sponsors have contributed a nearly equal amount. The current program Involves projects in 45 states and also In Alaska. Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. the Th« projects, by states (with Io- callty, airport, amount of federal contribution, the sponsor's share, and a description of the proposed work in that order), include: ARKANSAS— Benton — Benton-Bauxite, $50.000 aod $50,000;- construct and light one runway, taxiway* and entrance road. El Dorado—Goodwin Field; $!0,000 and tlO.OOO; repair pavements; Install elevated runway lighting. Harrison—?12.000 and 512,000; extend landing strip. Helena * Thompson - Bobbins; 136,000 and $36.000; surface course on pavement. Little, Rock—Adams Field, $47,734 and $47,734; pave car parking area; strengthening one runway. Texarkana — Municipal; $12,000 and $12.000; repair pavement on runway, taxiways and apron. Reds Return Runny-Nosed Boy After Holding Him as Spying PANMUNJOM, Korea, Oct. 31 — CAT?)—The Communists today released Kim Won Kyo, an 11-year- old Korean boy with a runny nose, BIL6REY (Continued rrom Page 1) soybean production. His record of achievement also Includes work with 4-H Clubs in which North Mississippi County has made rapid progress. Since coming to North Mississippi Coun- Mr. Bilbrey has coached three 4-H'ers that won state honors and one that won national recognition. Mr. Bilbrey, through his work in soil testing and fertilizer demonstrations, has played an important role in the development of the soil of North Mississippi .County. . IncnaK Nitrogen UM Under his guidance, North Mississippi County farmers quadrupled the use of their nitrogen fertilizers and in addition to this a winter legume program has also increased. In addition v to his work as agricultural agent, Mr. Bilbrey also has devoted much time to civic work in. Blytheville. He currently is president of the Blytheville Rotary Club, a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and a Sunday School instructor at the t 1 First Baptist Church. ^ Mr. Bilbrey Is the second Mississippi County agricultural agent to receive the distinguished service award. Last year D. V. Maloch, county agent for South Mississippi County, received simlla> recognition from the NACAA. H istory Textbook To Be Selected Committees from county schools will meet tomorrow to examine an exhibition of history textbooks anc select the one to be used for thi next six years under the state's fre< textbook system, County Schoo Supervisor John Mayes said this morning. Nine publishers will have exhibits in the educational building of th First Baptist Church here and each school may choose a text from th nine. A text'In one subject is chos ..*ten :ach year and must be used fo if'On next six years. Mr. Mayes ex plained. H. T. Steele, director of the Pre Textbook Division of the Department of Education will be presen tomorrow and Paul Couch of th Arkansas State College faculty will speak at a luncheon held for th school committees. McClellan and Gainings To Speak at Luxora Ben. J. W. McClellan and Rep. E C. (Took) Gainings will speak the United Nations at a meeting o the Luxora Rotary Club at 6:3 p.m. tomorrow in the Luxora High School cafeteria. Obituaries Rites Held for Infant Grav«td« services for Renecc Joe Arwood. Infant daughter of M and Mrs. Joe Arwood of the base, were conducted today at th Dogwood Ridge Cemetery. The in fant was dead at birth nt Wai Hospital at 3:15 a.m. today. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wed.-Thurs. "Ali Baba & 40 Thieves" with Maria Montez Also News & Shorts Friday "RIO" with Basil Rathbone ter having held him 19 days as spy. But first they held court in uddy road outside this armistice mp. Kim "confessed" his guilt to :wsmen—then sobbed: "J just saf< hat they (Reds) told me to say." United Nations officers fed him hamburger, and walked home with m to a weeping mother and father The boy's disappearance wa rought to the attention of the N. command by 53-year-.old Kim fan Ho. who said his son followet U. N. convoy to the Panmunjom ridge Oct. 12 "out of curiosity hinese guards picked him up a he bridge. U. N. liaison officers yesterday for lally asked the Communists abou le boy. Today three North Korean offi ers brought Young Kim back in captured American jeep. GAMBLERS Continued trom Page 1 n per cent, win or lose of oney bet with them. Penalties range up to a year I rison, plus a $10,000 fine. A Washington lawyer announce esterday he had clients—he wasn lying who—who want to test th rst requirements against the Con tltutlon. It Might Be Incriminating Attorney Myron Ehrlichi told a re sorter he would contend that th onstitution does not permit a la' lat would require a taxpayer t isclose information which migh n criminate him. Registration as a gambler, an osting of a gambler's stamp, I lost states might do just that. Th egistration lists become public. & »lice need only get the list and g ick up confessed gamblers. That second provision was aim hurtful, according to membe f the gaming profession who wou! lalk at all yesterday. The gamblers said their profit o bet was usually seven or eig: )er cent of the amount wagered. J he tax is not on profit, but on tl total wager, that would mean a lo f two to three per cent, if you tak he gamesters' profit figures as sol ruth. Operators of horse race and oth ir sports books at sixteen maj lasinos. Las Vegas, Nev., vote unanimously last night to close u hop. Gambling is legal in Nevada "•ilms on Cub Scout Vork to Be Shown Training films for parents of boy participating in the Boy Scou 1 lubbing program will be shown . he Presbyterian Church here tc morrow night at 7:30, Distrl Chairman Cecil Lowe said th morning. The meeting is for parents, n joys, and any mother or father a boy 8 to 11 years old may attei Mr. Lowe said. Council Executive Oral Smith an Acting Field Executive Bill Cli will attend the meeting. PAGE mi Here's How Tax Boost Will Work WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (AP) —Individual income taxes go up omorrow. So do the excise, or sales, axe* on gasoline, cigarettes, liquor and a long list of luxuries, semi-luxuries and necessities. Every salary and wage earner will feel the personal income tax boost In hie first pay check In November. Here axe the main excise tax ncreases. Liquor—from $900 to $10.50 a gallon. This boost figures out to about 26 cents a fifth on ordinary x ,ype whiskey. Beer—from 58.00 to $9.00 a barrel. This amounts to about one- third of a cent on a 12-ounce bottle. Wine—increases ranging from 14 to 24 per cent on most types. Cigarettes—from seven to eight cents on the ordinary pack of 20. Gasoline—from one and one- half to two cents a gallon. Automobiles and motorcycles— from seven to 10 per cent of the manufacturer's price. Toss News Agents Are Spies, Says Swedish Paper ' STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Oct. 31. W)—A Swedish Socialist newspaper said today the spy trial of a Swedish Navy officer has proved that correspondents of the Soviet News Agency Tass are spies in the service of Moscow. Victory Anlssiinov, Tass correspondent accused in the trial of having been an accomplice to the confessed spy, engineer Ernst Hilding Andersson, left Sweden last April. Commenting on this, the newspaper Morgonlldningen said: "It is regrettable that Anlssimov was not arrested. It is well known that Tass correspondents are espionage agents in all countries. Their status as Journalists gives them possibilities to move freely and Inconspicuously and gather information. It is difficult to draw the line between legitimate and it- legitimate journalism, but Amssi- mov has certainly exploited every possibility." Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Dec , Mar May Jul , Open High lav 3S4B 3855 3810 3822 3840 3795 3801 3816 3773 3752 3770 3725 N. 0. Cotton Open High Low Dec 3837 3855 3815 Mar 3820 3842 3802 May 3795 3817 3782 Jul 3715 3770 3723 1:30 3849 3833 3806 3757 1:30 3847 3828 S837 3755 Soybeans Tories Name 3 More Chiefs Armed Services Heads Are Chosen LONDON, Oct. 31. UP) — Prime Minister Winston Churchill today named the three armed services chiefs who will serve under him in his dual role of defense minister. They topped the list of second level government ministers and officials appointed by Churchill. The appointments: Anthony Henry Head. 45. former brigadier, war secreiary. p. P. L. Thomas, 43, former financial secretary to the admiralty, first lord of the admiralty. Lord de L'Isle and Dudley, 45, a former Junior minister and holder of Britain's highest military award, the Victoria Cross, air minister Washington Dons Best Bib for Royal Couple High 297',4 300 Mar 301« May 301 \ Nov Jan CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page 1) ilan unexpectedly near the close of Vednesday's meeting of truce sub- ommittees in a rain-soaked t«nt t Panmunjom. The plan was out- ined on a map. The subcommittees will continue heir discussions Thursday at 11 .m. (7 p.m. Wednesday, Blytheville ime.) Three times, Kinney e'aid, the Red delegates said this was "their ast and best proposal." "This makes us very suspicious," CInney said. Nevertheless, Kinney said, the new led proposal "is .the biggest step I've seen" for solving the buffer zone question. Red Idea of Battle Line The Communist proposal was based on their version of the current battle line. Negotiators call it "the ine of contact." The buffer zone would be 2^ miles wide. The TJ.N, command has (misted all along that the cease-fire line be based on the battle front. The current Allied proposal is for a buffer zone 2V4 miles wide. Originally, the Reds demanded a suffer zone on the 38th parallel. That Is the old political boundary jetween North and South Korea. Most of the battle line is north of ;hat. Last week the Reds modified' their plan to a demarcation line running five to 15 miles south of the battle line. No Prior Hint Made There was on prior hint of Communist capitulation on location of the buffer zone. Wednesday morning, M rain trickled through holes In the conference tent, subcommittee negotiators argued over what should be done about Kaesong. Communist newsmen outside the tent said there would be no agreement if the Allies insisted on taking over Kaesong. In their original demands, as publicly announced, neither side showed an interest in holding this ancient Korean capital. Missco Women to Attend School Lunch Meeting Two Mississippi County women will attend the fifth annual meeting of the Arkansas School Food Service Association in Conway Saturday. They are Mrs. Homer Clinton, school lunch manager at Dyess, and Mrs. Mildred Howerton, home economics instructor at Joiner. Both are members of the association's Executive Committee, which will meet Friday evening at the Bachelor Hotel in Conway. Razorback Jurney's Girl Named U. of A. Queen FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Oct. 31. OPj—Blonde Jodene Sandon, who is "pinned" to injured Razorback end Bill Jurney, has been chosen as queen fcr the 30th annual University of Arkansas homecoming this week end. Miss'Sandon. a 19-year-old junior, was selected for the honor by members of the varsity football team. Both she and Jurney, injured in the Santa Clara game at Little Rock lost week, are from Coffeyville, Kan. Low 295 297 298 S 299 M Close 295 >,i 298 299 29914 New York Stocks 1:30 quotations: A T and T Amer Tobacco . ... Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric C5en Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Tnt Harvester . ... J. C. Penney . Republic Steel . ... Radio Socony Vacuum . . Studebaker Standard of N J .. Texas Corp Sears 156 1-2 elected Tories Choose House Speaker LONDON, Oct. 31. (fl>> — wi Churchill's Conservatives one of their own number as speaker of the new House of Commons today in the first cor.lest for the of- 62 1-2 fice since 1895. 48 | The winner was W. S. Morrison. 52 3-4 58, a former minister of ajrlcul- sovernment's overall majority frcn 18 to 17, since the speaker is traditionally ne'itrai. Committee to Meet Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, m., Oct. 31. W^CUSDAl— Hogs 10.000; fairly active; weights including sows about bs down weak to 25 240 )05 x 19.50-65. top 69 1-8 i ture. The outcome cut the new 102 55 3-4 50 53 1-2 17 5-8 i , „ 33 1-2 Farm Bureau Resolutions 70 1-4 42 31 1-2! The 36-member Resolutions Com- 29 7 g . mittee of the Mississippi County 68 5-8 arm Bur eau will meet in the Co- i 56 1-8 lonial Room of Hotel Noble at noon | 54 3-4 toraorrow to prepare resolutions for ( resentafion at the State Farm Bu-1 cau Meeting. [ The meeting will; follow a lunch- I en, H. C. Knappenberger, county arm Bureau president, said. WASHINGTON. Oct, 31. (A>>— Of- i !iclal Washington put on its best' bib and tucker today to greet Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. And in spite of possible showers, thousands of men and women in the street planned to Join In the capital's televised welcome for the British royal couple on their first visit to the United states. President and Mrs. Truman and their . daughter Margaret headed the list of government officials, foreign diplomats and other dignitaries meeting Elizabeth and her Wond, handsome husband on their arrival by plane from Montreal at 3 p.m. <CST). Television and radio networks set up coast-to-ccast coverage of the event. A 21-gun salute was to touch off a rapid-fire succession of receptions. dinners and other ceremonies for the royal 'visitors. The first: a reception by some 900 news correspondents as soon as the couple had a chance to freshen up and sample American-style tea. Guests of the President Elizabeth and Philip are gutsti of the President at Blair House he blue-bordered china bought by Franklin D. Roosevelt, will be used. Afterwards there's a reception for iome 100 persons—Supreme Court justices, cabinet members, other nigh officials and their wives. Two-Room Suites Provided Then Elizabeth and her consort will be free to retire to their adjacent two-rooms-and-bath suites (one pale green, the other peach) and rest for a second round of official entertaining tomorrow. Yesterday Montreal put on th» greatest show in its history for [he royal couple. An estimated 1,500,000 persons caught a glimpse of the smiling pair on a 40-mile procession. The crowd was so dense the cavalcade was forced to a complete halt several times to have the way cleared. This is the first visit of British royalty to Washington since the princess' parents. King George and Queen Elizabeth, came here in the tense summer of 1939. during their 45-hour visit. Tonight at 7 p.m. (CST) there's a Presidential dinner— very formal limited to about 20 guests because of cramped dining space in the Truman family's temporary resl- _________ ._ , dence.. The gold table service, and as Surrender. Marion Davies Marries LAS VEGAS. Nev., Oct. 31. (AP) —Former Actress Marion Davies was married in i surprise ceremony early today to Horace G. Brown, skipper of a military transport ship. Appomattox, Va.. scene of Lee's surrender to Grant, once was known Wild Animals Escape M.T. IDA, Ark., Oct. 31. OP) _ A tiger and two bears escaped when a circus truck overturned near here about 8:30 this morning. Reds Like Beethoven But Bigwigs Don't BERLIN W>—About the only citizen of=Bonn the.-Russian regard as worthwhile is a chap by the name of Ludwig Beethoven. Under the Soviet system, It's not enough to call Beethoven a master musician. The Russians read into his works all dreams for the sorts of tortured workers and dire 180 Ibs up steady; no lower; 18019.65; paid nostly for choices Nos. 1 and 2 190-220 Ibs; 250-270 Ibs 19.CO-35; 270-300 Ibs 18.50-19.00; 150-170 Ibs 18.50-19.50; 120-140 Ibs 17.00-18.25; 270-4CO Ibs sows 17.50-18.00; heavier sows 16.50-17.25; ' stags 14.00-16.00; boars 13.00-15.50. Cattle 3.000, calves 800; open- rig slow on all classes; early sales generally about steady; cows still under pressure from big packers; few high commercial to low choice steers 31.50-35.00; utility and commercial steers and heifers 25.0030.00; utility and commercial cows 22.50-27.00; cannera and cutters 17.00-22.00. Negro Deaths WAR (Continued from Page 1) Kumsong. Shooting Star jets' blew up a big fuel dump north of Kum- song. Other shooting Star attacks blasted and burned 25 buildings, including a barrack! near the Red capita], Pyongyang, Twenty F-84 Thunderjets clashed briefly with about 55 Russian-type MIQ-ISs just before dusk Tuesday. One Thunder jet and one MIG were damaged. At sea the Canadian destroyer Cayuga won a duel with Red shore batteries on the west coast while the American Destroyer DeHaven blew up ten^ Communist supply dumps on the'west coast. curses for the ruling classes. Every year since 1945, the Soviet press in Germany cranks up an ideaology "piece" about Beethoven when his birthday, December 16, rolls around. The Russian regards Beethoven's Third Symphony as loaded with "revolutionary" politics, it shows that Beethoven was dismayed at the gall of Napoleon wanting to be emperor and that his "democratic spirit" revolted, so they say. Washington Note — SINGAPORE Wj—The people of this rich and flourishing port city won't have to worry about new taxes for 1952. The Singapore government's budget omits any mention of any tax rises. Collections of income taxes this year, was said to have greatly exceeded original estimates. Read Courier Ne. s Classified Ads. AN EXCLUSIVE PERMA - STONE FRANCHISE AVAILABLE in thii irei to a well qualified businessman. COTTON BOLL on North Hiway 61 Phone 3570 THE ORIGINAL MOULDED Sold «id applied br wti 300 indf- pendent tatitcitrrxn Throughout rht country, ««M*-STONE pwifo • ImuliM **d Uiring finilk for Any typ« *f Midi** Iwtk oU Md M>. STONE WALL FACING. Our «tti»i»t «jn««jl Wtertnma ontpiign channtri binintu right h> our dealer's door. lut modcTjtt Mtiii,, cio<l>l it „. suited nd rt» prolit ponibtlitin ir. timitnf o«jy by rh, •ffort put behind it. Ov« Dtstrkt ReprcfcnNrir* wiH b* J«n l» I'm yw «« t(i« fcliilt. Don't niti rb« fuciiut. •1 ttory. ll i> MM Or-KHtTUNITY y«, km d.t«W rf. Air Mt& (•*• In «• rock ye* l>: fEflMA STONE COWfANY, 71* t — WIN m Hurry! Ends Tonight! Dick Powell Rhonda Fleming in "CRY DANGER" Plus 2 Cartoons Rites' for Walter Jones To Be Held Tomorrow Services for Walter Jones, 56, will be conducted tomorrow at 2 at the Caston Funeral Home Chapel by Rev. H. A. Shead. Jones, a veteran of World War I was killed Saturday night west of Dell. Burial will be In Mt. ZIon Cemetery. He leaves his wife, Lily' 1 Mae Jones, and six sons and six daughters. Playgrounds for the Kiddies Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Last Times Tonite 2 Big Hits! .-HUKTZrULll —Plus— DANA Thursday & Friday —F'lus— Movie Memories & Cartoon Guest Movie Nites! ANDREWS SUSAN HAYWARD Also Cartoon & Western Song Featuretle MOX Phone 1621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:oC Sat.-Son. 1:00 Always a Double Feature Last Times Tonite £• * Technicolor Also Shorts NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Wed.-Thurs, Friday "BRIMSTONE" Rod Cameron Looks Practically Brand New Yes, it's really wonderful to see what our expert dry cleaning can do for your clothes. Grease spots and stains, which make your clothes look old before their time are gently but efficiently removed. BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 WANT ADS SflL BUY TMM £TC. CONTACT — The Right People for That Job Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVII.LE COURIER NEWS

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