The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 25, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1936
Page 6
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THE IMKERSFIEI.D CAMFORN1AN. TUESDAY. AUGUST 28, 1936 John Barrymore Out of Hospital 11 nitrd rrrn Lrnnrit ll'(rr; UOT.I.VWOOn, AMR. 2o.—John Bnrrymnri". rvrll on tlio way tn recovery from « ilimiri roim lllnoM. wn.t out of thr Minltiirluni nncl nt brother l,ionet> home todny. Tli" "pmit Kcivrn lover" In rx peeled to I" 1 well enough to iippenr In court Sepiemlier I itivl pronecute milt* RfiftlnM twn former secretaries for return of bin private pii|iern. Trial of the ensed wax pont|ionert on a doctor's statement Hint Hurry- more would rl*l< his life hy appear- Ing In court snnn- weeks HRO. Peter Lorre to Play Napoleon Bonaparte t Annfinlrii Prrm J.tnurd Wlrrl HOI.I..Y WOOD. AUK- 25.— Peter Lorn>. Hungarian youth who won Hollywood movie contracts for his nionctnr In Ihn Qerinnn film, "M," MUB preparing todny to leave for New York and a nnw play—as a fledgling Amcrlrnn citizen. Ixirre and his wife, Cecelia, Viennese adorn, have taken out first papers for cltlr-enshlp, RB they Intended to do since they cnme hero two years ngo, they said. The chubhy netor will hn starred on Broadway In a new play based on tho life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Before leaving Hollywood, lie said, he may sign a new movie contract. »• • Order Exoneration of Actress* Bonds (Attorialed I'rrit l.ratrd Wire I LOS ANOIJI-,ES, Aurf. 25.—Mrs. Marguerite DoKgett's $1500 appearance bond, put up by tho 27-year- old film actress two weeks ago, wair ordered exonerated today because no complaint had been Issued against her. Mrs. Daggolt was arrested August 7 on suspicion of attempting to extort |300 from a wealthy retired broker. "I'm going to sec that I'm vindicated," she said ADVENTURE ( 1'NK THAVIS anil Wiir altovr, !HV ruM In thr- irri'M Hull, nhiivf, ii ro cuft In thf rumnntlr iPndltiR rulcH of "HciiKil TlRer," thrllltnR ndvpntiiro film ntnrrliiK Knrton, now plnylnn "t the Nile on n. double feature pro- Brnm with "The TJovIl Ooll." "Thr Ucvll IJoll" pri'Hentn n marked departure from tho nntiul typo of thrill film. I'luylng tho HtninfroHt roll- of hln ncreen rumor, Lionel Harrymore nppoam In "Tho Devil Doll," n« n female Impornon- ntor. The xplnc-llnRllnR Vlfli""*! directed by tho mimtor of myntpry driimn«, Tod HrownlnK. conncrim a mnd KPnlim who dlHcovprw n method by which humnn bcln(?H may ho reduced to onn-Mxth tholr natural Fl7.c. with fnntawtln rt-Hiilts. Maureen O'Sulllvun and Frank l.awton nre prominent In HiipportInK roli>H. Gilbert's Child at Auction Sale (\**nriatrd Prr** f,rtitr(l Wire) JIOM.YWOOI), Aug. 25.—Klnven- yenr-olcl l,enirlri- Joy rillbert plunged Into the trick of the bidding yentor-: • day fin auctioneers Hltirted 11 four-day mile of personal property of her late' •father, John fillbert, handsome j HiTwri IK tor. who died nix months j Hgo. j The i-hllil's mother, former ac.treHS ; I .eat rice Joy, second of Gilbert's four ! \vl VCH--rom-hrd her In her bidding i ; am" nl tlines nought to restrain her j i-nthiiHliiMlIc attempts to outdo other' offers. 1 A crowd composed mostly of women atiri RlrlK Jammed tho downtown auction place. Voung t.entrlco won her father'si mnko-up box for $14.50. Hho lost n j bidding bout with a gray-haired man over a set of ram HlbleH. and was forced to son two other books, one ' of Shelley's poems, go to other bid- j flora. .Shortly afterward, however,, she got. u cameo bracelet for $10. In tho crowd wcro (Clarence Urown, director of many of Gilbert's pictures, and Carey Wilson, screen writer. HERE TONIGHT Radio Programs Tonight KCO-KPB—Nutionil BretdMitlBt C«m»in»—SupiMlN »roirtnii t»: KD. KM*. KFS». KCW, KEX. KOMO. KMO. KJR, KOA. KOA. KUHL. KOYt. KOIR. KTAR. Kmc-CBS—Don LM ind Ctlumkli—•u»llw tnirimi to: KM). KOS, K08. KM), K8W, KFBK, KERN. KOL. KVI. K8L. KOIN. KEPV. Playwright Molnar Sells Two to Films (Aunciatcd Press Leased Wire) HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 25.—Kerenc Molnar, tho playwright, has Bcorod two sales hits In pictures within a week. Metro-Qoldwyn-Mayor purchased his "Great Love" several days ago and today announced It had bought Molnar's now piny. "The Girl From Trlests" as a starring vehicle for onn of tho studio's dramatic actresses. No star was named, however. Girl Talks Herself Into Screen Work (A**(tfiatrd Press f t rased Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 25.—Annadell Klgcr, blondu and figuratively perfect, talked herself Into a movie contract at 7 a. m. That was tho hour Darryl F. 7,nn- nuck, Twentieth Century-Fox producer, turned on the radio In bis homo hero tho other morning. 'Miss Klgor was appearing In a play at a Chicago broadcasting station. Kiinuck heard her. Later he discovered she was a satisfying to the eyo as to tho ear. Sho started train- Ing In screen technique today with the promise of a role soon. *-•-»- IIANOS HIMSELF CULVIOH CITY, Aug. 25. (A. P.)— Albort Charlie Shy, «2, was found dead today In hlu poultry market, hanging by a rope. Police Officer Dennis Goslcn said he believed Shay hod been worried over his finances. Dick JurgciiH F EATURING nn exceptionally fine brass section, which he himself Joins occasionally on a solo horn, Dick Jurgcns brings his radio dance band to tho Union Avenue Danco Pavilion for tonight only while southward bound from a northwestern tour. Eddy Howard, Stan Noonen and Carl Brandt arc featured entertainers with tho Jurgens band, which entertained a largo audience hero last, spring. Formerly Dick did all his own arranging, but now has three arrangers who give tho music of the orchestra Its unmls- tukahlo swing. Cool weather and a moonlight arc two reasons why L. 1C. Nance and Buck Uuclmnan, proprietors of tho popular Union avenue Pa- vlllan, are confident of a largo crowd to dance to Dick Jurgens' music. SWALLOWS PIN; DIES LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25. (A. P. Molvln Selnaglo, 2-year-old son o: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Selnagle. died to d.'i.y of the effects .of accidentally swallowing a safety pin. 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. Kiorw and network—lloyal Tex- aliK. NW network—Bun Bernle and Alt the Lads. WiiXAI — llccordlngs; t>:15, Mao IMmxolf. KNX—Dick Tracy; 6:15, Maurice's Orchestra to 6:46. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KHUN and network,—The Caravan. NBC network—Bavarian Orchestra. W8X AI—llccord I IIRH. KNX—5:45, Musical to 6:15. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKTIN and network—The Caravan. NBC network—Nickelodeon. W6XAI—Nows Flashes; 0:15, Dinner Concert to 0:45. KNX—0;15, Nows Flashes. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KF.riN and network—March of Time; fi:45. Happy T>ays. NBC network—Barry McKlnley. AV6XA1—0:45, Sketches In Melody. KNX—Souvenirs of Song; 0:45, Melodic Varieties. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KKRN and network—Corner Store Philosopher; 7:15, Renfrew of Mounted. NBC network—Amos and Andy; 7:15, Lum and Abner. WCXAI—Let's Dance; 7:16, World Dances. KNX — ICInier (Joes Hollywood; 7:16, Drury Lano. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KKIIN and network—Laugh with Ken Murray. NBC network—Leo Rolsman's Orchestra. WOXAI—nublnoff, Virginia Uea; 7:45, Cecil and Sally. KNX —Newly weds; 7:45, King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN and network — Waring's T'ennsylvHnlans. NBC network—Death Valley Days. WOXAI—Hollywood on Parade; 8:16, Frank Watanabe. KNX—Officer of the Day; 8:16, Musical. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKRN and network—Dick Stabll« Orchestra. NBC network—Stevens Hotel Orchestra. WOXAI—HI Hilarities; 8:45, Home Folks. KNX—Tudor Williams; 8:45, World Dances. Twelve Ginger Rogers Fashion Creations of Washable Renee Crepe in Ckalkelle A-l Yarns PHONE ORDERS FILLED CALL 4700 No. 202S Biown Wine Blue Sim 12 to 20 Made of clever studio patterns in new gorgeous fall colons Sizes 12 to 44 WASH FROCK SECTION MAIN FLOOR IN "RANGERS" 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KISRN and neiworn—Carl Schrel- bor Orchestra. NBC network—Wnuse of Melody. W6XA1—News Flashes; 9:10, 1'op Concerts to 9:45. KNX—News; 9:15, Hollywood on Parade. 8:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKIIN—Full Gospel Tabernacle; 9:45, Jan Oarbor Orchestra. NHO network—Vista Del Lago Orchestra. Wf>XAT—9:46, nhythni and Romance. KNX—Orocketts. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. ICRRN—World In Review; 10:10, Kills Klmball Orchestra. NBC network — News Flashes; 10:15, Oeauvlllo Club Orchestra. W6XAI—All-request program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. W6XAJ—All-request program. Film Stars War on Dog Poisoners (Antedated Press Leased Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 25. — Jean I-larlow and Joan Crawford opened a war on dog poisoners today. Insurance policies written for Miss Harlow's St. Bernard and Mlsa Craw ford's two Dachshunds provide $3000 a« reward for tho capture and conviction of dog- poisoners, In case the pets arc killed in this manner. «-*-• HEADQUARTERS RANSACKED LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25. (A. P.)— Political headquarters oC Arthur A. Jones. Democratic candidate for the Assembly, were ransacked on the ovo of tho election, he reported to police. C ROWDS are packing tho action drama and historic picture, "Tho Texas Rangers," now playing at tho Fox theater. It Is a picture Important in every sense In film history, in cost and in tho skilled way In which It reflects American development of tho southwest. Heading tho cast arc Fred MacMurray, Jack Oaklo and Jean Parker. Tho second feature showing Is "The Final Hour," starring Ralph Bellamy and Marguerite Churchill In 60 minutes of seething suspense. A Walt Disney Silly Symphony, "Toby Tortoise Returns," and Fox Movietone News complete this program which ends Wednesday. Spain to Reimburse U.S.Property Holders (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 25.—Tho Spanish government today formally obligated itself to reimburse American property holders whoso property tiiay be seized during the civil strife In Spain. DOORS OPEN 6145 P. M. ENDS TOMORROW of The Qrlm Law The Ringers , . . "Save the Last Bullet for Yourtelf." « RALPH BELLAMY H Will Dliiw't LttMt Silly "TOBY TORTOISE RETURNS Movietone New* buys the biggest Value in Electric Refrigeration HELD OVER!! Threiik WEDNESDAY SWELL ATTRACTIONS JIM WITHERS "LITTLE MISS . NOBODY" Brim DONLEVY Clilra TREVOR ••HUMAN CARGO" Pitt SMITH "AIRHOPPERS" Tune In W6XAI Trans-Radio News Flashes Monday Through Saturday 12:00 Noon to 12:15 p. m. Refrigerator values you can see! In Kelvinator, and only in Kelvinator, 4o you get all these outstanding features: 1. •ullt-ln Th»rm*mM«r 2. C«rtl(lc«t« •! Uw C.»t «f Operation 3. N*w bMuty In dailgn 4. Piv«-Yrar •y«t«ctl*n Plan 5. n«Klbl« grMi In all !<• troyi In ttandvrd mvttoli 6. InMrlcr light 7. F»«d crliB«r B. V«g*fabl« IraikM 9. Automatic dcfrattlng twltth IO. Sliding ih«lv*i EASY TERMS BIQ HITS—7 AND 9 TONIGHT BENGAL TIGER VIRGINIA LAST TltrtES TODAY Warner Baxter and Ann Lorlng In "THE ROBIN HOOD OF EL DORADO" and Laurel and Hardy In "THE BOHEMIAN OIRL" NEWS and CARTOON COLD ECONOMY No more guessing about cabinet temperatures. Right before ^our eyes, when you open your Kelvinator, is Kclvinator's unicjue Built-in Thermometer that tells you your food is safe at all times. A written Certificate of Low Cost of Operation assures you in advance that Kelvinator's current consumption will be amazingly small. Actually it will be one-half to two-thirds less than that of many refrigerators now in use. Kelvinator gives you a written and signed assurance of dependable service, backed by the manufacturer's PROTECTION Five-Year Protection Plan. Yet Kelvinator costs no more than other mechanical refrigerators. And you can buy it for as little as 15c a day! We'll be proud to have you come in ana inspect the new Kelvinator today. 1936 KELVINATOR fr J m ^an LI |j M y^ LAST TIMES TODAY Grace Moore, Franchot Tone In "THE KINO STEPS OUT" and Ken Maynard In "AVENOINO WATERS" Comedy Cartoon News GRANADA LAST TIMES TODAY James Stewart, Wendy Barrle In "SPEED" Sylvia Sidney, Spencer Tracy In "FURY" Comedy, News, Cartoon LEMONADE being served during the demonstration of M. C. P. PRODUCTS R. K. JOHNSON GANN & ROSS And at t/ie same time Wednesday L«arn how you can make Pure, H*alhSM, Old Fa*hion«d Umonad*...without any mutt or Ion than M In* co»> ol o«S«r b*v*rag«« wing AND HIS Orchestra (Person TONIGH Tuesday, August 25 UNION AVENUE DANCE PAVILION DANCING 9 TO 1 Admission 55a

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