The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1944
Page 10
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]Q Mondoy, September 11, 1944 tOic gahtrgfiflb California?! Announcements WANT Classified Advertising columns of Th* Bakersfleld Califarnlan eloia rromptly ml 19 o'clock each morning for nil one- column »ds. Two-column or l»rs*r adi mu»t be placed the dav before riibt'CH- tlon. Phone 7-7681. 1-14-tf For rent— Trucks, i Ickuni. trailers. Parker's. Eighth and Union avenue. Phone 2-9942. _ LLL1? ALL kinds of weights and widths of can- vai. Canvaa goods made to order at Hornung's. 1606 Nineteenth s treet. 1-Mf REFUNDS on each classified advertisements which b.ive been canceled before the expirf'on dale muFt be rnlfed for WITH CASH RECEIPTS wlthm "nt month from date of cancoilatiin. 1 he Bakersfleld Californinn. 6-51 -if Financial A MONTH REPAYS J100 LOAN IN Kri,L, IN 12 MONTHS. NO CO-SIGNERS. UNITY TEMPLR— All fnlly *erv- Ires available. Oomnlete itiirk publication*. Subscriptions tnkrn. Noon silence dally. 12J Scruthcrn hotel. Minne S-8S:s_ Lost — Found — Strayed v n n P 1 fl - i M r )-i 'Reward. Dole S • M 1 4 n l'i LOST— On Taft lupiw wheel off hand trn. « Grain Company. ___ l'i •>; LOST— Brlwpfn Nrwh.rrVn and i 'heater or at Chester ami N u.'-'i-i nih b'ie .stop. small retl nnd whil' !»'-<• ' or.t.untnfr n aum of money. J'i.-i.i(i pl'-ate phone 3-3708. Upwaiil _________ ____ j'.' 1 LOST—Kye trlminc* Do« tor McKre. !i S3" Hrri'li PIre> 1 LOST—La T BP < -mi..- wifr, JMn i!-- k. motlipr. One home adrlrcHs tuck. Berkc)f> FOUND—Oci injin T'" 6TKAYKD—a i nne. rc.-ir. Owii- r inK and pnvirp ''" LOST—Tnn 1>'K''"1'1 Onnst rut tutu (''-nip return ti- }'. ] -7. I nvrnue. n r '"' ; 'liV_ LOST—Pair . f • > Rl.'iBSi'R ntt;-.- 'i* '). Htor*» en "i <• f ' " u •1-47K5 i<ltrr_ 4 P. THFtE!-: P(N< H'.:*S^. till croc hi"...I. ;> .:k. rolnr. K.I:<UT j'l< M l'i - " r! ""' frnm I'lionc D-TSL'U . ct risked. i'. 1'invis. 'i,,nginit to If found. 2(iM Shall. _ ._ __ 15 t n f' 0 fl T'r n n i s 1 P y n ve may have hy idt-ntil'y- l»."i:':.n 1;ibM "Kami •! v " If fnuml. plr-aue " 11- r. I"!' W ood ro w rr i ;i'l »-3Sl]. 3* »; in >.'-> «, \vit h sun I,- f•. '>n counter In );.vv;i rd. 1'hrip" ,. : j . 7 • "M in P.akTsI K-M. -, *• i In W H lid vungtt tori LOST--II1 iipiMd C"i!n- ninyon, !iir.'ht. tli [•• e ! i ,nl t.-njud?. n li!,C k H ll'i t :>.': . ''I'" TT1» 1*» I'lHPk while VH Ikfi , CMP niji U* blark n nd t nn diitl ivliif*> \\ "A ik- :. I,:ist hujird K»>irtK in ward i'osn ri'ii^. running a coyot' 1 . Call L'-3L''tS al!i:r_ LOST — Black horcelildo billfold, with npi'llrity ftnd i>ostal savinp rar'ls. Finder Kfeii Tr.onev, but leiurn hllllohl. Thone _ S -\ y_S. __ ____ . ___________ 3 S LOST — Cann-ta. In Santa l-'o depot phone booth Reward on return. Phone U-02TM _ or l^HI _____ iL~ LOST — T^emaN- I-'OT Terrier, Ma< k earR ami hlark hobtail. AnHWel'H ID name "Sheriv" Plioiie ;-44fm. Reward. _ LOST — AVomuii'* ident ifleatlon eard and C Basollno ration book In brown leatherette (awe. vlemily of Tlnkersfield business district or Greenfield. Winter Field employe, urBently needed. Ijibernl reward. Phone 2-8535. 149 Chester avenue. 37 Personals BEMORRROID SIlFFEREnS — No bos- pltallzation nor loss m' time No surnery nor Injection*. New. safe. painless method of ellmlnatine hemorrhoids now available from Dr. l>, R. Pennlnctnn, D. C.. suite 1, Professional building. Phone 6-6100. 2-C-tf BACRO-II.IAr LKSION8. low back pains, arthritis, constipation and prostate disorders corrected. Dr. D. U. Parish. D. C.. 407 Haberfelde building. Phnne >.!t;82. «-_9-« B. D. JIcBride Detective ABencv. room 110. Hay bu.'ldlnB Bukfirsfleld. Licensed and bonded. Confidential inveatleatlon. Phono 2-2800 or 2-«65!l. 9-7-tf \VILL NOT be responHlile for any bills made other than myself after September 8. 1944. Ot!» E. Tlsdall. 1313 Tenth nve- nuc. Delano, Calif. 37 1 WILT, NOT bo responsible for any debts contracted by anyono other than myself ' after September 8. 1944. Cliff TUerck. R13 Bnnora Mrcet 37 Financial for INCOME TAX PAYMENTS 6CHOOL NEEDS NECESSITIES ETC. BORROW ON Automobiles Trucks Furniture Farm Equiut. Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" You may still borrow for as long as 12 months. 100* LOCALLY OWNED Trad* with local people who understand local condition*. W. J. (Blin BerRinan Maurice St. flair 26th end Chester Opp. Mimtcninery \Vnid I'hone €-«786 Appointments Made ___^ _ fi-l-lf MONE5T TO LOAN Lonr term, all typo .'arm loans. 4 '•! per cent Interest. No commission to borrower. J. E. WARRED REALTY CO. TOLARE THKATEU I TULAHE. CALIF. A-l FIRST Tni.'ST deed. J6K"n. Trmle for good Income property. Box K-lll. The CHllforniun. 37 6-14 vri. No ichool girl ever had too many Jumper dresses in her wardrobe! The one Illustrated here Is particularly HP- pealing to young girU. Three or four blouse* of various colors and mote-i iul*. worn with « plaid wool or guiKh.un Jumper will give a echool girl a nice variety of costume. Pattern 8692 In in sizes 6. 8. J9. 12 •nd 14 years. Size 8, Jumpers, rtoulti-u 11« yard* of 29-Inch material; blouse. 1'r, yards. The new fall and winter Issue of "Fafih- lon" i» now ready—32 pancn. It's a complete guide to your fall and winter wardrobe. Send for your copy. Price 15 cents. For this attractive pattern, send 20 cent* Jn coins, with your name, addrees. put- tern number and »ize to The Bakemlield Caltforvian Today's Pattern Service, 7(/» ilutio* Strett, San t'ranciaco i. w£ O^ tilJillSi J/ mrulp "n palnry. furniture, Rutos (no ir.<;u; iiin'p nondp»l> tn offirn rmployef*. skilled nml unskilled industrial wrk- *r«, civil service employees, business O.CPI1I IVOS, otC 1'riv.iie. Prompt. Come in. write— rr phnne first: when approved pick up cash. You gfi full amount of !nan. Pnvnle s;il*«s of automobiles and furnitutp finniKcd. Nn t !on-\vi'i. Credit Cards issued and IHO Pill Building (L'mler ili<- tile Coca-Cola sign) l.)OS 18th Street W. Vetliniig. Mgr. I'bonc 6-6595 EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102.50—Total Cost ONLY $2.60 If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign- No Co-signers AUTOMOBILE, FUilNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Cheste.- Telephone 9-9421 8-21-tf Business Opportunities SAT.. 13—Cnfa in Arvin. Write Box 1103. Arvin pnst _office. 36 1'YUt SAI.R—Grocery Klore. Ideal location, (loi-it Kcitid InislncFB. BS5 Brumlaer XI"\V soil di inlt Ftaiul. complete M'itli TIWII- int-'y: ti uuiKlllar «hni)<?. 5(j-luot. counter ^j'li'o. iiirnl l<ir fair confession or pt r- maiuTit lot alien. Can he accn ut 3(i"f, M Mifcl. 4] Transportation—Buses FREiO MEALS AND PILLOWS Lowest Fares to All Points AI.I^-AMKRICAN BUS LINB INC. :026 Chester Kills U Ball Phone Z-3433 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 8-6-tf WOULD like to contact family driving to Oklahoma City about transportation for n. 7-year-old boy. Cull Mrs. Tlnnln. •J-9977. 37 Schools—-Instruction HIGH SCHOOL completed at borne for recognized diploma; -;00 other courses. Free catalogue Call Lee Manful). 7-75.M. International Correspondence Rcho '» 45 Occupational Services HAVE your car glazed In the mod em way. A smooth, long-lasting finish done by an expert. The cost Is reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Alao steam cleaning nnd car washing. Make your appointment today. PHONE 6-6457 FIRESTONE STORES TWEXTY-FOURT11 AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local, 812 North Ches_ter. Oikiale. Phone 2-8914. 39 WB DO TREB topping, removing: fence building, team work, plowing, general work; Just work: have truck. Phone 5-6740. 88 PAINT CONTRACTOR—Interior and exterior: reliable work. M. L. Htrron. I'hone 2-43:10. 37 RELIABLE PAINTINO InsKle and Out SID D. HELLER Licensed and Bonded Contractor 1409 "Kye" Street Pbone 2-2492 7-19-tf TRBW SERVICE CO. Pruning. Shaping. Topping Man Trees Taken Out B. Parker Free Estimating 1807 H Street Phone S-31S9 43 FOR GENERAL contract anrl repair work, _phone 3-U676. 63 FOR STENOGRAPHER SERVICE SEE, US Courteous and prompt service. Will consider phone or rush orders. San Jnaquln Agencies, Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street, phone 2-0 0 ',:}. 9-1-tf BRAKI'JS KKI.INED AND ADJUSTED WRKJHT'H URAK10 SHOP Kwv. !>0 ;i t Circle Mohawk Corner Jack Wrlglit. Prop. Phone 2-0101 68 WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING SIMONIZ1NG MACK AND SON California Avenue. I'hone 2-1220 _________________ 45 I'AI'KH HANGING a.ncl painting. Work Kiui i anltx-t.1. Thonu>«on, phone 2-0780. ___ _ _____ _ ____ _ :is POLISH ING. SIMON I'/1NG— PROTECTS AND MAKES ALL FINISHES LAST LONGER. COME IN TODAY AND MAKE AN AP- 3 'OINTMENT. TWENTY-FIRST BEST plumbing onrvlce. The. br-st costs I<'H8. Repair and remodeling: little jobs Bet firwt attention. County licenpp. Phone 2-2 1CL'. _ 38 HOMEMADE: COOKIES Dial D-254S and pliice your order to In- fhiile hfiinciiuule cooklt-a In your gilt to _Jhosc luiya at homo and overseas. 37 VACl'L'll bweepcra. hair dryers, Ironx, licM "urlN, tn.'iMi-rs, niotorH. t-\ erythine HIM 1 1 iru i ri'paii t'iL Monc.v-back Kiiar- :n, !••(•. Will pick up and deliver. Ilunllcy ^I'l'liam'c ^orvjrR ami Repair 1)17 Water __sln-,'l. _Phfinc_l'-4i>70. __ __ ItKI'lllcr.HATOHS u vcrnaii led. washing I;I:K hiii'-M icliuili. (,'ooli-r Mt-rvlco. \\'e uNu iii"vo reli i^nnitui N. H1I8 WuBhlun- __ Inn. t.)ilij;ilc._ I'lmno 2-7S18. 41 l-lOL'SEl'AINTLVn and out and commercial sjn'iiy pointing. K.-niniat<>s gladly Riven. M. S. Driicy. Licensed contractor. Phone Oil, KIKI.D im. k i Minimum I Mili i or wanted. Rnrkv Company. J'hnn** 47 !•:>, I'KUIKM. !•.!> ili»hwa»lii.|. Apply Kied- <i"'' ; »'.i'f IK) lliKh\Viiy and T\\ rliiy- ^ fourth -itn-.'t. II-1 1-lf WANTED —M»l( i.'"iiple~7<ir rari- l;'^"'i. Km MiHhfl tontine, gara^r. \v:ii«-i. liKht*. phone, flnckeri yariln KiiM<,i;ile Itiiiid, -'a mi Ion tioiu city limits. Phune ZO-K-2. 41 Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Male AT TAF1 DIIAFTHMA.\-VKT10RAX OR FEMALE C11AIX M A X—M A T ,10 HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING'PIPELINE—MALE IIELPKU KOIl INSTALLING AND KIOPAIIUNG PIPELINES—MALE APPLY TO: TELEPHONE TAFT, 404 TLEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 57 McMAHAN FURNITURE CO. Has Openings In the DELIVERY DEPARTMENT and SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street 8-22-tf WANTED—Trimmer to operate glass and upholstery department In large repair shop. Hee Backman nt Motor Center. Twenty-second and Chester. 8-lB-tf HOUSEMAN, over 40. See bousekeeper. Padre hotel. 8-12-tf WANTED -Milker, either hand or machine. Route II, Box :144. ^4 mile north of I'umpi'ln Center. Millions Dairy. 37 EXPERIENCE!' tractor drivers. year- round lob for men who qualify: lodging nnd board furnished. Apply 61& !£ast Nineteenth street. Phona K-UG71: after 7 p. m. call 2-770S. 7-3-tf BELLMAN—Must be over 31. Apply Hotel Pad re. Ii'-'J V.'ANTED — TRUCK AND AI.'TO MECHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN GARAGE. TWENTY-ITIKST AND I _. STREETS. 12-31-tf Paper Carriers Wanted for East and west Bakersfield. Californlan office. 6-14-tf HELP WANTED—Metal workers, metal worker belpere. wncvl workers, auto bodies: wood workers, furniture. C. N. Johnston Body Works, 1001 Eighteenth. Phone 4-4708. d-Zl-tf NE10DED AT ONCE—Furniture reflnlsher. Alao upholsterer Topnotch wages for topnntch workmen. C. N Johnston Shopp. 1000 Eighteenth street. 1-21-tf WANTED—Experienced auto mechanic. Good hours and pay. U an essential job. Hund tools and availability certificate necessary. See Mr. Heed. KItchen-Royd Mol-r Company. 2220 Cheater avenue. 8-25-tf WANTED—Sffrvlce laltsman. Good sal- nry «nd excellent future for man with fair education who can assume responsibility. Firestone Hlorts 2381 Chester avenue, BaUersHeUl. 8-23-tt TRUCK DRIVERS and delivery men. Apply McMohnn'a Furniture, Eighteenth and H streets. 8-26-tf WANTED—Harvest hands. Men to oper- nto comblnt harveslery Exierlence nec- essnry. Bed and boarJ furnlfihed. Apply CIS East Eighteenth street Phone 0-9C71: after 7 p. m.. call 2-7706. 7-8-tf SEWING MACHINE REPAIRING, 1509 West Eighth. Guaranteed Phone 9-9437. 4'J MI r ,N \VANTISD—Pt.manent crrinloyinent. work inside bottline I'lant. (Jood pay. A n p I y_l n_pers o n. i_^0_K e n t u ck y. 3 7 WANTED — An Individual who IB interested in working for n pennnnrnt company tin janitor; adequate salary. Must be nble to furnish references and birth cer- tifiratc._ Call 4-458(1. 9-7-tf ASSISTANT (liMtilny man at Marry Coffee's. OiKid niipurliinity to learn display work for rich! inUivnliinl. also a |:oo,l peacctinie IHIMIIIOM. Contact Air. U riiy. 3 6 JiXI'IOUIKXC-KIJ shoe fulcHllldy or salen- iiinii wauled Write lion G-3U3. The Cn lifo_r]T_iaiK 9-8-tf WANTKD—Itanch camp cfiok. Trailer lioune furnished. Man and wife preferred. Call In person, 615 East Nine- tecl ilh street. 9.8 -1 f NEED two inllkei-a and two Irrlgntors; Koor] wages, house. liKhtn and watel'. Mu*t be married and iiave own furniture. Apply 1S03 II street. Phono 2-894C. 36 SHOE SALESMAN and window trimmer wanted. Must bo experienced. Apply In person. 1 i* 1 4 Chester avenue. 37 WANTED—Man for steady jub In used eijtijpnient yard. Should have Koine experience with machinery. Wes Waldun, I!;:: South Union nveune. WANTED — Veterans World War No. 2 — If you are Interested in n lit'etime career In a selling activity with u nati^nnlly known orKaniznt Ion providing hospitali- xauon, Ki-nnp InKiinini-e. rellienicnt plan for employee nnd dependents, write stut- int? at*), edncalion. husine^H expcrieni-e. He.. Liux M-ll. The Uakersl'ield Californian.^ _ _ IIS Y AGED man for tunera.! and ambulance work, experience not neces- Bary E'llcklnver-Dlgler. Chapel, 1227 Chester. 8-11-tf EXPERIENCED TIRE MAN. GOOD SALARY. EXCELLENT POSTWAR OPPORTUNITY. FIRESTONE STORES. TWKNTY-KOURTH AND CHESTER ^AVENUE. ii-an-tf WANTE'J—AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WllKlit TOP WAGES. APPLY BAKER-ADAMS PONTIAC GARAGE. 2701 CHESTER. 6-22-tf WANTED—Bus boys. Apply dining room. Hotel El Teion, 40 QREEN FILERS and timber handlers. Saw mill. 60 miles east of Bakeisfleld. Phone 2-41)47. 42 CARRIER helper wanted in Riverview. Phone Verne Wilson, 2-SG23 or call 383 Belle avenue. 9-5-tf HKLt'ERS WANTED fo>' Keophysirnl crew. Experience not required. Awe lx-;,o. Steady work In nn essential industry with a (food chance to advance. Availability cettlficate required. Apply U'C George Huy build I n^ il-5-tf ROUSTABOUTS nnd rotnry helpers, work near Bakersfleld. 6 and 7-day work week schedules. I'hone U-8461. Tide Waler Associated Oil Company. 36 WANTED—TWO WEN FOB RECAPPING DEPARTMENT EXPERIENCED PREFERRED BUT NOT NICCESSAKY. GOOD SALARY TO START. FIRESTONE STORES, TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVENUE. 8-23-tf NEEDED to help maintain transportation, auto and truck mechanics nnd body men. Full tlin* work. Motor Center. Bulck, Chevrolet anrl Cadlllnr dealer. See Backman, Twenty-«ecnnd and Chester. 8-16-tt RCM.'TE MEN wanted for pleasant outdoor work, d.'ollRht delivery. Salen and route experience valuable but not absolutely necessary. Retail route work. See Pinzon at Peacock Dairies after 3 p. m. 87 MEN' wanted for seliim? up machinery. Call .'!:!» Kasi Nineteenth mreet. 37 iccil. solier bit wcldor wanted for BU'itdy joli. BI':ST WAGES PAID Call L'-^5.">(i Sunday 37 TOUNO MAN wlllltlK to learn wanted as niHchinlst's or meclianlc'M belper. inof, Chester avenue. Phone ^-O^iil or S-OO'.H. A JOB WITH A LOCOMOTIVE TO HELP YOU Work for a company whose biggest job ia still ahead. It's a job for an active man who likes to see things move: switching railroad cars, trains" . . . shunting 'em on to sidings . . . freights from all over the country, loaded with war materials. No dull routine Re- niembor, Southern Pacific's biggest job is still ahead. Rail- PUSH privileges. Fine pension, plan. Medical services. The kind of job you can be proud of. Look into this today. (Student Hrnkemen and Firemen nofdc'tl also.) Apply Superintendent's Office R. P. Company, Bukerst'ield, or your nearest S. P. Agent 37 THREE experienced line drivers for butane transport trucks. See Harold at Fourth and Union. 35 SALESMAN wanted. Apply in person. Ivers Furniture Co.. 625 Nineteenth _.5. 1 L c .e5. !)-9-tf BUS BOY wanted. El Tejoa dinine room. See Mr. Umvland. 46 WANTED—BODY AND FENDER MAN. APPLY AT THE UNITED GARAGR. l.'IOl EIGHTEENTH STREET. 40 WANTED—West Bakersfield High School boy to help in mail room and emergency route work. Apply California)! office. 9-9-tf WANTED—WriiiRer man. No experience •esHiiry. Citizen's Laundry. 931 Six- 37 teentli street. WANTED — AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. APPLY IN PERSON AT THE UNITED GARGAGE. 1301 EIGHTEENTH _ HTHEET. _ 41 WANTED — Boy over 16. who can work Meaily, or man over fit), to v.-ork in •\vaHlirooin. Family Service Laundry, .s:lo Calilornia uvenue. I'hone li-G4;',r». ' YOl'NO MAN between 17 and 20. Call at Hakersfield Laundry Association, corner Nineteenth and L _ streot»._ ___ 38 \\ r A N T E n— I, ItlilvTc, \TIH.V M~\ N~ ~A 1^ J'l.Y AT THE UNITED GARAGE. 13(11 EIGHTEENTH 8TIIEET. 41 Help Wanted—Female GIRL FOR GENERAL OFFICE WORK KO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY SEABOARD FINANCE CO. 2300 Chester Avenue 9-8-tf WAITRESS WANTED—Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twenty-fourth and 99 Highway. 8-29-tf WANTED— Collector for west Bakersfield. Write Box M-101, Call_ fornian. References. _ 8-29-tf WANTED — General office worker wllh lyplnu and shorthand experience. Permanent posilior. Apply 1712 Chester ave- _ n u e . _ I 'aclflo Finance Loans. 36 WANTED — Neat appearing lady for marking and checking and minor repairing. Apply in rerson. Apply American Clean- era, 3011 Kentucky. 36 LAUNDRY WORKERS—No experience necessary. Citizen'* Laundry, 831 Sixteenth street. 37 LADY for bneKaire and express clerk. Permanent position. Apply in person. Pacific. Greyhound Lines. 37 Must be experienced. Good working conditions, Kooil pay, permanent position. Local vxiii>rlenced preferred. Tibbelt's, Sill bulldinir. 37 RELIABLE woman for part-time housework, preferably Homeono residing vicinity West Twentieth street. I'hone S-1719. 40 WOMAN for half-day permanent work. l.iKht housekeeping and cooking. 31M C)leu lHle_r.__Phone_lS6!l 10. 38 G1UU for Roneral office work. Valley Furniture Co., Twenty-fourth and Chester. 41 WANTF.P—Receptionist with experience in typing and shorthand. Permanent IioHltion_wltli future. Phone (J-56GO. • .10 WHITE WOMAN for cook's helper and '»1id_work,_on_ranch._ Phone 2-4031. 3(i TWO girls for sandwich board. 12 to 8 p. m., 4 i.. in. to midnight. Whitmore'a Drive Inn, Traffic Circle. 36 THKKIO fountoln waitresses. Availability *crtlficute required. Klinball it Stone I-'ountain. 36 INKXPRniRIOF:i:f~hoiiBekocr,er to"~stay or KO home after dinner. Liberal wages. Cllio Minull child, CaH_2-7_574. _ 30 SALESLAD1KS WANTED — ~Housew7ves wanted for part-time work. Arrange your own hours, '2 to 3. 12 to 4. 12 to 5 or 11 to H. No experience necessary. Apply today. J. J. Newberry Company.^ I r»2S ^Nineteenth street, 36 WANTED—Woman to wash dishes. Hours I? to 6 p. in. daily. Lucky's. 1818 K street. 37 WANTED— Laundress, nt my home, Monday morninj?a._Plione 1!-0501. 36 WAN'TI-;!")—\\'onian under H.'i to mtnd child and ilo hoiiBework; hotiis 11 to 5. Phone :i-no"!P. ;is WOMAN fur i;en,.riil housewnrk. Must stay ntglutj; tuud \\auea. Cull ti-8211l or C-S7MI. 37 Help Wanted^Female BXEPERIKN'CED WOMEN'S RBADT-TO- WEATl ALTERATION HANDS: THOSB WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN FfR REMODELINQ AND REPAIRING PREFERRED. STEADY WOHK, GOOD •WORKING CONDITIONS. APPLY MANAGER. EASTERN. 1611 NINE). TEE.NTH STRFET. l-30-tf WANTED—White maids. See housekeeper, Hotel Padre. l-16-tf HOTEL ROOM clerk and cashier. Apply Hotel Padre. 9-6-tf WANTED—Experienced office girl In Inventory department. Must be permanent. Apply 1428 P street. . 8-6-tf TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Faicinatlng Work—Eiientlal Peacctlm* Futur* PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street 6-29-tf STENOGRAPHER AND TYPIST FOR GENERAL OFFICE WORK. STEADY POSITION; GOOD SALARY AND PLEASANT WORKING CONDITIONS. APPLY OFFICE MANAGER, EASTERN, 1529 NINETEENTH STREET. WANTED—Woman for founntain work. Availability certificate required. Lucky'a. 1818 K street. 36 PERMANENT EMPLOYES ONLY NEED APPLY. SEE AT TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER WANTED—Maid for general house work. Small family, good wages. Phone 2-0501. 36 Of'ATj eirl for permanent position as cashier and bookkeeper. Write Box L-f>05. The Californiai], giving age, experience, etc. 3S EXPERIENCED bookkeeper, man or woman, steady position; excellent salary. Valley Furniture Co., Twenty-fourth and Chester. 41 WANTED—Women workers, experience unnecessary. Family Service Laundry, 830 California avenue. Phone 6-«436. evenlnga 3-1883. 38 COMPETENT bookkeeper for general office work wanted. Apply in person. Davis Furniture Company, .1400 Chester avenue. 9-11-tf DEPENDABLE white woman for general housework and care of invalid. Board and room, good wages. 9L'S Monterey street. 41 WANTED—Middle-sued or elderly woman as housekeeper in family of two; no washing or Ironing. Call after 7 p. m. or before 10 a. m.. phono 2-1301. COLORED GIRL for general housework. Fivo hours, per day, six days per week. $15. Call at 2117 Bank street, No. 4 bus. EXPERIENCED housekeeper, cashier, waitress and dishwasher. Southern ho t el. 3 8 WANTED—Youncr woman for general of- fteo work. No typing or shorthand. References. I'hone 7-7B31. 9-11-tf WANTED—Woman to assist with general lmu«ework, fine or two days per week. Vicinity Niles and Mount Yernon. Phone ^-4412. 37 WANTED—Waitresses at El Patio Drive- In. California and Union, tiood hours. 41 WANTED —Refilled, middle-aged lady for housekeeper and companion for elderly lady. Phone 5-56:7. £002 Seventeenth slrect. 38 WANTED—Lady presser, also help In alteration department. Apply at once. Max Simons' Tailor Shop, Fourteenth and Chester avenue. 38 Help Wanted—Salesmen SALESMAN—One. of the lareest life Insurance companies will appoint full-time representative for refinancing residential mortgages with lowest competitive interest rates; only plan of Its kind In this territory: permanent position to right man. Write Box M-965. The Bakersfield Californlan. 38 Situations Wanted—Male TREES We Trim We Remove We Top We Shape Phone 2-7881 WE CLEAN kitchens. 8Jc bour: alao blind*, wlndowe; floor by floor. Larko Cleaner*. Phone T>74«2 before (. after «. IT MAN wants work housecleanlng. J5.50 per day. Call 2-9692. John. 36 COLORED MAN — Experienced general bouse cleaning and janitor work. Phone 2-7910. 38 MAN—Well experienced carpenter to do work at reasonable price. Write 930 Wilkins street. 38 Situations Wanted—Female STENOGRAPHER desires work. Three years' experience In law offices. Takes • horthand and has general knowledge of office procedure. Call 3-1778. 38 EXPERIENCED stenographer wishes part- time work. Morning* preferred. Phone 2-2779. 36 WIFE of oversea* army pl^ot wlshea position as receptionist or general office work. Typing experience and some knowledge bookkeeping. Voting and pleaa- ^ne personality. Phone 6-6950 or write Box B-32f The Californlan. 36 EXPERIENCED ranch and crew cook. Have one child In high school. Phone 3-0013 or write 225 Truxtun avenue. Bakersfleld. 37 WISH TO TAKE charge of boarding house In oil field. I am specialized in thl* trado and 29 years of experience In oil field. 1934 Seventeenth street. Phone 3-9723. K. L. Under. 38 WILL WASH and stretch curtain* with or without ruffles. Also launder wool blankets. Call 2-4397 or 405 Oak etreet. 36 DAY CARE for children, al«o evening care. Licensed home. Phone 2-3281. !l^'3 Eighth street. 38 PRACTICAL i.urslnit. Will take maternity •uses. Phone 3-2383. 37 WILL KEEP HOUSE for elderly woman. Small wages. 712 Nineteenth street. WASHING and Ironing done In my home. Phone 3-2263. For Rent—Rooms VERY CLOSE IN — Well-furnished room, udjoinint,' hath: garage. Two blocks from courthouse, on bus line, 1234 Cheste.- avenue. __ -_-_—_»„ FOR RENT — Air-cooled, clean, light housekeeping room, prefer employed couple or employed ladles; no children. 4-4101. 421 A street. Phone 38 FURNISHED room wilh kitchen privilege*, suitable, for two employed girl*. Pbone 7-7920. 906 Oleander avenue. For Rent—Rooms FOR RENT—Sleeping room, adjoining hath. Clo»« In. 2003 Twenty-first. ' 31 HOOM, next to bath, air conditioned, floor furnace, telephone, garage: one and half blocks from bus. No drinkers. 613 Arvin. Phone 8-8909. 37 ROOM for rent, to eadet wife, teacher or business girl. Call 3-0043 from » to B: 2-0178 after 6 p, m. 37 EXTRA large room, private entrance, nnd garage; twin beds. Half-block off Truxtun. Gentlemen only. Phone 6-j590 1811 U street. VERT CLOSE IN—Well-furnished room, adjoining bath; garage.. Two blnrkn from courthouse, on bus line. 1234 Chester avenue. FRONT BEDROOM for rent, in modern home. Twin beds. 200 Eighteenth street. For employed ladles only. DOUBLE airplane bedroom, to cadet wives or business women. Close to eating houses ar.d bus line. Phone 3-1219. 38 NICELY FURNISHED room, private bath and entrance; garage, close in. Phone 2-4:108. 38 For Rent—Rooms With Board BOARD AND ROOM In private home. Lunches packed. One block from bus line. tiOl Eaat Eighteenth. 38 ROOM and board near bus nnd school. Uso of phone. Phone, 2-7120. 2001 Verde. 37 For Rent—Houses SMALL unfurnished house, utilities paid. 802 '.i Lincoln, Olldale. For Rent—Apartments NEAT 2-room apartment, suitable for coupla only.A 2110 Mouth M street. SonthKate Tract. Apply alter 5:30. 38 TWO-ROOM furnisher] apartment, near county airport. Adults, no pet*. In- oulro 118 Woodrow. Oildale. or call 3-0824 after 7 p. m. For Rent—Miscellaneous STORE building with basement, on corner, (suitable for almost any kind of business. Could also use part as living quarters. Nineteenth and O streets. Apply Ideal hotel. 37 FOR RENT—Single or double desk space, first tloor, downtown. See Cox, 1020 Eighteenth or phone 2-C321. 36 WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital bed* with innersprlng mattresses: walker*, rubber •heeling; everything for sick room. Fold- Ing chilr*. Phone 7-74I9 or 1-0067. 8-1-tf FOR RENT—87-foot Cardwell drilling mast with substructure to accommodate model E drawworks. also pipe racking platform with finger-board, guy lines at- 'tached. Arthur P. Anderson, 199 Supply Row. Taft, Calif. 44 Wanted to Rent—Houses No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquin Agencies. Edward VV. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-tf CHAPLAIN desire* rental of 2-bedroom furnished house within 20 miles of Mlnter Field befure September 15 Call 7-7691, _extenslon 22J 86 WANTED—Unfurnished 4 or 6-room house. Elderly couple, permanent residents. No pets, no. children. Please call 2-867G. 36 RAILROAD man and wife want small furnished house or apartment. Permanent or would manage apartment house or court: iefarences. Phune 3-0994. 36 WANTED at once. 1 or 2-bedroom furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. Excellent references. Care of place guaranteed. Present residence sold. Phone Mrs. Babcock at Sierra Book Store. 2-C045. or evenings 2-56C3. 36 WANTED—One or two-bedroom furnished house, three In family; one well-behaved boy; permanent; -efeiences: prefer elope to Lowell School. Phone 3-2426. 38 UNFURNISHED 2 or 3-bedroom house. References. Call Miss Long, extension _291. Mlnter Field. 36 WANTED TO RENT—Two-bedroom un furnished house, by manager of old established oil field supply store. Will be permanent and guarantee good care. Phone 2-8211. 38 PERMANENT businessman with family urgently need* 2-bcdroom furnished house. Can furnish good local reference. Phone 6-5091 between 9 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. 38 MAN and wife want furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. Permanent. Write Box H-277, Th • Californlan. 36 PERMANENT oil company employe desire* to rent unfurnished houae or apartment; no children or pets. Phone 7-7669 or 2-8166. . 37 WANTED TO RENT—Unfurnished 2-bedroom house, duplex or apartment by middle-aged couple: industrial plant manager. Phone 9-9780 or 7-7531. 40 WANTED TO RENT—Four-room house, unfurnished; prefer 2 or 8 miles out; two adults, no pets, best of care or will repair for rent. Phone 13-F-4 after C. 36 WANTED—Two or 3 bedroom house, furnished or unfurnished. Will pay 6 months rent In advance. Phone 2-5289, 125 Brunduge Lane. 40 DESPERATELY in need of large, unfurnished 4-bedroom house: prefer In Oildale dlatriet. Present house gold. Reference. Phone' 3-2297. 39 PROFESSIONAL MAN REQUIRES 2 OR 3-BF.DROOM. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE OR APARTMENT. REFERENCES. PHONE 9-9386. 37 ENGINEER with major oil company de- glres to rent an unfurnished three-bedroom liouie In southwest part of town; permanent. Phone B-6S87. 37 WANTED TO RENT—TWO-BEDROOM FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE FOR CIVILIAN; PERMANENT. CALL, JOHN P. GOODALL, 7-7524; AFTER 5 CALL 3-1550. UNFURNISHED house, two or three bedrooms, urgently needed. Please phone 2-7824. Major oil company employe, would be permanent and reliable. 41 HUSBAND GOINO OVERSEAS. WIFE MUST REMAIN IN HAKERSFIELD. IN OREAT NEED OF 2-HEDROOM FURNISHED HOUSE. REFERENCES. PHONE 2-6633. 4J. ELECTRICAL engineer representing large manufacturer, wishes 2 or 3-bedroom home, furnished or unfurnished. Substantial advance payment. Good care, best references. Any reasonable rent considered. Phone 6-5S51, Extension 131. 38 SMALL furnished or unfurnished house; no children or pets. Permanent real- dents. Phone 2-6369 before 6 p. m. 38 Wanted to Rent-—AjiartmenU WANTED—Furnlehed apartment for nuree with 20-montha-old baby, near the Fox theater. Phone 4-4481. 87 WANTED—Small apartment. ea*t or west side. Lady alone. Box H-439. The Call; fornian. 36 YOUNO couple, permanent, no children, desire furnished apartment, preferably East Bakerstleld. Phone 8-1529. 37 WANTED—Small furnished apartment by single gentleman, permanent resident; no pels. References. Phone 2-9783. 37 COUPLE desire furnished apartment or house. Phone 2-2837. 41 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANT hair dryer. Call Z-0095. BUCK ROGKRS. TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A, D. Evaporated Milk? By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS BUT.HEDEEI'O THEY COULDN'T >»- JUST >*EVAPORATE/, •UK I WE'LL CHECK EVERY THAT MECHANICAL. STILL AUVE .WE'VE)!' ! \OUTGOING ROCKET-BUS; ABSOLUTELY NO MORON WOULD BE CYCLE-CAR .EVERY OP DOCTOR GOT TO Ft NO HIM.' AND IP HE'S DEAD. WE'VE GOT TO PINO Hl<3 BRAINLESS A FEARFUL. MENACE TO INNOCENT BYSTANDERS/ GOOD JOKET3 MIGWT HAVE / POSSIBLE MEANS COMPANION/ .,', C OF TRANSPORTATION ) *,ii! IFROM THE CITY ' - ~s V4UCRAMO [F DUMMY SPOTTED Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous For tale—Improved Property WANTED—Cash (or your uitd furniture, tlftctrle appliance*. «tc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildal* Furniture 601 Eamt Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4608 6-14-tf BROWN'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-8-tf DIAMONDS watches and old jewelry of nny description: h'ghest market prlcea paid in cash. Earl McKvoy, precision watchmaker. SIS Haberfelde bulMlnlt. Phone 1-6897. 1 l-30-tf OtTTBCARD motor, not over 8 Vi-horsepower; must be priced reasonable. Phnne 7-T1G7 or call 728 Twenty-fourth street. WANTED TO BUY—Baslnett* on stand with hood. Phone 8-7*39. 36 DUCK feathers and duck down. Wrlta 625H Thirtieth street. 3« WANTED—Electric water beater. Phone 8-8889. 37 WANT TO BUY—Chlld'a small tricycle. Bond condition. Phone 2-7844 36 WANT a pair ladles' cowboy boots, alze 8'/ii-AA. Call 3-0831. 37 WANTED—Small tricycle. I'hone 6-5515. 827 Nllcs. WANT TO BUY—Western aaddle in food condition. Phono 4-4452. WANTED, for soldier oversea*, air mattress r r sleeping bag. complete with air mattress. Phnne 3- 184C. 3_8 TYPEWRITER needed hndly by high school student. I'hone. 3-0195. 37 WANTED—Oood strong curtain stretchers. Have % iron bed . nd springs for sale. ta.fiQ. 805 Oak street. Phnne 2-:l228. WANTED—Bisaell carpet sweeper. Pbone 3-0844. 3g WANTED TO P.UY—Equity in 3-bedroom homo prefer Lomlta Verde or Alta Vista, private party will pay cash. Phune 2-75IH. 38 WANTKD — Standard size, trumpet for school hoy; portable radio, metal wagon and china cabinet. FOR sale. Santa Fe _ passenger BII 1 1 nnd cap. Phono a-.ia 10. 37 _ _ BABY WANTS to buy Taylor Tot; also prewar spring- seat. Phone 2-0594. Wanted to Buy—Property LIST your property with us. Fair treatment, quick action. Twenty years' experience. Taylor A Taylor, 1660 Chester avenue. Phone 6-6698. (4 CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin. 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-tf SELUNQ HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. 6-16-tf Have opened by own office. Need llstlnie badly. Buyers waiting. WILLARD E. BARER 1414 Seventeenth Phone 1-0551 6-14-tf We need more lietlnga. Llat yo~r borne, farm, ranch or Income with BOYDSTUN & J,ANCASTER 1117 H Street Phone 8-8639 9-6-tf NEKD listings tor cash buyer* on large and email homes, acre homes, farm* and Income property. El wood's, 1V23 "Eye." ._._.„. 6B WANTED IT buy direct, modern home In good district. Substantial cash payment. Phono 2-6997. 39 WANTED TO BUY—A modern 2-bedroom prewar home; will buy equity or all cast-. East Bakersfleld or lower La Creata preferred. Phone 6-6654. 36 HAVE CASH buyer for 10 to 20 acres. Lamont district, with or without house. Kindlg Realty Co. Phone 4-4851. 37 List your property with us for quick. courteous results. Homes—Income—Ranches Chester K. Beard Phone 5-5909 Bill Allen, Associate 9-8-tf WE NEED property to soil, have buyers waiting, quick action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. I860 Chester avenue. 41 WANT TO BUY from owner, nice 3-bedroom borne near school. Phone 2-7680. 41 For Sale—Improved Property Living room, large bedroom, large kitchen and dinette combined: sleeping porch. You will he aurprised at this much room for $2950. Immediate possession. On well located business corner, Robert* Lane. 100-foot frontage. Very desirable business location and two houeee on rear; one furnished. Just off Pierce Road, large living room with floor furnace, dining room, two bedrooms, den, lovely bathroom with tile vanity. Home with three furnished rentals; one n very nice house to live, the other income. Will pay about 15 per cent on investment. Another acre home, Hosedale. House for HiOO laying hens, brooder bouse, fruit trees, all fenced. Vacant, Immediate vossesaion. Close to Chester avenue In Olldale, 2-bedroom oldnr home, J3750. One of the nicer 3-bedroom houies on well Improved acre of ground. Ideal home for large family. 1923 "Eye" Street 87 HIGHLAND PARK—Four-room home, nice size. Laundry room and garage. Large corner lot. Close to school and bus. Vacant now. $3675, $1000 down. FURNISHED—Two-bedroom home. large screened porch, garage and nice large lot; some fruit. Close to bus and school. ALTA VISTA DRIVE—Nicely furniehed 6-room home on good corner lot. 300x140, close to Bernard. Several kinds of fruit trees. -50 fine chickens, with equipment and room to double flock. Wonderful location. Total price $7350; half down. HIGHLAND PARK—Fine duplex on large lot. Three nice sized rooms and bath each side. Onn side completely and nicely lurniahed. Just redecorated throughout. Doubln garage with laundry trays. This place Is just about B years old and very nice. Price $fi850. (2950 down, balance easy. Phone 2-7680. SOUTHWEST—Large S-hedroom home lo- louated on Brundage Lane, close In. Fireplace, basement and largo lot. $2500 down 1 . TAKT—Good established business, high school lunch room with plenty of equipment, large lot and good building with living quarters and two extra rooms that can b« rented; also two baths. $5500. 41 ACRES of unimproved land located near Buttonwlllow. This land can he farmed; also prospective oil land. $50 per acre. INOOMI-—Large 8-room home on corner lot In uouthwest district close In. now beinp uflp.l as three separate apartments. SI500 down. 1704 K STREET PHONE 3-1210. RESIDENCE 2-5628 38 EAST nAKERSFIELD—Ono o( the nicest homes we have offered for sale In months. Entry boll; livine room ha« fireplace, and furnace; lovely largo dining room; two big bedrooms and den. Hath has lots of tile; also half bath, lloime is liko new. Largo lot. Price {7450. FHA $4400, balance cash. 411 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0276 _ 7-11-tf Union avenue in the 200 block. Nearly 600 feet frontage. Twenty rental unite furnished. A real Investment; will Increase In value. The price will iur- Pr /.* T° U (Sy) Wicker, 1660 Chester Phone 2-0239; evenings 2-3895 or 2-146,1 38 ONE-BEDROOM home. 4 years old. for aale. Will take good factory-built . bouse trailer as part down payment, or late model car, 1041. 416 Lloyd street. 87 FOR BALIS—Near Shatter, iouth of 8111'e place. 40 acree. halt tn seedless grapes. Address J. C. H. de Bruin. 2029 "Eye" •treet, Bakersfleld. , K fit VALUES SIX'-ROOM house, close In on O str«?t: has th'ree lar^e bedrooms. *un room* laice llvlnr room with fireplace, beautiful dlnlne room and kitchen, larite service porch and basement; lawn and shade trees. This la a real buy for someone. Full price 16000, *ubstanMal down. FOUR-ROOM homo with large screen porch, close In In southeast district. On lurge lot, has nice shad* and fruit trees, garden space, cblcken equipment, double garage. Well cared for lawn. Full price $3500, $1000 down, balance) 135 a month, DUPLEX and dandy 4-room horn* In highly desirable location. All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for 190 a month. Owner gets rent free In 4-room house. On large corner lot, shade trees, large garage. On bus line, and near markets. Full prlc*. 17500. S2960 down, balance 160 a month. . FOR SALE—Two house* and one-half acre of ground: nice yard, fruit trees; on Nile* near Sterling; 14500, substantial down payment. Extra good corner with duplex: not new, but prood; furnished: three block* from Baker street. Block to bus line and store. Two-bedroom home, large screened porch: half acre of ground: vacant, ready tr> move In; near Pioneer and Sterling Iload. 956 Baker Street Phone 2-3224 or 4-4402 36 Very attractive, large, 2-bedroom home. Each bedroom has largo wardrntie clothes closet, lane living room with beautiful window arrangement, dlnlnK room, lovely kitchen with extra lot of tile, carvlnt,- table also ha* tile top: serving poich and laundry tray*; beautiful hardwood floor* throughout; cooler ducts In every room. This home Is In A-l condition and IR loss than three years old. Now vacant: make your down payment of $2750 and move in. O flO !812 Cheater Phone 4-48SI On Monterey, two bedroom*, with room over garage, near Horace Mann School, nice yard, all fenced, 13850. 11916 down. East Kentucky—Neat 2-bedroom hou*e, lot* of chicken equipment, only 12950, 11500 down. WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 2-0655 ____^ 9-4-tf FOR SALE—On Alta Vlita Drive, corner. 63x150, l-bedronm house, lllvng- room, dining- room. den. breakfait nook, kitchen, two bath*, «mall baiement, screened porch, two floor furnace*: newly painted: l-car Karate, full price) 18750. Immediate possession. For Information call J. J. Conianl. f-1614, or _ 8-»487. |.».tf Beautiful t-bedroom home. Bath and •howert nice elze living and dining room, kitchen with plenty built-lna. lots of closet and storage apace: garage an«! laundry room; lot 60-foot frontage: J425f). 12250 down, balance 122 per month. o 2S12 Chester Phone 4-4851 36 LIQUOR license, bar and all equipment, lease to be assigned to buyer. 14000 cash. ROOMING house, 24 rooms. Including real estate, furniture and supplies. Ideal for 2 people, 115,000. $10.000 down. H. P. Biirdetle. Broker, phone 2-2874. 38 Lovely larse living room with fireplace, dining room and most attractive kitchen, two large bedroom* with extra clothe* closet* and atorage apace, beautiful hardwood floor* throughout; a perfectly grand loggia with outside fireplace. EveryU.lnir In this homo I* built for comfort, convenience and pleasure. "It ha* everything" and can be bought for 14200 down. Lot 100x160 feet. Thi* I* one beautiful home In excellent location that Isn't overpriced one dollar. To seo it I* tu buy it. Call •o MO 2812 Chester Phone 4-4851 In the Southwest—Practically new !-bedroom home that I* really nice, large Hv- Ing room with fireplace and floor furnace, spacious bedroom*, all with steel Venetian blind*, nice back yard, fenced. Requires substantial down. Attention Santa Fe Railroader*—Good, sturdy 3-bedroom home on Park Way: has hardwood floors. Venetian blind* and a sewing room; close to schools and buses; immediate possession. Prlc* 17500. Near the Kern General—Really a beautiful home, two large bedroom* with Venetian blind*, and Inviting living room, and what a kitchen! It will be a pleaa- ure to show you thl* house; cooling duct* and a well-kept yard, and the house IB in perfect condition. And the price ia right. An Eight-Unit Apartment—Very close In, well-constructed brick and stucco, nicely furnished. This I* one of the most complete units In town, and has always been a money maker. Out-of-town owner. In- qulrlen Invited. In Highland Manor—An almost new 2-bedroom home that 1* completely furnished, with good furniture, largo kitchen, 7-foot electric, table-top stove. Venetian blind*, nice yard, double garage. Price $7600. . CHESTER N. BEARD 1|07 H Street Phone 6-690D or 2-4522 • 9-8-tf Thla beautiful acre place, within half block of city and school buses, one block from shopping center; with large home havine fireplace, hardwood floors, din- Ing room, kitchen, big tiled bath, and. three bedrooms. With 76 fruit trees, crape vine*, berries and Irrigation system. Water $5 per month. Also large) building 20x30 feet with double garage, large sleeping room, tool room, wash truys and basement. Must be seen to be appreciated. Want $14,000 on term*. Thone 3-0986. 37 Cash, balance FHA. lovely ia this ready rooin, 2-bath home. year*. Everything tive. Can be had nlshed. Immediate 5-5895. FOR SALE by owner, Lomn. Immediate at 925 Bunting Driv Really cool and to move Into 8-bed- Built about three) I* fresh and attrac- furnlahed or unlur- possession. Phone 4-room home. CHS*. possession. Inquire 37 FOR SALE—On 9» Highway, about 1 mile north of Greenfield. 2-bedroom houte like new. Hi acre* of ground. Price 16600. $2000 down. Call Frank Simon at Kelly * Son. Phone 6-5091. 37 NEWLY finished 6-room modern home, well located near high school, grammar school and bus line. Immediate possession can be given. House also Include* Mcreen summer house In hack yard Se» Warde D. Watson, 2120 Chester. Phone 2-4884. 37 BEAUTIFUL Stockdale S-bedroom home, either furnished or unfurnished. This place ha* beautiful surroundings, installed cooling unit, bath and half. Po»Hession may be had In reasonable time. May be seen by appointment only. See Warde D. Watson, 2120 Cheater. Phone) FOR SALE—Quarter of block, Jiut out of city, on main highway; has 7-room house, completely remodeled and painted. Has shop building. Ideal (or trucking concern. Wrltt Box 633-K. Th« Call- fornlan. 35 FOR SALE, by owner, Seven tnd one-half acre* on Wlble Road, with three house*, $100 month income. tlO.OOO. with some term* or $9600 cash. See owner at third house north of Taft Highway on Wlble) Road. Albert L. Reeder, Route I, Box 4C8, Bak»r»fleld, » |g ALL THIS and Heaven, too, for only $2750, charming but amall 1-bedroom homo. In excellent neighborhood, well constructed, knotty pine Interior, tile •Ink, automatic water heater, nhiwver over tub. Fenced yard with lawn, fruit tree*, grapevine*. Near bus and markets. Furniture may be purchased If desired. Please phone 6-6882 after 6:30 P. m. . 37 BERNITA PARK—Southeast section Bak- ersfleld, five rnoro*. furnl*hed, good lot: total prlc* 14100. Also large old 5-room house, need* fixing, ha* 2-c*r gara** with apartment overhead. Total prlo* 13200. Some term* oa either of the**, Elmer r. Karp*. 1617 Eighteenth. »

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