Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1908
Page 5
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1 The Yale Ederhdiner, Stem & < Our Janoaiy acaring Sale wHI start tomoiTow. January 3nl. and contiraie di :thr^ the month, our usual custom b not to carry any winter goods over, but this year we will cut the prices even more than ever l>cfore. as wt have more heavy goods than usual on account of not having any cold weather. We must clean out all Overcoato and Heavy Suits in the next 30 days to make room for new spring goods. ItOn THE FOLLOWIHe OUT PRIOCgi OVaOOATZ $95.00 Overcoats for 23.50 Overcoats for 20.00 Overcoats for 18.00 Overcoats for 16.50 Overcoats for 15.00 Overcoats for 12.50 Overcoats for S9.00 10.00 Overcoats for $7.50 7.50 Overcoats for • • $6.00 0.50 Overcoats for $5.00^ $20.00 $18.00 .$15.00 413.50 $12.50 $10.00 Rmtiu9Wl PHomm oa mil Bpym' mad OMMrmm'm Oymroomim All Caps, Sweaters, Heavy Underwear and Flannel Shirts at cut pricef. Remember these are genuine rc- ductioDB, a? we must reduce this stock in 30 days. It is a saving to you, such as you have never seen before. Everything in plain figures. Sale mtmrtm Fridmy, Jmaumry Zrd, Barclay-Sliields Clo. Co. mm •35.00 Suits for $20.00 22.r>0 Suits for $17.50 20.00 Suits for $15.00 18.00 Suits for $13.5ft 10.50 Suits for ., $12.50 15 00 Suits for • $11.00 12.50 Suits for $I0.0C 10.00 Suits for ^ $7.50 1>.00 Suits for $6.00 NSWS. For l)«it «nd qnirkrst mqlLs nso WORD HAS been received here ?Cuthat Mrs.-Thomas Jones who (brnierly lived In this vicinity, met dea;h Wednesday at Caney from horrlbfr burns sustained while ttylng to save the life of her daughter, Ruth. The mother \ and daughter were trying to kill fleas f which were annoling a pet dog by '\ pouring gasoline on the lns««cfs. In some way the dog knocked the gasoline from the hand of the mother. At [ the same time her daughter stepped upon a match on the porch Igniting it. ' The gasoline caught Are apd the flames surrounded the daughter. Mrs. Jones attempted to save her daughter • pnd her dress caught ^ro and ;she snf- fered the burni'that caiused her death. > • - • It you need a Vara, loan come and « see us. We can get: your n5oney in two days. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. THE STATE TAX commission has written to County Clerk Culbertson for the name of the county iissessor , as soon as he has been selected by the board of commissioners. The board will appoint the county assessor Monday. Dr. Wffler. Oeilltt It.. •*'1klfts !**T.''k.'-JOYCE went to Independence yestErday in answer to word that the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. •Z. A. Marmont had died therti ye^el- day morning. Powell, the mas, has a few thonsand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. BILL" BAILEY who is serving time foil lihe violation of the prohibitory > lafw-says, he made-a resolution New Year's day to be good. The resolution is one of the p61nts he will urge in asking for a -parole wfaiiA he; is now contemplating. General hlacksmlthlng ant! horse- aljoeing i. specfaltr.; 205 Wesj street, InLuccock's old-stand. All work warranted. D. Meisenbeimer. A LARGE number of relatives and friends of Clint Taylor went to lola Wednesday to attend bis funeral. The body was brought in from Colorado yesterday, and the funeral was held at three o'clock.—Cbanute Sup. Frea dirt at Laeooek*!. A NICE gauer was drilled in .ve«- trrday on the York farm ten miles vest of Chanute for N. W. Henry and a syndicate of Channte men. The well M a liiood producer, testing abo^ut three millions and proves dp a )ea»e territory of 2.500 acres,—Chanutef Sun. SpMial Redaccd Prim on'all new and second band SewJiig Machines until January Ist. Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 110 East Madison. MISSES Letha and Anna Cather, who have been the guests of >Ir. and Mrs. P. X. Smith, of 306 E^t Eleventh street fdr.the past few (|ays, left toaav for their home in Iola.-!-Coffey- rtlle Record. I Six Per Cent Moner. B. M. C UB ningham. THERE WAS a merry reijnion at the Liascott home north of t^wn last week irtaen all their chiUpren assembled home. Mrs. Helton of Boroks Ed. of Nowata, Guy from I0I4 and D. <t from Neodesha were fbif happy guests.—Chernnrale ^pnbUc^n. A CLAI.M of Attorney W. H. Clark against the Rohrbaugh estate was heard in probate court this morning. Mr. Clark set forth In his claim that he bad been employed as an attorney preceding the death of Mr. Rohrbaugh and particularly with reference to the lunacy case; he asked for the court to give him the sum of $100. The claim was not allowe^.—Ottawa Republic. Dr; MKrhrll. office and resldeure, 'ptaonr 40. SOME of the silks and dros.s goods tak?n from Van Alstyne's store at Oswego, when it was robbed about two weeks ago. were found in the middle of the road, near Oswego, this morning. Just previotis to the finding o.' the goods, a covered wacon, and two other ' wagons, was passing by, and it Is believed that these giwiis came from the wagons. .As the wagons were headed for Parsons, the oflicers here were notified to keep a close watch for them, and if they are seen anywhere around hero they will be apprehended. They are believed to be the people who robbed the stores at Moran, Erie and Thayer.— Parsons Eclipse. This Is the season when j-our blood needs purifying: if the blood is pure aJid healthy you'll be well. The most reliable blood remedy is Hollistor's Ro<*y Mountain Tea. N'othing can do mofe good. 3.5c. Tea or Tablets. Bur- reU's Drug Store. WILL SELL STOTT LA>D. City Seenrod a Proposition for Twelve Acre Tract. The city will very likely sell the Stott gas land tract north east of the city. At'the meeting of the council last night the committee on public utilities reported favorably on the mat ter of disposing of the land. It Is a twelve-acre tract and it Is believed will be of no nse to the gas department of the city. Some time ago J. M. Rodgers. head of the gas department, renorted that he had a proposition extended him for the land and If the cit.v consented he might close the deal. It i.'s now very likely that the deal will be consummated shortly. Important. Until further notice I will pay the following prices: Clean rubber 6%c Heavy brass and copper 10c Good scrap iron ">'>c to .'iOc Good rags 60c to "iic Plain quart beer bottles Per dozen ir»c to 20c Equally high prices for all kinds of junk, hides, furs,.etc. Be sure you are at the right place. n. S. BARXARD. The Most Reliable Dealer. L. Krupp'a Old Stand, 32-»-326 North Buckeye, lola, Kansas. CITY ACCEPTS FIRE HOSE. Council Finds That it Was the Kind Ordered. The city, has decided to accept the fire hose, which it received recently from the Eureka Fire Hosa company. •ttTien the hose came It was thought that It was not the kind ordered and the company was so notified. The company sent the city a sample of the hose already dissected, which showed that it was the same quality and texture as ordered. The city will therefore accept IL FOR RENT—Two Choice office rooms. Inquire at Burrell's drug store. AN ECLIPSE TODAY Pay Day Prices Owing to the oxtniorUinary conditions now prevailing we are offering you EXTRAORDl.NARY PRICES for this pay djiy. The cash sy.stcni Is the feature which enables us to do this. Read and prutit: Sun Will Go Under Shadow for Half an Hour. Sugar. 20 pounds for $1.00 Polar Hear and I". S. Flour .... !?1J0 Corn Meal 15c Potatoes SOc Sour Pickle.", iKjr gallon 30c Three Quarts Cranberries 2'tc Evaporated Apples 12^c Evaporated Peaches 17Hc Rai.Mns 10c Three pounds Lemon Cling Peaches Per can i 20c Gallon Peaches ."JOr Giillon .\pples 3«'>c Canned Peas lOc Four Cans Corn 2.>c Three Pounds App'.c Butter 2.'»c Kraut, per gallon i ^tc Fresh Country Eggs 2Sc Fresh Countrj- Butter 2Sc Creamery Butter 32c Beef Steak S^ic to 12*»c Skinned Hams IHic Dry Salt 11c JTeu pounds Home .Made I^ard .'. $1.00 There will be a total eclipse of the sun for about thirty minutes at snii M>t this oveninn. It will be visible on a line drawn from Omaha to Cha- running through St. l.ouis. Ii will prnbably not be as visible hop* as a'oiig that lino, jioverthel.^ss If | y;m will arm yours-lf with a smoked; sla.-is. go out on some hill ami look; cloi=ety you prnb.Tblv- will bo able to | get a pretty ••oiid view of the eclipsn along the horizon just as the sttn sets. Th.^ eclip .'Je wi'l be total on Flint Island, h) the Pacific ocean. .•\ St. Louis astnmomer has awal-:- eiio.i a large interest in the matter there by the following announcement- The moon's shadow will sweep over Jl;.^ Pacific from sunrise to sunset. This long journty of thousands of! miles will be accomplisheil in 5 hour*! and 15 minutes. The eclipse will bo invisible in Chicago, even as a partial one. but St. Ixiuis will be nioro favored than the Windy City. "A short time 'befora sunset, if the clouds do not Interfere, St. Ivoui's- ans will be able to secure a glimpse of the dying eclipse. The sun will then appear with a black notch on his limb, increasing slowly until the "kinc of day is lost beyond the line of the horizon. •'.\t its best the moon wil! not cover more tiian the fiftieth part of the sun's surface." AX OPEX LETTER. J. H, Sfihaette Phone 2W. .•.02 X. Second SI. To the People of lola. To ^\•3^onl It May Concern: Of late there has been a good deal of discussion in lola in regard to advertised medicines and their value— the pa|)ers are full of them. We want to say to every man. woman and child in Tola that we believe the most valuable preparation of cod liver oil—the best tonic reconstructor, health restorer and strength creator— we have ever sold in our store is VInol. Vinol is not a patent medicine, it contains no injurious, drug.s, but It actually does contain all of the medicinal, curative elements taken from fr"tesh cods liver.^. without a dro|>-of tbo useless oil to uj»sct the stomach and retard Its work, and tonic iron added. Vinol is recognized throughout the world as the greatest strength creator for old people .weak, sickly wo-.j man and children, nursing mothers, and after a severe sickness. Vinol cures hacking coughs, chronic colds, bronchitis, and all throat and lung troubles. We ask the people <if Typewriter Supplies Ribbons, Carbons and Paper at SPENCER' StTUATIOfiiS W.5 ?ir£a , Aihetri^cmruls uiishr tlii.^ head will be iusrrti-.! Ilirce times wllhont charge. \V.\ \ i':;> -I.:-; w u; - [•'..••?<• m work in Miv;'.;o l.imiiy. A, this • I'.in. K,Ki .-;i'.. 1 i .iikkoeper. ::ry reas- i;. u 1. .Mo- I \\'.\.vr!:i)— I'.i Kt suit of rooms in , ii'.oil.'fii fiii or iinfurn- . ilic;!. ,\(b ':ri-s .\. 1>. T'ui.-. ofHci'. DR. J. F. JIMESON. The Saccessfal Aae> tloBcer, Teterlaarlan. Fnrm ntcsor Pcdij?reed stock sales made anywhere. Veter inary calls answered day or • ixht. Office with DouKla.u Bros. Pticne ij. residence jio IOI.A, KANSAS. \V.\X'r!:i)—lli.oii ,i::.i'fs for outfeide towns i:i l\:i:;sa.-; and Oklahoma to'aell !oa and coffv s. Cooil \v.\y to right li;ir(ie.s. .VfMro.-.s Union P.uitic Tea Co., lola, Kani-a.^. WANTED—Good ctiok. .1. O. Rogers, 2 Buchanan str^er, lioad of North stre?t. WA.NTED—To buy team of work 1 horses. J. II. Tency. I5o.x .SS, La Ilarpc. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire lUO South Second • atret. THINKS TAX IS TOO HIGH. Bell Telephone Comoanv. Wants to Readjust License Schedule. FOR SALE -eiiiCGaitanaou» council last night and suggested iha: FOit S.\LE—Good SnulebaUer bug- igv, jiractically new, with good set of " " "s days 1 » .t, n II T- i« igv. nractica V new, wiiii goon set o A representative of the BHI To hari^«ss, for .sale at Iloward'i phone company appeared be^^^^^^^ the next lew day a: $.Si}.00. the occupation tax imposed upon th"ni was too high. He requested that tjv j SALE—J1800 stock of grocer council readjust the matfr. He in-- AM Hnnth timated that the council had insr^n-Mes and store fixtures. 402 South ed the clausse relative to tho to! ^ Kentucky street, phone company under a niis-ai.'ort.'hon- 1 .FOR S.ALE— A driving' mare and biicgv. Horse city br.lke. .-afe for lady ro^lnve. Inijnlre 803 North street._ Tola" to try Vinol on our off'.-r io re-RurreH's Ilrug turn money If it falls. S. R. Uurrel!.! Druggist. WILL DEPOSIT A CITY DOXD. sion to which the city attormy replied that it was done lioliber.ntc^'v. A councilman also sugustt'd xn the representative that the c;ty padj :Iio ^company nearly 1400 a year for t<'!c | fOA ti£f?l- ^?£C >5^r!9KMiUS phones which ought to IM' <-mi<:'..r- - - — — r ed in connection with th.- oocniiat-on ' '•"<"'l'. IMvVT—Ki.i nishcil rooms for tax. The matter was ref •trod to ;hi'.'li<"!--!<'-''-I-' .Mad^iii. W- clty attorney and llceusv comniiitoo. ''o I'-':''-^ !'!ri:i>li'a rnoih.s aHia .North . J Cottoiiw oiii. ;iM ;i .i..- ".'IJ West If yon want the family hi-a'thy. stronit and active' duritig the wlinor. give tliem Holllster's Rocky .\loiin:fii'i Tea. Twill surely make and k ^i -p 'hr who'e family well. 3">c. Tea or Tab- .Madisoii. KOK UK.N'r—^^•\< n room modern lio'.ir^- on |.:>V';:I .-ir.'ft. .' blocks front sqUMr^': ii.^wly r.;'' d. l«td. Inquire .1. W KiI'.Jl .Vor'tii/..'a.';hln.i;ton. -!•';,•• roo'M liouae; jtoixl !.•.: .-"ju^h fottoiiwood. Thc<*OarWay" Restaurant KlBrehaai8'Luaoh2So Everything in Season. S HORT O RDERS OF ALL K INDS Parinir Contrsrtors Get Prmission to 1 SohstilutP CHv itond for ('asl| O'aaranty. J. B. Kirk and F. P. Delone will deposit a city bund in the bank to guarantee any neces.-sary repairs on the South street paving instead of the | $1000 in cash which is now In the bank. AVhen the contract was completed the contractors deposif'd the cash to insure any needed repairs Now they need the currency and asked the council last night for the privilege of depositing a city bond; which was granted. Beclstcr Want A4s« le s Word. 9 .ti ;jy-*e:->.. For 1908 You Will Want Calendar Pads Calendar Stands. Xew Blank Books. Invoice Books. We have the sood.s. Oor prices are rigbt. Come and sec ns. Evans Bros. Book Store FOR RENT—3 room house, ^barn, chicken pen. outbuildings and acre tmck land. Close in. Wbittaker ft Donaen. j 1 o': \iv.yi- 'roi'.iir. liiiiuia' KOI: ;:i;.\T—t^)l!^^o au'l !jarn. Sou;h Kentucky, i^nfm- ii;<i -J—J. ~ LOST-U(-:v.-.-;: r; i and Dur!;cy, srftvts c;i .\::.u; on. .< lady'i loclc- »t. Fho • vh-i--\ ••••'!> r 'i. wr!:.-- ar.'l . ?r>.-fn '••(•r.s <.n o'.r : i<! with a 1;!' tie curl of hr:.- insirie. Leave at office and wo w::' snl'-ry ih..» fl;id>er for- ibis trouble—.I. ^I. Mason. ' - • / • Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaned by Ibioia Sog Factory ••-V.-?-

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