Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1908
Page 4
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Tie leU Dm lEilSTir ° jbiiiBus F. scon Reporter** Room S2S Battneu;^ Office i 18 Entered «t lola. Kansas, Postofflce. as Second-class Matter. AdTertlsfns Rates Made Known on i Application. 8I?B8GRIFriON BATES. By CuTi»r l» loIa, Gas CItjr, Laarea* --.TlUe or La Harpe. One Week 10 cents One Honlh 44 cenU One Yeat 15.00 By XalL Doe year Inside county — 12.00 One yea^, outside county 14.00 Tbree Monms, In advance %IM One Honlh, lb advance . ^ .44 'S - V . I • V , • - .-• • • ann^ry Oloarance Sale and Greaf 1'2 Rrlca OloakSale To get good reasonable merchandise and yet not pay but about half the regular price for It is what this sale offers you. It is to be your bargain picnic. We Invite you to read over the Items and come tomorrow, the first day of wonderful values, values that mean great money saving opportunities. OFFICIiX PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. UEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lok Dally Kcglstt-r Is a member ef the Aftsoelatcd Press and Receives the day report If that great ncirs or­ ganisation for Excluslre Afternoon | PubUcaUon In lola. Newi of the County I MORA>-. ; ' Mrs. -LosliP DoH-irt, of lol:i. visited here.'a short tinio this wpplc, returning V\>dn ?R (1ay afternoon. : Miss Pearle Smith wont to Tola Wednesday for a short visit with . friends arid relatives. Mrs. J. % Hurlock wont to Tola Wed .nosday afternoon for a short visit relatives, '-returninK Thursday even- i Inc. Miss Mfllile Ilolni.-'s. who I'as booM teaching tr'jool in Afinn'-sota is sprnd int' the liolidays a* home. The CHristlan Fiide:n-or of ' the " Pr«^shyterEan chnrr'i he'd n w.ntrh !:oc'al at home of Mr. nnil ^frs. Tlar'an Tsv'or Tiipsi'nv niirht. Ttf- tween sixJy and sovpnty WITO present. J M'ss O'rnce McKit/iok entertaMie .l AVednesday evoninc December :?.">"li. Mrs .T." B. Hnrlock and son Rirh- r"-d visited friends In Redfield Snn :<iav. ~ The offices of the Kasl^m Kansas ;Oi1 Company, and the Tavlor-Hole- Tnan Gpsiconmany. were moveil into -the buildrng formerly oecniiied b.r Kinne & *5on and owned by I,, n. Kinne. last week. Wayne V AWndell and Charles Tra- .TIR retur&ed to Bartl.»sviPe Sunday afternoon:; The cItV Is nuttinR in about one • flo7en stroet lamps. Most nf'the Baker st \ideri *s who ar.' nf home 3ur-r,c- the ho'irlav? will return to t>^o TTnivcr.<:ity ^fondny morn- Jnir. ; The thi'd number on thn T/ectur" Tourse piVen Monday nisht by th" Beilharz 'JTlntertainers. coiivistintr of -Mr. and Sirs. Beilharz. Th'' impersonations-were very Rood. The pro .frram con^-isted of music and impor sonations.: Furs Qraaily ReduGOti • II 00 Fur Scarfs black only 58c 1.50 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. . .95c 2 00 Fur Scarfs reduced to . .. $|.25 3.00 Fur Scarfs, reduced to.. . $1.75 4 00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. .$2.25 5.00 Fur Scaifs reduced to.. .$2.98 ^50 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. -$4,95 10.00 Fur Scarf:, ^educed to.. .$6.00 12.00 Fur Scarfs reduced to.. .$7.50 Women's Skiris Reduoed f 10.00 Black Voile skirts reduced to ..$5.59 H.50 Black Voile skirts reduced to -.$5.00 7.00 Chiffon Panama skirts reduced to $4.50 (•>.00 Panama skirts reduced to $3.50 5.00 Panama skirts reduced to $3.25 4 00 skirts in plain and fancy, reduced to $2.50 Prices on Coats are Out In Two $30 00 Wonien'a Coat5, 50 inches long of finest Broadcloth, elaborately trimmed, only a few of dJIK flfl these for , iPIUiUU 125.00 Women's Coat', 50 inches long of Black, Brown and Tan, neaily braided, lined throughout $20 Women's Coatn, 60 inched long and they are great values for the money. All colors and sizes QQ tl5 Women's and Misses Coats, 50 incees long. This is a chance to secure an eleirant coat for little tf*^ Cfl money, all sizes and colors for q) / i JU $7 50 Women's and Mi .ssc."» long coats in solid dJO "IE colors and fancy mixtures, all sizes Mlvif u 15.00 Women's and Misses long coats, all sizes for $15 Caracul Jackets now 20.C0 Caracul Jackets now 7.50 Children's coats, ages '*> to 14 6.00 Children's coats $2.50 $7.50 $10.00 $3.75 $3.25 Children's Crushed Plush $2.25 3.50 Children's P.carskin Cul^ $j.'75 Umierwear Reduoed 35c Women's rib and fleeced vest, and pants I9C 60c "Women's rib and fleeced \e3t and pants -380 58 J Women's rib and fleeced Union Suits 39c $1.25 Women's Union Suits ... 85C 35c Children's heavy fleeced rib Union Suits ...190 30c Knit Corset Covers. I9C A bargain table of Children's vests and pants at half price. Gre^'l OiaaranoB of Colored Drass Ooods 25c ami 35c Goods reduced to 13c 50c am! 60c Dres.s Gooils reduced to 3Ba 75c Dress ridiictd to 80c ft no Colored Dress GcoJs rtduced t) 69o 1.23 Colored Diess Goods reduiwd lo 880 Blankets Reduoed 65c Grey Blankets rednced to pair 45c ".»0c Grey, White and Tan Blankets par pair 65C $1.25 Blankets reduced per pair 85c 2.00 Blankets reduced to 3 00 Blankets reduced to $t.25 $2.25 ^ynninu' from a few days' visit at vice president: Flora Bo.s^ers. fourth I UsecJ by Ch:im.te and Glrard. vice president: Waller Youus. sec. e-j IWill-ons Ve .ss milis- filmily of lola has been lary; Lnna YCUUK , orKani."-!. Kverv- i Visiting rebitives here the past few one cordially invited to help make tlii.s I \& good year for the Siruday .schoo PLEA*?A>T V.VLLEY IIIIT^ E. Bftirrf hauled wat?r nnd nut .in the sch'ool hotjse well the first of the week.- I . Henry Benson moved on the A"en Fisher farrvthe first of the week. Tie came fromLRrie. Neosho, countv. Kas. , Andrew .'Beahm bousht half of a boR of his brother Mat Beahm th.nt ilres.scd oi"er four hundred pounds, this week.; The ElUft c'r's dressed ducks n'l" reese and »o"d to the Tola market f( New Yearsc ; W^. MijKinney returned Sunday Sinas Bamhari's childr?n spent the and I.«ague. holidays with relatives near Chan-I Mr. King has Iiougbl the I'.iinis utc. (place instead of .Mr. Ilcrnin.g. as Miss Mary I>ennls' brother. Wllber, reported, had his hand badly mashed in the Mr. Hlggins sp.iit .\ew Years dayj niachineiy at the brick plant whore with his mother. .Mis. Thomp.'^oii, of he works, Tuesday she dismissed tli.' Gas City. j school in th'? afternoon and wont | There is a .qireal deal of sickness at j home returning Wednesday evening present. However a number of the; to resume her work as teacher of the sick are improving. Pleasant Valley school. ( Mr. Joe Header spent New Ye:'.i"s Jim Hawkins has moved from Io'a,day with home folks. Mr. J. It. Turu- to the Jpo. Beahm farm and will er and James Turner wilh .Mr. II. husfe corn for Mr. Nostrand. | Entzminger, Franklin Smith at I.;i • T>la Baird visited the Dewitt school. Hari)e. New' Years day. The gowi wife : "Istluamy 1^ .druggist? I've p' 'gotabadcougfa, •hoarseness and .cold on the -xhest; * tend ground right tway a bottle DILD.JAYNrS EXPilCTORANT" This oM.and reliable remedy hMbeen;iieUeviiig and caring coughs «94 colds for 77 years. Very ieCTi^Te in all cases of Croup, Whooping CoQgb,Con­ gested C6lda, Bronchitis, In- fiamnutticm of tbe^^ungs and otber pulsionaiy ailments. Sold brandnlsxiM in three ataa . bottie*.-*l.«t.Mc..2Sc JsTM** -r *slc JurmUmtt i* • night came on, the • smijed To herself she .softly said. "Thank God. we're happy, healthy and bright. We all take Rocky Mountain Tea at night." ,I>arents here. His many friends here were glad to see him a>,ain and to earn of his success in Oklahoma. I). V. Hiute. uiarble and granite dealer. <ir Fori S/'-ti. was in Hnmscm Tiiesday coinideiin.g some work iu the i;r<;r!;;(iu cenieiery. I'lesiding Klder John .Mclx>an of Ft. Scon was in Urouson Monday. , Flossie U-ftier of lola returned to | tier home Tuesrliy afternoon after hav I iiig visited friends here for several 1 days. j .Miss Nellie Kane, of this city, and : In-tlier. .Indue Kane. t,f Oklahoma.; were in i'iiii>ni>wn Tuesday, spending the day with Iheir sister, .Mrs. Ktta I'dacknian. L«e Buckley went to lola to se<' hisi.voiing people of the Kpworth I^eague mamma New Year's da.v. {rendered a very intere.sting program BROX.SOX. A large crowd congregated at the .M. E. fTrch l .i-oav night lo witness the going out of the old year. Burrell's Drug Store, l**"^ coming in of tlie new. The WESLET CHAPEL. 1 Married at the home of the bride's father, .Mr. ('has. Isaac, on Cliristmas night at o'clock. Mr. Joe Young and Miss Kdna Isaac. These young people have a host of friends here who wish them a prosperous journey through life. Mr. Young Is a highly res])ected a"d a good Christian young man formerly of this place. Mrs. Young is one of the lovely girls of our neighliorhood, a true Christian She will be greatj^- missed at the Chapel where she taught in the Sunday school five years and also in the KpwQrih T>«ague. Mr. and .Mrs. Young left Monday for Kansas City where ho has a position with the Santa Fe railroad. Miss Minnie Talley went to Topeka week. Mrs, Oliver Rogers ts spending the hoMda.vs with -Mr. John Rogers' faniilj Grandpa Smith has been quite sick. Miss ChuKchill went to Tola to spend Ch^ristmas «i-ith home folks and we understand she is sick and could not commence sjchool Monday. Mr. W. W. Wright was in our neigh borhood Mopday on business. . Mr. James Turner's had a sick horse Sunday. '• Sunday w-as our reorganiaztion of our Sunday school. The following officers were fleeted: T. J. Daugherty. superintendent: Franklin Smith, assistant superintendent; Flora Rogers, secretary; I^^aura Young, organist; Mrs. Joe K^adc, assistant organist; Mrs. Smith Chorister; Teachers: Luna Young, clas^ one; Mrs. Smith, class two; Mr. Smith, class three; Mr. W. B. May. class four; Mr. D. Ruxton, class five. ". • The officers for the Epworlh League were elected Sunday night. They are: Mrs. Connor, president: E^ina Rogers, first vice president: Luna Young, second vice president; Mrs. Smith, third «<)LI»EX TALLEY. jand mpsic was furnished by the Bnm- • i-'on l.a:iil. At twelve o'eldck the church lie'ls tolled out the old year and rang in the new. I Judvre .M. Kane. .lusii .T of the Su- ' prenie court of Ok.ahoma returned .\ew Year's Day to Oklahoma, after having sjient the holidays with his * Fred Ke.ssler ha.s one hundred acres of ground plowed and in fine shape. .Mr. Kessler spent the day at J. W. Giiilett's Tuesda.v. Mrs Gullett spent the day with C. W. Walker and family New Years day. Kd Kessler has been working for Stokers Way Down bi the boikr-rooin of fhesttam- ihip shovd in the coal night snd day that jives ^ • -.owcr tc make a record. best coal j (ive* the best power.: That b why Scott's E produces flesh when other tfiinji fail H contains more p«wcr. It is tnily a body fueL Many a man, woman and didd have broken their rcooids (or wct^ by the pounds of Rcsh gained from SCOTTS EMULSION. K is a powerful Besh-prodnoec. An Bracing food for steady nerves— Nutritiye food for healthy appetites- Strengthening food for stutdy muscles— The most nourishing wheat food Uneeda Biscuit C. Hebman. Walter Lytle attended the watch meeting at Hardin's Tuesday night. Mr.s. Howard .Moore entertained Walter Wood and family and a num- jbtr of relatives New Y'ear's day. Sam IJaker entertained his .relatives and Mrs. Williams and children. Tip Williams was doing some carpenter work for J. W. Gullett. The wolf hunt was a success as far as dogs and crowd and jack rabbit chasing was concerned. ^50 WEST OF THE BITES. I In moisturt and dust proof paekagts. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY The roads are now dry enough to drag. .Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wirtz were called to fowa Sunday by the death of .Mr. Wirtz's mother. He also has a br/)ther who is very low. 'Opel and Maynard Peck spent Monday at J. ^V^ Preston's. Mr. and Mrs. I'eck went to Tola to hear the testimony in the accidental killing of Ira Ga.v. Viigte Steele and one of his schoolmates came home to spend the holi- da.\s with Virgil's mother. Ilessie Tipton is sptnding ' a few days with her sister, Stella Hale. New Year's day being the ;.fiftieth anniversary ot Mr. and Mrs. ICfdrldge's wedded life, twenty-eight of their near eat neIghlK>r8 went in with well filled biskets and spent a very pleasant day and one ipng to be remembered by all present. " AU wished them many happy New Year's days. , Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Beahm and children, C. R. Flake and wife visited 3. M. Prepton and family Sunday; Mr. Flake's boys are belpfng Mr. Wirtz who have just finished' a gi well'and are.gains to pipe the water to the b^n and pat up a wind DBUI. KefIst^^Wut Ada. Brbf KenlU.

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