Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 6
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6 THE lOUL PAUT BBfilSTEB^ WBDireSDAY ETEmO. DECEMBE B a, 1908, JOHN COLLINS FREE LEFT KANSAS I'EMTEXTIARY AT TEN «>•( LOCK THIS MORMNO. GOV. HODH PARDONED HIM EXEC[TIVE DECLARES BELIEF THAT A( ( CSEI) MniDElfER IS IN (as." K OiH' <ii tlip Most Famous on i\ii:i>-a«; Court Rcrords—Collins is Hc.ioirliiitr. K.\s.. Ui'C. 23.—John Honry <''i'!;;:s. v.iii) was parJoiuHl ycstonlay liy Covf.'iiior Hofl!, left the state i»en- iii'iiM.iiy at li'ii o'clock this morning. .\ft( r hia;iii;< tho pardon read in the wanlcn's nflic<>, Collins thanlvcil the iM-isiiM iitlici.'i!.-:. r'-turnod to tlio cell :a,<} irlhrh;} Iiis (jiT.sonal Ijolonsin^'s and with Ijis .';t(ii-i>rolh<'r, Grant Moad <:< ;.a:ii'd for Topi-ka via Kansas City. Ciilliii- ;s Hio yoiinp univorslty stii- il.-nl sdci.'ty man wlio was Ron(• fi) li.-iii;,' fur ())<• HiiirdiT of his :•, .lam. .-^ S. Collins, a prominent l.i liiij iiH'ss man. Iiy .IndK<' Ifaz- in I'f till' .'^liawH'-.' ilinlrlci court on M.ucli •.;T. Ill i\iii;diiii; ixoriiliv 'i' cliijicncy, ('.ii',. rnm-. 1 Imli liascd his aclion on t'li IIMPI . d pmipdiiil ion tliat .John Cidiiiis • A:IS liiitdicni (d till' crlini- and t'lai h. •.. . dr|.ii '..Ml (pf Ills day lit I., li I,;,,,;..., • ! Ill. i 1 f :! I n'.'.'v""; Him Innocent. ; i.i! II!.-Ill is -;iii-.| w nil liniiriiir lliii'li .'^:iii| in utiri: I ; •• tri .i) iif .Iiilia Collins. II' 'li .iii - in .Marlon ov.iy (•\ ici.'iiri' ami coiiiijuMit cnti- 111" CIS.' |iiil )l;.--|i.-d in tltc To:M -lia ii.wsjiaii.. 1 s. and tK'arly cv.'ry dtiv ili^cii.- I 'll uitli I.-myiTs .-md utli- <•;• :;.-i';'.iin'ii t '.H- c.isi' ,is ii wa.s lliils Lim-t 'd. ()[iiiiioti.>< of my fidlow citi- y.i-nf. nt that tiaii- all in possession of tho sanii' iiiforiiiaiion. differed frreat- ly as to .Tolni Collins's ;;nilt or iniio- life. ".\s to m->?elf. T canio ont of all that T litiL-- tiii 'l daiiy discussion nifii v:~A\- i'r.-MA as to. his enilt. ,\1I this•«•:>•-•. o; roiirso. lonK f ever ex- j'fifil to Fitstf^n any (liTicial rolation ii> tl'.'- cape. For tour years I hav^ i-riv.sM' T'Ml the oa .^i' from every an^le. r have iro'te iiatieiiily thronsh Ihe vol iiii-.;r.oi;s iloetinionts on file in this oftice: 1 have listeni'il to coiintles.s tier- sot^s and heard their couflictin.;; views a:'il vaiiotis 1'.ii ^ntaV s. "I have hivevM-titel every phase .of I'le ca-r". nttd tr.y eriuiiial doubt as 1o .lohn Co"lii;.s'.- Liiilt has constantly crown tiiit-l ii has iiasRod into an ab- snhtte h.-li.f of his innocence. Here in T -if ka. "v;;<r.- the familv and ai! facts of the t'ial were well known. s(or"s of people, (titiie as competent ;iiror.: :is tli.- twelve in'-n who sat in lit" case, helieve in his innocence, w!.;',. seori-s of o'hers in posse:-sion c.r til.' sanii' facts believe him qaiiltv, •• \y on of tnv last onieial acts. 1 do not o: Iv i-ivo hitn the benefit of tlie viTv iTi V i"!;" doiilpi. but I also give lii' ; til" ! ' i;i n; <if my own iiersonal 1 M f i:i 1;;.- itinyei-iicf. ;i belief which i^ i-.ii.iri'd. as letiers o;i file in this • dli-e will show, by ! iieh old and infl'i- enii .il c :::7 .er.s. wln) w.-r" familiar with till tiie eirciinistaiics of the tas^o. as K. H. frosby. .T. K. Coddiiii;. A. K. Ili-iCers. .lehii V. Roirers. Charles K. llrd'-day. W. A. U. Tlinmiisoii. Ralldi K. Aliioi-. I,. I'enwell, Oeorw AV. Crtiiii'. .r. <;. Waters. Thomas F. Dor- .111. D- \V. .\. MeCarter. H. ('.. Lari- i::i r. V." W .MaiiKucaker. .T. D. Xolon, C -fi- .M. N'olile. T. n. Sweet. M. .s-;iaf.tipif. n U'. .Vi -IIif. W. F. Roehr. .latiic- llaMK. Iir. C. F. .Mennini-'er, • lay I). ,\daiii>-. W. W. Connors. U'ar- ri n NI. Crosby. Peiiator Charles Cur­ tis. Mrs. Margaret Hill MeCarter and many others equally prominent. Scores Urged Clemency. Scores ot others bave filed letters ezpresBlng great donbt as to ills guilt, and urging expensive clemency. Including such well known people as P. I. Bonebrake. J. ^^ Dolley, Dr. L. Y. Gnibbs, Professor Erasmus Haworth, Professor W. H. Carruth, Eugene Hagan. Bishop Millspaugh, Dean Kaye, George Lerrlgo, .lohn E. Lord. W. S. McClintoek. Dr. J. C. McClintock, J. D. McFarland. W. W. McFerran. A. B. Quinton, A. P. Riddle, D. A. Valentine, A. D. Walker and many others. Sheriff J. N. Wilkers'on. perfectly familiar with all the details of the case, and himself a professional detective, believes thoroughly In the innocence of .Tohn Collins. The Governor's Order. It was Governor Hoch's intention to issue Collins an absolute pardon, hut this could not be done as the necessan- lei:al notice had not been published, as the law provides. He therefore did the next best thing and issued a commutation. It, reads: "To all whom these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas. John H. Collins was convicted, at tho .Tanuarj' term, lS9n, of the district court of the cpunty of Shawnee, of the crime of, of whereas the said .John H. Collins by petition duly signed, has made application for commutation of sentence, notice of whicli has been given ac- conlins to law. and satisfactory reasons apiiearing to nie: Xow, therefore, by virtue of authority vested in nie by the laws of tliis state. I do commute the said sentence by reducing the term therr'of so as (o «'X|)ire December 2:'., ino .s, and at the oxitirulion of said term, so commuted, do restore to him !i 'l t.hf rights, privileges, iinmnnities :ind frunelilses lie possessed llefore stleh conviction. "In ti'sllniony wliereof 1 Iiavi' lier,- lint" siibscrilied my name and caiisi-d to be alllxed llie great seal of tlie state. Done at Topeka. this "JCnd ilay r IK'eemliPf. .\. 1).. l!tl)S. •Slmicpl !•:. W. IIOCII. "f!<ivernor.'' Collins was convieti'd. dilefly n|ioti II videiice of two disrepiitabl(> ii" iiro.-:;. who I 'lalmed tliat be tried to hill- llieiii to c'ominll the crime, and will 11 liiey bulKed Ilf said he Would do it himself. .\'o direct evideiico a!,';iinsl youn" Collins was prodma-ii. ft was a eir- eiimstantial case eiiiircdy. .lolin has been in pri.son evi -r since. He has made a model jirisoner. Not a single rule has he violated. For years lie has been clerk of one of the eel! iioiises. Collins Was Pleased. T^avenworth, Ka.s.. Dec. 2o.— "r am| too happy for expn-ssion." said .Tohn Collins tonight as he sat in the warden's office in state jirison at Lansing. "Perhaps i am not as demonstrative as some peojile would expect, but I cer tainly feel grateful to the friends who have stood by me so loyally and to 'Jovernor Hoch. "Of course there has beeii a lot of talk about a pardon, but it is a mighty pleasant surprise. I don't really believe I will be able to folly realize that I am free until 1 have been out a week or two." Collins was notined of the iiardon .inst before sniijier by the de-iuty warden. Mirs Babcock Glad. Lawrence. Kas.. Dec. 23.—"I'm very glad to hear it." was Miss Frances Babcock's comment wlien she learned that John Collins had been pardon ed. This was the first she had heard of liis iiardon and she seemed greatly siiri'rised as well as pleased. She absolutely refused to discuss the matter further tlian to s;iy that she had nn opinion one way or the other as to bis guilt. John Collins was paying court to .Miss naI)cock at liie time bis fath.T was killed, and sif was an iiniiortant wiine.«s at tho trial. 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He had not gone far on his uptown jog -when he collaiised and fell iincotisciolis in the wet street. li was at first thought that he was dead, but. fortunately, an atifoniobile that was trailing him was at hand. In which lie was hnrrii-d to a hospital, where be revived. A LECTURE BIO TO MRS. NATION. The Saloon From a Smasher Has An Offer London Music Hall. Aberdeen. Scotland. Dec. 2^1.—Carrie Nation, who arrived here a few days ago. has recch'ed an offer by telegram to lecture at a London music hall. The telegram adds: "Courteous and attentive treatment guaranteed. Carrie has accepted the offer provisionally, pending the agreement as to terms. ACCIOENAL DROWNING. Coroner** Verdict In the Case of Chief BIggy. San Francisco, Dec. 2.1.—A coron- or'n Jury has returned a verdict that (be death ct Chief of Police Hlggy. who disappeared from tho police launch piLtrol while oroiulng the bay Frank Lowe and faieily, living five miles north of tola, were at Bert Cleaver's Saturday. A. Fair moved from tlie Henib-rson farm into the hous(> on the northwest corner of E. B. Huller's place last week. He will work for Mr. Butler. .Mr. Cleaver will soon move to Portland. Oregon. Th" date fi/r his d Iiarture is not yet fixed as it will ib-- peiid largely on his success in disposing of his personal property. Ht is selling everything at private sale. Jack Hays was unable to work a day or two last week, on account ol falling from a load of htiy. The folks that recently left for Call fornia arrived safrly and hav;? till procured good ptiylng emiiloyinent. Mrs. Riimblr.y, of Chaniite. Is visiting her Hlster-ln-law, Mrs. Wash Hiel;- ey. Miss Holtselaw, teacher at Neosho Vn'ley, will spend holiday we.-k at her home In Bourbon county, and .Miss Christy, tciiclier at Union, will be with her folks at fieneva. There is pronounci-d opposition lo •he JJarnes school law in this locality. Clias. Knfield i.s .catlierlng corn for Mrs. Pnrdom. Slack. Burns and Enlleld were haul ing their hay down ^rom near riipia the first part of this week. n. V. Bale and Iils nioth<"r recently imrchased the Van Fossin farm north of Hiinibuldt. This will give Mr. Bale Ibiee large farms to oversee wliieli will surely keep hitn busy. R. C. Arnold and C. K. Jacoby will spend Christmas at their resiiecllve homes. (i<i>. Davis Is having a barn built on the highest point on his farm, just west of the brid.^e, which will serve as a place of refuge In time of flood. EnlleUl Drake of BartlesvIUe,-Ok., will spend Christmas with his niofh- er and brother at this place. Il'ir.-i. Published. Decemlier 22. 19i1S.) ELBERT HUBBARD HURT. Tree Falls on Famous Roycrofter at His Home. Xew York, Dec. 2S.—A special dispatch to the Times from Buffalo, says lhat a fnlllng tree seriously Injured Elbert Hubbard, the author and lecturer. In tho woods near his colony at Baat Aurora, N. V.. Monday. Wlille asslBtlng workmen he mlacalculated tho direction, that tho tree would fall ortiftaed. , - (HM>l\.V \rK NO :1T. .\ii Oidinaiice amending a portion of Section f,. of Ordinance .No. :>.', of the City of Massett. .Allen County. Kansas, being an Orditiance l<i the Kansas Smithern Kleetrie Uailroad cfimpany. its sticcesiors or assiijns. .-i rr :iiiclii.-e lu cont-ii iict. inainlain and ;)|>crate ;in electric railway and car system alonu. upon, over and across certtiin streets in s:iid city, lo !,i- propelled by electritity or eo;;lpr<'.-'.-ed •tir. etc. Be It Oribiineil. Ipy lie- .Mayor a:;d Conneiineii of tlii. City of lias.-,elt, .\;li II Co;ii!ty.;^: Section I. That the I'oilow ing words aiiii .'eiiieiicc'K I'orniing a I'orlion of Seclion i; of Oniiniiiic.. .\o. ::.'. of the City of P.asBi-tl. .Mien County. Kansas, :ind biitig an ordlnaiiei. .iraniint; iii Tlio Kansas Southern F.iccirie Kail- rotid Company its successors and a.s- signs. a franchise to construct, niiiin- lain. and operate an electric railw:iy and car .sysioin tiiong. upon, over and across ceiliiin strei.ts in ilie City of Hasaett, in Allen County. Kansas, lo be propelled liv electricity <ir coin- jiressed air and to erect. coii;-iriici maintain depots, and colleci fares for carrying i>asseiigers, express and rrei.i;hi, giving unto the saiii Tlie Kan- .sas Southern Klectric Itai^road company, its successors and a.-isigns. the right and (irivilege lo use Ihe streets, avenues, alleys and lanes in said City of Massett herein describ.'d and sii b oilier neces.a.iry streets :ind all>-ys as may be liereafler agreed ni.on. lo-wit: 'Said graiileL' shall on or before Hvelve montlis have at li-ast One Thousand IXilIars t||Onii.niii in co.'^t <ir Ihe nece.s.sary work'iipoii .said railroad bed and trucks completed within the limits of said City." ^te iiiid the same is hereby amended to retui as follows: Section C, Stiid gritntec shall on or before the ;:iith day of December, 1908. htive at least One Thousand Dollars ($1000.00) in cost of the necessary work from said railroad bed and tracks comideled within the limits of .said City, etc. Section 2. Tliat all ordin.'tnces or parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions uf this ordinance are liereby repealed, but all of said Ordinance .Number 23 excejit the substltu- tloh of this ameudiniiut shall be and remain in full force und ettect. Section 3. This Ordlnanco shaH take effect and be In full force rf -om WIC|»«^«AMI Jn J. D. THOM Palntmp suid PmpnrHmmgnr Estimates cheerfully given on all worli R«. 409 S. Bnekeye. rboue 319. of said Ciiy. such i>nblication however, lo be made at the renuest of the grantee in said Ordinance Number ?,'t of s.iid. 'f"!ie City of Bassetr, ujion its iic- ceptaiice of tlie same. Pas .-;ed. Mt-cember 21. lyoS:. AippioVH.I. December 21. l!>itS. .1. A. WHEELER, .Mayor of the City of Massett. .\ti.-i: W. A. WHEELER. Clerk of Said City. I. W. .\. Wheeler, City Clerk of the City of Massett. Allen County. Kansas, do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and correct copy of Ordinance No. 27, iKissed and ajiproved by the Cii.i Ciiiiticil jirid approved by the .M.iyor id said City on tlie 21st day of December. I!HIS. W. A. W-HKELER. I Seal. I City Clerk. This ordinance and the franchise herein granted, ucceided ,by the un- dersii;ned. this 2:'.rd day of December, lltii.s. and tile same is berel)y auihor- ized published at the undersigned expense. Wiiiie.-s the corporate name of the iindersi'.;ned. attested by its corporate seal, the d;iy and year last above written. THE KANSAS SOUTHERN -ELECTRIC R.\ILRO.\D CO.MPANV. M.v. I'. V. CROI.CH. President. (Seal. I .\ttest: W. L. It.VUTLES, Secretary. Tit VUrXK VEKOKJKI.S FLOODS. an LiirWature >ViH B<' A.xked to .Vak« .\pproprIatluu. Coffeyville. Kas.. Dec. 2».—The next session of the Kansas legislature will be asked to make an appropriation witli which to check the floods of the Verdigris river in Montgomery county. .\t a rousing meeting held in this city more than forty farmers iiscii.-^sed ways and means by which the fifKMis could l>e checked to a certain extent. .\n effort will be made to organize •ill that iiortion of the county, subject to overflow by the Verdigris, Into one drainage district and unite the efforts of al! the farmers along the river in laying the matter clearly before the legislature David CUne, the new roiireaentative from tbla district, was In attendance at-tba meatloc^ud waa \

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