The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 18, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1963
Page 6
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THE OTTAWA HERALD •Monday, March 18, 1983 JOAN FOGDALL Engaged To Wed Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Fogdall Austin, Minn., announce the engagement of their daughter, Joan, to Robert D. Porter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Porter, Wichita. Miss Fogdall is the granddaughter of Mrs. Louise Fogdall and the late Dr. S. P. Fogdall, formerly of Ottawa. She was graduated from Austin High School and attended Austin Junior College for one year. She now is a junior at Ottawa University, majoring in elementary education. She is affiliated with the Pi Theta Chi social club, • member of the oratorio and vespers choirs and band and is active in Student National Education Association. Mr. Porter was graduated from Wichita East High and attended Friends University for one year. While there he was active in student government and Natural Science Club. He now is a senior at Ottawa University where he has been active in student government, band and oratorio orchestra and Biology Club. He is affiliated with the Tau Beta Gamma social club. This fall he will enter Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Mo. Ann Landers Use Psychology To Fit Her Feet Dear Ann Landers: I'm a shoe salesman and I'm having trouble with my women customers. This is not a business problem but a human relations problem. Wouldn't you think a person would be more interested in wearing a shoe that fits properly than anything else? Well, this isn't fte way an awful lot of women figure it. I see customers all day 1 o i g who would rather jam their size 8 B's into » 7 A (and suffer) than buy the right size. Some women get insulted if you tell them their feet have gotten bigger Am with age. They suddenly find all •arts of things wrong with the shoe, especially if a friend happens to be along. I've lost many sales because I tried to be honest. I'd like your advice. Should I fit these women properly and tell them the truth? Or shall I sell them size instead of fit and let them limp out?—HONEST ABE Dear Abe: Psychology has always been an important part of selling. The ladies garment industry wised up a long time ago. The better dresses are "cut more generously." Translated into English this means if milady buys' the dress off the rack she'd better reach for the 16. If she buys 1 a better dress she can easily get into a size 14. This is great for the customer's morale and it's nice for the retailer, too. If the shoe manufacturers would take a cue from the manufacturers of the better dresses there would be less demand for bunion and corn-plasters — and your job would be a lot easier, Abe. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 37,single, male, and in good health. My problem is a mother who will not let me be on my own. Dad died when I was 19. Mother and I remained in the family home. Four years ago my sister was divorced and mother and I moved into her house because her children were in college. This summer her college children will be home for good I decided now is the time for me to get my own apartment. Mother says, "If you leave me —this is it." She really means that I leave her I am out of her will. She claims any bachelor who would prefer an apartment alone to sharing quarters with his widowed mother is immoral and to lead a wild life. I am not immoral nor do I want to lead a wild life. I just want to be on my own. Your opinion is r e q u e s t e d.—TENNESSEE TROUBLES Dear Tennessee: A man who has let his mama lead him around by the nose for 37 years may be such an emotional cripple that he is unable to function as an independent adult. Now is the time to find out if you can make it. If you allow mom's threat to influence you, you're trading your • chance for an independnet life for a sack of shells. The light is green. And the word is go. Dear Ann Landers: When are girls going to get smart and demand the same standard of virtue that the boys demand of them? The guy who wants to play around with tramps while he's dating and then expects a good girl when he's "ready for something important like marriage" ought to be sent to the bargain basement right along with the girls he helped to put there. I've been talking this way for a long time, .Ann. When I was in high school girls told me I'd never find a boy with standards that high. But I found him, and I married him, and I'll wager he is more manly than those creeps who had so much "proving" to do before marriage. I'm sure I didn't get the only good guy in the world. There must be others left, Happy hunting, Girls.-MRS. LUCKY Dear Lucky: Not all boys demand white-flow*: girls for marriage, but I agree that those who do should have an unsullied record themselves. To leam the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Hints From Heloise Lucky Baby To Have Her For Mother By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: When I need sheets for my ba by's bassinet, I make pillow slips from embossed plisse, long enough to fold the top under about 4 inches, and pin on the underneath side of the bassine pillow. I pin rubber sheeting around the bassinet mattress anc then put on my pillow slip When baby spits up on them, these slips may be washed anc no ironing is required. After the baby * has outgrown the bassinet, the rubber sheeting can be cut to fit inside •>f the pillow slip and put on the crib, crossways under the baby, with enough excess Helois* to tuck under the sides. By putting the rubber inside of the pillow slip, mother saves changing sheets and laundering them. The pillow plisse slip is easy and quick to remove and washes beautifully. It looks much nicer than a plain rubber sheet on a baby bed. If the plastic pockets on baby's bassinet are torn. . . make a new pocket from terry cloth and fasten it with safety pins. I also make a pillow slip out of terry cloth to cover the pad on top of the bathinette, using colors to match my baby's room. If the shelf under the bassinet is chipped or makes noise when a powder can is put on it, cover the shelf with adhesive plastic! If your lamp shade in the ba- jies bedroom is paper and gives too much light, cover it with wall Japer. I knot the drawstrings of my )aby's gowns together so they can not tangle in the wash. This saves me from untangling them at wash time. Carolyn Naus What a wonderful mother you must be! Heloise )ear Heloise: Here is what I consider a dif- erent way to fix pork chops: I dip my pork chops in cornmeal and then fry them until hey are golden brown. Leave .hem in the skillet and bake them n the oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. They come out real tender and are not greasy at all. Mrs. H. Morrison Dear Gals: Just try cooking pork chops with cornmeal instead of flour. It's terrific. Heloise Dear Heloise: A good cover far your ironing board can be made from the legs of men's pajamas! They can easily be pulled on and need very little fastening except at the wide end of the board! L. Celise Konow Dear Heloise: When my can of shortening is almost empty and I cannot even measure out half a cup, I use it only for greasing cookie sheets and cake pans, or when using mixes and refrigerated cookies. Then. . . if a few crumbs from the previous batch of cookies get into the shortening it doesn't matter at all. I keep my greasing paper in the can from one greasing until the next, until it is too "tired" to use again! Mrs. Robert Pinkerton Club Forecast Tueid»r BETA GAMMA, Mrs. George Lister B and PW CLDB, North American Hotel CHAPTER GL, PEO, Mrs. C. Kenneth Harris FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE, Mrs. William Hogan, potluck FAR and NEAR, Mrs. John Macv CALVARY BA3TIST WMU, spring tea FAITH LUTHERAN Guild, at church UNION CHAPEL prayer circle, at church PROMENADERS Square Dance Club JAYCEE JAYNEfi, Mrs. Clarence Ulg- Dcar Heloise: Don't throw away those tJentet table tennis balls. They can easi ly be repaired. Just follow these instructions: Pour boiling water into a cup Drop the ball into the cup for two seconds. Lift it out, and the dent will have disappeared into thin air. (One ball to a cup). Janice Suida Dear Folks: I have no table tennis balls so could not try this hint. If yours are dented, why not try it? You've nothing to lose. Heloise Dear Heloise: An old clothes hamper makes a fine toy chest. Brush on some fresh paint and your child does the rest. Mrs. Happy Heloise welcomes all mail, es pecially household hints which she can pass on to readers as space permits. However, because of the tremendous volume of mai she receives daily, Heloise is un able to answer all individual let ters. She will answer readers questions in her column whenev er possible. Celebrate Birthdays Mrs. Charles Barnes, 434 Maple, gave a party Friday afternoon for her children, Mike, Linda, Julie and Vallerie, who celebrate their birthdays within a week. There were balloons for decorations. Guests received favors From the centerpiece of windmills. Movies were taken and there were games. Refreshments included birthday cakes. Guests were Chris Soph, Robbie Pinet, Jimmie Hudelson, Jimmie Wellington, Holly Jordon, Debbie and Kathy Worl, Louanna Bell, Teresa Dryden, Craig Leitnaker, Brad Wantland, Susan toge, Beverly and Barbara Bundy. Socialettes Mr. and Mrs. Winston Wilson are parents of a daughter born March 13 in Tripler Hospital, lonolulu, Hawaii. She weighed 3 b., 5 oz. Mr. Wilson is with the US Navy in Japan. Grandparents of the child are Mr. and Mrs. Herritt McDonald and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson, Richmond. Mrs. Glen Hardesty gave a surprise dinner and dance Friday evening in VFW hall for her husband's birthday. Forty-two persons were present. NEW SHOES? I I had them restored SHOE SHOP This is the house that Jack fixed.., with the jack he got from financial house! • Loans • Budgeting • Financing i [Interstate 11186 ^J^ FINANCE COMPANY TOM TOULOUSE, MANAGER 429 South Main SI - CH 2-1090 CAROL ANN is the 8-month, old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Stout, Ottawa RFD 1. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Siron, LaMonte, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Stout, Garnett. Good Gift Good gift for a cook: a set of four covered onion-soup dishes plus a package of or your own recipe for French onion soup. Shower For Bride-Elect Delia Glenn, bride-elect of Irwin L. Brocklesby, Garnett, was honor guest at a recent shower at First Christian Church annex. Hostesses were Mrs. Gene Suffron, Mrs. E. J. Anderson, Mrs. Kobert Whirley and. Mrs. Irene Mangum. Decorations and refreshments were in a St. Patrick's theme. Betty Mangum and Jane Anderson assisted with the gifts and serving. Contests with prizes formed the entertainment. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Vernon Brocklesby and Mrs. Orsen Roberts, Garnett. Does BLADDER IRRITATION MAKE YOU NERVOUS? AJSK^ 1 . 1 C 2?"n°o KWney or BlS&tar Ir* r . r r r rotations affect twice as many women M men and may make you tense and nervous such Irritation, Observe 50th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Marion Vail observed their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner March 12, at their homes southwest of Rantoul. Children of the couple present with their families were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whirley, Lane; Mr. and Mrs. Bud Stottlemire, Don and Tom, Rantoul; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hicks, Marcia and Earlene, Ottawa. Harold Vail and family, Cimarron, were unable .to attend. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mills and Emma Mills, MR. AND MRS. MARION VAIL Paola. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Mills and family, Fontana. A Complete Line Of PRATT & LAMBERT Paints and Varnishes NUZMAN LUMBER 113 E. 1st CH 2-1572 OTTAWA HERALD'S BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL GUIDE OPTOMETRISTS Arvid Berglond, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 316 S. Main CH 2-2798 Olin G. Wollen, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 110 W. 3rd CH 2-4303 A. G. Madtson, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 205 S. Main CH 2-4233 Rodney McClay, O.D. OPTOMETRIST Profess'I Bldg. CH 2-3793 CHIROPRACTORS Don L. McKelvey, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 W. 2nd CH 2-4777 J. C. South, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 E. 15th CH 2-2166 Residence Phone CH 2-3961 S. M. Brockway. D.C CHIROPRACTOIi 1408 S. Main CH 2-2388 R. C. Capron, D.C. PHYSIOTHERAPY Ground Floor 113 E. 3rd Office Ph. 2-4100 Res. Ph. 2-2270 OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN HOMER N. FLORA, D.O. Osteopathic Physician Medicine and Surgery Zellner Building Phone CH 2-3746 DAVID L. YOUNG, D.O. Physical Medicine Phone CH 2-3844 222 E. 3rd St. FLYING SERVICE SKY SERVICE Jack C. Kille, Mgr. SMILING JACK'S SKY SERVICE Municipal Airport, Charter Trips, Sight Seeing Rides, Plight Instructions CH 2-9775 or CH 2-4230 23 Years Flying Experience INVESTMENTS INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, ING. exclusive distributor for Investors Mutual, Inc. Investors Stock Fund, Inc. Investors Selective Fund, Inc. Investors Inter-Continental Fund, Inc. Investors Syndicate of America, Inc. Investors Variable Payment Fund, Inc. prospectus upon request from Hazen L. Richardson 1438 S. Hickory CH 2-2773 INVESTORS SYNDICATE LD7E Insurance and Annuity Company Barret- Fitch -North _ MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Mutual Funds — Stocks — Bonds Robert Dillon — 425 S. Main — CH 2-2445 MEDICAL DIRECTORY J. F. Barr, M.D. SURGERY Profess'I Bldg. CH 2-1268 Frank A. Trump, M.D. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Profess'I Bldg. CH 2-1620 Louis N. Speer, M.D. General Medicine and Surgery Office: 109 W. Fourth Phone CH 2-1257 Res. Phone CH 2-3401 David G. Laury, M.D. General Medicine and Obstetrics Professional Building Office CH 2-1620 Res. CH 2-1227 R. A. Gollier, M.D. Surgery.— General Medicine CH 2-1182 Res. CH 2-2393 Professional Building Chester H. Strehlow, MD Surgery — General Medicine Professional Building CH -1279 Res. CH 2-5675 Sylva Lofgreen, M.D. Victor J. Lofgreen, M.D. Physicians and Surgeons 3rd & Walnut CH 2-2128 B. S. Roberts, M.D. Professional Building Surgery — Medicine Office CH 2-4325 Res. CH 2-1594 Hemiing Bros. — 434 S. Main — CH 2-2641 For Prompt Ambulance Service, Call CH 2-1331 Ottawa, Kansas JOE TOWNER'S CHAPEL THE ANTHONY CLINICAL LABORATORY Gladys Anthony Allergies, Bacteriology, Serelogy Hematology, Bio-Chemistry, Parasitology Room 15, Professional Bldg. Ph. CH 2-5296 Home CH 2-3407 ELMOR CRAVEN ASSOCIATE First National Bank Bldg. Phone CH 2-1243 General American Life Insurance Co., Si Louis Veterinary Service VETERINARY SUPPLIES HESS, FRANKLIN and Others Mann-Bell Drug Store 501 N. Main CH 2-3924 BEAUTY SHOPS Ella's Beauty Salon Specializing in Permanent Waves and Hair Styling Mrs. Cecil McArdle, owner, operator. Beverly Cole New Location. .134 So. Hickory CH 2-4198 BEAUTYLAND Styling Salon 114 E. 2nd CH 2-4347 OPERATORS: Eloise Milton, Marion Ishang, Sharon Brill, and Wiloma Babcock. owner and operator. Millie's Beauty Salon Specializing in Hair Shaping and Current Styling Millie Engles — Owner-operator Rose Marie Baxter- US E. 3rd CH 2-3395 Pharmacy Is Our Business Your Prescription Will Receive Our Careful Attention BRISCOE DRUG STORE 847 S. Main CH 2-4133 PREVENT YOUR NEW BABY FROM FOOT DLLS... FIT HIM IN THE FAMOUS DR. WIKLER SHOES BY BUSTER BROWN The New Concept in Shoe Lasting... Perfected by Simon J. Wilder, D.S.C. Fitted Exclusively in Franklin County at RICHARDSON'S SHOE STORE 212 S. Main This Space FOR SALE Phone CH 2-4700 BUNDY INSURANCE AGENCY I 1 I A A A K A N S A '

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