Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1908
Page 3
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mam. S. are pleased :0$mt§mu9k io Smitkrilmy, >. the store. The couriers win w imsu lun m uaii ^cKm*, «»»••• P«»>M |»..»^ ..... —— —. -- v. V ^ K..*. « «*• vho mnnv Cdme early while allilots are complete. Some lots are small and in consequence will be bought quickly. Below we can name but a few of the many S:nflnd values that yoii'/l see when you visit this sale. S^ugMeHng ihoLmdliem' Goafs. $'M Fine Kersejr, romes In l»rown and rrd; ciponncc price $10.00 Black Ker8 <>y lined thronirb. out nitli !<ntln, trimmed witli pretty braid and vebrt. rirarance price $G.50 Fine KerNP; Cloth comes in castor and Itiack. elcKantly trimmed In pret* ty xiik braid and relrrt and coats that Kcll In ninny xlorrw for f1&.00. Clearance price #G.50 #I5.WI Fine Chiffon BnmdflotU Coiit. lined nith line llnlchcMK Venetian Satin. eU>irontly trimnied. Clearance price :... $9.()() All of our l>est mM, ^ifiO and mM Coats nlii Ito sold refrardlesN of cost in tills gn>at Clearance Saie. Jnst a word altout our coats; ThiN ^tock Is all lirifjrht, clilc and strictly^ np-to- date: oil iinugiit this year and from one of the best houses that we knon to he authority for style. We fiaie no old out-of-date ^tuff as you see In many siatea. Warm Fursj IX THIS CLE.VKAXCE SALE. fUii Furs at this sale ,.. 73<* IIHW Furs at t It is sale :#I.H) iiJM Furs at this sale .W'i.W iji.-,:tKI lUttck MarUn .S.'S.T.l Isaliella Fox *4.7."» *7 /iO Sable S.'S.OO ilOM Mink, elepanlly lined, - ^JSt.."**) IsalKliu Fox iii 10.00 WOXDERFIL TALIES IX WAISTS IX THIS CIJJAKAXCE SALE. IMC U'alsts, clearance price 4o<S IM*:. Waists, clearance price ...SSc' *I ..Vl Waists, cleuranco price.$1.10 HHM) Waists, clearance price.JS1.4.'5 Waists up to all no in this <.'reat Clearance Sale at proportionate low prices. SLICIXti THE PHH^ES OX SKIRTS «.V.«IO Skirts, clearance price.. .JR.'}.?."* WIO Skirts, clearance price. .S4.7.1 f-,JM Skiris, clearance price. .iK.l.tM) *liO« Voile Skirts, cli-arance. .«8..')0 Do not ask to have Skirts altered at Clearance prices. ItKIVIXn tn T THE Dress Qoods IJc Double Fold Snitiafr Clearance price !)<* All >iViol Dress Goods Clearanm price 1!)^ 3.'>c Double Fold Pretty Plaids for . .chlldrMi. Ctcarance price 'JtX.t Kic Xew Landsdown Plaids Clearance price 41* K'lc All Wool Lunsdonn PUids Clearance price G06 !itU >:i Fine CfailTon Droadciofh Clearance price S."?* i51.T .'i «nr B«'st French Voile Clearance price Sitl ./!5 I{eniemlN>r tliese prices are just for the Two Weeks' Clearance Sale. SLASHIXG IXTO THE SIU(S ( LEAHAXCE PRICE 2 AVEEKS OXLV .'>Ac Rest China and Jap Silks Clrarance price .. 3,'»<S 5«c ChliYon Tafleta.s Clearanc(> price 35* Mc Silks in l)eantifnl pattems Churanre price ftJtf iXJOn regular Silk: this Includes all our pretty Fancy Silks, Clearance price 836 iXSt black Silks guaranteed the Iwwt in tbe land. Clearance price...836 PIXt HlXd THE PROFITS OX KaU Uad'mkirtm 3.> Knit Skirts, dearanee price .Vie knit Skirts, clearance price. ".'»c Knit Skirts, clearance price i»0^ ifLlH) All Wool Knit Skirts, price 7,10 A LAXDSl.IDE IX TaMe Linens iTic Linen, wide quality in red or white lOc (Uc Linen, splendid quality 43<^ Sic Linen tWC 91.0n Linen, the IM'SI quality that can be liouirbt 7.'»C These Prices Only for Two Weeks. lirXDBEDS OF BARGAINS IX Hosiery Black Gat BTUM CUcaH-KMMU MMISIT Coin |aay Xeixalia.Wta lOe Udles and Children's Hose...86 1.K- Black Cat brand 12e iM' Black Cat brand .21 1 .VJc Black Cat lirand 406 rXDER PRICED YALUES IN (Underwear CLEARAXCE PRICES. 1 25c Misses Suits WIc Misses inion Suits r "»c Ijidies Suits $I.«HI Indies' all wodi and Children's I'nion 15)6 386 496 Vests and ..Pants ii»6 i!1.2.; Ladies' all wool Vests ajid Pants •• 8.16 Mr Men's lleuvj Fhi-ee I'nder Shirts and Drawers 37'i6 MICH.A-DO IX MILLINERY All of this elecant line of pretty Trimmed .Millinery Hfty cents on the dollar. ^1.00 Hats, durance price .....506 iiil..'jO llat.s, clearance price 7.16 i-2M Hats, clearance price:.. .$1.00 !j:i..VI Hats, clearance price.. .SI.75 %\m Hats, clearance price.. .$3.00 i^.OO Hats, clearance price .. .$2.50 We nrpe you to come early as the Kood things will go fast at these prices Staple Dep'im All licst Prints, Standard brands, rtt t.'ood Heavy Bleached Towelinir. ..Ir* lOc Heavy Linen Toweline... 81-36 Good Bleached Mnslin (>?4«; 12He Ho|»e .Muslin \{}C. TJac Outina Flannel ."if lllc Heavy UntiuK Fhinnel ....7H(' 12)sr Heavy Fleeced Lined (ioods for Kimonas 2<lc Ileaiy Flwre Lined t.'oods i'«»r KInionas I '^^ic* CLEARAXCE OX Bianiteis A tiood Heavy Double Blanket.. .4.16 Our turn Bhuket 7.16 Our $1.2^ BUnket 986 Everythinft In Blankets must go and will 90 at these prices. Remember llie quotations are for tile two weeks of this Clearance Sale Only, after nbieh everythlutr will be put back to reicniar price. _ . We have cone through ojr slock and selected all short lenirths. RCnmSntS! '"I*' rc-nnauts that will irw less than whole- EKRLY KMO TKKB HDVKNTKGE OF THESE PRICES. ^ ^ If a EmBi MmdtBon 2 tfOQrm Wemi Thamp' mouHoMm N^W VITAL ORGANS £odn They May Be Had When the Old • Ores Wear Out. ChJcaso. .Ian. —Medical science F (xfi) is to accomplish the transfer of sound vital organs and tis.snes for tli> 'owor anlma'.'f to "niaii. The sub- .<;iiMition of healthy orpans for the (li '?^'ai;ed parts of the human borty will 1;<- •'made possible throinKh the new ex- ppfiinienta! surgery and vivisection, r.i'rl will revolutionize modern medic'-^:: The Rncc?ssfHl transpIantInK of . ar 'tiTies from one animal to nn- Of?ier is rho first .^tep towards this en^. jhesc are the conclusions drawn l ).v Prof. Sinmo ne .\nf 'r of the Rockefeller Institute for Medlca'. Research in !;a paper on "Tendencies in Path- oUigy." wrifton by hJm for presenfa- ti«n to the American -Association For fh^ .\dvanceraenl of Science, and r?ad before the ph.rslologlcal section of the society at the I'niversify of Chi- cwto by Prof. Liidvlg Hektoen of the ntfiversity. ,Prof. Flexn.T'fi paper also contain- rtt accounts of a series of exi>e.-l- nwntB on rats and nilci." performed by hrni .«:elf and his associates, leadne to Important disoorerlea concerning tlt'e biological condittam of tumor rmwth. Pathological problems hav* h ^en enormously affected by recent e>;perinieuts in vivisection, according t& the New York sclenMst, RA GAMBLE, a former tola teach- at the Jetfersun buildiog. returned ."Kday (o Odenshnrg: Kas.. after a viait hnre with friend.o. .Mr. Gamble I* em- nloved In the city schools at Odeni> b;trs. BLAME THE WOMEN'S CLUBS. Lawyers Aghee They Are the Chief Cause of Divorce. San Francisco. .Tan. Z. —Rev. Waiter E. Tajiner. of Oakland, has con- dticted symposium on the divorce evil. Forty lawyers were asked for opinions as to the leadiiiR causes for divorces and a m.ijority answered that clubs—especially women's .clubs— weri the greatest factor. Thoy ho'd that modem club life fostered the affinity idea and that it attracted woman from her ])roper sphere. Some of the more radical he'd that even church .<;ocietIps wen;n a measure to blame for uni.appin- ess in the homes. ROOT HEARS FROM MIKADO. Reply Considered as Beinri in the Na ture of a Concession. HARRY LEVAN STAYS GIBBOXS SEES PROSPERITY. The Pnispects for ISWS Are Tery Fair. Says the CardlnaL SCRIP IS CALLED IN EMPLOYED AS ASSISTANT MAN-' AGER AND TREASURER OF ! THE GRAND. , DR. SENN IS DEAD Tlaltimore. Md., Jan. 3.—Cardinal j i„ia Banks Issue Xotice This After- Gibbons expressed bis opinion "f tbP| noon, outlook for this year In the following i words today: | The financial eonditions in lola: of^he" most wiiielV '^k^^^ •The prospects for 1908 appear \or> ,have so far improved that the banks i„ i,„i„.j j,,.,, ^^re fair. The most reasonable way to; annuiiiictf this afterno<m^hat hey areij^j^,^. Dining the Spanish war he Was One of the Beat Known Surgeon? in the Country. Ch>apo. Jan. .1.—Dr. Nicholas Senn, New Manaqement Has a Number of Fine Show* Coming.—First Bio Show January 15th. Washington. Jan. .1.—Secretary Root fodav rpceivsd from jVmbassridor OBrien at Tokio a transcript of the reply of the .lapanese government to the memorandum submitted by him some time ago in relation to the resu- latlon of Japaucs.^ Immi;irjt!on into America. So far. St'cretory Root has not had an opiwrtunjiy to carefully consider the reply, bm It is stated that In the oolnlon of the state departn>ent. It exhibits a disposition on tbe part of the Japanese government to meet the di- s 'res of America In a satlsfaciorj- manner. " REV. HENRY Co<- Ciilberfson. nr.>s- M.'nt of Btriiiiria roIl»'Re. but formerly "•ato- of the Prcshvterlan church Af this city. Is in the city today ca'l- Inx on -friends. H" came down IHSI eventne to attend the banquet of the Aitrulatic club. Oporge H. Lynch, the new l.-'ssee of the Grand theatre, has emp'oyed Harry i.«Van as assistant manager and treasurer of the House. Mr. LeVan has been acting In this capacity for the Grand for several years. In- Pddition to being familiar with ever>detail of the work, Mr. I^Van is ever courteous and obliging to the patrons. His many friends wfl! be pleased to l^am that he is to remain with the theatre. H.\i abilitv to manage :i theatre Is shown by the fact that only this monilns* he r«'ceived an offer to lake chante of the leading theatre at Coffeyvllle. The Grand will nfobably be opened Monday. Mr. l.eVan is now In correspondence with two shows to ouen here Monday or some time next w^n-k. The manajcement will i;now deflnlie- Iv b>' tomorrow as to whether or not thev will b? secured. The Grand has some good show^ comlna. On the evening of January tSth. "Allen Doone," a drama. wlH l»e iir.senteO to the lola natrons. Th's show comes well recommended. On ihe 23rd will nupenr a musIcH) rom- idv. "Sunnyslde of Uroiidway" and on the 2<th. "The Why of ihe Transgressor." a drama. It wil' be seen at once that the new management Is ptannina to nive lola thea:re-ioer.; Mmi? good ffhows. For liesf sni) iinlekest n'snlts use tlie Hefister Waat CalamBx. Xot All the Infeeted Bono Removed From tbe Er.Bandlt's Arm. Topeka, Kas.. Jan. 3.—Emmctt Dalton will undergo a second- operaticm today. He was operated on early Inst summer when two large incisions were made in hia arm and the b4me scraped. It was believed at that time judge of the future is by the light of ^iaiirng^iu "the "scVipt. Tbe Kegister the past and we And that if Almighty ^.^^ ask-d to the fo .'Jowing (lod has infllcied upon us some trials. no,jce- the blessings He has vouchsafed have joia'clearing house certificates will alwa .vs exceeded them. This has beenp.g cashed at the undersi.gned banks the cvperience in the .vears gone by{u,Kin demand and. I believe, we may rely ujion the same goodness and protection in the one nj>on which we enter today. Some things probably will appear discouraging to certain minds, but under the will of Ulvine Providence. I am sure we may hope for the best. TO OPERATE OX DALTO.V AGAIX. was chief of the opt-rating staff of the army in the field. He was a native of ! Switzer'and. EVERHARDY INDIFFERENT. .AM.E.N COl NT\ ST.ATE ll.V.NK. Has No Hold on Me." I01.A STATE BANK. Leavenworth; Kas., Jan. ."J.—Nothing was known here of the filing of the suit by .Attorney General Jackson to that all of the diseased bone had been ^^^j^p Secretnrv of Wur. General removed. It has been found recent y . jj^., ^.,,1^^ g,^, has dir.-cle«l the that there is a small si |Ot of hone In i^,.^^,^^^^^^^^ ^ officors the arm which is still Infected. Ph.-1 Manila, to be known as the fortl- THE THREE Mande cases which' were set for trial in Justice E. G.' W 's^ettl ^roiA'^t .f ToViVi."^ T^s^' «.:st Ma.vor Everhardy, antil the ar- ca.-!es all grew out of a disput? as to rival r.f the Associated Press dispatch, the possession of certain household ^jip j -nit was the sole topic of dis- '^"FRA.NK Witt, a merchant of Kansas''"""slon ht-re '.nst night. "Mr. Jack- Citv, Mo., has renteil the room at 204 has no hold oii me. I have not .Vorth Washington and will open up I I.vd myself liable m any way, yas for in a few days. Mr. Witt all .he mayor wou'd say in an mter- hiis a stock of drv goods and gents J view. The members of the cltUen<i committee say they acted as private citizens and not as officials and they do not come under the Injunction Issue<l by the supreme court. They decline to,be interviewed. wan. TO LOCATF PHILIPPINE PORTS. Wa.shingtpn. Jan. •i.—Xiy order of ojieratlon today will be small ion Inwrd. Their duty will be l.ared with the former one The bone q„„tlon of the loca- l.ecanie infected because ».f.''»r. tlon «f defensive works and the jwsts ; wound received in the Coffe»ll.e r.«id , i^.^,^,^,,^!^ ther.^o for the Philippine ir»«v' ARRkxrv: «,hn hn« been ill islands, and submit rejiorts thereon at-'[l "^hffi1 .1^fo?'he'"'pasr"wo for the information of the War de- months suffering from »n attack of j»arment. t>PAo'df*ver.,w|« taken to hU home ^.•stenlav A'lth'uii»h he Is stil' weak he says ho is feeling very good. REtilSTK WANT AD gets it. THE NEWLY elected officers of the Christian church or»ani«e«l last night. The new officers were elected the ftrst Snndav In I>eceml»er. J. R. Miller was elwcted the u<-»w eldt>r and chairman of the board,-of elders and J. \. AUstot the new trustee The elders of the chnrch are nov H. A. Snyder. W T. Smith, t. R Miller and Jam»'s Richardson The trosteea are W. T. Smith. O. R. Bushfled and J. A. All- slot. HORN" to Mr. aiid Mi^. Wheeler, of North Jefferson, a daughter.

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