The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1944
Page 8
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3 Mondoy, 11, 1944 Che Safceriflelb CaHterttton AIR PROGRAMS MONDAY «:0<1 to 6:30 p. m. KERN—News; 6:15, Sonts hy Lf"» P».vne. KFl—A SOPB Is Bom. KPMC—Gabriel Hcstlrr: 6.11. Scrctn Test. 8:30 fo 7:00 p. m. KERN—Spotlishl Bsnds; 6:65 Coronet Story Teller. K PI — Information Please KPMC—Soldiers of the Prcs*. « I' OreAt Moments in Sports. 6..)li, Lt§ Paul Trio. 7:00 to ; |i. m. KKKX—Rfivmond Giam S« nff " lit Ted MR lone. KD—Carimtion Coniented Pmiirdrn. KPMC—Hi-nry Gladstone; 7 li. Lowell Thomas. 7:30 to 8:OO p. m. KERN—Hrirtt Time for HUPS KFI—The Music Shop; S I."., Kny Ms.vpole. KPMC—Sherlock Holmes. 8:30 to 0:00 i<. m. KKUN—Coiititerrpv. KFI—Csv.-tlrnde nf Amei'im. Kt'MC—Point Sublime. 0:00 to 9:31) |l. in. K!-:iiN-.-Miii-,d riBi'- KKI— Tfli'phone li" n . KU»H:. A ndrrM'ii. KPMC— Nr\vs 0 i:.. i'e :! I-Voivn (»:aO to I0:nfl p. m. KJ-riN—Henry .). T«>ln:. 815 M»-P Fields Trmnury ^!]"••>. •' • •' New". KI 7 I—Ha \vlhornp Hitnae KPMC—Fulicm l.e'vis. Ji.; S:<5. News. 10:t>0 to 10::lft P. m. KKRN—. \mn leu." l':i-Mi> KFI—Tlip liciuillei; li'l.'i. Minclioster BoOrty. KPMC—Right to Work. 10 l.i No on Proposition 1" in::tn to 11:00 p. m KKHN—A Bin. a iJnl ill"! h Bnml. KFI — Inside the News; 1U.4S Gems of Melody. KPMC—Gjrwood Van's Oithestra. 11:0(1 to II :•'<» P. >". KKHX—This Movme U'urld : 11:15. Hi'nry Knic. KPMC— Niw»: 11 «:• S.'lid tiendln'. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT WHAT KIND OF WAR VICTORY ? lt:.10 to l'J:Ofl Midnight IvKIlN — '.'hm-lGH 1-a Vere: 11:45. Halad^iles; 31:5i. New*. Kl'l—ciiHt-lei I .a Veris: 11:46. BHIwrietiea, 11:55. MuaKal Encore*. KI'MC—Sihei Noctnrnp. Lt.-Governor Fred HOUSER (ForU. S. Senator) 'ntroductd by Judg* Thomci f. WKi»« C«|iforn!« Diitrict Court of App«»li 6:45 TONIGHT ( Monday) KPMC DON LEE NETWORK RADIO REMINDER i-You won't want to mil* thete! programs! Tun* in Tomorrow! Listening Post T j» r /:45 a. m. News of the World 9:00 a. m. Local News 9:10 a. m. 10-2-4 Ranch 9:15 a. in. TUKSDAY «:00 to 6:30 a. m. KKRN—Mirth »nd Madness; f, 15, ^National Karm and Home Hour. 6:30 lo 7:00 a. m. KKIIX—National Farm and Home Hour; K.<5, Musical Rpx'eille. Kl-'l—Churn Wagon iJamhorne. KPMC—Musical Clock; 6:1S. On the Farm. 7:00 to 7:30 a. m. KKUN—News: 7:15, Mnrtin A£ron*ky. KFI—Today m (he News; 7:16. Fleet- \vood Law ton. KI'MC—New*; 7:15. Melodies of Today. 7:30 to 11:00 a. m. KKRN—Jamrs Ahbn Ohaerve*; 7:45, This Listening Pot«t. KFI — March to Victory; 7:4n. Musical Roundup; 7:4^. Sam Hayes. Kl'.Mr—Romancers; 7 .40. Wcill's New*; 7-4,". New*. 8:00 to 8:30 a. m. KICIt.V— Klertwoud l.awion. S.l.V Vic- t'My Miiri-hr.*. KKI— .lohiiny Muriaj; 8:15. T. B. Hhikiston. KI'MC —Shady Valley Folks. M:.'IO In 9:0!) a. m. KKRN—BreHkfHiit Cluh. KFI—News Period; »;4B, Diivid Hanim. KPMC—Happy .Joe and Ilalph: !).4.">. In Your Neighborhood: S:55. Charlotte Ur-cble. 0:tlO In I):;i0 ll. m. KKRN—Now« of the World; 0:10. Local News; 8:15. 10-i-4 ftnnrh. KFI—Nows; 9:05, KdwunJ Jorgenaon; !i:irj. Larry i-mlth. KPMC—Houke Carter; 9:15. Name* and PlitcpH in the New*. 11:30 lo 10:00 n. in. KKKN— Ilrrakfapt at Siarrti's. KFI —Major H. S. Turner. !i:4rt. Magazine PiiRr: 'J-45. Itoniiy MruijiflpM. KPMC—Midland, \1. K. A.; 11:45. Amazing: Jennifer Jon^s. 10KIO to 10:30 n. m. KEH.V—Tiny Morse; JO Ii, tlluc Corie- fipundenls Abroad. KFI — Voice of :i Nation; 10:15. I'ctcr <le Lima's ClnHcups, KI'MC —News; ll):i:,. Jack Tlenll. 10:30 to 11:00 a. m. KKIIN—My True Story; 10:;,,",. Tim Aunt Jemima Show. KFI — Aunt Mnry; ](l:45, Ait Bnker. KPMC—TIPH from Tlhlietlu; 10:45, American Woman'H Jui-y. 11:00 In 11:30 a. m. K1CII.V— Hiiukliaxn Talking; 11:15, Island Melodiep. KFI—Guiding Light; 11:15, Today's Ch i Id ren. KPMC—Cedric Foster; 11:15, Waltz Time. 11:30 lo r::00 Noon K URN—Glamour Manor. KFI—Women in While; 11-tfi. "Hymn* KPMC—Manhattan Highlights; 11:45. Musical Lihrary. 12:00 to 12:30 n. m. KKKN—News of tho World; 12:10, Local News; 12:15, Hollywood Star Time KFI — .Noon Farm Ilciiorler; 12:15, Ma Perklni. KPMC—New*; 12:16, Noon Time Nock Outs. 12:30 to 1:00 p. m. KKHN—Between the Lines; 12:45, Kiermm'a Corner. KFI—Pepuer Young's Family; 12.45, Kicht to Happineaa. KPMr—Country Commentator: 12:45, Skyline Serenade. 1:00 to 1:30 p. m. KKRN—Ham Hayes; 1:16, Boh Nichol*. KFI—Backstago Wife; 1:16, Stella Dalian. KPMC—Think Hard. Now; 1.16, Drama* of. Life. 1:30 to 3:00 p. m. KKRN—Time Views the New*. 1:45, Muddy Twins; 1:50, General Mnlone. KFI—Lorenzo Jones: 1:45, Young Wldder Brown. KI'MC—Full Speed Ahead. 2:00 to 2:30 |>. in. KI'JRN—When a Girl Marries; ::15, W* Love and Learn. KFI—When a Girl Harries; 2:11, W* Love ..nd Learn. KPMC—Face* BJid Place* In the New*; 2:15, Mutiny on the High Seas. 3:30 t* 8tOfr p. m. KKRN -Whnt'H Doin'. Ladles? ivl'l—Jtiat riain Bill; i:46, Front Page Karrcll. KPMC— Lout Em|i|re: 2:45, Easy Hhythm. 3:00 to S::i(> n. m. KKHN—Appointment With Life. KM—Rond of Life; 3:15, film Pla.vhoiiHe, KPMC—tJrlffln Heportins: »:1S, Symphonic Swing. .1:30 to 4:00 |i. m. KKltN—Kthtl and Albert; 5:45. Blind Troubadour. KFI—Vir: and Bade; 3:45. Woman of America. KPMr—Things Worth While; 3:45, Juhnfton Family. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KKRN—Land of the Lout. KFI —Doctor Kate; 4:15, New* of lh« World. KPMC—Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 4:15, Real Life Btorles. 4:30 to 5:00 p. m. KERN—Vagabond Moods; 4:45, New* of the World; 4:55, Local New*. KPMC—World'* Fron: Patt; 4:46, Lanl Mclntyre'* Orchestra. 5:00 lo 5:30 p. m. KKRN—Terry and the Pirate*. 6:15, Dick Tracy. KPMC—Chick Carter: 6:16, Superman. 6:30 to 6:00 p. m. KERN—Jack Armstrong; 6:45, Hop Harrlgan. KPMC—Adventure* of Tom Mix; 6:45, NlKht News Wire. msit UTIIIIE Mil BRUCE ii rriii'i MS( 'flint i)st«rj <nn- HOLMES SOLVES EGYPTIAN MYSTERY! A mummy Is missing from an an- fient tomb. Why? SHKRLOCK HOLMES knows! Tune in tonight at 8:00 anil hear Sherlock Holmes solve this baffling mystery! Station KPMC. I'rosentPd by the, Fetri Wine Company, Han Francisco, Calif. All original *!dri> ¥ * I'loarlcawt hv i«ppr!al .pcrniiuioti of tlie *i.iiiie of Arihur Cunau Duylc. Every Niidiy, S10 p. i. KPMC Mutual Don Lee 1560 on Your Dial POLITICAL ADVERTISEMtNT EARLY NEWS BY LOWELL THOMAS 7:15 P.M. DON UE-MUTUAL ttmilrdolCalitoriiU * VOTE \Q HEAR John Anson Ford Supervisor of L. A. COUNTY TUESDAY 2 P. M. KPMC UNITY ON THE HOME FRONT THIS Ct RIOt 8 WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON 1 SCIENTISTS USED TO SAY THE EARTH NOW/ THEY DONT KNOW WHETHER. OR GETTIMG IN PLAYINS CHECKERS, YOU 5IT STILL. TO MOVE," Sffpf MRS. OSSIE BE(?RV, WAKJDERING ALBATROSS FLEW 3.OOO MILES IN ONLY g _ • T. M. HtO. U. 9. PAT. OF». S1DK GLANCES By GALBRAITII CO. - tM4 »Y NIA MHVICt. INC. T. M. UtO. U. 8. r>«T. OFT. f-ll "Mince they houicht those Venetian liliniU next dour I ciin't tell nlu'tlicr they've cut the radio on loud or they're |IHV|IIK aiiuther iimirrel!" Ft'NN\ BUSINESS By HKRSHBKRGER "II'• » *i>erlnl rucwceil »hcll l<i knock out the hay fcvvr ecus In (tip I'lipin.v'ii rnnkn!" THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSIO "Don't mind my hnsliunil, MUlrr—He'd ln>iinrl.v Jrnlniu of my ridlni around nlnhlH In ii ml) with •IrniiKr tnrii." MAP OF THE UNITED STATES Thl» big- timp. 21x2« Inche. In nizc, ..nd prlniprt In fiv« folorn, Im-ludea nil of tli» imtlon • Detached Territories. Kh»-*» Ala»ku. and Aleutian* In delall Keverve side rarrlp InolKnia nf army, "nvy «nd nmrlne rorp», and collar In- «l«nla of women In United Stale, aervhre; «l»o «lllinueU«» at many United Slatei fliflliter and bomber plann, population n»urn of itatei and 200 lar«e*t cities. Fifteen cent* poatpald. Thie (Coupon Th« Bukei afield C.ilifoi-tilan Inforrnatlnn Huimu, 316 Eye Street, N. K., Wanlilnglun 2, 1). (.'. I cncloa* herewith 15 rente In tnJn (i-mu'u)iy tviai'nd't in paper) for a copy of the Map of the United Buiei. Nam* — Street and Kural City.. (Mail tu >Va»hlriKir,n. 1>. «'.) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS a OOFV.' PuLLiM' A \ 3OSe TOOTH THAT 'AY--WHY, NOu 4IOHT MOT FALU MJTA BED FER. A OUTH.' THAT'S WHUT 1 KNOW--SO I'LL. AT UEAST (3IT SOME SLEEP/ MOTH I WO TO WORRY ABOUT 4 tr NIA »t«VICt. MC. 01R BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPL18 WEL-L-O/MATOR. rAOOPUE-' 1 AKA. 3.R CTOKESBEB.RN OP TM.E MIRACLE HEATCO., AMD WE'RE CELLING. AFE\AJ 6W ARES TO A, LIVMTED OP INVESTORS/ COAL, ME ATI 1^6 HOMES INi THE STORED-OP EMERGV OF RADIO- ACTNB AL.OM& THAT I'M A <TU\\ LAUDE IT IM SOCAE TlMEl-V, STABLE IDEA SUCH APPEARS TO BE' MEANS THE , QUARTZ HOU DIG THE GUMPS The Law Steps In By GUS EDSON- ANPY Decides IT'S HIGH TIME TO CALL IN rue SHBXFF- WW-PePUry \J SH-IMHEKE I/ HEH-HEH! ^ WHAT LUCKI EH? HE'LL ^\ A6J?EfLlTV l A Nk THEY THINK\ NOW, I CAM ffEAft WATZHIN&, I SHERIFF; ELIJAH-\ YOU CAME I PROTBCT HOW'P YOU FIGURE "V ELEMENTARY THAT MYSTERY VOICE 1 AAV PEAR TRISHA- CAWE FROM THE >/ OUR SHOST USEP CELLAR ANPy? fT AN OLP VENTILATOR PlPE-AH/HA.' TILPA ANP MILLIE? NOW I CAM RgAULY 1 HERE TO , . ,,. I CAN'T LEAVE l!l(!lllf AAY STORE,MR.tfUMP- 8UT MY PEPUTY TIMMIE HAY,CAN <30 ALONS TO HELP OUT-. LATER -SACK AT HAWK* KOOST. GASOLINE ALLEY Drafted By KINO HE HAD BUT OF COURSE .THE V0UNGEI? PHVS/CIANS AK6 IM THE SERVICE, SO HE'S WORKING HASP AGAIN. IT'S -TOUCH ON THE ONES WHO ARE 15FT. TOO MANY PATIENTS, LONG HOOKS, NIGHT CALLS. I DON'T SEE HOW THEY STAND IT. IS UNCLE DOC' I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM SINCE oust NINA, DOC iSN't SO SUSS C0^ SKEEZlX PLACEP ,i HlGHI, BUT I'P BET THfc?6e 'MCLE IV4LT 11 10 owe HE'S ON GUAM. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Reconnaissance By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A New Career By MERRILL BLOSSER H ,|LDA WAS DISAPPOINTED WHEM A PICTURE OF ONLY HER FEET AND LEGS APPEARED IN A NATIONAL MAGAZINE. NOW, IT SEEMS, A CERTAIN SHOE COMPANV SAW THE PICTURE AND WANTS THE OWNER OF THE FE&T TO POSE FOR, SOME SHOE ADS — 1-HJ Is THAT rue WEAH-—ANO nr SAVS *— IF LATEST copy /THE OWNER. OF THE FEET OF GAZE JWILL IDENTIFY HERSELF, WE MAGAZINE? TWILL. DO WE REST OH, ISN'T ITTHf?ILUN<SvLARD? JUST THINK—THESE LITTLE PIGGIES ARE <SOI*G To WILL PUT HER TOUCH WITH THE SHOP COMWkNV. IT WAV START HER ON A PROFITABLE WASH TUBBS Rabbit Punch By LESLIE TURNER ILSBlMTHEBBf BETTBK COMB OUT...HBRE COMIS A PLAME-THBOWBBJ iSSSJNa «« 1&MJ* RED RYDER Kit(y Will Argue By FRED HARMAN AND IF YOU MADfO'T LET R>'DER\\ 1 HIPYOL) 1 D NAVE fNQRE V THEY GOT- BAT BUT WE\E 6OT PLENTY LEFT, KITTY .' SHUT UP- WE'VE" GOTTA -/ YOU'RE -V PLACF NOW, ^VOUSE OH,YESVJE/«Er REDRYDLf?.' ALLEY OOP Fooz and His Kids By V. T. HAMLIN BV T>« OliAPPEAR. - ANCC OF HIS P0EH«TOIIIC FRIENDS IM OLD PALESTINE. OR TRAVELED TO ANdVMT MOO TO RECRUIT AN EFFICIENT RSSCUE CV- YES, YOUR HISHNESS, , BUT I MUST WARN VOU «O- V IVANT ME '^-^GUCH AN UN06RTAKIN6 T'HSLP FIND ALLEV A MAN BE A PRETTY OOP AN 1 OOOLA.LdST,/ DANGEROUS IM <?tO BC V CH1 / BUSINESS/ /MAW? PAN66RL IS MY MEAT; i WHEN , DO WE START?I AS SOON AS YOU CAN 6ETACREW TOGETHER, OH, POP, LISTEN, WE VISITOR*. EM? WELL, WELLt FRIEND C ~~~ 'NEVER

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