Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY BECtSTER. WEPXESDAT ETEMXC, DECEJfBER SS. im. . a Your Turn May Come Next IF YOU were taken eick tomorrow and were laid up for a long time, how would you be fixed to meet the expense? Ever stop and think of that? Certainly no real man wants to be dependent upon friends or charity. That's enough to prevent an independent-spirited fellow from ever getting well. It takes money to be a man nowadays, and the only way to have money is to save it little at a time. Look around you here in this locality: the men who are well fixed and independent today (except those who fell heir to what they have) are the ones who in their younger days, were close dealers and saved every cent. Look the question sqnarely in the face and ask yourself if it isn't about time you were beginning to save up at least a little of your wages. We offer every facility and PKRFECT SAFKTY. —The only Cafe that seires the Genuine Seal Shlpt Oyster. Our Way. .\o Jtotlrmid Fifrures. The niornlni? iiaper imljli-she-J a story day before yesterday lo the effect that there were more pnitesis filed by taxpayers this year than usual and cherked it up as the fault of the tax law. However, it 'did not publish the figures .-howinK that the farmers were paying less and the railroads more taxes this year than last, although the county treasurer offei-.'d the iiifonnuiion. I Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam beat In each room. Hatha free. .M«truii Hopeful Mow. riarli Thomas who was in iht; city ye.sierday. is fjiiite confident that a new cement plant at Moran is tint a nie're dn^aiii. He t^ays that many who were at first sliPiitical are now firm In (lit» Ix'lief that the r*>nipnt pan' will III' l)iiilt. State Savings Bank Cmpltmi S23,000 Mm, Kmnmam Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights —rnunlntrlinm & .Vrnett, C per cent, luoncf. Visiting In Ottawa. Mrs. Kd. Giliiatt caint- up from Cherryvale la.sf ev<»nin^' atnl will ho a cucst of old frlfiids for a short time. Shi' was enteriaiiK'il last iiii,'ht by M I;;. Krert Sailors.—Ottawa n .'iniblic. Japanese Hand PaiDted China In new !ilmpe<, doittiis and rolors. This CHINA is exe- euted exceptionally nell ami }un shduld not fail t« see thf lint'. In (lie Winilun jil SPENCER'S Short Stories on lola Happenings - I' rank 11. lU-attle. V. S., I'houe 1;'.9. , t Brovyn a Weather Man. Ciiasf W'' Urown. of ^li^' Brown liliarniaey. has ii -n-ivcil notici' of liis aii;>oi)i!iiicni to ili'' post of .govern- iiii'iii W'^athi-r ol.s.rv' r in Chanun and a station will li.' inaliitaincd at liis siori'. Tlie insirunii'iits will ar- iiv»' in a f<'w ilay.s. .Mr. Brown's dii- tii-s will consist of a daily report on il.f rtadiTils of the si-vi-ral instni- mi'iits fnrnishf'd liiin. From these n pons fiiriiisJiiii liy thi-se stations t?i liovi-rnmi-nt liureait hasfs its otisorva- tioiis anil iiynlar reports. .Mr. Brown stciii-i (I ills appoininn-ni hiMi' throuKh till' frii-ndly offlcrs of fonKri-ssini'ii Scoit anil ('atni)lnll.—('hanuti; Sun. \\V have A.iw) acres of land in a Imily in OklaiiDina that we can si'II fur $;!.i)il per aiif. .Mi'.;lif taki- iiart in trade if wmtii tin- ninniy.—WIiiiaki-r Doiintrll. Were Here to Eastern Star. .John White and wife and .Mrs. Ilum- phreys attended tJii> Kastern Star chap ti>r at lola last night.—Garnett Ni'ws. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mumfdctorers, Wbolesal* and Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Dia tilled Water Hew C«ld 8tort^ Ses^j f*r •istaefli. Pkoie lit. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. For llie best uiiil qnlckest resulU use llie llcfe'MerN naut coliimiis. Sliidy the Illble. VIr Olsnn. iho Savonliiii-;; man. who is ill jai! :iw,iiiiii >r an i !ii|iiiry into liis iiHTila! i -iiiiiiliion. has --ijrii'ii a rc- fuini anion? ilie inm :i!i's of the jail. ;(>l-nn iuiai'iiM-s lie has I HTII calli'd to iprcaifi anil in Iiis lalks with ihi' pris- iini'rs propounds ipiesiions from thi» Scri[iriir <'S. He now li ;'s thi' prison- j ors iiiHTPsU 'd in many of ilip chap- j t»-rs of till' Uiljlc and.lhi'.v an' fre- |i |tiently i-a'i ;:i{r on Jailor liiKiver Kerr 'for li.i-'ht nil iiia'icrs periainins; to hlit-ulmrv. ca'isjni: that official tn ' ' ' h-\ii\ roiisidi'ialily. ! !i his —Good Thini;s to Kat. '•Oiir-Way.'" Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loan<i. Here «n Unsiness. .Inhn .\niiis and W .\. Hyerly were nu Mi.:ii Hinr.liiildt yesli-rriay Imtkiii!; iafi.i- siiiiii' liiisini-ss iiia!tr-is. — C.f ^Tllnllis• pi.'ie. yiiiir fiirisima.^ Ctirils at while till; assortnicnt is com- Fred Schmidt Here, P IIM I S.iuiiiiii was IHI from Ifiiin- .'ip \i->i.rii:iy on luisiiifs-. Cunningham & Arnett Wv liiiH' on Ktile \Unltr lour- M tlckelx (o mail) poliili lit >en >Ie «lro iiiid Tons «Illi riniil return IJmIt .lime M. llHi'.t. I 'leaoe M 'c fur piirllniliMNi K, iivi.sno. Aueiil. i .—I'or I'aiicy Urii-k froain I'riiit Ii-c ('re nil. Shcrliir's, Icos or I 'liiicli mail^ '.til iinl .T and ili-liv.'rfd. Order i-ar'y for s. I'l -^uili 's ilrii;; store. ('<)uli !iri Find Horse. Ii •h ' It .\. I, I'.Djil riuht Wiiit iiiit til til.' iioii'• I.'' .\riliiir Hall to t'ct till- linisi' wliich ,1 jiiry i '"i'i<Ifii . liiiiKi'il 111 .1. W Mill.M" iif ('iiffi -y cimii- t'.. ,iiicl iiiii 111 lull coii 'd not find 111" animal Hal! in l/'itiy ami I'li- niiili'i sli '-i iff w;is iiiKilili' III si'ciiri' '•.•\\: iiiriiriii :iiiii!i as 111 ll'" w ii.-i'>':iliiiiits i.r llli- 'rlil'lM-" 'lilt' iiil.'itialiiinal Corr'-spi.nil.'nce i^i-liiiols of Scniiiiiiii. Pa., art- Imliliiii; a window display :il 17 iOasI .Mailisoii .'in-i-i. Spii ial lalis fur a fi-w il:i.\s iintv. lola Girl Married. In I'll- list of WL-diliiii!s pulilislu in llif I'iltsljui-K H.-'adiiKlit lliis we. was tlial of .Mrtrccllns K. .Minanl. ai.'> L'l. of I'iltslninr. ami .V.tti.' .M. Dal a»'d i;i, of lola. —.Mi'i-t your friends at Cralili's ami try a hut drink—Choculali' or CorfHe. Samms to Independence. Fri'il Samms lias ri'si;:iii il I KS posi 'Ion as wait 'T at tip' Our Way ainl will havi- in the movninn for liiih'ii'Mi- ilftic" W I UTI' ill' will acci'pt a similar piisliion in 111'' "Quick l.inuli." — Try Ri'M Fooit if you fo'! Fri'sh fiMin Ocean.—"Our Way." had Deer for 3ale. How i!iaiii;''d. alus. all iiistoms ai". sinci' WM wfT" voan-' loiur. loiii; ajiof l'"rliaps he 'll iisi- a iiioior car. wlun Santa conii-s. arvoss tlie snow: no iiiori' on frosty Cluistmas iiiiiiit. his I M' U S will soiiiiil upon th'' irali'! In -'ll snii 'll of K-asoliiii' a'.l ri;;lit—and liis ri 'in <Tp<''r ai>' for sal". Tn li<-ar t !i cri 'akini? of liis .^l"!!. the little bairns will wait in vain: when they are cud- dleil il <iwn in bei]. DM .Santa, with his aerop'ane. will ciro!'^ rouml the chim nev hi)ih. and iliiiiit) Irs iTcsents. worn and stale, tlien toot liis horn aiitl nios ey by—and his old rejinleer ;ire for sale. —Walt ^Tason. —The Ciahl /.s. weathT I'll is alwavs fine lloi Cliocolate. at No Merry Christmas. TIio Kaly de |M >t at Tola was raided vesi.'rila.v by t!ie polii-e and fortv-tiv saUoiis of liooz". In liottles. confi.;eat- .1. Tiiere ar-' jieonle ill that town who will lie as mad as wet liens when friends come aloni; and wish them a Merry Christinas.--i-'inpoiia (!a/.ette. MA(iA7,I.\KS AM) I'KHIomCAI.S lati he sci'tiri'd of .J. K. iii;M»\. will) iliaW with ilie |;ii!.Ushers and fin/li.'.hes Iht'lU at the Inwe.vt pllie pobsllile. Trial HUliseriplInn to Van .VonleiiV. .1 nionibs i'"'C I'hone :<S. -IHN. Hiii' Kstlinatcu cbcerfiiily ;;ivcn anoll i l»r. I', F. Wiin«h. ItcnlM. I'limie »•.» ! Our «)H (II Scrw fr. I liniil III ii ',.'i'i' <s on ill" ban iiii"i II ilie Kaiisa-^ rjilV 'ivlH slndi'iK' 'l. IMI MI,' lii.ide The O'll W.n «l|! ilMrllih'l the IhilHplel Hr. .1. II. I'eiiper. I'riilM. I'Imne la Wnrk III VHCIII 1 (111. Til" r null \ it till' ln!:i llii «lni 'Sti I 'I 'Vi L" i - III III/Im: I III' V. I. '.111 oil. whlrh I II. 1 .XI I'llll.iv. tn L -el i -Ollie Wlllk IHM' 111. 'It liailiU wlilell llli'\' einild lliil liji I r dm he,' the lerni .Vearly all |iif l|..- -I .llle'l!- i;i.;ie Inline for of the in-litllliiitl liave the vacation .Mw.i'.s time til cat at the Our Way (• .1 I K iiisa ^li.ikl;: LEOALS. IhivM'c III Town. lliiXsie who reeelll'y lUOVell to ; fit;, was lii town yesterda.v ; liaiuls vjih Ills man.* friend- (First I'ubllhhcd Dec. 8. V.m.) AH.MIMSrKATOirs XITN K. State of Kan.«as. Allen County, ss In the matter cf the estate of .1. .N' Deer, late of .Mien couiily. Kansas. .Notice of .Viipuiulnieut. Notice is hereby given, that on 'he Sth day of December, A. I>. IS'iS. tlie iinder.signed was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly appoint»^ and qualified as .\dministrator of (he Estate of J. .V. Deer, late of .Allen County, Kansas. All parties interested In said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. M. G. KOBINSO.V. |2-8-1B -tk Administrator. 'Hie liitevnaliiiiial Correstiondence Si bonis of Scraiilon. Pi . are holdlnir a •.v!:iiliw ilisp ay at 17 Kast .Madison -t:i-.t Sieiial rates for a few days nr .l\. Schaffnrr UMS Here. t' Si-lrffiier. 'l!,> roiiiitv a8S4 'S- snr W ".3 nil fn i;i Hntnli-iMi ye=ierda'' :if#ni< I !! l'l lii-;i>i~s eiiiiileitid wi!h bis iiffi-re. - Hrs. Lalhrop. (lst «'<ipatliN. Pbone i6A riock (i» Poor Fa nil. T, B Sb 'jiinon has Riven an etsht-. day cieck to th«» inmates of the poor farm. The clock w:us needed at the farm and will he appreciated by (he inmates. —lubt OB luulas V. S. YUmt. —Hard Shell Crab. Lobsters. Blue l^oints. Our Way. Decker Was There. Chi-roi :ei'. !>• c. :J:; —Prof. W. S. Pat" went to Fort rfrolt tndav to meet with •1 eomiiiitli 'e to ilisiass liiirh r"- bitjops. The oilier li !"iii!ii'rs b.-.-i'bs Mr. I':iie are I'rof S'nUe.-ber > of ilie Fort .-^roli liiirli sehim! anil .\. 1. De er of the llumlinlil; se 'iools Tliis c.ini- Iiiitlee was aii|i .iiiii .'il bv III" Ho'iili- east Kansas T.'ac.nrs' a^sm-at'on In arrange plrms li> which tin- dlfii.r"iit lii '4'M siliiHiN nf 111' i !j<trii" iniisisi iiiir of Jii coiiiilli .1. iiiav h.iie ilinie marh the same Willi, ai 'il llia' iniiiils i;oiii:; from oil" si 'linnl In lllliilll .r Ill .lV llU" |i s.< Iiniibl" III Mill. iH 'ilr rm III" Willi, al'eai|\ ilmie. No Lod ^ic McrtlnQ. Til" at;! I > nf .1 u 111 1.1,1 h;ne .'l (lli'elllli; llll -i We. 'I, l ,"e .in .• nf Hi" I'lirlsiliia.s ll'ii" 'I'liere wj'l b.. im meellnirof the In I'.'" itnilt ill til" 1' lar lime. Start an Account wilh Us AVlu 'tl ynu ji.iy cash and buy a Illtlt! liere and a little there Villi never know what it costs )nii lo live. Ojeii an ar.o '.iiit Willi lis anil p.iv \iiiir bill every luo weeks 111 I. lire a nimiih and \nii l:i:ow whai iiin:iey Vi .es fi .r. With our sy .-iem we can sell yirll '.nods on IWO Weeks or day-' lime al strii'l'.\ cash price .5. The People's Co-Op^r^- ti?e lercaotile Assoc'i Make Your Selections Here for Christmas! A Man's Store for Man's Wants, Buy your hoL day wanls for your husband, brother, son or sweetheart here where yuu can make no mistake in selecting the right thing at the right price. A largo and handsome h'ne of Hoh'day Goods for men and boy.s that will make useful and sensible Christmas }>lfts. Here are a few Holiday Suggestions: .MK.N'S SCSP1 ':.\DKUS— ."5 *-i.">(- lip t« SX.'tTi MK .N'S NliCKWKAH— 'iri<- up (« .si,«M) .Mi:.\rf SILK IIA.NDKKKCHIEi-'S— ^iTiC u|> to SI.IM) .Mi:.\'s .\in 'Fi.Ki :s— .lOc "II 1" S*i..">(> .Mi-:.\'.-- i'(,i.i.,\it I:A(;.S— JSl.'i.l u|' to S-i.CM) Mc.v s DUKSs <;i .ovi :.s— ."»<)c "i> I" S'iM) SI IT CASKS — S:!..!** "I- I" S1."».(M) Mi-:.\-S FA.M'Y iiosi: - -i.-.c up to .\!i;.\S hUKSS SHIKTS ."»<><• "p (" S'.'.do .MK.\ S .\(il;i:V llAT.s— iSf .S.l up to .s ;:.."»i> .VKNS KA.NCV VKSTS— JSl ..•><) t" .s.'J..>'.> S.MOhlMi .lACKI'TS—Al a l.i 1 : fioii. -Any Siiinkinu' .I.-.i . i ..: • • liiiise. all the .iiewesi !..i'i;, ; ;! ilesiL-iis that sn.'d as h: . ;. eSinlee S."') Outfitters for Men and Boys Popular Price Clothiers OF I.IK 'AI. INTFKKSr. Some People We Know, iind We WII' Profil bv lleurini; Ahuut Tliein. I This i .i a piiiely local event. \' link iilace in lola. .\ni i ;i I'.iiffalii or .\'ew Vork. Yt 11 are asked to invesil«ate it. .\sk"d in lie 'ieve a cili/.en's Word: To eiiiifirtii a citizen's statement. .\ay article ihat is endorsed at h<ime Is ii'iire v.miliy of confidence Tlrin one >i a know lioililii;; alioiil. Kadnised in unknown peoi.le. M K. Saylnr. „f ::| | .^„iith Chesf- iiMi siie.i. lola as. says: "From the evideiiee ( liave lioaii's iilijey fills are ji niie'ih nf t;reat merit. .My ex- per.i nee with th.'^ni dales back abnur two \eais. .\! II KI I linle. as well as on one occasinii siiire. l!ie value of ihis remedy for lelicviiii; difficulties arisiiii: from deraimenieur of jbe kidneys was prniuiit and positively prov- ••!i 'n me. I procnre'l Doai.'s idnev IM!N a! ("has I!. Sfi.'iice!- ^^i Co "s dniir -tine and '_'lai!i'> uiv.- i !i.'tii liye:,iloi se- ineiu. " j Fur stt'e by ai! dealers. Price .'n j ceiiis. Fii .-;ei -.Miihnra ('•>. P.iffaln. 1 .Vi v. Vnik. .loi" a-i.-nts fi..'- il .e r.i:i.-.J St;llis. ijeiaiiiifier lii" i.aiiie — ()i.,inV—.iiid a 'n'- !.ii lilh"l. WhBi to Get for Christmas I.s easily answered al Leiiier, the Jeweler WAS A CLOSE GAME The Baker Boys Win. But By Narrow Margin of 22 to 24. the Nidicr. T!i.' :i !in::a! III". 1:11;,' of the smck- I '.nldt-rs I f lb.' bea lee and Cnld St .Ti::e Co.. v.iii in' l>e,'il .iI i)je office of 'h'' crni'iiany a: Inhi. Kas.. .Monday, .hiiinary j i. J! M;.I. J UI eii (;ina (if il ;i I 'ciors lesS reiinirdl. FI:ANK KIKDl.K. SecV. [lie -JJ. 'ON _.>..•.-.. ...i...u.'^.. ,i,,isiasni p. 111., fnr the . a:id any busl- M '^l''^'^''' G. H. Lamb In Town. Kx-.'^iiiainr t;. H. I .atr.b was over fr -oai Vaii'S (•••nl.r to.lay on llnsil|"^ Ahln Kellisi":' Alvin Ferris in Town. F-riis. form, r'y with Tli" . ••.iiii" in today from' Tulsa, will 1" lie lias ciiar:;.' of Ilie cireiil.i- rinti il.jiarMi .'iit of lit.' 'I'n's-i World, 1' ;i few il.ns' ^i^il. Ndlll F. ( lirNliinis pHcliiii ;e» dclhcreil (he He»(crii riileii Mcoocnecp bin*. Phitiie ltl.1. To Visit Mother. leilff (• <l llnlliioier I. ft IbiM IllnnillU fnr .\li 'JI .|ill, llnll'lioll roillll>. >isii lil-i Mioilier who Iriti 1 11 111 f. I ^'lllle llllle. Mrs llolUll '.er Well! I(. .11). Id ^ "Sit i.|a\ lo x Isit lnT lliollier hi a fa;!, ciosiiy cont'sr".! basiket- iiail L:ani.'. a i,icke.I team from Ba .' Fiiiversiiy d.-f>'at'-:I the Andiiorinni te ;im at til" rini: last nii:Iit by a score nf i '2 to l'l. Wliile many Jolans iiar-' not been "liacateil ill tlie tiiu-r points of th" s;.irt y. t th .re was a bl'-r erowd pris":it and the rivalry and enthusiasm w. almost equal to tiiat wii.-n two cnlleL'.' teams nioit. Tie' .iraiiie started off witii u 'a and vim. e ;ich eai ;er to overcome i!i.' otiier witlt iis a;;i;ressiveness. Neit-i- er team ins: interest or coiira:o:i'. con- Nstiiu until til" last inonieiit of play • v.'i\ iiiih of til" way. .\; ih" em' i .f •ii" (irst !:a !f t!ie senl-" :• - :! favor of till' home liaiu. In the bit- I. -r part nf Ih" s.'eond half tii'' Mel'li- oiL-.^rs iiii-f ii;. and threw ral li'ld L '0 ;i!s. (iViTlnIr: i •-• . t!i" Tnwii s. i-"'.r ; l-:!!is. Stov. r a:;.! M.j'..- :• • 11 v..-v.: l.nii. in f;w: . \. ••. . 'eaai was at i.i.s l.. I The Hake:- bo;, s ;. ;• ' tiiis at:'!!:, nil w :;• r • • iii-iit. IJ"for" !. avi'i / •• till ir appri'ciatioii n!' ; . ri 'Ceileil at til" )i ;l!ids nf • t> am aiiil manai .'i 'iU' nr. liore tomorrow for a 1:1: hii,'h school team on i:..- ci '.nrt tomorv'uv ev. will he.srin at ir 1- • so t!iar ilios.' wr.i) ;••!• ::• mns enterrai'iiiNii's ar ^ 11: IV .viniess III" siMir'. Im ynii want a I!".ii!! tui s: f.-.'I' F;. rn-iiaic: • :.;f. ef fi;;e twill,-d si'k; 1 .-.i. !f .! .•\ iiiC'' Chri.-Ti.-ias 7)i. : .;; veiilr for the on.". I!.! ?I.»:i' a-i.! .u.' ; ,• Dailv and San.' .v .1 r • nionrjis and one nl ;•: . Address TIIK K'.XXS .Ti .)i;}{.">CK.msas Citv. .vn !-'!-i lij.i. .1 a,',:: Special Cliristmas Offer IN Cel lllc rrahhs. \ i;iko. the he»l lionie rlitar. ."ic clifiir. ill Stale Secretary Here. .1. .\ Man'ey of Toii''ka. .\ssi..tan' j <..tU' of th" VOIIUK .Nleii's! I 'liristiaii .\ssoii.iiinn. came in V ".,ter j lay fnr a short visit with t!i.' Ineat)'iallon. This evenin); .it the reiin' lar nil itii'c; of the n-^social ion ItibU- class Mr. Manley will uiv a .short talk to the memiiers. Rocking; Chain A Solid (Jnarler Sn\yv\ Oak l.'ockir h:::lil.i i-l-U"'. l (<H -kcr lni>« (he hoi cniislriicleil arm. Mill I rami. e ,.i< Speehil Xiiiu> iirlce A >«lid <iiiiirler .Sjined Ouk llocker. iiplioNlen .! in l.calher. full «.priiw "ciit upIiiiNtered hack. Yun iv'il ha" III!' rocker to appncliite (lie (Ipslirni'il lieaiil.» '<< il. rl li'iM-ker'. on di«plu> In \ortlt WIliilow, Sjii 'iial N KI -* pi •-Slpn painting Fred Rowden nhone 112R INSURANCE MAN A SUICIDE. Frederick Ournham Asphyxiated in New York Home. New York. IXC. 2^.—Frederick A Uil-nham. former president of the Mntnal |{> .=erve Life Insurance com- nany. w.ah found dcid in bed in his home .at sixty-el'.'ht east Seventy- elRhth street this niornins. of s -is pois on'n^. The notice say his death H [due fo'KuicJiJtt. $7.95 Mhat wonld he more lasting or api»reelii(f d ti.a:!'; Fnniltitre for a Xnia.'« iflftf (liir store N full 01 .in-.) \W hate made urrau::ement« for delherin:; \iiia> <: «au HSNUre )«« that we can make deliuT) a!i.\ (inn •lesire. Open etenliiif <i. I:'.,t Sleeper & 5on FURNITURE

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